General Issues September, 2010

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and


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Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH China is NOT, I repeat NOT going to bring any business to Commerce City. China has factories where their citizens work and sometimes even live in the factory for very small wages and with no laws and very little protection. There is no way they would ever bring a Chinese company here and pay higher wages for our citizens and pay our taxes and abide by our laws. It would make no sense for them to come here ever. We import their durable goods, not the other way around. And they have millions of citizens to employ in China, why on earth would they want to create jobs over here? They need to employ their own citizens first. Can you post this as first blog for September 1 so it does not get lost please?

Anonymous said...

What is going on with Flannery going to Germany?

Anonymous said...

infrastructure is paid through special tax districts over a period of many years, such as 20 to 30 years.
Otherwise the added amount to a home would be astronomical.
When spread out over a longer period it is doable.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous writer that has the insite on China.
You should come and present your info at the council meetings.

Anonymous said...

Why, so city council can stare at me and then tell me thank you and sit down?

I think I will leave it here so at least I know people will hear what I am saying.

But Thank You very much for the advice.

Hyde, n. range said...

I am getting confused, I hear people saying on here the end of last month that cc has no pit bull ban and people saying there is, can you clarify?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

I should have stepped in earlier regarding Pit Bulls in Commerce City clarification.

I see what they are both trying to get at.

Yes, there are Pit Bulls in Commerce City that are legal and therefore is not technically a "ban". But, with that being said, the city code states the following: "Pit bulls prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess, keep, exercise control over, maintain, harbor, transport (except as permitted in 4-8(b)(2)c of this chapter) or sell within the city any pit bull, except as provided herein."

Remembering that the city council did "grandfather" in the Pit Bulls that were already in the city limits with new rules, such as registration and other restrictions.

So in the end, both comments were in some way valid. It is all about how you view it.

Final note: Please feel free to leave comments about the issue here, but I really do want anyone with desires to change the current Pit Bull issue in Commerce City to contact their Ward or at-large council member or even the mayor directly.

The city of Denver will be re-visiting this in mid-September as new developments with ADA rules. Depending on how it is decided and ultimately written, a rule or law may trump the home rule cities. We will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Great Issue! Thanks to you all who left comments on it, keep them coming.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Jerry to Germany Update from the City:

City Manager Flannery will be traveling to Germany from Sept. 18 – Oct. 9 to represent Commerce City as a recipient of one of three 2010 McCloy Fellowships awarded by the American Council on Germany (ACG) in the United States. This Fellowship is an honor bestowed upon select recipients. It is an opportunity for professional development and an exchange of ideas between two countries appearing in the 2009-2010 Top 10 list of globally competitive countries. Since the announcement of his selection, Commerce City and City Manager Flannery have been recognized and congratulated by peers and community members who understand the value that this fellowship will provide our city and community.

As this is a business trip, not a vacation, City Manager Flannery will remain in close contact with Commerce City staff and Council, while visiting municipal counterparts, economic development professionals, and legislative experts at the municipal and federal levels. These meetings will provide Flannery with an insight as to how economic development and legislative efforts are handled in other cities, as well as another country. The valuable knowledge gained will open up a vast array of ideas for inviting economic development into Commerce City as well as generating new leadership opportunities for the City, enhancing key economic development contacts, and providing a forum to showcase Commerce City to companies in the region that may be seeking to establish themselves in the United States.

All expenses for the fellowship will be covered by the ACG, including airfare and per diem expenses. No City funds will be spent on this endeavor.

Blake D. said...

I think your readers would get a kick out of these videos. Just listen to the first sentence in both videos. A classic example of either media being stupid or not wanted to promote Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

To the China expert.
They may not listen, but the meetings are now available for all to listen to.
Then the information would be released.
The city would also have a chance to respond, or are you not confident in your "facts"?

FYI said...

FYI - A ban is define as the act of prohibiting by law.
So yes, Commerce City has a ban on pit bulls.

Stephanie Salazar said...

In Remembrance of

Pamela Downs

Pamela Downs died Monday, August 30, 2010 of cancer. She was a valued member of the Department of Economic Development at the City of Commerce City and was my “right-hand” when I served for nearly three years as Director of Economic Development.

It is with the deepest sorrow and shock that my spouse and I send our heart-felt condolences to Pam’s family and her two children, her daughter Taine and son Ian. Pam will be missed by us but even more by her family and children who loved her.

Pam was a devoted and loving mother. Her evenings were committed to taking the kids to soccer, softball, or swimming practice. And in the morning I would hear wonderful stories about practice or the games the evening before. Her van was typically full of sports equipment for some athletic activity in which her children participated. Pam loved baseball and on several occasions she took her children to minor league baseball games as far away as Greeley.

When she wasn’t taking the kids to their games, she was helping them with their homework, school projects or study for exams. When there were difficulties with certain classes, she was there to help them overcome the hurdles. Pam would rejoice as the kids persevered and mastered the subject matter and improved their grades.

I remember fondly my experiences with Pam taking our course requirements together to qualify for the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) certification exam. I remember the excitement with which Pam informed me that she had passed the certification exam and was a certified economic developer. I’ll never forget that phone call from Pam just last January 2010.

As her colleague, I can say that Pam will be missed in the economic development community in Colorado. Her passing is surely a great loss to the City, especially in the Department of Economic Development, where Pam was the ranking member with over 15 years of ED experience. Pam is the only employee in the history of the Department of Economic Development at the City of Commerce City to be “CEcD” certified.

Taine and Ian – your mommy was a good lady! We miss her.

With Deepest Sympathies to the family and children of Pam Downs,
Stephanie & Frank Salazar

Anonymous said...

wow can the city of commerce city be any more stupid??? we in the northern range do not care about acsd14 or your spin on derby that will never be a viable business area or your spin on the city's finances, what a bunch of garbage, quit wasting our tax dollars on this piece of garbage you insist on mailing, we have enough trash to recycle

Anonymous said...

Commerce City has a horrible reputation and very unpopular for marketing groups. You’ll notice advertisers saying the northern area is “ just west of DIA” Just northeast of Denver” “one of Denver’s newest suburbs” “ northeast of downtown Denver” “Reunion”

This is what’s on Dick’s web site about its field: Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is located nine miles northeast of downtown Denver and only fifteen miles from Denver International Airport near the intersection of Interstate 70 and Quebec Street.

Let’s be honest to most we’re just “a smelly speed trap inhabited by illegal immigrants”

We grew too much for Commerce City to manage because council is stuck in small town mode.

If it ever comes up for vote I say yes to annexing into another city

Erin NW said...

I am so sorry about the Commerce City employee who past away from cancer, Pamela Downs.

My heart goes out to her friends and family.

Anonymous for many reasons said...



gina, commerce city said...

as someone who has people close to them pass away from cancer. my prayers go out to the Pamela Downs family.

Sad and shocked said...

Stephanie Salazar's lovely rememberences of Pam are stunning. I did not know that Pam was ill. Pam was a wonderful, sincere and warm person who shared that warmth with everyone who came in contact with her. She will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies to her family for their profoud loss. Thank you Stephanie for your remarks. We miss you very much.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear some heart felt compassion for the staff person who passed!
On another note, there are others who seem to love to spew hateful comments about our city.
To those who feel that way and live here, please leave.
To those who don't live here, mind your own business!

Anonymous said...

Do the people at the McCloy group who are wasting their money on sending Flannery on yet another vacation trip know about Flannery? Someone should call them and give the a little insight about the fact he took $72,000 from the taxpayers for NO reason and the fact that there have been 4 lawsuits filed against the city all involving him and his poor decisions and the fact that he played a shell game with the taxpayers by taking $450,000 from the taxpayers for a house and lied when he sold his house in Arizona and never paid the taxpayers back. Maybe they would choose someone else to waste their money on. Flannery is a joke!

Lionel, Commerce City said...

It has now been a month since Commerce City started their red light camera tickets. Can you find out how much money the city has gotten from this so far. I was at Wendys, and saw the camera flash about 5 times!

Archer said...

My intentions were to leave a comment here about China, but after reading the news about Pam Downs, I start to cry and I am not ashamed to say it. I feel so sad and sorry for the Downs family.
I hope you make it all okay through this tough time in your lives.

Anonymous said...

People who are leaving comments here are not people who hate Commerce City. They love Commerce City and that is why they are so very hurt and so very frustrated with the current city council and mayor and the high level staff at the city. Because all the decisions that those people are making are not for the good of our city but they are self serving opportunists to see how much they can personally profit in dollars and trips and even free housing.

Anonymous said...

Gateway can you find out if the City applied for Flannery to attend the fellowship in Germany and if so, let us all see the application of his accomplishments and worthiness. OR was he selected from many many other candidates (it would be nice to know how many)and has been recognized as worthy by those who nominate those who will attend (who is that would be nice to know also) without the City's or Flannery's solicitation. This all has the smell of a PR stunt to divert everyone from the real issue that he is incompetent, unqualified and so is his direct staff with the exception of Neelan.

Heartbroken said...

Well guess what? As far as the city having compassion, you are looking in the wrong place. The incredible Stephanie Salazar was fired from the city for outrageous reasons. She is suing the city. The city made no public condolences or announcement about dear Pam Downs. That came from Stephanie. Instead of condolences from the Mayor and City Manager, all we got was the propaganda stuff on Flannery's trip to Germany.

Anonymous said...

The police are very impersonal and unwelcoming here. I was pulled over and ticketed for 3 miles over the limit. I think it’s because I look liked I have a valid license and will pay the ticket. Let a vehicle with a faded temp license plate in the window with 10 people inside impeding traffic drive by, they do nothing. Wonder if that’s the cities plan to fund additional parks and recreation in the south. Protect us from the drunks and real crime. Wish there was a way to have Brighton or Denver’s police patrol in the north. I may still get the ticket but so will the others, as in equal enforcement. I guess for now me and my money will continue to circumnavigate Commerce City. It costs a little more in gas and time but it will have to do until I can sell my house.

Commerce City via email said...

In addition to the Salazar lawsuit, Commerce City is in receipt of a lawsuit filed by Francisco Torres on July 23rd, 2010. As is common practice with pending litigation, the City will not provide comment, but we do intend to fully litigate the case.

Hyde, n. range said...

Dusty anyway you can get the case and post here. Just really curious

Three City Managers too Many said...

HELL YA! Thats how many lawsuits against the city? Its got to be some kind of a record! GO CC!

Archer said...

I have two concerns with questions.

How is it the Commerce City common practice with pending litigation, the City will not provide comment, but we do intend to fully litigate the case. Did they not just settle out of court with the last 2 lawsuits?

Why did the Commerce City not include school district 27J in their newsletter? They included the water district, the fire district and the southern school district, but not the northern one. Why is this?

Wes n. range,commerce city said...

Great info.
I will say it again, No way should the City Manager should be going out of the coutry looking for business when we can't ever get the ones they said we were going to get here in America.
You may need to re-read comment a second time.

The way I see it said...

looks like we are going to have in increase our budget for legal expenses.
city should have taken the geer and lucero to actual court instead of settling.
Just the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

Since Mr. Flannery will be representing Commerce City in Germany, I would like to see the cover letter, application, and letters of recommendation that the City submitted in order for Mr. Flannery to be considered for the fellowship. In addition, if this is a "business trip",the City should publish a copy of his itinerary. The City states that he will be meeting with municipal counterparts, economic development professionals, and legal experts. Meetings with high level professionals usually require advance scheduling, so this seems like a reasonable request.

If the trip is legit, the City should have no problem providing these documents.

Anonymous said...

Concern and hate are different.
I do often read hateful comments posted here.
Comments about people and the city as a whole that are just mean and ugly.
I think it is sad, but maybe it is an outlet for some. That is sad also.
I read the congratulations letter about the managers trip to Germany. He even says that the city image has improved. I guess he made that up too!

PRO CITY said...

Dusty McIntyre,
First I would like to say your photographs are amazing, you not only capture the beauty of Commerce City, but of Colorado. I have also taken note of the great photography skills you displayed at the Commerce City Mile High Music Festival this year.

Next, I would like to personally thank you for posting the 2 letters of congratulations to the Commerce City Manager Mr. Flannery on the ACG fellowship.

Estelle Remington said...


For the longest time, I did not make the put down connection between the male and female leaders in Commerce City. It is very subtle at first but then comes out loud and clear when people comment on this Blog about different female council members, female employees ( Two Lawsuits.) in this community, myself included and Kathy McIntyre, who have given years of service to CC. If, a women is saying what the men want to hear then they are supported, If, a women is not in agreement with what the other males are saying then, they are belittled and bad mouthed as not worth listening to. If, a women is perceived as equal to or more ethical than the male leaders than the men want to release their anger on these women that are independent thinkers with name calling. When, a man is secure and mature in his own intellect, they do not need to put others down.

Recently, I went to Las Vegas and the term "Eye Candy" is an all girl show in Las Vegas. So, now we know where that term comes from. It is no where near a CC City Council Retreat and Economic presentation. (Stephanie Salazar's Economic report referred to as "Eye Candy".))

CC Voter, Brighon Shopper, Not by Choice! said...


Letter from the Denver Council Member to Commerce City say "I want to congratulate you and Commerce City again on your international efforts. I firmly believe that your success is our success. This type of relationship building only helps us to strengthen our economy and create new jobs in the Denver-metropolitan area. Please let me know if you need any help or assistance from me with this outreach."

The Denver guy isn't happy for Commerce City or Flannery, he is happy because it will bring business to Stapleton!

Why is it the job of Commerce City to act as the Ambassador of Denver?

So stupid, just a business vacation for Flannery. And why, because he deserves it?


PRO CITY said...

Where was it ever "promised" a store in the North?

Anonymous said...

Hog tie and FORCE one of those damned grocers to come to the north!!
I too have waited long enough!
The sales staff at my development said they would be here soon!

Wes, Northern Range, Commerce City said...

Keep Drinking the Kool Aid and read this, straight from the Mayor's Mouth:

2010 Commerce City State of the City: "For some time, we have been working with Wal-Mart to open a store in the Northern Range. I’m pleased to announce we now know that planning will come to fruition. Building permit applications were received by the City on Wednesday, May 5, for a new Super Wal-Mart on 104th and Tower. Total floor area is expected to be about 185,000 square feet. Of that, 11,500 will be grocery (yes, a grocery store!), 3,300 sf will be the garden center and the remainder will be general retail space. I’d like to recognize the executive team at Shea Homes and the team at Wal-Mart for making this project happen. Welcome to Commerce City!"

PRO CITY said...

All the Mayor said was Building permit applications were received by the City on Wednesday, May 5, for a new Super Wal-Mart on 104th and Tower. That is it, nothing more, nothing less.

After that it is out of the city's hand.

We can not force them to come.

Wes, Northern Range, Commerce City said...

Fill Up Your Kool Aid Glass again PRO CITY,

Mayor Says: "I’m pleased to announce we now know that planning will come to fruition."

fruition means: enjoyment, as of something attained or realized. This is not realized, I glance over there every Tues when I go to Del Taco.

Mayor Also Says: "I’d like to recognize the executive team at Shea Homes and the team at Wal-Mart for making this project happen."

This is self explanatory.

Anonymous said...

WHOA! Blogs on Fire now!

PRO CITY said...

To Wes and others,

If you would be positive for a change and work together, we could accomplish great things. Being negative, only works against the council and staff, which ends in the result of spinning our wheels.

I understand that their may have been some dates given out by some officials of when the Wal-Mart might be coming and yes those dates have past.

Please be patient, and do realize that Wal-Mart is a private business and have the right to build when they are ready. There is absolutely nothing the City Council, nor the City staff can do about this.

A positive city will go a lot further, then a negative one.

Wes, Northern Range, Commerce City said...

Hey PRO CITY, spin this one too while your at it. Knowing that I read the press release from the nanning people, we are not as stupid as you think we are.

From 2010 State of the City: "Recently I traveled to Nanning China with Deputy City Manager Neelan to further develop the relationship we started with them two years ago. Officials from Nanning are planning to visit Commerce City in July and have expressed interest in exploring opportunities that could bring additional commercial and industrial growth to our community. I look forward to future international committee exchanges, which bring fresh ideas and fresh capital to be invested in our community."

Anonymous said...

Wes, be careful, you might be getting a visit from neighborhood services!

PRO CITY said...

I would like to point out that there has been numerous of positive comments post in the "China-Commerce City" section of this blog by the Gateway News. I invite you to go back and re-read them. No one can predict the future, but yes it is worth it to the city and all of its citizens to further the relationship with the Chinese (now the second largest economy in the world).

Anonymous said...

an FYI for wes-it is illegal to have a 6 inch weed in your yard. if i were you i'd take a break from comments and make sure your yard is in compliance

Anonymous said...

I guess that Wes has never had expectations that were realistic, only to have those in control not follow through.
I imagine that Walmart is watching their two new northern stores, neither appear very busy.
Sadly that might affect how quickly we get ours.
Wow, Wes, I hope your bah hum bug attitude doesn't follow you everywhere.
Yes, I must admit I agree with Pro City.
We need some positive attitudes for our city to thrive.

PRO CITY 2.0! said...

I agree with PRO CITY also, I do think that it is important to remember where we were and where we are.

For those who do not know, we are light years ahead then just 7 to 8 years ago!

This is a time of governmental transparency and communication this city has never seen before.

We have leadership and professionalism today that can't even be compared to 7 or 8 years ago.

I understand the time line for the store in the north is taking more time then expected. But it will happen, same as many of the comments I hear when out and about in the city regarding the rec center in the north. All of these things are driven by dollars and we need it to be the right time and people in charge with good sense.

Trust in your council and city staff and yes good things will come to fruition.

That my friends is a promise.

Stay Positive and Stay Focused.

Wes, Northern Range, Commerce City said...

I feel like I just read a political ad from the PRO CITY TWINS. What a Bunch of BS! Seriously BS!

just because I ask questions and bring issues out in the light, I am labeled as negative.


Derrick Keys said...

email me, I have some ideas

Anonymous said...

Transparency in the Commerce City government? Professional? Better off than we were 7, 8 years ago? Trust your city council? All evidence to the contrary. The truth is that we have rapidly gone backwards the past 4 years. Pro City twins are worse than delusional. Their tone is both arrogant and belittleing. They do not want input from anyone. Wes, you keep right on asking questions. It's your right and duty as a citizen.
Gateway, how much is the China trip costing the city and who is Francisco Torres?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

We are asking ALL of the questions that are posted here to Commerce City and other municipalities. We will post their responses as they come back to us.

Thank you to all who have posted and know that you are being heard. The Gateway News has in place a very complex unique analytical hit counter. For every 1 comment left on the websites, there is an average of 121 readers. The readers are mostly from the Denver Metro area, with the most in Commerce City (both north and south, north being about 20% more). The city of Brighton is a close second.

We have a small following in Japan, a group of political science students doing a study on the American small city politics with the use of social media such as facebook, twitter, and blogs.

Due to the data that we have about our websites, we take it very seriously and would love any input you might have on improvements.

Input can be sent to

Once again, thanks to you all and keep those questions coming!!!

Gateway News Twitter said...

Commerce City debuts powerful interactive online mapping system.

Cut and Paste:

Anonymous said...

someone give wes a hug!

Curious in Reunion said...

gateway, I got a question for the city-Why is their no condolences from the Mayor, council and City Manager for Pam?

Today in Sat, this happened on Monday! no press release, no mention of it at all. They did it for the guy at the golf course, why not Pam?

Driving Pass in CC said...

Quebec parkway looks like crap with overgrown weeds, not in the median part but on the side towards the residents. Is that the city's responsibility?

Hyde, n. range said...

Using the great new interactive map software, I was able to look up the tax payers house in the northern range, we paid 450,000 dollars for it and we are letting the city manager live in it for free, to make matter worse we also pay the taxes and insurance on it to, and why not. The guy is wonderful, he has brought us Cummins? Not really the grocery store promised, but hey you got to start somewhere.

Back to the point, I was a little miffed that the house is already in the city managers name. My question is, why is the taxpayers house in the city managers name when he has not paid for it? OR has the city manager finally paid for the house and it is going unreported?

Second, assuming the house is not yet paid for, why is there no lien on it?

footnote: from the mapping software, which really, which I found easy to use. 10960 UNITY PKWY
PIN: 172309206010
Lot: 79

Curious in Reunion said...

Good Question, so I guess I will be the one to ask.

Gateway News, can you ask the city why there is no specific lien (defined as a lien upon specific property as security for the payment of a debt or the satisfaction of some other obligation arising out of a transaction or agreement involving that property)on the House the current City Manager of Commerce City is now living in?

Sans said...

email me

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the city could provide the congratulations letters about Flannery, but not the offer letter, anything that is happening to pay back the public funds, any investigation into his lack of ethics concerning the timing of the sale of the house in AZ- on and on. Don't treat us stupid.

Anonymous said...

Ref:Driving Pass in CC
I heard that the "weeds" on the side of Quebec is all "natural grasses" semi ornamental in nature.
It was intended to take little water and only be cut occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Wes, I think it's not the questions you ask but the "attitude" you write in. I also find it negative.

Anonymous said...

To the so called people writing comments about Commerce City. I almost feel sorry for the mentally challenged who write such negativism about where they live. Maybe you ought to try a little kindness instead. With people like you, there is no room in Commerce City. OH I forgot you are to poor to buy a house anywhere else. Just sell your house and move to Brighton or somewhere you can afford. OH I forgot you can't the forclosers are to great in your area. Those who are immigrant frearfull ( prejudice) Try ChERRY HILLS, DTC,
HIGHLANDS RANCH oh yah they have IMMIGRANTS TOO! You can move to the MOON.GET OFF YOUR PEDESTAL AND TRY HELPING YOUR COMMUNITY, INSTEAD OF TEARING IT DOWN. Most people who buy here only do so because they low imcome, but twant others to think they abundantly blessed.

Nice Salty Talk said...

Yeah Wes,
Whats with all the salty talk!?
kidding, email me too
we are working on something

PRO CITY 2.0! said...

To Wes and others,
Instead of getting together and working out some deviance plan, why not get on a board on the city or present a plan to the council of something positive.

We can make this a better place for all of us, but we have to work together and no against each other.

Estelle Remington said...

It has taken some months, but, I am so encouraged to see people investigating and commenting on Flannery's house deal. There is no reason that his name is on the Title but it was changed on October of 2009. The reason Flannery can get away with living there is because the city renewed his contract that said he did not have to repay the loan until Sept. 2011. However, the reason he can live there for free has never been discussed. Flannery's house Title states that he can pay any amount on the Principal at any time. So, he could have paid on the Principal of that house for these past three years. People are finally getting it that it is OK to question city administration and that really is not negative but very healthy for CC. If, all anyone ever says about CC is positive that is very close to brain washing. Some people did get announcements from the city about Pam Downs death and I believe that everyone in CC is sad over her loss to the people of CC, also, there was a request for donations to the family, which, CC should have been the first to contribute. When, we finally do get a WalMart at Reunion, people are going to be shocked at how busy it will be. We would all like to know the truth of why construction has been delayed. We need a health food and organic section like other grocery stores now have. Keep the comments coming what you have to say is very important even if some disagree, but, please, no name calling of individual writers. The city should have to pay a Fine for the weeds along Quebec Blvd. and in front of Adams City High School.

Anonymous said...

I too, would like to see an itinerary for Mr Flannery's Germany trip. Since it is "for business" and he is not taking his own personal leave, all the citizens and businesses of this city are paying for it.

Anonymous said...


I think that the Wal Mart incentive agreement is expiring soon- if this is true, it will make it harder than ever for them to start building in Reunion. Can you check on this?

Zeek said...

Thanks for the forum. Can you ask the Commerce City Police Department how many referrals they have to the ICE?

Gateway News said...

Pamela K. Downs
(May 22, 1961 - March 30, 2010) Pamela K. Downs, 49, of Brighton, passed away on August 30, 2010 in Brighton. Pamela was born in Brighton to Gerald and Patricia (Gabel) Glynn on May 22, 1961. Pamela is survived by her parents, Jerry and Patricia Glynn of Brighton, children; Ian and Taine Downs of Brighton; three nieces, one nephew, one great niece, two great nephews, and three sisters; Debbie (Reuben) Willingham of Brighton, Gail (Nick) DeSantis of Gilbert, AZ, DeeAnn Glynn of Brighton. Memorial Contributions can be made to: Brighton Baseball Booster Club, 244 Bush St., Brighton, CO 80601 or to Brighton High School Choir at Private family services will be held at a later date. Tabor-Rice Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Gateway, for the memorial for Pam Downs.

Henna N. said...

According to one of the binding contract with manager flannery, he gets 6 and half weeks off for leave. Add the 3 weeks in Germany, ending up with no city manager in the city for over 9 weeks. Is this why we need 3 city managers?

Anonymous said...

To Estelle Remington:
I enjoy your ideas and desire to have our city government and employees work for its voting US citizens. Please tell me that you will run for city council.

BTW, even when Reunion’s Wal-Mart is built and operational people will still complain. We just have too many people that want to sit on their butts and moan vs becoming active in getting the right people into office that will carry out the “will of the people”.
Unfortunately based on the current mayor/council model we have too many wanting to be in charge so little gets done and horrible decisions are made in conciliation.

Hyde said...

Who is going to run the city when flannery is over in Germany trying to get volks wagen or some bratwusrt company to build here?

Estelle Remington said...

I would run for city council if I have the support, both votes and financial, of the citizens of Commerce City. As a city council member, I would request city council to form a citizen advisory group, on current immigration problems within the city and protecting job opportunities for CC citizens. I would also ask for a vote of confidence from the people on CM Flannery and ask for an Open Hearing run by a CC citizen's committee and a District Attorney's advisory on the deal that was offered to him at the time he was hired to find out if there were any Sunshine law violations. I feel that citizens have the right to ask questions of inquiry and a right to speak up on behalf of how their tax dollars are being spent in an open forum in more than 3 minutes and the right to demand reforms in city administration. So, I would run on a platform of Reform.

Scott R. Commerce City said...

Estelle brings up a good question, does commerce city have a immigration problem? Do we even know?
Is it not political correct to ask?
Thanks for the forum Gateway News.

Gateway News said...

Join your local elected official from Ward II for a meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 6:30-8 p.m. at Second Creek Elementary School, 9950 Laredo Drive. Ward II Councilman Jim Benson will host the meeting and, along with city staff, will share information about what’s going on in the city. Residents will be able to share their concerns, make suggestions and ask questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Commerce City.

PRO CITY said...

In response to Hyde,


Mr. Flannery is just one of three city officials in the United States honored by the McCloy Fellowship in Urban Affairs

Wes n. range said...


"Mr. Flannery is just one of three city officials in the United States honored by the McCloy Fellowship in Urban Affairs"

Is it because other City Managers got turned down, or are other cities smart enough to not send their city managers on a professional development/vacation?

Estelle Remington said...

Trash Talk

Let me get this straight, if, the reader disagrees with the writer, even though, the writer is not discussing, say, immigration, that gives the reader the right to talk trash about the writer?

As a city, we have worked for over 40 years to get where we are today. We can not just give up and let 20,000 new arrivals tell us what to do and how we are going to do it, when, they do not have a vote in the matter. We can not let some members of city council or city manager use their positions for enrichment or political advancement.

In 2000, CC had a population of 20,991. In 2009, our population was 48,834 or about a 57% increase over a nine year period or about 2,222 new arrivals to our city each year. Currently, we have about 23,000 city jobs and another 11,000 planned positions for 2035 with the second Northern Range build out. If, CC continues to maintain itself as a Sanctuary City, we could add another 20,000 new arrivals within these next nine or ten years. Hence by 2019, we could have a population of about 68,834 with about 34,000 or so jobs available. But, this will only happen, if, in fact, we do complete that second build out of the Northern Range in these next ten years. The first build out of the Northern Range 2000-2008 added about 8,500 residents. The second build out of the Northern Range is expected to add another 9,000 residents. So, we could add that to our estimated population of 68,834 and get about 77,834 around 2019 -2035 with about 34,000 jobs available. Our C3 Comprehensive Plan calls for one job per 1.8 households that would mean that we would need more jobs within these next ten years if we continue to grow at the rate we are now growing. The concerns would be available water and energy resources. This is not an assumption, do the math yourself.

If, other States around us start to enforce their immigration laws already on the books, CC could add another 20,000 new immigrants from 2009 to 2019, as immigrants across the United States migrate towards Sanctuary city/state areas. As an American City, CC may never reach our full potential, if, we do nothing about our ever increasing immigration population. Adams City High School #14 has one of the highest teenage birth rates in the State of Colorado. (Denver Post, Aug. 20, 2010.)

Anonymous said...

City Manager Flannery should use some of his sizeable vacation time to go to Germany. Pro City, please quit using caps to yell at everyone. You give yourself away.

Anonymous said...

Estelle, no doubt you will consider this "trash talk". I for one fine your blogs awfully long and , yes, a bit boring.
I'm sorry that you'll take it personal, but do you really have nothing else to do but write on and on in this blog??

Anonymous said...

Estelle, you have some "interesting" ideas if you are on council.
Just don't forget that you have one vote. It takes a majority to direct the city decisions.
No one person gets to "direct" the council.
Also I heard once a couple of years ago, that a special vote such as you suggested for "confidence of the CM" would cost the city $50,000. Seems like a big expense.
Go for it, maybe You should run for mayor?!

Anonymous said...

Pro City 1.0 and Pro City 2.0 answer the questions since you are both obviously City employees that need Flannery to be here to be employed yourselves. How was Flannery chosen for the fellowship? Was he sought out or did he seek out the fellowship organization? How many candidates was he chosed from? Did the City in anyway suggest him for the fellowship or was he in every way sought out and chosen by them with no solicitation from Flannery or the City Council or the City in anyway. be careful what you say because facts can be verified.

Just found this site said...

Gateway, your pictures are knock-outs! Your website shows incredible talent!

Anonymous said...

My guess is Flannery lobbied for the Germany fellowship position. Then the Mayor gave him a recommendation. That is common practice.Supposedly it helps the city image- I think it only helps Flannery's rsume.
What is uncommon is the great unknown by most citizens and most employes is what has Flannery done to deserve a nomination. I am not better off then I was 3 years ago, no worse off, but certainly no better off. Still limited economic development in the retail and commercial areas, high turnover at the city (city manager's office is over 100%), less information coming out of the city (no PIO), a concerning ethics issue with the city manager's house (which council is ignoring, hoping it will go away), lawsuits naming him and a lack of leaderhip by Flannery. Maybe the city can provide us the nomination form so we can be enlightened on the basis for his nomination.


Flannery's German trip is such a joke. He was not "chosen", only three people applied and three people are going. They usually send four but no one else applied. This is not an "honor" but yet one more way for Flannery to get out of work and to get out of responsibility, which he is an expert at and another way for him to get someone else to pay for his fun. How frustrating to live in Commerce City and see so much time and money wasted by this arrogant !@#$%^&.

Estelle Remington said...


Every twenty years or so, America produces another generation of young adults. From the Baby Boomer generations, 1942-1960 to the thirteenth generation X, 1961-1981 to the Millennial generation Y, 1982-. Generation Y has "cutting-edge skills" in technology but "a weak work ethic." Depending on new technology in these next twenty years, we could become a book less and paperless society with kindergarten and first graders using home computer technology for their education. Today's society no longer favors cursive for writing and future generations may not even use printing as a means of communication. Even public schools may not be necessary as students can connect from home and educate through a computer network system. Currently, there are at least a dozen home computer High School graduation programs to enroll in on T.V. And given the current status of some of our public schools with high birth rates, drugs sales, low CSAP scores and bullying in the schools, personally, if, I had teenagers in school, I would really consider putting my students in Open Enrollment or a free home school computer program. (Perspective, Denver Post, Aug. 20,2010.)

Commerce City has several good candidates from the X and Y generations that can run for Mayor and City Council. I am from the Baby Boomer generation. We tend to have a lot to say; we could probably write a book. If, you have difficulty in reading different opinions on this Blog, just skip over them. It's OK, to want your information to come in brief sentences. But, be careful, what you miss!

Anonymous said...

M.A.H. Since you have so many "facts" about the fellowship and apparently everything else in the city, I for one as a fellow citizen suggest you run for council.
Your expertise should "straighten" everything out that is wrong in the city, maybe even in the country.
The economy, foreclosures,business building, jobs shortage, retail in the north, a rec center, mayabe even health coverage!!

Concerned CC Citizen said...

rocks on 104th right by Reunion. Median is a bad design. Someone is going to get hurt or worse.

Erin NW said...

great photo dusty, really nicely done.

Vikki, Commerce City said...

...........a moment of silence for those who lost their lives, needlessly...........

Estelle Remington said...

Dustin, your lead picture of the World Trade Center brought tears to my eyes. We all need to remember the thousands of innocent men, women and children that lost their lives as another tyrant tries to rule the world in the name of being superior to mankind. For the millions of us that love America and all it stands for in this world regardless of our differences, it is time to silently thank all those who have given their lives so that we might live.

Tonya, Commerce City said...

Any way to get a traffic light at the Oakland intersection in River Run? What is Process? HOA? Council?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture! Classic!

Anonymous for many reasons said...

You are very talented at capturing moments with you camera. Like others who have posted, it also brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Wes n. range said...

Where as other websites chose to show the trade center blowing up, the Gateway News did a tasteful tribute with a moment of silence.

It shows you guys have class.

Keep up the good work. The citizens are taking note.

Anonymous said...

Dusty: Eloquent in pictures. Vivid and sincere emotion in art. Silent respect filled with grief. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article on transparency and accountability for our elected officials from the Denver Post:
The two biggest keys to open government
I wish our elected officials were trasparent and accountable to the voters.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

As far as a traffic light at Oakland in the River Run area of Commerce City, it would be based on need, such as traffic counts. There is no need to go to your HOA, it would be strictly a city issue. If you still want to pursue the idea, I would suggest speaking with your ward council member, who happens to be Jadie Carson. Her contact information is on . Just so you have an idea, a typical traffic light is around $50,000.

Anonymous said...

Why is the article about the Brighton/Adams county deals, that was in the Post today, not mentioned here.
Anything negative about Commerce City makes it in.
Lets see fair investigative reporting on the whole north area.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I just checked out the website for the McCloy Fellowships. They really don't need much info and they usually send 4, but only 3 applied. We need some truth in government around here.

Supporting Erik Hansen said...

The Adams County Commissioner land deal story is the perfect example of why we need to elect Erik Hansen the next County Commisssioner!

PRO CITY said...


Wes n. range said...

Wow PRO CITY, looks like the Post article is good news for you!

Pro City 2.0 said...

I case you all missed the Denver Post Piece:

Anonymous said...

I just searched the McCloy Fellowships & found out a lot of info, but NO where was anything stated about how many applied or won.
Please don't just start fires by making up such info.
By the way, even if that was just proves our city is more sound and able to allow the manager to attend!!
Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

For those who haven't noticed…I sure didn't. There's a nice new trail just west of Reunion's south park, east of Fronterra within the area labeled “Future Park”. It has some benches along the trail and dog poop bag dispensers. I was very pleased, even with some standing water in the creek beds there were not many bugs yet scenic with wild life.

Anonymous said...

Why was the agenda for today's meeting put under special meeting? I kept looking for the agenda under regular meetings.

Anonymous said...

The Denver Post article about Adams County and Brighton was twittered on the Gateway News page almost before the ink dried on the newspaper. Where were you? Pay attention. Gateway news has a website, twitter and facebook and they never miss anything important!

Anonymous said...

The voters in Brighton don't vote for its council people just because a person lived here longer or just because he/she is hispanic. We look at a persons education, experience and views of what direction the city should be heading. We actually get to ask them real questions before we go to the polls.

Anonymous said... me? The land deal story was about Adams County. Brighton's move'n and grov'n. They let the people speak and they listened about the detention center.

Wes n. range said...

you threw me off a little with the perlmutter video "a grocery store near you" I thought there was some news about the walmart in the n. range!

Bryce, Commerce City North said...

your right, land deal was about ADCO, not Brighton. a small group in commerce city looking for anything to get the focus off of them. I for one gave up on commerce city until we get some good leadership in 2012!

Until then, just sit tight and ride it out, like a bad storm.

Anonymous said...

Brighton supports....then you need to look closer at all the Brighton city deals with Carlson (the developer involved in this deal).
Also look at all of the empty space in the Pavillions.
Timing is the major factor for developement. Brighton was involved first( many, many years ago) these business deals take years.
Commerce city's representatives of years back were only interested in what they could personally gain from any "deals" they made.

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Criminal Trespasses Increase

There are a number of criminal trespasses occurring in the Commerce City area. The suspects are targeting unlocked vehicles either parked in the driveway or on the street. The suspects enter the vehicles and rummage the vehicles. Please do not leave anything of value in your vehicle. If you see or hear any suspicious persons or vehicles in your area please call 911 as soon as possible.

Pattern M.O: Unlocked vehicles – approximately 50% of the vehicles were parked in the driveway.

Target Property: GPS, I-Pods, guns, purses/wallets, loose change. None of the credit cards have been reported as being used

Frequent DOW: Thurs – Sunday Frequent TOD: 2300 – 0530 (Seen around 0200)

Suspects: Two (2) males – one male may be small in stature wearing a size 8 tennis shoe

Anonymous said...

dusty, can you also look into the adco comm. in respect to furniture bidding or lack of bidding for new adco building.

Anonymous said...

Gateway: Would you please check to see if the permits for the new Walmart in Reunion were really pulled? Thanks.

David Pocs said...

Don't thing China is going to bring any business to Commerce City? Please read below for headline and link to details from my hometown newspaper from this August 17, 2020 about 60 jobs going to Rockford, IL.

Wanxiang plant could make Rockford a leader in solar power.

David Pocs said...

An economic development trip to Germany is very good timing.

Headline From 8/27/2010 Wall Street Journal: Germany Suffers a Labor Shortage

"BERLIN—The surprising strength of Germany's economic rebound is exacerbating an already worrying problem for legions of its companies: a dearth of skilled workers. "

Pro City 2.0 said...

Mr. Pocs,

I completely agree with you. We not only have the land, but we are in a prime location being so close to DIA.

It is essential that Commerce City take this Chinese Initiative and continue it!

I find it very funny that our city neighbor Brighton has brought in a huge "green" foreign company and it has seemed to work out for them. And yet we try the exact same thing and we get criticized! Completely unfair and not right!

We get a small group of citizens and I believe some council members that are strongly against it strictly because of who is supporting it.

If we do not start growing up, politics will absolutely kill this city.

D. Richardson, North Commerce City said...

Pro city 2.0: I never thought of this angle. Your right, many think Brighton is such a perfect city. So why not copy what they are doing.

I have said this from the beginning


Lets not lose focus of growing as a community because of personalities.

PRO CITY said...

Great article David. It just shows that if a city works together, we can accomplish wonderful things.

Help keep Commerce City on the right positive path.

Anonymous for many reasons said...

Hey Gateway,
In Commerce City, there will be $3,665,143 of the 2011 budget that will not be covered by revenue.

The city plan as of now is to take it from other funds such as the Fleet Management Retained Earnings to the tune of $1,915,547. What is this and why is Commerce City Operating Revenues so low?

2011 Est. Operating Revenues is only $44,912,640?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Budget Questions,

I will ask the questions to the right people, but until then here is what I know...

I recently had a small discussion about the Commerce City budget and finances. The snapshot now is that sales tax is low, but the use tax is up.

As far as the 2011 budget being low, I believe you maybe comparing it to the past budgets during the housing boom which create a lot of revenue quickly (around 55 million is as high as I remember it). Since then, the housing market has significantly slowed down (recently there has been some upward activity). Therefore the budgets of any city would be low.

Great questions, budgets are difficult and complicated, so please be patient with answers.

Anonymous said...

The problem with using use tax for budgets is that use tax is a one time revenue source where sales tax is a continuing revenue source. So budets need to include use tax to make up part of the budget but not depend on it for on going revenues. That is why increasing sales tax is critical.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Brighton traveled to other countries for economic development. They came to Brighton. Gateway, what is the Brighton policy on travel for employees and council members either to other countries or stateside? Also, I saw a huge newspiece on charges against China breaking trade laws. It is a very serious issue. We need to have American companies EXPORTING to China and elsewhere. We need and want American owned companies. We should also be taking care of the businesses we already have. Many Commerce City businesses have expressed frustration at how they are being treated by the City.

Anonymous said...

I watched the budget retreat on line the other day.
Yes the budget is low, but isn't that showing the city is being financial prudent.
From the meeting I also heard that the employees, because of hard work and financial prudence, are going to be getting a raise of appx. 2% plus a one time bonus.
The employees are being rewarded for their hard work.
What other city can do that??
Building will resume, but for now it is slow.
Should our city, do like the Federal Gvn, and spend what we don't have or tighten the belt and work more efficently??

Anonymous said...

To all those concerned or interested in the direction of Commerce City, I suggest you consider the elecion in Nov of 2011There will be five positions open (including the mayor) and four of the positions are term limit and will have to be filled with new people.
If you want the city to move forward and not back to the "old Commerce City" way of deals then you may want to run or suggest to someone you know, to consider running.
I have lived here a long time and sure don't want to go back.

Anonymous said...

@David Pocs - "Industrialists and economists long have warned of a looming shortage of SKILLED German labor." I guess you think that School District 14 is producing SKILLED labor. You would be wrong and German business people are not that stupid. We do not have anything to offer Germany anymore than we have have anything to offer China. Wake up people and look around you. The mayor and city manager will both be gone in a year, they will have great scrapbooks of their international vacations and we will have nothing. Mark my word. I am not stupid either. Neither have done anything but what brings them profit and benefits and perks. Don't be part of their "spin" cause you will look as stupid as them in the end.


Who cares about budgets? They are just hopes and dreams that are changed weekly in Commerce City. Just watch city council some time. They never stick to their budgets. We want to see the REAL numbers Gateway News. And by the way did the city manager ever pay back the $72,000 he basically stole from the citizens? Never had a loss on the sale of his house in Arizona, so that is stealing. Pay it back Flannery!

Anonymous said...

Mr Pocs, I just read your statement under the Chinese Blog here at this site.
I found that information very interesting, especially the time line that it took to secure the business.
You have just proven what I heard mentioned repeatedly.
It takes time!!
Thank you Mr. Pocs
Gateway please reprent his other letter on this blog as well.

Estelle Remington said...

Got Gas?

A few weeks ago, CNN reported that China was shopping around the world for natural gas. When, a country manufactures the world's goods, it takes the entire country's water and energy resources. China is the second largest exporter behind America. China is now one of the world's largest Bankers. The United States owes billions of dollars to China. If, China calls in America's foreign debt to them, how would we repay?

In the Denver Post, Sept. 12, 2010, Perspective, an article on Colorado's Southern Ute Tribe reports that the Southern Ute Reservation in Southwest Colorado "is home to one of the richest gas deposits in the country. The Department of Interior estimates that there are 5 billion barrels of oil, 37 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and 53 million tons of coal on undeveloped Indian lands." ( Paul Pennington, High Country News.) The Ute Nation also owns oil in the Gulf and energy resources on other tribal lands.

So, were does the truth lie in our relationship with China? They are looking for future energy resources while making the connections needed for future financial ventures! It sounds like in the years to come that energy resources may become more precious than gold.

Pro City 2.0 said...

Just something to ponder to all of you critical of the CURRENT city staff.

We have come a long way. Stay positive and forward.

Anonymous said...

Pro City 2.0,
thats not very positive

Keep it real said...

Your readers may find this interesting.

Listen to where he says the festival is being held at.

Interesting, if you know all of the history, HINT: commerce city ED

Gateway New via EMAIL Part One said...

For those of us who are not already total cynics and have ever believed in “the democratic process”....... I wrote this brief summary of my experience as a cautionary tale in hopes that other "vendors" can avoid being used and abused like my company and I recently were.

Yesterday (8/18/10) was the most disillusioning day of my life. As a small business owner, struggling hard to keep my staff of 15 employed in a difficult industry in these difficult economic times, it's going to be nearly impossible to take any public process seriously after this experience!

Here's what happened at the past two Adams County Commissioners sessions:
There should have been a clear cut decision to award the Adams County Government Center furniture bid to our team, Citron/Paoli/Teknion. We were unanimously recommended by Adams County's own "Furniture Selection Committee" after a lengthy and detailed process headed up by Lauren Imhoff, Adams County Purchasing Manager. In the end, 2 of the 3 elected commissioners chose to completely ignore the entire Adams County staff's recommendation as well as their own RFP process. I'd estimate that well over $100K of Adams County resources and taxpayer dollars went into creating a totally worthless RFP document. Citron and WorkPlace Resource, 2 significantly smaller local businesses, were encouraged to spend 8 months of our time and resources and many thousands of dollars to respond to this futile and ultimately insulting bid process. In the end, this bid, like so many others, was simply handed to Officescapes/Steelcase (the largest office furniture dealer in Colorado) despite the fact that they were NOT low bid, their product offering did not meet the RFP specifications, and they received the lowest ranking for product quality among the 70+ Adams County employees whose opinions were solicited.

It's not my place to accuse anyone of anything. But I suspect that OfficeScapes had to have been supremely confident that they were going to win this bid since the mockups they presented did not meet many of the specifications required by the RFP and their workmanship was shoddy at best. You may draw your own conclusions.

The project was NOT awarded when Commissioner Alice Nichols initially introduced that motion at the Adams County Commissioner's meeting last Wednesday, 8/11, because no one would "second" Alice's clearly baseless motion to award the project to OfficeScapes. A number of Adams County staff members, including the County Assessor, raised strong and emotional objections and asked that the bid be awarded, as recommended by Adams County's own staff, to Citron/Paoli/Teknion. The motion was tabled for one week.

Following that meeting I spoke with and then sent detailed written documentation supporting our cause to Jim Robinson, Adams County Manager. My attorney, Patricia Bellac, had a conversation with Hal Warren, Adams County Attorney. We hoped that they would "do the right thing". When we learned from a friend who works at OfficeScapes that Commissioner Larry Pace was on his way over to visit OfficeScapes (shortly after Ms. Nichols first attempt to award the contract to them) to see the furniture in question, I immediately called Adams County to invite him to visit us and WorkPlace Resource to see our products for comparison. Apparently Mr. Pace walked into OfficeScapes and declared that their showroom furniture was just fine in his opinion. Jim Robinson told me that Commissioner Pace was not willing to visit us or the third dealer (WorkPlace Resource) who was involved in this travesty of justice to see the furniture that we had provided in good faith for Adams County. To add insult to injury, after they required us to present six complete work small expense for us in these tough economic times, at least one of the commissioners never even took the time to see our furniture!

Gateway New via EMAIL Part Two said...

We then sent an "apples to apples" bid for cheaper product like that which was proposed by OfficeScapes (considerably different from what the RFP specification required) to Jim Robinson. Our revised bid was lower than OfficeScapes by over $40,000. Mr. Robinson did not respond to any of my calls or inquiries after our initial conversation and did not communicate with me after we sent him the "apples to apples" comparison.

We enjoyed all the folks we worked with at Adams County. We were foolish enough to believe in the process. We were continually assured that there would be a "level playing field". We now realize that despite all these reassurances, what we went through was an exercise in futility and we were the unwitting pawns. In the end, Ms. Nichols could not really have given a hoot about saving the taxpayers money in "these tough economic times" or she would have taken the time to learn why our bid was recommended by the Adams County Furniture Selection Committee and most of the 70+ staff members who reviewed all three options. In addition, on a level playing field, our furniture was also lowest price. I can't even speculate about Ms. Nichols motivation, but it wasn't (as she repeatedly stated) to save the taxpayers money and get the best value.

At this morning's "hearing" Commissioner Nichols awarded the contract to OfficeScapes in less than 3 minutes (Alice and Larry Pace were the 2 required "Yes" votes), then declared discussion "closed". Commendably, Commissioner Skip Fischer did object to the motion once again and refused to vote for it. Audio for both County Commissioner meetings on August 11 and August 19 can be accessed from the Adams County website at It's nice to know that at least one elected official in Adams County, Mr. Fischer, knows and cares about the difference between what's right and fair and what may be legally supportable. However, this doesn't help solve our problem.

This should have been a clear cut situation. We jumped through all of Adams County's numerous hoops and we "won" this project fair and square. When they appeared to be moving in the "wrong" direction we presented the facts and hoped they would do the "right" thing. We've spent approx. $140,000 of our time and resources to participate in this public circus so far. We will request that these expenses be reimbursed to us immediately since Adams County didn't follow their own clearly stated public guidelines and capriciously awarded this bid based on "no specific criteria that they are willing to discuss".

I never expected to see the kind of heavy-handed abuse of power in Adams County, CO that I witnessed growing up in South Jersey/Philadelphia in the 1950's. At least people in NJ knew what they were dealing with. The "rules" were what the most powerful and intimidating "families" said they were....and the alternative wasn't good. That's not supposed to happen here in Colorado, is it?

Kafka must be smiling. I know I'm not!

Anonymous said...

That is certainly going to extremes to show we are 'better off'. But when Perry VanDeventer spent city money on expensive pens-the outraged cry was swift and Perry wrote a check to pay back the city. The expensive pens were not illegal; maybe poor use of judgment and poor ethics.

Flannery gets $72000 on a lie, shows poor judgment and bad ethics, yet where is the check?
So we are better off image wise with Flannery?

Anonymous said...

Citron/Paoli/Teknion- I am sorry about the treatment. The same type of irresponsible government also happened to Corona Insights- employees even left over it.

In Commerce City, one specific attorney ALWAYS gets approval for his clients- whether it will benefits Commerce City or not.

No wonder people don't trust government.

Anonymous said...

I'm not critical of CURRENT STAFF. I am very critical of Flannery and the way he is filling his wallet and building his resume at the expense of the citizens-- and Council is doing nothing about it!! He serves at the will of city council.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Erik Hansen for County Commissioner to replace Larry Pace. We have a chance here to really do something good for Adams County.

Wes n. range said...

Interesting FACT:

Since the pro city twins want to bring up some facts I would like everyone consider this follow tidbit of information

According to the tax code of Commerce City: A penalty of 10 percent of the total tax due is added to late returns and must be included with your remittance. Interest charges of .750 percent per month must also be included for each month the remittance is late.

Outrageous House Deal with City Manager Flannery: $450,000 deferred for years for only .34 percent annum.

I guess city council only looks out for themselves. CC you are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the entire metro area. You think because you go to meetings and events and no one says anything to you up front. I am here to tell you it is a much different scene when your not around.

Fix it and fix it now. Start by getting the house back in the city's name so flannery can not use it to pay back the loan on Sept. 1st, 2011. SO WRONG on SO many levels.

Pro City 2.0 said...

WOW WES from the northern range! Sounds like your getting ready for a mayor position? GOOD FOR YOU?

dkeys said...

To Pocs,

I hate to be the reality check here, but you home town did not have to deal with a huge bully aka the city of Denver. If China and/or Germany would come to the area, the state down would support it as a Denver Project. I would like to site history here: Talk to anyone in the know about the history of DRCOG.

Commerce City just got stuck with the bill to be the Denver area ambassador.

to close, about Germany, apparently, out CM is not developed enough to handle economic development as he is going for personal development. So if you are holding your breathe for something economic wise to come out of the 3 week trip the CM is making to Germany, DONT.

Anonymous said...

GOD, we have some major issues in gov. I am voting for Erick Hansen.

David Pocs said...

You're right, Rockford only has to deal with proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee.
Having neighboring Denver gives CC some clout and resources. CC has land near the airport. Do you really think that if a foreign company locates in the area they are going to tell everyone back home they are located in CC or Aurora or Littleton or .... They will report they are near Denver.

Also, to ANONYMOUS, do you really think companies located in CC can only draw labor from District 14 students for skilled labor? You are wrong, and German business people would not be that stupid (in your words).

The Germany trip is funded by another source and not out of our pocket. With technology, people can get much work done wherever they are in the world.

I don't get all the negativity and cynicism in CC. Keep up this attitude and closed mindedness, and we are assured of not getting foreign investment in the city.

Things don't happen overnight. It's about building relationships and avenues of cooperation that brings investment.

Try being a little more positive, and why not trying putting your name on posts, or is it easier to run a negative campaign for yourself or someone else anonymously.

Anonymous said...

WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW, WE WANT OUR $72,000 BACK NOW. Now do you understand. We understand that you STOLE IT FROM US!!! Now GIVE IT BACK!!! And we are NOT HAPPY!!!

Hyde said...

Mr. Pocs,
We cant even get walmart, why would we get VW or China solar companies?

Not negative, just frustrated.

Anonymous for many reasons said...

Dusty, I translate the lack of sales tax as being a drop in business, am I right?

Also, I don't ever remember the budget being that high as you say.

Is there anyway you could get the last 10 years of what the yearly budgets were?

It would be very informative.

Pro City 2.0 said...


Mr Flannery had nothing to do with the House Deal. It was purely a council decision that passed with flying colors.

He did not steal it. It is part of a binding contract, please take up your frustration with the council, not Mr Flannery.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

I will double check, but I do remember the highest being 50 to 55 million, although budgets do and will change sometimes by millions.

It will take sometime to sort it all out. So thanks in advance for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

Flannery had everything to do with the house deal. He signed the last contract knowing that in 5 days he was going to sell his house in AZ for a profit. And it is a great illustration of not everything that is legal is right!

Anonymous said...

A big predicter of problems in an organization is having a request to unionize.

On the agenda for Monday night is an ordinance giving employees the right to have a union. It is not going to a vote of the citizens, like the police union had to do.

Council should do the right thing by the citizens and ask them to vote on it. Then Council should authorize funds for an outside handled anonymous survey of employees to find out why they are so dissatified with the current managment that they feel they need a union to protect their rights.

Anonymous said...

TO PROCITY 2.0 - YOU SAY "Mr Flannery had nothing to do with the House Deal.(really, he picked out the house, he asked for the money, he bought the house, he lives in the house for FREE) It was purely a council decision that passed with flying colors (no flying colors, two voted no, two didn't show up, and five voted for, not flying colors).

He did not steal it.(yes it is theft because he lied about not selling his arizona house and he lied about having a loss on the sale which he did not, that is fraud and that is stealing.) It is part of a binding contract (b.s. about the binding contract, there have been what at least FIVE versions, wasn't the first version binding too? guess not), please take up your frustration with the council, not Mr Flannery. (Flannery is a joke and so is the mayor and council so we will continue to blog all we want) THANK YOU GATEWAY NEWS FOR GIVING US A FORUM SINCE OUR CITY GOVERNMENT ARE ACTING LIKE ANYTHING BUT PUBLIC SERVANTS AND DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. THANK GOD IN A YEAR THEY WILL ALL BE LONG GONE!!!

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing that Mr Flannery knew nothing of his house deal! There is no way that he was a passive bystander while council just handed him an additional $72,000 out of the goodness of their own hearts. Where do you think the $72,000 amount came from? He planted the seeds with council, actively communicated with council about the issue, helped to negotiate this contract, and once it went south, he tried to play innocent. Sorry, Pro City, your argument doesnt work with me or with the citizens of this city!

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Flannery wants this to stop and if he wants to show that he has his integrity in tact and that he has some allegience to the council taking flak over the house deal, then why doesn't he get a loan and just end this or even make a gesture by paying the taxes and insurance or something? Just do something, anything. The people of Commerce City are very stressed over this whole ordeal. Dude, just throw us a bone, will ya?

Anonymous said...

Pro City 2.0, Whaaaattttttt?????? Isn't the city manager a grown-up? You're joking, right? Come on. No one really believes you think that way.

Estelle Remington said...

When, Sean Ford handed over the city to Mayor Natale, 2207-2008, I believe we had a $52 million dollar surplus in city funds. Too many city officials in CC and Adams County enable unqualified representatives to give services, material or otherwise and get services worth thousands of dollars. Enable - to make possible, practical, or easy. To give legal power, capacity, or sanction to. It was the City Attorney and City Council that enabled CM Flannery to get away with the Bonus and House deal. But, there is a part of Flannery's employment agreement that says that the Citizens also have a say in the matter. But, that would mean that the citizens would need some kind of fair legal representation. (I will look up the exact wording and get back to you.)

I believe that we are creating a forum or city conversation to empower citizens to run for office and we need every good person out there that cares about CC. To make the necessary changes.

Ryland, N. Range said...

I understand what you are saying. It is too bad that we can not just expect our current council to do the right thing. CM is a city employee, not their friend, with perks.

I would run for city council but I have heard it doesn't pay squat.

So until they fix that, I say no thank you!

Estelle Remington said...

Gerald Flannery's Second Employment Agreement dated Sept. 1, 2009, Under Termination: Termination shall occur when: a. The majority of City Council votes to terminate. b. The citizens of Commerce City acts to amend any provisions of the City Charter. (Which must go through City Council to pass.) Cause for termination: Conduct by Flannery which is fraudulent or dishonest.

Hence, Flannery is protected by legal contracts and a City Council that has no intention of holding an Open Hearing to find out the truth. The Citizens have no legal say in this matter. Commerce City must wait until 2011 elections and elect candidates that will listen to the public. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Isn't selling the AZ house and not telling the commerce city council elected officials fraudulent or dishonest?

Anonymous said...

If taking the $72000 is fraud by Flannery, should the district Attorney be asked to investigate it? Maybe the one in Denver or Weld county so there is no conflict of interest?
Gateway, can a citizen request this?

Anonymous said...

Gateway, I was wondering if Mayor Natale or any other council person knew that Flannery was going to sell his house? When did the council and mayor know that he sold or had an offer on his house and when did they know it was for a profit? These questions need to be answered. Before he signed the papers for the last contract, did he disclose that he had an offer on the ariz. house?

Anonymous said...

Yes a citizen can call the Adams County District Attorney and report what Flannery has done and also they can call the Adams County Sheriff's office and ask for an investigation. An investigation would need to be done first before the District Attorney could file charges. There is no conflict with Adams county doing the investigation, just not the Commerce City Police Department. Too bad our city council and mayor don't ask for an investigation but some of them might go right to jail with Flannery so they will keep their mouths shut I suppose. Also some of us do not want to lose our jobs, that is why we do not use our real names. Think about it before you judge.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Council should have an independent firm conduct a survey of the City employees to find out what the current working conditions and staff morale are like for employees not in the City Managers office (I understand this has been done for many years but not with Flannery). I believe many of the existing employees have been in their jobs for many years and have far greater qualifications and experience than the City Manager himself and his direct staff. this might shed some light on the union organizing effort and please remember satisfied employees do better work for, in this case the citizens and City Council.

Scott R. Commerce City said...

I would Agree, we never had a question of unions before. You can not unionize happy employees.

Wes n. range said...

Thank you for the Derby update. Why are the citizens fixing the road and not the city?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

This Question has already been asked to the city. We had a couple others having the same question as you did.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY SERIOUSLY!!! CITIZENS HAVE TO FIX THEIR OWN POTHOLES ON THEIR STREET!!! If it was April, I would think that Gateway News was trying to pull a fast one on its readers. Is this a joke? There is no way this is happening in Commerce City. Is it? I thought I heard at the Police station opening that the city was "financially stable"?????? Can someone at the Gateway News please verify your story here? It really cannot be the truth.

Anonymous said...

China is in the news again for selling the U.S. poison children's clothing, toys and jewelery and also in the news for how dangerous our financial position is with China. Please, buy American! Our future is NOT in China, but in quality American manufacturing with American know-how and labor.

Keep it real said...

"financially stable" is very vague. I would ask that the Gateway look into a comparison of the actual money before flannery was the manager and the money now.

gatewaynews said...

SO JERRY IS NOW IN GERMANY. I hope we will be okay as a city! I am so worried. What is Walmart comes when he is gone? What will we do. How will we make without our fearless leader?

ps- do we still have to pay for his car when he is out of town?

Hyde said...

nice job on PD sub station in the north. I would also like to know more about people filling their own pot holes, when we can afford to give 3 city manager over 2,000 dollars in just car payments.

Cant wait to hear the city response.

Anonymous said...

Did the great and powerful Mayor Natale show up at the police substation opening? It seems that with the city manager trip to Germany and Natale going AGAIN to China that they are just thumbing their noses at the people of Commerce City. Natale used to rant about trips and goodie benefits and just pens for the last city manager. That is, until HE was elected Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Is that a real story about Oneida Street? Gateway, is this a joke?

Gateway News said...

HEAR YE HEAR YE!!! Commerce City Ward II Meeting Sept. 22nd, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Second Creek Elementary School 9950 Laredo Drive

Anonymous said...

I think it’s time that we move to strong mayor position, with the duties currently tasked to the city manager. Given the higher salary this would attract more qualified individuals to run for mayor. As an elected position it forces accountability to the people. It saves us tax dollars with one less benefits package we have to fund. We also need to eliminate the vehicle allowance, use your own car and request for a standard mileage reimbursement. There's not that much driving required justifying 800 p/m.

I am by no means a haughty person however I am embarrassed by some of the candidates we have running for city council and mayor. Outsiders including potential business partners may also have concern.
Agree – disagree, intercourse welcomed

C_City Voter

Gateway News said...

Derby thing is real. We have asked the city for clarification on this matter.

Anonymous said...

great job on the pd grand opening.

Anonymous said...

cant the city afford to fix potholes? I cant wait to hear back from the city. Maybe that particular road in in Adams County? or on private land?

dkeys said...

C-C voter. I 100% agree with you! I would love to see this on the Nov. Ballot, already too late I think, But YES I would be willing to help anyone to get this on next years ballot.

Anonymous said...

A strong mayor form of government is like Denver. No other city in Colorado has this. Imagine if Natale was also the city manager?!? It would be even worse than it is now. For now, until the city gets bigger with more people voting, this idea would be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

At least if we have a strong mayor-we don't have to pay relocation costs :)

Anonymous said...

Elected and paid mayor - hmmmmmmm then you would have to pay the mayor and a high paid staff to tell them what to do. running a City takes a certain amount of education and experience. Do you really think Hickenlooper knows what to do or the Governor without the very educated and experienced staff? Strong Mayor is a bout politics and nothing more so you would have to pay the mayor and staff to tell him or her what to do - would cost more actually. Don't forget you could get elected mayor in CC with about 1,100 votes and not have a lick of real education or experience and get paid a huge salary and benefits to do what others tell you to do - not so bright of an idea given none of the last mayors in history would really be qualified without the educated experienced staff.

Archer, Commerce City said...

I think the mayor would make a good city manager. if we learned anything, it does not take that much. You can take over 9 weeks off a year and no one will ever know.

As no other city doing it. When did Commerce City start worrying about what others think. We were the pioneers for curb side recycling, we need to be the pioneers on a strong mayor format.

I say we go for it. I would support it.

Anonymous said...

I think the mayor would be a disaster as a city manager. He is not a manager.

Keep it real said...

one thing a strong mayor system does is make them accountable. Now, the council hides behind the city directors and the directors hide behind the council, it is a cute little game they play. it is call pass the buck.

Strong mayor would take care of all of this. make the postilion worth someone's time and you will see things get done.

By the way, any news on walmart. Are we going to see it in the year 2011?

I already know that the ward 2 meeting will be a waste of time.

You will hear how financial stable the city is and that they are working on getting walmart to come you will hear, "we are doing our best". Any other questions will be a "we will find out and get back to you on that"

Dont expect any questions to be answered about the 72 grand or the managers house. The city is considering that issue as dead.Sorry folks.

Save yourself the frustration and stay home. I am sure if anything develops it will be on this blog.

Anonymous said...

City of Aurora considered going to strong mayor and then overwhelmingly decided not to do it. Please remember one City in the whole State does it (Denver) the biggest City - it is about politics, politics and more politics. Bob Smith the real friendly guy everyone knows that operated the grain elevator in town for 40 years or filled pot holes (previous mayor) could be the mayor making a huge salary and have no idea what to do. If you think employees want a union now - make it strong Mayor and every employee except the mayor will want to join a union. Weak Mayor - Strong City manager was created specifically to help prevent nepotism, back room deals and good old boys clubs. Sounds like some of you are needing a job, but you are really not qualified for it so you would rather be elected to it.

Gateway News said...

Email sent to Commerce City from Gateway News:

Sent: 9/17/2010 3:50:33 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time
Subj: question from gateway news

I just read this in the Community Enterprise letter. I copied it directly from their newsletter. Why would citizens be filling potholes in streets? Is this even safe? Are these not city streets and maybe Adams County streets? I thought Derby was being worked on now by the city, is it?
Thank you,
Gateway News

Anonymous said...

I was looking at jobs with the city. What is the home buying incentive program? How many employees have used it? Why didn't the city manager just use this?

Anonymous said...

Interesting Reunion article

Commerce City via email said...

The volunteer work reported in the Community Enterprise newsletter where citizens are filling pot holes on Oneida Drive is on a private street. As such, private streets are not the jurisdiction of the city and therefore the city is not responsible for the maintenance. Maintenance responsibility is the Oneida Apt.’s owners.

Yes, the city continues progress on other work in Derby, such as the construction work at the intersection of 72nd Pl. and Monaco. Staff provided an update this past Monday night to city council on those efforts and the progress being made.

David T. Gabel said...

One of the Few….

Over the last 20 years, I am one of the few who’s had both Adams County Sheriff candidates as immediate supervisors. Spending that kind of time with someone, day in and day out, you can’t help but observe their character and personality. With complete conviction I can tell you that during that time Sheriff Doug Darr truly understood, guided, encouraged and supported each and every staff member he supervised. While certain staff members may have had a different outlook on things, Sheriff Darr supported the “outside the box” type of thinking that has since benefitted the citizens of Adams County. As a result, a strong community partnership has now been formed, all because of Sheriff Darr’s exemplary leadership qualities and unwavering integrity.

Won’t you join me in supporting Doug Darr for Adams County Sheriff?

David T. Gabel
Westminster, CO

Cindy Coleman said...

Dear Citizens of Adams County,

Four years ago I wrote a letter endorsing Sheriff Doug Darr and the honor and integrity with which he runs the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Here I am again endorsing Sheriff Darr, a man whom I’ve known and observed for many years as a man who is committed to serving the community of Adams County, dedicated to protecting our rights and always speaking the truth.

A short time ago I celebrated with my husband, still an Adams County Deputy, his 33 years of service to protect the Adams County residents. I still make sure every morning that he knows when he steps out the door and becomes a cop that he is loved and supported and if he doesn’t walk back in the door that evening I know he knew. He also holds the values of truth and justice and walks beside a man he values as not only a friend but as a leader who inspires and expects his employees to uphold the law and its values.

I wrote the following four years ago which still holds absolutely true: “I have seen several Sheriff’s come and go and have seen a lot of decisions that have been made over the years. Some have been stupid; others have been made to benefit us as law-abiding citizens.” “I have yet to see Sheriff Darr stand up and say, “It’s not my fault.” He believes in taking a stand and “doing what’s right.”

I also have met and observed Sheriff Darr’s opponent, and have had the unique opportunity of seeing how Sheriff Darr has handled the untruths and misrepresentation of facts that his opponent has engineered while knowing the background of such “truths.” I don’t believe I would be as humble and as wise in such a situation as Sheriff Darr has been. I encourage every resident of Adams County to conduct research, read all the legal documents (available on line) which the opponent has tried to use despairingly, and make an informed decision prior to casting your vote. The Republican candidate (funny how he was a Democrat just months ago) has also defended the accusation of the use of lewd comments to fellow female employees as; “The f-word's in my vocabulary. I've said it. I'm a police officer.” depicts the integrity of this candidate and the lack of professionalism.

Sheriff Darr has done a great deal to add to the protection of our neighborhoods during the time he has held office. In fact, this last year when faced with the decision in cutting the budget (during the economic crisis) he found alternative methods of saving money and preserved each employee’s job so they could support their families when some of their spouses had lost their jobs elsewhere. He personally cares about the people he works with.

I am proud of the work the Adams County Deputy’s do for each of its residents they have sworn to serve and protect. I am proud of Sheriff Darr for setting a standard and requiring his employees to reach that standard. I ask that each resident continue to support their local police department and their Sheriff, Doug Darr.

Roger Englesman said...

Doug Darr for Sheriff

I have been a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P) for nearly 3 decades in Adams County law enforcement.

I have also worked side by side with both Sheriff Darr and Sergeant Nicastle. I know their personalities, their character and their level of integrity. That is why it is so important for me to share the truth about Mr. Nicastle and his F.O.P. claims.

During the past many weeks of campaigning, I have listened to Mr. Nicastle go on and on about alleged “overwhelming” support by the F.O.P. and the employees of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. I am an employee of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and I support Sheriff Doug Darr. In fact, there is a large and growing number of employees that support Sheriff Darr.

What Mr. Nicastle would like you to believe is that the Adams County F.O.P. Lodge represents the opinion of all of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office employees. That is not true. F.O.P. Lodge One only represents their membership, not all of the employees.

In fact, approximately 618 ballots were sent to F.O.P. lodge members and Adams County Sheriff’s Office employees. Of the 618 ballots sent out, only 196 F.O.P. ballots were returned and less than 25% of the employee ballots were returned. The truth is the “overwhelming” percentage is actually the number of unreturned ballots by employees and lodge members who chose not to respond.

Additionally, Mr. Nicastle has also shared information that he is supported by all Adams County Law enforcement F.O.P. lodges. Again, not true. The F.O.P. lodges of the Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster Police Departments chose not to support Mr. Nicastle.

That truth did not stop Mr. Nicastle from reporting that the previously mentioned agencies were firmly behind him.

Election season and politics in general can create a difficult and uncomfortable time for many Sheriff’s office employees. Futures and career s sometimes weigh in the balance.

Do not be too quick to accept Mr. Nicastle’s description of “overwhelming” support within the Sheriff’s office or other agencies.

Before making your decision on the Sheriff’s race, do some research, check the internet, read the web pages or talk with someone knowledgeable with whom you can trust. There is a lot of information available about both candidates.

If your public safety concerns include a leader that posses a high level of character and integrity along with documented experience and success, your choice will be the same as mine. Do not be misled.

I support and will cast my vote for Doug Darr, Adams County Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or really just one person writing these endorsements for Doug Darr using different names. Seems to take away from the discussions-is Is this the right location for that?

Anonymous said...

WARNING TO CITIZENS OF COMMERCE CITY - In Nazi Germany the government and Hitler took over the printing presses and that is how millions of people were brainwashed. The government of the City of Commerce City is now literally taking over all of your access to information including both of your school districts and your water district. If we just all sit around and DO NOT STOP THIS, the price we will pay will be immeasureable for years to come. This is the most frightening move this current administration has made yet. Besides being a thief, Flannery has now become a dictator. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.

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