Commerce City General Issues March 2009

Another month has past and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.


Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and


Supporter of the Developers of the Northern Range said...

Why is the City of Commerce City paying $26,000 per acre foot when it could purchase the developers' water for $12,000 acre foot?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that was purchased when water prices were high.
Why can you buy a house or truck cheaper than you could five years ago?

Tim Dalton said...

City to ger full time grant writer. Good Move, now Brighton wont get all the grant money

Anonymous said...

this council wastes so much time on trivia

Anonymous said...

reference water.... I think that the city isn't in the business of purchasing water.
They may have at one time, but that was probably at what was considered a good rate at the time??
maybe south adams county water should look at this if its a deal!

Listening in South Lawn Reuion said...

Brighton state of city was "soaring to new heights."

Commerce City is " I have fallen and I got get up"

It will given by the resident who came to council and complained about the gravel on road becasue he fell over.

Tim Dalton said...

Man the day that the city annexxed the Murrary Farm was a big mistake. Farms should not be in the city limits. too mush of a headache.

via email said...

Congrats to Christine Griffin, Pedro Morales and Habiba on being selected to the MMCYA

DeeDee, Commerce City said...

well put bob, give murray farms a special case option. still what a big headache.

Commerce City, Dee Dee

Core Comments said...

The Murray problems are exactly why you do not have farms in city limits

listening in Reunion said...

Isn't the Murrary Farms the guy who sold his property to someone and then boxed himself in which gave the city the right to annex him after a three year period?

Anonymous said...

FYI, murray farms put themselves in the middle of the city of commerce city, when he sold his land to the developers.
He made money on that deal when it suited him, now he complains that he is in the middle of the city. His bed, now he must lie in it.
He is hardly the "poor farmer" he pretends to be.

Tim Dalton said...


Council voted yes on Ordinance 1758! I can have 20 people living in my house now!


Anonymous said...

can i put an ad in the gateway for additional renters now, i have five bedrooms

Anonymous said...

20 people in one home will become the norm. we are a city that embraces illegal immigration

Core Comments said...

I get it the "norm" LOL

Gateway News said...

Sorry about City Council meeting cutting in and out a couple times. There has been computer issues at city hall.

Should be okay from here on out.

Dustin, Gateway News

Larcombe said...

GOD, some council members really like to hear themsleves talk, mostly to the LEFT of the mayor!

I think the should pass a resolution that the council members can only respond within 3 minutes with any comment.

Larcombe, Commerce City

Commerce City Press Release said...

Tower Road to be closed overnight for water pipeline construction

COMMERCE CITY – Tower Road will be closed the night of Sunday, March 8 beginning at 7 p.m. for construction of the Prairie Waters Project, an Aurora Water project. The overnight road closure will be immediately south of the E-470 overpass and north of 112th Avenue, with at least one lane being re-opened at 5 a.m. for morning traffic.

Electronic message boards have been placed along Tower Road alerting drivers of the closure; the message boards will also direct drivers to alternate routes.

The overnight road closure is expected to last Sunday, March 8 only. Future lane closures are expected as construction of the pipeline continues along E-470 south to I-70.

For more information on the Prairie Waters Project, visit the project Web site at or call (303) 739-7477.

Commerce City Police Press Release said...

Increase in Residential Burglaries

We are experiencing a recent increase in residential burglaries in the Belle Creek, The Dunes, Reunion, and Southlawn, and Eaglecreek subdivisions. We are asking that you phone 911 if you see suspicious people or vehicles in your area. Please do not hesitate to call.

What they are doing:

• The suspect(s) generally enter a residence by prying a back or garage door. Once inside the suspects rummage bedrooms.
• Most of the burglaries are occurring from 6 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
• The property suspects are most interested in is jewelry, money, laptops and small game type electronics. We have had an incidence where a 42 and 32 inch TV was taken.
• Possible Suspect Vehicle: White Astro Van with bumper damage.
• Possible Suspects: High school age males.

• Please be vigilant in making sure that your garage, exterior doors and windows are locked when leaving your home.
• Leave a light on and/or music, and/or Television.
• Leave an interior and exterior light on if you are away from home in the evening.
• If you suspect that someone has been in your home, leave the residence immediately and dial 911.

Be a good neighbor!

We ask that you write down the suspicious person’s physical description, age, and clothing. It is also important to note if the person is alone or with others. If the person is in a vehicle, write down the vehicle description, license plate and anything unique about the vehicle. Be ready to give this information to the police dispatcher and officers when they arrive. If the people or vehicle leave the area tell the dispatcher the direction they are traveling. Remember, do not hesitate to call 911 we are here to help keep your community safe!

Commerce City Police Department said...

Commerce City Police
Department has arrested four teenagers and recovered a large amount of property

The Commerce City Police
Department has arrested four teenagers and recovered a large amount of property (including guns) from multiple Burglaries in the Northern area of Commerce City. We are currently working with other agencies as we believe other surrounding cities where also victims of this group. The following is information on the suspects:

Kody Addison Neugin (06/22/1989) Commerce City resident has been arrested for investigation of:
• 2 counts First Degree Burglary
• 3 counts Second Degree Burglary
• 3 counts Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor

A 17 year old Commerce City juvenile has been arrested for investigation of:
• 1 count First Degree Burglary
• Theft by Receiving
• Juvenile in Possession of a Handgun
• Special Offender

A 17 year old Commerce City juvenile has been arrested for investigation of:
1 count First Degree Burglary
3 counts Second Degree Burglary

A 16 year old Commerce City juvenile has been arrested for investigation of:
1 count First Degree Burglary
3 counts of Second Degree Burglary

The investigation is on going and we anticipate further charges and other suspects to be charged. Anyone who believes they may have further information you are asked to contact the Commerce City Police Department at 3003.287.2844.

Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council study session. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, March 9
Study session
Civic Center council chambers
• Update on Comprehensive Plan
• Review and discussion of I-70 draft Environmental Impact Study
• Discussion on redistricting
Special meeting immediately following study session
Consent agenda
• Ordinance AN-213-08-09 – Amending Ordinance AN-213-08 by replacing the legal description contained in “Exhibit A” of that ordinance.
• Ordinance Z-867-07-09 – Amending Ordinance Z-867-07 to delete Section 5 and update the legal description of the Planned Unit Development and to clarify and refine the PUD Zone Document approved in conjunction with that ordinance.

Executive session
• Executive session for the purpose of receiving legal advice on water issues pursuant to CRS 24-6-402(4)(b).

The regularly scheduled City Council meeting for March 16 has been canceled to allow council members to attend the National League of Cities convention.

Rep. Kevin Priola Press Release said...

Priola Bill to Help Homeowners Makes it Way to Governor’s Desk
Bill Extends Protections to Families under Threat of Foreclosure

State Rep. Kevin Priola, R-Henderson, again received bipartisan support for his bill to help alleviate one of the biggest problems facing Colorado: the foreclosure crisis. Priola’s, House Bill 1109 passed Third Reading in the Senate today, and will now make its way to the governor for final approval. The bill would extend the existing protection for those already in foreclosure, to those under threat of foreclosure.

“Families across Colorado are having trouble making their mortgage payments, and need help before they lose their homes,” Priola said. “This proposal would help prevent many families from going into foreclosure after being victimized by scam artists.”

HB 1109 would amend the “Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act,” to extend protection to those who are under threat of foreclosure.

“There are currently tools in place to help those who are already in foreclosure,” added Priola. “We want to extend that same help to families who are in danger of foreclosing their home.”

Having cleared Third Reading in the Senate, the measure next stop is the governor’s office.

Kathy McIntyre, Gateway News said...

"Homeless Churches"

we have five "homeless" churches right now in the northern range of the city.They are Open Door Fellowship meeting at Turnberry Elementary, Orchard Church meeting at Prairie View High School, North Range Baptist meeting at Peachtree Academy, Faith Venture meeting at Second Creek Elementary, and Crossroads Community Church meeting at Landmark Academy.

Thank goodness we have enough schools to accommodate them. As we get more schools, hopefully we will add some more churches. The problem is that after Sunday services, the churches become "homeless" until the next Sunday.

All week long they are reaching out to the citizens in our community and now more than ever we all need them. I also understand that the city has rules that must be followed by everyone and that exceptions being made for anyone would cause a lot of problems.

So I have an idea. Would it be possible to pass some kind of resolution or ordinance that would allow exemptions for valid legal IRS sanctioned churches to help our "homeless churches"? This way they can function in our community without having to be caused undue hardship by some of the city's rules and laws. With the economy the way that it is, everyone right now really needs their church.

I don't want to see churches being driven out of the community and this would help them to stay. We only have five now and if more churches come, that is ok, because the IRS says you are either a valid church or you are not. Not much gray area there.

Kathy McIntyre, Gateway News

Core Comments said...

I know this place has a lot of Paul Natale fans, and I am not popular here, but I want every to know that the Mayor Recall is not dead yet!

We should have been able to add names to the cure period like other issues. This is such a double standard and it make me upset.

It is unfair, period, bottom line.

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

You an your group lied to get the majority of the signatures you got. You took advantage of those in dotage. All out of jealousy. You disgrace our city; get a life.

Tim Dalton said...

To Core Comments or Real Core Comments:

First of all I think the majority of people just read this and not respond, I do not think there is such a thing as a “Natale Fan”, but rather citizens that are sick of the recall attempts for no real reasons at all!

Let everyone know what the Mayor did that was so Bad that he needs to be recalled. Further more, let me know one thing that you say the Mayor did that did not take the rest of the council’s approval!

Ridiculous! I hope you get it on the ballot, then maybe you will finally see that this recall is a bunch of BS when it is voted down worse the 2A issue!

Tim Dalton

80022 said...

It is hard to think that the recall effort is still alive. I actually went back and reviewed the video of Rene on internet.

I know for a fact they told some pretty far fetched things about the Mayor.

And very good question….Why is it only the mayor getting the boot, why not all of them if you are so mad at the council?

Collete, 80022

via email said...

Recall wants to not play by the rules, because they are use to it that way.

jb said...

Well, say what you will, the courts will have the final say on this one.

And NO I am not a supporter of Paul Natale.

jb, Northern Commerce City

Gateway News said...

Manager’s Box

The first year of office for Commerce City Manager, Jerry Flannery is complete and what a year it’s been for organizational change within the ranks of city government. But that being said, the city appears poised with new talent, new directions, and an impetus for change. Here’s a strategic look at what’s ahead from the vantage point of the Manager’s Box.

Date: March 2, 2009.
Topic: Our Local Economy.

Commercial City...

Gateway News: “What about economic growth for Commerce City?”

Jerry Flannery: “We’re doing things to enhance our prospects of attracting commercial growth including developing a Retail Coach Group and a Business Advisory Committee. Our Retail Coach Group will help attract new commercial groups by giving them better information about our community, including ‘psychographics’ of our populations. From customer analysis to demographics of our community, deriving information such as this will help us more quickly attract the right businesses. The study, itself, should be available by the end of April.

We recognize that there are many businesses in our community [such as our industrial base of trade products producers] who have not had as much of a voice in Commerce City as they might have liked. Through our Business Advisory Committee, we hope to secure greater feedback on our policies and more involvement from this group. The Business Advisory Committee will give both them and the city a renewed way to become better public partners.”

Anonymous said...

The recall was only because rene bullock's feelings were hurt. He doesn't like Paul. Paul beat him so now he's trying to get back at him with the attempted recall. All he has suceeded in doing is costing the city money and time. We all must remember this in future elections.

Fred A. said...

Something I want to say for a long time!

I listen to the live stream of city council and I have a real problem of citizens going up to city council for “citizen communication” and giving us all their updated personal life events. I don’t care if you hired some workers or if your going to Las Vegas to some convention that I never heard of. I don’t care, the council doesn’t care and most important, it is a huge waste time for the citizens, council and city staff.

I really wish council would address this in open session of what exactly Pubic Comment is for and what is NOT!

Sent via email said...

Man you are typing exactly what I was thinking!

Representative Ed Casso Press Release said...

State Representative Ed Casso Town Hall Meeting Saturday March 14th at Gala Gardens 10am to Noon

Commerce City, Colorado- Please join Representative Ed Casso for a Town Hall Meeting this upcoming Saturday March 14th at Gala Gardens Restaurant from 10am to Noon. We will be discussing the state budget, transportation funding and what it means for Adams County, in-state tuition for undocumented students, and any other issues that the people of Commerce City and Henderson would like to speak about.

Representative Casso will also be presenting his mid-term report on the legislation he is carrying, what the House of Representatives will be debating over the upcoming weeks, and will be looking for feedback from our district.
Representative Ed Casso is in his second term as the duly elected representative of Colorado’s 32nd House District. Please feel free to contact him anytime by email at or by phone (303) 866-2964 at the capitol.

Anonymous said...

I know this has nthing to do with the government of Commerce City. But I am upset that SACFD is charging to help people in need. I saw this on the Fox 31 news just about a half hour ago and was pretty shocked.

Concerned Citizen

Tim Dalton said...

Yes, they do, BUT, it is only for people outside the district. Those who do not pay taxes for the service. I see nothing wrong with this.

Tim Dlaton, Commerce City

Core Comments said...

still doesnt make it right!

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr Dalton.
The fire district is not refusing service, they are saying who should pay??
The costs must be covered by someone. Should those that are in the district cover the costs for those that are not??
We as individuals, families, cities and countries, need to become responsible. We cannot expect others to pay for what we need or use.
President Kennedy said... "ask not what your country (ie: city, fire district etc.) can do for you, but what can you do for your country (city, fire district).
We must become responsible for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City Council approved a revision of the City’s Land Development Code. A portion of the code reads like this: “When necessary to make an inspection to enforce any provisions of this land development code; or when the city has reason to believe there exists in any building or upon any land any condition that constitutes a violation of this land development code. An authorized city employee or agent may present proper credentials and request entry. If entry is refused or if the owner cannot be located after reasonable effort, the city shall give the owner or, if the owner cannot be located, leave at the building or premises, a written notice of the city’s intent to inspect the property. The notice shall set forth the time; not sooner than 24 hours after the notice of intent to inspect is given or left; at which time the city will return for inspection. The notice shall state that the owner has the right to refuse entry and that in the event such entry is refused, inspection may be made only upon the issuance of a search warrant by a municipal judge of the city or by a judge of any court having jurisdiction.”

The Code also says that the City after showing probable cause, a judge shall issue a search warrant entitling the city agent to enter the premises and authorizing the use of reasonable force to gain entry. In emergency situation a city agent may enter the facility using reasonable force, evidently without a warrant, and it is unlawful for any owner to deny or resist. If the owner does not comply the city can resort with abatement and placing a lien on the property. The alleged charges are complaint driven.

What do you all think about this?

The REAL core comments

Red Barn Rebel said...

Whatever! If it can avoid another Clearview motel situation, I am glad it is “revised”.

Red Ban Rebel

via email said...

A direct violation of our 4th Amendment.

my 2 cents

Selvano, via email said...

Just learned about these website yesterday. The Crime Watch is just a god damn interesting piece of work!

I have to say that some parts of Commerce City are in really bad shape. I drive thru the southern part about 3 times a week, I drive by and just have to shake my head. I would like to see a policy in place where it is suggested that City Council members drive thru their districts and see for themselves what is going on with their own city. It is getting to the point where it is just sad. Everyone is concerned about bringing business to this town, well, we need to see what the business are seeing and maybe then we will figure out why they are not interested.

R. Selvano, Dunes subdivision

Anonymous said...

Careful, A lot of those place that you are seeing are more likely the unincorporated parts of Adams County.

R. Selvano said...

I had no idea. Then the Council should still drive thru their districts and tell Adams County to get their act together.

Lastly, I would like to see all of Commerce City be Commerce City, instead of a jig-saw city.

R. Selvano

Anonymous said...

Well, again there is some history here, I don’t know if you know about the Tea Party. It has, let’s say difficult getting Commerce City to be all Commerce City. Check out:

Looks like they have updated their website.

SJ, Denver said...

I do not live in Commerce City, but I have a sister and other family that do. I was reading the law that the Brighton city council passed or is about to pass about making it a violation for sex offenders who neglect their duties to register properly. My question is if Commerce City had any type of law in place. I was able to research the registered sex offenders that are by my sisters address and was shocked that so many live so close to her. She has 2 children and am worried.

Sarah J., Denver

Tim Dalton said...

I agree with Sarah, if Commerce City doesn't already have a penalty in place (failure to register properly) it really should at least talk about it. But they might already have some sort of a law in place.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

There were registration rules put in place last year (also includes a registration fee) and distance limits from schools or other places children would specifically congregate.
It is pretty restrictive.
Now the problem is those who do not stay registered, those are the ones we need to worry about!!

Core Comments said...

Is Commerce City really hurting that bad that city mamnger cant go to washington DC. We still have suncor, dont we?! LOL

Erin NW said...

Art piece will be moved on May 1st...

Goodbye Grand Mother Earth. Sad Day...

Erin NW

Anonymous said...

What I heard was, the city council budgeted for the NLC trip and the manager needed to go to the Vagas meeting.
Now he needs to still attend NLC in Washington. I believe it has to do with : planning, budgeting, fiscal responsible spending. NO one said they couldn't come up with the money, just that it wasn't budgeted for two trips.
No government has an endless pocket, no matter what the Feds say!

Real Core Comments said...

Maybe at the federal level, but we could of at the city level if this current council would have made better decisions, instead of running away business and hiring un-needed high level staff.

Real Core Comments

Red Barn Rebel said...

What business, I hope to GOD your not talking about NASCAR!

Red Barn Rebel

Real Core Comments said...

This city had one chance to bring something big, real big! And instead of embracing it, you all drove it away, literally drove it away. NASCAR would have put Commerce City on the map forever. Now we are just sitting here with nothing but a black eye.

Real Core Comments

Real Core Comments said...

Also, why is the Police Department giving the local media a hard time on releaseing crime reports?

Real Core Comments

Tim Dalton said...

Commerce City Beacon is going to stop printing?

Tim, Reunion

Core Comments said...

I have big news for you, I heard that a email is floating around that beacon is not going to print anymore, you guys hear about this?

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Beacon has big news coming soon...That is all I am going to say!


Red Barn Rebel said...

Rumor is they are going to internet only. Very interesting.

Red Barn Rebel

Jim Benson Press Release said...


Councilman Jim Benson has announced that the next Ward II meeting will be held at the Reunion Rec Center starting at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 25, 2009.

Due to budget restraints, the City Council voted to not mail out postcards for this event; therefore, the only notice you will have will be notices like this one in the local newspapers. Please tell your friends and neighbors about this meeting.

Ward II meetings in the past have set a new city wide standard in attendance and we hope that this meeting will continue that tradition, even without sending out postcards.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Big news about the Beacon. I bet they start a blog!!!!! Stay Tuned!!!!

Tim said...


I70!!!! We all know how this one is going to turn out. Commerce City will once agaon get the short end of the stick!!!!


Anonymous said...

Believe 0% of what you read. I see no way the Beacon will stop printing. I will only beleive it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to wager who real core comments is??
NASCAR anyone??

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Real Core Comments.
We are sitting here shining. We are a city that has gained respect.
We are a city who's image has improved.
We are a city that others want to come to.
Not having NASCAR says we care about who we are and we care about our people!!

Anonymous said...

NASCAR was Commerce City's only golden Parachute. Jim Benson made damn sure that this City will never see anything like NASCAR ever again.

Yanking the business welcome mat right out of all of our feet!

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe I'm wrong, but we got the biggest music festival right here in Commerce City, and they are coming again.
That brought us great press, tax dollars from the vendors and this year thousands of dollars to our city wide grant program. I have heard that a domino effect is taking place and other great things will follow.
Seems like a better venue that race cars, noise, traffic and pollution, right by people's homes. By their investments, their families, their future.
I figure that the pevious comments touting the greatness/loss of NASCAR, are made by one of 3 people who can't get on with their lives. Let the NASCAR thing go.
We are glad NASCA did, go.

CASA Press Release said...

Thirty-Five Community Members Join Fight Against Child Abuse

Adams and Broomfield Counties, CO – Thirty-five individuals from Adams and Broomfield Counties were sworn in as Court Appointed Special Advocates by the Honorable Judge Delgado on March 5th at the Adams County Courthouse. As volunteer advocates for the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program of Adams and Broomfield Counties, these individuals will now have the chance to advocate for children in the court system that have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect. These volunteers will work closely with caseworkers and attorneys to help be an additional set of “eyes and ears” on open abuse and neglect cases providing valuable information to the judge regarding the child’s well being and best interests. As advocates, they will also work to ensure that the educational needs of children are being met while they remain in the system.

The Honorable Judge Delgado administered the CASA Oath in the presence of her three esteemed colleagues, the Honorable Patrick Murphy, Honorable John Popovich and Magistrate Jon Bley. Each of the Judges thanked the volunteers for their commitment and dedication to the children in the community. CASA Executive Director, Simone Jones, along with Antelia Ball and Bob Grant, members of the CASA Board of Directors, offered a warm welcome to the new volunteers who will begin taking cases this month.

"It doesn't take, but maybe 12 to 15 hours a month of their time, to help ensure that innocent children who have suffered from abuse and neglect are kept from further harm," says Jones. The group is still in need of more volunteers. Last year, the program helped more than 300 kids locally.

The new CASA volunteers include:

Judith Ackley, Kelly Kehmeier, Karen Newsham, Christine Tornrose, Greg Tornrose and Laura Uran of Broomfield; Charles Elliston, Lisandra Gonzales, Michelle Peebler, Lynn Southard and Christine Taylor of Brighton; Yvette Arellano and Barbara Washburn of Denver; Theresa Arguello, Laura Bulter, Nancy Catlin, Terri Conway, Kaleo George, Amanda Korth, Ruth Marks, Ellie Martinez, Jody Rodarte, Rachel Williams and Daniel Yount of Thornton; Andrea Sandoval of Northglenn; Jena Davis, Lynn Ensor, Anne Marie Hochhalter, Charles Lilley, Amanda Peldzus, Cherie Peldzus, Linda Simpson, Kathy Smith, Shannon Tracy and Terri Zimmerman of Westminster.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Adams and Broomfield Counties is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that trains, supports and supervises community volunteers who advocate for the best interests of innocent child victims of abuse and neglect. Each year, in Adams and Broomfield Counties, there are over 1,500 children who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused or neglected, and who are in desperate need of a caring, committed CASA Volunteer to speak up for their best interests. In Adams and Broomfield Counties , there are over 1800 CASA volunteers, and we are in need of more great community members to become advocates for children. CASA conducts volunteer training classes three times a year. The next class begins in June 2009. For more information about CASA, call (303) 654-3378 or visit

Real Core Comments said...

Music Festival?! What exactly is the city getting out of the music festival!

Real Core Comments

Red Barn Rebel said...

Just the PR alone is worth everything from the Music Festival!!!!

Red Barn Rebel

DeeDee, Commerce City said...

Beacon stopping the press is true! I can't beleive it. Especially from the last issue prior to their last final issue. It sounded like they were gearing up for a fight with the Commerce City Police Department. Then they just all of a sudden drop off the map. Very odd to say the least.

Dee Dee, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the CCBPA website, 100% improvement!!!

ccSpeaks said...

Looks much Better.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, CC Beacon, on
21 years. Congratulations also
on placing your health and mental wellbeing on the front burner. We'll look forward to the Electronic CC Beacon as it comes online. Thanks Janet and Norm, for 21 good years, of your love and dedication to the people of Commerce City.

Tim said...

I second that!

Tim Dalton

Karen said...

Beacon should have done one more last issue so people could have said good bye properly. Oh Well.

I do look forward to the web version if they do one.

Karen L.

Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council agenda

6:30 p.m. Monday, March 16

Session is cancelled due to National League City Conference

Anonymous said...

NLC Convention Cost

It is estimated that it will cost between $25,500 to $27,000 for 8 of the 9 Commerce City Council members to attend National League of Cities. Council Member Jason McEldowney opted not to go due to his upcoming city trip to Las Vegas for the International Shopping Center Conference.

Hotel accommodations - $13,849.93

Airfare - $3,738 (pending) one airfare not included.

Classes - $1,200

Per diem for 8 council members - $2,676

Taxi - $1,200

These cost do not include any city staff that might be attending.

*Two of the council members will be staying at the Omni Shoreham ($229 per night), Six of the council members will be staying at the Embassy Suites (254 per night)

Real Core Comments said...

OMG LOL! And they can't afford a post card mailing! You got to be kidding!

Real Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Real Core comments~
Let's see.
Nine council times 2 meetings per year (that's what Benson has) equals (I'll do the math for you) 18 meetings.
Eighteen meetings times 2,000 dollars equals (again I'll assist)
36,000 dollars.
Plus staff time and school rental.
If Mr. Benson, or any other council member can't get the word out via local papers, e-mails, council meetings,the City Lights magazine, word of mouth or the like....then no one shows.
Too bad, so sad!
Real only want to start problems, why don't you do something positive for the city. They are making great strides and wonderful progress dispite people like you!

Commerce City Police Press Release said...

Officer Involved Shooting

At 3:59 p.m. Officers responded to a call of a Robbery and Car Jacking in the 15800 block of E 107th Ave. It was reported that two males had rear ended a car in front of them. When the car stopped they took the driver out and robbed him at gunpoint. The suspects then returned to their car and took off at a high rate of speed. As they were fleeing the area they lost control of their car at Jasper Street and Heartland, leaving the road and striking two trees and a street sign causing the right front tire to flatten. About this same time, two Commerce City Police Detectives were in the area on an unrelated investigation saw the suspects driving erratically. They attempted to stop the suspects but instead of stopping the suspects attempted to elude the officers. The suspects completely lost the right front tire of their vehicle at the intersection of E 120th Avenue and Chambers Road. The suspects exited their car and attempted to carjack other motorists at gun point. Detectives confronted the suspects and shots were fired resulting in both suspects being shot. The suspects then attempted to run from the scene but were caught just yards west of the intersection after a brief foot chase. Both suspects were transported to local hospitals where one of them later died from his injuries.

Both suspects are males in their early twenties names are not be released at this time for investigative reasons.

Adams County Critical Incident Team has been called out to investigate the shooting.

E 120th Ave will be closed from Jasper Street to Cameron Road for several more hours.

Anonymous said...

This real core comment person must be an absolute idiot living in a realm of hypocrisy. It appears to me that since he is not a part of the decision making process every action of our council is either the wrong direction or a bad investment. Rcc, you have obviously been asleep because a paradigm shift has occurred in Commerce City. Our city is no longer the butt of jokes that were prevalent during the years when we people like racetrack were sitting on city council. Those in that era did nothing to improve the neighborhoods in the south despite having large tax revenue from business and a small residential populace. I guess some can thank them for the negligence because the blighted area will now get funding from the feds. I can’t believe you think it’s OK for our representatives “the people who represent us and what we’re about” to stay in some rodent infested motel . During conventions hotel rooms are in demand and priced accordingly. Not meant as a gratuitous insult but some of the people You should travel a bit more. Do you realize bread in no longer thirty cents?
My take is that Paul Natale and members of council are doing a damn good job taking care of business despite our nations recession. We are amongst the best in the state of Colorado financially. People are still purchasing new homes, resale and clearing out some of the foreclosures in North Commerce City. That’s a testament that people WANT to live here.
Taxpaying Home owner

Tim Dalton said...

The last comment has some good points. I work in the financial world and I see what is going on, Commerce City is holding out pretty damn well, all things considered.

Commerce City is not broke, that is something a lot of other cites can't even say. I think the current city council is doing a fine job and anyone with a brain knows this to be true.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

really? LOL if everything is going so well why is there a court case of the mayors recall in the works. the recall group was able to get hundreds and hundreds of signatures. what do you say about that and as far as 18 meetings. i dont know why you think the at-large officials need to have a meeting only the 4 separate ward reps. do. that would significantly reduce your budget.

it is all about smart budgeting and not wasting the tax payers money, like sending the whole council to DC to "meet" other staff when half of you are going to be out in nov. of this year. give me a break the people are not that stupid as you think they are. they are not a bunch of 5th graders as you think they are.

recall group has a good chance in court and then we will see the truth.

by the way I hope all of the city council are still living in the city limits!


Adams County Press Release said...

Adams County Community Development
Accepting Nominations for Annual Awards Ceremony

Adams County Community Development and the Community Development Advisory Board will hold the annual Adams County Community Development Awards Dinner on Thursday, April 23, 2009. The awards dinner recognizes local businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals and municipalities that have made major improvements in the lives of families and neighborhoods through community development and poverty alleviation programs.

Nominations for individuals or organizations that are strengthening cities and neighborhoods in Adams County through community development programs and projects are now being accepted by the Community Development Advisory Board. Nominations are encouraged from anyone who wishes to identify a worthy candidate, including self nominations. The deadline to submit nominations is Wednesday, April 2, 2009.

Adams County innovators will be awarded in six different categories: Community Development Local Hero, Non-Profit Innovation, City Innovation, Good Neighbor Business of the Year, Neighborhood Leader of the Year and Future Leader of the Year. All nominees in each category will receive honorable mention.

For more information regarding the Adams County Community Development Awards Dinner or to submit a nomination, please call 303.453.8500.

Commerce City Police Department said...

Community Meeting

With the recent events we have been hearing that some members of our community are concerned they do not feel safe in their community. We can assure you the latest incidents (Burglaries and Officer Involved Shooting) are not related. However, we would like to make ourselves available to answer any questions and give you the latest crime information about your Community.

Members of the City and the Commerce City Police Department will be holding a community meeting at the Reunion Recreation Center on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 7:15 p.m. We welcome you to attend and bring your questions and concerns to us.

Thank You
Phillip J. Baca, Chief of Police
Commerce City Police Department

Kathy McIntyre said...


On the front page of the Gateway News last week, we covered the closing of the Rocky Mountain News, after 150 years of printing their daily paper. This week again, we are reporting another Colorado paper that has stopped printing. After 21 years and 1,100 issues, the Commerce City Beacon has stopped printing forever.

The Commerce City Beacon seemed like it had been here forever. The Beacon was a voice of the community and in America to lose a voice is always a tragedy. We may not have always agreed with the Beacon and some may be surprised that on some rare occasions we did see eye to eye. Take for example the last issue of The Beacon.

We wish Norman and/or Janet the very best with their health issues and/or their well being in this next phase of their lives. Even though The Beacon’s light has been extinguished, the sunlight of the Dawn of a New Era will be shining brightly in our community.

The presses have stopped and there are no more words to be said…

Tim said...

Well written, I agree, no more words need to be said.

Tim Dalton

Real Core Comments said...

to the taxpayer homeowner,

I do realize that bread is not 30 cents anymore, I also realize that if you would have booked your trip earlier the price would have not been so high on the hotels. a lot cheaper, about $50 per council member per night! As what Drotar said during a recent council meeting that was on the live stream.

That is what I realize.

Real Core Comments

Dee Dee said...

I am not against council going to DC. I am just wondering why is cost as much for taxis as it does for the classes?

Can't council car pool to the events in less cabs?

Dee Dee, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Guess you have never gone on a trip during peak events, such as a conference.
The hotels charge premium prices. Prices quoted at other times are the regular "off event" prices.
When the rooms are expected to fill up, the can charge what the want. It's called supply and demand.
Not even booking 6mths out would have helped, the hotels know what is coming.
The cab costs will obviously vary from person to person. Riding together, or those willing to walk.
This is DC!!

US Army Press Release said...

U.S. Army at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Receives OSHA’s Highest Workplace Safety Award

Site Named One of the Nation’s Safest Workplaces

The U.S. Army at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal strengthened its record as a national leader in workplace safety in early March by earning the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Award from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The installation now becomes the first Army site in the region to receive the award.

“We are proud to be recognized by OSHA as one of the safest worksites in the country and to have instilled a culture of safety among all the organizations working on this program,” said U.S. Army Program Manager Charlie Scharmann. “The health and safety of our workers and the surrounding community has always been the cornerstone of the Arsenal’s environmental cleanup. I want to congratulate all Army employees, contractors and partners for their unwavering commitment to workplace safety.”

The Arsenal’s cleanup program is led by the Army and Shell Oil Co. Like many construction programs across the country, the Arsenal's cleanup involves multiple organizations. With the Army’s Star Status achievement, the Arsenal currently has three VPP Star organizations working at the site.

OSHA recognized the Arsenal as an exemplary site and noted the Army’s health and safety practices are among the best in the nation, comparable to many Fortune 500 companies. OSHA also recognized three Army health and safety programs as best industry practices.

OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program honors outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have demonstrated exemplary occupational health and safety performance. Each applicant selected for participation in the program undergoes a rigorous on-site evaluation by OSHA, which culminates in a report recommending Star Status only for those companies with excellent health and safety programs.

About the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal, located in Commerce City, Colorado, approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver, is one of the largest Superfund cleanup sites in the country. In 1942, RMA was built to manufacture chemical weapons to be used in World War II as a war deterrent. In 1946, some of the facilities were leased to private industry including Shell Chemical Co. for the production of industrial and agricultural chemicals. The Arsenal later performed chemical agent demilitarization programs. Since 1985, the sole mission of the Arsenal has been environmental remediation and restoration.

The Arsenal’s extensive and safe environmental cleanup of the site’s soil, structures and groundwater is nearing completion in 2010. Cleanup plans were developed and approved by the Army, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the State of Colorado, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Shell Oil Company.

Currently, 80 percent of Arsenal land has been removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund List, and all major contaminated soil cleanup projects are complete. Most of the remaining cleanup work involves clean construction, which means moving clean soils and materials to build covers over the landfills and consolidation areas.

Core Comments said...

The CARZ Club (Citizens Alliance for Reasonable Zoning) meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Rose Hill Grange Hall 4001 East 68th Avenue. The next meeting will be on March 17th. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.

Core Comments

ccSpeaks said...

OH BOY a Carz meeting. Great place to go and get some free food and bash on Mayor Paul all night. YIPPEE!

Anonymous said...

That's so true. What a waste of time because the agenda is like you said, bash the mayor and the people that move in the north.
Those are some of the same people causing a rift between the areas and attempting to halt the growth of our city. We all must remember this during the next election of council members. As a city we must condemn the words and actions of those who endeavor to segregate the communities.

Envy is the most stupid of vices, for there is no single advantage to be gained from it. ~Honore de Balzac

Taxpaying Home owner

Kathy McIntyre said...

Everyone needs to think about what kind of legacy they are going to leave. Keeping in mind that news is presented in a flash and remembered in a flash. As the world twitters, a person’s legacy may just be no more than 140 characters. Very few people will have the luxury of a book being written about them where an entire story can be told about an entire lifetime.

I think politicians should really be concerned about the legacy they will leave. Would a school board director want to only be remembered for being the one that refused absolutely to listen to an entire Hispanic speaking community? What about a city manager that is only remembered for driving drunk? Or not actually finding any weapons of mass destruction after we wage war on another country?

If someone were to twitter the last few years of Commerce City’s significant issues or its legacy it might go like this: NASCAR, name change, pit bulls, Perry, Prairie Gateway, soccer, Parade of Homes, bonds passed and failed. That’s what we are known for.

Maybe we should all start trying to leave a little better legacy. Some of you out there need to run for office this November for city council, school boards and Mayor. When you do, what do you want your legacy to be? In this fast paced news world, it might be reduced to just a few words. Make sure they count.

Mayor Natale from NLC via email said...

good morning

started the day at the opening of the actual conference.
the first speaker was our own Kathy Novak, the Mayor of Northglenn, who is now the NLC President. She did a fantastic job. She is a great representative for our state.
We then listened to a speech by Chris matthews of MSNBC and also Susan Collins of the US Senate.
They both gave their take on the political world that we are living in.

Later in the day, we met with Kenneth Lane, Chief Advisor to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. We spoke about the future of the Wildlife Refuge as well as other issues important to our city.

A meeting with a representative from Sen Bennett's office was next to speak about issues.

The evening was started with a Colorado Reception on Capitol Hill and capped off by a group dinner.
it is now 12:30
Tomorrow starts at 8 with more General Sessions

Mayor Natale from NLC via email said...

Tuesday from NLC

happy St Patrick's Day

this is the last day of the convention Kathy Novak did a great job at the closing session
We heard from reps from HUD and US dept of Transportation in the am
heard from a rep from the Intergovernmental office and then from Home Land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in the afternoon

Had the meeting for the International Council mid day. Largest turnout in a long while
The German Delegates that I had dinner with did presentations on each of their cities for the council. very enlightening
Kathy, Scott and Jim met with Rep Udall the reception with our reps from Colorado have been wonderful

Meet tomorrow with the consuls from Hong Kong in the am and Mainland China in the afternoon

Lt. Gov. O’Brien Press Release said...

Lt. Gov. O’Brien Back to Her Tractor “Roots” for National Agriculture Day

Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien today drove a vintage tractor at the Capitol, joining a motorcade of tractors in honor of National Agriculture Day.

“Agriculture gets into your DNA,” said Lt. Gov. O’Brien, who grew up in the small farming community of Brawley, California. “I loved to read books, but my dad made sure I did my fair share of time behind the wheel of a tractor. I have a lot of respect for the hard work that goes into this very important part of our economy,” she added.

To help Colorado families through tough economic times, the Colorado Agriculture Council announced the donation of $60,000 worth of food and cash to the Food Bank of the Rockies. The food bank also received $10,000 and 120,000 eggs from the Colorado Egg Producers and the Colorado Wheat Growers and ConAgra donated 50,000 pounds of flour.

Agriculture is Colorado’s second largest economic industry. It employs 105,000 people and contributes $16 billion to the state’s economy.

Larcombe via email said...

LOVE the Twitter, make sure you keep it to Breaking News. So Far EXCELLENT info. Actually heard about the shooting via twitter before any news station. Impressive.

C. Larcombe, Commerce City

BBC Interview with Mayor and City Manager said...

Making ends meet
Paul Natale, Mayor, Commerce City, Colorado
"It's inexcusable.
Americans on AIG bonuses, BBC interview

Mayor Paul Natale,"Why anybody at AIG would be paid a bonus is beyond me."

Jerry Flannery, City Manager, Commerce City, Colorado
"When I think of all the Mom and Pop steel mill workers, trying to make ends meet..."If I worked at AIG I just could not take that money."

Anonymous said...

Paul Natale and Jerry Flannery had some interesting thoughts for the BBC. I hope that Jerry Flannery will extend his considerations to the tax payers of Commerce City and pay interest on his house loan. At the minimum he should pay imputed tax on the no interest loan. Mayor Natale should accept responsibility for the decsion and Jerry Flannery should give up the no interest loan- in fairness to the citizens of Commerce Cty.

Anonymous said...

Are city employees getting bonuses this year?

Anonymous said...

I wasted a whole bunch of my companies money last year. not only did I NOT get a bonus, I only got a 3% raise. based on the precident set by AIG do any lawyers out there want to represent me to sue the company I work for? I want my million dollare bonus!

Mayor Natale from NLC via email said...

Thursday Evening...
good evening

our last day in Washington DC. It has been an exciting and rewarding week.
Today, we met with Xu Chen Bin, Chief US Representative for CCPIT. this is China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. It is similar to our Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Department. It was interesting meeting which we hope will have some positive results.

I look forward to being back in Colorado tomorrow and to get back to work

Dalton said...

I love the twitter updates and updates to you guys from the mayor.. I feel like I was actually in DC with him. China, BBC, the Germany Guys, HUD discussion, Great Good Guys!

Cutting edge!

Tim Dalton, Reunion

Core Comments said...

I thought all of the council was in Washington, so why was at-large official Jason Mceldowny at the reunion police meeting?!

Gateway News said...

As reported, council member McEldowney did not attend NLC because of his upcoming trip to Las Vegas for the International Shopping Centers Conference.

Gateway News

Mayor Natale from NLC via email said...

Thursday Morning...
good morning

met with Donald Tong yesterday(wed) he is the Hong Kong Commissioner to the US. We spoke about mutual interests between Hong Kong and the Denver Metro area. This included air flights, business opportunities and tourist ideas

We met later in the day with Li Liansheng who is the Counselor at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. This is Mainland China. We spoke about the upcoming industrial conference scheduled for June of this year. We also had a discussion of the political and economic relationships between our two countries.

After these meetings, we met with Congressman Ed Perlmutter at the Capitol where he had been testifying and voting on the AIG investigation. We congratulated Congressman Perlmutter on the victory to build the Veterans Hospital in Aurora. We spoke about the needs of Commerce City and some of the projects we had planned. Congressman has always been a great supporter of our city and his district and we appreciate that.

Tomorrow is our last day in DC. We will be meeting with CCPIT of China.

Erin NW said...

Core Comments and/or real Core Comments, can you please try to do something positive with your life. For all of our sanity.

Erin NW

ps. I also loved the short updates from NLC at twitter and the blog. very nice to know what my officials are doing. Your doing perfect so far, PLEASE do not junky it up with useless information, keep it short and sweet and relevant.

Commerce City Press Release said...

Commerce City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council meeting. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, March 23
Study session
Council chambers
• Presentation on Denver Regional Council of Governments’ research project on transit-oriented development
• Presentation of new Parks and Recreation Web site, including online registration
• Picnic shelter fee changes
• Ordinance 1762 – fuel surcharge
• 2008 year-end report
• Ordinance 1763 – regarding council meetings
Special meeting immediately following study session
Presentations and proclamations
• Earth Hour Ordinances on 1st reading
• Ordinance 1763 – regarding City Council meetings
Council business
• Executive session for the purpose of determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, developing strategy for negotiations and instructing negotiators under C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(e) regarding I-70 realignment and draft Environment Impact Statement (EIS)
• Approval of I-70 draft EIS response letter to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Gateway News said...

New Commerce City Rec Website

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the new middle school's gym in Second Creek will be made available to the community? Great location for both kids and adults.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will need to contact the 27J school District.

THe website is:

Metro North Chamber Press Release said...

6th Annual Mayors’ Roundtable Development Council Breakfast

METRO NORTH REGION, COLO - The Metro North Chamber of Commerce is honored to host the 6th Annual Mayors’ Roundtable Development Council Breakfast on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at the Westin Westminster, 10600 Westminster Blvd. Registration will open at 6:30 a.m. and then the program will start at 7:15 a.m.

Regionalism at its best, the event will cover city specific issues along with region opportunities. If you live, work or have a business in the Metro North region this is a must attend event. The following Mayors will be participating:

Mayor Bob Frie, City of Arvada

Mayor Ed Tauer, City of Aurora

Mayor Jan Pawlowski, City of Brighton

Mayor Patrick Quinn, City & County of Broomfield

Mayor Paul Natale, City of Commerce City

Mayor Wade Carlson, City of Dacono

Mayor John Hickenlooper, City & County of Denver

Mayor Joyce Thomas, City of Federal Heights

Mayor Chad Auer – City of Firestone

Mayor Eric Doering – City of Frederick

Mayor Kathie Novak, City of Northglenn

Mayor Erik Hansen, City of Thornton

Mayor Nancy McNally, City of Westminster

Sponsors to date are ACED; Adams 12 Five Star Schools; Adams County Workforce & Business Center; AEDA; BEDC; Bellco Credit Union; Bush Development; Carlson Parkhill, LLC; City of Brighton; City of Commerce City; City of Thornton; Community Reach Center; Crosbie Real Estate Group; Denver Merchandise Mart; Dodge Sign Co.; Donelson Ciancio Goodwin, P.C.; Flaum & Associates; Foster, Graham, Milstein, Miller & Calisher, LLP; Hi Country Wire & Telephone Ltd.; Horizons North Credit Union; Pinnacol Assurance; Pro Chrysler Jeep; Qwest Communications; Saunders Construction; St. Anthony North Hospital; The Pachner Company; United Power, Inc.; Wells Fargo; Westin Westminster

Combined table/banner sponsorships are still available for $500. Table sponsor is $350 (table of 8), banner sponsor is $250. For individual chamber members the cost is $30, non-member rate is $40. The breakfast is open to the public. Reserve your space today by calling Amber Kirchmer at 303.288.1000 ext. 824 or email her at

Core Comments said...

All I doing is asking questions and expressing my opinions. I feel like we have a lot wrong with this city and I want everyone to at lease know the issues. I see nothing wrong with this. We have issues with over paid staff, a flawed Land Development Code, a unfair treated Recall of the Mayor, a unfair information release policy to the media from the Police Department, and these are just some of the issues we have. Let me not forget the gorilla in the room of the Economic Development or lack of it!

I will continue to ask questions and give my opinion of the city, I will do it because I actually care, unlike most of you who will be out of here in 5 to 10 years, I am here to stay.

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Core Comments.....
you keep trying to drag us down,
but we will not go.
with the staff and council our city does flo.
It is moving ahead,
To our pleasure we see.
With new direction we go
and very happy we'll be!!

Anonymous said...

You care? You care only about yourself and you’ve made that clear with the publicized animosity . The conurbation of the northern areas in five to ten years is why most of us purchased homes here. The economy will pick up bringing all types of development along the E 470 corridor. The seated mayor and council are laying a strong foundation for our growth. A good thing to look forward to is that as the population grows you will no longer be able to abuse the system with these unsubstantiated recalls. Had the people who signed (if they signed) actually read and researched the allegations this would have went nowhere. Thanks to sites like this those citizens now know that your words are self serving and false. Conveying your opinion as fact to those easily swayed like some of our elderly shows a lack of both integrity and respect. Elections will be upon us soon and we must remember those who support regression.

Taxpaying Home owner

Core Comments said...

Still a lot wrong with this city!

I am glad the mayor got gifts from all the Chinese reps. Cas' we ain't going see anyting else!

Core Comments

Cheo said...

I love the ROLLER GIRLS!!!

Commerce City should come up with their own team based out of the Derby sun division, they could can themselves "THE BLIGHT"

Kick Ass!!!

Tim Dalton said...

Core Comments:

You really need to step back and take a look at the city. Try and look at it as if you were someone from a different area, then make your comments.

Just a thought

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

Great DRCOG is going to do another survey, there goes another 30 grand down the toliet!

All of DRCOG projects and money will go to Denver and the southern areas.

Matt R., Reunion said...

Sorry to say but I have to agree with that. DRCOG study is more like 50 grand!

Gateway News said...


Betsy, CC, Colorado said...

I am listening for the first time in Commerce City,

I hear them talking about the Commerce City Rec Center.

Does anyone know what is going on with the anuual easter egg hunt?

Besty, CC, Colorado

Anonymous said...


Listening in Reunion

Gateway News said...

To the person asking about the Easter Egg hunt,

There will be a Easter Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast at the Belle Creek on April 4th, Sat. 9:00am to 12:00pm It will be held at the Belle Creek Family Center.

Betsy said...

Thank you for the quick response! Good Job, it is a shame that the city will not be having it like they did last year.


Anonymous said...

The city of Brighton is having their Eggstravaganza first weekend in April See the Gateway News for the City of Brighton ad about this event.

Anonymous said...

Ed Perlmutter is having a bowling fundraiser in Colorado. Could city council talk to him then. Maybe bowling and a beer would be a better meeting than in the hallway of the Capitol. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Criminals beware, you commit crime here, you pay and you pay for the police departments gas. Is that fair? Do criminals want to be chased? If you don't chase them, the police can save money on gas.

Anonymous said...

what if you call 911, will you have to pay a fuel surcharge to police?

Anonymous said...

Easter Bunny is very angry at Commerce City. He wants to know why the city doesn't like him and why no Easter Egg hunt this year? Maybe they just don't like children.

Gateway News said...

Possible surcharge for individuals that are cited and found guilty by Commerce City Police. Surcharge is to cover Fuel. Surcharge maybe around $9.00.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHH! Riggi Oil is going to be MAD!!

City looking at competitive pricing for Gas for PD!

Anonymous said...

2008 Budget, 47.3 million Revnue

Budget, 41ish million!




Matt said...

I am surprised Commerce City didn't look at gas pricing for the Police Department before now. I am SURE the can get a better price then Riggi oil, They seem to be high for the general public.

Matt R.

Core Comments said...

Commerce City should have sold the golf course when they had the chance in the past

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

Clarification: No surcharge if you call 911, only if you are found guilty. All of this is a study session. No action has been taken yet.

Real Core Comments said...

So if city is doing so well, why can't they find money to mail out ward II meetings?!?

Real Core Comments, and no I am not the Core Comments.

Tim Dalton said...

Hear that Core Comments! SKY IS NOT FALLING!

Tim Dalton

Lighter Side said...

Council Roller Derby Names

Reba Drotar AKA “Nightmare of River Run”
Orval Lewis AKA “Nay today, Nay Tommorrow”
Jason McElowdey AKA “Kudos King”
Paul Natale AKA “Recall THIS!”
Kathy Teter AKA “I’m your Friend, I am everybodys Friend”
Jim Benson AKA “The Breacher”
Tony Johnson AKA “The Preacher”
Scott Jaquith AKA “Core Sore”
Tracey Snyder AKA “Too Cute for Jail”

Core Comments said...

Listening in Commerce City,

Those are some Bold Statements Natale! You just helped the recall effort!

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

Real core and core comments.
You are both toooo funny to be concerned with.
Fools often take your approach.
When you obviously have no real smarts or lives, you constantly go
after people to keep yourselves from looking as small as you are.
Time to change your mantra or get a job!

Anonymous said...

did he really purchase hookers with city money on one of the trips they took during the ford years? Did he pay it back after he got caught? why were trips ok when he got to take them?

Commerce City Police Press Release said...

Burglary ALERT Reunion, Potomac Farms, Fronterra, The suspect(s) generally enter residence by prying a back or garage door removes screens.

Knocks on the front door, bends down and ties his shoe, if the door isn’t answered he goes to the back or side of the residence. If the door is answered, the suspect has asked for “Carlos”. He has been seen carrying a basketball.

Possible Suspect Vehicle: White box van in Reunion and Buffalo Mesa. White Lexus in Fronterra. Suspicious Activity call 911.

Possible Suspects: Hispanic males, age 30 – early 20’s. Fronterra area: Black or “Mulatto” male, 16-18 years old, 6’, medium build, and afro type hair.

Property taken include TV, Jewelry, money, laptops, cameras and small game type electronics.

*See Gateway News Crime watch for composites.

Anonymous said...

hey core comments.
sell the golf course.
bet most people do not know who brought that forward!!!
one more Ford family member.
one more reason to keep the Bullock/ Ford families out of the new Commerce City
graft was okay when they were in power and they hate that they are losing control
the next election will finally tell you both, you are no longer relevant

Core Comments said...

Hey Gateway, why didnt you record natale's comment about citizen communication?

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

I did...

Core Comments said...

sorry, i didnt see it. are you going to post it on the main site?

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

Yes, it is now.

Gateway News has redesigned all of its websites to be more user friendly and perform on other web browsers.

Tim Dalton said...

So much better, simple clean design and it works on firefox!

Great Job!

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

Just looked at some city council videos on you tube. I’m amazed that people are that stupid. The one guy said he had people stationed covertly outside the mayor’s house and documents dates and times visitors come and go. Sounds like he requests to read all of the mayors e-mail too. The other guy was hilarious with the amusing interpretation of the law. Were they serious or just trying to get on the Jerry Springer show?

Anonymous said...

I love the new format. We have the best news site in the state. Both at a glance and details when we want more..kudos

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the mayor's comments on citizen communication.
I felt he was giving all citizens the respect of their voices, even if they are not able to attend the meetings.
I have been to a few, found some of the people in the audience rude with their commenting.
Personally I came to observe, not to introduce myself or be "on stage".
I'm afraid this will turn into a zoo with a few wanting their five minutes of fame.

Anonymous said...

I's love to see the "Jerry Springer" videos that were mentioned.
Where specifically did you see those??

Dalton said...

All videos are at:

But the best one is the Mr. Jones yelling to call 911 because the police are arresting him. CLASSIC!

Mr. Jones link is below:

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

I think this guy was trying to take city to court to be able to come back.

Hee Haw

Anonymous said...

Which are the ones with the guy claiming to stalk to mayor's house and the crazy guy interperting the law?
There are so many to choose from!!

Mile High Music Festival said...


Thursday, March 26, 2009
Colorado's Mile High Music Festival returns to the Fields at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on July 18 and 19. The 2009 festival expands to two main stages for its second year. Headliners include TOOL (Saturday), Widespread Panic (on both Saturday and Sunday), and The Fray (Sunday).

In addition to the headliners, 2009 performance highlights include Incubus, Ben Harper and Relentless7, G.Love & Special Sauce, Gov't Mule, Buddy Guy, 3OH!3, Ani DiFranco, Paolo Nutini, The Black Keys, John Butler, Gomez, The Wailers, India Arie many others. The Fray, 3OH!3, India.Arie, Set Forth, and Paper Bird are among the bands on the bill who call Colorado home. A complete list of currently confirmed acts is included below, with additional artists still to be announced. Visit for ongoing updates. Doors will open at 11:00 a.m. each day.

Mile High Music Festival exploded on to the national festival scene last year as hosts to Colorado's largest music and arts festival, offering concertgoers a tremendous variety of musical talent, food from many of Denver's top restaurants, an artists' village and more. The festival, which attracted more than 90,000 attendees its inaugural year, went off without a hitch and promises again to put the fan experience first. The festival grounds, with its remarkable views of the Denver skyline and Rocky Mountain Front Range, will offer even more shade and misting tents, an increased number of free water stations, and shorter concession lines. The 2009 event also boasts an upgraded VIP experience and expanded festival greening initiatives.

This year's Mile High Music Festival introduces a charity component as a special thank you to the community that is helping make the event a Colorado summer tradition. A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit Commerce City's Quality Community Foundation (QCF). "This is extremely good news," said Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale. "The city is very excited to again be apart of the Mile High Music Festival and for AEG Live to donate money to the city's Quality Community Foundation is just music to my ears." The Quality Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established by Commerce City in 2006. It grants money to organizations that provide nonprofit services to Commerce City residents.

Tickets for Mile High Music Festival will go on sale Friday, April 3, at 10:00 a.m. MDT online at and, by phone at 866-461-6556 and at Dick's Sporting Goods Park Box Office. They can also be purchased with a credit card at the Ticket Outlet Kiosks in twelve Dick's Sporting Goods stores. The Paramount Theatre Box Office will be open on Friday, April 3 from 10 am – 2 PM to sell MHMF tickets to walk-up customers only. Ticket prices are $162.50 (plus service charges) for a 2-Day Pass. A limited number of Single Day Tickets will be available for $90.00 (plus service charges) while supplies last. Two-day VIP Packages are also available: $400.00 (plus service charges) for the Mile High VIP Pass and $1250.00 for the Mile High Apex experience (plus service charges).

Mile High Music Festival's two-day weekend pass is available this year on a Layaway Program. The Layaway Program offers an opportunity to pay for the price of a two-day pass in two installments, with 50% plus service charges due at time of purchase and the remaining 50% balance due on June 12.

The festival will also offer a Carpool Package for $680.00 and includes four two-day passes and special carpool parking. Carpoolers are encouraged to participate in the Mile High Music Festival Carpool Contest. Participants are asked to decorate their vehicles to draw attention to their green driving efforts. Winners will be randomly chosen on each day of the festival and awarded VIP upgrades for each rider in the vehicle.

Visit for details. The Fields at Dick's Sporting Goods Park is conveniently located just nine miles from downtown Denver, and only 1.8 miles from the I-70 and Quebec exit.

The line-up for Mile High Music Festival is currently as follows (not in order of appearance and additional artists still to be announced):

Saturday, July 18
Widespread Panic
Ben Harper & Relentless7
G. Love and Special Sauce
Ani DiFranco
The Black Keys
Paolo Nutini
Greyboy Allstars
Railroad Earth
Lyrics Born
Rocco DeLuca and The Burden
Erin McCarley
Band of Heathens
Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam
Set Forth

Sunday, July 19
Widespread Panic
The Fray
Gov't Mule
Buddy Guy
John Butler
Gogol Bordello
The Wailers
Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Mat Kearney
Dead Confederate
Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons
Paper Bird
Joe Pug
Electric Touch

Mile High Music Festival is produced by AEG Live Rocky Mountains, Starr Hill Presents, and Kroenke Sports Enterprises.

Adams County Press Release said...

Adams County Government Offices to Close at Noon Due to Winter Storm

The Adams County Board of Commissioners has ordered all county offices to be closed at noon today, Thursday, March 26, 2009 due to the winter storm. Weather pending, all offices are expected to be open for business on Friday, March 27, 2009.

The Adams County Public Works Department is out in full force to maintain roadways. While snow has tapered off east of Imboden Road, the western portion of the county is experiencing much heavier snowfall. As a result, 22 plows are currently out in western Adams County, including unincorporated Adams County, and 12 plows are running in the eastern district. The department will be running 12-hour shifts, 24 hours per day until roads are cleared.

Anonymous said...

these were the funny videos.

Dalton said...

your right those are funny!!


Commerce City Press Release said...

City Council agenda

COMMERCE CITY – The following is a tentative agenda for the upcoming City Council meeting. This agenda is subject to change. For more information about posting locations, please contact the city clerk at (303) 289-3611, or visit and click on “Government” and then “Agendas and Minutes.”

6:30 p.m. Monday, March 30
No meeting
Fifth Monday of the month; next City Council meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 6.

Gov. Ritter said...


Gov. Bill Ritter has issued a disaster declaration due to today’s blizzard, activating the National Guard to assist with rescue operations and authorizing up to $200,000 in state funds for emergency assistance.

“Our first and foremost concern is the health, safety and welfare of Colorado ’s citizens,” Gov. Ritter said. “We have activated the State Emergency Operations Center to monitor conditions, coordinate the state’s resources and respond as needed. We are also asking residents to limit their travel and encourage employers to consider releasing employees in a phased manner to alleviate heavy traffic this afternoon.”

Here is the text of Executive Order D 005 09, “Declaring a Disaster Emergency Due to a Severe Blizzard”:

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Governor of the State of Colorado and, in particular, pursuant to relevant portions of the Colorado Disaster Emergency Act, §§ 24-32-2100, et seq., C.R.S. I, Bill Ritter, Jr., Governor of the State of Colorado , issue this Executive Order declaring a state of disaster emergency due to a severe blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Not only funny, but histerical!!
Sad part is these people think they know something!!
Ya gotta laugh!!
Guess they have no lives!

Core Comments said...

hey gatewaynews. why are you not reporting on the recall effort?

at least the Commerce City Beacon was not afraid of natle.

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

Currently nothing new to report.

Gateway News

Dalton said...

Music Festival is the BEST thing. It has the same electricity in the air as the Parade of Homes did.

Very GOOD for Commerce City!

Mayor was well spoken in video.

Tim Dalton, Reunion

DeeDee said...

I took it upon myself to try and find out why CDOT would want to realign I-70 into Commerce City by 12 to 15 blocks. Needless to say I did not get very far at all. I will continue to ask questions.

I have some people at CDOT that said they would call me back. If they ever do. I will post their responds ASAP.

DeeDee, Commerce City

Jasmine said...

Love the video of Music Fest. Very well done and agree there is a eclectic sense to this whole deal.

Mayor was very well spoken and got excitement going for public. LOVE IT!

Jasmine B, 80022

Anonymous said...

Is it true J. Benson was at the press conference?

Concerned Citizen in the Northern Range

Anonymous said...

I believe the Council people can attend any of these press conferences.
Pretty funny that the man who tried to ruin the music festival, would attemd the conference.
Sounds like Chuck Morris is a much classier act than Benson to welcome him.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was getting at! It must have been a very awkward moment.

Does anyone know if Jim Benson said anything stupid?

Dustin McIntyre said...

I only heard small talk from Jim Benson, I think everyone was focusing on the event. Mayor Natale, in my view, did very well.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News

Anonymous said...


you should have some of the issues that are being talked about around town as separate issues for people to easily comments on.

Issues like, the new land code, the water department and Commerce City, the forced annexation, the recall (and yes it is still alive), The music festival, The weed law and if I think of anymore I will let you know.

A very Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have gotten tired of the "recall" being brought up here, so I asked Mayor Natale where it stood.
He said the judge turned it away (maybe not the offical term) as unfounded ( that is,the recall committee's complaints).
They are still going back AGAIN, with some other bogus claims, (something about the "after the fact signatures" should have been verified, even though not allowable).
This STUPID recall was started last summer, about 9 mths ago.
This city is changing to a place people can trust. No more of the dirty deals.
It is time for this small group of complainers (who want to regain control) to start doing something good or just shut up!

Tim Dalton said...


Cheo Larcombe said...

I was wondering what it would take for the Commerce City website to have the translation feature like the has?

Cheo Larcombe, Commerce City

Gateway News said...

Mr. Larcombe,

Thanks for you comments.

Please feel free to leave any comment you like here, but to make sure the city knows. I suggest that you in addition leave your comments and suggestions on the "AskC3" website of Commerce City.

Gateway News

Civall said...

First time posting,

I love this site! Learned so much about my ward, which I thought was ward 4, but now I am in ward 2.

G. Civall

M and R said...

I consider myself moderately active in the community. I had no idea that a ward meeting was going to take place at the Reunion Rec Center. I attended the last one, I wish I could have attend this one.

At least I was able to see the videos, this is a big plus for Gateway News as far as I am concerned.

Matt and Robin, Buff Run

Jason_Mc said...

For folks that missed the Ward II meeting, please note that the City Council is hosting community wide Town Hall Meetings this year...

The first of the year is slated for:

Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Thimmig Elementary
11453 Oswego Street

These town halls will include comprehensive updates from Council and Staff, as well as ample opportunity for Q&A.

So please plan to join us!

Jason McEldowney

Nancy R. said...

Funny, the same email list was used for the officer involved shooting and there was a huge turn out. Ward II meeting only had 20-30. Go figure.

Nancy, Reunion

Core Comments said...

you know, council jason m. is one of the only ones who has any sense on the council these days.

gateway, when are you going to start posting the real stories?

Core Comments

Gateway News said...

Don't worry all the important issues will be covered.

Meanwhile, you do not seem to be shy about your views, so feel free to keep posting.

Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Core Comments....that was ALMOST a compliment for Mr Jason of course while making a dig at the rest of council)!
You must be having a good day for a change?