Colorado Student Assessment Program, What do you think?

Recently, the Mayor of Commerce City Paul Natale made his opinion of the CSAP clear during a joint city/school district meeting. Hearing many opinions of the matter, we want to know what you think.

The Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) is an assessment required by the No Child Left Behind Act administered by the Unit of Student Assessment in the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The CSAP is designed to measure how well students are learning material from the Colorado Model Content Standards, the established content standards that all Colorado public school students should learn. The CSAP only tests four (mathematics, reading and writing, and science) of the thirteen subject areas in the Colorado Model Content Standards.

Starting in 3rd Grade, and continuing until 10th Grade (Sophomore year of High School), all students are expected to take their grade level's version of the CSAP, testing for which typically occurs during the Spring semester from early February to late March. The 3rd and 4th Grade versions of the CSAP are also available in Spanish to accommodate the high number of Spanish-speaking students in Colorado public schools who concurrently learn English. In 11th Grade (Junior year of High School) students are required to take the COACT (a Colorado specific version of the ACT) in place of the CSAP.


Anonymous said...

It is about time someone with enough guts said what everyone has been thinking since the creation of CSAP!

Thank you Mayor!

Concerned Parent and Citizen

Erin NW said...

Say what you will about Mayor Natale, at least he speaks his own mind and I have to say it is refreshing.

Erin NW

Commerce City said...

I strongly think the CSAP tests discriminate against Latino students who have a poor command of English.

It should be ended ASAP!

Maria Dulles, Commerce City

Sent via email, Tiva, Commerce City said...

Speaking just on ACSD #14,

The problem with translating tests into Spanish is there are still NUMEROUS other languages out there!

Not very fair is it?

We still have a long ways to go, and we are going the wrong direction.

Tiva, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

CSAP in Spanish, that is news to me!

Gateway News said...

ONLY for 3rd and 4th Grade...

The 3rd and 4th Grade versions of the CSAP are also available in Spanish to accommodate the high number of Spanish-speaking students in Colorado public schools who concurrently learn English.

Gateway News

Hyde said...

I agree with the Mayor of Commerce City,

This kind of one-size test does not fit all the children.

Hyde N.

Sent via email, Jared said...

Lots of you are against the CSAP, but I ask you this, what is the better way for school district accountability.

We have to know schools are performing at level.

Easy to criticize, not so easy to have a solution.

Listen to video, even mayor says we need some other way! So what is the "other way"

Jared, Parent of D#14

Anne B. said...

Mayor is right, even the teachers will admit all the schools do today is teach to the CSAP test. It is the only thing that matters for the entire school year. It is sad that we have ended up in this situation.

Anne Bylon

Gina said...

I have to say I disagree with most of you. Have any of you even seen CSAP test? It is well crafted and one of the most efficient ways for us to keep accountability with our children's education.

Gina, Denver

Anonymous said...

Not when the year is spent getting sutdents ready for it.
The knowledge our children need is not limited to what CSAP tests cover.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from a Colorado high school in 1970 as did many of the leaders in our state right now. None of us ever took the CSAP. We took the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. It told our parents and teachers if we were at grade level. A large group of us went to college and now are leaders in the state. We need a test that allows students to show what they know not what they don't know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. We need to step back and look at our past. We did not need to do things, just for the sake of doing things.

Anonymous said...

CSAP is biggest waste of resources. I heard it is something like 25 million dollars a year just to have it!

Gateway News said...

Yes it was reported at the joint meeting that the cost is about 20 to 25 mill. to have CSAPs in Colorado.

Gateway News

Erin NW said...

Do you know what kinds of things we could do with our education system with that kind of money!

Erin NW