Jason McEldowney Announces Desire to Run for Commerce City Council at-large Position

Dear friends, neighbors and community leaders,

I wanted each of you to be among the first to personally hear of my decision to run for my City Council At-Large seat in this November’s election.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since I made the decision to pursue a vacancy on the City Council in May of 2007. I am incredibly fortunate to have been selected and to have had this opportunity to serve you on the City Council in an At-Large capacity.

From east to west, north to south, this role has provided me a unique opportunity to really get to know my community, my neighbors, and our community partners. Through this experience, I’ve also been blessed with new friends from all around the community. Quite simply, it’s been a true privilege to interact with all of you over these last two years.

I believe that the City’s past leaders, and that City Council over these past two years have done well to bring Commerce City to the place we are today. Together we have laid a great foundation. I see my role on the City Council as not only an opportunity, but as a duty, to help further these efforts and to do everything I can to help ensure that the City of Commerce City realizes its full potential.

I believe that ultimately it’s only by working together rather than against each other, and by being solution and goal-oriented, that the City of Commerce City can build on the achievements of the past and realize the full potential of the opportunities that lie ahead of us. The future of ten years ago is now. What do we want the future of 10, 15, 20 years from today to look like? I believe that the best way for us to face that future is to build it – together, not to have someone else dictate it to us.

Clearly, I believe that we are at a critical juncture in our City’s history and that we can lead this City into the future, while honoring the best from our past. We need to make enhancing infrastructure, delivering FasTracks, promoting smart commercial and retail development, and implementing a sustainable plan for the growth and management of this City our top focus. Critical projects around the community like the redevelopment and revitalization of Derby and the expansion of roads and services like a recreation center and police presence in the Northern Range are all incredibly important. Furthermore, I believe it’s critical for the City to closely partner with both of our school districts, our fire department, water district, our neighboring communities and DIA as we lay out that vision for this City’s future.

I believe that we need to take care of those who have made this City what it is, as well as those that have only recently begun to call Commerce City home. I believe that now, more than ever, we need to bring people from across the community to the table and get them engaged in the process of government.

In addition to our rich commercial and industrial heritage, I see a huge opportunity for Commerce City to be a leader in sustainable growth, smart energy and a home to the people and businesses that will lead our country in this 21st Century. We have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to a “greener”, more sustainable path forward. With efforts like the soon-to-be built new state of the art visitor center at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, our new LEED Silver City Hall, the new Rapids Stadium, and the Mile High Music Festival, all demonstrate the great things happening in our community – but I believe that there are even greater opportunities ahead. To realize them, it’s critical that we partner with our neighbors, the state and the private sector in order to pursue viable renewable energy and conservation projects and ultimately create an environment that keeps jobs in Commerce City while attracting the next wave of businesses that will call Commerce City home.

Above all, I’ve believe that we must all be focused on efforts that reinforce the positives of Commerce City and ultimately demonstrate our City’s viability to the global community.

Together we must tell the story of Commerce City, rather than allow others to tell it for us. I can guarantee you that they will never tell the story as we want it to be told.

As your Councilman, I will leverage my practical business experience, creativity, solid values and common sense to partner with the people and businesses across Commerce City and our partners in the region to help realize our true potential.

I look forward to speaking with each of you in the coming months, to listen to your ideas, needs and wants, and to work with you to take Commerce City forward.

Thank you all for your support and commitment to Commerce City.

Jason D. McEldowney
Comments and Questions can be emailed to: jason_mc_2009@comcast.net


GIna, Commerce City said...

I am not sure which one is Jason,

Can you post a picture here to see who he is? It will be easier for people.

Gina, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Jas is a good guy, heart is in the right place.

AKA said...

I like him! Will make a good at large council member.


Reunion said...

Good Luck McEldowney!

"North Lawn" Reunion

ccSpeaks said...

I am surprised he would want to work with this current council.

quick question said...

Gateway, you know his website?

voter in the south

Gateway News said...

Candidate McEldowney's website is at:


Dustin, Gateway News

Gateway News said...

I will get a picture of Mr. McEldowney and post ASAP.

Dustin, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Just learned he is a native of Colorado, pretty rare these days.

Hanna said...

The Jason with the NEV video is just the positive news stories we need as a city right now. We need to balance all the negative videos that are out there right now.

Good job!

Jason will make a great council member at-large, I support him fully.

Hanna, Reunion Colorado

Anonymous said...

Hanna, FYI, Jason is currently a representative for the city as a at Large Councilman. He was previously appointed.

Gina, Commece City said...


Thank you for posting photo of Jason, I had him confused with someone else.

Gina, Commece City

Ryland said...

I have been watching him for some time now.

I like his professionalism, can get wordy at times.

Ryland, Reunion

Anonymous said...

I like his professional attitude as well, but someone needs to put him on "twitter" when he is at council meetings.
He needs to limit his comments to the 140 words.
sorry Jason,no offense meant :)

Ian, via email said...

Looked at his facebook website. Well rounded guy, will make a good at-large council person.

Anonymous said...

We already have at large in the Northern Range, with Tony and Teter, we need some representation from the Core.

Tim Dalton said...

Maybe “Core Comments” can run?!

Tim Dalton

Harold K. said...

I just ask one thing, remember that you are a at-large rep. Don’t make everything about the North.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Jason, if you have watched him over the past two years, he has shown interest and support to the core as well as the northern range.
He has often attended events in the core area, that many of the council originally from there, have not attended.
Look at him fairly.

Yuri said...

I don’t know if anyone else is going to run. I think Jason might just walk right back in again.

Yuri, Commerce City

Pink Anne said...

Belle Creek in the house!
My neighbor is voting for him, because she thinks he is cute!
Pink Anne

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you and your neighbor look a little closer at candidates then that.
Although I think McEldowny is a good representative, if she always votes like that, well we are in for trouble!!!
I can only hope this is suppose to be funny!

Fred Alister, fred303@mail.com said...

unfortunately, that is how the majority of people vote. Looks, Like the name, first on the ballot, what to have a beer with the guy (bush).

Sad but very true.

Fred Alister, fred303@mail.com

Anonymous said...

I loved the Fire Truck Mr. McEldowney had in the Parade. It was a side of Councilmen McEldowney that I don't think any of us have seen. It is nice to see a more "human" side of all the Council Members once is a while.

Tim Dalton said...

I do not think it matters what part of the city you live. I agree with comment that Jason has been very fair to the entire city. Unlike some of the Ward Reps. that are trying to represent other wards rather then their own.

I support Jason, and your right, I don't know anyone else running so you might just get it by default.

Tim Dalton

M. Paluri said...

McEldowney is a rare find.

Will make and Does make a great Coucnil Member

Let's Bring Back MC!

M. Paluri, Reunion

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Racetrack Rene and some of the CARZ club members are going to run.
So never assume someone is a shoe in.
We must keep appraised of the candidates and make sure our neighbors do as well.
Most importantly be educated about them and VOTE!

Jason_Mc said...

Hi All,

Thank you for the kind words and votes of confidence. I really appreciate your willingness to support my campaign effort.

I am incredibly excited and hopeful about continuing my service in this capacity come November, and with your support, I'll continue to help shape our City's present and future.

Your ongoing feedback about where we're going and how we're doing on City Council is critical, and while it's always great to hear from you when you think I'm on the right track, it’s also important that I hear from you when you have constructive feedback. Taken together, it plays a key role in ensuring that I’m representing the best interests of the whole community, and it enables me to continually improve in my service to you.

That said, there are a number of ways for you to contact me and share your thoughts and perspectives:

Email me: jason_mc_2009@comcast.net

Phone me: 303 928 8113

Follow me on Twitter: Jason_D_Mc

Support me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jason-McEldowney/84635176848

Webpage: coming soon…

Again, please contact me with any questions or feedback you might have. I'm always happy to jump on the phone, or to meet you for a cup of coffee. I’ll also be coordinating a number of small group meetings all around the community over the coming months. If you would be interested in hosting one of these meetings, or if you’re interested in getting involved in the campaign in some other way, please send me an email or give me a call!

Thank you again for your support,


Gary Samms said...

Hello Jason,

I am asking you this question because you have seemed to be the guy that floats to the top.

Can you explain a bit about the exact relationship with the new ED consultant?

At the end are we just getting a report, information only? Or are they going to be proactively working on bringing business in?

Gary Samms, River Run

Anonymous said...

Mr. McEldowny,
I have had a question in my mind for weeks to ask you.
I listened to the executive sessions about Mr. Benson. I heard the streaming confronting him.
I heard strength from you both times and then I heard you cave.
I find that concerning. I belive in second chances when someone shows acceptance for error, or remorse. I heard neither from him. I no longer feel he represents me and fear he is a detriment to our ward.
How do you explain such a change of direction.
I would ask Mr. Johnson the same thing if he was running again.

Jason_Mc said...

Dear Anonymous,

Regarding your question on the subject of Mr. Benson, as you can tell, I too share your frustration, and I can understand how you might view my actions as caving, especially when heard/viewed on-line and not having been present to take in the situation first hand or the off-line discussions.

I can tell you that making the motion that I made that night was not at all what I anticipated or planned to do prior to the recess, and was an incredibly difficult decision. Was it the best call? Well, hindsight is 20/20, and looking in the rear view mirror I very likely would have played it differently if I were to have it to do over again.

Why don't you shoot me an email and we can arrange a time to discuss the my thinking further.


Concerned in Reunion said...


I find you are the voice of reason on this current council, can you do anything to keep Paul, Scott, Jim from fighting so much?

Concerned in Reunion

Jason_Mc said...

Mr. Samms,

Thanks for your question about AngelouEconomics, let me first say that contrary to what the Denver Post reported, AngelouEconomics is NOT an image consultant. AngelouEconomics is an Austin-based site selection and economic development consulting firm specializing in developing economic development strategic plans for government entities across the country, and across the world. They are top in their field and the city is very excited to have them on board.

That said, the city hired Angelou to do the following:
* Conduct an economic assessment of the City through a comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis
* Develop a list of targeted industries and business prospects
* Prepare the city's first ever Economic Development Strategic Plan document

Angelou will use a number of qualitative and quantitative data sources to prepare the economic assessment and SWOT analysis documents, including:
* One-on-one interviews with City Council and staff
* Focus groups with business and community leaders
* Technical Advisory Group "visioning workshops"
* Business and community surveys
* City and business demographic and population statistics
* Studying City's existing industries and development opportunities
* Measuring/benchmarking the city in relation to its competitors (i.e. competing cities, etc.)

The target industry study will identify 4-6 industries, and specific companies within those industries, that the City will then use to recruit new businesses to the city.

Ultimately, the Economic Development Strategic Plan will incorporate the city's strategies for business recruitment, provide benchmarks for measuring results, explore development opportunities throughout the city, and include information related to the city's business retention and expansion program and the City's retail attraction strategies. Portions of this plan will be noted in the upcoming Comprehensive Plan amendment.

Long story short, the city will not just be receiving "reports". The economic assessment, identification of targeted industries, and the strategic plan are tools that the city needs in order to retain our existing industries and businesses, and to strategically attract new ones.

I encourage you to google 'ecomonic development strategic plan' and take a look at examples available online.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.


Justin Neeves said...

just heard your video.

two wards: THANK YOU

Justin Neeves (ward 2 resident)

Sybian said...

Thank you for going to the forum and participating.

Sybian, Commerce City

Edward Casso via email said...

Dear Editor:

I would like to offer my endorsement for two candidates who are running for the Commerce City Council Municipal 2009 Election.

I fully support and endorse Jason McEldowney for the At-Large Council position. I have literally met hundreds of locally elected officials since I was elected to the statehouse in 2006. Mayors, school board members, council members from across this state and country. I can say with utmost confidence and seriousness that Jason McEldowney is among the brightest, most knowledgeable, and capable elected officials that now serve locally anywhere in this state. Jason has a tremendous feel on how the north range should grow, and how the core city can and should be revitalized. Councilman McEldowney has the right energy and temperament to bring positive and permanent change to all parts of Commerce City. It would not surprise me if Jason is our next Mayor, and if Jason so chooses, an Adams County Commissioner sooner rather than later. I strongly encourage the voters of Commerce City to consider sending Jason McEldowney back to the city council.

I also fully support Gulliermo Serna for the Ward III open seat where I live. Mr. Serna has been a foundation and pillar of the Commerce City community for decades. Mr. Serna cares about the future of our children, and was a key player in getting the Kids First ballot initiative passed. Mr. Serna would be a strongly needed voice on the council for the residents of Ward III, and he has a truly unique perspective having lived in the core city for so many years. Experience like Mr. Serna is rarely seen, and the council would be much better with him on it. I strongly encourage a vote for Mr. Serna.

Respectfully, State Representative Edward Casso