Commerce City General Issues February 2009

Another month has past and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.
Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and


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Anonymous said...

Okay Derby is Blighted, so now what! It has been weeks and we hear nothing. Shouldn’t there be some kind of a task force put into place?

Help Needed

Collete said...

I will make this short and sweet…

CC needs a FULL time grant writer!

I support changing the charter to having 2 ward reps instead of 4 at large, plain and simple, NOT Fair, all reps are coming from the northern range.

Action speaks much louder then words

Collete, Commerce City

Mandle said...

I heard the Ed Casso comments about Derby being Blighted. Does he not realize that Derby is mostly business and family poverty levels really has nothing to do with it?

Curious in Reunion,

G Mandle

sent via email said...

Considering that ALL of the grants are going to Brighton, I agree Commerce City does need a full time grant writer.

Also would like to know more about what is going on with City Managers house situation.

I am a voting citizen and I deserve to know what is going on.

SS, Commerce City

*Comment come via email on Sat. I missed it and am posting now, sorry! Gateway News

Anonymous said...

I was always warned about using the terms "ALL" and "NEVER". They never leave room for reality!

Anonymous said...

Out of nine council reps. We have 3who never lived the majority of their time in the historic part of the city.
Just becaused they relocated to the north doesn't mean the are "northern" reps.
The north doesn't believe they are representated fairly either for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

So with that logic it is more of reason to have 2 reps from each of the wards instead of 4 at large

Hot ideas said...

Economic Developments of both Commerce City and Adams County need to focus on the E470 corridor as a premier office type campus.

Brighton Mayor said they are working on getting a grant that will help make this corridor, including the City Commerce City (mayors words in the video) a renewable energy or green themed area. I wonder if Commerce City even knows about this?

Commerce City needs to put our marketing sails up and catch onto the winds of Vestas. It is said that Vestas can bring 2 or 3 more levels of business.

Council wanted an identity for the city, it looks the answer in Green. E470 should be full of solar panel manufactures, wind device manufactures, Green themed offices, threw in a Green Peace office. It could be wonderful.

Just some ideas

Dalton said...

What ever happened with the new weed rules that City Council was looking at.

I actually watched the Brighton’s state address and I think that Commerce City should do a “Weeding Wednesday” type of a program too!

If it works for other cities, why can’t we do it. Do they have copyrights on programs?

Weeding Wednesdays, Best Idea I heard of in a ling time.

Anonymous said...

No city has a “copyright” on any program. Thus Weeding Wednesday is a good idea that Commerce City should implement.

To make it our own we could call it straightin’ up Saturday

Or Sprucin’ up Sunday

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the Let’s Pull Together thing?

listening in Reunion said...

I have never heard a council member give information and then ask how the council would want them to vote like mayor protem Scott did tonight.

Is this because of what happened to Benson last week?

Anonymous said...

I just heard Mayor Paul trying to shut up Kathy Teter!

Anonymous said...

I see, Mayor lets his mayor protem speak, but shuts up At Large Kathy Teter!

Nothing has changed.

Red Barn Rebel said...

Mayor has to go by the rules set forth by city council. The rules are to not give comment back, but rather just listen.

He did not shut down Kathy, he is merely following the rules. Something new for this city!

Anonymous said...

Pulling Together was a program created by Kristi Douglas. It was to help pull weeds on Quebec,

City should recreate what Brighton did with "weeding Wednesday"

Call it Pulling Together and bring back the Yard of the Week!

Anonymous said...

No matter what the Mayor does, people will complain. I can honestly think that this town has never had a mayor they actually like!

Anonymous said...

Yeah well, lets look at who this city had as mayors, Kite, Busby, Ford!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Busby?

Anonymous said...

Should and Shall

Should Derby be more alive or Shall Derby be more alive?

Anonymous said...

Jim will like that one, he loves should and shall discussions!

Anonymous said...

Actually words "Derby is moving away from automotive use"!

This is exactly why it is blighted!

Anonymous said...

Council gives direction to investigate the issue of a breech of executive session.

Orval voted no, all other voted yes. Jim and Reba did not get to vote.

Dustin McIntyre said...

WOW! I was just at city council and I am getting comments (web log is linked to my cell phone) about what happened at the end before I even get home!

Who needs newspapers anymore!

Dustin McIntyre said...

I think the word is Breach, not Breech.

Just friendly FYI.

Anonymous said...

I listened to council and I'm pretty sure Orval said he DID want the breach of executive session, investigated.

He voted NO on the issue Scott was bringing forward about new "fees" to pay for bridges and roads.

In both cases a total vote wasn't needed because a majority was already there.

Lighter Side said...

Okay last night during the council obits part, how come absolutely NO ONE mentioned the death of Jim Benson's political career?

No one at all even hinted at it.


sent via email said...

Anyone else find it strange that council member Scott J. is the one making the motion to kick off Benson and now he is the one who brought up the idea of directing staff to look into a breach.

Does Scott J. loathe Jim Benson for some reason?

Inquisitive in ward 2

ccSpeaks said...

We might have gotted bad information about Orval's Vote, and we are sorry about that.

Mayor Natale,

It is not fair that you cut off the consensus after you get enough to pass anything. I would really appreciate it if you would let the entire council give their consensus.

We as citizens need to know how all of the council members stand on every issue. It is how we will decide if we will vote for them in the future.

Thank you very much,

ccSpeaks (group of very concerned residents)

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...


According to the video (currently the second video down on this page at the top) around 1 minute and 16 seconds, Orval Lewis says "Go ahead" when asked for his direction to look into the breach.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News

video is also on and

Anonymous said...

I agree it would be interesting to find out the vote of the remaining three.
As far as voting for the remaining council people who didn't get to vote, only 1 can be re-elected, that would have been Jim Benson. Any guesses how he would have voted?
To me,this situation with Mr. Benson appears to be pretty much a council directive, not anyone person.

Brighton Press Release said...

Today at approximately 1:41 p.m. a traffic crash occurred on US Highway 85 at 124th Avenue which forced the closure of US 85 for approximately two hours. A north bound silver Pontiac was seen traveling at a high rate of speed on US 85 and ran the red traffic signal at 124th. A semi-tractor trailer was traveling southbound on US 85 and turned east bound on 124th with a green left turn signal. The north bound Pontiac collided with the turning semi and sustained heavy damage. The semi jack-knifed and blocked the roadway.

The driver and sole occupant of the Pontiac, an 18 year old female, was pinned in the vehicle for approximately 30 minutes until extricated by rescue personnel. She was airlifted to an area hospital with serious injuries.

The occupants of the semi-tractor trailer, a student driver and an instructor, were not injured. The investigation is on going. There were no indications of alcohol or drug involvement.

Seven Brighton Police Officers, two Colorado State Troopers, and two Adams County Sheriff Deputies were needed to close the highway and direct traffic. The injured driver was extricated by rescue personnel from the Greater Brighton Fire Protection District and Platte Valley Ambulance.

ALERT on 104th said...

Everyone please be careful of 104th in Commerce City. There are some of the big rocks that are suppose to be in the median that are on the road.

I see this as an ongoing problem, council should address this as soon as possible

Resident of the North

Commerce City Press Release said...

“Cracker Shells” to be used at Murray Farm

During the winter month’s large population of geese tend to seek out open areas to feed; unfortunately one such gaggle of geese has taken residency at Murray Farm, 11010 Havana Street, Commerce City, CO 80022. Geese of this magnitude can easily destroy his winter crops. So in an effort to stop further damage to the farm, employees for the farm will be setting off ‘‘cracker shells’’ to relocate the geese population.

The shells make a very loud noise and are designed to scare the geese from the area and not harm them. The shells will be set off randomly and as infrequently as possible. The permit to set off “cracker shells” is valid between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. starting Tuesday, February 03, 2009 to Friday, March 20, 2009.

If you have any questions or concerns, call Police Lt. Chuck Saunier at (303) 289-3792.

Core Comments said...

Recall of Mayor Paul Natale is still alive and well.

The city has 30 days to respond and then it will go to a judge.

If the additional signatures count then it will go to the vote of the people.

Core Comments

Sent via email said...

Hiekue #11

Commerce City, once known for Farms of Hogs

Now known for entertaining Blogs...

Jim Benson ousted...but why, why? Everyone cries we are in the thickest of Fogs...

Art is ousted...but why, oh, why? Children climbing on it like a swing set made of Logs?

Oh Commerce City, so strange, everyone is watching us, and that my friends both north and south, makes me want to look for more egg nog…

Thank you, yes, not my best work, just something I threw together over lunch. Still very beautiful.

The Hiekue guy

Red Barn Rebel said...

Recall the Mayor?

Sure. what were the reasons again?

What a waste of time and money.

Red Barn Rebel

Fred A. said...

Council member Benson did something wrong and got kicked off the Appointed Boards and Commissions.

It is still fuzzy of what exactly he did, it is imperative that the rest of the appointed members know what he did so they do not make the same mistake.

As I said before, everything is still very fuzzy and in my opinion, there has been a complete break down of clarity and communication with the citizens.

My request to the Elected Council Members: Discuss this with amongst the group and come up with a point person to give a clear and detailed report.

If you have a problem with the 3 local newspapers, then utilize the city website or the city publication CITY LIGHTS or one of the bigger daily newspapers.

Fred A.

Anonymous said...

Is Commerce Ciy violating the conditions of the grants received from the SCFD by removing all the art from the city building? I thought the grants were received were for the city building art.

Anonymous said...

My gut instinct is Mr. Benson's removal has less to do with his position on boards and commisions and more to do with his position on council.
Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

SCFD Question is a good one!

So does it?

Red Barn Rebel said...

You guys ever see the movie "weekend at bernie's", that pretty much sums up the recall of Maypr Paul Natale. It is a dead issue that has a couple of people trying to hold it up.

Red Barn Rebel

Tim Dalton said...

I was under the impression that the recall could not add more signatures and did not have enough for a recall.

Have things changed?

Tim Dalton, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed.
I asked and it appears that this small group thinks they know better than the city clerk and city attorney.
Basically they are challanging the city's decision.

Anonymous said...

I heard two pieces were at does that become "ALL of the art" was/is removed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the petty, jealous, uneducated recall committee. Those people must be absolute idiots and will never again be a part of managing our city. I can't believe someone would just cost the city money because he got his ass kicked running for mayor. This is another reason we have be thorough when voting for our next council members.
We must be sure the person is progressive and NOT wanting to keep us in the past. Our city has come too far with Paul’s leadership and representation. Even in this recession Paul has kept the city’s financial s better than most cities in the country. We all need to speak with our new neighbors just moving into the city to ensure they get registered to vote and made aware of those trying to run down the city. How embarrassed would you be having the likes of “racetrack” or “ the town clown “speaking; representing you in a public forum.

ccSpeaks said...

A very important question: if Paul Natale is recalled, who would you want to take his place? Did you guys even think that far ahead?


Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council adopts updated Land Development Code

COMMERCE CITY – The City Council has adopted updated zoning ordinances for the city, to become effective March 1. The zoning ordinances, known as the Land Development Code (LDC), regulate land uses and development throughout the city.

Adoption of the updated zoning code brings to a close three years of work by City Council, Planning Commission and city residents, as well as work by staff and developers, to review and revise the city’s zoning policies. Several public meetings were held during the review process to gather input from residents, business owners and property owners. Drafts of the LDC were posted online at the city Web site,, and comments were also collected online, in person and at public meetings.

The LDC regulates land use by encouraging orderly growth and providing compatible land uses. The code describes how land in each zone may be used, from fence requirements to landscaping and more.

The Land Development Code is separate from the Comprehensive Plan, which is also being updated this year. While the Comprehensive Plan guides the types and locations of developments in the city, the LDC regulates the details of that design. The two plans are separate, but work together to provide high-quality design and building standards for the city.

The new LDC replaces zoning ordinances, some of which were more than 20 years old. The updates incorporate principles and ideas such as sustainability, open space preservation, healthy communities and the transformation of industries and technologies that were not contemplated 20 years ago.

Development review applications submitted after March 1, when the new LDC takes effect, must comply with the updated regulations. Applications submitted before March 1 will be processed according to the previous code. City staff is working with residents, businesses and developers to inform them of the new code and its requirements.

For more information on the Land Development Code, contact Planner Steve Timms at (303) 227-8816.

Commerce City Police Press Release said...

Vehicle Accident Results in One Death

COMMERCE CITY ― On Friday, February 6, 2009 at 7:00 a.m., Commerce City police officers responded to East 112th Avenue and Highway 85 in reference to an injury accident. Upon arrival officers discovered two vehicles with severe damage—a white Ford F-350 and a Pontiac Vibe.

Officers found a 35 year old male with severe injuries in the driver’s front seat of the Pontiac Vibe. This person was transported to Denver Health Medical Center where he later died of injuries.

The driver of the F-350, a 22 year old male was uninjured in the collision. However, a 26 year old male passenger from the same vehicle was transported to Platte Valley Medical Center with minor injuries.

The Commerce City Accident Investigation Team responded to the scene. The preliminary investigation revealed that the Ford F-350 was northbound on Highway 85 at East 112th Avenue. The Pontiac Vibe was southbound on Highway 85 attempting to make a left hand turn onto eastbound 112th Avenue when it collided with the front of the Ford F-350.

The Accident Investigation Team is still working to determine which vehicle had the right of way. The investigation is ongoing and any criminal or traffic related charges will be determined at a later time.

Witnesses or other individuals with additional information are asked to contact the Commerce City Police Department at (303) 227-8840.

The names of the parties involved are being withheld at this time until next of kin can be notified.

Anonymous said...

I heard Reunion is building a new pool, rec center and skate park. How can a small sub division build for its residents but our city can't build anything for us that don't live in reunion?

Rangeview Press Release said...

Opalanga Pugh Visits Commerce City Branch Library

What: In honor of Black History Month, Commerce City Branch Library hosts Opalanga Pugh, a storyteller of the African Oral Tradition. Please join us as it is sure to be a dynamic and exciting evening!

When: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009 7 p.m.

Where: Commerce City Branch Library 7185 Monaco Street Commerce City , CO 80022

Who: A full-time professional storyteller, facilitator and keynote speaker since 1986, Denver native Opalanga Pugh has traveled from the Rocky Mountain West, sharing and collecting stories, hosting ceremonies, and facilitating workshops in the U.S., Canada, Europe, West Africa, and the Caribbean.

Reunion Resident said...

I have never heard that Reunion is going to build anything new. Maybe a pool in south lawn but I think tht is about it.

It is tough times for the city and a new rec center in the north is just going to have to wait. Do you not watch the news?

Unless Commerce City can get on in some of the magic Obama money aka stimlus aka spending plan, I dont see anything being built for a long while.

Reunion Resident

Anonymous said...

To the "Christian" council person and their 3 dinner mates.
Your conversation at Buffalo Grill was overheard by us. Before you celebrate your "victories" you might want to remove the PLANKS from you eyes. Remember, your judgement time will come.

Curious in Reunion said...

WOW! that sounds very interesting, what did they say?

Curious in Reunion!

ccSpeaks said...

Hell, i'm interested too, you don't have to tell us who, just what did you hear?

Anonymous said...

A PLANK- is someone going to be hanged? Or do we need another investigation of council member behavior? On another note, according to Iris Scadden, the City will owe back the funds to SCFD if the art funded by them is used for another purpose, or at least the City needs to contact them and work out changes in advance. There has already been concerns expressed about CC by SCFD. No need to undo the positives we have gained.

sent via email said...

According to the dictionary a breach is “an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise.”

I have re-read the city attorney Benson’s statement and I did not learn anything new, so how can this be a breach?

I wish for council to address this tonight.

*POINT OF CLARIFICATION (Gateway News): Jim Benson is NOT the city Attorney, but rather a city council member of Ward II, who happens to also be an Attorney in regular life.

Holly T. said...

So one of the only grants commerce city gets they are going to have to return?

Where are the council priorities?

We obviously know where the city council stands on their opinion of the art piece, just watch the video of the piece being called a “hideous, big headed Indian”, the actual words of a council member!

I am shocked by the actions of this city council, no wonder we are always hearing about recalls

I am sorry to Iris Scadden and all of the Artist that have to deal with this HIDEOUS council!

Holly, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Holly, just because one council member used extremely poor judgement (which is not the first for this person) doesn't mean that all of the council should be called names by you.
Unless you have been deeply involved in all aspects of this art, from it's conception to where it is now, you do not have the entire story!
Name calling puts you on the same level as that council person.

via email said...

It needs to be noted that the only one negative comment that came from council was from Orval Lewis and the rest of the council should not be held responsible.

From City Hall said...

Meeting with Iris Scadden and City Council

Original Art Consultant may have been hired by previous city manager.

A new policy will be drafted to see what art will be placed and where art will be placed.

Can city stand the liability for the art, it has been reported that children may have been climbing on the piece and it is a concern about safety.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to stop kids from climbing on the art if that is what is needed.

listening in reunion said...

Why was council meeting started early tonight?

Listening in Reunion

Anonymous said...

It was posted ar starting at 5:30, still wondering why the early start?

Northern Range Resident said...

Why wasn't 27J included in the Boys and Girls Club discussion. I thought it was going to be placed at 96th avenue?

Northern Range Resident

Live from Council said...

Boys and Girls Club will be postponed until economic situation in America improves.

2010 should be a much better outlook. Donations are smaller these days.

Thank you and Kearny will still be served, and we will get it done, just not the right time now

Anonymous said...

I dont think the Boys and Girls Club was ever going to be built in the North, that was just something Benson said to get the north vote, it didnt work.

Live from Council said...

Kearny Boys and Girls club Stats

80 to 130 kids a day

Stay about 3 hours

Summer, stay all day

Very little dicipline issues

Anonymous said...

Boy, everyone just loves everyone in public, get them in private and it is day and night.

Live From City Council said...

Quality Lifetime Grants of Commerce City will be $100,000

Total Requested $711,517

Food Banks was a focus, help for the elder, and those with difficulties.

Listening in Reunion said...

Impressive that council created a grant committee. That is the way it should be.

Council needs to create more committees, I suggest the following groups:

A financial budget overview group
A policing overview group
A group that will overview art

Maybe a group for the council guidelines

Anonymous said...

Commerce City is one of the few cities that have actually kept this program (grant program), a lot of cities have cut this right off the budget crunch bat.

Anonymous said...

Orval is hilarious!

Tim Dalton said...

I agree with the citizens Committees, the fact is there are no people that want to be on these committees!

They are always looking for citizens to be on all kinds of different kinds of committees!

Tim Dalton

Real Core Comments said...

Recall Effort To legit to quit!

Real Core Comments

Listening in Reunion said...

OMG what would we do if something happens to the elected officials!

Emergency wise!

I guess we would have to call the recall group

Listening in Reunion

Listening in Reunion said...

Commerce City is a bunch of keystone cops!

Anonymous said...

Once Again,

How can Benson vote on his own replacements?

Core Commente said...


So now Benson is on as an alternate on housing authority?

What a bunch of CLOWNS!

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Poor Benson, this is unreal, I wish there were more people listening to this!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why there is a recall in the works!

Anonymous said...

Rene and Sean, get over the recall get a life, a job or do something with your time that is positive for the city.
You are no longer on the council. Was that the high point of your life, and that is "all there is"?

Anonymous said...

It's been said before, sitting on a board or commission as a representative of NOT an owed part of their job. It is completely at the council's discretion. They decide who is best to sit where they will be most useful for the city.
Mr. Benson still has voting rights on council to represent his ward, that has not changed.
It appears he can be a loose cannon on his own.
p.s. it appears the council stands or "sits" together on this!

Anonymous said...

The recall even if successful will accomplish nothing. It was conceived in jealousy by a group of uneducated failures in life. The new mayor and or council person will have an education and continue to move the city in a positive direction. Looking at the ages of those involved in the recall statistically; they will be no longer be meddling in our future sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the statue can be moved to the original location, eliminating the safety concern. That would be a win-win situation.

sent via email said...

Why the heck do the kids in the south get money for athletics and the kids in the north get nothing? I hope the Gateway prints the entire list of grant monies so the citizens can see how their tax dollars are used on wasteful projects. What a joke!

Gateway News said...

Jack in the Box going in at 60th area in Commerce City? Maybe.

Almost 99% sure.

sent via email said...

I hope Mr. Jones is successful with his fight with the city to be heard again at citizen communication during regular council meetings in Commerce City.

Dustin McIntyre said...

If not mistaken, I do think that the Mr. Jones issue is a civil issue and has nothing to do with the city.

Anonymous said...

After all that has happened in other cities, I do not want to have anyone take any chances. I really do wish that Mr. Jones is not allowed back to council.

We do not need a potentially dangerous situation to get way out of hand. It is just not worth it.

Safety First!

A concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

The core city has a bunch of angry weird people that want to stop any progression toward a more urbane metropolis. Let them send a letter if they just want to start trouble and be miserable. If you are one of those people you can move if you are truly that unhappy.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it is a bunch, maybe 30 tops.

Anyone know why the exe. session with housing authority person Malloy?

Sent via email said...

Just humans acting humanly.

No Big Deal

Commerce City Police Press Release said...


Commerce City Police Department

* Meet and visit with members of the Commerce City Police Department over coffee.
* Ask questions about the department, crime prevention, special programs or law enforcement in general.
* Discuss your concerns.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
6050 Parkway Drive
Commerce City, CO

Contact person:
Kayla Fender 303.227.3925

Late Night Rant said...

First off, anyone who didn't know that the last council meeting was at 5:30 is just lazy, it was posted on the city website, it was even posted on this blog at least twice!

Second, council is always saying “how do we get info out to the public?”, “What about City Lights?”, Well, I hate to be the one that breaks it to you, but your city lights is a piece of junk. You want people to come to something, call it a Nascar event and they will come! I Kid, Actually, I would suggest that you find the money to do a mailing and put ads in both the Beacon and Gateway. I know that you gave the city manger a hefty bonus and I see the questions about the city manger house being ignored. The fact is all that money should be going towards mailings and advertising for the ward meetings. It is just stupid that Benson requests to have a meeting and can not do a mailing about it because of lack of money. It is not a lack of money but rather a stupid decision by this council as a whole of the right funding. That is what fund accounting is all about, placing the money in the right funds that make the best sense!

BOTTOM LINE: Top end city staff do not need car allowances, but we do need reminders sent to the citizens about a ward meeting that will keep the citizens informed. The talent in Commerce City is not that “outstanding” that they need incentives like car payments! I am so sick of all these individuals that think the deserve something, just because of what they do for their job. I am not impressed with anyone in the upper levels of the Commerce City Staff. I would bet my house, which is about 1/2 what I paid for it, that if you got rid of ALL of the city staff tomorrow and hired all new people at half the cost, NOTHING would change, matter of fact things might even get better!

Third, Stop the Recall! We do not need a recall going on during these times. It just shows everyone that we are a bunch of idiots that have a grudge. If you were a politician and you lost the last time around, be sad, get over it and gear up the next time around. That is why we do this every 2 years. Leave Natale alone.

Just the way I see it, not the popular opinion I Know, but still my opinion.

Timothy, and Steph helped

Anonymous said...

I must agree to disagree.
With nine on council including the mayor....if each held 2 meetings that adds up to 18 meetings a year. At the cost of staff to be there ( 1 & 1/2 times per month) there employee compensation would take away from regular duties. Plus (mailings & school space rental) at approx $2000 that is $36000 yearly for on a good night, 100 people per meeting and often only 20 people.
Doesn't seem like wise fiscal use.
I also suggest you research how much upper staff and city managers get in pay and benis in other cities our size (especially ones trying to really improve). I have researched this and we are pretty much in the middle.
Having dealt with the cities old staff and now the new I see a big difference in many ways. Much better direction and customer service, perfect no, what is?
And yes city lights needs to get better!
~just my opinion.

Commerce City Police Update said...

Vehicle Accident Results in One Death

February 12, 2009

The driver of the Pontiac Vibe has been identified as David Lee, 35 years old from Northglenn.

The driver of the Ford F-350 has been identified as Kenneth Whetstone, 22 years old from Federal Heights.

The passenger of the Ford F-350 is a Zachary Bergstrom, 24 from Aurora.

The investigation is still ongoing and any criminal or traffic related charges will be determined at a later time.
***End of update***

COMMERCE CITY ― On Friday, February 6, 2009 at 7:00 a.m., Commerce City police officers responded to East 112th Avenue and Highway 85 in reference to an injury accident. Upon arrival officers discovered two vehicles with severe damage—a white Ford F-350 and a Pontiac Vibe.

Officers found a 35 year old male with severe injuries in the driver’s front seat of the Pontiac Vibe. This person was transported to Denver Health Medical Center where he later died of injuries.

The driver of the F-350, a 22 year old male was uninjured in the collision. However, a 26 year old male passenger from the same vehicle was transported to Platte Valley Medical Center with minor injuries.

The Commerce City Accident Investigation Team responded to the scene. The preliminary investigation revealed that the Ford F-350 was northbound on Highway 85 at East 112th Avenue. The Pontiac Vibe was southbound on Highway 85 attempting to make a left hand turn onto eastbound 112th Avenue when it collided with the front of the Ford F-350.

The Accident Investigation Team is still working to determine which vehicle had the right of way. The investigation is ongoing and any criminal or traffic related charges will be determined at a later time.

Anonymous said...

I agree that if the city wants to use the City Lights as a communications medium the format must change. If they want to send out something in Spanish they should send it separate, only to those who request it. Split correspondences have been proven not to be effective. Most Hispanics have learned or is eagerly learning to read and write in English. Stop with the crutch already.

Core Comments said...

First why are you renting school space, the huge city hall isn't big enough?

Second, I think it was only the councilman Benson who wanted to do this. He is the only one that really cares about his ward, has any of the other council members even had one ward meeting?

You know it would only take 1 and 1/2 car payments for upper staff to pay for the mailing. UNREAL!

And what is going on with the city mangers house, why is that question always being avoided. I am not too happy with the newspapers either, since they aren't asking!

Bottom Line: I agree Timothy that you should get rid of all upper city staff and hire people at half the cost and see what happens. It is not like we are in the middle of a "golden era" and I do not see anything happening, except for a rumor by the Gateway News about a Jack in the Box, OH BOY, more fast food!

Anonymous said...

Core Comments should get an award for consistant complaining and stupid ideas!

Core Comments said...

Why are you renting school space, the school should be giving that to the city for FREE! Didn't the city give the school district a million dollars in land for the new HS?!

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

You have to remember that a good portion of the city is in School District 27J. The land that you are talking about was for Adams County School District #14.

The reason why you would want to rent from 27J, is because most likely would want the ward meeting in the ward it is held in. Example: Jim Benson should have his ward meeting at Second Creek or Turnberry Elem.

Core Comments said...

Thanks Dusty for the clarification,

Hey, since you seemed to be the guy who knows everything, what is your take on this issue at hand?

Core Comments

Dustin McIntyre said...

I am flattered that you would want to know my opinions. Due to the fact that I live in Denver, I think they really do not matter.

But, I encourage you to keep asking questions and voicing your opinion.

An open invitation to you for a video interview is always there, just let me know the time and place.

Core Comments said...

Fine, doesn't the city own the bison grill building? Why cant they have it there for free?

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Where at the Bison grill(except in nice weather) could you put 100 people (if, they showed up).
The city owns it but leases it to a restaurant owner. That would be similar to you renting a house to someone, then telling the renters you are letting your friends sleep there.

Tim Dalton said...

Core Comments, you have a lot of off the wall ideas.

Are you going to run for city council in Nov.?

Tim Dalton

Commerce City Press Release said...

City seeks volunteers for city boards

COMMERCE CITY – The city has several vacancies on various boards, commissions and committees.

Citizen participation is strongly encouraged; it ensures that your local government addresses the needs of Commerce City and its residents. If you have experience, knowledge and time, and care about the future of the city, you are encouraged to apply.

Citizens with expertise in these areas are needed. Applications are being accepted for:

• Cultural Council
• Housing Authority
• Liquor Licensing Authority
• Planning Commission
• Quality Community Foundation
• Zoning Board of Adjustment
• Derby Review Board
• Building Code of Appeals

For more information about the boards, commissions and committees, or for an application, please contact the city clerk’s office at (303) 289-3611 or visit the city’s Web site at

To be considered for a position, your application must be received in the city clerk’s office by 5 p.m. March 1.

Aaron said...


Are those city board positions a paying gig?

Aaron Hartley

Gateway News said...

I do not know but will find out and post later, might be Monday or Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

The City Manager's house loan has been mentioned a few times. My understanding is he has a current no interest home loan on a $400000 house extended indefinately. Initially he was paying interest. How much interest could the city get on that $400,000 or what else could it go for to benefit more of the community? Sorry at his salary the city manager can afford both his homes- especially with the car allowance.

Anonymous said...

So why did the 'mushroom cloud' art get removed after the mayor met with the city manager, who then told his assistant to get it removed "today"? Is the mayor continuing to call the shots in violation of the charter? And will the city reimburse the SCFD funds?

Fred A. said...

I am disappointed that the breach was not discussed at the last council meeting. Seriously, how long does it take the city attorney to look into the so called breach. I know that we hire more city attorney assistants, so why is it taking so long.

I really want to know what is going on with the allegations that the Mayor Pro Tem made towards my Ward Representative Jim Benson.

Fred A.,

Anonymous said...

The boards and commissions positions are NOT paid positions. They are all volunteer. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yes what about the city managers house. Everyone else in the entire northern range has to pay for their mortgages and we don't get to use our own tax dollars to pay our mortgages. We have to pay our own mortgages and we have to pay our taxes so we can pay for the city managers house too. Isnt that nice!

Anonymous said...

The original deal on the city managers house was that he was supposed to sell his house in Arizona, the city would buy the house in Reunion, and then he would get a mortgage on the house in Reunion after he sold his house in Arizona. And he was supposed to pay interest on the loan to the city, so the almost $400,000 that was taken out of the city coffers would be making the same money it would have it it had been in the bank. And it was supposed to be for six months only. He will be here two years in July and the city still owns the house in Reunion, what is going on? Anyone out there in cyberspace that can help us taxpayers understand???

Tim Dalton said...

What is the interest rate of the house?

Core Comments said...

Well, gateway,

Looks like the citizens took the city managers house story into their own hands.

A story you were afraid of.

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

You obviously do not know the history of the Gateway News.

The Gateway News is not afraid of any “story”, trying to keep up with all the issues on the web log is virtually impossible.

By the way, some of the positions of boards and commissions may be paid. A firm answer will be given by the Gateway News on Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I think the house loan started off at a low interest and now is at no interest. The city manager's total package is huge- with all the benefits and an interest free house loan. So why is he getting better than the citizens he is suppose to serve.

Anonymous said...

I have looked at the blogs about the city managers house. I find it interesting in a society that doesn't want to be a number, but appreciated as a person, some have pushed this.
I have been told that it took many months to fill this position and a lot of dollars.
We have a good fit.
Our city manager along with the council have brought us to a point of being respected and recognized for something other that graft,corruption and a "going no where city". To a place people want to come.
Our city is in the black. Something very few can say. I doubt that the plan was for the housing market to drop so that Mr Flannery's house in Arizona didn't sell.
I personally think some that push this are ex employees or elected officals with a "sour grapes" issues.
When I believe our city WONT get paid back I will B---H too!
I don't want us to start the process all over to fill Mr. Flannery's position, when he is getting us where we need to be. That would be a costly mistake.

Anonymous said...

Now people in the core city are jealous the city manager lives in a 400k home with a loan backed by the city. This place has the pettiest people. I'm sure many people living in the city at one time had a company offer an incentive for you to accept a position with them. My last company purchased my home in Virginia at a full appraised value (no realtor fees) and paid the moving company to get me out here. My point is, it's a normal way of doing business. No! You won't get that type of an offer if you work let's say selling deck accessories or managing a junk yard. The man obviously has good negotiating skills so let’s give him time to help get us to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Now people in the core city are jealous the city manager lives in a 400k home with a loan backed by the city. This place has the pettiest people. I'm sure many people living in the city at one time had a company offer an incentive for you to accept a position with them. My last company purchased my home in Virginia at a full appraised value (no realtor fees) and paid the moving company to get me out here. My point is, it's a normal way of doing business. No! You won't get that type of an offer if you work let's say selling deck accessories or managing a junk yard. The man obviously has good negotiating skills so let’s give him time to help get us to the next level.

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Liquor Authority members receive $50 per meeting that they attend. Both the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustments members receive $50 per regular meeting. They also get $10 per special meeting.

Anonymous said...

I think it is sad that the city had to cut a lot out of the budget, yet are out the $400,000 for the manager's house. In fairness, he should pay interest on this money, or not take a raise as part of his total compensation. I recognize that companies do offer perks- but taxpayer monies should be treated differently. Let the manager at the very least pay interest- as was part of the original contract.

Core Comments said...

You say Mr. Flannery is getting us where we need to be? Where exactly is that? Multiple of layers of high end staff and nothing to show for it? At least Perry got us the Soccer Stadium. What did Mr. Flannery get us, a Church’s Chicken and some rumor of a Jack in the Box? I may live in the Core area, but I know many people in the Northern Range that have the same feelings as I do.

The house deal that the city manger got was just plain irresponsible of behalf of this current council. It is the same thinking that got wall street into its trouble that it is in now. If you can not afford mailing for meetings for citizens, then you have no right paying car payments and bonuses for high end staff.

Core Comments

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet Press Release said...

President Obama Signs American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Bill Will Save or Create 59,000 Jobs in Colorado , Strengthen the Economy and

Invest in America ’s Future

Denver, CO – Today, United States Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Senator Bennet, who supported the passage of President Obama’s economic recovery plan, attended today’s signing ceremony at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

"For the millions of families in Colorado and across the nation struggling under the weight of this economic crisis, this recovery plan could not have come a moment too soon.

“I am pleased President Obama chose to sign this historic bill here in Colorado – the West has always been a land of opportunity. Our state is poised to benefit from the job-creating investments this plan will make in transportation, education and the new energy economy. And millions of middle-class Colorado families will receive significant tax relief that will put more money in their pockets and put college within their children’s reach.

“This legislation does not mean our situation will change overnight – we still face significant challenges in our housing and banking sectors that need to be addressed. But with President Obama’s signing of this crucial legislation, the long and difficult road to economic recovery begins today, and it begins right here in Colorado.”

Anonymous said...

Who got us the soccer stadium?

Anonymous said...

The soccer stadium deal was done by the former city manager and council. Commerce City successfully competed against Aurora, Lakewood and Northglenn. It was that deal that started the change in the image of Commerce City. In the metro area, it is held out as an excellant public-private partnerships, where the citizens did not get fleeced as part of the deal. This city manager was not the reason for the soccer stadium.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes good thing happen in spite of those involved. Such as the soccer stadium. I believe the people of Commerce City an Kronke deserve the credit.
Yea Oh Perry was involved, he was involved in a lot of things, he almost got us a NASCAr track. He got us many embarrassing moments on the news. He gave us the reminder of why people thought our city was full of corruption and drunks.

Anonymous said...

Word at the rec center is that one of our "past" council people is working the seniors to get ready for his run for council in the fall.
Guess that was his life!!

Anonymous said...

No one is all good or all bad. Perry did some good things and some bad things. Current council has done some good things and some bad things. The citizens did vote for the bond so the soccer stadium could be built. Kroenke certainly was part of it. But the credit should also include the old city manager and council. It took everyone to bring it to Commerce City. The music festival last summer reinforced the positive and long after Perry is gone, the stadium will still be there.

Tim D. said...

City needs to advertise the board positions as a paid position, you offer money and I bet you'll get some better response.

Tim Dalton

Gov Ritter Press Release said...


Gov. Bill Ritter announced the creation today of an accountability and oversight board to ensure that funds Colorado receives from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, signed in Denver yesterday, are spent effectively and transparently.

“The recovery act presents an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen Colorado’s economy and create new jobs all across the state,” Gov. Ritter. “With this opportunity also comes a need for additional monitoring to ensure the funds are invested effectively, efficiently and wisely, and with an unprecedented level of oversight, transparency and accountability.

“I have asked this distinguished group of Coloradans to join the accountability board to support the work of my administration in the expenditure of these funds,” Gov. Ritter said. “We have a sacred responsibility to taxpayers that this will be an open process. This board will establish various methods for the public to monitor where their money is going and how it is being spent.”

The board will be chaired by Don Elliman, director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development, and composed of public- and private-sector leaders from across the state, including:

State Treasurer Cary Kennedy
Secretary of State Bernie Buescher
State Sen. Moe Keller, chair of the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee
State Rep. Don Marostica, member of the Joint Budget Committee
Ray Baker, partner, Gold Crown Companies
Reeves Brown, executive director, Club 20
Taryn Edwards, president, Associated General Contractors of Colorado
Robert Gibson, deputy director, Colorado WINS
Sandy Gutierrez, president/CEO, Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce
Tony Hernandez, director, Division of Local Government, Colo. Dept. of Local Affairs
Andre Pettigrew, director, Denver Office of Economic Development
Richard Truly, former director of NREL and former administrator of NASA

Gov. Ritter’s budget and policy directors and several Cabinet members will support the board.

The board has already created a website (, modeled after the national, and an e-mail address ( The board also will establish other methods for the public to monitor and hold state actions accountable, including the regular publication of reports and frequent website updates with detailed and timely information about bid processes and the progression of recovery funds.

The board intends to quickly identify and address the numerous pending questions about requirements, obligations and procedures that surround the distribution of recovery act funds. Answers to many of these questions will not be known until the appropriate federal agencies establish their own rules.

Working with state agencies, contractors and citizens, the board will create rules and procedures where none exist. Members of the board will also hold meetings around the state to gather direct input from local residents and communities.

Several other states are establishing offices, task forces and coordinators to oversee the distribution of recovery funds. Colorado’s effort will seek to draw on the best practices from those other states.

“This recovery act represents an important step forward for our economy,” Gov. Ritter said. “We must keep faith with taxpayers through effective spending of these funds and by closely overseeing those expenditures. Transparency and accountability will help us accomplish those goals.”

Anonymous said...

A must see.

Anonymous said...

Yes some good things happened when Perry V.was here, but mention his name at any business or governmental function in the metro area and there are always snickers.
Sadly THAT is his legacy and that is part of the image that we are recovering from.

Anonymous said...

If people are thinking of running for office, they really should be getting involved in city issues now, so they are prepared.

Ed Casso Press Release said...


Representative Edward Casso has announced the 2009 Town Hall Meeting Schedule for Commerce City constituents. “I am honored again to have a series of public meetings with my constituents concerning all of the hard issues we face in the 2009 Colorado Legislative Session.” Casso was elected to his second term to represent the people of Colorado's 32nd House District, and faced no opposition in the primary or general election.

Representative Casso was elected as Assistant Majority Whip in his first term, a first ever leadership position for an Adams County freshman. Casso is the appointed 2009-2010 Vice-Chair of the Business Affairs and Labor Committee. “Clearly, being a leader in the Democratic Caucus serves the needs and voice of our community well. Thank you again for allowing me to do this job for you.” Casso stated.
The schedule is as follows:
Representative Casso will be having monthly meetings in Commerce City at Gala Gardens Restaurant 8383 Rosemary Street on Saturdays- March 14, April 11, and May 9 from 10 am to 12 pm.
Representative Casso will be having Thornton meetings at Village 88th Apartments 388 E. 88th Avenue- Saturday February 28th and Saturday March 28th from 10 am to Noon.
Please stop by with any questions, concerns, or ideas with how we make Commerce City and Colorado a better place together.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Representative Casso at his capitol office (303) 866-2964 or

Anonymous said...

Who's the person trying to trick the elderly into voting for them? I bet that's how the city was controlled by a few for so many years. How disrespectful for them to take advantage of seniors.

Anonymous said...

it is racetrack rene pushing on the seniors
guess he thinks we will forget what he tried to do
if you see him, tell him our memories are long and he is not getting back
we have had no incidents since he left

Core Comments said...

What about the tea party or Mr. Jones or Blighting of Derby or lack of no ED or city managers office, the list goes on and on.

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

I heard the city time and time again try to help Mr. Jones.His problems are civil and he needs to deal with them there.
Derby has been studied to death for years and years. Blighting of Derby can bring the area much needed funds. It has been drug out too long, real work can now begin.
NO part of the U.S. is getting real ecomonic development in a budgeting crisis time.
New city manager cleaning up old managers messes.
New ED diretor the same
Annexation was started by old council, mayor and city manager, they wouldn't take a stand that the city could no longer afford the wear and tear on their city streets, while the area paid nothing in to help.
The list against the old regime goes on and on...we see through you

Erin NW said...

I heard that it really was no one's accomplishment of getting the Soccer Stadium, it was merely Stan Kronke looking for land and Commerce City was cheaper and location wasn't that bad.

Typical that politicians would take credit for something they had very little to do with. Only one who should have a little credit and I mean very little credit is old city manager Perry V.

Just my 2 cents

Leland said...

Gateway News,

I am new to the area, coming from California, and I want to tell you I have never seen such an complete News site ever, you have a youtube video archive that is outstanding. It is helpful to be able to go back and review something that you have no idea what others are talking about. I am now in the know and completely up to date by watching the videos of what is going on with a Commerce City resident Mr. Jones. Pretty amazing since I was working in California at the time when all of this was going on.

Keep up the Good work, very creative and innovative. WOW!

L. Kirkland, Commerce City, Colorado

Gateway News said...

New Gateway Website

sent via email said...

I dont even feel like I belong to Commerce City, we are so far away from any of the cities services, they don’t even shovel all of the streets, only the emergency routes, I hope a ambulance doesn’t need to get in front of my house!

I have more communication with the Water Department then anything from the city.

Marcus, REPOST said...

City Website really needs to be looked at.

It is not easy to get around, dont get me wrong it gets the job done. just not very user friendly.

With that being said, askc3 is a wonderful thing!

Marcus Shultz, Reunion

Fred A. said...

Agreement between Commerce City and South Adams needs to be look at carefully!

For those who don’t know what this is let me try to explain to the best of my ability:

South Adams Water is the governmental identity that deals with all the water in the Commerce City area among others. Commerce City is a city that has portions of it in Adams county and not part of the city which are called unincorporated Adams county. Great, now come the weird part. If you are a developer and you want to develop in area that needs South Adams Water, before you do anything you will need to annex into the city of Commerce City! How can this even be legal? How can one governmental identity force you to do something with another? Why would the city and water district even come up with this idea. It gets even more strange. The previous mayor is the one who signed this deal and now is working with some against it?

And yes there are business that do not want to be part of Commerce City, but need water from South Adams.

Why is everything so backwards and odd/strange when it come to Commerce City?

Fred Alibaster,

Anonymous said...

This agreement was put into place to help both sides.
A few years ago the city was building by leaps and bounds. The water district wanted to have some control over the number of water taps.
The city wanted some guarantees that water would be available to it's citizens.
The IGA was set up to protect both sides for the furture of Commerce City and the availablity and affordablity of taps.
The ex-mayor is involved because he sees a chance to make some dollars by representing small developers. His dad is on the water board.
Nuff said

Anonymous said...

This agreement was put into place to help both sides.
A few years ago the city was building by leaps and bounds. The water district wanted to have some control over the number of water taps.
The city wanted some guarantees that water would be available to it's citizens.
The IGA was set up to protect both sides for the furture of Commerce City and the availablity and affordablity of taps.
The ex-mayor is involved because he sees a chance to make some dollars by representing small developers. His dad is on the water board.
Nuff said

Steven said...

I am not up on the details about this water/city agreement, mostly because I don’t care, but I am compelled to ask, why doesn’t Commerce City own its water. I thought water works was a city department. At least it was in every other city I lived in my entire life.

Adams County Board of Commissioners Press Release said...

Adams County Board of Commissioners Honors MMCYA Nominees

The Adams County Board of Commissioners honored 13 young people who have been nominated for the 2009 Metropolitan Mayors and Commissioners Youth Award (MMCYA) program in public hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009. This program recognizes youth, ages 13 to 19, in the community who have overcome personal adversity and made positive changes in their lives. The program also enables business and civic leaders to actively show their commitment to supporting youth.

“We are proud of each and every one of this year’s nominees,” said Commissioner Larry W. Pace, chairman of the board. “We congratulate them for demonstrating great courage and determination in overcoming difficult obstacles in their lives.”

These young people have shown outstanding achievement in the areas of direct service in the community, service to their family or service to themselves. Selected individuals from unincorporated Adams County and Adams County municipalities who were nominated this year will be invited to attend the Adams County MMCYA reception, followed by a regional event held annually in the spring.

The MMCYA program serves youth in nine counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Gilpin and Jefferson.

Real Core Comments said...

Maybe business do not want to be part of the city because they do not want to pay the extra tax and tons of permit fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of pieces of info regarding Commerce City and South Adams County Wtr. San. Dist.
1. CC is not the only city that does not own or opperate it's water supply. There are many thousands of Water Districts across the USA. Most of them are probably TAX Subsidized like SACWSD.
2. The DIA IGA's which stopped the annexation war's of old, delineate our (CC's) growth boundries and those of the other signatories. In order to have new growth help to pay for itself, it's (new growth) required to join the General Improvement District and annex into the City. The GID requires new growth to bring water with it. Annexation into the City, helps insure that new growth helps pay for new infrastructure that is required. Likewise these are mechanisms that are used all over the country to control and help fund growth.
3. The previous mayor used to work for the city, used to own a utility service company and his father used to be the General Manager of SACWSD prior to retiring and then being elected to the Board of Directors for SACWSD.
The previous Mayor was only 1 of 9 members on City Council, and only servedon 2 of the 4 councils involved in the IGA's and the GID.

Anonymous said...

To the real core comments,

Do they just want roads and stop lights for free.

Ridiculous, besides, don’t they just pass the tax onto their customers, like everyone else in the entire world?

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI for everyone,

I think the South Adams Water District was actually in place before Commerce City was even a city.

It is the popular belief that Commerce city is this old established city when in fact it is not that old, early 70s is when Commerce City was born and that was mainly just to keep Denver from taking that tax revenue from the refinery.

Anonymous said...

I bet Real Core Comments, is one of the types that believes the city should provide everything, but doesn't want to have to pay for anything.
The give me give me attitude.
How does he think the city can pay for the infastructure, other services and maintain those items.
Guess businesses should just use the city roads and we the citizens should pay for that.

Anonymous said...

why the heck do the city council and mayor have to spend tax payer dollars in a recession or depression when all these congressmen and senators are here almost every week in colorado with their staff my goodness have dinner with them here and quit taking vacations at taxpayer expense damn it

From City Council said...

Mile High Music Festival coming to Commerce City for second year in a row at Dicks Sporting Goods Park

Anonymous said...

why the heck do the city council and mayor have to spend tax payer dollars in a recession or depression when all these congressmen and senators are here almost every week in colorado with their staff my goodness have dinner with them here and quit taking vacations at taxpayer expense damn it

ODS said...

Trip to Las Vegas for Shopping centers has been a waste for the city for as long as I can remember.


Anonymous said...

test blog only a test had it been a real blog you would have been notified and possibly entertained

Anonymous said...

why the heck do the city council and mayor have to spend tax payer dollars in a recession or depression when all these congressmen and senators are here almost every week in colorado with their staff my goodness have dinner with them here and quit taking vacations at taxpayer expense damn it

listening online said...

Hotel in Washington DC where some of the council is staying for NLC has a free bar? And if, so, this that a factor in deciding where to stay?

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Why cant Councilman Jim Benson have a Ward Two meeting and have city staff attend and have advertising done for it? Maybe if the city manager made a payment on his house in Reunion there would be money to pay for communicating with citizens. Or maybe the city doesn't want any communication because the taxpayers would be outraged at how their money is being spent.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the police department supposed to protect us and the sheriff's department and the National Guard and the Armed Forces? And the churches and the Red Cross and neighbors would help each other so why is city council time being wasted on somebody talking to council about things that they have no control over and won't have any part of anyway.

Concerned responding to concerned said...

Just a FYI for all the "concerned" citizens, it is a $15 cab ride from the "cheaper" hotel, that will begin to add up quickly.

Makes more sense to be near everything that is happening.

ps, love new websites

Anonymous said...

Yea, I've heard that Embassy Suites has a free bar. Was that a motivation?
Seems like there must be some reason if it's further from the convention, or maybe they don't spend time at the convention?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the one hotel is across the street from the convention.
The one with the free bar is about 2 miles. That will add up in cab fees.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm out of the loop or confused. I thought the Embassy was the more expensive hotel? Isn't it also the furthest away?

Gateway News said...

I will get confirmed information on this and post

Anonymous said...

Free BAR! Oh Hell yeah!

Doesn't matter, some of the council members don't even stay in DC, but rather go on little side trips.....

Sad but ture.....

Anonymous said...

Sharps Party for for Rene?

Listen in Reunion said...


Anonymous said...

Taxi cab could be $300 a day!

Council needs to stay near the action in Washington.

Lovely Anne said...

CONGRATS Commerce City on the Music Festival!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good job C Town on the Music festival, no thanks to Jim Benson and 2A crew.

Core Comments said...

Council doesn't want to stay in same hotel because they don't like each other. And for good reason.

What ever happened to staff looking into the so called "Breach" by Jim Benson, how long does it take to "look into the situation"?

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

We are going to be looking for new council members soon ; What are some names , backgrounds and credentials of possible candidates? Personally, I want nothing to do with people like race track rene with his jealousy and the angry guy in overalls that follows the mayor so let’s just leave them out of the conversation. We need quality leadership to further improve our progression. Any thoughts ?

Gateway News said...

Congratulations to Chuck Baker of the Commerce City Police Department on your new Police Chief position in Kentucky. We wish you the Best of Luck!

Kay said...

I have never heard about the possible name change of the Refuge until now.

I am shocked that anyone would even attempt to do such a thing. After all of the history and turmoil.

I applaud the council on a strong stance of this issue and I entrust they will do the right thing when in Washington DC about this.

Kay, Long time resident

Good Luck Chuck said...

Thank you for all your Service Chuck!

We will all miss you

Core Commetns said...

I wanted to say great job to the CARZ Club and all of its members on a great four years of helping the community and providing many free clean ups to those in need. Thank you

Core Comments

Real Core Comments said...

Yes, Thank you Officer Baker, if it was up to me you would have been the Police Chief of Commerce City. NO DOUBT, HANDS DOWN

Tim Dalton said...

Mayor Pro tem is ridiculous “Best money spent”? Are you kidding, half the council is leaving and your wasting time and money to have a bunch of people that aren’t even going to be here in nov. to meet staff of federal officials.

Come on! Aren’t you smarter then that?

Tim D.

Jason Ellis said...

I am so tired of everyone bashing the city council over and over and over. Can't we talk about anything that is positive in the city, for God Sake!

Jason Ellis

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I heard Reunion is building a new pool, rec center and skate park. How can a small sub division build for its residents but our city can't build anything for us that don't live in reunion?

February 6, 2009 11:08 PM

This is a really good question! 1st of all as with many rumors, it is false it is only going to be a pool and a fairly small one. Second, Reunion is owned and run by Shea Homes, a business. To compete against other home builders it needs to provide ammenities so that it looks like an attractive place to live. So, it builds parks, green areas, pools, lakes, rec centers, and oh yeah homes - Homes are the things it makes money at, just like how King Soopers sells milk for $2 per gallon to get you into their store, Shea does things to make you buy.

Lastly, if you don't know, if you are a homeowner in Reunion, you have incredible taxes. Not 2 times as much as someone in the core city, but some times 4 and 5 times that amount. My tax bill this year will be over $4000.

Oh, and by the way, give me one ammenity that the city has "given" to the Northeern Area of Commerce City! We have no city: Skate Park, Water Park, Ball Fields, Recreation Center, or even a regular Park. So when you say you have nothing - I beg to differ.

Ignorance sickens me - You get the dummy of the week award.

Sen. Bennet Press Release said...

Sen. Bennet’s Statement on Closing of Rocky Mountain News

Washington, DC – United States Senator Michael Bennet issued the following statement after today’s announcement that the Rocky Mountain News will close:

“The Rocky Mountain News has chronicled the storied, and at times tumultuous, history of Colorado for nearly 150 years. I am deeply saddened by this news, and my heart goes out to all the talented men and women at the Rocky. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication to not only their profession, but the people of Colorado as well.”

Dee Dee via email said...

I disagree with comment that coucnil going to DC is a waste, we need all of the council in DC to show power. Especially is times like this when everyone needs the fed. Gov. help. Also, just the important issues like the renaming of the Rocky Mt Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. I am happy that all of the council will be going to DC.

DeeDee, 80022

Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council study session. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, March 2
Regular meeting
Civic Center council chambers
Consent agenda
• Resolution 2009-11 – Approving contract with the Colorado Department of Transportation and accepting Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality improvement funding.
• Resolution 2009-13 – Approving conveyance of certain city-owned property to Brighton School District 27J.
• Resolution 2009-19 – Setting drainage and road impact fees.
• Resolution 2009-22 – Supporting retention of Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge as the official name of the refuge.
Ordinances on first reading
• Ordinance 1758 – Amendments to Residential Occupancy Standards.
• Ordinance 1759 – 2009 grant from the Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement fund in the amount of $1,800 for the Police Department Victim Services program.
• Ordinance 1760 – Recognizing grant in the amount of $75,000 from The Colorado Trust.
Public hearing
• Ordinance FP-32-08 – Approval of flood plain permit for 104th Avenue and Second Creek.
• Ordinance Z-884-09 – Adams County School District 27J requests rezoning from agricultural to public for property located at 15995 E. 101st Way.
• Resolution 2009-15 – Adams County School District 27J requests approval of the Stuart Middle School final plat for property located at 15995 E. 101st Way.
Executive session
• Executive session for the purpose of determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, developing strategy for negotiations and instructing negotiators under Colorado Revised Statutes 24-6-402(4)(e) regarding U.S. Fish and Wildlife land issues.
General Improvement District meeting following council meeting
• GID 144-09 – Inclusion of Stuart Middle School into the GID.

E470 Press Release said...

E-470 board announces new director appointees and officers

AURORA – The E-470 Public Highway Authority board of directors, comprised of representatives from each of its eight member jurisdictions, has announced board appointments and officer elections for the coming year. Aurora mayor Ed Tauer was elected to chair the board, with Commerce City mayor Paul Natale serving as vice chair, and Arapahoe County commissioner Frank Weddig as Secretary Treasurer.

The additional five board members include three continuing officials: Adams County commissioner Larry Pace, Brighton mayor Jan Pawlowski, and Thornton mayor Erik Hansen. Newly appointed to the board are Douglas County commissioner Jack Hilbert and Parker council member Gary Lasater.

Each of the eight jurisdictions selects its own appointee to serve on the board of directors.

The E-470 Board of Directors is also comprised of non-voting affiliate directors from Arvada , Broomfield , Greeley , and Weld County , and non-voting ex-officio directors representing the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Denver Regional Council of Governments and the Regional Transportation District.

Commerce City Press Release said...

Hurry to sign up for city summer camp programs

COMMERCE CITY – Spaces fill fast, so enroll early to ensure your spot in Commerce City’s summer camps. These popular camps offer field trips, arts and crafts, teambuilding games and more for youths ages 6-15 and are a great way to fill the summer months.

Children must be enrolled by May 11 in order to attend summer camp; registration for classes is offered to enrollees on a weekly basis at an affordable rate.

Commerce City’s summer camps are state licensed and CCAP approved and offer low child-to-staff ratios. Camps provide a safe and friendly environment, offering campers lots of opportunities to make new friends, try new things and have fun.

Campers are encouraged to participate in a new and fun theme each week. Special projects, gym games and more will be a part of each day, and field trips for swimming, hiking and other adventures are included.

City summer camps are offered at two locations: the Commerce City Recreation Center and Second Creek Elementary School. Summer Day Camp is for children ages 6-10; hours are 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday at both locations.

Looking for something to engage your teen? Then check out the Teen Scene Camp. Teen Scene is run by the Parks and Recreation Department and is open to youths age 11-15. Teens will be included in planning activities and field trips. Hours for Teen Scene are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday at both camp locations.

For more information on summer camps and to enroll, call (303) 289-3760.

Second Creek Elementary Camps
9950 Laredo Drive
June 1-Aug. 7

Commerce City Recreation Center Camps
6060 E. Parkway Drive
June 15-Aug. 7

Fee: $120/week resident; $145/week non-resident
Summer Day Camp, ages: 6-10 years
Teen Scene Camp, ages: 11-15 years

Commerce City Press Release said...

‘Night of the Stars’ auditions set for March 5

COMMERCE CITY – Local youth shined in last year’s inaugural “Night of the Stars” talent show, and program leaders hope this year’s troupe of performers do the same.

“We had several youth place high in last year’s competition,” said Jenna Sutheimer, youth services coordinator for Commerce City. “They did a great job representing the city’s youth and we all had a lot of fun.”

Participants for this year’s show are now being sought. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department will hold auditions next Thursday, March 5. Auditions will begin at 6 p.m. at the Commerce City Recreation Center, 6060 E. Parkway Drive.

Auditions are open to youths in grades K-12 with talent in music, voice, and performance. The cost to audition is $5 per person; register by March 4.

Those chosen to participate will compete with contestants from the City of Denver; the competition is 6 p.m. Thursday, March 19 at Adams City High School. Tickets for the event are $3 at the door for those ages 5 and older.

First-place winners of the local competition will go on to a metrowide competition against talent from other cities on Saturday, April 25.

To register for an audition, contact the Commerce City Recreation Center at (303) 289-3789. For more information or audition rules, contact Jenna Sutheimer at (303) 289-3674.

Commerce City Press Release said...

City trust foundation to benefit from music festival

COMMERCE CITY – Music fans across the country won’t be the only ones to benefit from this summer’s Mile High Music Festival July 18-19 in Commerce City.

AEG Live, which produces live entertainment and sporting events, has announced it will donate portions of ticket sales from this year’s music festival to the city’s Quality Community Foundation.

Chuck Morris, president and CEO of AEG Live Rocky Mountain, said the organization will donate 50 cents from each paid ticket to the local nonprofit organization. Morris added that if sales exceed 80,000 tickets, AEG will donate an extra 50 cents per ticket, which will bring the total contribution to $1 from each paid ticket sold. Last year’s attendance, according to Morris, was about 90,000 people.

Morris said AEG will also offer on option on its Web site,, for online ticket buyers to make donations to the foundation.

“This is extremely good news,” said Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale. “This is such an incredible event, and for AEG to donate money to the city’s Quality Community Foundation is just music to my ears.

“The city is excited to again be apart of the Mile High Music Festival,’’ Natale added. ‘‘AEG is looking to be a valued partner in our city, and we look forward to the festival becoming a long-standing tradition in Commerce City.’’

The Quality Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by the city in 2006. It grants money to organizations that provide nonprofit services to Commerce City residents. In 2008, the Quality Community Foundation granted $100,000 to nonprofit organizations such as Commerce City Community Health Services, Adams County food distribution program, and The Senior Hub/Meals on Wheels. The Foundation had requests totaling nearly $500,000.

“AEG’s generous donation will no doubt help the Quality Community Foundation reach out and help more organizations in our city, which in turn, will help more people,” Natale said. “In light of the current economy, AEG’s charity couldn’t have come at a better time, and we can’t thank them enough.”

The musical lineup for this summer’s event has not been announced. The Mile High Music Festival takes place at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City.

ADCO Sheriff Press Release said...


On February 25, 2009, at approximately 2:00 a.m., the Adams County Sheriff's Office received a radio call of a shooting victim in the 7500 block of Broadway. When the deputies arrived, they found an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound.

The victim told deputies the suspects had taken his 1999, Chevrolet suburban. Deputies in the area saw the vehicle and a short pursuit ensued. The pursuit ended in the area of 70th Avenue and Avrum Street. One suspect then fled, on foot into the neighborhood. A perimeter was established and a reverse 911 notification was made to approximately 1,000 residents, notifying them of the situation and requesting they stay in their residence and notify law enforcement of any suspicious persons or activity in the area. An extensive search of the area was conducted but the suspect was not located and the perimeter has been released.

The suspects are described as white males. One of the suspects was possibly wearing prescription eyeglasses, a dark baseball cap and dark shirt. The suspects may be associated with a red passenger vehicle.

The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital and the victim’s vehicle was recovered.

Rocky Mt. News said...

Goodbye Colorado,

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to you today. Our time chronicling the life of Denver and Colorado, the nation and the world, is over. Thousands of men and women have worked at this newspaper since William Byers produced its first edition on the banks of Cherry Creek on April 23, 1859. We speak, we believe, for all of them, when we say that it has been an honor to serve you. To have reached this day, the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News, just 55 days shy of its 150th birthday is painful. We will scatter. And all that will be left are the stories we have told, captured on microfilm or in digital archives, devices unimaginable in those first days.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Rocky, we loved you and we will miss you.

Adams County Sheriff Press Release said...


The Adams County Sheriff's Office has arrested and charged Kara Lorelle Lounsbury for the January 15, 2009 double homicide that occurred in the 42700 block of East 144th Avenue, unincorporated Adams County. The Adams County District Attorney’s Office has reviewed the case with the Sheriff’s Office and is filing charges against Kara Lorelle Lounsbury, 31, of Watkins, Colorado for two counts of First Degree Murder for the deaths of 69-year-old Harold Enander and 61-year-old Velva Enander. Kara Lounsbury is the daughter of Harold Enander and the stepdaughter of Velva Enander.

Harold and Velva Enander were found dead in their home on January 15, 2009, by a neighbor who was checking on the couple.

Lounsbury is being held at the Adams County Detention Facility without bond. There will be an initial court appearance and advisal of charges for Lounsbury on March 2, 2009 at 8:30 a.m., in Division E of the Adams County Courthouse.

sent via email said...

AdCo Homeowners Block Neighborhood Garbage Dump

Adams County Caves in on Citizen Lawsuit Demanding Public Input Neighbor: "We are still skeptical whether Adams County Commissioners Will Give us a Fair Shake."

(Bennett, CO. Feb 27, 2009) Adams County homeowners have won a court battle to block a huge garbage dump in their neighborhood near Bennett, east of Denver International Airport. But they've racked up nearly $100,000 in legal fees to sue the county to keep the landfill away from their doors, and the fight isn't over yet.

The citizen lawsuit charged county officials arbitrarily approved the 165-acre dump without granting a public hearing or notifying neighbors. Adams County caved in to the citizen lawsuit after it lost a similar landfill case near Last Chance. An Adams County judge put the case on hold when the county reluctantly agreed to the public hearings.

The County formally notified the company that wants open the large landfill it was rescinding "administrative" approval to open the dump. Instead, it must go through a process that includes at least two public hearings.

The Bennett dump is on hold and neighbors will get their public hearing, but it will be in front of the same county commissioners that ruled folks living nearby didn't have a say in the first place.

"We're happy we stalled the landfill, but we're still skeptical whether Adams County Commissioners will give us a fair shake," said Leslie Gerbracht, head of Dump the Dump, the grassroots group formed by about 40 property owners to fight the landfill.

"We got the public hearing the law says we deserve, but we will be talking to the county commissioners who let the deal slide through behind closed doors in the first place."

County planners earlier "administratively" approved a permit for Five Part Development to open the 165-acre garbage dump in the rural agricultural and residential neighborhood. The company is owned by Phil Spano, a long-time Adams County developer who has often made generous political contributions to county officials.

“We just woke up one morning and saw bulldozers digging a big pit in the ground. That’s how we found out we were going to get a dump that takes every kind of garbage you can imagine,” said Chuck Saxton, whose 35-acre plot is next door to the dump.

The citizen lawsuit uncovered evidence that Spano lawyers met behind closed doors to persuade Adams County Planning Director Robert Coney to “proceed administratively, without a public hearing.” That broke Colorado Health Department regulations and the county’s own rules, but Adams County approved the dump anyway.

The landfill is now licensed to Alpine Disposal, which has corporate ties to Spano's Five Part Development.

Colorado health department officials fought a long court battle with Five Part and Spano to close or clean up three other dumps in Adams County in the late 1990’s.

Hearings before the county planning commission and the county commissioners won't be held for at least three months.

From Gateway News Crime wacth said...

Michelle Cawthra given the maximum possible sentence on Friday

Michelle Cawthra apologized in court on Friday and said she took responsibility for diverting tax refunds to business and accounts controlled by her boyfriend.

32 year old Cawthra was sentenced to 24 years and ordered to pay back nearly $10.9 million in restitution.

Cawthra's attorney asked that she be placed in community correctios rather then prison so Cawthra could start paying back money she stole.

Colorado Department of Revenue Director Roxy Huber stated: "When you steal from the taxpayers, the consequences must match the levels of betrayal."

Michelle Cawthra is the granddaughter of former Commerce City Mayor Harold Kite.

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