Colorado high school graduates the opportunity to pay in-state tuition, regardless of their immigration status

The bill, known as tuition equity legislation, sponsored by Senator Chris Romer (D-Denver), would allow all Colorado high school graduates the opportunity to pay in-state tuition, regardless of their immigration status.

Sen. Romer introduced several amendments to the original legislation, which include a requirement that students sign an affidavit expressing their commitment to follow proper procedures to secure legal status, as well as the removal of access to financial aid and Colorado's College Opportunity Fund. As amended, SB170 will not use any state dollars to fund the education of undocumented students.

Currently, under the state's public benefit ban (House Bill 06s-1023), undocumented students who graduate from Colorado high schools are ineligible for low, in-state tuition rates as well as federal and state financial aid programs. Even those who attended Colorado's K-12 public schools are not considered residents for tuition classification purposes. Because most undocumented students come from low-income families, this restriction effectively makes it impossible for them to continue their post-secondary education.

What do you think?


Erin NW said...

It is the right thing to do! The picture had it right on. NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL!

Erin NW

Anonymous said...

Then why have any laws, any boundaries and citizenships to any country.
All can vote, all can receive government services, other countries can send over their prisoners and those with special needs and we will take them in.
Erin, I hope you are prepared to pay for all of these would be their right!!

Anonymous said...

YES everyone needs to have the maximum amount of education possible. We either pay for education or we pay for incarceration. Our choice. I choose education every time.

Anonymous said...

If American citizens,including vets are forced to pay higher tuition then people who should not be in the country should pay higher tuition.

Anonymous said...

You watch!

What makes it that a real legal US citizen from California stopping from suing the state of Colorado for allowing a "non-resident" to obtain in-state pricing, but he is discriminated against.

Matt R. said...

W.J. Tierney wrote, “Illegal says it all. Rewarding law-breaking only encourages more law-breaking—at the expense of Colorado citizens.”

Hanna Bruns, Brighton said...

Comes down to 2 choices:

1. Give a young adult a chance, a pure human issue.


2. Reward a person for breaking the law.

I see the picture of the person holding the sign saying that no human is illegal. That is just not true. I can understand the sensitivity on the issue, but what is right is right, period.

Hanna Bruns, Brighton

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no one is going to get anywhere until we tackle this issue at the federal level.

ccSpeaks said...

This is America, we were all aliens at one point! We need to give them a chance! All men are equal in America, it is the land of oppurtunity!


Roggins said...

This is a Denver Post journalist Tina Griego issue!!!!!! google that!!!!!!

L. Roggins, Denver, CO

sent via email said...

I am okay with this bill as long as it will include vets too.

Rebecca C., Denver said...

You are denying legal Americans this same money advantage and rewarding lawbreakers.


William R. said...

Okay let’s get this straight, allow another 10 million Mexicans into our country, all for a better life, of course!

This will be the biggest news in Mexico, talk about an incentive to break the law.

Anonymous said...

CC speaks-
You'e okay if they get your job too, right?
If hospitals have to close because no one is able to pay (it is happening daily in California).
If your schools are over crowded.
If your child or grandchild doesn't get into the college because they are already at quota in state (including illegals).
Would you be okay if someone entered your house, took up residence there without your permission.
That is what illegal immigrants are doing to our country.
Where should it stop. Why have borders, laws,rules??

Lughes, J. said...

This is nothing more then giving illegals a huge sense of FALSE HOPE! SHAME SHAME SHAME

J. Lughes, Denver, CO

M. Pratt, Brighton said...

I read this comment someplace and think it says it all.

"If you can drum up enough emotions, you can negate the law, you can sidestep ethics, and you redefine an entire civilization’s foundation."