General Issues May, 2012

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your opinions.

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*In general, an opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts.


DeeDee said...

I really wished South Adams Water would have moved into derby instead of being tucked back into a neighborhood, hidden away.

Core Comments said...

Moreno sure does have a big head! really annoying me!

dkeys said...

Did any of the council members or staff of Commerce City go to the capitol yesterday to testify for the safe fracking act bill that was in committee?

Because I did not see anyone?!

Archer said...

From Commerce City Website--Urban Renewal Authority (URA)--Past Successes include--

• City Plaza shopping center including King Soopers located at 62nd and Vasquez.

• Victory Crossing, located at 60th Avenue and Quebec Street, containing Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Civic Center, community and youth soccer fields.

• Infrastructure improvements at historic Derby District, 72nd Place and Monaco Street.

• Purchased Mile High Greyhound Park for mixed-use redevelopment.

How are any of these a "Success"? Do they think we are just stupid?

Core Comments said...

CC new weed law!
A step in the right direction!

• All developed properties and undeveloped properties less than 1 acre in size must
keep weeds and grass on the entire property to less than 8" in height.
• Undeveloped properties 1 to 5 acres in size must keep weeds and grass on the
entire property to less than 16" in height.
• Properties over five (5) acres are required to cut a twenty (20) foot perimeter to a
maximum height of 16 inches, and the interior will not have a maximum height

Anonymous said...

Moreno does have a big head! I talked with him recently and did not appreciate what he had to say!

So sorry that Tracey decided to withdraw from her race! Had the choice actually gotten to the PEOPLE and not just one small percentage of one party, I really believe that she would have won!

Sarah Segris, Commerce City said...

I am SOOOOOOO happy King soopers will be opening early! SO HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree completely- I feel we, the people of Commerce City, did not get to make the choice for who we wanted for House District 32.

Not everyone is a Democrat, and the very small number of Dems that showed up at the Assembly do not speak for all of us.

So now we are stuck. Too bad there is not a way to write in Tracey Snyder's name! She would be such a better choice for us than Moreno!

Stevestr said...

I don't know who is managing the project at 104th/US 85 but what a joke of a construction company. First half the intersection had the wrong street lamps installed and had to be redone - probably on CC dime. Then they have the wrong shields painted into the concrete for the lanes to use US 85 - they used Interstate 85 shields. What a joke. (And yes I have let both Jalisco and the city know of the wrong shields.)

Stevestr said...

What keystone construction company was hired for the US 85/104th upgrade? First they relamped half the streetlights wrong and had to come out and redo them. Now they painted the wrong shield for the lanes to use US 85 eastbound to northbound, painting Interstate 85 on the concrete instead of US 85. I let Jalisco and the city know the wrong shields have been painted but really.

Stevestr said...

One more thing, are they ever going to replace the two sinkholes in the eastbound lanes of 104th? They had the construction crew doing various other patches yet these only get some asphalt paving in the holes that will sink down also.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone out here in blogland. Where is everybody? So Tom Acre is now back working for the city as a consultant. Why not just keep him as an employee? Makes no sense. Oh well. And speaking of wells, not too many citizens showed up at the city sponsored oil and gas community outreach meetings. Guess not that many people care that we will soon have 400 or so oil and gas wells popping up all over the city. You are all going to just love it!

dkeys said...

fatal shooting and they do not lock down the school. Yest in north there is just an assault and they lock it down. Something is wrong here.

Also why does the city council get memos that are important to the community and they are not sent to the parents of 27J!

Communication department in CC is nothing but a JOKE!

dkeys said...

great more people on the loose that can get away with murder in Commerce City

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Council to hold executive session om May 21st to receive legal advice concerning Police department issues & Salazar litigation

True Blue in Commerce City! said...

CCPD issues in exec session?

Maybe they can talk about the unethical and most likely illegal activity of the Commerce City staff on a certain council member!

Maybe they can explain why they basically black mailed Chief Baca into leaving the department.

Maybe they can explain why they hired a guy from the old corrupt hebbard regime to take control.

Maybe they can explain what the "Labor Committee: is to ALL of us.

Can't wait until the facts about the beloved new Chief come to light.


Anonymous said...

ABOUT TIME this comes to light!


Allen, Reunion Resident said...

any chance this executive session about the PD is about the new chief?

Or is that family going to sue PD in Death of the child?

X-Ray in CC said...


I can add to this. Why was it told to the public that Chief Baca was retiring to spend time with his family and then gets a job with Lakewood right away?

I am so glad this is finally come out.

Time to clean up, time to clean house!

Anonymous said...

WOW....Channel 7 investigates former CC Police Chief Baca. Now Chief Baca does not look so stand up and righteous, selling the questions and the answers to potential police officers. What does that say about some individuals that are now wearing the uniform?

Archer said...

poor baca guess that is why that baca book was so popular. guy must need a bunch on money to pay for that parade of homes house.

Anonymous said...

Baca tried to do the CLEA thing in Commerce City Police Department.

I think it is wrong to implement a program at your workplace that you will be directly benefiting from.

But I guess that is just me.

PD67 said...

I think it is called "CALEA" and yes it is unethical to start a program that you will personally benefit from!

Anonymous said...

Things like this seem to be a new trend at ccpd. I recently learned that in April a letter was sent to city council by people in the ccpd listing criminal behavior that was being done by some officers, the acting police chief, the new city manager, and the current mayor. This letter supposedly lists several very serious and very specific crimes that were committed by the people listed in the letter and were either ignored, covered up, or unknown by the city.

What the heck? Why was the public not told about this? Does our city council not see a problem here? Are they ignoring what was brought to light? They really need to deal with these problems or things may get even worse. Lets hope they are not really going to ignore this.

From what I am hearing and what keeps being posted on these forums, there appears to be reason for concern that this letter is real and at least fairly accurate. What a scary thought. We as citizens should demand that they make this letter public so we as citizens and tax payers really know what the claims are. Also they should publicly say what is being done to look into the claims of criminal behavior and deal with it. I for one would like to know the truth about what is or is not actually happening in the ccpd and if any of these claims are true, and If any of the criminal claims are shown to be true, criminal charges need to follow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, funny the letter that you are speaking of I also heard about. The only difference is that I heard it was the last mayor and city manager and police chief that was doing the wrong doing. Now after Ch7 breaks the story about Chief Baca selling the test questions with the answers, I am starting to think that it might be true that Mayor Natale and City Manager Flannery might also be the ones that the letter was about.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by a few people that a second (new) letter was sent to the city council and other people at the city just last month by people who work for ccpd. I was told it clearly says mayor ford, the new police chief Saunier and new city manager McBroom and several ccpd officers. From what i was told it claims a bunch of things like lying to city council, officers beating up their wives, a sergeant hiding his family members from other police departments and lying so they could not arrest them, and even a sergeant who ordered officers to spy on his exwife. I am told the letter tells of other things to, but If even only these are true, we should all be concerned because this place is becoming worse than denver police.