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ALL blogs have a tendency to get negative at times. That is why this section will only be all about positive and constructive ideas. We all read about the problems, now lets hear your  useful solutions and helpful thoughts. No subject is off limits.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest that each and every one of us, citizens of Commerce City (no matter our mailing address)look at ourselves.
Think of what president Kennedy said.
Not what can be done for us, but what can we do for others.
What can we do to help our neighbor (even the one we don't like)?
What can we do to help our local school?
What can we do to help our developement?
What can we do to help city, state?
In giving, most find the positive we have in our lives.
We truely have so very much!

Anonymous said...

Hire qualified and experienced individuals to run the City.

Estelle Remington said...

The lesson to be learned on the build out of Eagle Creek was that a builder will only meet those requirements of the city codes at the time of building. At the time of build out these houses were about the average cost of a new home, ten years ago. Certain fees were left off of the purchase price such as South Adams water district membership of about $500 which we had to pay years later, so, residents were not eligible to vote. For the size of the subdivision all that was required (City Code.) was a 2 acre green belt and one small piece of play equipment. I would suggest that at the time of build out city codes require that builders who have the heavy equipment on site must build a small park area with each new subdivision. That smaller cost would be part of the financing of one's house and Parks and Recreation would not have to bear those expenses. I thought this was a requirement but found out that was not the case thus it needs to be written into the city code and zoning. Today, most of these older houses are rented out. My number one suggestion to area builders would be the great need for a quality retirement community near medical facilities in the Northern Area. This would also in cease the need for more retail in the North.

Concerning Ward I and the Hispanic representative. The Ward I council member is an excellent example of what America's Hispanic community is all about and we need more representatives like him. Hispanic citizens only add to our culture here in America. Many times, I am mistaken in stores for Hispanic. My great-grandmother was Spanish who married and became an American citizen and I am told I look just like her.

Hyde said...

Comm City has the area with the Dicks sporting goods park to create something like Denver has with the BIG AIR DENVER EVENT!

Comm City even has a chance to do a number of events at Dicks Sporting Goods Park for FREE! I do not think the city is utilizing all of these FREE, yes, FREE chances to hold crowd attracting events! Funny since one of the Comm city staff has a dad in the business of promoting such cool events.

MY solution is lets get some more positive crowd drawing events. In the lines of DENVER BIG AREA or the Mile High Music Festival!

It will help our image, it will help the local city businesses and lastly it will give the residents of comm city something to do.

Cheo said...

My idea wold to do more to celebrate the Hispanic population on Commerce City. I don't have specifics yet but will post later when some come to mind.

Erin NW said...

do a time capsule. not a big breathe-taking idea. but lets start small.

Anonymous said...

All those who complain a lot need to get involved. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can apply for a local board or commission or God forbid, maybe even think about running for office!

In the Know said...

Do something about the CC golf course. First thing would be to LOWER the price points of the food in the restaurant.
Second, make the place more inviting to the public, spruce it up. I know there is no budget, so you will need to tap into the talented staff to get this done creatively.

or just sell it off to someone who can. ;)

gina, commerce city said...

Bring back the Yard and Citizen of the Month!

Sammy, Commerce City said...

I would suggest more festivals. Derby Dazes and Derby Winter festival are great. But we are ONE COMMUNITY. Why no festival in N. Range?

Belle Creek Observer said...

Buffalo Run Golf Course website needs a face lift. Looks very amateurish. Love to see some real marketing effort into our jewel of the north.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to STOP printing in spanish and force the illegal immigrants to learn English so we can fix SD14. We can't take advantage of the south's proximity to Stapleton and the state hwy system if American citizens aren't buying what you're selling.

The quality of the areas school district is a sell or fail attraction as CC is attempting to expand beyond the illegal labor pool.

In the Know said...

CC Employees go union? Thas no very positive. Does this mean Jadie can quit being a council member?

A pround Republican in Commerce City said...

I got a Constructive idea for Commerce City. Control your own damn water. Dissolve the out dated water district. Commerce City is all grown up now and can control its own water.

Control the Water, Control the Economic Dev.

Sammy, Commerce City said...

Put a cap on the number of Medical Marijuana place that can come into the city. PROACTIVE is the way to go.
Find someone to dump some money into Derby!

Erin NW said...

I think the city would do great if it had a historical society.

Dustin, Gateway News said...


Commerce City has a historical society already in place. You can find out more information about them on their facebook page at:

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but a bunch of these ideas are already being discussed at the city staff/council level.

Wes, northern range said...

Who cares if Council and CC Staff (spin masters) are talking about them. Now they are out in the public. I think this is a great idea!


I would like to see a specific day of every year to honor those who have served the city in the past. A day that would give thanks to the past mayors/council members. Called it something like PAST COUNCIL APPRECIATION DAY. It should be the same time every year. Invite ALL the past council members regardless of what you think of them personally or politically.

Honor them and say thanks for your ideas and we are "standing on your shoulders"

It should be a official Commerce City recognition day.

Belle Creek Observer said...


open it up to the public to have a city logo challenge. Keep the tree thing, but no one says we cant have two ( I know many will say it is too expensive to change the logo) so lets have two. THE PEOPLES LOGO!

Dustin, Gateway News said...

I like the logo idea. Your right people have said in the past that changing the logo would cost anywhere from the $100,000s to the $1,000,000s

Archer said...

Dusty, why doesn't the city celebrate the rich Commerce City History. I read the comment about the past city council members. Why not have a Herbert Hast Jr. Day?

City could do a coo re-creation of the events that happened this day as described below.

Reminiscent of Paul Revere’s historical ride through the streets of Boston and into history, one Herbert Hast Jr., a young school boy, mounted his steed 57 years ago to spread the word through the streets of Commerce Town about an important meeting.

About 300 people assembled at McCoy’s Caterpillar showroom after hearing Herbert’s proclamation during his momentous ride. Much as Revere’s historic ride was the beginning of a nation, so was Herbert’s ride the beginning of a city - Commerce City.

In 1952, Commerce Town had voted to incorporate, and 10 years later, in 1962, Commerce Town became Commerce City.

A converted army barracks on Forest Drive, just north of 60th Avenue, served as the first home for the city’s municipal government. In 1967, the city’s government operations moved south across the parking lot to a new City Hall.

By 1970, the city’s home-rule charter went into effect, and in the process established the Council-Manager form of city government. The city’s population then was about 16,000 people.

Dustin, Gateway News said...

I am going to share this one with the council personally. Great idea.

Koffee said...

speaking of the city logo, I but a guy (Herbert Hast Jr.) riding a horse would have been a better idea.

ps - how much did city spend on the tree logo?

Unitas, Commerce City said...

2 Very Positive and Constructive Ideas:

1. Repeal the stupid 6 inch weed rule Commerce City has in place.

2. Repeal the stupid Commerce City ban on the American Pit Bull Terrier.

"There is no creature on this earth
Who will ever make you merrier.
The animal I do speak of
It's the American Pit Bull Terrier."

Fun with math said...

Lets work on getting some of that $300 million leakage back into Commerce city.

3.5% Commerce City tax on the $300,000,000 is $10,500,000

That is 1/3 money needed for a northern recreation center.

Thad said...

Many have an idea of what Commerce City is because of videos like these.


NOT at ALL the true story of what Commerce City is! We have good people! Good leaders and we are moving up in the world. I would like to see a campaign drawn up on getting out the REAL Commerce City Story.

City Council should be heading this up. Perfect timing with the new Director of Marketing coming on line on the 24th.

Anonymous said...

This is a positive idea. Since the city of Commerce City has hundreds of thousands of dollars that they don't need and seem to be flush with cash, use some of that money and hold some seminars to teach citizens what it takes to be mayor or city council members. So the people can actually be represented by citizens who care about the city when this year's election happens. People do not know what is involved so they are afraid to run and pass a resolution limiting the amount of money that each candidate can spend so it is a fair race this time for everyone who wants to run. Everyone can use facebook to run.

Anonymous said...

Koffee, sadly you could't direct it to a positive, the spin just didn't work.
Most of the ideas are good.
I like the 1st one, wish more would direct themselves to try and do this.
One person at a time, what a difference we could make!!

Curious in Reunion said...

anything we the residents can do to move the grocery story scene faster. Sign a petition? Start a campaign? Make a phone Call? Anything?

Koffee said...

Not to burst your bubble. but there has already been many "campaigns" to get a store in the north.

They will build when they build.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

Jasmine, Commerce City said...

I have an idea.
The city should have a Welcome Team for new businesses. They could do a ribbon cutting with the mayor and council members and maybe have some kind of a getting started classes to help them go through the process of doing business in Commerce City.

Just an idea, maybe someone could expand on it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I believe that the ED has some of that in place now for new businesses.

Larry Quintana said...

Fantastic evening of entertainment at Mugsy’s Jam Fest featuring Commerce City’s own Richie Castro serving as the MC and showcasing his talents as a musician and singer. I enjoyed the layback sounds of a dude who I think was named Aaron, sorry if I am mistaken. Then came the sounds of Steve who played the “Stick” which is a cross between a bass and regular guitar, it was majestic.
While I love music in general nothing gets me going like some blues. A young lady thrilled the audience at Mugsy’s with her guitar playing and singing, Melanie Owen Padilla a member of the Cedar Avenue Blues Band. Melanie later backed Richie as he continued to entertain the crowd at Mugsy’s with bits of Reggae, Blues, R&B, Soul, Latin, Oldies and some CW. This is as my generation would note back in the 50’s/60’s a blast.
I could not help but to drift back a generation or so ago when I would sit down in a coffee shop off of East Colfax and Ogden and trip on jam sessions held in a little coffee shop there. The difference is now I can sit in a smoke free room sipping my java and seeing not only music lovers enjoy themselves but toddlers playing with their toys and babies in their carriages. Man do I dig this picture here in Old Town Derby.