You’re The Mayor...What Would You DO???

Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale took a stand on the CSAP tests when asked what he would do if he was the School District 27J Superintendent for a day.

Now it’s your turn. You are the Mayor, what would you do? You can choose to be mayor of either Brighton or Commerce City.

The Gateway News wants to hear about all your ideas, your opinions and which issues you would address in your new role as mayor. We would to hear from as many of you as possible. Therefore, we will also be asking individuals for their responses when we are out and about. So give it some can post directly, or email us at or call and tell us at 720.221.7352 or fax at 720.221.8317 or just come up and tell us in person.

Those with the best ideas will be encouraged to run for city council this fall!
We have a deadline of May 20th, so we can also do an article in the print edition of the Gateway News. So don't delay.


Via Discussion said...

I would increase the police patrol on 104th and Tower in the Northern Range on the weekends by 300% at least.

Via Discussion said...

I would round up all the current recycling bins, return them and get everyone a full size roller bin with a lid.

Via Discussion said...

Annex everything I could to finally make our city one city. I am tired of the unincorporated patches all over. It is not only frustrating, but it would increase the number of citizens that can run for city offices and we can improve these areas, thus enhancing our city image as a whole.

Via Discussion said...

I would make sure that we are in the good grace of all of the jurisdiction around us. It is my opinion that the name of the game these days is regional and we need to be “friends” with everyone around us.

Via Discussion said...

Economic Development would be by primary objective, but in a smart way.

We need to slow down and take a look back at where we were going.

I would press on with the New Comp Plan and the Coach Study to get all our ducks in a row and then hit economic development big in 2010.

Via Discussion said...

I am sure whatever I say the Mayor and staff are already looking at one way or another.

But, I would give myself a raise. Sounds ridiculous I know, but they money they get now is not right for the job they do.

Via Discussion said...

City image is a big one for me, I would start a campaign to change this from a one view industrial to a city with a lot to offer.

Which a lot don't know, but we really are!

Via Discussion said...

I would make it a requirement that ward rep. city council members drive around their own entire districts at least once every 2 weeks.

I think the at-large and mayor city council rep. travel the entire city at least once a month.

Maybe some already do this, but it would be a chance to see first hand the community they represent also to get out and meet the people, just let them know that are here for them.

This is a very important issue for me.

Via Discussion said...

revist the weed law, can't be enforced and should be revamped into a new law from the ideas from the recent study session they had not to long ago.

Via Discussion said...

I would get one of the Rec. Center Vans and anyone who is charged with graffiti would have to spend their weekends out in the city cleaning up all the graffiti in the city.

Via Discussion said...

Increase the Police presence in the North, especially these days after so many break-ins.

Via Discussion said...

I would make the packet that is needed for running for city council positions be available on the City Website as a PDF.

Via Discussion said...

I see that Commerce City is using Twitter for OEM. A very smart and powerful tool. I would expand this to the Commerce City Police Department, the Commerce City Economic Department and the Commerce City Calendar.

Core Comments said...

I would launch a commission of citizens to review the new Land Development Code. If you all do not know what I am talking about you really need to talk to someone that knows this document and ask question.

Core Comments

Via Discussion said...

I would take a friendly approach to the citizens in our city that let their yards go.

Via Discussion said...

If I was the Mayor I would jump on this Music Festival band wagon and try to build on this. I would launch some kind of a summer concert series, right after the festival and make it a week long event.

We could be known as a music city, a industrial music city.

Via Discussion said...

I would like to see more festivals and fun things to do in the city.

Via Discussion said...

I wish Commerce City could have some kind of a known marker. Like the clock on 16th street in Denver. I don't know what that could be, but just something to think about.

Core Comments said...

I disagree with the Annex comment. We need to work with the residents and businesses in area that could be Annexed. We need to invite them in, not force them in.

Core Comments

Fred A. said...

I, like a lot of other people want to see the City's publication be only printed in the English Language.

That is what I would do if I was the Mayor.

Anyone want to talk about this can email me at

Fred A.

Tim Dalton said...

I would have it so citizens can text in crimes. Not my idea originally, but none the less a very good idea.

Tim Dalton

Via Discussion said...

Take over the Channel 8 television station from the School District. It makes absolutely no sense to have Adams #14 school district to have full access to this when only half of the city is actually in D #14. A large portion of the city is in School District 27J. If you can not take it over completely, at least utilize it more for the city's benefit.

Via Discussion said...

Commerce City needs to work Brighton and Denver in making this area a virtual "GREEN ZONE" with Vestas coming to Brighton, this could be a reoccurring theme for the entire area.

Brighton is already working a grant for this very purpose.

Ryland said...

I would say that the city needs to seriously look at the tax structure of the city.

We need to be below Denver.

Currently it is the following:
city: 3.5%
county: .75%
Cultural: .10%
State: 2.90%
RTD: 1.0%
Invesco Stadium: .10%

Total: 8.35%

ccSpeaks said...

If you want water service, this is the requirements.

Requirements for Obtaining Service, Following Successful Completion of Service Application Form, In the new service area, applicants MUST annex to the City of Commerce City and join the Commerce City GID, if so required by the City of Commerce City.

For information regarding the GID, please contact the City of Commerce City, City Manager's Office.

If I were the Mayor I would seriously look into this. I do not see how one agency can force a business to do anything.

Anonymous said...

CC Speaks:
As a long time citizen I know that this was a signed contract between the water board and a past Mayor.
It was put into place to protect the water dept when the city was building so quickly (to not overburden the water taps etc.) and to protect the city,to make sure it's citizens were availed water that shouldn't be given to others.
Now that the city is not building so rapidy, the water board wants to renig on their contract. Most likely to make some of their old under the table deals!
Anyone who is paying attention knows that Larry Ford's (whos on the water board) son the ex-mayor that signed the contract is trying to beneift.

Tim Dalton said...


We are getting into the 2004 (CC/SACWSD) IGA!

Already a issue with a will serve letter for a property in the city that is not required to annex.

McIntyre, you really need to make this its seperate issue.

I have a lot to say about this one!

Tim Dalton

Gateway News said...


I agree it needs to be a seperate topic.

I would hope that this topic sticks to "what if you would do if you were the Mayor."

Fred A. said...

I would seriously look into why our front door and back door are getting business, but we are not.

We are stuck in a vacant sandwich. Stapleton and Prairie Center have stuff, why don't we?

DeeDee said...

I would make it my priority to develop the lands around the Colorado Rapids Soccer Stadium.

My first question would be:

"When can we expect a Dicks Sporting Goods Store?"

It should be place right next to the stadium, it should have been their flagship store.

I think it maybe time to play a little hardball.

Cooper said...

I think I would try and get the Mile High Flea Market into the city some how.

We need to build up the city big and strong.

It will benefit all in the end.


Mandy T. said...

I know this has been talked about before and the issue of money is the reason why it has not happened yet, but I would concentrate on getting a Rec. Center in the Northern Range.

The children in the Newlands that do not live in the Reunion subdivision do not have really any place to go.

Mandy, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

If I was the mayor, I would get the Northern Range citizens to come down to the south by offering them a free month at the Commerce City Recreation center down in the Parkway area. It would get them to come down and see the Core area, Derby and such.

ccSpeaks said...

Get a full time Grant Writer just the for Derby Area.

HHK said...

Okay here is my idea!

If I was the Mayor, I would make the city of Commerce City the most "business friendliest" city in the entire metro region.

Not just hot air, some really changes. When a business comes in with interest, I would assign a “case manager” to them. This “case manager” would be a city staffer that would literally be on call when the potential new business has a issue, any issue. I would guarantee a 24 hour turn around on any and all questions and concerns. Or at least some type of communication. I would require that at least 1 at-large official and the Ward official where the business would be located have a meeting within 3 days of the business coming forth with interest.

These are just some of the things I would put into place. I maybe a little biased here, the fact is I am a part owner in a business. But the question was what I would do if I were the mayor, now you all know.

Harold, HK Commerce City, Colorado

Madrid said...

Bring back the yard of the week, posted it on city website and let The Gateway News have it.

It was a great thing!

Via email, dansauto11997 said...

I like coffee with the cops, I would copy that idea and do coffee with a planner, coffee with the city managers and even coffe with the mayor.

Via email, dansauto11997

Ben said...

If I was the mayor, I would video the Exec sessions, I had a hard time telling who was talking when listening to the Exec Sessions that were released into the public.

Ben M., Commerce City

via discussion said...

Put more thought into the "Gateway" entrances into the city, like on Tower. Having 2 parking lots and a huge trash mountain is not exactly what I think the city wants to say!

More thought on planning and do not settle just because you think that is the best you are going to get.

D. Clay said...

E-470 corridor would be a office campus, maybe something like tech based or better yet tech/environmental?

Something that you can market, being so close to airport. Good thing s currently the whole area is nothing but a blank canvas.

Anonymous said...

More city parks in the North.

Anonymous said...

maybe make a sweeter deal with Walmart to urge them to speed up the process to build on 104th.

Hungry in Reunion

Via Discussion said...

Get rid of audience introductions, it is a waste of time, anyone who is there and needs to be introduced will be.

It is a city council meeting NOT a AA meeting!

Mark S said...

If I was the MAYOR! I would take the Recall Committee to court for the legal fees the city had to waste on this whole fiasco!

Mark S.

Anonymous said...

Some great ideas!
Having lived in the city a long time & knowing many on council, manyof these ideas have been already worked on.
If only it was as easy as an idea!!
Keep them comming.
p.s. as far as the trash mountain...that deal was made many moons ago, by other councils. The land is very restricted as to what can go there and would you want to build next to the trash mountain?

Fred A. said...

Give a small incentive to any company that has some kind of a "green" component to start up in Commerce City.

Dalton said...

Let all the companies in Commerce City know they can contribute to the Quality for a Lifetime grant program. Don't go for a hard sell, just a friendly reminder.

The grant program is a great idea and AEG should not just be the only business giving back to it.

Not original my idea, but did not see it on yet, so I decided to post myself.

Sasha said...

Get a store to the Northern Range, sounds easier then done, but I would do whatever it took, I would make the deal so great they could not refuse. Just for the first one. A deal they can not refuse.

Via Discussion said...

I would conduct a study of the surrounding areas on "what it costs to do business" it would compare the costs and benefits of lets say Brighton, Denver (Stapleton), Thorton.

We need to make sure that we are not on the high end.

Erin NW said...

The "store in the north" issue has come up in now 2 meetings that I have been at.

I would create a PDF of FAQ of the Store in the North issue. Place this PDF on the City website and also the Gateway News Website.

Erin NW

Anonymous said...

I do not have a problem with City Lights being in Spanish, I think a better format would be half of the entire book of be in Spanish, rather then half of the pages.

It is frustrating to sort out the article when all on the same page.

Front portion could be English and the back portion could be Spanish.

Anonymous said...

In reference to Sasha
I was at a town hall meeting where they said one developer offered the land and to build a building for a grocery....yet the grocery said they weren't ready to come yet!
Now that should have been a deal they couldn't refuse!!

Ernie said...

I would sit down with Jim Benson and try to straighten him out. He is making Commerce City the punchline of every joke.


Anonymous said...

I heard that everyone on council's impossible. He knows it all. So the jokes commeth!!

Via Discussion said...

If I was the Mayor I would have a heart to heart talk with all who are currently on counicl.

Very dsyfunctional lately

Diggs said...

heart to heart talk? Are you kidding, the mayor needs a body guard cas he keeps gettin stabbed in the back.

that's the truth.


Anonymous said...

The mayor gives as good as he gets- he's just smoother about it.

Anonymous said...

Watch the executive sessions and see who talked differently in public.
The three who voted to oust Benson stood the same the others talked terrible about him in "private" then turned in public.
Talk about smooth, they are slick and slimey. Their drama about how much they care in the public eye is sickning!