What do you think of the Werth Manor Event Center Forum by the CCPBA

by Dustin McIntyre

As far as Commerce City forums go the CCBPA {Commerce City Business & Professionals Association} forum was well attended. Out of the 13 candidates, only one, Mr. Colby Trull was a no show. Commerce City has a notorious history of poor turn out for public forums, at least for as long as the Gateway News has been around.

It is not uncommon to look around the room during past Commerce City forums and be able to count and name all of the "usual" citizens in the room with less then 10 fingers.

Next to the Reunion forum of two years ago, I would say this CCBPA forum was Commerce City's second biggest turn out in its recent history. It should be noted that the Reunion forum may have been popular due to the NASCAR issue at that time.

Also, this CCBPA forum was the first Commerce City forum that was Streamed LIVE via the internet. I am sorry for the short notice of letting the public know this was a possibility. We have had some challenges and have learned from this election season that will make future elections seasons more efficient.

So, after hearing the LIVE stream and videos, we all want to know what you think of the issues and candidates.


Yuri said...

Robert Romine said the TX consultant was from Middle East?
Not making this up, couldn't make this up!

Marcus said...

Gateway, post the questions that you sent to ccbpa!

Fred A. said...

leffel says he wants to work with RTD, but says he is against the rtd tax proposal? can you elaborate?

Josh said...

some of the candidates let their guard down a bit tonight. Consultant question was very interesting. Sounded a lot like previous blogs from months ago.

Gateway News said...

The following are the questions the Gateway News submitted to the CCPBA Forum

Commerce City currently has Nothing for Young Northern Residents to do (parks/rec center/city events). We all know what happens when kids don’t have anything to do, what is the plan to remedy this?

Comment was made to council that city council should get more money for their duties they perform? Why? How is council "full time" now? What has changed from the meeting before you made this statement?

Why do you think Brighton and Denver are getting all the business? How can we address this issue?!

Should city have control of the water district? If so, when should this take place, within the next four years? If not, explain why.

I would ask the candidates what they think of actually changing the ward election format to 2 representatives per ward and eliminate the at large positions all together.

What are you thoughts of the retirement benefit for council?

Why no Business around Dicks? What can we do to get some?

Thoughts on city materials printed in Spanish and English?

North needs an anchor?, what should this be?

The city of Denver is having their Pit Bull ban challenged in court, your thoughts on current pit bull ban of Commerce City?

Are you going to follow the Council Norms? What do you think of the Council Norms?

Do any of the Candidates have any criminal history they would like to open up to the public about at this point in time?

name one thing that you will PROMISE you will do as a council and actually stick to it?

Favorite Food, Color, Book, Movie, Person who inspired you the most and why.

I know you are running for a non-party position, but I think your political party affiliation can form an opinion. What political party do you affiliate with?

Commerce City may have at least some extent, a issue with illegal aliens. I am wondering what the thoughts of the candidates are? Should we work closer with the county Sheriff (ICE) or maybe it is all just rumors and we really do not have a local issue?

Why do you think that Brighton as a city has gotten all the economic development and all the great jobs and how do they do it without all the high priced employees and consultants that Commerce City has? And they have a smaller population and less rooftops? Does this make sense to you?

how do we get people to shop local and want to come back and shop again locally?

Commerce City has been through numerous recall attempts, What is your opinion of recall attempts?

Political Signs have been reported by current council members as an issue reported as NO MORE POLITICAL SIGN POLLUTION (PSP), what are you thoughts?

what are you thoughts of the whole NASCAR situation that happened in Reunion 2 years ago?

DO you think if your a council member and something comes up with one of those businesses, they are not going to expect that you treat them with preferential treatment, because they allowed you to put your sign on their property?

What do you think of the image of Commerce City, do we have an image problem and if we do, how do we address it?

Do you support or oppose ballot issue 2A and why or why not?

Tim Dalton said...

romine said that consultant were from Saudi?

Ryland said...


Anonymous said...

Romine will need another clarification.

Gateway News said...

I asked candidate Robert Romine about his statement he made regarding the Texas Consultants Angelou Economics.

Mr. Romine said that his statement was based off a business card he received from a member of the consultants team.

Erin NW said...

I would have liked the ballot issue 2A discussed. Sure would have like the candidates opinion on the matter.

AKA said...

AngelouEconomics (AE), an economic development consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. What is Romine Talking about?

Anonymous said...

I was told AngelouEconomics, business card, has many office locations.
They have offices around the world, listed on their business cards.
Is Romine just a dope or is he trying AGAIN to instigate trouble!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Forum @ Werth, could be called the DREAM TEAM!!
I heard lots of platitudes about what each candidate would do.
~Get real, if what they are "going to do" could happen that easily, I am sure those in office would have already done it.
"bring the city together" --ya gonna force this??
"start economic developement"--have they never been to a meeting?
"bring retail to the north"--heard of the economic resession?
"widden the hwy 2 and tower"--hwy 2 belongs to the state and does anyone have money??
World peace anyone?
I can dream too, but what are you really going to do???

Anonymous said...

Two questions from the listening to the forum.
Mr Douglass said that we don't pay RTD taxes in CC. I believe he is completely wrong on that!
Also he stated that his experience at work (in a grocery store) would give him a hand up in getting us retail in the north. I don't see how, if our specilists at ED can't.

Bob Zeiler said...

Fair ammount of turnout. I dont know how this type of event could be advertized better or even if it were would more citizens take the time to attend.

Henderson Represent said...

DAMN POCS, I HOPE HENDERSON IS REAL! How will I get my mail?

Bob Zeiler said...

My rateing on the candiates at the forum. Good job for the candiates who attended. My ward is not up for election this time but I will give my thoughts on the people who are running in other wards.
Ward 1 #1 choice would be Mac Mcfarland He has served on many boards and commities through the years.
#2 Dominick Morino He is a young person and sounds like he is willing to learn.
#3 Gene Leffel Might know a lot about what is happining in our city but seems to oppose most new ordinences.
Ward 3
#1 Kerstin Berlinski Sounds like she would work hard to make this a better City not only for the citizens but for bussiness as well.
#1 Germo Serna He also would work hard for the citizens. I would rate him the same as Kerstin Berlinski.
#3 Joesph Sandoval. Young person with lot of good ideas.
#4 Jadie Carson Has high hopes that she could do great things for our city.
#5 David Pocs Slitely hesident on some answers.needs to work more on how the City opperates.
At large.
#1 Jason McEldoney Says he wants to work for all the citizens. Also wants this to be a better community for both citizens and bussiness.
#2 Andy Hahn says he will spent as much time as possable to do what is exoected of a counsel person.Says if he recieves a call from citizens he will guarentee to return that call.
#3 Rene Bullock Has served on counsel in previous years and served on some boards.
#4 Steve Douglas Would really like to work hard for citizens benefit but might get to ancious to get things done in a fast manner
#5 Robert Romine. Dont know just what he would hope to accompish. He says he has done so much for our City that maybe he could keep on doing those things without being a counsel person.
#5 Coby Trull. No comment. He did not attend this funtion and he may have had a good reason.

Irene said...

It is becoming very clear of the mentality of this city. When candidates where asked about the city image, you can hear laughing in the audience. I am wonder what is so funny?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mulit media stuff Dustie.

DeeDee said...

joe is the cop who wrecked in town and state patrol got involved?

marcus said...

leffel wants to be one city, then insults the north by calling the children, really?

Gina, Commerce City said...


sound doesn't work on image question.


Gateway News said...

Thank you I am correcting the issue now.

Dustie, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

I have been to forums in the past when it was only 6 people in the room.

Phish said...

Robert Romine,

I have one question about your claim about the consultants,

SO WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!?

Thad said...

So we all agree that Commerce City has an image problem, now how do we fix it?

Yuri said...

that is the million dollar question!

Collette said...

Robert Romine, How do you figure that money goes back to a different country for the Texas consultants?

Anonymous said...

Bullock says he wants to unite the city.
He has made terrible comments about us in the north, to the point of cursing us?
Why believe him now?
Oh yea, he is running for office.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee, I just saw an article reprint about Joe Sandoval, in the blog about endorsing a candidate. It is back a bit, but there.
Interesting, I wonder if the reason he wants on council is revenge??

Anonymous said...

how come Bullock states he approves of consultants and then tells people after the forum that once he is elected there will be no consulatants and he would get rid of staff
why the difference?

Mariah, Ward 3 voter said...

Robert how did you come to the conclusion that the money paid to the consultants went to the office in Dubai?

friend of Commerce City said...

wonder if commerce city would do a study of comparisons of permit fees and any other fees to the surrounding cities like denver, brighton, thornton, among others.

Cheo Larcombe said...

Commerce City Candidate Forum/Foro de candidatos
Wednesday, October 14/Miercoles, 14 de Octubre, Our Lady Mother of the Church,
6690 E. 72nd Avenue, 6:00 pm

Kim Madson via email said...

As I am sure you all know, there is a city election coming up and there are two At Large positions open. Andy Hahn is running for one of those positions and is having a meet and greet this Saturday. Please come by and get some information about him or just enjoy some coffee and donuts. He will be and the Reunion Recreation Center from 9-noon. If you haven't met Andy yet, he lives here in Reunion, and has been very active in the community and involved with the schools. He is a great guy, really cares about the city and would represent it well. Feel free to pass on this information to your friends and neighbors. See you there tomorrow! If you can't attend feel free to contact Andy at 303-475-2503 or ha101@comcast.net

Kim Madson

Irene said...

Dustie, you are right on! forums in the past have been nothing but a joke. Back when Beacon was still around.

Yuri said...

I heard some concerning comments by some of the candidates about staff of commerce city. If ANY of the candidates approach you, ask them what their plans are for the current city staff that is in place now, then vote accordingly.


DeeDee said...

does ed perlmutter even know the other candidates that are running?

Ronald D., Commerce City said...

i dont see how mr perlmutter could possible endorse anyone without going to a single forum
voter and citizen

Tim Dalton said...

ED and SERNA, good combo!

King of Olive Street said...

Does that make Guillermo a Democrat?

Olivia said...

KIDS ARE GREAT, they asked better questions then the business and pro guys did

Anonymous said...

too bad really too bad that the Commerce City Business and Professionals group is so much against the north that they couldn't even put an ad in the Gateway News so more of us could have attended the forum, i think they are a group whose time is well over, way too old school, they are not professional and our city needs to be professional and will always be divided between north and south as long as groups like CCBPA exist, we need a new united group of business professionals

Anonymous said...

I have always personaly thought Gene Leffel was way over his head, watch the videos of not just the Werth Manor forum but the Thornton one too, read the candidate pull out section in the Gateway news and then you wil KNOW that simply attending council does make one a viable candidate. This is our city folks, PLEASE vote for someone who has a grasp of the real issues!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with DeeDee,
I think it was presumptious of Perlmutter, to endorse anyone at a city level, unless he has met with all of the candidates running!

Mars Commerce City Voter said...

Ed is doing this now? his election season is just right around the corner, you lost my vote ed!

Josh said...

Had to read it to believe it. What was Ed thinking, I agree with comment, has he even heard or met any of the other candidates?

Anonymous said...

Politics makes strange befellows...Ed owes Serna for walking the beat for him to get him elected to congress. Commerce City is a low risk apathetic population that doesn't vote thus an endorsement/debt was evident...and owed.

Anonymous said...

Still a bad decision on Ed's part.
He should stay out of local level politics.