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The very first rule of the SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER CONDUCT “Working Together” document by the Colorado Association of School Boards is stated as follows: “We (BOE members) will treat each other and the employees, students and community members with dignity and respect.”

On January 7th, 2009 Adams County School District #14 Board of Education Vice President, Robert Vashaw, abruptly removed his web log (

The web log contained negative and hostile comments about CCBPA (Commerce City Business and Professionals Association), former Adams County School District 14 Superintendent Dr. John Lange, Commerce City Council Member Kathy Teter, Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale, Teachers of Adams County School District #14 (calling them “rejects from the Denver Public School System”), The Gateway News Staff, citizens Richard Ford and John Zeiler and the most disturbing, a child that lives in the Adams County 14 school district.

For a long time it was unknown who owned the anonymous web log ( I, Dustin McIntyre of the Gateway News, personally asked on two separate occasions whom the owner of the web log was with no response either time I asked.

It took a Gateway News reader, Mr. Sato from Osaka Japan, to reveal that by going back into the Gateway News own web log archives, a comment left by Board of Education Vice President Robert Vashaw on September 15th of 2008 at 10:33 pm linked back to the web log

On January 7th at 8:47am Mr. Sato posted on the web log the three step process of how to reveal the owner (Robert Vashaw) of the site Within hours the site was deleted. It should be noted that the site was created right after the firing of Superintendent Dr. John Lange by Board of Education Vice President Robert Vashaw.

Robert Vashaw has the right to form or publish any opinion that he wants, it is America. With that being said, Robert Vashaw is also an elected official to the Adams County District #14 Board of Education and as far as I know agreed to obey the “Working Together” document provided by Colorado Association of School Boards also known as CASB. The question has also come up of what legal consequences there might be now that Vice President Robert Vashaw has published comments about a child in the district.



Anonymous said...

Questions to be asked:
1. Why did School Board Vice President Robert Vashaw keep his ownership of the web log secret?
2. Why did School Board Vice President Robert Vashaw delete the web log hours after it was clearly revealed that he was the owner of the web log?
3. Is it okay for a Board of Education member to own a blog that has negative content about a child (especially of the district that he represents)?
4. Does the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education take the CASB “Working Together” document seriously?
5. What action will be taken by the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education and CASB to ensure this will not happen in the future?
6. What consequences if any will be taken against Adams County School District 14 Board of Education Vice President Robert Vashaw?
7. What are the legal ramifications of comments posted by BOE VP Robert Vashaw on his web log as a school board member? Comments included a child from D14, parents of D14 and current staff.

Anonymous said...

His website and the nastiness of it and the comments he allowed, and in my opinion encouraged, proves his attitude towards and goal to personally attack Dr Lange.
His intentions were obvious from reading his website.
This is not the first time he has been involved in verbal attacks against people.

Anonymous said...

Not very positive is it

Anonymous said...

Adams #14 BOE member Robert Vashaw,

My kid doesn’t have a drug problem, but can you help him with his blog? Maybe you could meet him for a cup of coffee?

The Red Barn Rebel

Anonymous said...

Robert, why delete your blog? Where you told to by someone else, Lawyer? Fellow Board member?

Curious, who lives on Olive

The Supporters of Dr. Lange said...

It has been requested that when the website comes available again that it be re-activated and used to post all the positive things Dr. John Lange has done for Adams County School District #14

Student and Supporter of Dr. John Lange

humble opinion said...

In my humble opinion, as a Elected Official, Our BOE Vice President owes some people apologies including but not limited too:

Commerce City Council member Kathy Teter
Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale
Dr. John Lange
Teachers of ACSD#14
Commerce City Business & Professional Association
Richard Ford and his family
John Zeiler

Anonymous said...

Dear Gatewaynews,

Could anyone use Robert Vashaws name???????????????
Did you post any or all of the Blogs on your Blog. We know you didn't. Everyone did.

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Did VP. Robert Vashaw beyond a reasonable doubt post the BLOG????????????????????????

Dustin McIntyre said...

The Robert Vashaw post that linked to the had his phone number in it. Robert also told me personally that he was the only one at the time that posted on the Gateway News blog with his actual name, complaining that many of the comments were anonymous.

Beyond a reasonable doubt? Yes, way beyond. Is Robert Vashaw going to try to sweep this under the rug by claiming stolen identity?

I have sent the article "Blog Gate" to all D14 school board members, including Vashaw with absolutely NO RESPONSE days before publishing for comments. Once again I had absolutely NO RESONSE. More likely advice from the school board attorney.

I also tried to make a public comment during the school board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 13 regarding the question of legal ramifications of Robert Vashaw's comments on his blog I was told that I would not be able to speak. All school board members knew about the article and had ample opportunities to raise questions about it.

Only Robert Vashaw knows the truth and I will once again offer to do any kind of an interview with him, video or written so he can tell us all his side the story.

All he has to do is tell me a time and place and I will be there.


Dustin McIntyre,

Candice said...

Is there some kind of a Teachers Union in Adams County or Colorado that should know what was on Robert Vashaw’s blog about district #14 teachers being “rejects”?


Concerned Parent said...

I know of the Colorado Education Association,, I will let them know.

Concerned Parent and Citizen

via email said...


Can you let us know updates on this as it develops?

sent via email

Anonymous said...

Another group that should be informed:

PACE, The Professional Association of Colorado Educators

Dustin McIntyre said...

Yes I will update this as it develops.

As of now, I am just still waiting for any kind of a response. President Lewis said that I could ask my legal question to the school attorney and that is what I did via e-mail on Jan 14, 10:40am. I have not got a response back yet, but I am sure he is a busy man, I can wait.

The email was also copied to Pres. Lewis District email account and reads as follows:


What are the legal ramifications of comments posted by BOE VP Robert Vashaw on his web log as a "school board member"? Comments included a child from D14, parents of D14, current and past staff. Comments of most concern would be the child of D14, I am sure Robert Vashaw would be more then willing to share what was said on his web log with you.

Dustin McIntyre,

Anonymous said...

Dear Gateway News and Adams 14 Citizens,

In my opinion, in October of 2005, the Gateway newspaper started misleading their readers about my father and Renee Freirichs. The October 21, 2005 issue, pg. 6, there is the now famous picture of my father holding the Commerce City code book, which was taken 6 months prior. Not in October; misleading the voters and readers again. Time after time I heard my father talk about how the Commerce City Gateway news lied about him. In September of 2008, my father did not fire Dr. Lange, he simply made the motion. The motion was supported by two other board members. Over the last five months, the Gateway news and the Gateway blog have stated numerous lies about my father. I tried posting some true facts about my father and the board of education, which you thought in your opinion were too truthful about Dr. Lange. Who by the way was the superintendent while I was a student at Adams City High School and, in my opinion, didn’t do a thing to make things better.
The Gateway would not post these opinions. So I had to post them. I created my own blog on my parents’ computer, using my fathers’ yahoo account. I have his permission to use his accounts whenever I need. He trusts me like that. My father knew about the blog, but the opinions stated on the blog were mine and others as well. On January 7th, 2008, the Gateway stated that it was my father who owned the blog, thinking they could just link him to it because it was his yahoo account. I apologized to my father and he asked me to remove it. In my opinion, I should have left the blog as it was, so the citizens of Adams 14 and I could voice our opinions about Dr. Lange and the whole situation.

Dusty McIntyre, 01/18/09 8:14 a.m. –

What are the legal ramifications of comments posted by BOE VP Robert Vashaw on his web log as a "school board member"? Comments included a child from D14, parents of D14, current and past staff. Comments of most concern would be the child of D14, I am sure Robert Vashaw would be more then willing to share what was said on his web log with you.

Dusty McIntyre, your letter to Adams 14 attorney, Bruce Anderson states “What are the legal ramifications of comments posted by BOE VP Robert Vashaw on his web log.” Truth be told, this blog did not belong to my father, Robert Vashaw. It was a blank canvas for everyone to post their un-edited, un-biased, un-deleted and un-censored opinions and thoughts, which the Gateway would not do at the time. You have been trying to make my father look bad ever since he ran against your friends Angela Kreutzer and Kevin Philips. I’m glad the voters shared my fathers’ views and opinions of who should be on the Board of Education.
Maybe if you wouldn’t have slandered his name for so long, he may have trusted you enough to grant an interview or call to answer questions.

I’m a full time mother, employee, and wife. Work and home life take up most of my day. If you would like to contact me, please keep contact to Monday through Friday after seven and weekends at (303) 526-6150.


Rebecca Dickman

Dustin McIntyre said...

The link was not a yahoo account but rather a Blogger ID from I will repost the steps.


1. Copy and paste the following into your browser:

2. Scroll down to the comment by Robert Vashaw on Sept 15th.

It reads as follows:
“Robert Vashaw said...Hi. if you would like to know about Adams 14 Schools all you have to do is call me. 303-717-3914 i will meet you for a cup of coffee. Robert Vashaw September 15, 2008 10:33 PM

3. Click on the Robert Vashaw name, MAGIC, mystery blog is found.
Now all the world knows who is behind all the hate here!

Kenji Sato, Osaka Japan, you owe me Dustie Chan!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Dusin, It was my fathers Google Account not his Yahoo Account. When I signed in all i had to do was use use my fathers Email and password! I've used all of his accounts so I got confused.


Rebecca Dickman

Dustin McIntyre said...

Thank you for the clarification.

Dustin McIntyre said...

Email back from school district attorney Bruce Anderson,

Dear Mr. McIntyre:

I received your e-mail of January 14, 2009. You asked "What are the legal ramifications of comments posted by BOE VP Robert Vashaw on his weblog: as a 'school board member'?" I do not know if the weblog identified by you was created by Mr. Vashaw and I have no knowledge whether Mr. Vashaw posted any comments on that weblog.

As the attorney for Adams County School District 14, it is my responsibility to provide legal advice to the School District . I am not authorized to provide a legal opinion to you, or to answer any hypothetical questions. If you want legal advice, you should contact your own attorney.


Bruce Anderson

Dustin McIntyre said...

SAGA CONTINUES, the following was emailed to D14 VP Robert Vashaw for comment for a follow up article.

Robert Vashaw,

1. Why not tell the Gateway News about your daughter using your name to create a web log? You were asked for comment days before the article 'Blog Gate' was published.

2. Did you make any comments on the web log with blogger ID owner "Robert Vashaw"?

Dustin McIntyre,

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...


Becca Dickman,

Due to the new developments, the Gateway News will do a follow up article. Thank you for letting us know your side of the story.

I do have 5 questions for you that I want to include with the article for complete clarification, they are as follows:

1. Why not use your own name to create the web log?

2. As a mother and owner of the web log, why allow comments to be posted about a child?

3. You stated “opinions stated on the blog were mine and others as well”, with that being said, how did you know such details of district #14 teachers and personal information about the child in regards to the school district?

4. You stated the following about Dr. John Lange: “Who by the way was the superintendent while I was a student at Adams City High School and, in my opinion, didn’t do a thing to make things better.” What years were you at ACHS and why make this statement?

5. Are you the owner of any other commentary websites?

Answers can be sent back via email or the web log, whatever is easier for you.

Thank you for your time,

Dustin McIntyre,

Concerned Parents said...


As soon as you get any answers, please let us know by posting here.

There are alot of people that are following this.

Concerned Parents of District 14

Dustin McIntyre said...

Of course, as soon as I get any new developments, I will post immediately.

Thank you for all those I talked to regarding not commenting until the entire story is told.

Dustin McIntyre

Wrong is Wrong said...


You know that you are asking the right questions when they completely ignore you and avoid you like the plague.

Keep up the good work.

Dustin McIntyre said...

I am still hoping that they answer the questions.

I am sure that they are just really busy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you too Dr. Lange!

Anonymous said...

Don't think Dr. Lange is leaving comments here.

Anonymous said...

No, sorrrry wrote on wrong blog (thanks Dr Lange)!Should have been after the principles recognition on district 14 blog

Red Barn Rebel said...

You can cut the tension with a knife, are we still all waiting for answers?

Boy you all had a whole heap load to say on drjohnlange bog, now it is all just silent. hmmmm...

The Red Barn Rebel

Not Fooled said...

How dumb do you think people are?

I hope Mr. V runs for any office again so we can ask him about this in a candidates forum.

Not fooled in Reunion

Dustin McIntyre said...

Does anyone know who posted the firing of Dr. Lange on the internet?

Anonymous said...


The video of Dr. Lange was put on youtube by a person "tpengdahl"

Why do you ask, is there something you are working on!?!?

Kimberly S. said...

Did all the elected officials in the city forget that we need you to be at a higher level of ethically standards!

Kimberly S., Commerce City

Anonymous said...

I am going to publicly ask for Robert Vashaw to resign from his position on the board of directors of ACSD14. You are the very worst example for our children of this district. You know that you are NOT "clean and sober" and you need to resign from your position at the next board meeting. Thank you.

Friend and Supporter of the Gateway News said...

To Citizens,

I watch the videos of the recall, I see Dustin doing a video for Rene and Paul, I see the press conference on the Boys and Girls Club 2A issue and I see Dustin doing a video with 2A supporter Jim Benson. I see two side to each "real" news story, this is what we need in this town. Now it looks like the school board is just going to ignore this and hope that it will just go away. Where is the other local media on this? Why are they not asking questions? We hear all the time in other media that the Gateway News is bad and the devil and horrible. All I see is them asking questions, yes hard, but very valid questions.

Gateway, keep up the good work, and I am sure that this story will just fade away.

Supporter of the Gateway News

LOL said...

Lewis and Vashaw
McCain and Palin

Anonymous said...

Sorry no comparison. More like Dashaw and the Treasury guy.

Anonymous said...

Becare full Dustie or you will be put on administrative leave!

Sent via email said...

Vashaw you are so caught, the whole daughter thing is a nice try, but really not very believable.

Red Barn Rebel