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Budgets, Board Members, Dr. Lange, New High School, CSAP, Charter Schools, Transportation Department, anything else you can think of, we welcome all comments about the issues that surrounding the Adams County School District #14.

This new section has been created upon requests from the voters of Adams County School District #14.

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Anonymous said...

Who is SOS (Save Our Schools)?

Some of you may have heard of us, some of you may have not. Either way, we want to let you know who we are, what we stand for and why we're writing to as many Adams County School Districtl4 community members as possible. The SOS (Save Our Schools) started out as just a few citizens keeping an eye on our school district. We have been doing this for several months and for a very special purpose. Many of our committee members have children in the schools, some of our members have grand children in our schools, most of us are property owners in the school district, and our property values are affected by the quality of our schools and, finally many of us are graduates of this school district. Today as we see more and more of what in our opinion is mismanagement of the school district by certain School Board members our little committee is growing! Here are just a few examples of why YOU should be concerned about Adams County School 14.

1. A very tasteless and wrongful way in which the former Superintendent was terminated. This mishandled act by three of the School Board Members will no doubt place the school district in a situation for a law suit that could be very large. This lawsuit would be just another in a series of lawsuits that have occurred since JEANNETTE LEWIS has been elected. We all know lawsuits take money away from our kid's education.

2. Naming a new Superintendent without even posting the job or looking for a best candidate. Now, not only do we not know if we have the best candidate, but the School Board may have violated State and Federal Employment Laws.

3. "Snubbing" the community by not asking, us if we wanted the former Superintendent replaced, and selecting a new Superintendent without asking the community for OUR INPUT (After we do pay the Superintendent's salary). And, we have children in the school district and we know what we want for our children.

4. The district is now in a financial crisis because they "failed to act" in moving the taxpayers money into better accounts before the districts funds got "frozen" in the CSAFE accounts. We are the only district in Adams County in a Financial Crisis. We believe this occurred for a couple of reasons ; a) Three Board members dismissed the former Superintendent just prior to the national financial collapse that created a freeze on the district's money. Why would you replace a Superintendent now? And. why would you replace that person with someone who in our opinion has little or no financial background? This irresponsible behavior has created a situation where teachers can't buy pencils for students to do math and staff can't buy trash can liners to use to keep the buildings maintained.

5. Three Board Members voted to terminate the current Superintendent because test scores declined (the first time in eight years), yet they replaced the former Superintendent with the
Chief Academic Officer who was the person in charge of the student achievement and test scores. Does this make sense? We could go on and on about the chaos that's developing! in Adams County School District 14, and we will in future newsletters. But. today we want you to be aware that your property values will no doubt decline, our children will not get the best education possible, and the community will continue to have no say in what we want in our school district. At least until there is a change.


Our Mission is: The Mission of the SOS Committee is to protect the children, our most precious commodity by holding accountable all school board members for their actions in governing the school district and insuring that Adams 14 schools are academically and financially sound and that the board members be positive role models.

Help us and You achieve this mission by becoming involved ,or if you are willing to sign a petition (we will bring a petition to you).

Contact John Zeiler 303-289-7530;
Richard Ford Sr 720-422-0610;
Visit us at:

Anonymous said...

I might get behind this, but let me tell you why.

I am not against the board on a personal level as I think some of you might be.

Here is where I have a real issue.

After Dr. Lange was fired I was told by a board member that a national search would take place to replace Dr. Lange and that Sue Chandler would be a temporarily replacement. I was told that Sue Chandler would be a Superintendent Interim!

So when I read the reason number 2, I was upset and confused, I was sure that the board member that ensured me that we would have a national search was not lying to me! So I went to the School District website and I was shocked to read the “message from Dr. Sue Chandler, Superintendent, she goes on to introduce herself as the new Superintendent with Pride. You can read for yourself at the following email address:

So to sum it up, I was lied to by the board member and I think it is wrong that this happened.

Unless I am missing something here! And if I am can some one please clue me in, I am willing to be wrong and corrected.

Anonymous said...

Well for one, I have to agree with you that I think a lot of people are upset at this current board on a personal level.

In my opinion obviously, Richard and John have personal issues with this board.

I do disagree with the way the board handled the firing of Dr. Lange. It was one of the worst things I have ever seen.

That is not how you do this sort of thing, you at least give the guy a chance to respond and fix the issues at hand.

One very concerning issue is the following:
They said that they are upset because the newly passed bond did not include the million plus sales and use tax to Commerce City, right? Doesn’t the board of education look at the bond before it goes to the people for a vote? And didn’t they realize them that the sales and use tax from Commerce City would have to be paid. Did they really think that Commerce City (with 2 school districts) would give D-14 a break and not 27J?

If the board is really not that attentive to detail, maybe we should recall.

Concerned Resident of Commerce City, yes it is unsigned because I do not want to deal with the backlash of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Adams 14 Parents, students, Staff And voters.

I Believe The Gateway News, Richard Ford and John Zeiler want everyone to know that an Adams 14 Board member is a convicted drug felon.

I Robert Vashaw was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (Mushrooms) in 1990 Eagle County Colo.

I plead guilty and was sentenced to two years probation. I paid all my restitution and completed all my community service.

I did 28 days in The Alcohol Recovery Center in Baker Or.

I have been clean and sober 16 yrs 3 months and 12 days. as of 11-8-2008.

Sixty-one percent of U.S. high-school students say that drugs are a problem in the schools, up from 44 percent in 2002, according to a new survey from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University.

I believe this number is higher. It was at Denver West High School in the 1980s.

Our students have more drugs to choose from today. Like Meth, Cristal, and Prescription Medication, from home, that are easier to get than Beer and alcohol.

I know what our kids are going though in our Schools.

I don't pretend everything is OK when it's not. Our kids need our help to fight this War On Drugs.

I Have never hid this from anyone. I will always be honest about my drug addiction.

If you or your kids need help with a Drug related issue please call me.

I'm the most experienced Board of Education member we have when it comes to drug and alcohol issues in our Schools.

Robert Vashaw

Vice President Board of Education.


Anonymous said...

RE: One very concerning issue is the following:
They said that they are upset because the newly passed bond did not include the million plus sales and use tax to Commerce City, right? Doesn’t the board of education look at the bond before it goes to the people for a vote? And didn’t they realize them that the sales and use tax from Commerce City would have to be paid. Did they really think that Commerce City (with 2 school districts) would give D-14 a break and not 27J?

If the board is really not that attentive to detail, maybe we should recall?

Point in question It was a previous board with
Richard Ford
Angela Keutzer
Keven Phillips
Sally MacIntosh
And Jeannette Lewis
And Dr John Lange and his staff.
The Voters already recalled most of them at least the 3 controlling members of that Board.

Anonymous said...

RE: One very concerning issue is the following:

They said that they are upset because the newly passed bond did not include the million plus sales and use tax to Commerce City, right? Doesn’t the board of education look at the bond before it goes to the people for a vote? And didn’t they realize them that the sales and use tax from Commerce City would have to be paid. Did they really think that Commerce City (with 2 school districts) would give D-14 a break and not 27J?

If the board is really not that attentive to detail, maybe we should recall?

Point in question It was a previous board with
Richard Ford
Angela Keutzer
Keven Phillips
Sally MacIntosh
And Jeannette Lewis
And Dr John Lange and his staff.
The Voters already recalled most of them at least the 3 controlling members of that Board.

Gateway News Point of Clarification: None of these members were recalled by the voters, the voters did not vote them in. Some will argue this is the same thing, so be it. This is just a point of clarification.

Anonymous said...

Great now everyone knows! At least people will stop asking questions about it!

Anonymous said...

To Robert Vashaw, Adams County School Board Member,

I voted for you, not only for school board, but when you ran agaist Tracey Snyder as a council member.

This story about you drug use is nothing new, it surfaced at the Belle Creek forumn if you remember correctly.

Here are my thoughts...The reason why I voted for you is because I strongly think that you are the right guy for the position, you are a community leader and I stand beind my vote.

As far as you Drug Past and for all of you the key word here is PAST!, You did your time and you paid your debt to society. You have been clean for a impressive amount of time and I want to say thank you.

To all you critics out there, this is all in the past and you need to let it go, everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves. If you all think you can do a better job, then I suggest that you stop the complaining and start stepping up to the plate.

Erin G., Proud Parent and voter of the Adams County School District #14

Anonymous said...

I do not live in the school district #14 but I am a recovering drug user and I want to tell School Board member that I admire your courage and be strong.

Yes everyone deserves a second chance, that is Gods will.


Anonymous said...

You just have to love Vashaw's theory. Using the "Vashaw Theory", why don't we have high school dropouts, gang members, and pedophiles on every school board. I guess they would all have "the most experience"! Are you kidding me???? The ignorance just has to stop. And by the way Vashaw, I didn't even see you anywhere around during the Every 15 Minutes events that was held at the high school, and I do not see you doing ANYTHING in the district with the MADD Red Ribbon program! Also, why the heck should you be given any "second chances" as far as this school district goes. You didn't even give Dr. Lange one minute to even respond. What goes around comes around Mr. Vashaw and it is going to be coming around real fast to you. Don't even think about running for city council as the entire community is laughing at you and also shocked and awed by your behavior on the school board. By the way the term is "aye" not "yes". Try following Robert's Rules of Order since you are too ignorant to do anything else, including math!!

Anonymous said...

I support you Robert Vashaw,

It takes a lot for someone to be sober and stay sober for that amount of time. We all deserve a second chance and the Colorado State says that you can run for office as long as you are not on probation.

I voted for you and I would vote for you again.

Anonymous said...

WOW! looking at them I would not have guess that Vahsaw was the felon!


Anonymous said...

This is the first I have ever heard that one of our school board members is a drug felon, are we absolute sure this is true?!

Parent of Adams #14 student

Anonymous said...

Yes it is true, if you don't believe anyone here just call him, he gives his phone number.

Anonymous said...

To School Board Member Robert Vashaw,

I am too a recovering addict, and not very many people will ever know the struggle that we go thru everyday to stay sober and be active and productive members of society.

I admire what you have done with your life and keep on doing what you think is right.

I will leave you with this thought...

GOD, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Living ONE DAY AT A TIME; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.

Jadon, Denver Colorado

Anonymous said...

Before I moved to school district 27J, I lived in Wilkinsburg School District. Back in 2001 we had a similar incident, the law stated,

Under the state charter school law, a charter school board member "who is convicted of a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude shall be immediately disqualified from serving on the board of trustees.

I know this is all taking place in Adams #14, but I was surprised that this individual actually did serve on a charter school board and now currently serves on the public school board.

Are we just lack of quality citizens that can fulfill these positions?

Dana Frieda, 27J resident, concerned for D-14

Anonymous said...

I moved from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City School District and we have a rule that in order to serve on the Board, a candidate must reside in the school district, not be a convicted felon, not have a current conflict of interest situation with the district, be a registered voter and be at least 21 years of age.

I know that every place is different, I did do some research and found out that Adams County #14, you can be a felon and be on school board.

Very interesting, I disagree with it, but interesting

T. Dalton, Reunion Resident

Anonymous said...

Since we are all sharing about our past school districts, listen to mine, you’ll love this one!

I am from North Carolina, and all we do is, according state constitution, is take away the convicted felons right to vote. Those who cannot vote cannot hold public office, according to the constitution.

Pretty slick. I guess Colorado is really a BLUE state!

Nicholas O’Brein

Anonymous said...

The City of Commerce City allows a convicted felon to become a City Council member.

Anonymous said...

just an fyi for you all.

Anonymous said...

I just read the Rocky Mountain News and saw the Gateway News in the article. What the hell is wrong with our town! School pulls the papers becasue they ask questions?!?

Can you imagine the uproar if Mayor Paul Natale pulled the papers out of city hall and the rec center because of recall coverage?!?

This is ridiculous. Only one question is left, are we in CUBA? Don't we have freedoms anymore!

Steven Braden, Commerce City Colorado, United States of America, HOME OF THE FREE!

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that you made the decision to protect the staff and teachers from the Gateway News, you are my HERO, did you make this choice all by yourself?

Or were you threaten?

Wait I am sorry I forgot we can't ask questions like that!

R. Peterson, Denver Colorado and yes I far as I am concerned it is still land of the FREE!

Anonymous said...

From the article:

"Vashaw said he pleaded guilty to the charge, involving mushrooms, but has been clean for more than 16 years. Vashaw said he made the conviction public two years ago, when he ran for school board, and it was reported locally."

Did Mr. Robert make it public when he ran for Commerce City Council prior to this run for school board?

Concerned Citizen in Ward 4

Anonymous said...

Thank God I do not live in your school district!

I read the news and went to the Gateway News website, all I can say is HOLY S@#$!

You are a convicted felon and you fired the Super and didn't even give him a chance to take any kind of corrective action! Are you HIGH?, oh, sorry, touchy subject.

I read all the PRO VASHAW comments and they all talk about society giving you a second chance, WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SUPER'S SECOND CHANCE?!

You are not a 'hero' becasue you cleaned up! You are lucky you still have the right to vote! Where I come from, you are a felon, you lose that right!

Well I hope that you enjoy the second chance society gave you, I know that the Super that you fired never got one!

Rita R, Mother or 4, Grandmother of 7.

Anonymous said...

Albright said, "Essentially, the Gateway News has in my opinion taken what is opinion material and political commentary and put that on the cover of their paper as news and so . . . essentially I made a decision that they crossed the line of our board policy."


Anonymous said...

First off, I disagree a lot with the Gateway News a lot, but I would never think of pulling it because it reports on "opinion material and political commentary and put that on the cover of their paper as news"

So are they going to pull everything that has a opinion being reported on as News?

I guess that would be everything!


Concerned Citizen, no wait, Concerned AMERICAN,

Judith Judas

Anonymous said...

I guess the Rocky Mountain News can't be delevered either for printing this story.

Are they going to take away the internet away too?

Jaydee Goodman

Anonymous said...

I got a question!

Albright pulled the papers because of questions about opinions,

Are you saying that the adults that work in the building can not handle them? That the informtion does not need to be known?

I am an adult and I think I am pretty sure that I can handle anything that the Gateway News prints. I DO NOT NEED A BABYSITTER!

District 14 you have some really deep problems there!

Anonymous said...

Albright said that he did not talk to the board about pulling the papers. I take that, as not talking to the 4 on the board, as an group, not that he didn't either get opinion or direction from one or more of them.
I find it hard to believe that they (or some) did not have imput or direction on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I pay my babysitter around $9 an hour, how much does the school district pay Mr. Albroight?


Anonymous said...


to the babysitter,

If the Beacon reports on the Gateway reporting on the recall, do they get yanked too?

Anonymous said...

All of this sounds like a great story for the Adams High School Newspaper, the Eagle Eye

Then what would Johnny boy do?

Anonymous said...

okay so we have established that you can be a drug felon and be on an elected board in Colorado, but how far does it go?

Can you kill a child and do time, be released and be on school board?

What about a sex crime on a child? Can you be released back to society, register as a sex offender and then run for school board?

Just questions, not opinion yet.

Concerned Parent of D14

Anonymous said...

looks like you can not run for school board if you are a sex offender involving a child in the state of Colorado as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Albright said that he did not talk to the board about pulling the papers. I take that, as not talking to the 4 on the board, as an group, not that he didn't either get opinion or direction from one or more of them.
I find it hard to believe that they (or some) did not have input or direction on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Richard and John are not perfect ether.

You two lost the election. get over it. Dr lange was fired before as superintendent. This was not a big deal.

Our students do deserve the best and we hope this School Board will do their JOB and find us the best.

Anonymous said...

to the individual that stated that the bond language was passed by the past board,

"Point in question It was a previous board with
Richard Ford
Angela Keutzer
Keven Phillips
Sally MacIntosh
And Jeannette Lewis
And Dr John Lange and his staff.
The Voters already recalled most of them at least the 3 controlling members of that Board."

Looks like you support a recall for at least lewis?

R. Kennedy, Distrcit 14 parent

Anonymous said...

So you can kill a child, do time, get out, get off probation and then run for school board, in District 14?


Anonymous said...

Sticking with the same theory of John Albright, He is going to have to go around and pick up all the Rocky Mountain News papers from all of the schools.

After all, didn't they report on the story of the Gateway News reporting the questions?


Anonymous said...

I hope that the board did not tell albright to do this.

Just an FYI

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Anonymous said...

I love how different people try to hurt the Gateway News by bad mouthing them, But I guess that is just a natural human responds.

As far as the Gateway News or any paper, please keep calling it a rag and a evil thing, all it does it just make them more popular.

That is just the way it works, sorry!

Kendra, Denver CO

Anonymous said...

It is my strong feeling that private citizens should not have their personal lives exposed to everyone, we all make mistakes, but as far as elected officials, well, that is a different story.

I am sure that the guys of the SOS group are not perfect, matter of fact I am sure they are not, take some issues they have out of context and it might even look bad, but if they have a concern with the school district and are asking the questions and all they want is answers or a clarification. SO BE IT!

I don’t care what your past is, what is wrong is wrong, and what the board did to Dr. Lange was terrible.

They writer who discussed about Robert getting a second chance, and not giving Dr. Lange one IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

Mindy Hershman, mother of 2 and wife of an Alcoholic (sober for 7 yrs.).

Anonymous said...

I am an recovering alcoholic (1year and 2months) and I have a real problem with people bringing up someone else’s addiction problem. I do NOT care if they are a elected official or not.

The fact is that the school board member had a problem but got himself clean and that takes a lot to go through that! The poor guy went through hell and back.

Don’t like the way he leads, concentrate on that, but it is just wrong to bring up his mushroom issue anymore.

Jake Open

Anonymous said...

I think what the board did to Dr. Lange is just a cruel thing!

I feel so sorry for him, I saw the slide show on the SOS myspace page and it is just all so sad.

What was the board thinking! Seriously they need to start answering some questions.

These are the reasons they gave for firing Dr. Lange:

1. 400K embezzlement over 6 years
2. Audit of students 1.2 million refund back to state
3. Budget over by 2 million
4. Transportation Department over 400K for salaries and benefits accounts
5. Numerous staff and program cuts needed for a balance budget
6. Internal problems for recording of outside field trips
7. 1.5 million paid to Commerce City for use tax
8. 60 to 80 ERUs needed for new high school
9. CSAP down in all grade levels
10. Weak Leadership
11. Can take classes during day and evening for adult classes concept has changed

Anonymous said...

There has to be a happy medium here. Sure the SOS group may be biased, but we do need answers to the following questions.

How long has the plan to terminate Dr. Lange been in process?

Was Dr. Lange even aware of your list of concerns? Was Dr. Lange given a chance to respond to your list of concerns and offer any kind of explanation or corrective action plan?

As far as the concerns of water for New High School and sales and use tax to Commerce City for the new High School. Were you under the impression that District 14 would be getting these for free?

Under Dr. Lange the school district has had a seven year increase in CSAP scores until this last year, why not give Dr. Lange a chance to form a plan of action instead of just terminating him?

For Board member Vashaw: As a board member of the Charter School Community Leadership Academy, how many principals did you let go? How do you respond to those who say that is how you deal with personal issues, by just firing?

How do you address the comments that certain board members were always looking to fire Dr. Lange because of the stance he may have taken on CLA?

Why not just hold together until Lange’s contract ran out? Was the district in a dire situation?

I don't even care if you answer these questions in the beacon or the Rocky Mountain News, or even just answer them at a board meeting, lets just get some clarification. I have to even go as far as to say that you don't even have to answer all of them.

Just give us some insight to your thought process.

Darren, David, Misty, Crystal and Dyna.

Anonymous said...

I Do Not care about the Gateway News, I Do Not care about Dr. John Lange, I Do Not care about SOS...

What I do care about is that we have a convicted felon on our school board, I do NOT know this until now and I am UPSET!

Is this really the best this district can do?

I do not think it is!

Nate Camreon

Anonymous said...

I want the BOE to answer the question out there, the will be no community college at the new HS. A few classes, but no real chance to get an associates degree for the community that voted for it. Answer that!!

Anonymous said...

Adams County School District 14 Removes All Copies of the Gateway News From Its Buildings

On Monday, November 10, ACSD14 public information officer John Albright, emailed everyone in the school district buildings that they were to remove all copies of the November 7, 2008 issue of the Gateway News. All other newspapers were not removed, only the Gateway News.

The cover of the newspaper was reporting on the recall effort by a group of citizens. The group of citizens, called SOS or Save Our Schools, has a list of questions that they would like the school board members to answer. The headline said, “Adams 14 School Board Inquiry – Recall Campaign Asks the Tough Questions”. The recall group is attempting to gauge the extent of the community’s opposition to the current board.

The recall group is attempting to recall Lewis, Vashaw and Quintana from the current board. The newspaper listed their questions on the front page. The recall effort was started when the current board fired Dr. John Lange, the district’s superintendent.

Tom Kelley, an attorney for the Colorado Press Association, is looking in free-speech issues surrounding the matter.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the video of the last board meeting on channel 8 and can you believe it now Zeiler is attacking pregant women. How low can you go man? You parents must really be proud of you.

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! I see that there is a NEW GATEWAY News in the lobby of the Admin Building, I hope to GOD, no wait I PRAY to God that Albright was able to approve it!!!

My God people we all need to drop to our knees and thank Jesus for the, oh so ever wise St. John Albright, for protecting us from the evil news and opinions of others.


Anonymous said...

He is THINKING OF THE CHILDREN. St. John knows a good spelling lesson when he sees it and God told him to pass it on to all the kidos in the district. Check your front page Gateway News. VATERAN'S DAY 2008 Guess your next project will be to rewrite the dictionary, right?

Anonymous said...

Video of the firing of Dr. Lange

Anonymous said...

A Dr. Lange Blogg:

Anonymous said...

how cute! a new blogg, gateway should be flattered,

Just a matter of time until the Beacon starts one!

Patty, Core Citizen

Anonymous said...

and God Said go forth my son St John and bring forward the truth to the children of District 14. The Gateway just tells it as it is. Forget the spelling. The "TRUTH BE TOLD" it's okay if they the Gateway makes a mistake, but heaven forbid if you disagree they will get their guns out. Bang-Bang your dead. Wonder who's next?

Anonymous said...

When district 14 falls and the state has to come it to recover it, I wonder how many people will be so cute?
I am worried for our kids, our tax dollars, our city's future. This affects all of us!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about all the opinons about who is bad and who is really bad, I understand that their are more to any story then just the one side.

What I do care about is that the moral at Adams County School Distrcit #14 is extremely LOW!

I urge the board to make the boosting of moral at D14 one of their highest priorites.

We need a positive rally, we need sue to tell us it is going to be all okay, we need to know that our jobs are somewhat safe.

Can we do this?

Concered Employee of Adams County District #14

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with you. I drove by the new Adams City High School and the lights were on! What should have been an exciting moment for me was shadowed by sadness. I also don’t care about what Robert Vashaw did, what is done is done, there is no going back.

The morale is down and a lot of people are fearful for their jobs. It is a scary time.

I will also ask the question too. Can we some how or some way boost the morale of our district?

Classified Employee of Adams County District #14

Anonymous said...


Here is my story, I work in the Admin Building of the Adams County School District #14. I love my job and would hope to be there for a long time.

I was at work, having a normal day, nothing special. Around 3pm I went to utilize the rest room and that is when I saw a Gateway News on the bathroom counter. The Gateway News that is the “one”, the…”banned one”. When I first saw it I instantly got a rush!

I already knew that the papers had been removed and I guess no one thought to check the bathrooms.

I finished with my business and went to wash my hands. I glanced at it, the forbidden paper just starring back at me. I was so afraid that if I picked it up or even glanced at it, I would get caught...that is just the way my luck is.

But, I felt so curious and I am sure it was heighten by all the hype. I could not help myself, I glanced at the front page and quickly skimmed the page 2 and 3. I saw the questions and I could not believe that for the first time in my adult life I felt like a teenager doing something very wrong and was going to get caught at any moment! I felt warm and flushed, I felt like I was spy and I was at the critical point of my mission.

After about15 seconds, I realized that I have taken this way too far. I put the paper down and went back to work.

After I was back in reality, I realized how silly I was and had to just laugh at myself.

Right before I left work I went to the bathroom and someone removed the banned publication.

What a rush… What a silly thing...

Anonymous said...

John Robert Zeiler did bad things too and I am telling the Rocky Mountain News. I should tell the Beacon too.

I think they will make it their FRONT PAGE, you all watch and see. I will be a hero!

Anonymous said...

If one of the complaints by Robert Vashaw was that the CSAP scores were so low, why was Dr. Sue Chandler not held responsible?

Was she not the Academic director?

And how did CLA build their building? I thought the voters said no?

Anonymous said...

Boy, the Gateway News is really a trend setter.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Sue Blog is great, way to copy the!

Just another question,

Nothing against Chandler, but does the school district need to do a national search for a superintendent or can they just pick and choose who they want?

Anonymous said...

From the Sue comment blog page:

“Superintendent Sue you are rivaling Obama on being a 21st century, visionary leader! We are lucky to have you.”

Okay it is exciting to have some one NEW! But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Lets remember she was there when Lange was there. And I agree, where is her accountability?

Anonymous said...

Vashaw is not the only one that is a Felon that holds public office.

Senator and convicted felon Ted Stevens (R-AK) is leading in his bid for re-election.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said there's no doubt the Senate would kick out Stevens. Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican minority leader, has said Stevens should resign and that "if he is re-elected and the felony charge stands through the appeals process, there is zero chance that a senator with a felony conviction would not be expelled from the Senate."

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the staff and the board.

But seriously, the new website looks GREAT! It is easy to use and very nice looking, very clean and bold. I Love It!

Patty Higgins

Anonymous said...


Videos are GREAT!

At last D-14 did something GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Once again we have the buddy system going on. Mrs. Lewis could not wait to get rid of Lange so she could appoint her buddy Sue Chandler as Superintendant. Now that Sue Chandler is in this position it is like the TV show “Survivor.” Only we the district employees have to worry about which job they are going to cut next. Just recently she has helped cut the P.E. position at Kearney Middle School. She can sit up on her thrown and talk about how nothing is going to be outsourced to district 12 but we all know she is not telling the truth. Everyone knows that her and Sue are trying to outsource the warehouse and print shop to district 12. They have also approved for the principle at Adams City High School to go over and start working at the New High School, Starting in January. Once again we all know that the 3 of them are pretty good buddies (Lewis, Chandler and Paxton). What exactly is Mr. Paxton going to do at the new high school with no running water or anyone to supervise? And tax payers are paying for this???? All the employees have been told that we are in a budget crunch but we can afford for a principle to go to a school that is not open yet? Does that make any since? What other cuts do you and Chandler have planned? I know Mrs. Lewis that you are planning on cutting the libraries out of our district within the next couple years. I heard you say it a couple weeks ago when you were at Kemp. So what other cuts are the two of you planning? Are you Mrs. Lewis planning on doing a nationwide search for a new superintendant or are you just going to sneak Sue Chandler in and leave it at that?

Maybe SOS should not target all three board members. Let’s just recall the ONE with the hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

The Gateway News was removed out of our School District by PIO John Albright for campaigning on School property. Bottom line.

You can twist the TRUTH TOLD but we know you are breaking the rules of the School District.

Adams 14 has a Board Policy that clearly states .


Anonymous said...

Since when is a political article campaigning???
Since it involves the very people trying to control and intimidate the lives at District 14?
If you keep people down you can control them.
Knowledge is power and that is what this district is really afraid of.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how Mr. Zeiler can stand up at the board meetings and talk about Mr. Vashaw’s drug conviction. At least Mr. Vashaw made his mistakes public. Mr. Vashaw has been clean for just over 16 years.

What about you Mr. Zeiler? I think at the next board meeting you need to stand up and explain your mistakes!

Anonymous said...

I agree when is asking questions, campaigning?

When the Gatewaynews asked questions about ballot issue 2A in the newspaper John Alnotsobright never said anything then, what is the difference?

Or was 2A the adams 14 savior plan, tax the rapids and music fans and buy the old high school site for boys and girls club for some awful amount? Kinda like the CLA land deal?

AKA, I am not gone yet.
As for John, make sure that you don't let the board push you around, be your own man.

Anonymous said...

What are the street names/slang terms for Mushrooms?
Caps, Magic mushrooms, Mushrooms, Psilocybin & Psilocyn, Shrooms.
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Anonymous said...

ROBERT VASHAW ACSD14 BOARD MEMBER - MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE PROUD ALCOHOLIC - Chronic alcohol misuse can cause psychotic type symptoms to develop, more so than with other drugs of abuse. A study found that there is an 8 fold increased risk of psychotic disorders in alcohol misusing men and 3 fold increased risk in alcohol misusing women.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with the parents of the children of ACSD14? Does anyone out there care what is going on? Your children are at a huge risk! Your tax dollars are being wasted by three totally incompetent people on your school board. I would love to see their high school diplomas, oh wait, maybe when you pass your GED you don't actually get a diploma. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of this type immature behavior. Not everyone agrees with you or them. My question to you is what kind of example are you setting for the children of this community, parents and community member. If you want to change things run again to see if you can get relected. I voted for Richard Ford last time and I am not sure if I will again because of his behavior and the people he is allowing his name to be linked to. I am personally embarassed to watch John Zeiler stand up there and make a fool of himself. Do you have no pride.

Concerned District Employee

Anonymous said...

Set a good example for the students by running next time and run a clean campaign. Stop the ugliness! Have any of you who are spewing this filth never made or had a family memeber or loved one who has made a HUGE mistake. I never thought that any of my family members would but they did and I would hope that when he is able to that someone will give him a chance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
CENCERSHIP: Of reading material in Adams 14?

The Gateway News want you to believe our School District is censoring their paper. Johny Zeiler states at the last Board of Ed meeting we were centering a news paper. Then he states later in his video he never said news paper. YOU DID.

The Gateway News was removed out of our School District by PIO John Albright for campaigning on School property. Bottom line.

Top right corner of their papery states Adams 14 RECALL COMMITTEE. A political group.
Bottom of the paper states RECAL CANPAIN ASKS THE TOUGH QUESTIONS. Again a political group.

You can twist the TRUTH TOLD but we know you are braking the rules of the School District.

Adams 14 has a Board Policy that clearly states .


Can little Johny Zeiler READ? Must not. LOL.

File: KHE

No political campaigning by students, employees, candidates or the general public will be allowed on District property, except as expressly provided by and in accordance with District policies, regulations and procedures, by applicable law or agreement, or as may be incidental to the conduct of District business. For this purpose, political campaigning shall include any political advocacy which favors or opposes directly or indirectly the candidacy of a candidate for election or the passage of any public question submitted at a general, county, municipal, school or other election. This policy shall not apply to activities related to student elections.

There shall be no political and/or campaign signs on or in the facilities; or on the grounds of the District; or on or in District owned vehicles.

The District shall prohibit the use of school letterhead, printing and copying equipment, telephones, bulk mailing permit, or other District equipment or resources; or staff time to urge voters to vote in favor of, or against any ballot issue or candidate.

The District shall prohibit placement of political material on school or District bulletin boards except to the extent such a bulletin board is generally available for public use, or in accordance with applicable provisions of a District collective bargaining agreement.

The District must present both sides of issues; all candidates must be given the opportunity for equal time. The District's method of communicating an invitation, access given to District facilities, and the opportunity to present information and positions must be substantially the same for all candidates.

As citizens of the District, candidates may participate in school meetings to the same extent members of the public are allowed to participate in such meetings.

The District shall prohibit distribution of political and campaign literature on school grounds during the school day.

A building principal may designate a temporary table or location at which candidates may leave campaign materials during a public after-school event while the event is in session. It is the responsibility of each candidate or committee to remove campaign material immediately after the event; campaign materials remaining after the event will be discarded.

Information regarding candidates may not be sent home via students, nor included in school newsletters.

If a ballot issue is of "official concern" to the District, the District may make expenditures to publish newsletters, flyer's and other materials which present a balanced, factual summary of a ballot question. The summary must include statements in support of, and against the issue, may not be slanted in favor of either position, and may not include a conclusion or opinion in favor of, or against the issue. An issue of official concern shall be limited to issues that will appear on an election ballot in the District.

If the Board of Education adopts a resolution concerning a ballot issue, the Board may report this resolution through established, customary means. A special flyer reporting the Board of Education resolution or a paid advertisement is inappropriate.

The District shall prohibit use of the employee mail system, staff lounges, or office for the purpose of distributing political or campaign information except as provided in applicable provisions of a District collective bargaining agreement.

Anonymous said...

Articles about a political group is not campaigning.
Did the district pull papers when kids 1st articles were covered.
When articles covering people running for District 14 or city council?
It is the pick & choose selection method...or pick on and choose method, isn't it.
Great job BOE (no I don't believe you weren't involved, Albright is your scapegoat this time)

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that the school board doesn't have anything with the decisions of John Alnotsobright, you have to be living in a cave.

This current BOE are always looking for the "loop hole" and are perfect at trying to provoke you and then act like nothing happened. PURE EVIL!

Well, we all see thru you! Not everyone is fooled!

Now that I vented I feel better. On a different path I LOVE THE NEW D-14 WEBSITE! Videos are very informative and really showcases our children's talents in the district.

I hope the next election we can get some really good quality people that only and I MEAN ONLY have the kids in mind!

Therealking, voter, citizen, AMERICAN

Anonymous said...

This is to Therealking, voter, citizen, AMERICAN,

I believe that John Albrights decision to remove the gateway paper was good judgment. I think the Gateway was wrong for posting that on the front page of their paper. It makes me wonder what the Gateways hidden agendas really are. What did this paper have to gain with that? I believe there are maybe a handful of people in Commerce City who would want to recall this current board. So what was the point?

I would love for you to give an example of the “loopholes” this board looks for or who and how they provoke people? Can you back that statement up with facts? I’m not sure you can!

As for quality people for the board who do you have in mind? Zieler? I think for once we have a board that really does have ALL the kids in mind, not just their own kids. There is no favoritism with any of the kids in this district with this school board. They truly have ALL the kids’ best interest at heart.


To Tina said...


WOW! Your statement was not very intelligent. I didn’t realize that felons looked a certain way.


Lied to again said...

I agree with the person who wants to know the true story on the community college at the new high school. Is there going to be one? According to the new Adams 14 web site it is going to have a component.

“The high school will also offer a community college component through its partnerships with Front Range, Community College of Aurora, and Community College of Denver.”

I’m not sure exactly what that means but my guess is NO we will not have a community college like what was voted on…

I do believe that this does not fall on this current board (well maybe one member of it). This was done by the previous board members: Richard Ford, Angela Keutzer, Sally McIntosh and Jeannette Lewis and the previous superintendant Dr. John Lange.

So I guess my only question is where do we go from here?

We can not recall the old board or fire Lange….So what recourse do we have?

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I think the orginal board had all intentions to have the community college.
I believe that the new board and specifically the president do not know how to make it work.
They have plenty of ways to make things work that the citizens didn't vote in favor of, example the CLA building.
I personally am in favor of charter schools, when they succeed. I did not vote for the bond for this one, it is not doing well.
We need some explainations as to this boards reasoning for it's poor management.

Anonymous said...

I do think that at least the kids at Adams City High school get to attend College credit courses if they want.

BUT I am so disappointed that, at least to my knowledge, there will be no culinary school and god knows what else. I was actually going to made even take some classes there!

Too Bad!

T.Patrick, Colorado

Anonymous said...

I heard they will be able to take a few classes, but most students at most High Schools can already do that.
No chance to get our students a real start to their college education.
No chance for me to finish my 2yr degree or others interested in getting some college classes started.
We were promised something we are not going to get!

Anonymous said...

I understand that Susan Chandler is new and everything is exciting now.

After you have your honeymoon, we as parents need to know where your accountability is for the most recent dropped CSAP scores. I only say this because according to you introduction you say

"Prior to my appointment as Superintendent, I served as Chief Academic Officer. As Superintendent, I will retain my focus on academic advancement in our schools."

So what happened, why is Dr. Lange only getting the fired, why aren't you? Did Dr. Lange prevent you from doing your job?

These are tough questions and we as parents and voters deserve an answer.

Yuida, parent and voter in district 14

Anonymous said...

I read about how Dr. Lange was such a bad guy, but I just don't see it.

Am I missing something?

If he was such a bad guy, why was he hired and allowed to stay in control for such a long period of time?

Maybe there is something that unknown?

Was Lange such a bully that he just always got his way?

Was the BOE scared of him?

Just need clarification!

The King of Olive Street

Anonymous said...

Well there is lots of questions out there. But will we ever hear clarification? I don't think that we ever will, the BOE will just say that it is a personal issue or they can't talk about it because it might end up in court.

Here is Dr. Lange's contract that allowed Vashaw to fire him:

10. Termination of Employment Contract This employment Agreement may be terminated by: 10.4 Unilateral Termination by Board. The Board may unilaterally terminate this Agreement upon PAMENT of any salary remaining due to the Superintendent under this Agreement if there is less than one year remaining under this Agreement. If the remaining term of the Agreement is for a period of time in excess of one year , then the District's obligation shall be limited to a sum equal to the Superintendent's current salary for one year. Any severance payment made pursuant to this section shall not include any other benefit provided the Superintendent as a consequence of this Agreement.

And now here are the reasons given why he was fired:

400K embezzlement over 6 years

Audit of students 1.2 million refund back to state

Budget over by 2 million

Transportation Department over 400K for salaries and benefits accounts

Numerous staff and program cuts needed for a balance budget

Internal problems for recording of outside field trips

1.5 million paid to Commerce City for use tax

60 to 80 ERUs needed for new high school

CSAP down in all grade levels

Weak Leadership

Can take classes during day and evening for adult classes concept has changed

You can also listen to this by searching Lange on

Last part, here are some excellent questions that would be really nice if we had answers to:

How long has the plan to terminate Dr. Lange been in process?

Was Dr. Lange even aware of your list of concerns? Was Dr. Lange given a chance to respond to your list of concerns and offer any kind of explanation or corrective action plan?

As far as the concerns of water for New High School and sales and use tax to Commerce City for the new High School. Were you under the impression that District 14 would be getting these for free?

Under Dr. Lange the school district has had a seven year increase in CSAP scores until this last year, why not give Dr. Lange a chance to form a plan of action instead of just terminating him?

For Board member Vashaw: As a board member of the Charter School Community Leadership Academy, how many principals did you let go? How do you respond to those who say that is how you deal with personal issues, by just firing?

How do you address the comments that certain board members were always looking to fire Dr. Lange because of the stance he may have taken on CLA?

Why not just hold together until Lange’s contract ran out? Was the district in a dire situation?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Adams #14, I thought I would get that out up front.

My Opinion,
I watch all the videos and it seems to me that the BOE, especially Robert Vashaw is always looking for the loop hole. I would urge all the BOE members to remember that perception and image is a large part in how things run, if are all up there looking like a bunch of angry people looking for personal vendettas, and using loop holes as your ammunition, well, no wonder morale is so low.

Just a thought.

Do you really what to go down in history as the loop hole finder with a grudge?

Christy, Reunion

Anonymous said...

Is this Cristy Douglas of Reunion?

Anonymous said...

The whole issue regarding the Board of Education for Adams County School District 14 is one of suppressing the truth. Jeanette Lewis, Robert Vashaw, and Larry Quintana are all liars. They will even go so far as to sue others, or suppress publications that tell the truth. They are truly the biggest bunch of manipulative liars who are only using their current very short lived power to bully and destroy. There has to be some good people in our district that would be willing to run for school board. Where are you? Please come forward. These current board members are going to and already have cost our district millions of taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

The ACSD14 Board of Education is requiring candidates for the open board positions to tell about their education. Why doesn't the current board tell us about their education? Anybody have any on the current board? Also, why doesn't the current board submit to a criminal back ground check like all the volunteers in the school district have to submit to? Word on the street is that Larry Quintana quit volunteering in the school district rather than submit to a criminal background check. What is that all about Elder Quintana or isn't it Elder anymore or are you an Elder like Vashaw is clean and sober?

Anonymous said...


The Adams 14 BOE, Agenda item

Personnel 2.3

Board Recommendation.
Recommendation to Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) from Agencies or Firms to Conduct a Search for the Position of Superintendent of Adams County School District 14.

4 yes Votes.

Anonymous said...

So Sue needs to stop calling herself the Superintendent of Adams #14, she is the INTERIM SUPERINTENDENT OF ADAMS#14!

This would have cleared up a lot of confusion in the beginning if this BOE would do things right the first time!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

The Gateway News and

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous know it alls. Didn't you have anything better to do today than grip about nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the BOE is doing the Super Search just for show? I bet at the end, Sue will be the one.

After all, any normal Super that came into this situation would flip out!

But hey, the BOE is trying to at least look good.

Anyone going to ask the part about accountability for Sue for the lat CSAP scores or was that all Lange’s fault too? Maybe he was holding Sue back from doing her job?! UNREAL!

Wish I had more to be thankful for! I know I think they should all resign and some good citizens without any grudges should come from somewhere, anywhere and take mess over!

Also! Watch the Sue Blog! She is going to explain the community college component soon!

The King of Olive St!

Stay in reunion said...

Once again I will ask you to back up your statements…What truth are they suppressing? How are they liars? And who has Vashaw and Quintana sued?
How has this current board cost the district millions of dollars?

If you want change why don’t you run for the open spot on this board?????
Oh it’s probably because you don’t live in the district, but just want to bad mouth everything about it!!

Anonymous said...

This is the best explanation of what the hell is going on with the "community College" Component at the new HS in Commerce City.

I found it on the D-14 website.

"What about community college classes for adults?
This really comes back to enrollment. We are working with Front Range to offer adult classes at the school. If enough adults in the community register for the classes, we will offer them. If not, they will be cancelled. That's how the community college system works. They pay professors to teach full classes, just like we pay teachers to teach full classes. We think starting small with the adult offerings is the best way to begin. Our goal is to build the program over time. We will announce the offerings in spring 2009.

We are committed to delivering on the promise to Adams 14 voters to offer community college classes at the new ACHS, and we will do that. The relationships and offerings will evolve over time to accommodate the needs of our community."

Patty Higgins

Anonymous said...

That is great info, but there is more information on there. This explains the college level classes and how the students will take them.

"How will we combine high school and community college at the new Adams City High School?
Plans are taking shape. We have regular meetings with Front Range Community College (the lead community college) to discuss our partnership. We currently have a contract with Front Range to offer courses at Adams City High School, and we will continue that contract at the new school. We are also working with Community College of Aurora to examine the possibility of offering courses in multimedia design. As with any innovative program, there will be challenges. The first challenge is determining if we can offer a wide variety of classes at the Adams City High School site. From ACHS's perspective, we need to make sure our students are academically prepared to take these higher level classes. It will not be for every student; it will be for students who are dedicated to the rigorous coursework. That means there are a limited number of high school students who will qualify. From Front Range's perspective, the challenge will be to fill classes. We need at least 15 students in any class to make it worthwhile for Front Range to offer the class at our school instead of their campus. So it is a delicate balance of doing what is best for students - getting them into community college classes - and meeting the community's expectations of having classes at Adams City High School.
As for the five year program, it will be possible for students to earn an associates through our partnerships with community colleges. Again, this rigorous program won't be for all students. Really, the entire senior year and fifth year of a student's career will be spent taking community college classes. And what happens if a student doesn't pass a course? That student must make up the course after their high school career to earn a certification or degree. The bottom line is this: taking community college courses is a privelege for our students, and we have to be sure they are ready to dive into the difficult work ahead of them. Students, if you are interested in community college courses, chat with your high school counselors to develop a personal plan."

Everything can be read on the blog section of the Adams #14 new website.

King on Olive St.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all kinds of explainations as to how the community college plan will be "not very workable".
Also wonder if the "King of Olive Street" with all of the information knows Mr Vashaw (he lives on Olive street).

Anonymous said...

First time posting:

I know that we are not perfect in D14! But I honestly think that we are on the right track. I think that we need to improve on communication (really think this would calm down some of the squeaky wheels out there). The revealing of the new website is a perfect way to accomplish this lack of communication that we seem to have in our district.

Lets all stay positive and focus on the kids.

Terry J., Parent of D14 student

Anonymous said...

As a voter I really feel duped! I had the idea that there would be an actual college on the campus! I thought anyone would be able to take courses! I was even planning on taking some cooking courses. I was told that Culinary school would be there!

What a DUPE!


Anonymous said...

Who says there won't be a college. You people really go for the hipe. Why don't you get the truth before you go open your mouths.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the water situation and the new Adams City High School? Last I heard they need about a million dollars of ERUs.

The last city council meeting, the city manager said they are working with the school district to take of this. What does this mean? Will the city and South Adams "help" out the new High school?

How fair is this for the other almost always forgotten school district in our city 27J!

I hope that the city will always be FAIR to both school districts.

We already know that at least some of the BOE members assumed that the city sales and use tax might have been free!

what a mess.

Holly, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Truth? The truth is the is no real community college. We have to get "full" classes of interested people first, and then they will hold classes. Not at all what I thought it was going to be like. I thought there was going to be an actual community college like front range. This is something entirely different!

I think I would still may have voted yes for the new HS, but I really wish I would have known the facts up front.

Reily, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Kearney Middle School Holiday Card Fundraiser

Kearney Middle School is selling student-designed holiday cards as a fundraiser for the annual trip to Mesa Verde. The trip is a reward for students that are part of the Reading Incentive Program at the school.

Each card costs $1.00 and includes an envelope. Inside, the card is blank to allow you to personalize your message. All cards were designed by students in Ms. Climaco's art classes. To order, you can contact a Kearney Middle School student or contact Fred Kreienkamp by phone at 303.853.5542 or by email at Alternatively, mail a note identifying how many of each card you would like, including a check payable to Kearney Middle School for the amount due plus $2.00 shipping costs to:

Holiday Cards
Kearney Middle School
6160 Kearney St
Commerce City, CO 80022

Your cards will be mailed out within two days of reciept of your check. Thanks for supporting the talented students of Kearney Middle School.

Anonymous said...

One of these days, Mr. Zeiler will get tired of harassing the Board of Education members. It will only be a matter of time. This always happens to “outspoken” citizens. Just a flash in a pan.

Tommy Duke

Anonymous said...

This is taken from the D14 website,

“A Message from Dr. Susan Chandler, Superintendent
It is with pride that I introduce myself to you as Superintendent of Adams 14. Prior to my appointment as Superintendent, I served as Chief Academic Officer. As Superintendent, I will retain my focus on academic advancement in our schools.”

What I do not understand is that one of the items Robert Vashaw complained about was LOW CSAP SCORES. So where does the accountability for Susan Chandler come into play?

Lots of questions, but no answers from the BOE of D14, typical behavior from them.

The Blue Marshall

Anonymous said...

Mr. John Zeiler now has to submit his questions in writing to the BOE of Adams #14, this is maybe the best way for this situation. I support the BOE in this decision.

Parent and Concerned Citizen of Commerce City

Anonymous said...

So what, why doesn't Zeiler just play their game and have someone else ask his questions?

Its like a big game of chess with you people.

What are we here for again? OH Right the kids!

Everyone needs to grow up, it was fun for awhile, but it is time to move on!

When is CLA going to invite the public to their new school so we can all see it?

King of Olive St.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the BOE did not think of this earlier.

Love the new website of D-14 and the videos they create.

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

It has been reported to the Gateway News, CCBPA (Commerce City Business and Professionals) announces that 2008 Business of the year is Clara Corporation which is better known to you and me as McDonalds.

Person of the year of 2008 is Dr. John Lange.

Dustie, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Gateway New: Who told you this?

How the hell can this be? Lewis is on as a CCPBA member? How can she support this?

How do they determine who is going to be the person of the year?

Why Lange? Why Now?

Damn! Too many questions! We really need some clarification.

Gateway News, make sure that someone is not pulling your leg.

Tonka T.

Anonymous said...

So tell me all you have to do is rip off the kids and community in District 14 and you get rewarded for that?

D14 parent & employee

Anonymous said...

Explain "rip off"

Not trying to start something, just really curious.

Tonka T.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Vashaw fired the "person of the year"?

This really has to be a joke.


Anonymous said...

Yes Dr. Lange is the person of the year 2008 for the Commerce City Business and Professionals.

It was also announced at city council meeting at Turnberry Elementary.

It is not a hoax or a joke. It is a real thing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like CCBPA is not supportive of the Lange firing? Right?

Anonymous said...

Net Day Speak Up Survey

Adams 14 is participating in a national survey on 21st century technology in schools.
To take the survey, please visit The survey will be open through December 19. To access the survey, parents, students, teachers and administrators will need the secret word: adams14.
Speak Up is an annual national research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow. The purpose of the project is to:
Collect and report the unfiltered feedback from students, parents and teachers on key educational issues.
Use the data to stimulate local conversations. 
Raise national awareness about the importance of including the viewpoints of students, parents, and teachers in the education dialogue.

Quantitative survey results are available to participating schools and districts, online, free-of-charge, so that they can use the data for planning and community discussion. National findings are released through a variety of venues, including: a Congressional Briefing in Washington, DC, national and regional conferences, e-mail distribution, Project Tomorrow website, and our Speak Up partners. Local, state and national stakeholders report using Speak Up data to inform their new programs and policies.

Anonymous said...

I want to very much tell Dr. John Lange Congratulations on your award as “Person of the Year 2008” from the Commerce City Business and Professionals.

I don’t know anyone else who deserves this more then you. You are truly the perfect recipient.

It was a damn sad day when the BOE let you go and you will be missed greatly!

We all know that you will be okay. Too bad I can’t say the same for District #14.

Tonka T.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to tell Dr. Lange, congratulations on your CCBPA award.

I think what Robert Vashaw did to you was one of the saddest things I have ever saw. I live in 27J, but being part of Commerce City, I have a interest in Adams County #14.

Keep you chin up Dr. Lange, we all LOVE you!


Anonymous said...

I finally watched the Dr Lange video and I have to say
Robert Vashaw reminds me of Donald Trump.
YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. John Lange “Person of the Year 2008” from the Commerce City Business and Professionals? I ask would you let him lose $2,000,000.oo? and could you stay in business if he did? I could not keep my Company if I lost $2 mil.
So you all feel he's so great and can do this to the students of Adams #14 and get away with it you should think twice next time you nominate a person like Dr John Lang.

Anonymous said...

Three Adams 14 Schools Rated as “Average”, Kearney Shows "High" Growth

COMMERCE CITY (December 11, 2008): Colorado Department of Education (CDE) released School Accountability Reports (SAR) on Tuesday, December 9. Three Adams 14 schools – Alsup, Kemp and Monaco – maintained their “Average” rating this year. Additionally, five schools – Central, Kemp, and Monaco elementary schools, and Hanson and Community Leadership Academy middle schools – showed “Typical” growth. Typical growth is an indication that the schools are meeting expectations for advancing students in their academic year.

“We are proud of the steady gains our schools have made over the last seven years,” said Superintendent Susan Chandler, “but we are not satisfied with our rate of growth.” Chandler added, “We are learning a lot from these schools that have shown improvement. The SAR is a reminder that there is a great deal yet to accomplish, including raising expectations for students, teachers, and administrators, and ensuring that all students are receiving a high quality education.”

How to read the SAR
The first SAR score is based on a school’s student performance on the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) exams, which are given each spring to students in grades three through ten. The tests cover math, science, writing and reading. At the high school level, the ACT scores are also incorporated into the rating. The ratings are Unsatisfactory, Low, Average, High and Excellent.
The second score is based upon student growth. The state sets a target for student academic growth (how much progress students make in a year), and then schools are rated on how they met the target. The ratings for growth are Low, Typical and High.

Kearney Middle School an Adams 14 highlight
Kearney Middle School achieved a High rating on the growth portion of the SAR. Kearney was one of 348 schools in the state to receive this rating, which places them in the top 17% of schools for growth in the state of Colorado. In addition, Kearney was one of only 24 schools rated Low overall that also achieved a High growth rating. Even though the overall academic performance rating of Low has not changed since 2003, Kearney has significantly improved the school’s score so that they are only four one hundredths of a point away from being rated Average.

Both the School Accountability Reports and CSAP tests form the core of Colorado's effort to hold teachers, principals and students accountable for classroom instruction. School Accountability Reports will be mailed directly to every student’s household in January. Each school report lists pertinent information regarding student performance by grade; percent of students scoring proficient and advanced by subject; staff and safety; and a taxpayer’s report. Additionally, the SAR includes information about school goals and sources of pride. The SAR is available online at the CDE website,

Anonymous said...

We would like to tell Dr. Lange, congratulations on your Commerce City Business and Professional award!

We miss and will never forget you!

Supportive Students of ACHS

Anonymous said...

Every Child Online? Great and you think Blogs are bad now!!!

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has outlined an ambitious plan to give every child in the U.S. access to the Internet and to connect the nation's hospitals with "cutting edge technology."
The items are part of his plan to generate or save 2.5 million jobs over to the next two years and boost the flagging economy. They were outlined in his weekly video address posted on the Web site.

"It is unacceptable that the United States ranks 15th in the world in broadband adoption," Obama said. "Here, in the country that invented the Internet, every child should have the chance to get online, and they'll get that chance when I'm President -- because that's how we'll strengthen America's competitiveness in the world."
He also pledged to modernize the nation's schools, make them energy efficient with new heating and lighting systems and put new computers in classrooms.

He also plans to put Internet connections into schools, libraries and hospitals. The latter is part of a plan to connect the healthcare industry.
"We will make sure that every doctor's office and hospital in this country is using cutting edge technology and electronic medical records so that we can cut red tape, prevent medical mistakes, and help save billions of dollars each year," he said.

What was missing from the address, which also touched on improving energy efficiency in public buildings and investing in physical infrastructure like roads and bridges, was how he plans to pay for the improvements. That may become clearer in the coming weeks when more details are promised.

Anonymous said...

Adams 14 Board of Education appoints interim Director

COMMERCE CITY (December 16, 2008): The Adams 14 Board of Education at its regular meeting on Tuesday, December 9, appointed Jeff Smith to serve as interim Director. The fifth board seat, formerly held by Angela Kreutzer, was declared vacant on October 14. In a study session prior to the regular meeting, the Board interviewed three prospective candidates – Brenda Sharpe, Estelle Remington and Jeff Smith.

After roll call votes on each of the three candidates, none of the three candidates received a Board majority. According to board rules, the president must appoint a citizen to fill the vacancy within 60 days. President Jeannette Lewis made the recommendation to appoint Mr. Smith, citing his years of experience on the Adams 14 Board of Education as a value to the Board in the coming months. Smith will serve out the remainder of the term vacated by Angela Kreutzer. The seat will be up for election in 2009.

Jeff Smith served on the Adams 14 Board of Education from May 1987 to November 1993 and again in 2007. Smith brings great knowledge of the District and community to his post on the Board.

The next regular meeting of the Adams 14 Board of Education is Tuesday, January 13, 2009, at 6:30p.m. For Board of Education minutes and agendas, visit The public is welcome at all regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Anonymous said...

The Gateway News asked the CCBPA the process of selecting the Citizen of the Year for clarification to the community.

The process is as follows:          

In the first week of September, Ballots for the next years officers, and nomination forms for the Citizen of the Year and Business of the Year, are mailed out to the membership. This year there were 90 packets mailed out. One vote and one nomination for each, per member. Both forms are printed on different colored paper, which changes from year to year. Non original forms are not accepted.       

The forms are to be returned no later than October 1st.     

The Ballots are tallied and the results announced at the October business meeting.          

The Nomination Committee meets to tally and consider the Nominations for COY and BOY. It should be noted that the Nomination/Election Committee answers only to the Membership, not to the Board of Directors. Committee members are not members of the Board of Directors. Selectees are determined as much as possible on the following;    
" Number of nominations by the membership."    
" Contributions to the Community and citizens of Commerce City."     

Should not be serving as an Elected Official, i.e.., Council Member, Water Board, School Board, Fire Board, etc. Should not be serving as an Officer or Board member of the CCBPA. Nominees are not required to be members of the CCBPA, although most are. Selections are not based on Politics or affiliations.

The Nomination Committee always has an Odd number of members. This year there were Five. Al Klein, Lois Kimmes, Mac McFarlin, Janet Union, and Joyce Waldroop.  

We all have thick hides and broad shoulders, and we realize the selections made "never pleases everyone".   

So to answer one of the questions from your blog, Mrs. Lewis is but only 1 member out of 90. School Board politics have nothing to do with the selections this or any other year.  Mr. Vashaw is not a member of the CCBPA.  The firing of Dr. Lange took place midstream during our Election/Selection process.

The CCBPA has no official position on the firing of Dr. Lange. The members of the CCBPA are probably like the rest of the city, split in their opinions. 

Anonymous said...

That does give us a clear understanding. Still CCBPA got my respect, you got more then thick skin!

Way to make a bold statement, we should have asked you guys to create the art at city hall!

Anonymous said...

I think CCBPA just wanted to make the news. If so, they are smarter then you think, we are all talking about it.


Anonymous said...

CCPBA is my new Hero!

Why is the new BOE member being called the "Adams 14 Board of Education appoints interim Director"

But the "interim" Superintendent" is just the Superintendent?

I bet they hold a national search and then at the end just choose Sue anyway.

Anyone want to bet?

The King of Olive

Anonymous said...

A big thank you to Developer Mark Campbell for giving the new Adams City High School free ERUs (water)!!! Way to be a good community partner.

Rumor is that Perry told D14 he would help out the water issue at the new High School Site. But, of course, Perry is no longer with the city. Then Lange got fired, one of the reasons was because Lange didn’t have the water and the budget went over.

What a mess, and by the way Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

To CCBP you say
Should not be serving as an Elected Official, i.e.., Council Member, Water Board, School Board, Fire Board, etc. Should not be serving as an Officer or Board member of the CCBPA. Nominees are not required to be members of the CCBPA, although most are. Selections are not based on Politics or affiliations.

Should not, may not, can not? Is this part of your bylaws or is it made up laws to suite your agenda. How about county commissioners, state officials are they excluded? Why was Sean Ford named Citizen of the Year when he was running for mayor and was a city councilman? Why was Joyce Walthrop named Citizen of the year when she does not live in commerce city? Was she not a board member? Does John Lange live in commerce city.
Does the 90+ members vote on who is going to be honored or is it a slam dunk by a select group of people.
Selective, yes, policical, yes, same old same old Commerce City. Dirty politics and it never changes.

Beautiful street but I Don't live on Olive by the king.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Of The Year?

Main Entry: cit·i·zen
Pronunciation: \ˈsi-tə-zən also -sən\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English citizen, from Anglo-French citizen, alteration of citien, from cité city
Date: 14th century
1: an inhabitant of a city or town ; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman
2 a: a member of a state b: a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it
3: a civilian as distinguished from a specialized servant of the state
# 1 Dr Lange never lived in Commerce City.
# 2 Dr Lange can not Vote in Commerce City.
# 3 Dr Lange does not pay Taxes in Commerce City.

What a slap in the face to all the real Citizens of Commerce City.

The CCPBA could not find 1 real Citizen of Commerce City?

Its Just a question? Please post it on your Blog.

Anonymous said...

OMG! are you saying Lange is an illegal citizen?!?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

I think the idea that the CCBPA was going after was all the good Dr. Lange did for the community as a whole.

Lange does deserve this award.

Anonymous said...

Really? What would those “good” things be? Budget? Imaginary Community College? Listening to City Manager Perry and not getting anything in writing?

Anonymous said...

Since the BOE of 14 is elected to oversee this....then it doesn't say much for them does it????

Anonymous said...

Lange does not deserve award? I think you should ask the kids in our community that same question, lets see what they say about it!

Anonymous said...

LOOK! You WON, let it go! Lange is GONE! Why keep on bashing him!? You need to start focusing on the Kids now! Everyone is so impressed that you used your power to get rid of Lange, you’re a HERO! CCBPA should have given you the Citizen of the Year and Business of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonka T.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lange brought a new High School, years and years of CSAP growth. He is admired by the children of Adams #14 and he deserves the award that CCBPA gave to him.

Parent and Citizen of Commerce City!

Anonymous said...

Lange got his award awhile ago and no mention of it at on the Sue Blogg. Sue in the interim-permanent Superintendent?

Did they or are they going to mention it at school Board meeting?


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Adams County #14 BOE think of the Award that Dr. Lange Got from the Commerce City Business and Professionals Association?

Well, BOE, what do you think???

King of Olive Street

Anonymous said...

What make you think BOE would ever mention Lange’s award?!

What good would come for that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Lange,
My family and I don't like you but it's Christmas and we are good people so Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Grizzwells

Anonymous said...

To all the Elected officials. Not that we shouldn't continue to rever these folks for their accomplishments. After all, they've had some of the hardest jobs in the world. But though more than two centuries, this county's highest leaders have displayed the consistent ability to remind us that they,re not only Presidents, Governors, County Commissioners, City Councilmen and of course Our School Board past and present but also human beings-flawed, neurotic,hapless, bizarre, frightened, and sometimes deprived.
We love you BOE.

Mr G

Anonymous said...

Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities; remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them!

Anonymous said...

Bitter, nasty people show it in their faces and their lives!

Anonymous said...

Exciting Things for Adams #14 in the year 2009!

In November 2006, Adams 14 voters approved a $78 million bond election to finance the following school improvements:

installing air conditioning in every school;

installing 21st century science labs in both Kearney and Adams City Middle Schools;

adding two classrooms to every elementary school for full day kindergarten.

The cornerstone project of the 2006 bond election is construction of a state-of-the-art high school and community college that will replace the current Adams City High School. The new school will open in August 2009, and it will offer students the choice of four academies: the Arts, Early College, Science and Technology, and the fourth academy is a proposed International Baccalaureate program.

The new school will offer students the finest in classroom technology with wireless internet access throughout the building and in the exterior courtyard. Robust Career and Technical Education offerings will include Multimedia, Computer Aided Design, Auto Collision Repair, Construction Trades, and a signature Culinary Arts program with its own bistro.

Adams 14 has always promoted a balanced education through integrated arts programs. The new school will provide students with opportunities to study photography, musical performance, theater, visual arts, ceramics, and dance.

Anonymous said...

sounds good....but we'll see

Anonymous said...

Braking news. Only 11 months 3 days till Election day. I wounder who will run? I know if Robert Vashaw runs he will get my VOTE again. Thanks for helping make Adams 14 the best. Thanks for making the motion to get rid of Dr Lange!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year Adams 14

Anonymous said...

yes robert v. pretty much sums up what commerce city is.

Anonymous said...

No what it WAS...we are not the same place.
What was good is better.

Anonymous said...

Dear DPS Board of Education,

Please take a close look at what Dr John Lange did in Commerce City, Adams 14 School District. He was not the nice man people talk about. Look at the reasons he was fired for. We heard he was applying for the job of Superintendent. this is the Board Meeting video. this is his Blog page.

Dusty would you please post this.

Anonymous said...

have watched every board meeting since 2003 and have kept an extensive file on the District’s activities. I have listened to audience comments and taken notes on questions. I am a highly educated person, I can ask intelligent questions.

I understand that the Denver Public Schools Board President called a meeting for 5:00 today. Is that legal, can she just call a meeting any time she wants? I read that several members have talked about a replacement for Michael Bennett. Is that legal? Can they just talk about things and not ask the public? Isn’t that a secret meeting? Are they allowed to have an opinion? Can they appoint who they want? Can they make the decision if they do a search? It may be against the law. Shouldn’t the public be included in this? Don’t they have to post the position, form a committee to interview, etc, etc? Sounds like District 14 all over again. What is with these school boards, who do they rule? Maybe a recall is in order, what do you think SOS committee members Ford and Zeiler? Those who believe that Lange should be allowed to apply be at the meeting today, bring signs and voice your opinion.

District 14 citizen and former educator

Anonymous said...

Superintendent is now in Senate

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter on Saturday appointed Denver's public schools superintendent to fill a Senate vacancy that will be created by the promotion of Sen. Ken Salazar to interior secretary in the Obama administration.

The move surprised many Republicans and Democrats, who considered schools superintendent Michael Bennet a dark horse candidate for the Senate spot because of his lack of legislative experience. He has never campaigned for or held public office.

Bennet had been mentioned as a possible choice for President-elect Barack Obama's education secretary, but Obama chose 44-year-old Arne Duncan, chief executive officer of Chicago public schools for the Cabinet post.

Anonymous said...

Denver, CO - Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education released the following activity for January 3, 2009:

Saturday, January 3rd, 5:00pm

Board of Education Executive Session - CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC
900 Grant Street, First Floor Board Room

The Board of Education will enter into executive session for the purpose of legal counsel regarding the following issues: (1) personnel matters. The above executive session notice is pursuant to CRS 24-6-402(4).

For updated information, call the DPS Communications Office at 720-423-3414.

Anonymous said...

Not illegal, exec session talking about personal.

Anonymous said...

Not personal, personnel.
Different meaning entirely/

Anonymous said...

The Question of the day. If Robert Vashaw Made the motion to Terminate Dr John Langes Contract with out His long list of reasons ( Fiscal Mismanagement & Failure to Meet Mandated Academic Practices) Would the Recall been started by the SOS? I believe they would of wined because Mr Vashaw did it with out any reason. I Believe Robert Vashaw Did his JOB. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

how much longer are you going to drag this out? We get it, your the man, your the savior of D14, your the true citizen of the year, your the next at large or mayor or senator or head coach. Let it go, it is becoming a little freaky.

Red Barn Rebel

Anonymous said...

If that is true Red Barn Rebel...God help district 14 and the entire city!!

Anonymous said...

See all the Adams #14 Videos on Vimeo!

Anonymous said...

RE: Red Barn Rebel.

Main Entry: 1reb·el Pronunciation: \ˈre-bəl\ Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin rebellis, from re- + bellum war, from Old Latin duellum Date: 14th century 1 a: opposing or taking arms against a government or ruler b: of or relating to rebels

The only Red Barn I know of is the Big Red Barn in Reunion. So The Read Barn Rebel might not even live or Vote in Adams#14 School District.If you oppose the Government maybe you should just move out of Commerce City Colorado 80022. Just a thought? LOL.

Anonymous said...


1. Copy and paste the following into your browser:

2. Scroll down to the comment by Robert Vashaw on Sept 15th.

It reads as follows:
“Robert Vashaw said...Hi. if you would like to know about Adams 14 Schools all you have to do is call me. 303-717-3914 i will meet you for a cup of coffee. Robert Vashaw September 15, 2008 10:33 PM"

3. Click on the Robert Vashaw name, MAGIC, mystery blog is found.
Now all the world knows who is behind all the hate here!

Kenji Sato, Osaka Japan, you owe me Dustie Chan!

Anonymous said...

What happened?

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

Anonymous said...

To Robert Vahsaw:

you have, sorry HAD your own blog and you use it to bash a fellow citizens child. It makes me sick to my stomach. You are talking about children! You’re a BOE member, right? hmmmm.

The Red Barn Rebel

Anonymous said...

Open Enrollment for the new Adams City High School begins January 5, 2009

COMMERCE CITY (December 19, 2008): Current Adams 14 students will have the opportunity to begin the enrollment process for the new Adams City High School in January. Academy coordinators and school counselors will work with eighth graders from Hanson, Community Leadership Academy, Adams City Middle, and Kearney Middle to begin the academy orientation and selection process. Look for more information coming soon about dates and times of ACHS staff visits to your school. Current Adams 14 eighth and ninth graders will select one of the four academies. The new school will phase in the academy structure, so juniors and seniors in the 2009-10 school year will not select an academy. They will finish as traditional high school graduates.

For open enrollment, Adams 14 will maintain a wait list for students who wish to enroll in our new school. According to District spokesperson John Albright, Adams 14 “anticipates that demand will be high, because excitement about the new school is growing.” Open enrollment dates are:

• January 5 through February 27, 2009 - open enrollment round one
• March 16 through August 10, 2009 - open enrollment round two
Students who open enroll will be placed on a wait list on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit the current ACHS counseling center (4625 East 68th Ave., Commerce City 80022) during the open enrollment window to fill out a brief form stating intent to enroll. The center is open during the school week from 7:30a.m. to 2:30p.m. Students who visit ACHS to sign up for the wait list should be prepared to show identification. Acceptable forms of ID include a birth certificate, Social Security card, state ID, or passport.

Report to Marilyn Reinart in the counseling center, fill out the form, and she will provide you a receipt as proof of the date and time your student entered the wait list.

Families will be notified by March 16, 2009, of their wait list status or enrollment acceptance from the first open enrollment period.

For more information, call the Adams City High School academy coordinators office at 303.853.7842 or visit our website at

The Adams 14 Board of Education, Superintendent, administrators and teachers will not make any distinction on account of race, national origin, sex, ethnic group, religion, marital status, or disability of any student who may be in attendance or who seeks admission to any school maintained by the District.

Adams 14 reserves the right to refuse a student's admission in cases of overcrowding or past disciplinary incidents that may be considered detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or school personnel.

Anonymous said...

January is School Board Recognition Month in Colorado

Adams 14 thanks its Board of Education members for their dedication to the community

COMMERCE CITY (January 7, 2009): January is School Board Recognition Month and Adams 14 joins other districts across the state to gratefully acknowledge the invaluable contributions local school board members make to their communities.

"Volunteer school board members serve countless hours working to improve public education," said Superintendent Sue Chandler. In difficult times, school boards develop polices and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues that affect the entire community and the lives of individual students. They bear responsibility in Adams 14 for an annual budget over $50 million; 6500 students, ages three to 21; nearly 1000 employees; and 13 schools.

"School board members have a tremendous responsibility, preparing today's students – and tomorrow's leaders – for productive roles in our society. The Adams 14 Board of Education represents the voice of this community, serving first and foremost in the best interest of our students," said Chandler.

"We proudly join educators and community members in saluting these education advocates as they provide leadership for Adams 14. Their volunteer service ensures that decisions about local public schools are made by those most familiar with the needs of the community's children and families," said Chandler. "These individuals deserve recognition and thanks for their commitment and dedication to the continuing success of our students and schools, and they truly understand the Adams 14 mission to inspire, educate and empower.”

The members of the Adams 14 Board of Education are:

• President Jeannette Lewis
• Vice President Robert Vashaw
• Secretary Bill Klocker
• Treasurer Larry Quintana
• Director Jeff Smith

For more information about the Adams 14 Board of Education, visit our website:

Anonymous said...

Robert Vashaw,

Do you have a comment or statement regarding your web log (

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News

Anonymous said...


Video offer still stands. Just let me know time and place.


Anonymous said...

Community Leadership Academy had their ground breaking today. A tour of the new school was also given.

It really is a very spacious and beautiful building.

Video of what it looks like inside are available at after tonight.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the CLA school building,

What a great building, I am not a citizen of Adams County #14, but rather 27J. Wanted to comment on what a good looking school!

Love the virutal tour.

Ronald Gailes, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Community Leadership Academy Building Project, on time and UNDER budget.

Dont hear that many times...

Anonymous said...

January is School Board Recognition Month in Colorado!

How fitting!

Anonymous said...

Yes I suppose we should recognize them in January.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaatttt!!!!! Someone says that Community Leadship Academy was "on time and under budget"! Are you kidding? This school was voted DOWN by the taxpayers of ACSD14, the voters said NO by a landslide. Then the school was built anyway against the taxpayers wishes and they have the audacity to say that no tax dollars were used, sorry WRONG, the tax dollars to pay for this CLA building are being intercepted at the state level every month before money is sent to ACSD14, so EVERY student in ACSD14 is shorted in their education because of this building that the taxpayers said NO to and the Colorado Dept of Education said should not be built. Right, on time NO and under budget NO!!!! Get your facts straight. Can't wait til CLA comes in with 30% CSAP scores again this year for the third year in a row and the state takes over the school.

Anonymous said...

I was at the school board meeting tonight. Dusty from the Gateway was not allowed to talk by Lewis. When is somebody going to do something about this lady? Does she know how stupide she looks? Can't wait to see this on Channel 8. There is no excuse for being uneducated and Lewis is uneducated, as her husband is too. Loved his comments about the big headed indian.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert Vashaw, why is your blog down? We all want to reread what you had to say now that we know it was you. Hope you don't ever run for office again, we don't need cowards in office in our city who actually write things on their blog about handicapped children no less. Did you even graduate from high school???? Oh yea, you don't answer questions. How does that work Vashaw? During your campaign you said you would never say no comment. What's your comment Vashaw?

Anonymous said...

Hanson parents come out in force to show support for NOT changing the calendar to traditional, rather keeping it year round. It would save the D14 about $50,000 but a number of parents stated that if they change the calendar, they would pull their children and move them to the Charter School. It would only take about 7 children to move out of the district to cost the district about the $50,000. Right now, today it is about $7,000 per pupil funding.

Due to the numerous voiced opinion, I am pretty sure the D14 BOE will keep the calendar at Hanson the way it is now.

Anonymous said...

Blog Gate…?

What is it???

Who is it???

Coming soon to a blog near you…

Anonymous said...

Kearney Middle School Principal Sophia Masewicz named Colorado Title I Distinguished Principal of the year

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (January 12, 2009) – Kearney Middle School staff were pleasantly surprised on Monday, January 12, when a contingent of dignitaries from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), District and State arrived to announce that Principal Sophia Masewicz has been named the Colorado Title I Distinguished Principal of the year.

“This is the best day of my life,” announced Masewicz, as Judy Huddleston from CDE presented the award and a personal check for $5000. In addition to the check and trophy, former state senator Regis Groff read a commemoration from Senate President Peter Groff to Masewicz. “The Senate of the Colorado legislature,” reads the commemoration, “hereby extends heartiest congratulations and commendation to Sophia Masewicz, earning Title I Principal of the Year Award for the State of Colorado. In achieving this award, Principal Sophia Masewicz exemplified true leadership, perseverance, and a dedication to education as she worked to make a difference in the lives of young people in the State of Colorado.”

“Quality instruction and student academic growth are hallmarks of Sophia’s time as principal of KMS,” said Superintendent Sue Chandler, “and the results are telling: out of five Adams 14 secondary schools, Kearney has made the most overall academic growth in CSAP results in four of the past five years. Kearney’s overall percent proficient on CSAP has grown in five of the past 6 years, with an overall proficiency increase of 12.36%. We know that effective school leaders improve the experience of students and staff each day in our schools.”

There are numerous significant accomplishments of Kearney Middle School under the leadership of Principal Sophia Masewicz. According to Superintendent Chandler, “Sophia is an inspiring, effective, and extraordinary principal and leader. We are proud of her achievements as principal of Kearney Middle School, and her collaboration and input into the direction of the District are invaluable.”

The Colorado Distinguished Title I Principal award annually recognizes one Title I school principal who demonstrates outstanding commitment and excellence in leadership. According to CDE’s website, ”The Colorado standards for identifying the Title I Distinguished Principal incorporate what research reveals about excellent leaders. It is hoped that the Distinguished Title I Principal Program identifies an ever-increasing pool of highly effective Colorado principals who will be models for and consult with colleagues across the state.”

Kearney continues to shine for Adams 14 on all of the academic ratings, from the School Accountability Report (SAR) to the Colorado Growth Model and CSAP results. With a focus on student and staff success, Principal Sophia Masewicz is an excellent choice for Colorado Title I Distinguished Principal. Join Adams 14 in celebrating her success this year.

To learn more about Adams 14 schools, visit us online at

Adams 14 Press Release said...

College Goal Sunday brings college focus to Adams City High School in February

COMMERCE CITY (January 29, 2009): Parents and students can find out more about paying for college and even get some help preparing for college by attending College Goal Sunday at Adams City High School, February 8, from 2 to 4p.m. The third annual Colorado College Goal Sunday event will be held at 15 sites throughout the state.

This event is an opportunity for students and parents to have financial aid experts provide free help in filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the cornerstone of the higher education financial aid application process. Students in the community who currently attend college or seniors in high school who will attend college next year should come to College Goal Sunday. In 2007, the first year College Goal Sunday was held in Colorado, 1,500 attendees at 10 sites throughout the state received help completing a FAFSA.

The FAFSA is a crucial first step for all college bound students who plan to pay for college with the help of grants, scholarships, work-study funds and/or student loans.

“College Goal Sunday is an important event for us,” says ACHS Principal Wesley Paxton, “because it is another way we support our students in fulfilling their dreams to attend college.” Paxton believes College Goal Sunday is a great way for students to get expert help in filling out forms and answering questions about college. “This event also shows the community that we want to help send students to college after they graduate from Adams City,” adds Paxton.

College Goal Sunday

Sunday, February 8, 2 to 4p.m.

Adams City High School Media Center, 4625 East 68th Avenue, Commerce City 80022

Students who plan to fill out the FAFSA at College Goal Sunday should bring their parent(s) or legal guardian and the following family information:

2008 federal tax records;
Social Security number (can be found on Social Security card);
Driver's license;
2008 W-2 Forms and other records of money earned;
2008 untaxed income records (Social Security, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, welfare or veterans benefits records);
2008 bank statements;
2008 business and investment mortgage information; business and farm records;
Your alien registration card, if you are not a U.S. citizen.
Adams City High School counselors will devote the week following College Goal Sunday to helping students plan for college. Throughout the week of February 9, College in Colorado, College Invest, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College will visit the ACHS Counseling Center to help students with financial aid and scholarship applications. Seniors interested in taking advantage of these opportunities should contact Ms. Holtmann for detailed information.

For more information about College Goal Sunday and other college planning at ACHS, contact Senior Post-Graduate Counselor Shannon Holtmann at 303.853.7871.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with D14?

Ed Casso Press Release said...

Representative Casso welcomes ACHS Leaders Challenge Students to the state capitol

Denver, CO- 02/11/09- State Representative Ed Casso welcomed and had a forum with a group of ACHS students and their counselors at the Colorado state capitol this past Wednesday. Adams City High School students Amelia Duran, Elizabeth Bueno, Michelle Walston, Yvette McMullin, Jonathan Robles, and Estevan Olivas are part of a student group known as Leaders Challenge.

They were at the capitol to learn more about Colorado’s legislative process and to develop their own leadership skill set. They were joined by their school counselors Gary Hobbs, Deb LaPenna, and the curriculum director of Leaders Challenge George Brown.

Representative Casso met with the students, discussed what a day in the life of a lawmaker looks like, and answered student questions. “It absolutely made my day to have my constituents at the capitol. It was a wonderful experience, and I hope they learned a great deal about the process that they can take with them.” Casso noted.

Leader’s Challenge is a Colorado, USA, based nonprofit organization that provides leadership training to high potential students through experiential education programs. Their mission is to create civic and service minded youth by developing leadership skills, inspiring purpose, and developing engagement in their communities.
Leader's Challenge operates three programs, serving around 750 high school students annually.

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