Commerce City General Issues October 2008

Another month has past and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder? If I get 2000 signatures in favor of those on the recall committee to go to hell! would they at least move from our city? I can at least be happy they are statistically within a few years of dotage. That's right, you cranky old people who can't stand to have been declared insignificant. Three hundred votes won’t win an election anymore and the majority think you're just a bunch of jealous uneducated idiots. The city is at the best representation in history and the person who lost the election is trashing its accomplishments. What was this? The fourth failed attempt by him? If any are in agreement send an e-mail with subject of YES to: I would like to see If we can get 2000 responses.

Anonymous said...

WOW, over 30 e-mails in one day!

Anonymous said...

I have talked to at least 30 that said that is was a great idea, but didn't have access to e-mail or have not sent it yet!!!!!

I think you should really start a real petition!

Stop the Recall of Paul Natale, STOP the harassment of Paul Natale!

Anonymous said...

I see the Gateway News has started a new month, Actually it is late! But I only see 3 new posts from last month. What about all the other ones from October?

Once again the Gateway News is one sided!

Gateway News are obviously Natale fans! I knew it all along.

Anonymous said...

Hiekue Number 7

Oh recall, everyone says you won’t die…

Did the signature well that you used run dry?..

When asking citizens to sign, did they just look at you and say, I don’t want to buy?..

Some say that all you did to get signatures was lie, lie, lie…

Is this true? If so, one question is left and that is why, why recall, why?....

Thank you all, no please sit down, stop clapping I insist, please. What? Roses? For me. Oh, Thank you, thank you

The Hiekue Guy

Anonymous said...

Funny. Okay I hope that everyone on here is registered to vote. Today is the deadline for Colorado, so please everyone, lets take some responsibility and get registered, Once Again today is Deadline for registering to vote for us in Colorado.

You can do it online, just search, register to vote in you county.

Anonymous said...

just saw the ballot and I guess I didn't realize but the Benson seat tax in on there!!

I want everyone to vote a big NO on this. We do not need to piss off Kronke by passing this tax! Especially when we need him to help us with economic development. DAMN!!

Anonymous said...

I disagree, we are getting nothing out of Kronke and won't for some time, especially now. We have this stadium with dry land all around it. Some anchor! I think we get what we can. The waiting game is over!

We all need to vote YES on the seat tax for Commerce City. The time has come to start looking after ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Hiekue Guy. Please keep writing. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against boys and girls club(great organization) I just think there are better areas money from the seat tax could have been directed.
Tower road or hwy 2 for instance.

Anonymous said...

Recall committee go away for the city council and mayor. Instead get busy and help the recall committee that is recalling people who really need it, Lewis the witch, Quintana the racist, and Vashaw the convicted drug felon. Use your time for something that is very important and that is protecting the children of ACSD14 from these three hideous role models.

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO ON THE SEAT TAX!!!!!!! This city has boundaries as far north as 120th Avenue and in some areas as far north as 124th Avenue. We cannot support a tax that is going to be collected and used only for a Boys and Girls Club in the south part, what about the north kids? They will never get to use this. And also where is the money coming from to run this after it is built. Also, how about aking Kroenke before you make them angry. This is a very POOR idea in all aspects. VOTE NO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the kids in the north have no rec center, no skate park, no baseball fields, no football fields, no soccer fields, no basketball courts, no tennis courts yet all of these already exists in the south and you want to add a boys and girls club? I'm voting NO! There are more kids living in the north and they need activities.....

Anonymous said...

It's not just Kronke.
We could lose the music festival as well. I'd hate for us to lose this, it gave us a great image builder in the metro area.
It's true we made little off of it this year, but potential retail in the area of the stadium might be drawn if the festival continues.

Anonymous said...

too provovative, had to look up dotage:
Feebleness or imbecility of understanding or mind, particularly in old age; the childishness of old age; senility; as, a venerable man, mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations

Could this be one of the underlying reasons behind the recall attempts?

Anonymous said...

All of you that support Natale better know that all Rene has to do is just start another attempt and go to the houses that signed the first time and then just get a little bit more. He was just right there!

Recall could still be a reality it is just a matter of time.

As far as the seat tax. We all need to vote YES on this. It is the only poitive thing we are going to see out of this whole Kronke deal. If the staff and politicians don't have the back bone to stand up to Knonke then we the citizens must do the job that they can't seem to handle.

Proud Citizen on Southern Part, Historic Part, Core Part, whatever you want to call it.

Commerce City, Colorado

Anonymous said...

Personally if Racetrack Rene has nothing better to do in this city but to cause disruption and chaos....shame on him!!
He has never joined anything to make a positive difference in our city. He is self serving, a rumor starter and a liar.
He whines daily and is obsessed with not being mayor. He stated "he deserved it" and "it was his turn". This is nothing about it being someones turn,(this isn't like the baseball team in little league) it is about leading our city in an ethical and honest way!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't racetrack on the council the made the agreements with Kronke. Racetrack has done NOTHING! for Commerce City. That must be his wife making those statements. He's been going to same homes and people over and over again as he has failed each time. If those individuals would take the time to research instead of taking his word for fact he wouldn't even get that many signatures.
My opinion: That group of “Proud Citizens on Southern Part, Historic Part, Core Part, whatever you want to call it.” Should use that energy to get the people to work together and force the home owners and landlords in the core city to take pride in where they live. That would be benefit and NOT a detriment to our city. Let’s make the core city a nice place to live and get rid of the stigma. That's one of the directions we need to take to attract new companies and families to the city.

Anonymous said...

Big News out of Brighton, City Manager Resigned and they got some kick ass ED guy,

By the way what is going on with the Commerce City ED guy, If I am not mistaken I think we are running a ED ship with no Captain.

Anyone? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Commerce City is still advertising for the ED postion, but I am not 100% sure on this.

Brighton City Manager John did resign. I really don't know the details, maybe he couldn't give school free taxes and water (hahahahaha)

Anonymous said...

104th is shaping up to looking like a really nice road that Commerce City can be proud of, but everyone watch out for the speed.

It is 30 MPH and is a construction zone. Police are out patroling it very well.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City Police Department
Weekly Police Blotter
September 28 – October 4, 2008

9/30/08 12:30am 13CN08008157 - Felony Menacing: Officers were dispatched to a Felony menacing with a knife at 6450 Highway 2. A husband and wife rode their bikes to Conoco gas station at Highway 2 and East 64th Avenue. When they left the store they were confronted by a man who seemed to be drunk or on drugs and did not making sense when he spoke. The victims said the man threatened them with a large 4`` knife and started walking towards saying he was going to cut them. Officers located the suspect officers searched the area but were not able to locate the weapon. The suspect was charged with Felony Menacing.

10/03/08 3:20am 13CN08008256 - Theft By Receiving: An officer spoke with a man in the 6600 Blk. Locust Street who was seen walking a bicycle which was loaded with 4 car tires. The man said he bought the tires from a man in a pickup truck for $75.00, he did not have a receipt. The man was placed into custody and transported to the Police Department and charged with Theft by Receiving.

10/04/08 10:20pm 13CN08008267 - Disorderly Conduct / Resisting: Officers were toned to a disturbance with weapons at 10693 Belle Creek Boulevard. Dispatch advised that there were 200-300 people at a wedding reception fighting and people were being hit with chairs and beer bottles. Upon arrival members of the wedding party and security guards said that the aggressors were leaving in a car. Officers stopped the car but the 5 men refused to get out of the car. Eventually all occupants were taken into custody. The suspects were transported to the Police Department and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

Anonymous said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council study session. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 13
Study session
Council business
• Denver International Airport noise control
• Mayor recognition letter to John Cardenas
• Comprehensive plan kickoff meeting
• Sister Cities program

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,
I am writing to urge support for the 27-J bond issue and mill-levy override requests. The bond issue is needed as measured by student enrollment numbers.
The mill-levy override supports educational programs and security systems the community has determined are important. Our 27-J board, Superintendent, staff and students have developed a great educational bargain with the money available. Now it is time for the community to step up to the plate to provide the resources for textbooks, security, A.P. spaces, and other issues which have been identified as necessary right here in our schools.

I have confidence that these added programs will have benefit to the community that far exceed the cost. Please support 3-A and 3-B
Dick Hodge

Anonymous said...

Recall effort falls short

COMMERCE CITY – The effort to force a recall election of the mayor has failed.

The group behind the recall effort failed to collect enough valid signatures on its petitions to require an election. The group had until Monday, Sept. 29, to amend its petitions in hopes of reaching the number of signatures needed.

After reviewing the amended petitions, the city clerk determined that the group was still short by 79 signatures. The total number of valid signatures submitted, including the amended petitions, was 637; short of the 716 needed.

Anonymous said...

School District 27J will have two very important ballot issues before the voters: 3A which is a mill levy override and 3B which is a bond question. With so many items on a long, confusing ballot this year, I felt it important to explain why a "yes" vote on 3A and 3B is important to our community and the difference between the two questions. When I think about a mill levy override, I think about what goes on inside a building, for example, the books and programs. A number of years ago the voters in 27J approved a mill levy override which gives the district an additional $54 per student. Fifty-four dollars is not even half the cost of one high school textbook. Voters "across the street" in Thornton have approved mill levy overrides that provide an additional $630 per student. Voters in Commerce City have approved an additional $737 per student. Statewide, the average override is $656 which is more than ten times what 27J receives per student. School District 27J is asking the voters to approve an increase of 3.78 mills (approximately $60.00 per year on a $200,000 home) which will bring in an additional $3 million annually. Even though we will still be the lowest in the metro area, this money will allow us to expand programs such as K-12 gifted and talented, advanced placement courses, initiate an International Baccalaureate program, expand drop out prevention programs, and enhance school security. Our students deserve programs that neighboring districts can afford. Please, vote "yes" on 3A.Ballot issue 3B is a construction bond issue. Since 27J is the fastest growing district in the state with annual growth over 1,000 students, we need to continue to build schools. The bond issue will allow us to build two elementary schools: one in the Brighton East Farms area to relieve crowding at Pennock which has had to hold classes in the hall and in the library and one in the western part of the district which is the fastest growing area. The bond will also provide space for career/technical classes, improvements to existing buildings, and land and water acquisitions for future schools. This bond issue will NOT BE A TAX RATE INCREASE. In order to provide educational space for our students, please, vote "yes" on 3B.Because all of us benefit from a strong educational system within our community, I urge the voters to approve 3A and 3B.Sincerely,Joan KnissDirector Board of Education

Anonymous said...

Wow! that must have been a hell of a wedding

Anonymous said...

I think 27J might fail this time around, not because we don't need the schools, but because of what is going on all around us. Don't worry people we will get our schools, I just don't think it will be this year.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City – Tuesday Night September 23rd the Board of Directors of the South Adams Fire Protection District voted to support ballot issue 5A, the issue that would allow the District to modernize equipment and build new stations without issuing any debt. 5A would increase the property levy by three mills, or four dollars a month on a $200,000 home.
The South Adams Fire Protection District covers the area roughly from the South Platte River to Denver International Airport, and from the City of Denver to 120th Avenue. South Adams has operated since 1942 as a completely volunteer department, responding to over 5000 calls for emergency per year. The department has the lowest tax rate in the region; if 5A passes the tax rate will remain below 75% of the regional average.
The full resolution as passed:
WHEREAS, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of South Adams County Fire Protection District No. 4, Adams County, Colorado (the “District”), is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, acting pursuant to the provisions of Article 1 of Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and established for the purpose of providing fire protection services within the District; and
WHEREAS, the Board has determined that the interest of the District and the public interest or necessity demands the imposition of property taxes as described in Operating Ballot Issue 5A, a copy of which is set forth in Appendix A hereto; and
WHEREAS, there are not sufficient funds in the treasury of the District and the Board does not anticipate that existing sources of revenue will be sufficient to generate the moneys necessary to undertake the projects and purposes referenced in the ballot issue or to pay the operation and maintenance expenses relating to, among other things, said projects; and
WHEREAS, if passed, Operating Ballot Issue 5A will increase the District’s operation and maintenance mill levy rate.
1. This Board supports and is in favor of Operating Levy Ballot Issue 5A which will be on the ballot for the November 4, 2008.

Anonymous said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council study session. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 13
Study session
Council business
• Denver International Airport noise control
• Mayor recognition letter to John Cardenas
• Comprehensive plan kickoff meeting
• Sister Cities program

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the Gateway News . Org is accomplishing the Commerce City Police scanner live, but I Love it!

I listen to it almost everyday.

Dave A. Reunion Resident

Anonymous said...

Wonder why all of the Beacons articles are being published here?

Anonymous said...

People are just bored.

Down with the Recall Efforts!

Anonymous said...

Those are just regular press releases.

Anonymous said...

I dont get 104th Avenue. It looks like a wasted space. There is a lot of rock shoulders that I think can be down right dangerous. I think the design is very flawes, but if it is going to bring us grocery store, so be it!

Any new news of any kind of a grocery store?

A concerned Reunion Residnet

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with your comments about 104th avenue. There are no shoulders. But the median looks like something like 20
plus feet.

Also, not to dwell on negative issues, but I think the bridge is a little bit over kill also.

Don't get me wrong, I want 104th to be 4 lanes, but I do not like the design and I think it could have been done cheaper.

Anonymous said...

If seat tax passes, it will be $14.32 on a $179 Mile High Festival and $1.36 for a $17 ticket to a Rapids Game.

It was said that tax would hurt ticket sales and possible doom music festival.

This is a ballot issue that we all have to vote on for Commerce City, it is ballot measure 2A (8% seat tax until we reach 7 million).

Things to consider, We voted on this just recently and it was shot down. Tax was put on the ballot by City Council.

After we reach the 7 million dollars, which will pay for the land and the building, where will the money come to fund it for just running it?

Kronke is against this,so is it such a good idea to make our partner (ED wise) upset? I don't think that is very neighborly, do you?

Jacob, Reunion Resident in Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, the first time it was placed on the ballot by the council. This time a group of citizens brought forth the current ballot issue as it stands.
The infomation is correct and I agree this could cause us more problems than help.

Anonymous said...

I am personally impressed with all of the traffic design engineers out there,commenting on the 104th improvements. The job looks wonderful to me.
I don't see shoulders on any other major sections of 104th or 120th Ave. They are lane next to curb, next to sidewalks.
It is another case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.
People complained before and worried about a useful and attractive road, now more complaints!! Too much of this, not enough of that etc. blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

Help plan for the future. How should the city grow?

The “C3 Vision” plan will be the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Commerce City and will consist of maps, policies, goals, and strategies. It will be a “blueprint” for how the city should grow and build its future over the next 20 years.

Visit the website:

Anonymous said...

2A, can Commerce City council give us their own opinion?

City Attorney says they can as long as they are speaking as a indivdual. NOT as a representative of the city.

Speaking as a citizen as the city.

City Council, NOT opposed to Boys and Girls club, just way of funding.

Anonymous said...

I was just listening to council online I think that the mayor just said that they might be going back to China? Lost in translation, they are not going to pay for plane tickets, so city is looking for angels?

Someone please explain!

Tickets I think would run 8 grand.

Anonymous said...

Council Online streaming audio

Sister Cities, is this a good thing for Commerce City?

Looks like it should be a Cultural Council and Adams County School District Joint adventure.

Looks like as far as ED, looks like that is a one way street.
Going the wrong way.

What would Commerce City get out of this? I hear the Denver Rep there, but Denver is a completely different city, they are rather large, did we all forget that we are a relatively small city still. Looks like we are trying to grow up way too fast.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact. Budget cut 10K our of budget for advertising, airline tickets to China for Expo we can't pronounce can cost 8K.

I don't know about you, but I think I would rather promote our city locally. Especially as far as promoting economic development!

Just my 2 cents,
River Run Resident and too busy to go to council personally. Just listen to on-line stream like a radio, BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...


"Two deeply held convictions unite us in common purpose. First, is our belief in effective, reponsive, local government as a principal bulwark of freedom.

Second, is our faith in the great promise of sister city affiliations in helping build the solid structure of world peace."

-US President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Anonymous said...


For further Information
Phone: 303.342.2380

Anonymous said...

DIA has plans to expand which will effect the Norther Area of Commerce City. But, not for some time out. 15 to 20 years out.

DIA could and might expand to 12 more runways when all said and done.

Anonymous said...

IGA DIA and Adams County, including Commerce City says noise monitors record a violation it can be a pretty hefty fine.

Complaints are down from 2007 by 5 %, but Commerce City has 34% of all complaints! Commerce City needs more monitors within our city.

Concerned Reunion Resident!

Anonymous said...

I think the city has a Consultant team for the comprehensive plan.

I really don't have problem with consultants, but I know a lot of other people do. It is the theory of why are we paying all these individuals high salaries and then we need consultants?

Consultants website:

I hope this doesn't turn into a Derby thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

want to see the website for planning?

Anonymous said...

listening online still, sounds like consultant for plan could turn into a big Derby mess. Anyone else agree?

How much are we paying for this.

Sounds to me like we are paying them to hand hold.

Anyone have the same view?

Anonymous said...

This time around it looks like it might be a bit more professional.

Website looks good, and I will be happy to actually have a comp plan.

I am sure it comes with a cost, I would like to know that, but it really might be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Westiminster! Hell if we can look like Wesminster, I say go for it, no matter what it costs!

Counicl online rocks, glas it is back. Missed it last week!

Anonymous said...

Comp plan is really a very big and important issue.

It is not is stone, but basically is the plan of what we are going to look like in the future.

We really do need to take this seriously.

We have one shot at this and lets really use the consultants this time.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't city already have a comp plan?

is it outdated?

Do we really need this?

Anonymous said...

Comment at council: We have a lot of houses in Commerce City that don't even have computers.

It's 2009, Computer is like 300 bucks, what the hell.

Stop buying Coke and drink water everytime you go to taco bell or McDonalds and you will have a computer in about 2 months!

Walmart has them in stock tonight.

Anonymous said...

I think a citizen had this idea a long time ago. This is really a rip off of that!

Concerned Citizen!

Anonymous said...

Want to be on Citizen Advisory COmmittee (CAC)

Call the city and be part of history

Anonymous said...

Trip to China still a go?

Council talks it over, need 8K for plane tickets.

Reba: 8K too much for this economic situation

Benson: What are we getting out of this?

Flannery: It is a relationship building that can lead to ED

Benson: Lets look at warehousing, instead of manufacturing.

Benson: Good idea for Mayor and maybe City Manager to go.

Teter: Not a good time for all, maybe one person is okay.

Lewis: Budget constraints, Council should not be the first one to break it.

Jason: A go, investment that should be explored. Smaller group, maybe 2, again, warehouse deal, not really manufacturing jobs. Commerce City is located in a perfect location.

Mayor: Not a good time, after last trip. Sections of city come down hard.

Jason: This job is about popularity, it is what is right.

Beson: It is your job, ignore the negativity, We will support you in this regard.

Tony: Maybe next year, this year is a little tight,

Jason: warren buffet quote. TIme of calm, take advantage now.

Benson: Turn down Chinese, how is that viewd in their culture?

Lewis: Go Paul, dont worry about the community.

Scott: Budget has some small flow ED money for one time stuff like this.

Flannery: yes that is correct, in the relative scheme it is relatively small amount.

Scott: Recommend Paul and Jerry go.

Teter: Plane fare only? Is there any other costs?

Flannery: Not 100% sure but, yes just airfare.

Problem this is a study session, but does it require a regular meeting vote?

Natale: I hate to do this, but, lets go all four. Lots of time to get this done.

Lewis: No one go.

Teter: no one go.

Beson: Mayor and/or Manager

Reba: no one go. go Next year

Tracey: send Mayor and Manager

Scott: Send Mayor and Manger

Jason: Mayor and Manager

Tony: No, go next year

Mayor: No NEXT YEAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

A slight correction.
The mayor stated that a lot of time had already been put in by staff and the counicl members representing the city,to make this trip possible.
He felt if council was considering sending 2 @ a cost of four thousand, that sending 4 for an additional four thousand was not a lot in the sceme of this trip. Therefore he felt all or none should attend.
His final vote, no one goes.

Anonymous said...

yes you are correct, I was actually there and heard this too. But still thank you to gave us the play by play comments.

Anonymous said...


Squeaky Citizen Gets Way, No Trip To China for ED.

Are you nuts, GO!

here are your options,

Go and take crap for going, Don't go and take crap for not taking advantage of a ED oppurtunity.

We got your back, Pack you chopsticks and get your ass on a plane!

Reunion Rocks!

Citizen from "Upper" Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Yes the squeaky wheel often wins.
Many times because the rest don't speak up. If we don't get out and support these types of situations by letters to the newspapers or coming to council, then the mayor/council will have to respond to the squeaky wheel.
Silence is not always golden.
Another point, the council split the vote to support any one going to China. Four for the trip, four against.
I spoke to the mayor and he said that without the majority support of council he had no other choice but to decline the trip.
Obviously a sad but necessary decision, since he was one of expected to go, it would have "appeared" to be a personal beneift to him.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the video of Chuck and Paul on the website regarding 2A. I saw a tag for it on channel 4 and was just curious if Gateway News had it on their website and they DID!

Impressive, I LOVE getting news right away, they actually beat the big media on this one! Good Job Gateway.

PS - Lets all support Paul and get his ass to CHINA! We can not afford for him not to go.

J. Bernard, Reunion Residnet

Anonymous said...

Regarding the video of 2A

I really don't think that the price is the real issue, I think it is more, at least for me the idea that only one non-profit will be benefiting.

I am a big supporter of the Boys and Girls Club, I actually grew up in the east coast and atteneded a Boys and Girls club when I grew up.

I would like to see the tax benefit all of the charities not just the one.

Also, does the 2A group have an idea of where this club would be loctaed at, down south, middle (104th and Chambers) Northern area?

Vikki and Dee, voters of the issue 2A in Comerce City

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Commerce City for seven years. I have been involved in the 27J school district for most of that time. I have seen all the wonderful things that are happening in the district, including CSAP scores improving every year, new schools being built, as well as improvements made to the existing ones.
Having said that, there is more needed to be done, to provide our kids with the buildings, supplies and staffing to stay competitive.
The proposed bond issue will cost $5 per month on a home valued at $200,000.
I understand that our present times are challenging and the financial outlook is not perfect. The point that we need to remember is that this is for our kids. What person out there would not spend $5 a month if they knew that it was for their kids and their education?
Children are our future. We are their chance for a bright future.
Please look at the following facts when considering this issue.
Some facts about the district are:
*If 3A is passed the revenue will be $290 per student. Compare this to other Adams County cities which are as high as $827 per student.
*27J is the fastest growing district in the state
*At present, 27J’s current levy supplies $54 per student compared to the state average of $656
Let us leave no regrets in planning the future. Know that we have helped our children get the tools they need to compete in, not only this state, not only this country, but
in the world.

Paul Natale
Commerce City

Anonymous said...


Headline: Don't F@*% with Chuck

Please bring the Mile High Festival back to C Town!

Anonymous said...

2A? Aren't we all starting a little late here folks. A bunch of us already have our ballots.

This failed last time, so I predict that we will just see another failure.

Gateway News, I think you should ask Benson to present his side of the story. I want questions asked to Benson just for clarification, such as,

1. Did the 2A group discuss this issue with KSE or the Boys and Girls Club?

2. After you run thru the 7 mill., what are your plans to continue the funding to run the place?

3. Do you guys have a place in mind if you get this passed.

Dave and Ali, Reunion Residents

Anonymous said...

I support Economic Development first!

2A not a good idea, especially now!

I am afraid that we may have already ruined our relationship with both KSE and AEG Live. I am sure Mile High Music Festival will be moved. That is just too bad for us.

I will support a no stance on 2A

Voter in Commerce City and Rapids Fan, also attended the Mile High Music Festival (GREAT EVENT)

Anonymous said...

The location of the boys and girls club is not specific, but is to be in the core/historic area.

Anonymous said...

Spred the word.
NO on 2A
Let's not kill the start of good things for our city.
Boys and Girls Club has been privately funded through business etc for years, lets continue this direction, not a tax for one charity!

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask Commerce City residents to VOTE No on initiative 2A. This initiative seeks to tax admission tickets 8% to raise money for only one charity, The Boys and Girls Club. This initiative was not put on the ballot by The Boys and Girls club; a few citizens put 2A on the ballot. The Boys and Girls Club is a worthy charity, but an 8% tax is too high. In addition, I do not believe a tax is fair, if it only benefits one charity.

This tax would significantly hurt our business and likely, cause us to close. Another piece of Americana would be lost forever.
The Drive-In Movie Theatre industry is celebrating 75 years this year. In 1957, drive-ins were at their peak with approximately 4000 drive-ins. Today, there are less than 400 remaining in the US. The loss of the Cinderella Drive-In last year, means that Commerce City is the home of the only remaining drive-in in the Denver Metro Area. For 35 years, the 88 Drive-In has provided low cost entertainment to the metro area and more important, jobs for Commerce City residents!

Many people do not know that movie studios take most of the money from our Box Office admission prices, which is fair because that is how studios make their money. However, this means that we rely on our Snack Bar sales to survive. If this 8% tax passes, it would be added to our admission price. Like Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, the result would be less ticket sales for us, which translates to less Snack Bar sales. The customers that do pay the extra 8% to attend the movie will have less money to spend in our Snack Bar. This directly affects our operating capital.

Please help keep low cost entertainment, jobs, and a small part of American history alive in Commerce City. Please vote no on 2A.

Susan Kochevar
88 Drive-In Theatre

Anonymous said...


The Commerce City Cultural Council invites all adults to a Masquerade Cocktail Party on Saturday, November 8 from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Werth Manor located at 8301 Rosemary, Commerce City. The cost is $35 per person, or $300 for a party of ten. RSVP to Elaine at 303-877-6905.

This event will benefit advancement and preservation of visual and performing arts, science, history, and the diversity of a proud community.

Live music, heavy hors d’oevres, cash bar, dancing, live and silent auction, art exhibition and art sale, and keepsake photographs will all be part of the event.

Masks are required. You may bring your own or they will be available for purchase at the door. Attire is cocktail to semi-formal.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with the video coverage of the Gateway News. I am River Run Resident and will Visit this Site often.

As far as 2A, We need the city to be come together and vote this down.

Nate S.

Anonymous said...

**Commerce City Police Department performs liquor compliance checks in Commerce City **

COMMERCE CITY ― On October 16, 2008,the Commerce City Police Department conducted a Liquor Compliance Checks of our locate establishments. During a six hour time period, we served 14 summonses for violations to serving to someone under the age on 21(unlawful conduct). Once again our reasoning for these compliance checks is to:

1. Identify, warn and educate our establishments about serving or selling alcohol to underage person(s) and the consequences.
2. Enforcing the state laws and city ordinances that have been established to maintain the quality of life and safety in our community.

The following is a list of those establishments that were cited for unlawful conduct on October 16, 2008:

1. Avalos Mexican Restaurant 5741 Quebec Street
2. Big Ed’s Tavern 6171 Olive Street
3. Bison Grill 15700 E. 112th Avenue
4. Conoco Store #2706655 18314 E. 104th Avenue
5. Diamond Shamrock 5601 Quebec Street
6. Doo-Com Station (Shell) 7710 Brighton Boulevard
7. La Casa Del Rey 7035 E. 72nd Avenue
8. Lampliter 6970 Eudora Street
9. Liquors Plus Inc. 5281 E. 52nd Avenue
10. Monaco Plaza Liquors 6610 Monaco Street
11. Rancho Liborio 6040 E. 64th Avenue
12. Shifters 5797 Quebec Street
13. Shop N Save 7191 Quebec Street
14. Tacos y Salas 6895 E. 72nd Avenue

The second list is of those establishments that were found to be in compliance and did not sell to a minor:

Charlottes Web 5271 E. 52nd Avenue
City Liquor Store 4805 Olive Street
Conoco Store #2706504 4981 E. 64th Avenue
Del’s Liquors 6079 Quebec Street
Derby Liquor 7270 Highway 2
Diamond Shamrock #0669 5600 E. 64th Avenue
Diamond Shamrock #1165 4500 E. 74th Avenue
El Viva Villa Restaurant 5411 Quebec Street
Halftime Sports Bar 6051 Quebec Street
Ivy K Liquors 6344 Ivy Street
King Soopers #92 4850 E. 62nd Avenue
Parkway Liquors 6075 Parkway Drive
Rosemary Liquors 8210 Rosemary Street
Sharp’s Roadhouse 6496 Highway 2
Tap-A-Keg 7002 Highway 2
Werthwhile Inn 7390 Highway 2

On behalf of the Commerce City Police Department, we would like to thank the above listed establishments and congratulate them on their compliance and in helping us to maintain a safer community.

Anonymous said...

CCJL Announces the Launch of
The Colorado Civil Justice League announced today the launch of, a compilation of publicly available information about Colorado judges standing for retention on November 4. 
"Colorado has a very good judicial evaluation and retention system, but so many Coloradans vote either 'retain' or 'do not retain' for every judge on the ballot without ever knowing anything about the judges," said Kelly Maher of the Colorado Civil Justice League. 
According to Maher, " is a public service for voters looking for more information before the vote.   A better-informed electorate will produce a higher quality judiciary, and the whole state will benefit."
The Colorado Civil Justice League hopes to use to not only inform voters for the 2008 election cycle, but to also serve as the platform from which to build a larger database of publicly available information on Colorado's judges for the future. "We are hoping for a good deal of feedback so we can figure out what works and use this to build on in the future," said Maher, "Ultimately, we'd like to have a one-stop place for Coloradans to learn about the judges who make decisions every day that affect us all."
The Colorado Civil Justice League (CCJL), Colorado's tort reform coalition, is dedicated to eliminating abusive litigation that harms Colorado's business climate.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Commerce City for 3 years and it seems to me I always see these reports by the Commerce City Police Department about establishments that sell alcoholic drinks to minors.

I am shocked that this places just don't get it. STOP selling alcoholic beverages to minors.

I don't know what the punishment is, but because we are still having this issue I suggest to the Commerce City council that we make what ever the punishment is, much harsher.

Let's see if that can send a message to the illegal behavior that these establishments continue to participate in.

I would suggest a large fine and a 2 strike rule, you are a repeat offender then you lose you right to sell alcoholic beverages.

Nate S. Commerce City resident for 3 years

Anonymous said...

The fines and removal or suspenson of their license, is determined by the liquor board. The look at the past history and will consider public complaints ( I believe) in determining the penalty.
Usually the first time they are given a warning.

Anonymous said...

Dear all Voters.

Please get out and vote on 11-4-2008.
Or fill out and mail your Ballot today.
We also have EARLY VOTING Oct 20-24 and Oct 27-31 open 7am to 5pm
And new this year Saturday Oct 25 8am to 2pm at select locations.
Our City, County, State and the United States of America needs your VOTEtoday!
A lot of people say that their VOTE does not count. I believe it really counts at the local level.
You only need 1 VOTE to win it could be your 1 VOTE.

Robert Vashaw

Anonymous said...

Dear Commerce City VOTERS

I would like to ask you to support Ballot issue 2A.
The laws of our City County and State have taken away a lot of Free Fun for our KIDS.
Our KIDS need us to provide them safe places to play.
The Boys and Girls Club will Give our KIDS a safe place to play, learn new things and learn leadership skills.
It only costs our KIDS $2.oo to join the club.

Robert Vashaw
Proud supporter of every kid in Commerce City

Anonymous said...

*******VOTE NO on 2A*******
We will lose a lot more than we would gain so VOTE NO on 2A. Don't allow those who don't know economics cutail our growth. The city has already spent lots of our tax dollars providing the kids in south commerce city safe places to play. We have mega ball fields, skate parks, a recreation center and lots of parks.

Anonymous said...

I agree!
I am not against a boys and girls club, but it should be supported the way most are, with business and private support dollars.
Who decides how the money is directed?
Will there be transportation for kids from the northern range to attend? Is this just another facility for the people in the southern section?
I want our city to be united...this doesn't appear to be supportive of that.
Taxes should never support one chairity.
Our city will lose more than we can imagine if this goes through.
Vote NO on 2A!

Anonymous said...

Stupid round about thing at 60th should be taken out. It is and looks stupid!

Remove this dumb idea before it wrecks someone's car!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, they call this a traffic calming device. I call it a completely lack of common sense!

Anonymous said...

Listen to council live, surprised Scott is having such a hard time runing the meeting. He has been on council for more then a minute!

Reunion in the HOUSE!

Anonymous said...

Possible Grant Criteria

Complete a target population table
Explain how the program benefits the city population and aligns with City goals
Provide expected results and measure success
Provide funding sources
Provide a budget and budget nattative
Must have 501(c)(3) status or show proof the process has begun.

Scores will be totaled and funds awarded based in the scoring.

Appications will be scored by each Foundation member independent of the group.

A GREAT NEW and IMPROVED process! The way it should have been done from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on 2A. This is the Classic Cart before the Horse. The Boys and Girls Club have not located a piece of property for the Club. There has not been a meeting that I am aware of to begin to layout a Capital campaign. Before we were able to put together a committee to identify a list of possible Corporate, Public, and Private donors, a group started collecting signatures for petitions to put a tax incentive on the ballot this fall. This is a seat tax on Sporting Events along with Entertainment. I feel that by taxing instead of asking puts the Capital campaign in jeopardy. Instead of putting the Tax gun to the heads of our Corporate Partners, let’s take a step back and ask them to join us in building a first rate Boys and Girls Club. PUT THE HORSE BACK IN FRONT, NO ON 2A.

A Concerned Commerce City Resident

Anonymous said...

To "the concerned citizen"

First off we are not getting action from our what you call "partner" or our city council (if I am not mistaken I am sure that we still do not have a ED Director), so the citizens have take matters into their own hands! As far as I am concerned the time is up we need to act now. Things are not getting better, don't you watch the news?

Second, to all of you who are complaining that all the tax monies would go to just one non-profit group, WELL, what was it called when the city council passed a new seat tax issue last election and all of the monies went to the city, ALL IN ONE PLACE!


We all need to vote yes on 2A

Jake B. (Reunion, Commerce City Colorado)

Anonymous said...

Jake your rebuttal to concerned citizen doesn't hold water.
The city provides services to thousands of citizens therefore everyone in the city would have benefited, if the seat tax had happened last time.
I believe you are jumping to all kinds of conclusions about which you know very little.
Hiring staff for the city takes searching and interviewing, or else they end up with people who don't know their jobs.
Obviously you are another one of the many sofa quarterbacks, but I love the fact that you are interested, that is still better than most!
Still NO on 2A
-another concerned citizen!

Anonymous said...

The recall is over and the grocery store for the north has disappeared again. Meanwhile, Council is looking at China to bring what...Jobs and investment?... to Commerce City, while getting a trip to China. Council thinks they 'work hard' but I'd be happy if they all read their packet before the meetings. And if the mayor is needing to be everywhere what do we need the high priced city manager for? What was the last sweet deal that was approved for the city manager-- who spends a lot of time at council on his blackberry? And why not a Boys and Girls Club? At least there would be something coming back to the community. Has anyone looked at the budget and revenues lately? Oh yeah- on the website we can get the updated information from ..2006. That sure keeps the community informed.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point about all the citizens benefiting if passed before. BUT...,

Still, why do we need to bow down to everything that the Kronke group says, I heard the entire video, the Kronke spokes person, says that we have people line up to go into the Prarie Gateway now, well, I am calling his bluff, why is it a secret, why not let the whole community get excited about something. ED going into the Prairie Gateway is a big deal. Lets hear about it.

I really think that if Kronke would have giving back more to the city that he built in, we would not be having this issue.

I was just about to start filling out my ballot, but I think I will wait for 24 hours and see what else people are going to say about 2A.

Jake, Reunion,Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Mayor explores economic opportunities with Chinese ambassador

COMMERCE CITY – Mayor Paul Natale spent the day with China’s ambassador to the United States, Zhou Wenzhong, on Monday in Oklahoma City.

The mayor met privately with Zhou to specifically discuss international relations topics. In addition, they attended other functions throughout the day. Natale was invited to this event as a guest of a local Chinese culture expert to help promote the southwest region of the United States to key Chinese leadership.  

Natale took the opportunity to continue building previously established relationships with the Chinese officials and promote Commerce City’s economic development opportunities – discussions he began in April during his trip to Nanning, China, for the Global Investment Promotion Forum 2008.

During the April trip, he met with Nanning Mayor Huang Fangfang and discussed industrial development and international cooperation. The two also discussed the benefits of their agreement to become Sister Cities.

Natale was recently invited by Fangfang to lead a four-person delegation from Commerce City to Nanning, but time constraints combined with funding issues lead to the mayor notifying the Nanning mayor the trip would be canceled for now. The trip to Oklahoma City was seen by Natale as effective alternative, and an opportunity to meet with Chinese officials about economic relations between the two cities. The mayor left Sunday and will return on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Will not only cause problems with Kronke, but will likely lose us the music festivals (yes another type of music, is being planned).
Denver is regreting losing the first one and has places without a tax that they would welcome Morris's group. We may not directly see monies from those, but the taxes paid through food vendors etc helps pay the bonds back faster.
I am not happy with Kronke, but why punish him to hurt us??
Also the drive in will be affected, why punish her and hurt us?
Wisdom says, make us the place they want to come, not put us on the same level as other cities with fees and taxes up the wazoo!

Anonymous said...

I heard the budget for the city went well. Much better in fact than nearly all cities in the Metro Area!!
The grocery store has always been on the table and still is. It will take Kings or Safeway to finally decide to invest their monies. The only ones using them is the nay sayers trying to stimulate disatisfaction.
Time for them to leave.
As a business, do you want to invest in a city with such negativism. People always b---hing?
Pride and positivism will bring business, not all of the complainers!!

Anonymous said...

To Jake the undecided 2A voter:

My name in Mindy and I live in Reunion too. At first I read this ballot item and was going to vote yes on it, mainly because it was for a boys and girls club. When I was little I attended a boys and girls club and it was a great experience for me.

Here is why I am leaning to a no vote now, I have no problem with a seat tax, I do want to see this tax benefit all the children in the Commerce City area. I am lucky that Shea Homes built a Rec Center in my area, but there are many other developments that do not anything. I would like to see the seat tax group go back to the drawing board and hold meetings with all the areas of the city and gt a really well designed plan into place. I do admire their effort, but I would have to agree with the concerned citizen that said it is the "cart before the horse".

It could be worded in a way that the tax would go towards all recreation type activity for the children in Commerce City. It could go towards a City Recreation Center in the Northern area, as well as funding for the recreation center in the southern area, which if I am not mistaken running at a loss.

These are just my thoughts, but to sum it up, I am leaning towrds a no vote on 2A, only becasue I want more thought put into it and expanded to the rest of the city.

Mindy, Commerce City Resident and mother of 3

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the city put the budget numbers on the website so those of us who work at night can also see the numbers, revenues and expenditures, since we can't attend council. And we all understand that the grocery stores make the final decisions- so why is council taking credit and making the announcements concerning them (except Jim Benson). Why did Kroenke put the tax generating businesses in Brighton and then tell us that a seat tax will drive them away in Commerce City. Prairie Center is a Kroenke development. They are getting a great deal in Commerce City and are adding little revenue into the city. What do you think makes more money- Dick's Sporting Goods Store or the Soccer stadium and field? I agree that a seat tax should be used for many fine nonprofits in the city, but the Boys and Girls Club is a good first use.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the askC3 on the city website, ask to get the budget revenue information. See if that can't be done, if not on the site then sent to you.
I have never heard any council member state that the grocery store was coming. I have heard from them directly that two of the developers were "working to get one signed". Never was told that there was one coming. So that information is via grape vine rumors.
Kronke business in the Prarie Center in Brighton was in the works before the stadium deal was done. He is looking out for his company and investments. He invested there first, so, yes he will fill that first.
By the way, Brighton is sooo many years out on getting any revenue from the sales taxes in that area, as well as the Pavilions. With the incentives they gave to Kronke, it will take nearly 10 years before the city of Brighton profits.
Hopefully CC will be a little smarter and better thought out. I believe the group on council now is.

Anonymous said...

Point in question.
The closest Boys & Girls Club to Northern Commerce City is? Brighton!

So your No Vote means you would rather take your business out of our City.

Is this the best Economic Development For Commerce City NO.
How much TAX money are we loosing from Kroenke Sports Enterprises 30 year tax free land Deal with our City. Millions? YES! Kroenke will not develop that land for years maybe?

We will not make any tax money from Kroenke Sports Enterprises for 27 more years.

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification.

No tax on land for 27 years? What about sales and use tax for retail development?

I think my No vote would then put Kronke on the spot, after all he said that he has people ready to go in the Prairie Gateway, it is on the video. So lets all put the horse back in front of the cart and then hold kronke to his word of having some ED coming in.

Vote No on 2A

PS - to the "concerned citizen" who wrote the horse and cart comment, you created a very well written comment.

S. Jessup, Commerce City, Colorado

Anonymous said...

The deal was to have the stadium be a center piece for Commerce City, not a money making piece.

It was to promote Commerce City, a more to Public Relations piece.

Not a savior to our economic problems.

Why is Commerce City always looking for the "big" one, to save us or set us up for life. Like the Nascar or Stock Show.

A healthy city has lots and lots of economic development avenues. Not just couple big ones that they bank on. I love having Suncor here, but we need to diversify and get a whole range on business here. Not just a couple of big boys and hope it all works out. What is going to happen down the road if we ever get off our addiction of oil? Then where would Commerce City be, no Suncor? NOW WHAT!?

I still don't get why we can not grow like all of the cities around us, Brighton, Stapleton, you get my point.

I see that we are still looking for a Economic Development Director as of 10-10-08, Why? Are there no qualified individuals that have come out of any of the searches?

88K to 100K seems like we should be able to get some poor soul.

J. Larcombe, Commerce City

Anonymous said...


I support Commerce City ballot initiative 2A and urge you to vote YES on or before election day on November 4.

WHAT THE TAX APPLIES TO: This is a tax of 8% that applies ONLY to admissions to events, such as Rapids Soccer games, the Rocky Mountain Music Fest and other admissions to events that have a profit motive. It DOES NOT apply to events held by public bodies, such as events held at schools and it does not apply to events put on by charities or for a charitable purpose.

WHO PAYS THE TAX: ONLY those persons who choose to attend who attend entertainment events like soccer games and music concerts, and other businesses or events where an admission fee is charged, would pay this tax , so it applies principally to people who do not even live in Commerce City.

HOW DID THIS GET ON THE BALLOT?: Approximately 840 registered voters in Commerce City, your neighbors, signed petitions to bring this issue to the ballot pursuant to the requirements of the City Charter.

HOW THE PROCEEDS MUST BE USED:All proceeds of this tax MUST BE USED to construct and operate a Boys and Girls Club in Commerce City. The proceeds CANNOT BE USED for any other purpose. This is stated explicitly in the proposed ordinance.

SUNSET PROVISION: Once $7 million dollars has been collected from the tax, it goes away. $7 million is the amount estimated to purchase land, construct, build and operate the Boys and Girls Club facility for 2 years. For comparison purposes, you should know that $7 million would build a four lane divided highway, about 6/10 of a mile in length, yet it would build a Boys and Girls Club capable of serving about 500 of our children.

WORDING ON THE BALLOT: The initial wording on a ballot issue like this is mandated by the Taxpayer=s Bill of Rights (ATABOR@), which is Article 10, Sec. 20, of the Colorado Constitution. TABOR REQUIRES that the initial language for this initiative be
Don=t let this language cause you to just push the Ano@ button. Please read the rest of the wording, which refers to the matters stated above about how the money is to be used, before you make your vote. It is estimated that this tax will bring in approximately $1,200,000.00 per year until the $7,000,000.00 figure is reached.

WAS THIS SAME TAX INITIATIVE ON THE BALLOT IN NOV 2007? Well, yes and no. A similar proposal was on the ballot to impose an 8% seat tax but it did not specify exactly how the money was to be spent, nor did it have a $7 million dollar sunset provision. It would have gone on forever.

ISN=T THERE SOME OTHER WAY TO RAISE THIS MONEY? There has been talk in Commerce City for over ten years about raising money to build a Boys and Girls Club. Yet, no money at all has EVER been raised for this purpose. How long should our children wait?


Opponents, such as Kroenke Sports (the Rapids), and AEG Rocky Mountain (the Music Fest) say this is an unfair tax since it benefits only one Acharity.@ Firstly, this is an extraordinarily arrogant and condescending insult to our children. Our children are not a Acharity,@ and they do not need our Acharity.@ We want to build a Boys and Girls Club to serve 500 of them, not to subject them to Acharity.@

It is the objection to the tax applying to benefit only one business endeavor that is confusing to me here. You, the taxpayers of Commerce City, voted on bond issues to construct Dick=s Sporting Goods Park, yet the only entity realizing any direct income from that operation is the multimillion dollar Kroenke Sports Enterprises. You may recall that both Coors Field and Invesco Field were built by imposition of a sales tax, which we all still pay, and the only entities that benefit are the multimillion dollar Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos. You pay this tax whether or not you ever go to a Rockies or Broncos game. With this 8% tax, only those who actually go to the events pay the tax. So. which tax is unfair?

How many of you know that Commerce City receives no revenue whatsoever from the operation of the soccer stadium and it surroundings? Well, we don=t receive any revenue and won=t for about 15-20 years. This initiative is a way that we can realize some benefits from these events and at the same time build a Boys and Girls Club.

Opponents say they will sell fewer tickets to events if this tax is enacted. A soccer ticket costs $8.00, which means that with the tax it would be $8.64. How many soccer fans would refuse to buy a soccer ticket because of this?

A ticket to the Music Fest was $90.00 for one day and $160.00 for both days. This means that the one day ticket would cost $97.20, and a two day ticket would cost $172.80. If a soccer fan or a music concert fan can afford to spend $90.00 or $160.00, can they not afford $97.20 or $172.80?. I believe they can.

At the initial meeting with the promoters of the Music Fest, we were told that a 2 day ticket would cost $150.00, yet before the first ticket was sold that price increased to $160.00. Why? To increase the bottom line profit of the multibillion dollar people in control of the Music Fest. Apparently they did not feel that this increase would hurt sales, or if they did, they knew THEY would get all the money.

MOTIVATIONBNote that the opponents of this initiative all have monetary reasons for opposing the issue. They are trying to protect their own self interest instead of the interests of our children. On the other hand, the supporters of this initiative have nothing personally to gain by its passage. All we want to do is build a Boys and Girls Club.

Finally, please be aware that the opponents of this initiative have resources far beyond the means of proponents such as myself. You will see flyers coming to you in the mail, full page ads in the newspapers, etc. We can=t afford that. All we can do is ask that you consider the issues and VOTE YES ON 2A.

Anyone who has any questions about this issue should call me at 303 288 7011, or Guillermo Serna at 720 301 2532.

Jim Benson
A Commerce City concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

How many people living in the north actually drive to the rec center in south Commerce City? It is just too far. If a boys and girls club was built down there it would be the same, too far to drive and kids definitely can’t walk there. We need to build a rec center in the north located preferably in second creek between the new middle school and the new high school. A rec center in the north would be a good place to bring the residents living in the north together. When will city council realize “WE DON’T LIVE IN SOUTH COMMERCE CITY” and want to be able to enjoy recreation in our own neighborhood. When retail, theaters or restaurants are built on 104th and Tower, how people living in the south will choose to drive there vs. close to their home like; where the Wal-Mart is on Quebec or Northfield Stapleton. In closing: The south is already established. Let’s build tax revenues in the north where most discretionary monies are. Remember, the people living in the north are the voting bloc and not those recall committee members that oppose both social and economic growth in the north. I’m not a separatist but the north is very different from the south and our needs are very different.
I would love Councilman Benson to make comment to this as representative to Ward II.

Anonymous said...

remember if music festival and other events leave or do not come,
8% of nothing is NOTHING
can we afford to take the chance?

also why punish the drive-in for some personal vendeta against Kronke

Anonymous said...

Very Good Points, I think that Everyone is forgetting that Mr. Benson, is the ward rep. of the North (Reunion Area).

The southern part of Commerce City is just too far away, we need a city funding rec center here in the north. I do care about the children in the South, but they have a beautiful rec center and beautiful parks. We are not thinking about the Children in the Northern areas. When is it our time?

Jennifer, mother and also concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

I have heard anothre Rec center (one for the north) will most likely cost approx. 50 million.
Why isn't Mr. Benson seeking a way to pay for that?
More people would benefit.
I too have nothing against a boys and girls club, but should a city collected tax go to ONE charity organization?
I don't think so, and I don't want to lose the image improving venues like the music festival and limit Kronke(or "piss" him off).

Anonymous said...

To the citizens of Commerce City
As a concerned citizen,

I am writing this letter in opposition to Ballot issue 2A.
I wish to say that I feel the Boys and Girls Clubs are an excellent non-profit and they deserve our support. I do not believe that adding a tax to admission tickets is the correct way to raise money for this group. I am sure each of you has at least one group or non-profit that you are proud of and support with your time and money. Is it fair that a small group of people make every person who attends any type of event where tickets are sold in Commerce City to support their particular charity?

I have read where this tax will be paid by supposed “billionaires”. If this was only true!!! This tax will be paid by people just like you and I who attend all type of events. This will include the drive-in, haunted houses, the track, and any other event that is not a non-profit.

Is this FAIR? I do not believe so.
Do not let this small group hijack your vote using some sympathy ploy. This is not going to only hurt the “billionaires”. This is a tax that each of us will pay every time we attend a ticketed event in Commerce City as well as hurting the small business people in our city that run those businesses where tickets are sold.

Please vote NO on 2A
Thank you
Paul Natale

Anonymous said...

i drove to the recreation center a few times and was so frustrated with the drivers in that area that surely don't have a license or insurance i stopped going. the city turns a blind eye to the dangers in those areas but want us to drive there. we all need to contact and voice our concerns. can other sub divisions join reunions metro district? they get things done without waiting for the city.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe anyone is "turning a blind eye". Road improvements cost money, lots of it, and no one I know wants tax increases at this time.

I live in the north also, good luck getting Mr Benson to help you.

He has his "pet" projects that he obsesses with and they often don't benifit his ward.

The 2A that he supports will do virtually nothing for those in his ward and possibly lose us venues to help this city (if nothing but improved image) as well as impact small businesses.

By the way the taxes in Reunion are nearly 50% higher than the rest of the north area.

Councilman McEldowney has requested the city staff to research ways to fund a norhern rec center and the city already have land for it!

Too bad the ward person for the north hasn't placed his efforts where they belong, in his ward!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! Where is the location of the land? I hope it's not in the vicinity of the "dog park” are you people trying to kill us with tractor trailers. I have no interest in building a recreation center in the industrial waste lands where the city purchased land thinking its conveniently located to those in the core city that'll never use it. I agree about Benson not being a representative for our ward. I voted for Benson but in my opinion he hasn’t lived up to campaign promises. We need to get our neighbors educated on what’s going on and what’s holding back our progression. We need to get the word out about people like those that were involved in the recall attempt destroying retail the north. We need people to know what our ward rep is not doing for us. We need people to know how the city wastes tax dollars printing bilingual when the majority if not all legal residents of the city speak and read “ENGLISH”. The communications mailed from the city are illegible and a waste of tax dollars. Council, if you don’t know most people put them directly in the trash. In reading the police reports we need to know why people who are determined not to be here legally are not turned over to immigration but released to commit more crimes against us. Stop pushing segregation, those who have chose to become citizens have embraced the language and way of life so let us be one.

Anonymous said...

Voice of the North.

I wanted to voice my opinion about the issue of 2A.

I have driven in the southern part of Commerce City and I do not see very many signs for the YES on 2A? Then I start heading up the the Northern part of Commerce City and I start seeing numerous signs for YES on 2A?

Why is this? Does the 2A citizens need to convince the North and not the south?

This is one of those issue where the devil is in the details. The 2A group is making it sound like if we vote for 2A we will get a Boys and Girls Club, right? Well, I am a parent, I know many other parents in the Northern range who would love such a thing, a Boys and Girls club right near me? GREAT!

Well, not so fast. Yes there would be a boys and girls club, but it would be built in the southern part of Commerce City and it would be for the kids in the South. Well, okay I guess so, but what about being fair? The kids in the south already have a wonderful rec center. What do the kids in the North have. Well, what do they have?

Not much and some sub divisions have nothing, notta, zilch!

So why is this not just a general benefit for the WHOLE city. A boys and girls club in the south and a rec center in the north?

I do not have any problem taxing Kronke or the Music festival. Lets all remember, Commerce City was the second choice, the plan B. I disagree with Mr Morris on the video about how kids would not want to come because of 14 dollars, I don't think so.

But, I will be voting no because this tax proposal is poorly put together and does not benefit the whole city fairly. That is the long and the short of it.

Just looking at the signs I would have just thought, why not and vote YES. I urge all voters to actually learn about the issues and be a smart voter. I see all these people saying just vote, just get out and vote. Well, I disagree, I strongly support the stance of yes get out and vote, but educate your self first and know what you are voting on or for! It is your right, don't throw it away by voting or taking a stance on a issue, just because a sign or something is the mail told you too. Or worse yet, do not vote or take a stance on a issue just because, your friend is involved or you think the candidate is cute (true story)

Lets all be educated voters, we have the tools right at our fingertips, watch the news, research the web, visit websites, ask questions, dont be afraid that your stance might not fit in with your friends.

this is your coutry and citizens have died for you freedoms.

do not take this for granted.

T. Barker, citizen of Commerce City

Anonymous said...

I for one have been to the dog park, used it and find it VERY safe. It has parking off site, a walk way away from the parking. It is enclosed for dog and people's protection.
I find it easy to get to and use.
I can't help but wonder if you believe the city should buy Premium land near you to build a rec center, rather than near the middle of the northern range where those both east and west, who have no facilites can use it.
The land near 104th and Chambers is going for top $$$$'s. I would rather have the city find a way to fund a center than own a piece of land that takes years to pay off, before it can be built on.
In reference to your comment about illegal citizens. Personally I don't know if ICE has been contacted, but do you?? I have heard they are severly underfunded and don't respond to small numbers of illegal citizens.

Anonymous said...

T. Barker, you are so right! Being an educated voter is the most important thing.
If the person you are voting for, TRUELY represents your stance and direction, wonderful. If you are just accepting the media's protrail, without studying ALL of the facts, you have been manipulated. Big dollars are spent to do just that, manipulate our thoughts.
Be wise, study and know who and what you are voting on.

Anonymous said...

To T. Barker:

How do you know that the Boys and Girls club will not be built in the Northern range?

I learned that the middle of the city is located at 104th and Chambers, so it would make sense that the Boys and Girls be built in that area, plus it would be a good spark for some business development.

Mindy, Commerce City, Reunion subdivision.

Anonymous said...

Survey results

923 responses (3.2 margin of error)

Quality of Life? 34% fair, 45% Good, 2.3 Very Bad

Southern part, more likely to say very good or good compared to the Northern range.

Parks and Rec very happy or happy

More staisfied 08 then 05.

ED went up 8% happy growth from 2005.

9% of citizens think water is part of the city.

city regularly see police in their neighborhood, this is a good thing.

48% would participate in a neighborhood crime preventive program

70% use city parks of some kind

All in all, city is pretty happy with Parks and Recs.

Property tax increase for more services as far as parks and rec? City says no.

40% didn't know if they lived in the GID. 49% GID area want a Rec Center.

neighborhood concerns bad lawns, cars not parked.

prefered method of getting info, city mailings, local newspapers, internet.

Proud to live in Commerce City?
39% Proud, 21% not Proud
Good news, 13% that were not proud in 2005 are now proud now.

South more Proud then north, north more neutral.

People want more information, especially ED

only 4% wanted to be part of recycling movements.

Anonymous said...

FasTracks Update

Struggling with costs, fuel and construction costs.

3.1 billion dollar gap

Option one:Commerce City would end at 88th avenue.Build until 2017 and then just stop. not complete

option two: Give all money to just one corridor

Option three: Build out to 2034

Option four: Go as far as we can go with only 1 track instead of 2 tracks. Instead of every 15 mins, it would be every 30 mins. could go to 2034.

Option five: get some more money, go back to voters? possible public/private partnership.

RTD wants to vote on what to do by March of 2009.

City staff feedback: Want to get option 2 off the table and be pro active as far as what the Commerce City station would look like.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the boys and girls club is planned to be built in the southern part of the city.
Ask Mr Benson, he'll have to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City – America Recycles Day

On Thursday, November 13th Commerce City Citizens for Recycling is sponsoring an America Recycles Day Celebration. The goal of the event is to encourage residents to recycle, buy recycled products and be introduced to local individuals and businesses that deserve recognition. We will begin our event with a tour of The Rocky Mountain Arsenal to showcase environmental clean-up projects and see the bison. The tour will be followed up with a presentation of the “Individual and Business Recycler of the Year” award and talk about the importance of recycling and buying recycled product.

Event details are as follows:
• 12:00 meet at Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge Visitors’ Center located at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (entrance at 56th and Havana)
• 1:00 – tour of Rocky Mountain Arsenal clean-up efforts and the bison
• 2:00 – America Recycles Day event
Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge Visitors’ Center
Rocky Mountain Arsenal (entrance on 56th and Havana)
Commerce City, CO 80022

Remember to bring an item to recycle, any old holiday lights/decorations, and can of green beans. Also, don’t forget to nominate an individual that you think does an excellent job recycling in Commerce City, nominations will be accepted until November 7th. America Recycles Day (ARD) gives us a great opportunity to recognize people in our community who are recycling or buying recycled products. We know who they are, and now is the time for us to shine the spotlight on them as beautiful examples of taking the time and effort to, simply put, care! Simply send us their contact information and be as detailed as possible as to why you are nominating them for recycler of the year. Be sure to include your contact information!
This year space is limited for the event and in order to attend a RSVP is necessary.

To attend or gather more information, call Brad Johnson at 303-286-5993.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Jason McEldowney lives in ward 2. Does anyone one know if he's pushing recreation in our area? I'm not hapy with Jim Benson and we need to start now looking for someone to represent us for the future.

Anonymous said...

Boys and Girls Club

"School District 27J officially grew by 1,120 pk-12 students this school year, and will continue to average 1,000 plus students for the next 12 years as it has done for the past 6 years." (Beacon, Oct. 15th 2008.) It is estimated that 80% of our growth already live in our community. Where in these next 12 years will all these children go after school? How many of these current children are in area gangs or wannabes? We could say that Commerce City's children are persuaded daily to come over to the dark side of gang involvement for drugs and/or drug money. This is the reality of city living across the United States. In Commerce City we have an opportunity that is given to few communities to build a Building and program with a proven record to reduce gang involvement for our children and given 27J statistics, we need to build for at least 1,000 children not 500.To Chuck Morris, President CEO, AEG Live Rocky Mountains, I don't know if you have children, but, if you do, I know that you love them above everything you own in this world. I know that you love your country, because, the people of this country have been good to you and your industry. In Commerce City, we love our children, too! We want to see them grow up in the best environment we can give them. In truth, compared to the profit you and other groups like this are making 2A is just an increase of a few dollars on each seat sold. The parents of Adams 14 and 27J school districts are paying off millions and millions of tax dollars on Bond issures almost for the rest of our lives. Do you think your industry could give back to the children of the parents that support your industry and have made you all Millionaires? These children are your future ticket buyers. One would think you would be willing t o invest in future ticket sales. There have been threats to move these Music Festivals for the few dollars each ticket will increase to another location. You know it takes time and money to move anything. You also must consider that something even bigger may take your most lucrative spot. Please, support our children's future free from gang corruption, who knows we may be raising the future President of the United States, male or female!

Parallel Politics There is a small group of self-appointed people who have some influence with a small following of citizen voters that move parallel to our elected officials pushing to control and manipulate the growth and educational needs of Commerce City. This small group of people aspire to change the workings of city government and education without actually holding any elective office. The problem is not with the actual city government or Board of Education but with the complex personalities of this select few. They are constantly publically questioning the current levels of trust people have in city government and the Board of Education. As they move parallel with elected officials, they cast a shadow over every decision made. Consequently, the elected official needs to trust their own judgement, be honest and transparent in all they do. These personalities crave attention and control and this type of personality is in every govern mental situation throughout this Nation right now. The elected official does not have to be afraid of what these self-appointed personalities will try to do next as they hold no real power. They are just a few Good Ole Boys trying to control this city from a backroom somewhere.

Estelle Remington
Vote your choice, Nov. 4th.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Benson is calling out Kronke!
You go GIRL!

Boys and Girls Club at 96th, WHERE?!

Anonymous said...

Just go the text that Benson was on Gateway's website.

Love him or Hate him, Jim Benson does make things! He does make some good points in the videos. I don't think Kronke will be too impressed, but he is a force to be reckon with.

Kelly B.

Anonymous said...

Mr Benson has been aware that the geographical center of the city is 104th and Chambers. It has been noted several times at the city council meetings. He is using his phoney ignorance to cover the fact that he KNOWS the placement for the club has always been planned for the core area. He has no concern for those children in his own ward. This is only a battle to prove he can win.
Where at 96th and Hwy 2 could a club go? With the wildlife refuge and railroad tracks, along with the industrial area??
Kronke and Morris both said they would have, and have in the past supported groups like the girls and boys club. Why weren't they asked to provide financial support, but instead had this forced upon them and us.
This could cost us big time, by loss of venues (improving our image) close the drive-in and force a hardship on Werth manor among other businesses.
Mr. Benson loves challanges and debates. This issue for him is to show his "strength" and "push". He even told Mr Morris, when he finally spoke to him, that if he had all of the facts, he probably wouldn't have brought this forward.
Mr. Benson's personal agenda's hurt our city once again!!
Maybe he is a force to be reckoned with but destructive all the while.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my ward rep (Mr. Jim Benson) has put the final nails in the economic development coffin. I am sure that after the kronke see this video of Jim, they are going to keep that land around the Rapids Stadium empty forEVER!

Thanks Jim and Friends, you have done so much for our city.

Further more, I did not know who else was on the committee until I hear the video. Aren't those the same people that wanted to pack up Jim Benson and help him move out of town because Mr. Benson wanted to change the name of the city?

Want to help Benson to move out of the city last election because of his name change idea and then help Benson ruin our business partnership with Kronke the very next election?

Who are these people, are they just bored? Do they just sit around and think of radical off the wall ideas?

Yes we all need to open our eyes and look at Benson, but people we also need to open our eyes and look at the so called "citizen activist" in our city.

Barker, Commerce City Resident

Anonymous said...

I don't see how this can hurt getting business by the Soccer Stadium in the Southern part of Commerce City.

Unless it is a seat tax business, it would have absolutely no effect on any other business down there.

I am surprised that I brought up the suggestion that the Boys and Girls club should go in the middle of the city and the reporter doing the interview brought that up, I felt pretty important.

I don't really understand how the Boys and Girls club could go on 96th Avenue. I see no place for it, plus that is a little too far for anyone to get to.

I still hope that if this passes they group some how secures land around the middle part of the city. We have lots of it and a Boys and Girls Club would fit very nicely here.

Mindy, Commerce City, Colorado

Anonymous said...

FasTracks Update

Struggling with costs, fuel and construction costs.

3.1 billion dollar gap

Option one:Commerce City would end at 88th avenue. Build until 2017 and then just stop. not complete

option two: Give all money to just one corridor

Option three: Build out to 2034

Option four: Go as far as we can go with only 1 track instead of 2 tracks. Instead of every 15 mins, it would be every 30 mins. could go to 2034.

Option five: get some more money, go back to voters? possible public/private partnership.

RTD wants to vote on what to do by March of 2009.

Commerce City staff feedback: Want to Draft letter from Mayor to RTD saying please take option 2 of the table.

Anonymous said...

RTD is such a mess! 3.1 Billion (the is a "B") gap? Has cost go up that much? Who the hell was doing the projections for this one.

Well, at the end I only see two options, either don't build what the voters voted on, make it some make shift piece of crap, or build it out to some way out date like the year 2900! Then all the voters who voted for it will be dead.

Either way, the voters are going to be pissed!

Joe the Resident

Anonymous said...

Joe the Residnet, I GET IT! LOL

As far as RTD, 3.1 Billion, why don't they just buy everyone a new car!

Joe the Commuter

Anonymous said...

This is just an idea, but we do have land and lots of it in the core part of the city. We have it on both the Prairie Gateway and the old Adams City High School site.

Both of those places would be just perfect for a Boys and Girls club.

Especially the Prairie Gateway, it would be good also because the people who are paying the tax could actually see what the are paying for.

I did hear all of the videos of the 2A ballot issue and I am voting YES on it. I don’t think that it is going to hurt the business around the stadium area and if you place the Boys and Girls club there it could act as a Business Anchor!

I don’t think that we are going to lose anything if the Mile High Festival gets moved, matter of fact the Denver Stapleton should be more worried about it then us here in Commerce City. After all, all of the money as far as sales tax went to Stapleton.

I want to thank Benson for getting this up and going it might be the push that we need to move Kronke on the right path for our city.

Joanne and Mike, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

J. and M. I hate to disagree with you, but I must.
First of all the city doesn't own all of the blank land. Developers own a great deal of the empty land in the city, and it is pricey to purchase.
There were plans in the works to develop the area around the stadium as an entertainment style area. The music festival brought in sales taxes to pay back the bonds issued for the improvements in the area. Another music festival was being planned (another type of music) in addition to the first one. Therefore 2 festivals that would have helped pay off the bonds. These also prove our viabilty to bring in people to the area, therefore business follows.
Boys and Girls clubs are wonderful, helpful things for a community, but certainly not a revenue seed for a city.
Businesses and the city will lose with this, but of course you are certainly free to express your views and believe it won't hurt the city.!!
I personally believe it is a BIG mistake to designate tax dollars to one "specific" charitable organization.
Many business would have helped support the Boys and Girls Club if approached.
Just my opinion!!

Anonymous said...

Joanne and Mike, keep in mind, if you lose the music festival the taxes this propostion is suppose to bring in, will be cut WAY down.
No music festival no monies, no monies, no taxes see the cycle??
Do you think Kronke will see a reason to develop?
I don't!

Anonymous said...

I love how the person touts the growth of district 27J. If that person doesn’t know, 27J are “the north kids”. Putting a boys and girls club in south Commerce City will do nothing for our kids. South Commerce City is NOT close to the north and we are not going to drive that far so the kids of 27J will gain nothing from a boys and girls club. It’s funny how most of those pushing for 2a don’t even have young kids or grandkids that will use it. They just want to penalize kronke because they perceive he’s making millions (he spent millions building it)and the city won’t get anything for years. It was the ford’s and bullocks that brokered that deal so be pissed at them and stop signing their recall petitions rooted from jealousy.
As for the kids and gangs: According to the government most members of gangs in Adams County are illegal immigrants. Contact your elected officials to force the police to verify immigration status on “ALL ARRESTS “in the county on all age groups. That’s the deterrent and not spending tax dollars to give them another place to target our kids.

Anonymous said...

To Joanne and Mike:

I like your way of thinking, and I clearly see your points.

I just don’t think that it is very neighborly to be mean to the only real economic Partner in the area, as far as new stuff.

Kronke wants it to not happen, maybe we should listen. I have a real issue with this group not having any kind of a discussion with anyone before taking this on.

I think we can work together on this and at the end we can have all side be happy about it.

Just a thought.

Thank you to the for the videos and the place to put our comments. Keep up the good work.

Travis B.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Ballot initiative 2A

I am a mother of 2 and I live in the upper part of Commerce City. I was excited when I saw the numerous signs for the seat tax initiative to build a Boys and Girls club in our area. Both my husband and myself work and a Boys and Girls Club would be ideal for our situation.

The latchkey children are the exact reason why the Boys and Girls club was created.

I did not know that the Committee did not have land already picked out, I did not know that they location of the club might be in the core part of the city, where they already have a beautiful city funded recreation center.

Now that I have all of this new information I am glad that I waited to vote.

Karen Yaley, parent and reisdent

Anonymous said...

Gateway News:

Thank you for all the videos covering the local issues, my neighbors and I agree this is a great service and we wish you all the best of luck and please continue this wonderful, cutting edge way of giving the public the information we all need.

S. Jessup

Anonymous said...


I was saddened to see that in the October 22 edition of the Rocky Mountain News it took an editorial position against Ballot Initiative 2A, the result of which initiative will be to raise $7,000,000 to build and operate a Boys and Girls Club in Commerce City.

First, let me explain this seat tax. It applies only to admissions to events like soccer games, music events, or other for profit endeavors that charge an admission fee. It is not a property tax or a sales tax. It does not apply to events put on by non-profits such as schools or charitable organizations, or an event held for a charitable purpose. The tax is 8% of the admission price. All proceeds of the tax MUST BE USED solely and exclusively to build and operate a Boys and Girls Club in Commerce City. Once $7,000,000 has been raised, the tax goes away. The tax CANNOT be used for any other purpose. I wrote the language.

For an $8.00 ticket to a soccer game, the ticket would cost $8.64. Similarly, for an $8.00 movie admission, the ticket would cost $8.64. A two day ticket to the Mile Hi Music Fest, held this past summer in Commerce City, was $160.00 so a two day ticket would cost $172,80. Will this stop anyone from buying a ticket? I doubt it. When we first talked to Anshutz Entertainment about the Music Fest, they said a two day ticket would cost $150.00, yet before the first ticket was sold, the price went up to $160.00. Apparently they did not think that this would deter anyone from buying a ticket. Who pocketed the additional $10.00? They and their bottom line did. How much of this money goes to Ticketmaster, a for profit organization? Now that we are asking for a mere 8% of the price to build a Boys and Girls Club, they complain about it.

Did anyone point out that Denver has a TEN PER CENT admissions tax?

No, the tax does not target one specific entity. It taxes all, except charitable or non-profit groups, who charge an admission fee for an event.

No, the tax is not “huge.” It’s only 64 cents on a soccer or movie ticket. It’s only $12.80 on a $160.00 music fest two day ticket.

Yes, the tax would be used to support a single non-profit group, our children, through the building and operation of a Boys and Girls Club. And what is wrong with this? For comparison, we know that every man, woman and child in the multi-county Denver Metro Stadium District pays sales tax to build Coors Field and Invesco Field, whether or not they have ever been to a game at those locations or whether they ever intend (or can afford) to do so. This amounts to about $800,000,000.00. Such a sales tax goes only to support multi-million dollar sports franchise owners, and the mostly multi-million dollar players who use those facilities. Is this fair? All we want is $7,000,000.00, less than 1/100 of the $800 million dollar amount, which would be raised over a period of about 6 years, to be used for our kids.

No relationship between the tax and the benefited industry? What relationship does a sales tax imposed on all in the Metro Stadium District have to do with professional sports? Did the Rocky Mountain News complain about this tax when it happened? No, it pandered to the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

The editorial speaks about the alleged magnanimous entities Anshutz Entertainment and Kroenke Sports having supported charitable causes over the years. I do not know any non-profit or charity that those entities have supported in Commerce City.

There is a threat to move the Music Fest in the event this initiative passes. There is a word that closely describes this tactic, and that word is extortion. Please do not let multibillion dollar interests put a gun to your head to force you to vote against our children.

The News complains that this is not a tax being paid by those multi-billionaire organizations, but that it is paid by their customers. True; however, they neglect to mention that about 90% of those customers come from OUTSIDE COMMERCE CITY. I would like to point out that ONLY THOSE WHO LIVE IN COMMERCE CITY CAN VOTE ON THIS ISSUE. The others can’t vote.

There is nothing wrong with taxing those who choose to come into our city for entertainment purposes and this small incremental tax is not going to cause them to make other entertainment decisions. Where are they going to go, Denver?–where the tax is 10%?

Voters should also understand that Commerce City receives no current operating revenue from the operation of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Any sales tax revenue brought in by concessions, etc., goes to pay the debt of Kroenke Sports until it is paid off. The City gets nothing from Dick’s in the form of operating revenue until that happens, which could be another 20+ years. In addition, because Kroenke Sports took control (City owns it, Kroenke controls it) of what we call the “Prairie Gateway,” a 917 acre parcel of land carved out of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, federal funds (payment in lieu of tax) going to support Adams County Schools were reduced by $200,000.00 annually, another slight to our children.

Another letter in the Beacon newspaper complained that supporters of this measure did not give a capital campaign time to raise the $7,000,000.00 in funds to build the Boys and Girls Club. What “capital campaign?” There is no capital campaign and never has been. This issue has been talked about for ten years yet no one has EVER offered an alternative way to fund a Boys and Girls Club in Commerce City.

You are beginning to see the result of the thousands of dollars being spent by our opponents. They have paid both local newspapers to run full page color ads opposing the measure, they have appeared on radio talk shows, newspaper editorials, they put up signs that I have seen obscuring not only our signs in support of this measure (our signs seem to be disappearing faster than we can put them up) but also obscuring signs supporting ballot issues 3A and 3B which concern bonds to be issued to build new schools in school district 27J.

I urge all Commerce City voters to VOTE YES ON 2A to support the building and operation of a Boys and Girls Club within our City.

Jim Benson
City Council
Ward II
Commerce City
Speaking as a concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

The Scary Truth about 2A

Dear Commerce City Voters,

By now you have probably heard plenty about Ballot Issue 2A. The citizens are being asked to pass an 8% tax increase on admissions/seats, and the funds from this tax are to be given to the Boys and Girls Club. At first glance this may not seem like a bad idea, until you really think about what the long term ramifications might be.

The city council voted 8 to 1 not to put this on the ballot, because they recognized the damage this could cause our citizens and businesses. While I am completely in support of the Boys and Girls Club, as I am in support of all of our children, and organizations, I am not in support of this plan for funding it. I was part of a delegation that went to see Congressman Perlmutter, asking for the seed money to start the club at Kearney Middle School. Thanks to the congressman, and the help of many other dedicated people, we were successful. The truth is, this is not about the Boys and Girls Club, and whether or not you support children. What it is about is funding a single charity by hurting the businesses that are already here, and risking the potential business that is not here yet.

The Mile High Music Festival was an unbelievable opportunity for Commerce City to shine. People came from all over the state, some from outside Colorado, to see the concerts, right here in our backyard. We have proven that we are the place to be. But now we are risking the future of the festival with this tax. AEG has stated that if this tax passes, they will very likely take the festival elsewhere! And what about the families that took their children to the soccer games? It’s already expensive for a family to go to the games. These are tough times, and to make it harder on our citizens to have a night out with their kids is just not right. Perhaps to some, this is not a big deal, but clearly those that think a few dollars are not a big deal, do not have the people’s best interest in mind.

Not to mention what the tax will do to our businesses, like Gala Gardens/Werth Manor, and the 88 Drive In. The owner of the drive in has said that they will not be able to stay in business if this tax passes, as they are barely hanging on now. And if you are in doubt of how a business like Werth Manor feels about this, just give Rhonda a call over at Gala Gardens.

Just yesterday I had a group of Girl Scouts call me. They wanted to know why the city would have a tax that benefits only the Boys and Girls Club, and not them. Are we saying that children in groups like Boys and Girl Scouts are not as worthy of our attention and money? It’s pretty hard to explain that to a sweet bunch of little girls.

Chuck Morris of AEG has raised thousands of dollars for many charities in Colorado. He said that the group supporting this tax did not even try to meet with him about the Boys and Girls Club. I am very confident that he would have helped form a group that would have been able to raise money for the Club, had he been given the chance. He was not.

Lastly, the number one thing I hear almost every day is that the people want more economic development in our city. We want more commercial opportunities, more sit down restaurants, more shops. The only way we are going to get these things is if we are a business friendly city. I have been told that there are more opportunities coming our way as a result of the music festival. But not if its not here! Why would we risk so much? Let’s find another way to fund the club without hurting our existing businesses, and jeopardizing our future opportunities. Please vote NO on 2A.

Tracey Snyder, Councilwoman, commenting individually

Anonymous said...

To Tracey Snyder,

I respect your opinion, but I am sorry to have to say that I strongly disagree with you.

First off, I do not think that a 8% tax would really effect anyone these days. I understand that we are in tough times, but we are not talking about that much money here. I heard on the Benson video, we are talking about 64 cents?! My God, don't get a coke at the soccer games and you are back to being even again, and besides, you shouldn't be letting kids drink coke anyway.

I do have an comment about the Girl scout troop that called you. First, I really want to say that I am very impressed that a group of kids are adult enough to know the ins and outs of a tax ballot issue.

I am being serious when I say that that the questions given to you by that troop of girl scout is smarter then most of the adults in our city.

I am voting yes on 2A, we need to finally stand up for our piece of the pie.

Gerald, Voter of Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

To Jim Benson: Would you start pushing an agenda that will benefit children in the area you were elected to represent. Pleas vote NO! on 2A. Commerce City already has plenty of parks, ballfields, skate parks, recreation center and huge soccer complex in the core city.

Anonymous said...

City prepares for next steps with the Boys and Girls Club

COMMERCE CITY – Regardless of the outcome of this Tuesday’s election, the city will continue its planning for a Boys and Girls Club. Building a club is a high priority for Commerce City, and city officials are committed to continuing its support.

“Our discussions with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver are ongoing to determine how the city can support the organization’s objectives,” City Manager Jerry Flannery said. “The city and school district have worked with Congressman Perlmutter’s office to secure $170,000 in federal grant money for a club.”

The city continues dialogue with key stakeholders connected with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver (BGCMD). Discussion topics include the need for a capital campaign, site selection, operational funding needs, potential private public partnerships and additional logistical planning.

Kearney Middle School is the current site of the boys and girls club in Commerce City, and operates year-round serving students primarily from that school with additional youth access offered during the summer. The city is exploring opportunities with the BGCMD to identify a stand-alone club that would enable the organization to service the needs of the broader community.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we can all see thru the city's point of view.

Obviously city staff against 2A, basically they are saying, go ahead and vote no, it wil be okay, we will still get this done eventually.

Well, I think they to stop trying to steer elections and start worrying about growing new businesses. Maybe if they did this, we would not have citizens so upset and take these kinds of actions.

VOTE YES ON 2A! Time for Commerce City to step up and take our share!

Gerald of Commerce City, Coorado, USA.

Anonymous said...

I am voting yes on 2A, only because I trust that the committee will do its best to get us a positive thing for our children.

We have been talking about a Boys and Girls Club in Commerce City for a long time. I heard about this idea at least 3 times from the Commerce City Youth Task Force.

We need to move on this, the time for Commerce City is now. I am a long time resident and I whole heartedly believe that if Commerce City wants its share we have to take some initiative and take it.

Ben Hearld

Anonymous said...

I have a message for Council Women Snyder, you say that Chuck Morris would have done something if he only had the chance? How long do we give him? How long has the Boys and Girls Club been only talk in our City?

I am voting YES ON 2A, this small tax is not going to hurt anyone really. I live in a lower income area and know for a fact that people who are going to these games are not going to have a problem with a couple bucks, this is America, we are not that bad off.

I urge all voters to vote YES on 2A and do what is right for Commerce City and the youth of Commerce City. It has been said over and over that the children are the future of our city, lets act on our words.


Cindy, Mother of three and yes one is a Proud Girl Scout

Anonymous said...

Hiekue Number Eight

Lots of News, let me shed some LIGHT….
Recall in hands of court, did I say recall, I meant personal FIGHT….
Mayor goes to Florida to see Goofy when all he had to do is look at back of the room any Monday NIGHT…
2A?!....Tax for Boys and Girls, but not Boys and Girls Scouts, is that even RIGHT?....
Either way, at least we got noticed, Kronke, AEG, if this fails will our Future here be BRIGHT?...
Will it?.....

Thank you, thank you. I know it is a deep thinker, and has many messages. I want to thank all of my supporters and all the issues that make my work possible.

Joe the Hiekue creator

Anonymous said...

So why is the city manager now making at statement about the Boys and Girls Club? The city could have done something to make it happen 4 years ago during the Youth Activities Taskforce. It looks to me like the city manager is attempting to influence the vote.

Yes on 2A!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and vote yes on 2A....if there are is no music festival(s) to returen to our city. If the drive-in closes down, if Werth Manor has to limit the types of functions it won't leave much tax dollars to fund this club and the clear writing on the wall will be obvious, finally to everyone. Kill the revenue and the future improvements. Tell Kronke go somewhere else, we don't want entertainment here. Denver does, Broomfield does. Go away!
We don't have new business and new jobs for our youth, but we have a Boys and Girls Club.

Anonymous said...

Different city manager,
different council,
different mayor,
different directions.
Real plans for our city!!

Anonymous said...

Voters of Commerce City,

We have to listen to our businesses, if they say that 2A is going to hurt them, we need to listen! We need to take our bread and butter into consideration!

There are other ways to get a Boys and Girls Club! We got noticed, everyone knows now, there are so many different avenues that we can take to achieve this endeavor!

I beg the voters to make sure that 2A fails, we do not need this black eye in the business community. We do not need people like Kronke and AEG blacklisting us as a city.

If we are not growing we are dying! We need to have the business world have a relationship with us that is one with open arms. All 2A is doing is ripping out the welcome mat. Lets be smarter than we have been in the past.

Please, PLEASE vote NO on 2A

Brian Heeven, Commerce City, CO

Anonymous said...

Once again I can respect your opinion, but I have to disagree.

I strongly believe that we need to call the businesses bluff, this is a tax that will be passed onto the customer. I really do not, actually, I STRONGLY believe that this is not going to hurt the businesses.

I have the same view for the so called “tea party” ( the newly annexed are in Commerce City). All it is, is a tax that is passed onto the customer. It is only fair.

Our time is now, we have a city staff that does not move fast enough, I know we have issues with a past bad city manager and now we have no business director, but we have to get pass all these challenges. We need to start looking out for Commerce City. Folks, if we do not act soon, we are really going to miss the boat, and in many ways I really think that we already have!

Vote YES on 2A, Support the Children in our City.

Anonymous said...

BOY! You just made a great and very interesting point.

How many of the people who support 2A and also against the “Commerce City Tea Party” movement!?!?!?
Both taxes, I know of one person and I will get their point of view on this.

Anonymous said...

Students develop character and learn about democracy with school ballots!

As adults around the country cast their ballots in hopes of bringing positive change to the nation, students at the Primrose School at Reunion will be taking part in an election of their own. This day isn’t about a particular candidate, but about showing the students how fun voting can be and why it is important to all Americans. Using their “official” IDs, students will be able to enter our designated polling areas, vote for their favorite Primrose friend for President, and choose between two Presidential snacks. Once they have cast their ballot, students will receive an “I Voted!” sticker. Many classes will also be participating in other activities related to this event, including creating campaign signs, thoughts about what they would do if they were President, and “campaign speeches” that support why each Primrose friend and the character trait they represent is important. Finally, we are excited to have secured a visit by Commerce City’s City Clerk, Laura Bauer, and a member of the city council! They will be visiting our school at 10:30 a.m. for 30-45 minutes to read a story about voting to our students, discuss the importance of this right, and ask students what they would do if they were President.

Election Day at Primrose is a great way to help our young students begin to understand the importance of civic involvement at an early age. We feel strongly about teaching our students to give back to the local community and voting is a great way for each of them to do this! Election Day at Primrose is part of Primrose Schools’ Balanced Learning curriculum. Our goal is to build balanced children by placing emphasis on character development, learning and play. We believe with the right foundation, anything is possible. Who knows… we could have a future president in this very school!

Please join us as we explore democracy with our students. We hope to encourage families to involve their children in this historic process by demonstrating fun, easy ways to introduce the concept to young children.


Primrose School at Reunion
17050 E. 103rd Ave.
Commerce City, CO 80022

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
10:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Dear "support the children of our city". Personally, I do in many ways, but short of a dictatorship, our city staff has NO way to force the businesses to respond as you'd wish.
The sales have been done throughout the country. Would you pay premium dollar to take a risk and build right now?
So instead let's punish those that have and impose this tax.
I believe most have already made up their minds, if not already voted.
I pray they don't ruin some of the major chances we have to pay off bonds and develope as a friendly city to businesses.
The bed a few have made, all of us will have to lie on!

Anonymous said...

I love the conspiracy theory about the city, but maybe, just maybe the city is just doing its job, all it stated is that no matter what happens the city will continue to listen to the youth task force and work on getting a boys and girls club here in Commerce City here eventually.

As far as the city position of the Economic Director, CALM DOWN, the person is coming. After getting some information, the city had over 100 people apply and we are now down to something like 8 individuals. So the city will have a someone is the very near future.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

Drunk Drivers have Scary Halloween- In Jail

COMMERCE CITY ― The Commerce City Police Department participated in the statewide DUI Enforcement program, “The Heat is On,” on Halloween night. This year, with Halloween falling on a Friday, the potential for Halloween parties leading to impaired driving was higher. The Commerce City Police Department responded by conducting a DUI Saturation Patrol in the City. Fourteen officers, in seven two-man cars, flooded the City with DUI enforcement. Five impaired drivers had been arrested by 10:15 pm.

A total of ten drivers were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, and one additional driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. The operation ran from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. The Commerce City Police Department funds impaired driving operations such as this with funds from the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) grant. LEAF funds are collected from previous DUI offenders’ fines and then awarded to law enforcement agencies across the state to conduct additional DUI enforcement.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Dalton,

This is not a "conspiracy theory".

As the mayor always says, it is what it looks like, it is all about perception.

The city could have waited until after the election to release their special message about how they are going to bring us a boys and girls club.

I agree that our time is now and we need to take matters into the voters hands. I urge you all to vote YES on 2A.

Voter of Commerce City

Anonymous said...

City Council hears like it is soooo boring, I hear that there is an annexxation, is this anything good?

Anonymous said...

Looks like we might be getting some professional office sites!

I hope they bring FOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

I urge the city staff of Commerce City to stay away from the microphone during breaks, we all hear what you are saying.

Jay M., Commerce City resident

Anonymous said...

If there are now 8 candidates for econonomic director position, narrowed down from 100, why is the position still posted on the website? We still get spins on the information.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jay, tell us what you heard Because I heard Roger talking about the last budget item and some figures, is that what you heard?

I urge you all to VOTE! Get out there. Biden was right when he stated, polls don't win elections, Votes DO!

If the lines are long, don't get down just tough it out, lets get past this 54% of voting, lets get it to 70-80%, made even 100%!

Also don't forget to get your free coffee at Starbucks after you vote.

Anonymous said...

Well, the posting for the ED director was posted on 10-10-08 and I think that we are down to 5 and not 8, but can not verify.

final 5 candidates will go through some interview process and then BOOM! off and going Commerce city will be! the business will start pouring in!

Thats right! you hear that Brighton and Denver, he are going to be HUGE! you wait and see!

at least I hope.

PS bring food to the North, please.

Harold the starving Northern Commerce City Resident

Anonymous said...

For my voters in the North,

We need to all band together here and vote yes on 5A (fire) and 3A and 3B (schools)

2A? that is up to you all personally, I will vote no, I think the plan is to put this thing in the very southern part of the city, and I disagree with this, it should be something that would benefit the entre city if we are going to go this route.

I do not think that it will be anywhere close to 96th or the "middle" (104th and Chambers).

We can bring this back to the drawing board and come back to the voters with a more well orginazed and thoughtful issue.

Carla of Commerce City, Resident for the last 4 years.

to Mindy, HELLO, call me!

Anonymous said...

Commerce City joins northern cities in opposing RTD option

COMMERCE CITY – In an effort to ensure that RTD’s revised FasTrack light rail project benefits Commerce City and other northern communities, City Council is recommending that one of the district’s proposed options be eliminated from further discussion.

In a letter to the Regional Transportation District (RTD), Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale outlined the need to define “the most logical segments of all the FasTracks corridors to open within the timeframe promised to voters in 2004.”

His letter joins letters from the mayors of other northern cities and Adams County officials in requesting that RTD eliminate “Option 2” from consideration. Option 2 would allow RTD to build only one of four new corridors – with no guarantee that the one chosen would be the North Metro Corridor, which includes Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn and unincorporated Adams County.

Voters approved a regional FasTracks system in 2004 that included several new corridors, including the North Metro; the Northwest Rail, which stretches through northwest communities to Longmont; the US 36 line, which ends in Boulder; and the I-225 line. The corridors are being discussed as a result of RTD’s proposed budget shortfall on this project.

RTD cites increased fuel and construction costs and decreased revenues from sales tax as reasons for the shortfall, and is evaluating five options for delivering the FasTracks program. Each of RTD’s proposed options assumes that federal funding will be available for three of the proposed lines: the East Corridor to DIA, the West Corridor to Jefferson County’s municipal building; and the Gold Corridor to Arvada.

The five options currently being discussed by RTD are:
• Build segments of each of the four corridors until time and money run out in 2017
• Build only one complete corridor by 2017
• Build segments of each corridor, continuing construction as funds become available beyond 2017.
• Build single tracks instead of double tracks, allowing longer segments to be built in each corridor. The North Metro segment would end at East 112th Avenue in this option.
• Seek additional revenue sources. Possible sources include: partnering with the Colorado Department of Transportation; seeking additional public/private funding; seeking federal transportation grants; sales tax increase; increase RTD fares and fees.

“Obviously, Commerce City is interested in seeing the entire network built,” Natale said. “And we think it’s in the best interest of all the cities in Adams County, as well as the county itself, to work together with RTD in order to ensure the success of a full build out of the light rail system.”

Natale also stated that Commerce City is “not supportive of Option 2, and will not consider it further because it does not provide equity for the entire Denver metro region.” Other north metro corridors jurisdictions are considering similar comments.

Plans for a north corridor line are being included in Commerce City’s Comprehensive Plan, now undergoing an update. RTD’s project team is in the midst of narrowing the location of the proposed light rail station to two areas – one location is near East 68th Avenue on the west side of Colorado Boulevard, the other is near East 72nd Avenue just to the west of the O'Brian Canal and Colorado Boulevard.

Commerce City staff is beginning its own evaluation of these two possible station locations. The city is ensuring that this analysis will be integrated into the city’s comprehensive planning efforts by utilizing the city’s consultant on the plan, Clarion Associates.

Anonymous said...

City Council encourages ‘green’ transportation with revised ordinance

COMMERCE CITY – In continuing efforts to promote a more “green” Commerce City, and to aid residents economically, the City Council on Monday took steps to encourage alternative transportation in the community.

Council members approved a new draft of the city ordinance governing neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) and motorized bicycles, giving residents the option to use these vehicles to get around the city.

“The City Council is sensitive to economic conditions which are putting a strain on residents,” Council Member Jason McEldowney said, “and we wanted to provide some options for savings.”

The redrafted ordinance also gives the city a slightly “green-er” hue, allowing use of such vehicles, which are more fuel efficient or use alternative energy sources.

“As Commerce City works to expand its trail system, enhance recycling efforts and create other opportunities for going ‘green,’ it just makes sense to do this,” McEldowney said.

Neighborhood electric vehicles are defined by state statute as electrically powered motor vehicles that meet certain equipment standards and do not exceed speeds of 25 mph. They are motorized golf-cart-style vehicles with windshields, headlights and turn signals.

Also allowed under the revised city ordinance are seated scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles. NEVs and other motorized vehicles must be equipped with headlamps, taillamps, a horn, turn signals and other safety features.

Not included in this definition and not allowed on city streets are motorized devices that don’t meet lighting, engine capacity or safety requirements for licensing as a motor vehicle. This includes items like motorized skateboards and standing scooters.

In keeping with the idea of easy city commuting, NEVs will not be prohibited by the city from crossing at intersections where street speed limits are faster than 35 mph; however, they should only cross those streets and not travel along them.

“This is a safety issue,” said Sgt. Wayne Granger with the Commerce City Police Department. “A slow-moving device on streets where cars are traveling a good deal faster just doesn’t make good sense.”

The ordinance spells out limitations for the use of NEVs and other allowed motorized devices, including:
• May be used only on roads where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or slower
• May not travel faster than 25 mph
• Must be equipped, registered and licensed in accordance with state law
• Will be subject to all applicable ordinances and statutes, including financial responsibility, governing other motor vehicles in the city
• Must not exceed occupancy or load restrictions set by the manufacturer; driver and all passengers must be seated in manufacturer-style seats
• May be operated only by persons with a valid driver’s license
• May not be used on sidewalks or trails unless specifically posted for such use
• Must be driven in the right-hand lane, and as close to the right-hand side as practical

For more information on the revised ordinance and NEVs, contact Sgt. Granger with the Traffic Unit at (303) 289-3794.

Additional information on specific vehicle types and uses will be made available to the public by next spring, when warmer weather will bring increased use of NEVs and other devices.

Anonymous said...

News from the 2 Commerce City Recreation Centers as noon on Tuesday, Election Day

Reunion Rec Center, So far 350 citizens, about 12 lined up at 6:30am no problems so far. Biggest Complaint: Voters complaining that they requested a mail-in ballot and it did not come in the mail. Reported line wait was up to an hour around 9am.

Commerce City Rec Center: So far 250 citizens, problems with voting machines, reportedly caused a 45 min delay. Also reported about 30% provisional ballots cast at this location.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama was elected the nation's first black president Tuesday night in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

Anonymous said...

for lastest results locally

Anonymous said...


Number of Precincts 19
Precincts Reporting 19 100.0 %
Times Counted 7368/17047 43.2 %
Total Votes 6955

YES 1472 21.16%
NO 5483 78.84%

Anonymous said...


Number of Precincts 24
Precincts Reporting 24 100.0 %
Times Counted 8513/20488 41.6 %
Total Votes 8036

YES 3947 49.12%
NO 4089 50.88%

Anonymous said...

2A defeated, YEAH: Still can't believe my ward person was pushing that agenda above the needs of our kids!

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed that 2A did not pass. I hope that all of those who voted against this can explain yourself to the children of our community.

Anonymous said...

Did people living in dist 14 bounderies get to vote on 27 issues??

Anonymous said...

2A get a beat down by almost 80%, of course this is unofficial.

Looks like the business welcome mat is back down!



Anonymous said...

So it looks like it was a big NO on 2A!

Thank you voters! I think that we actually may have some educated people out there. This was not an easy issue, it really did sound great at the first look, but the devil was in the details.

I think this is a great victory for the City of Commerce City!

Now lets get this behind us and start making some good choices before just throwing something on the Ballot.

Communication is the key and we need to really start using it.

James Dalgon, voted NO on 2A

Anonymous said...

No on 2A?

I guess my idea for this to go on the old high school site, thus getting the D-14 school district out of debt is shot. Damn! and it was such a good idea too.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the 2A issue, what I can not understand is the 3a,3b,5a issue!

Carla, mixed feelings, happy and sad.

Good Job Colorado on electing Obama!

Anonymous said...

Ed Perlmutter still the MAN!!!


Perlmutter Supporter!

Anonymous said...

2A defeated, YEAH: Still can't believe my ward person was pushing that agenda above the needs of our kids!

Anonymous said...

Did people living in dist 14 bounderies get to vote on 27 issues??

Anonymous said...

No, Commerce City has 2 school districts D14 and 27J.

They can not vote on each other issues.

As fas as 27J 3A and 3B, it is just taking the natural time line historically,

Pass one time, Fail the next time, no fear, we will get it passed next around

Anonymous said...


Commerce City, Colorado LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

2A Fails!

To my city council member Jim Benson,

I am requesting that you hold community meeting the next time you have a idea that has the potential to have harm on our city.

You complained in the past that the NASCAR people did not have any communication with the city or the citizens. Why did you do the same thing to us? I hope that you have learned something by this.

Tanlyn, Concerned Citizen of the Northern Range

Anonymous said...

I want to say Congratulations to all of the candidates and committees that won their elections.

Nancy Ryland, Reunion

Anonymous said...

Blog Gate…?

What is it???

Who is it???

Coming soon to a blog near you…