9NEWS "Sweetheart" Deal Story, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION???

by Editor Kathy McIntyre

Tonight on 9 Wants to Know, Emmy Award winning investigative reporter Deborah Sherman asked the tough questions about Commerce City council actions regarding the city manager Gerald Flannery. You can see the video and read the 9 News story at their website at www.9news.com.

Commerce City residents, even though your city staff and city council and mayor, did not listen to you, the media has. We are not going to stop until we get some real answers that make sense and that are the truth. What do you want to see happen? Please leave your comments below.


Truth Told said...

I can't blame the city manager, I would have taken the same deal if it was offered to me!

Go after the council NOT the city manager!

Josh, Reunion Resident said...

I hope the issue of the city organizational chart is discussed.

We have 2 deputy managers and numerous top shelf staff, that do what?

When the question is asked, Is he worth it? It needs to be in the context of his entire staff.

Casper said...

Right from the get GO you all need to know that some of the council were not even on council when this all went down.

The architects were Reba Drotar and Jason McEldowney.


Great Platform for Jim Benson if he runs for mayor coming up soon!

Sans said...

HEY What about the money given for a decrease in value that never happened?

Arizona house bought for 216, sold for 305?

WTF!!!!!! said...

From 9 news story: "Flannery sold his Flagstaff home on Oct. 5, 2009 for $305,000. He purchased it on Jan. 18, 2002 for $216,000. It went under contract to be sold on Sept. 6, five days after he signed the new agreement with Commerce City."


Anonymous said...

Sans. If you buy a house invest thousands of dollars to improve it, that comes is added to the orginal basis.
The house investment
ie: purchase price + fixing up dollars =total investment.
Take off the realtor fees....how much did he clear???
Can YOU do the math.

Anonymous said...

Mayor election is in 2011.
If Benson runs & wins we are doomed!!
Each subject discussed will last a week!

Anonymous said...

The article says, "We have the best city manager that we could ever have gotten in this city and this was a small expense to keep him here," Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale said. "I fully am justified in my heart that everything we have done for him has been for the benefit of the city and to keep him here."

Mr. Mayor- You anger me with this statement! Mr. Flannery is by no means the best city manager we could have ever gotten. He has done nothing but angered people with his ego and bad decisions. His own city staff cannot stand him! How about YOU pay back the "small expense" personally if you feel like it was worth it!

Breaking News, Reunion said...


Commerce City guy who crashed the plane in Boulder is NOT and tried to run away with satchel is, I repeat NOT the City Manager Flannnnneery.

PRO CITY said...

City Manager will leave and we will be back to square one.

Nice Going!

vickey, commerce city said...

That was one big ASS house. At first glance I thought it was an apartment complex!

Q said...

Flannery's face looked a little scared. He might need a hug. Anyone?

Yuri said...

Gateway News,

Hug it out!

It will be all okay!

Xaiver, Commrece City said...

Jerry not to blame, it is ALL on city council. Starting with Jason McEldowney and Reba Drotar.

Lets not lose focus!

Xaiver, Commrece City said...

But I would like to see a store in the north! Walmart is fine

Art Hunt said...

Deborah Sherman hates Paul Natale!!!!!!

Randy M. said...

I feel BLESSED!?

Well, I feel HUNGRY!

Anonymous said...

Jim Benson looks like death!

Zach said...

Best city manager? are we sure about that?

Sans said...

Yes I can do Math, But why is it my problem and why is it coming out of the tax payers pocket?

jesse, core city said...

I have to ask if this is Illegal?

If he signed a contract that took out the language saying that he would pay back the tax payers after he sold his house in Arizona and then sold it before?

Is that not Illegal?

Edward said...

Are there goals set for city manager and if so, what are they?

PRO CITY said...

not too bad. I think jerry is safe he was taking a deal that anyone would have.

Sans said...

where is the witch hunt comments or gateway revenge comments?

Damn People Lets get on the ball!

Wes, N. Range said...

I wish mceldowney would have done the interview instead of Paul Natale.

Namath, CommerceCity said...

all said and done, cant blame Jerry! have to blame council!

Anonymous said...

Who is going to call the IRS and ask them if this is legal? Someone on the 9News live chat mentioned this? And someone from the city could you please release a list of Flannery's annual goals and how he has reached or surpassed them? Cause we don't see he has done anything. Thank you city.

Anonymous said...

at least this city manager is not getting drunk and driving, wasting money on pens, going to Hawaii and running up a cocktail tab, or vising massage parlors!

Too Honest said...

I have to agree with others, Council needs to take the blame on this not Jerry Flannery.

I challenge all of you to be honest for a second and answer this question:

IF you were offered the same deal, would you not take it?

I guarantee that at least 99% of you would take the deal!

Core Comments said...

Mayor says Jerry is the best city manager.

I would challenge that with the Last city Manager Perry. I know he had some drinking concerns, but at least we got the Rapids Stadium, Rancho Liborio, the parade of homes, residential in the north, Fedex, and he did it all with no assistants.

Erin NW said...

The beginning of the 9 news report says that Jerry was hired to bring in business?

Was he? I thought he was hired just to the city manager? Not just to bring in business.

Anonymous said...

Dont like the deal, but understand it too a long time to get us an excellant city manager.
Not only time but money to get him hired.
Helping him stay was reasonable, the terms a little over the top.
This whole story is really over blown.
Just a few trying again to dirty us as a city. Benson to gain...voters??
Gateway...out of revenge?
I am sorry people cant help us move forward with how much we are a new city.
Most dont even know the north area is in Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if Gateway News Brought in 9 news. If so, why did it take so long? I think it was someone with a lot more power.

PRO CITY said...


I don't think so!

I would say that Jerry is much better then Perry!

Fred A. said...

Can't Blame Jerry, but Council you can. SO IRRESPONSIBLE!

Why the hell did we have to throw everything at this guy?

We come off as so desperate!

SO Sad!

Wes, N. Range said...

The Gateway didn't bring this up, Jadie Carson did. Maybe she is out for revenge!

Q said...

I am of a little bit different view. I do blame Jerry. He is the manager and he sees the books. I would like you to see what else was on the agenda the night they gave him all that money.

Tom Bradley, n. range, commerce city said...

small town city politics!

Council did something stupid, period.

so people do the first thing and blame the media, so typical, so predictable.

the "Sans" guy saw it coming: "Sans said...
where is the witch hunt comments or gateway revenge comments?
Damn People Lets get on the ball!"

Chistol, CC said...

didn't jerry come to us!
why are we so blessed to get him, who the hell is he?

Cheo Larcombe, Commerce City said...

the Commerce City Council has to stop treating the City manager as their friend.

Until this happens we will never mover forward.

FYI said...

August 2, 2007 Flannery buys house from Shea Homes LP for $450,000
August 28, 2007 Flannery gives house to Commerce City for $0
November 4, 2009 Commerce City gives house to Flannery for $0

The Commerce City Council election was held November 3, 2009

Anonymous said...

Jerry should get paid whatever he wants, he helps Denver out!

METRO DENVER SPORTS COMMISSION: Appointed Commerce City Manager Jerry Flannery to the board of directors.

Sans said...

Commerce City has a whole history of city manager issues:



Core Comments said...

where was this during the whole perry thing!

BCK_2_Basics said...

I guess I am of the school of thought that you have to earn your money.

Throw a bunch of money at someone is fine as long as they can produce!

I would like to see what thus so far has been produced.

Hyde said...

I live here, I don't know if they guy is worth it. I have to shop in Brighton and it sucks.

I am sure he is a swell guy in private, but we are not talking about him personally, we are talking about what has he brought to the city since being hired 3 years ago.

I don't see it.

Anonymous for many reasons said...

Jerry vs. Perry

I would still take Jerry! He may not have done anything, but Perry got us into a hell deal with KSE!

Detail to come.

LOOK HERE said...

You know what!

He doesn't have to pay back the money, if he can bring a grocery store to the North.

To me that is worth it!

Bobby, Brighton, CO said...

I have to laugh when I read comments about people just being jealous!!!!!!!

What is there to be jealous about, that you council is dumb enough to get themselves into a deal like this.


Bobby, Brighton, CO said...

BY the way,


Rispley said...

I want to start a group called "DBJBC"

Don't Blame Jerry Blame Council

I place this whole ridiculous deal on the city council.

I learned the guy was making only $115,000 with car allowance of $4,200.

And the Commerce City Council jumps him up to $160,000 plus ungodly bonuses and a car allowance of $10,000!!!!!

What the hell did you (city Council) see that the rest of us are missing?

Seriously Concerned,

Stop the Waste said...

10,000 car allowance should all go to the guys car. right?

Don't know of any Nissans that run 800 plus a month.

Do you?

Justin B. said...

I am sure the city manager is a nice guy, but c'mon,

That jump in salary from his county job in AZ is a little extreme.

Why should he get hazard pay! Commerce city is not that bad!

Anonymous said...

Why does Flannery's past salary have any basis on what he should be paid here.
The job was looking for a city manager, not hiring Flannery. The salary was based on similar sized cities.
To be fair, ours had many problems to be corrected, & I am sure we
the citizens will never know about many of them.
Not everything good that the city has achieved can be measured in retail.
The economy failed everywhere, not just in CC.
The businesses that had already committed, & have built in the north,are doing way above their expectations. More will see this and come.
Kings has asked when Walmart is coming....they know they will then lose sales & will have to build.

Justin B. said...

you seem to know more then I do, I was just going off the story 9 news said he was hired to bring in business.

Also seems to me that his last job was with a county, so his salary should be pretty much the same for a very small city.

But maybe I don't know something you do. I would love to learn.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one mentioning the main author of this contract, Drotar?
She stated one of her concerns was that this could affect the home market in Reunion, if Flannery had to get a bank loan at the deflated price.
This would have been basically impossible due to the extra down payment he would have to provide.
She stated that the deflated price could affect everyone's home value in Reunion , including her BFF, a realtor in Reunion, who owns 2 homes there.
Once she convinced the council to support her plan, she didn't attend the final vote, convinent wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

How come the economy did not fail in Brighton? And if the economy failed in Commerce City why was the city just givng away a half million dollars????

Anonymous said...

Shame on the council and the mayor.


The reason that Flannery should be blamed is called integrity. You do not take advantage of people's stupidity. It is just rude. Did he really think it was ok to not pay anything back after he sold his house in Arizona? And to take another $72,000 in cash from the taxpayers for either relocation expenses (that he had already been paid $19,000 for) or for a loss he never incurred on his Arizona house? And he is still not paying anything yet?? Who the hell does he think he is?

Estelle Remington said...

Over reached

When Commerce City hired Jerry Flannery to become our next City Manager, we over reached our economy. Commerce City is suffering under about a 12% Foreclosure rate, about a 12% loss of property values and about a 12% unemployment rate. In hiring, Jerry Flannery, we reached for a manager that as a city we could not afford. Commerce City taxpayers paid thousands of tax dollars to move and house this new family in 2007. We paid a $72,000 Bonus in expectation of a property loss in the sale of their Arizona property which never happened as they made a profit on the sale of their home. This Bonus money needs to be returned to the CC taxpayer because it never happened. Commerce City tax payers purchased a high end expensive home in CC for the family which should have been equal to their property in Arizona not three times the value of the average home owned in CC which is $150,000. City Council allowed the City Manager and his family to live in this city owned home for the next three years free of charge when the City Manager earned about $480,000 over that period of time as if the family were penny less. The CC tax payers deserve to be compensated for this period of living for free at the city's expense. Granted, City Council agreed to this living arrangement knowing the suffering and loss of homes and income of our CC residents. This agreement which far out reached any thing the residents of CC would have agreed to and was done under the same "Good Ole Boy" administrative actions of members in the past history of CC. So much, for moving into the 21st Century. It does not matter that City Council agreed to a later date in the final settlement of this city owned house with the sale of the Flannery house in Arizona this new living arrangement should have been settled in "Good Faith" as it was intended. This entire agreement has been handled poorly and with no thought of what the people of Commerce City would have wanted in the first place. Yes, pay for the family to move and help them get a place to rent until they could sell their old house. No, don't buy them a house that cost $100,000 dollars more than the house they came from and, No, don't let them live free of charge when the City Manager earns more than the other people in the city earn.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Reba Drotar got a kick back on this deal???

Anonymous said...

jesse, core city said...
I have to ask if this is Illegal?

If he signed a contract that took out the language saying that he would pay back the tax payers after he sold his house in Arizona and then sold it before?

Is that not Illegal?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jesse: It's not illegal just undocumented

Anonymous said...

In the interest of holding 9News accountable for the information they air, the City of Commerce City prepared a truth test on this story. The city worked extensively with 9News, clearly pointing out that the contract was negotiated and approved by a majority of council. City council felt strongly that it was an equitable agreement that followed industry standards for compensation of city managers. The majority of council articulated their support for the agreement at a city council meeting on Aug. 31, 2009. An audio recording of the public meeting where the results of the contract negotiations were stated publically was provided to 9News. Every extension and addendum council approved was done in the best interest of the city. There is no doubt that the provisions of the contract will be satisfied in full on September 1, 2011. For the full Truth Test of this story, please go to www.c3gov.com and click on News.

Gateway News said...

City got off track, sweetheart deal was the 72,000 brought up by Jadie Carson.

Sweetheart deal details were the no interest and no payment for 4 years via the multiple amendments.

We all knew they about the $450,000 for the house.

Wes, N. Range said...

what is the city doing? they are looking desperate again.

Casper said...

Oh My God,

Commerce City, stop talking! you are making it worse!

I think the entire city knew about the $450,000 house.

The story is the $72 grand and the $800 Nissan among other things

Sans said...

City tries to spin channel 9 story and it just stalled out.

Funny as hell!

Q said...

City needs to know when to stop.
I even knew about the house, what I did not know was the $72,000 and the many amendments.

Don't try to spin this into something it is not.

Derrick Keys, Commerce City Resident, Brighton Tax Payer said...

commerce city tries to get a gocha on the gateway news.

Typical Commerce City, Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I even understood that the sweetheart deal was the 72,000 dollars and the many changes and the language taken out of the contract at the end.

That is the story.

Hyde said...

Gateway News knew about the Reunion house deal? I would hope so, everyone in the city knew.

What everyone did not know was the the city was giving Flannery money for a decrease in value that never happened.

Bought the AZ house for 216 and sold it for 305.

Commerce City: Citizens are a little bit smarter then you give then credit for.

Lionel said...

city puts out "truth test" and 9 just explained 2 points that were half truths.

I would ask the city not to engage in a battle of words with channel 9.

Fred A. said...

I would like to ask the city to bring in a third part and ask if this is all okay, BOTH Legally and Ethically.

Tanner, Commerce City said...

city spin, look for it! DON'T BE FOOLED

Yuri said...

House being bought is not the issue, it was the many amendments and the shady language taken out at the end.

City is so LAME!

I get the story and I am not even that smart.

Facts are said...

Stay focused people:

Flannery bought the Arizona house on January 18, 2002 for $216,000 and sold it in September of 2009 for $305,000. It was appraised on August 7, 2009 for $300,000.

Gateway News said...

9NEWS Quote: The council discounted the loan and gave Flannery $72,000 and agreed to pay his real estate taxes and insurance for the Commerce City home until Sept. 1, 2011.

City’s Truth: This statement is misleading as to what the city manager has paid on the home in Commerce City.

Gateway News: This quote comes directly from an email to Kathy McIntyre, Editor, from Bob Gehler, City Attorney for Commerce City. So what the city is saying here is that the statement from their own attorney is misleading, as well as their own contract dated September 1, 2009.

Gateway News said...

9NEWS Quote: McIntyre poured through Flannery's job contracts and spotted the sweetheart deal after covering a city council meeting. The more she asked about it, the more she feels the council did not answer her questions.

City’s Truth: Documents related to the purchase of the home in Commerce City were sent from a fax machine belonging to the Gateway News.

Gateway News: Not only did Realtor Kristi Douglas use the fax machine at our office, she used the copier, printer, and computer as well. We all knew about the $450,000 loan for the house being given BUT we were told it was going to be paid back in six months or when Flannery’s Arizona house was sold. That was in 2007. None of that ever came to fruition. And now in 2010 after the house is sold in Arizona, no payment has still been made.

Sans said...

wait a min,
that is right from Bob Gehler's email, the city PIO is giving Bob Gehler a Truth test!


From City Attorney's email: "With those figures in mind, the City Council offered a discount of $72,000 and payment of real estate taxes and insurance for two years."

Anonymous said...

The old city manager had a car provided along with car insurance, gas and maintenance.
After he was found to be driving under the influence, it was safer for the city to give a car allowance to city managers, less liability issues.
The $800. per month is for ALL car related costs.
Not that the truth matters to most of you!!

Archer said...

This is getting exhausting!

I don't give 2 flying fruits about the old city manager!!!!

I want to know WHY the HELL the current city council would give the CURRENT city manager $835 for a car allowance and then see the guy driving around in a DAMN Nissan and council doesn't even have the idea to bother asking the question, ARE YOU USING ALL $835 for your CAR?

Gateway News said...

9NEWS Quote: "We've had budget crunches. And that is a lot of money. You can provide a lot of services to people for that amount of money. Services they don't have right now," Benson said.

City’s Truth: Commerce City has maintained, indeed added, services to its citizens.

Gateway News: We would like to request details of these added services to its citizens, not just a summary that explains nothing. Further, the quote was in context of the money given to the city manager. We think the correct interpretation of this quote is what services COULD be given to the citizens in substitution for money given to the city manager? An example would be, a possible extra Police Officer?

Anonymous said...

Geeeez Archer, you are right, this is getting exhausting!
This is a damn if you damn if you don't.
Now you complain he drives a Nissan.
He has a car allowance to use for his vehicle and the expenses that go with it.
I don't believe anyone should get to pick the car.
What model do you personally prefer??
You want to inspect his home too??
You either vote to pick those you want to represent you on council or you don't.
They make the decisions. If you don't like them GET INVOLVED by running yourself!!

Archer said...

I don't want to run for council. I want to live in a city where my council members do the right thing and act in a responsible manner.

And you are going to tell me that you have no problem with giving an employee a set amount for a certain item and he is just pocketing the money?

How the hell did the guy make it on a $350 car allowance for however long he was at his old job?

PRO CITY said...

I think we have no right to ask the city manager to drive a certain car. If he wants to drive a nissan and skim a little off the top of the car allowance that is his deal.

We need to start trusting our city officials, both elected and hired.

Dustie, please put up May ASAP so we can get a fresh start. I want to post some ideas that are positive.

Thanks, and I am impressed that you are posting comments that are anti-gateway. I know you are trying your best to give the community a pace to hash out issues.

I know this for a fact, because I know that city council has used some of the ideas from your website.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Thank you PRO CITY,

I would be very concerned if we only had pro-Gateway News comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave comments on the Gateway News Blog.

Childress, Commerce City said...

9 news posted a article on the consultants used by council a long time ago.

That story is SO OLD!

Marcus said...

According to the handbook called Recruitment Guidelines For Selecting a Local Government Administrator published by the International City/County Management Association: “There now is considerable precedent for local governments—using appropriate safeguards and limits—to assist in the purchase and/or financing of housing for the new administrator. A variety of options exist, including a loan, a salary supplement, or a shared equity purchase.”

Well, if it is in the handbook. I guess we should all shut up.

What Really Matters said...

I hope Mr. Flannery's wife is doing well.

A citizen of Commerce City who really does care for all the people in the city.

Not that Dumb said...

City PIO says....Quote: The council discounted the loan and gave Flannery $72,000 and agreed to pay his real estate taxes and insurance for the Commerce City home until Sept. 1, 2011.
Truth: This statement is misleading as to what the city manager has paid on the home in Commerce City.

FYI - this is not a truth test, but rather the PIO's opinion.

Anonymous said...

Here's my problem: On the one hand, city council and Mr. Flannery asked citizens and employees to tighten their belts (While no layoffs or furloughs, employees are getting no real pay raise this year which is ppropriate and maybe even generous in an environment requiring that city services be cut). On the other hand, council gave themselves a big raise by passing an ordinance requiring the city pay for their medical insurance and then offered Mr. Flannery a generous pay raise and a $72,000 bonus which he happily accepted. I guess Mel Brooks was right - it is good to be king!

King of Olive said...

yes it is good to be the king.

I have not seen this type of outrage in the city since forever.

Wes, N. Range said...

The city marketing team did the city NO FAVORS by putting out their truth test.

It looks like it was just slapped together and full of half truths, you even got channel 9 go on the airwaves saying it is half truths.

City should have been silent, like they were to the citizens.

Ollie, Northern Guy said...

I would like to say I wish the Flannery family the best wishes in their fight for cancer.

Yuri said...

Denver Post has a new article up about 9news and Gateway News

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of the City Manager, including his inflated ego and the way he treats staff members. As much as I want to blame him for this, I just can't do it. This was a City Council deal to attract what they thought was the best candidate for the job. The blame lies with the members of Council who approved this, not the members currently on Council who voted against it or were not even on Council at the time of hiring the City Manager.

I would have taken the same deal if it were me. People should be more concerned with the morale of City Staff then the perks the City Manager received. The morale has declined since he was hired. At least with Perry, he was personable, talked with staff, made it seem like he cared and did do some great things for the City that Jerry is now taking credit for.

The PIO for the City comes off as uneducated with the press release sent. It is an embarassment for the City to go against 9News in a battle of the pens. We all know who will win that one.

The City is one in a few that is still in pretty good financial shape in the metro area. So stop complaining!! And for those who did not know certain aspects of what is going on in the city government, I suggest you attend a council meeting or two. You might learn something and understand that you do have a voice. But you have to make an effort. All of this is fairly old news.

TJ--Commerce City Resident, Voter

gatewaynews twitter said...

Gateway News gets nod from Denver Post editorial board CLICK: http://tinyurl.com/2byj2dg

Theodore, The Dunes said...

I agree TJ!

Anonymous said...

attend council, sure and get an answer like tom fish did?

Do you all know the council didn't even get his phone number.

Wonder how he will ever get his answer to his concerns.

Mike M. Commerce City said...

I don't see how attacking Channel 9NEWS with a city truth test that is easily taken apart as half truths or city staff pinons does s any good.

The city needs a good working relationship with the media, especially channel 9.

If channel 9 did something wrong I would say go for it.

But the city's truth test is so poorly put together it is embarrassing.

vickey, commerce city said...

I would agree Mike,

City truth test is very embarrassing and make us sound desperate and amateurish.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the truth test embarassing, they are mocking 9News; therefore, creating an enemy with the #1 news station in Colorado. Nice going, Commerce City. Who's brilliant idea was the "Truth Test" anyway??


Xaiver, Commrece City said...

TJ has a good point.

What is the process of getting something like the truth test out.

I am sure since we have so much staff it must have some kind of a process.

What is it?

Collette, Comm. City said...


You are correct the Commerce City "truth test" is going to make it so we have at least strange, weird relationship with 9 NEWS.

Not very smart when we need the media to help us market and get the good word out about Commerce City.

Like Mile High Music Festival and the 9NEWS health fair.

S. Tayor Cherry St, Commerce City said...

I am in that 90% who usually just reads this blog and really do not like to comment, but how can the city staff run something like the truth test. It is attacking their own city council member Jim Benson (love him or hate him). Also, it attacks their own Attorney Robert Gehler.

Core Comments said...

9News health fair will be really weird this year at Dicks. Can yo say Tension

LOOK HERE said...

The past couple of days I have been following the other Blogs on 9 and Denver Post.

We as commerce city need to do something to change our image.

I am not talking political AT ALL!

Just something else.

Cock Fighting was also bad and that was not even technically Commerce City, but all over news as being within the city limits so I guess we are guilty by association.

Anonymous said...

I have never been so informed about a subject in my life.

I want it to END!

Anonymous said...


Irene, Commerce City said...

Doesn't Commerce City Council direct staff?

If so, I would suggest that Council DIRECT staff to take down the ridiculous truth test and give a sorry note to Sherman and 9 News.

Staff should also apologize to Benson and Bob Gehler.

Lastly, the Mayor should give Sherman a HUG!

Erin NW said...

If mayor Paul Natale doesn't have a hugging booth at Derby Daze I will be very disappointed!

Anonymous said...


I am going to suggest that to council!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Por City it is time to start fresh, lets go for the new month, new thoughts and good vibes.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a break! Here is my concern with the story. The city manager says that it was "city council's contract" he had nothing to do with that. Do you expect me to believe that? I highly doubt that Jerry did not have any say in his own contract and I flat out do not believe that council, out of the goodness of their own hearts, came to Jerry to give him another 72,000, without the subject being brought up by Jerry himself. Jerry asked for that additional money. The man is not good for the city, does not care about the city, and needs to leave.

belle creek observer said...

I see a trend here of flashed in a pan.

Something will get reported and the citizens will get all up in arms for a minute, then it disappears.

That is all fine and dandy, but when they start adding up, you will start seeing some real action.

Just an observation.

Shirely, Core City said...

Not the first story done by 9 news.
check out:

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with those of you who say Mr. Flannery did nothing wrong. Mr. Flannery took a $72,000 bonus on the backs of citizens whose services were being cut and employees who saw no raises. Maybe not illegal but not the kind of moral character I want running our city. I wouldn't want to be in a life raft with the guy.

I agree with the person that said "gimme a break" to Mr. Flannery's statement that he had nothing to do with the terms of the contract. It's almost as laughable as Bill Clinton's "I didn't inhail" comment.

Anonymous said...

The truth test is beyond embarrassing! We pay $170,000 a year for a manager and that's the best the city could come up with? I guess you don't always get what you pay for.

PRO CITY said...

I was there the day they had all the city manager candidates, there is only a handful of citizens that really care about the city and actually go to the city events.

Jerry was one of the best there.

That is a fact!

Yuri and Marcus said...

ahhhh NO! First of all PRO CITY!

That is a opinion, not a fact, a lot of people are getting that confused lately. Second, just because you don't show up to city events, does not mean that you do not care about the city.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the city's truth test had to be approved by someone else on the city staff, perhaps one of the deputy city managers?

So you can not really just blame the PIO.

Anonymous said...

I think he should pay it back sooner than 2011 if he can.

MicD said...

Commerce City council hired a consulting firm from California for $70,000 to help city manager set goals?

Is that the old Bill Mathis News. This is really old.

Core Comments said...

I thought Dr. Bill Mathis was brought in for Council Norms. I do not remember he being hired for manager goals. I could be wrong.

Black & White said...

"We did not want to make a profit off of him," City Attorney Robert Gehler said. "That was the interest rate the city was receiving on its investments, so it was a wash."

From the Dictionary:
Gift definition
Property, money or asset that one person transfers to another while receiving nothing in return.

Volltage, Commerce City said...

Commerce City Truth test reminds me of High School.


Dr. Bill Mathis was paid way more than $70,000. It was more like $120,000. He had all these stupid council retreats, and team building, and goal setting AND he was also hired as a headhunter to hire Flannery an assistant city manager. The council thought some guy from Texas was hired and then Neelan just showed up at a council retreat and Flannery announced he had hired her. From Jeffco, so why did Mathis have to be used? It is another big story. And by the way the entire council was mad at Flannery then cause he went behing their back.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you guys supposed to report the news, not be the news?

Yuri said...

I think they just did.

Archer said...

Be on the news to get the news across.

I guess if it gets the news out there. SO BE IT.

Wes, N. Range said...

So who wants to bet me that the council will just ignore this whole thing tonight.

Anonymous said...

the 800 lb gorilla in now a 1600 lb gorilla.

Thank god city hall is a big place.

Casper said...

truth test will go down in history as a JOKE, just like the pens and perry.

Nice work city staff.

Hyde said...

city should start a truth test business, they could do the local political ads.

c3tt - commerce city truth test, $15.00 and we will test your ad and/or platform

Anonymous said...

got to love the witty public!

You are all just stand up comedians!

Maybe you should all focus your time and energy into something good and positive

Simple Solution said...

C3TT Commerce City Truth Test,

Facts 15 dollars
Opinion only 5 dollars

Anonymous said...


Ryland, Reunion Resident said...

so the next time the city needs channel 9 news to come out and cover some event, how does that conversation go?

C3: uhhhh, hi this is commerce city, can you come out and cover our positive news event.

Channel 9: yeah, sorry, we have a big lunch today.

Proud CC Resident said...

I only see the big channel in commerce city when something bad happens.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this, If property values return to levels when the home was purchased or higher:
Flannery decides to sell it prior to the due date on the agreement
Flannery resigns and returns to AZ, he will have one hell of a bar/fish story that no one will believe…If anyone is quick with the math; given his salary, bonus, car allowance and the unheard of deal averaged out over his time here. What would his average overall yearly salary be?

Anonymous said...

I bet 9 News will be baaaaacccckkkk!!!! Who the heck has the audacity to try and make fun of the most respected news station in the state? Oh yea, the Commerce City PIO. Let's see now why does Commerce City have the reputation it does? Oh yes, because of the city staff!

Anonymous said...

If they come back it is because of a few people that are involved in a witch hunt.
Any bad reputation is not because of the city staff, but because of areas not in our city ie: cock fighting (adams' county) and those that persist in dredging up anything negative.
I thought the Beacon was bad...but this has been over the top negative, revenge motivation!!

Anonymous said...

wondering if the City or Flannery paid fair market rent on the home owned by the Doulgas' who happen to be good friends with former councilwoman Reba Drotar.