Commerce City General Issues January 2009

Another month has past and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

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Anonymous said...

The new middle school looks huge. The city should try to work something out with SD 27J to allow those living close use of the gym. Also I overheard some people in starbucks saying that once a fire station and post office opens in the north it can become an autonomous city. Is that why we have a different school district?

Anonymous said...

School district boundaries are set up long in advance of city boundaires.
Other cities, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, to name a few have more than one school district. It is not as unusual as believe.
The northern range will remain Commerce City. All of us in the north need to realize that. To pay the city back for infastructure would be think taxes are high now!!
We are CC all of us, lets support the city and help it to become better and better!!

Anonymous said...

Commerce City has 9 council members, 4 at large, 4 ward reps. and one Mayor.

Currently, 3 of the "at large" officials live in the north part of the city, as does the mayor. Is this really a good way to have us best represented?

Suggestion: have one Mayor from anywhere in the city and then 2 reps from each of the four wards.

Brighton, Colorado has this setup.

What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

To make this change would require a vote of the entire city.
It would be a change in the charter.
In a very few years there will most likely be a realignment again of the wards, once the housing starts are up. Then there will be only 1 ward left in the older part of the city (most likely).
With that fact, the change proposed will limit them to two representatives (plus mayor).
Now they have 5 people (mayor and 4 council ) that are to consider their needs, plus their ward reps. Having at large reps, protects all areas by giving them extra representation.
Just something to consider.

Anonymous said...

My thought is: As long as they're progressive, educated, honest and willing to "tell it like it is" and not just what I want to hear. I could care less where they live.
Chances are, with the growth in the north we're going to see more people living there getting elected.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a good idea at all. The one thing that you are forgetting is the lack of citizens interested in the positions of serving the city as city council members.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I think this is good! Especially since my ward representative (Jim Benson) in more of a rep for the southern wards then his own!

Anonymous said...

Is your recycle bin a little too small?

Call Waste Management and you can get a roll away for about $90.

Call to verify this. Can't find phone number on their website.

Anonymous said...

Derby Business District Urban Renewal Area to be determined as a Blighted Area to be voted on by city council.

Findings can be viewed via the following link:

Anonymous said...

Kemp Will did the study of findings of blight in the Derby Area. Mr. Will was not at city council, maybe should have been.

Report includes 47 properties and covered all factors of a area being blight.

Study is conducted by Kemp Will, included 2006 to 2008 a Neighborhood Services study.

Business owner was in disagreement of study conducted by Kemp Will.

Anonymous said...

9 to 0, Derby is now Blighted and a Urban Renewl Area. Lots is involed here, not really a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

This is the first step of really doing something in the Derby Area.


Anonymous said...

Most important comment about the Derby area situation was by the city Attorney, just because the area has elements of being blight, DOES NOT mean that everything in the area is blight.

Anonymous said...

Question for those who know:

Does declaring a area blight mean that you can get free grant money from federal, maybe state, maybe even county level?

JR, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Attempted Abduction

COMMERCE CITY ―This morning around 8:15 a.m. a 14 year old female was walking to school in the 7000 block of Ash Street when a red truck occupied by two Hispanic males pulled up behind her and ordered her into the truck. She refused and told them no and continued to walk at which point the males got out of the truck and grabbed her by the wrists and tried to force her into the truck. She was able to break free and ran to Adams City Middle School for help.

The truck is described as a red 80s’ to 90s’ truck with dark tinted windows and the rear window had the words “Vida Loka” (Loca was with a K).

The driver was described as an H/M with dark spiked hair in his 20s. Last seen wearing a black stripped shirt with black Dickies.

The passenger was described as an H/M bald in his 20s. Last seen wearing a tan or grey polo style shirt.

The Commerce City Police Department is asking anyone with information on this to call 303.287.2844 or if you see the truck or suspects please call 911.

Anonymous said...

First off, I really hope they find that red truck, seems like it should stick out like a sore thumb.

Second, is a concern. I feel like I'm so out of the loop here. I just moved here and I didn't even know Commerce City had four wards and I do not know my council representative.

I suggest that you start a section or something that starts from the very beginning basics of what this city is. I would make it just as basic BASIC as you can.

What do you think?
RR Thung, Reunion Commerce City

Anonymous said...

to rr:

What wold you think of a video series?


ann trask said...

This entire conversation is FASCINATING! I am an artist who lives in the mountains, knows Iris somewhat (Hi, Iris), and respect her work. I haven't seen the piece, but hope to some day. At first glance, I didn't like the piece, but a photo on computer screen doesn't say a lot. Then I read the entire conversation, and now I do like it,because it is well though out, involves many people and thorough research. Now it says a lot, which good art should do. Its unfortunate there were communication problems; seems to happen with governments anywhere. The idea of rotating exhibits and children's work is excellent. Houston City Hall exhibits artists' work for a two-year period, then changes it. On a much larger scale, of course, but the idea is workable in Commerce City, too.
Iris, YOU GO, GIRL!!
Ann Trask

Anonymous said...

Mayor voted to vice chair of E-470 authority

COMMERCE CITY – Mayor Paul Natale was elected vice chair of the E-470 Public Highway Authority during the group’s meeting the week of Jan. 5. His one-year term as vice chair began Thursday, Jan. 8.

The E-470 authority oversees the planning, designing, financing, building and operations of the 47-mile tollway. The authority is made up of representatives from jurisdictions that border the highway, including Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties and the cities of Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, and the Town of Parker.

Natale was nominated for the position by Adams County Commissioner Larry Pace. Natale succeeds Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer, who is now the authority’s chairman.

“I think it’s one more example that Commerce City is being seen as having a larger role in issues that affect the metropolitan area,” Natale said.

Natale previously served as an alternate to Commerce City Councilwoman Reba Drotar on the authority. “I became the representative on the authority when I became mayor,” he said.

“These are exciting and challenging economic times,” Natale added, “and it’s important that Commerce City has a say in the future development of E-470.”

E-470 runs east of the Denver metropolitan area from C-470 at I-25 in Douglas County, then north through Aurora, along the western edge of Denver International Airport, and then connects to I-25 just south of 160th Avenue.

Anonymous said...

response to Gateway news,

A video series would be great, I think a little time consuming for you guys, but would be very beneficial. Maybe the city could do it.


Anonymous said...

Check out the CCBPA website, new year, new mindset, updating being done as we speak. CCBPA needs to have Civic Minded business members join in the efforts to help our City continue getting better.
Regarding City Government, what we need is a Charter amendment to remove Council Members from City Boards and Commissions, turning those seats over to Citizens.
Council would still select the members as they do now. this would make City Governance a true parternership between Council and Citizens. Along with this we should term limit those positions, and fill the seats from the bottom up. In other words, You're appointed to an Alternate Seat,and you move up to a Regular Seat as those members rotate out. This gives people a chance to learn how and what the specifics of the Board or Commission are and how they work. This is also the best way to train future City Council members.
An interesting note, Commerce City and Pueblo are the only cities of size in the state, still having Council members on thier Boards and Commissions. There is time to get this on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Community Leadership Academy had their ground breaking today. A tour of the new school was also given.

It really is a very spacious and beautiful building.

Video of what it looks like inside are available at after tonight.

Anonymous said...

CCPBA website took off Dr. John Lange as member, but not Greg Fabisiak / Dick Smith for South Adams, and still wrong Commerce City reps too.

Why take off the citizen of year and not correct the rest?

Very ODD!?

Maybe they are still updating?


Anonymous said...

CCBPA membership renewal takes place during the month of January.
As members pay thier dues and fill out the membership forms, the up to date info will be noted.
Those business or individual members not renewing or joining up, will be purged from the list.
There are typically 1 or 2 representatives from a member entity. Some members have more than 2 people that attend and participate in CCBPA meetings and functions. In an effort to not offend, these people may be listed also.
If you've aver been involved in an all volunteer organization, you'll realize what a monumental task it is to have all the administrative tasks performed as quickly as we'd like.
As in any other group there are more, behind the scenes passive support members, than up front in the spotlight members. All have thier passions and do what they are comfortable and have time to do. All of them are neccessary, and more are welcome.

Anonymous said...

RE: CCBPA website, Dr. Lange, was selected as Citizen of the Year, by the membership in a month long vote by mail process, starting Sept. 4th and ending Oct 2nd, 2008.
He was terminated in mid Sept.,
he was selected because of his 14 years of contributions to the Commerce City community, not because he was employed by ACSD 14.

As in any Corporate or Tax Subsidized entity, the CEO is most often employed by and at the whim of an elected Board of Directors, or a City Council. (POLITICS) As a consequence the CEO's contract specifies this, and they know, that they can be terminated on any given day, for whatever reason. The only thing up in the air, is the style and method of thier termination. It's not always pretty.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps ccSpeaks should put his time, money, and physical efforts into being an active member of the community groups he's trying to run from a blog sheet!!!!!!!! While not being involved in them.

Anonymous said...

to ccSpeaks, who are the right Commerce City reps to the CCBPA?

Anonymous said...

Well I sure hope they are not Stephanie Salazar and Sheri Chavez since they are no longer with the city. That would be a little strange dont ya think?

Your site:


Anonymous said...

Define Blighted:
affected by blight; anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity; "a blighted rose"; "blighted urban districts" 

If that doesn’t sound like Derby I don’t know what does.

It is what it is. So lets start fixing it.

Randy, CC

Anonymous said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council regular meeting. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 12
Study session
Civic Center council chambers
Consent agenda
• Comprehensive Plan
• Council norms and policy
• Boards and Commissions
• 60th Avenue and Olive Street traffic calming discussion
• Presentation by Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) of Transit Oriented Development research project

6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 19
Council meeting cancelled due to Martin Luther King Day

City offices (excluding Police Department) are closed due to holiday

Anonymous said...

Why is there a picture of Reunion's red barn on the C3 vision web site. I thought Reunion has its own government that built and paid for the infrastruture and everything else within Reuninon. They should have a picture of a project done by the city.

Anonymous said...

Reunion is not its own government. I went to the C3 vision website and could not locate the red barn. Could you let me know the page that you went?

Here's where I went:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the traffic calming device on 60th is going stay.

But may get some improvement as what it looks like.

Maybe painted, maybe adding some more visibility.

So be it!

Anonymous said...

Reunion has a metro district, which overseas the rec center and parks in that neighborhood.
It is still part of Commerce City.
Reunion wouldn't be here without Commerce City. Yes Shea has done great things but not alone.
Guess I don't see the problem you have.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the bigger recycle baskets could be up to $120 instead of $90. Can anyone verify this?

Anonymous said...

Regarding CCBPA,

I have to agree, something is very strange.

Just 3 weeks ago, Dr. Lange was on as a member with President Lewis, I saw it with my own eyes.

Now, looks like Dr. Lange was the only one corrected.

Greg is still on there for SACSWD, and he has been gone for awhile!

The 2 city employees have moved on a while ago to.

I am not big into conspiracy theory, but I will have to agree that is it at least very odd?

Very good catch, remember it is always in the details.

Jimmy Burds said...

Thank you for your positive comments as well as your concerns about the CCBPA website. These comments help us do a better job of serving our members. We are currently making many updates.

As far as the comments that paint a picture of conspiracy, I can not take those seriously when they are anonymous.

Jimmy Burds
Commerce City Business and Professional Association

Anonymous said...

RE: CCPBA website


Dick Smith is still on as South Adams Water. I don’t think he is a Director anymore.

I can verify, Dr. Lange was on there just 2 and 1/2 weeks ago.

Rido, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Who is running for Commerce City Council in November? Somebody needs to step up and run! The council members from Ward One who is Scott Jaquithe and the council members from Ward Three Reba Drotar will be done and are both term limited so they can't run. Two at large positions now held by Jason MacEldowney and Orval Lewis will be open for reelection and thank God, Orval Lewis is term limited and cannot run again. Jason can and will probably win but that leaves an at large seat open. Right now word on the street is that Gene Leffel will run, Citizens Against Restrictive Zoning founder leader whatever. Come on people, step up to the plate and save our city PLEASE. We need educated, professional, people who can truly represent us at the county, state and national level, not a bunch of people other people will laugh at. There must be somebody out there who is willing to run. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Blog Gate…?

What is it???

Who is it???

Coming soon to a blog near you…

Anonymous said...


male beagle pup missing since Jan 6,2009 near 100th and Chambers. he was bought for my children for Christmas. please someone return him home. there is a cash reward. he has a black back with a white spot near his tail. Thank you 303-570-2983

Anonymous said...

What is blog gate??? Sounds scandoulous! How long do we have to wait???? Curious in Reunion

Anonymous said...


How many times have you wanted to ask a question of a police officer but didn’t feel the time or circumstances were right? An innovative program designed by the Commerce City Police Department to provide citizens the opportunity to ask questions of police officers regarding crime, traffic, quality of life issues, crime prevention or a host of other questions will kick off on Tuesday, January 27, 2009, between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. at the Starbucks Coffee Shop at 10339 Tower Rd.

Chief of Police Phillip J. Baca and other police personnel will be available to answers any questions that customers may have regarding police and/or crime issues.

This program will give the police department an opportunity to engage the community in a non-traditional police setting. It will provide a relaxed forum where different officers will be available to make a connection with citizens and local business owners alike and promote partnerships within the community.

Coffee with a Cop sessions will also be scheduled at different coffee shop venues throughout the city, one morning a month. Officers from different areas of the department will attend these sessions. If an officer cannot answer your question, they will work on getting an answer and follow-up with you.

The media is strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. Police Public Information Officers will be available for interviews.

Anonymous said...

How long are we supposed to wait to get our recycle bins? The block og 64th and Olive down to 62nd have never gotten theirs. I called Waste Management and they said it was a Commerce City issue. I emailed city hall and have gotten no response. I sure hope when we have to start paying they do not expect me to as I will fight it.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I hear something I will post.

Dustin McIntyre,

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your bins soon. I couldn't believe how much recyclable waste my family generated in 3 weeks. Feels good to be part of the solution and not of the problem. If Waste Management gets close to that amount for pickup from each home they should make enough money to keep our costs pretty low once we have to pay.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Commerce City is not being charged on those blocks that do not have recycling.

The rate should be pro rated by Waste Management.

Still, a wonderful program!

Ryland, 80022

Tim Dalton said...

I really like the discussion of the 2 council member per ward vs. the 4 at large we currently have. I hope council can get wind of this.

It would be a charter change and voted on by the people. It would be a more fair way to the people of Commerce City represented.

I could be mistaken but it can be put on the ballot my either the City Council or by a petition by the voters of Commerce City.

Tim Dalton, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

I would suspect that a block got missed by accident.
As far as the city getting refunded, the amount the city is getting charged for the pick up of recycled items is quite low. If divided by the number of households x the 2 pick ups that were missed, it wouldn't be worth the accounting time it would take to figure.
I just hope these people are given their bins ASAP and that they use them.:)
It's a great program (we've hardly put anything in our trash now!! Yea!

ccSpeaks said...

Regarding the Derby area being blighted...

Want to know what should be the number one factor of deciding if an area of the city should be BLIGHED?

Have a meeting and only have maybe 3 out of I think 50 or 60 businesses in the area show up and speak.

Commerce City council did the right thing. The meeting should have been packed and it wasn’t.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much of our tax dollars are spent printing city communications in spanish? This is an English speaking country and I'm tired of my money being spent on people who refuse to learn it. There's a correlation between low property values and people turning single family homes into apartment buildings.

Anonymous said...


On January 16, 2009, the Adams County Coroner’s Office conducted the autopsies of the two adults found deceased in the 47000 block of East 144th Avenue on January 15, 2009.

The preliminary autopsy results reveal the two died as a result of Blunt Trauma to the body some of which were the result of gun shot wound(s).

The families of the victims have been notified and the individuals have been identified as:

Harold Enander, 69 yrs
Velva Enander, 61 yrs

Both resided at the address where they were found in Unincorporated Adams County. No additional information is available at this time.

James Hibbard, Coroner
Adams County Coroner’s Office

via email said...

The Commerce City Mayor position should be a separate position from the city council regular positions.

It only make sense that the members with lots of experience can in a way “graduate” into the mayor position.

This is not the first time this subject has been brought up. The citizens actually voted on this very same issue and it failed just by the slightest of margins. The voting demographics have changed since then I it should go back to the people. It would be a charter change and would need to go to the people anyway.

What do you all think?

Just more wild ideas.

sent via email said...


Thank you so much for place our lost beagle ad. By doing that we
have got our puppy back. He was at a home just 6 blocks away. i
really appreciate it. my kids are so happy that he is home.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

my 2 cents said...

I don't want someone in the elected position in Commerce City for years and years and years.

If we should learn anything from the past it is that we need new blood on a very regular basis.

I am against the idea making the mayor and council positions seperate.

just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "new blood" idea. My only concern is how new is that "new blood".
Do they understand our city and it's unique issues?
We could have times where the entire council and mayor is new....that is a bit concerning.
Having said that, most of the people I know that have served the city have not had much support. Citizens seem ready to complain and never to praise, so they might not want to serve year after year.

Jasmine B. said...

Mayor Paul Natale you are dead on in your comments about Derby!

It is too bad that their are people in the city that will bash you no matter what you do, I guess that is what being a politician is all about.

Everyone, you can see a lot more videos on what seems like every issue in the city at the gateway youtube page, just follow the link below.

Gateway, you have done a good job on the coverage, keep up the good work.

Jasmine B., Commerce City

Salty Dog said...

Complain!!! Hell YES, that is all the citizens do, at least the "active ones". You want to know whats really going on in this city look for future commnets by me, I have a whole hell lot to say!

Thee Salty Dog

CC Press Release said...

Retail market study underway

COMMERCE CITY – The city’s Economic Development Department has engaged The Retail Coach (TRC) to conduct a retail market study of the Commerce City community.

TRC staff will visit Commerce City Jan. 20-22 and contact various community stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the city.

Questions about this study should be directed to Economic Development Director Brittany Morris at (303) 289-3747 or

Brighton News said...

News from Brighton,

Manuel Escabel is new Brighton City Manager.

Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council regular meeting. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 26
Study session
Civic Center council chambers
Consent agenda
• Metro waste water
• Discussion on Pro Park concept
• Discussion on city art work
• Discussion regarding Residential Occupancy Ordinance (ROSCO) 1758.

Special meeting
Executive session
• The executive session is for the purpose of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions under C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(b) regarding the responsibilities and obligations of a city councilperson as an individual to the City Council as an entire body.
Possible action
• Possible action following executive session regarding the responsibility and obligation of a City Council member as an individual to the City Council as an entire body

Anonymous said...

Effective 12-31-08, Tony Johnson, resigned as Transportation Manager for ACSD 14. Was this at the request of the School Board, or voluntary?

Anonymous said...

Since we are making all of the improvements in our city I have to ask: What can be done to improve the taste of the water? I've sent complaints to south adams water who says "the water meets or exceeds the minimum standard". Is there anyone else tired of buying additional water to drink? That'll keep people from wanting to move here.

C3 Vision Meeting said...

C3 Vision Meeting

Community involvement is important for creating a shared vision for the C3 Vision plan. You have many different opportunities to help shape the plan, including participating in citywide and neighborhood meetings, observing and commenting at Citizens Advisory Committee meetings, City Council meetings and Planning Commission meetings. Mark your calendar and plan to join us.

Next Community Meeting Meeting:

Date: Thursday, January 29th, 2009
Location: Kearny Elementary School
Starts: 6:00pm

Anonymous said...

South Adams County Water District is not under the city of Commerce City.
It is independant.
Having said that, you need to drink at the Chili's in Brighton, there water is far worse!!
We have a softner that has done wonders. Got it at Sears for a reasonable cost.

Commerce City Press Release said...

Saddle up for the Daddy-Daughter Dance – western style

COMMERCE CITY – Dust off your boots and don your finest duds for Commerce City’s annual Daddy-Daughter Sweetheart Dance, coming Feb. 6.

Saddle up with your little cowgirl and head on over for a night of boot-scootin’ fun that includes a dancing contest, games and a raffle. Pictures will also be available for purchase.

This year’s theme is western and all girls ages 4 to 18 and their dads are invited (uncles and grandfathers are welcome too). The dance is 6-9 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 6 at the Commerce City Recreation Center, 6060 E. Parkway Drive.

Buy your tickets early and save some buckaroos – tickets purchased by Feb. 4 are $10 for residents, $12 for nonresidents; after Feb. 4, ticket prices are $13 for residents, $15 for nonresidents.

To register, contact the Recreation Center at (303) 289-3789. For more information, call Jenna Sutheimer at (303) 289-3789.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter said...

Rep. Perlmutter Calls for Answers for TJ Maxx Customers

Washington, DC -- Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) sent a letter to Heartland Payment Systems and The TJX Companies, Inc., parent company of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, to take measures to protect their customers’ credit card information in the wake of one of the largest financial data breaches in consumer history.

It was recently reported that consumer credit card data processed by Heartland Payment Systems was infiltrated. Reports indicate merchant data from roughly 250,000 American businesses were jeopardized, including payroll and credit card information.

Heartland Payment Systems processes hundreds of millions of credit card payments for The TJX Companies which include TJ Maxx and Marshalls. The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are investigating this matter.

“At a time when consumers are watching every dollar, this crime threatens millions of hardworking Americans,” said Perlmutter. “Heartland and TJX Companies need to go the extra step to make sure their consumers are safe from such incidents. In addition, Heartland and TJX Companies need to make their customers and employees aware of this breach, and provide them necessary steps to protect their identity and financial security.”

Along with a letter to both companies, Perlmutter also released the following tips to help consumers protect their identity from these kinds of financial data breaches. Tips include:

1. Shred all credit card receipts, old bank statements, medical statements, everyday bills and any pre-approved credit card offers.

2. Write clearly on all credit applications. Consistently and completely fill in all credit and loan applications using your full name, first, middle and last. Every bill that comes to your house should be addressed exactly the same.

3. Never leave paid bills in your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up. Drop them off at a post office box.

4. Only shop with online merchants that have a Trust-e symbol or a Better Business Bureau online seal.

5. Make passwords unique and never use personal information like your mother’s maiden name or any part of your Social Security Number.

6. Be aware of unexpected bills, bills that should have come but never did, denials for credit you did not request and calls from business about purchases you never made.

7. Don’t click on business or financial pop-up ads until you confirm through an online search or with the Better Business Bureau.

8. Check your credit report once a year. The law requires the companies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to give you a free copy of your credit report if you ask for it.

9. Change your PIN and passwords on a regular basis and don’t give them to anyone.

10. Use online banking and check in on your checking and banking activity frequently.

Local Republican said...

A website we all need to watch and/or comment on.

Commerce City Press Release said...

Community meetings offer residents chance for input in planning process

COMMERCE CITY – Commerce City residents, business owners and property owners are invited to attend upcoming community meetings to review and discuss the city’s long-range Comprehensive Plan, C3 Vision.

The Jan. 29 and Feb. 4 meetings are the city’s second set of community discussions on C3 Vision, and build on input from earlier meetings. Additional meetings will be held throughout the year as the planning process continues through this fall.

The city will use C3 Vision to help make decisions, shape the city’s growth, and prioritize resources and funding. The plan will address land use, economic development, housing, transportation, parks and open space, community services and facilities, community sustainability and other topics that are important to residents and businesses.

Among other things, C3 Vision provides a plan for where types of businesses will be located in the city. For instance, heavy industrial uses would not be located next to residential developments.

Citizen input is an important part of the development of C3 Vision. Community members are asked to attend and join discussions with city planners about how Commerce City should grow. The same information will be presented at each meeting about the city’s vision, guiding principles (directions for the plan) and growth options. Meeting times and locations are:

6 p.m., Jan. 29 at Kearney Middle School, 6160 Kearney St.
6 p.m., Feb. 4 at Second Creek Elementary School, 9950 Laredo Drive

The meetings will begin with a brief presentation and will include engaging exercises for participants. Refreshments will be provided, and participants will have a chance to win a $25 gift card to King Soopers at each meeting.

The city has a dedicated project Web site:, which serves as a central location for C3 Vision information. The site contains up-to-date information, a calendar of events, draft documents, maps and surveys.

Community members are encouraged to participate in a new survey at seeking input on what topics the plan should address, such as city image, housing needs and redeveloping older neighborhoods. It is fast and easy to take and is available in English and Spanish.

For more information about C3 Vision, contact City Planner Steve Timms at (303) 227-8816 or by e-mail at

News from Council Meeting said...

Are Ward 2 meetings a good thing?

Should city spend money to send out reminders in the mail, cost can be around $2,000ish.

What do you think?

News from council meeting said...

Buffalo Mesa increased tax by about $500 due to over sighted by adams county.

Don't call city to complain, but call the Adams County tax people.

Red Barn Rebel said...

you want people to show up at a meeting in ward 2, forget mailing, just say it is a nascar issue.

Counil Live said...

Listening to council online and they are talking about water, Commerce City does not control its own water and I think if not now, it will be time in the very near future to have Commerce City take over the control from South Adams

Not a popular opinion I know, but needs to be discussed at some point in time.

Living in Ward 2 said...

Ward 2 meeting are a good thing and yes the city should held and city should mail out reminders or put it in city lights and their website.

Lori, Ward 2

Anonymous said...

All treatment plants in Commerce City for Metro Water, is that what that smell is all of the time?

Just Curious

Listening to Council said...

what you just figured this out, Commerce City is the Metro Potty Ground.

Do we get any knid of money out of this?

Anonymous said...

It is not a secret that Commerce City it the poop dump ground!

Anyone with a nose can tell you this!

Anonymous said...

1/3 of Colorado population use the
treatment plant that is located in Commerce City

created back in the 1960s

I guess Denver didnt want it in their area.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City is stinky in the summer months, almost unbearable!

I hope the "odor studies" will improve the situation.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been at a meeting back in the 60s when they decided where these plants would go.

Anonymous said...

I might be mistaken, but I do not think Brighton wants anything to do with Metro Water. I could be wrong, but I know there has been "issues"

Anonymous said...

FYI ROSCO stands for Residential Occupancy Standards Ordinance

2008 28 complaints resulting in 13 warrants.

1 variance request to Board of Adjustments

Current 4 adults, 200 sq ft per adult

Proposed 3 unreleated
150 sq ft per occupant

One sex offender or 2 if related to head of household

Anonymous said...

Certification for slums in C Town, I dont think so!

Anonymous said...

unrealted and related will be very hard to prove for ROSCO proposal.

Anonymous said...

this will just be one of those laws on the books that never gets enforced, like the weed law.

Anonymous said...

what about the parking of cars. One house has 9 cars can that be a tip off that the house is not in compliance?

Anonymous said...

too many cars can be enforced by a parking law that is complaint driven

Anonymous said...

Just a tool for the city to have if needed.

Listening in Reunion said...

Yes lets take on more of Denver's waste, why not, our council is too stupid to stand up for us. We need good people to run for council in November so Denver can have their own waste in their own city. Ya dump it in Commerce City, they will eat anything just like Mikey!!!

Comments about City Council said...

Council is trying to Legislate a life style, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Anonymous said...

I dont care we need something before this gets out of control!

We need someone to stick up for this law!

Thank You Kathy Teter for your comments!

About time!

Anonymous said...

WOW my house can hold about 20 adults if this passes!

Listening in Reunion said...

Relation part will be impossible for ROSCO!

What about holidays! I can have tons of people staying for a week!

Living in Reunion said...

I live in Reunion so I can have seventeen people living in my house as it is 2,600 square feet. Thank goodness because I was wondering when the enforcement officer was going to arrive. Does this mean we must have seventeen people in each house in Reunion that is this large?

Listening in Reunion said...

Oh No!!! If we pass this then Commerce City will become a dumping ground for very large families with hardships. And by the way Kathy Teter there is no such word as "resolvement".

Anonymous said...

Rental Standards, should an inspection be in order.

Discussions will be starting soon.

From Cilty Council said...

Council member Jim Benson removed from appointed boards.

More on this as it develops

Anonymous said...

I live in north Commerce City. Semi-new to the city. I find some of the previous comments very low class and rude.
Our city has had many things forced on it in the past.
Those were the days when any goes, back door deals and under the table pay outs.
That is no longer the case, but the current council/mayor cannot just send things away or rewrite past contracts that were not good for us.
We can as a city support and advise the council. We can get involved and present positive ideas. Lets do something outside of "stinky town" .."figures, its' Commerce City" etc.
You want something to be proud of? Look at yourself and your attitude. Stop the name calling, start doing your part.
As far as Mr Benson's meeting. I feel that one meeting with staff and mailouts per year (at the city's cost) is enough. If he wants two than he can advertise in the city lights, e-mail etc. and talk to his people, listen to his people and bring back answers that he doesn't have later.
With 9 council members, times 2 meetings @ $2000 ($36,000) plus staff time, 18 meetings (1 & 1/2 per month)WOW that doesn't sound fiscally sound. Or does only Mr. Benson get to have them? We need a better idea.

p.s. a lot of the industry we have is a good thing. It pays the bills that other cities can't pay.

Via Email, My Comment said...

My comment:How come nobody ever talks about the city manager's house anymore? There is over $400,000 of Commerce City taxpayer money tied up in it and it is losing value every day. Must be nice to live in a $400,000 house in Reunion completely free for almost two years now. Since the value of the house has gone down, even if the city manager sold his home in Arizona, he would not be able to get a mortgage for the value of the money that city taxpayers have tied up in his house. Doesn't anybody care about the taxpayers? Guess not. Nice that taxpayers took this risk and they get left holding the bag, the empty bag.

FYI said...

City is getting permit fees from the "eye soar" at dog track.

By "eye soar" I mean a bunch of cars being stored there for whatever reason.

Just an FYI

Red Barn Rebel said...

If what Council Member Reba Drotar says is true about the cement and plumbing, then yes, the council does need to finally take this seriously.

A good website for all council to see.

Red Barn Rebel

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the dog track parking lot,(parking lot as in place to park cars), is now an "eye sore".
They are cars, they are parked...hense why an eye sore?


I was not at council nor did I hear it streamed live, due to the fact that I was busy with my family. After what was said I wish I was there.

I saw the video of the outrageous action by this council!

I demand that you re-instate Jim Benson to all appointed boards and commissions. Your actions are appalling and completely unfair!

Jim Benson did nothing wrong to warrant such a punishment.

A Very Concerned Citizen and yes I did sign the recall of Mayor Paul Natale.

Red Barn Rebel said...

Whatever Jim had this coming for a long time.

Red Barn Rebel

Ed Casso Press Release said...

Representative Casso
announces 2009 Town Hall Meeting

Schedule for Commerce City constituents, and continues leadership that benefits the people of Commerce City

Commerce City, Colorado 01/22/09- Representative Edward Casso has announced the 2009 Town Hall Meeting Schedule for Commerce City constituents. “I am honored again to have a series of public meetings with my constituents concerning all of the hard issues we face in the 2009 Colorado Legislative Session.” Casso was elected to his second term to represent the people of Colorado’s 32nd House District, and faced no opposition in the primary or general election. “We didn’t campaign as aggressively in 2008 as in my first election, we did not have an opponent and wanted to respect your time. At the same time my resolve and dedication to you and our district has only grown stronger” Casso noted. Representative Casso was elected as Assistant Majority Whip in his first term, a first ever leadership position for an Adams County freshman. Casso is the appointed 2009-2010 Vice-Chair of the Business Affairs and Labor Committee. “Clearly, being a leader in the Democratic Caucus serves the needs and voice of our community well. Thank you again for allowing me to do this job for you.” Casso stated.

The schedule is as follows:
1. Joint Government in Grocery with Representative Edward Casso and Senator Mary Hodge at Hi-Lo Grocery 7290 Monaco Street on Saturday January 31st from 9-11 am.

2. Representative Casso will also be having monthly meetings at Gala Gardens Restaurant 8383 Rosemary Street on Saturdays- February 14, March 14, April 11, and May 9 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Please stop by with any questions, concerns, or ideas with how we make Commerce City and Colorado a better place together.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Representative Casso at his capitol office (303) 866-2964 or

Anonymous said...

Casso sounds like an idiot, I wish Tracey would have made it!

Anonymous said...

There is a meeting this Wednesday to talk about the Comprehensive Plan and how it will shape the future of Commerce City. This is your chance to express your ideas and opinions about: what to do with the land by E-470, when should Tower Road be widened, what areas of the city should be redeveloped, where should industrial uses be, where should residential uses be, where and when should the parks and trails be built? These are all great questions- be a part of the process and solution. The meeting is at Second Creek Elementary in Fronterra this Wed, Feb 4th at 6pm-7:30pm. More information is at