Ask Citizen Group "Take Back Commerce City" Questions

Want to ask the citizen group "Take Back Commerce City" aka TBCC questions or leave comments?

Well, now you can!

The group has requested to have their own area on the Gateway News website to take and answer questions or comments by other Commerce City residents, and of course local reporters.

The citizen group "Take Back Commerce City" aka TBCC website: CLICK HERE


TBCC said...

We welcome ALL opinions and ALL questions.

We are simple, we are willing to be educated, we only want what is positive, fair, justified, right, and we are ready to take back Commerce City.

Gateway News said...

Are you part of the unions?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News

Irene, Commerce City said...

who are you taking commerce city back from?

Anonymous said...

how many are in your so called group?

PRO CITY said...

you say you want what is fair and just? what has not been fair and just?

Sellena S. Commerce City said...

why do you think bringing negative light to the community is a good thing?

Casper said...

i applaud this group!

Anonymous said...

why so secretive?

Anonymous said...

tell me if you TBCC has anything to do with URCC?!?!?!?

Curious in Reunion said...

do you have any politicians in your group from our city or any other city?

Bud said...

I think this is nothing more then another stupid group from the North, We already seen it when they were the ANTI-NASCAR group!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

have you asked any questions to city council yet?

If so, what were they?

Anonymous said...

do you have any money behind you?

Anonymous said...

who paid for your website?

jesse, core city said...

does TBCC stand for Trying to Blight Commerce City?

Anonymous said...

Since you love Jefferson so much, I thought TBCC should read this:

"If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest."
Thomas Jefferson

What do you think? said...

Why create a group, sounds like the beginnings of the era of unions in Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

do you know any of the history of commerce city?

Nancy said...

TBCC stands for {Take over by Brighton of Commerce City}

Q said...

so are you guys like a watch dog group?

Mr. Pritcher, Commerce City, CO said...

I would like to know what the group has asked so far. are you going to report it?

Zeek said...

OMG, why even bring up unions!!!!!!!!

Yuri said...

great, its like a CARZ club only educated and have computers

Anonymous said...

i do not like what council did, but i also do not like citizen group that are acting like unions!

vickey, commerce city said...

good group, we may get some answers

Sans said...

HEY, this group wants to ask questions and hold our gov. accountable I say GO FOR IT!

Thad said...

I can hear the Commerce City council now, either they will not mention this group at all, or they are going to down play the whole thing.

Number one rule in PR: ignore, ignore, ignore until it all blows over.

Lindsay said...

are you guys with the commerce city tea party do not annex us guys?

TBCC said...

No we are not with the unions, we are do not know who URCC is, we disagree with the Commerce City Tea Party because we think it is unfair, the website is free, we have no money backing us, we have no politicians in our group, we are only about 30 to 40 individuals, but only 9 are very active.

We are not "anti-nascar"

We are not in a "conquest"

We do not think we are bring the city into a negative light, we only want our government to act in a way that is responsible.

we do not know the entire history of the area, but are becoming quick learners.

We only want answers and to move the city in a positive direction.

We have asked all the city council members the same questions and we will post them here.

TBCC said...

Questions that were sent to all the Commerce City Council members, the Commerce City Beacon, the Gateway News and the MetroWest Express:

We would like to start off with simple questions....

Regarding the $72,000 you gave to the city manager.

Were you as a council member under the impression that you were paying this amount to the city manager to make up for the drop in value of the two house (one in Arizona and one in Reunion)?

If, yes, then with the new information about the house in Arizona, the fact it was bought for $216,000 and sold for $305,000 and the fact that the house in Reunion is worth currently $413,000 (Adams County Records) and Shea Homes lists it at $396,000 (no upgrades, Shea website) should you now ask for the money back?

Why would you get into putting values on houses before the one in Arizona house was sold and before as far as the Reunion house, why would you get an assessment now? why not wait until the contract came due (September of 2011)?

Thank you in advance for address these important city issues


Anonymous said...

you have enough members to throw an election in gold ole commerce city

Anonymous said...

30 or 40!!!!! are you kidding, I don't think so! That is HUGE numbers for Commerce City

Casper said...

to TBCC,

Are you believing in the rumor that if you tell the council who you are, you will see back lash from the city?

Wes, N. Range said...

aren't you guys asking the exact same questions as everyone else?

No one else is getting answers, what make you think you guys are so special.

I do like the questions

Anonymous said...

Do you have any FORMER council members involved in your group?
FORMER employees?
FORMOR or current members of any city boards or commisions?
Anyone FORMERLY or currently on the waterboard, or schoolboard or with a family member on such?
I ask because this might help show the intent or motive behind this group, if you are truthful!

Anonymous said...

Is this the recall group trying something new? Who are "We" trying to take the city from? I am definitely disgruntled about the 72K but come on, there was more money wasted and or mismanaged in the years preceding those who made this decision. What difference does it really make if someone living in the north doesn’t know about who did what in the old days of Commerce Town or whatever other names the city had during its evolution? Other than those who can relive those days through nostalgia it’s nice to know but not a need to know. I’m sure those who have lived here longer have seen south Commerce City change to a majority Hispanic culture and language. That change still meets with opposition and many calls to neighborhood services. Wonder how long before the Carz club starts a recall on the ward 1 rep?|?| The history we need to be aware of is the strong tax base we get form the refineries and other industry here in the city. If you look at the taxes paid on the houses in the south it’s not much and the homes values don’t grow much. We need to attract more people and businesses to the north. Property values/taxes are higher and discretionary monies more abundant.

C_City voter

TBCC said...

Sent to all Commerce City Council members along with all news sources:

We would like the Commerce City Council to instruct the City Attorney to release the recordings of the Executive Session that was held on Monday, March 8th for the purpose of providing background information and explaining the provisions of the city manager's employment contract to new council members.

It is our belief that this was an illegal meeting as it did not meet any of the requirements of a closed door meeting, commonly known as the sunshine law of the state of Colorado.

You as council members just recently released a article to the press reporting that communication was the third on the list of priorities. This article was also featured on the Commerce City News PDF on the Commerce City website. Were these just words? Don’t they have any meaning behind them?

We do not understand your actions, an explanation of a contract that the city has to the new city council members is the same explanation that should be presented to the general public who is paying for it.

Further, we do not understand how a local news outlet can receive all the documents in a public information request about the very same topic of your closed door executive session.

We ask that you please do what is right and releasing this recording to the general public.

If you are not willing to release this recording, can you please have the city attorney explain in writing why you will not to this email address.

Thank you in advance for addressing this matter


Anonymous said... are like the man "behind the curtain" in the wizerd of oz....much less than you want others to believe!!

Anonymous said...

this is exactly why i hate groups like this

Irene, Commerce City said...


Anonymous said...

i seriously doubt you have 30 people, maybe more like 4! if that

Irene, Commerce City said...

you guys will never find out about the 72 grand, might as well just give it up.

BCK_2_Basics said...

city will ignore you all day long, until the cows come home.

Rule 1 in PR, ignore and give no creditability.

Anonymous said...

You guys have keep asking questions from your hiding place.
How about answering mine?
Do you have any FORMER or current council members (or their spouses) involved in your group?
FORMER employees?
FORMER or current members of any city boards or commisions?
FORMER or current waterboard or schoolboard members or their spouses?
This will give me insite to your motives and direction.
Your response is EXPECTED if you want others to take you seriously.

TBCC said...

after much consideration, we have chosen to ask questions that are of a collective thought.

If you think our points are not valid, please just continue to ignore us.

Our points include:

1. communication from the City Attorney clearly states that the contract of payment of $72,000 was for a "devaluation" of the houses in AZ and Reunion. In reality, the house in AZ was sold at a profit and the house in Reunion is valued well above what the City Attorney reported. Knowing these facts the City Manage still took the money, we believe this to be fraudulent.

2. how does the council go into closed door session for a "explanation" of a contract, there was no negotiating and they did not receive legal advice. Thus, does not fall under the protection of the Colorado Sunshine requirements for a closed session. We have a feeling they will try to say it was a employee issue, if so, why were all the documents regarding the city manager released into the public. All we want to hear is the explanation from the closed door session by the City Attorney to make sure that all citizens clearly understand what has happened here.

Anonymous said...

HEY! TBCC, you suck!

Ollie, Northern Guy said...

TBBCC leaves comments like a computer.
the group needs to lighten up.
Relax have some TCBY and chill out.

Anonymous said...

thats right TBCC, avoid the question of who you really are!

Anonymous said...

I think tbcc is that wacky recall group from the south. It looks like they were hoping to cash in on the public outcry over the contract with the city manager. Why would they ask for this and avoid the questions.

Anonymous said...

anyone who takes TBCC seriously is stupid!

Anonymous said...

give it up TCBY!

PRO CITY said...

I do not think that is how the deal went down.
And just for your information, if the council is talking about an employee, which the city manager is, they have the right to go into closed session.

SZephyer said...

I am going to start a new group,

take back commerce city from take back commerce city.

We too will have a cool scary ghost website!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can not leave my name because of where I work, but this group maybe on to something.

TS said...

TBCC, any chance you have any of the people who signed the recall petition in your group?

Monica, Commerce City said...

No one will ever take you seriously until you tell everyone who you are.
you can not throw out questions, and not tell everyone who is behind them.

gateway, after thinking about it, I would like to say thank you for letting us post here, otherwise I still think the group would be out there, at least we know they are getting our message that we will not stand for these kinds of groups in our city.

I hope you all understand what I am getting at.

I like the picture of the tree, I do remember it before the development started there. a great memory, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that TBCC wants to stay hidden.
I along with several others suspect there are some "interesting" people in this group.
I read the questions posted to them, are they former.....
Why won't they answer?
Yet we are to think their motives are good?
Yea right.
TBCC go away.

Anonymous said...

I have a question of the TBCC,
How the hell do you know so much? I think that you are current employees of Commerce City!
confirm or deny!

Robby said...

I wonder if TBCC isn't just a couple of folks who don't like it that Commerce City doesn't give them any advertising any more? Why should they? This was my first Gateway since Christmas. And then this "simple" one-issue group.
Thanks Commerce City for my recycling bin so I don't even have to take the next one in a few months into the house.

Derrick Keys, Commerce City Resident, Brighton Tax Payer said...

Right on Robby!
Gateway News Sucks!
Bring us issues like this!
Who the hell do they think they are?

Yuri said...

I knew a Robby in the 5th grade, maybe you should rename yourself to Robert.

Casper said...

Pick on the Gateway for breaking this story. NICE! Robby you Suck worse the TBCC!

Erin NW said...

Robby, you jealous because Gateway News actually holding the city responsible?

Zeek said...

i knew people would start attacking the Gateway News for this.

lets all remember that the city council are the ones who first brought this to light.

Her name is Jadie Carson

Sato said...

Robby is short for Robert Vashaw?

anyone remember that story???

Kenji Sato

Q said...

hey Robby,

I am sure the Gateway News would LOVE to do an interview with you! Maybe you should leave your phone number and address.

Ryland, Reunion Resident said...

Robby Vashaw?
is that you?

Dustin McIntyre said...


If you would like to meet with me, let me know. I have some questions for you.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and

Paul Floth, Reunion Resident, Brighton Sales Tax Payer said...

robby and TBCC,

TS said...

I think the group is out of line, but so is robby,

I would like to see a citizens point of view on this on video,

Robby you should do they interview with the gateway news

Yuri and Marcus said...

Comment by Robby is exactly why people are always laughing at Commerce City! We have a handful of Door Knob Dumb citizens.

Wes, N. Range said...

I know that you are trying to be fair to all opinions, but I have no problem if you delete the ones that attack you guys.

No need to junk up your website with stupidity.

I think TBCC is wrong but I do agree with their right to be heard no matter who they are and the questions they are asking valid.

Bernard, J. Commerce City said...

if you hate the gateway so much, stay off their site. Get your news from the Beacon site. It is very informative!

Anonymous said...

We see the comments went up a lot and was wondering what was going on.

WOW, Robby is the new TBCC!

Down with Robby!

Robby, move to Brighton!

Robby, Start your own newspaper!

Robby for Mayor said...


Anonymous said...



Fire Jerry! Hire ROBBY!

Andria, Commerce City said...

Robby for Mayor in 2012!

Anonymous said...


DO not fall for the Gateway News Interview, look at some of their past question, like the ones they presented to the forum at the werth manor.

The will Grill the Hell out of you.

Yuri said...

VOTE for Robby in 2012, mayor Natale should start grooming Robby for Mayor ASAP!

cc voter said...

to TBCC,
are you guys willing to make Robby an honorary member of your group?

Long time Resident of Commerce City said...

If you didn't have people that didn't like you then you would not be a real newspaper.

Thank you finally getting this community involved in itself.


jurius said...

at least ROBBY recycles.

much more then I can say for where I live.

Anonymous said...

Man this site is full of sharp tongues.
I wish this much effort was put into good things.
This city would be on the news for all the volunterism, "paying if forward" etc.
We are now cultivating a mentality of mean, hateful citizens.
I say step up, put yourself out there. Face the problems and citizens head on.
Run for council, join boards, do something besides sitting on your backsides and blogging mean comments!!

Jackie,Commerce City said...

more positive people would be nice. but i think we are who we are.

Anonymous said...

something to think about:

per the budgets of Commerce City and Brighton, the city manager offices payouts are:

Commerce City $1,039,525
Brighton $182,826

These budgets include salaries, office and operating supplies, transportation, travel, conferences, education, dues, subscriptions, training, professional services, temporary personnel.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY doubt "your" budget numbers for the "city" managers offices.... REALLY doubt it!!

TBCC said...

The Following is an email that we received from a citizen of Commerce City that they received from Commerce City Council Member Jim Benson, Not Much but still interesting:

Jim Benson Wrote: There is a binding contract between the city and Mr. Flannery. It was approved by a 5-2 vote last summer. I want you to know that I voted AGAINST it. Kathy Teter also voted against it.

Money comes due in Sept 2011. I hope that Mr. Flannery is able to pay at that time.

Last Monday we had what I thought was an illegal executive session (closed door meeting--public excluded) to inform our newer council members of the reasoning

for such an outrageous compensation package. This was not a proper subject for an executive session and the tape of that session should be open to the public.

I was surprised to learn at that meeting that Mr. Flannery had sold his Arizona residence. I did not know that until last Monday. I was also surprised that even though he cleared about $50,000.00 he did not choose to reduce his debt to the city at that time.

I do not know exactly why the council voted to go into exec session on this. The vote was 7-1 last Monday night. I voted against it. As you can see, I tend to be
in the minority on votes like this. Take heart in the fact that as of November 2011 we will have at least FOUR new council members.

Jim Benson
Commerce City City Council
Ward II

Anonymous said...

sounds just like jim benson, he is also the guy that tried to change the name of the city.

Anonymous said...

yea sounds like Benson. Is he joking thinking I will vote for him again??
He has been an embarrasment.
He has been laughed at by everyone for his antics. For such a "smart" guy, he does tons of dumb things!

Anonymous said...

Why won't TBCC answer the questions asked about them.
Tell me where you sit, before you tell me where you stand.
I can better judge your motives!!

Anonymous said...

if you were brave enough, you would interview them. do what you do best ask them your type of questions.

Use your talents for something good.

Richard Connley said...

I usually don't comment, but I seriously 100 percent agree with the past comment of:

"Tell me where you sit, before you tell me where you stand."

Really got me thinking.

Come clean TBCC or shut up


here is a shocker

hint: TBCC may have some disgruntled employees of Commerce City past and/or present.

I am not saying the Deal Breaker article by Kathy McIntyre is not valid, it does have a point, but I DO NOT like a group that will only hide behind a name.

and yes we all need to be more positive. Too many people are on this blog to be spreading hate.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jim Benson wasn't part of TBCCCBCBC or whatever the hell it is.

Anonymous said...

thank you "Hard Truth" I agree with you completely.
I is popular to spred hate and negativity....
It IS time to take our city back with good thoughts, issues and direction.

Dustin McIntyre said...

I have contacted TBCC and asked them for an interview.

Anonymous said...

I would like you to ask them if they have anyone on their group from Brighton?!

PRO CITY said...

Hey TBCC you say you welcome ALL questions, I guess that is true if it only the ones you want to answer.

If gateway news does actually do the interview, you should answer all the questions the ask you.

Anonymous said...

TBCC are you really 30 members strong or maybe more like 3 members strong?

Anonymous said...

TBCC have you received any answers to any of your questions that you have presented to the mayor or city council? Please do not stop asking and please do not give up. We have to take our city back from the idiots that are running it now. We must elect good mature responsible people to office in November 2011 and fire the current city manager and staff. We need to move our city forward. This is not about positive or negative, it is about cold hard reality.

Anonymous said...

Set up, set up, set up.
The TBCC is full of disguntled employees that worked for the last city manager.
So of course the answer is fire the city manager and staff!!
You guys are so obvious!

Robby said...

All of this stuff about the city manager's contract is just stupid. Any federal employee gets a better deal- they have to buy your house if you can't sell it within 6 months. Most Fortune 500 companies pay even more for their executives' moves. Just because the Gateway News editor cannot sell her house and move to Brighton (as I heard her say she desired to do 2 years ago) is no reason to embarrass those of us who want to live here and build something.
I wonder if your advertisers know that I have seen exactly 1 issue in the past 4 months?

Casper said...

I didn't get a Denver post today, but I visited their website.

You ever do that?

Sans said...

ROBBY R for Mayor, he's got the smarts to out smarts us all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gateway,
Your Websites are the Best. I say they are better then any other websites out there that cover the news.