General Issues July, 2012

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I heard the taco bell is coming near king soopers?

Monica said...

I got the chance to meet Mr. Sanchez, the new leader of ACSD14.

Great guy. Good direction. I think this was the correct decision.

Anonymous said...

any news on Rancho Libiro. Just sitting there empty

Loyal2CCPD said...

I am surprised with all the chief bashing no one has expressed relief that the abusive supervisor at the pd is gone.
The city finally decided to end his 7 month long paid vacation. He was charged a long time ago with harassment and finally someone decided to let him go last week.way to go Chief!

Gateway News said...

Monday night, July 16, at 6:30 p.m. Commerce City Council will be making a decision on whether or not to buy the Black homes in Derby.

Cherry Street said...

I think it will be good for the city to get this property in Derby. Then the city can control the destiny of it.

Joshua said...

Commerce City is really racking up the real estate. I guess no one else will but it.

Archer said...

That is not true. I think many were interested in the Black property.

I also think it is a good idea CC gets this. It can be made in to a historically site.

Anonymous said...

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Come to CC council on monday!

City should but the Black's residents.

It would be a great historical site.

Bob Zeiler said...

Buy the Denver Black property?
What a joke.The home may be old but it has been remodeled to appear like a home built in the late forties.Use it for what. It wouldn't make a tourist attraction.
It wouldn't make a good museum.
Who would come to see it. Maybe a few local citizens but for how long.Who would pay the cost to operate and care for it.It don't fit the decor of the million dollar plus intersection that it is nearby. City Counsel let it go. it is something we don't need.

Bob Zeiler said...

Why does the City keep trying to make good deals in real estate.
Years ago they bought the McCoy property on parkway drive for one or two million. Than gave it to a developer who was to turn it into a shopping area. Now a lot of spaces there sit vacant.
Counter Property. Yes the ball fields,Park and other things there are more that great.
But what about the part where the Counter home was.The home was to be refurbished and made into a community center.Instead it was demolished and a new building erected.It was a community for a while but now it serves as city offices.The rest of that part was either sold or given to a developer to built senior housing.It was built but it took a long time and still part of the property where single homes were to be built sit vacant.
Property where City Hall now sits along with Dick's Sporting Goods Soccer field is. Part of this was given to School Dist. for the high school. Another part from 72nd ave. to 64th ave. was agreed not to be developed because it was in its natural state.As for the rest of the property The owners of dick's said they would develop and built many business there. Don't see any yet and probity not in the next 5years or longer.
Dog track. Need I say more.
Yea.Rancho Libiro

GOP in CC said...

They bailed out the dog track guys by buying their place. Why not bail out everyone!

Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon for a city to try and control its future by purchasing certain strategic properties in the area to develop as they see fit.

Bob Zeiler said...

It may not be uncommon for City's to purchase properties within there boundaries to be able to control what is to be done with it at a later time but Commerce City has not done very well doing this .or is it that I expect these things to happen sooner and at a lot less cost.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bob. The Denver Black House is not historic. Lets find a better property for the Historic Society

Anonymous said...

I am glad the city bought the dog track property so as to protect (direct) what it becomes in the future. I heard some of the proposals and they were not good.
The Kronke stuff....well he has too much other property he already built that is empty to bother with ours.
Rancho Liborio isn't the city's and hopefully the Black Property won't become ours either.

Robbie said...

despite what everyone says I think the dog track purchase was a good move. The Black House on the other hand is not!

Anonymous said...

from what I have been hearing the Black houses are pretty much a done deal!

Anonymous said...

The city cannot afford to buy the Black property. And the city does control the property's destiny. Its calked zoning. Hope in the next election we have good people run for council. We have done a bad job choosing city council. Not doing a good job and we don't have a real city manager either. So bad for our future.

Anonymous said...

This is one beautiful Newspaper! Thanks, Gateway!

Bob Zeiler said...

City Counsel did the right thing last night concerning the probable purchase of the Denver Black property.If it means so much to the Historical Society why don't they try to find private donations and than purchase it themselves.

Disappointed in River RUN said...

completely disagree. City should have bought the Denver Black place. Now it will most likely get bought and torn down losing all that good rich history! SAD so SAD

There was an article in the Denver Post saying that we were "laughing all the way to the bank" not too long ago.

If this is so, why cant we afford to preserve our history!

Anonymous said...

Recent Bankruptcy? Five ex-wives? Plead no contest to Domestic Violence? Self admitted alcoholic? Plagiarist?
Are these the qualities that you want in your Chief of Police? Well, that is exactly what you have in Interim Chief Chuck Saunier. Maybe the second bankruptcy he has filed in the last 15 years will improve his financial stability, an MBA certainly did not. I am sure the current Mrs. Saunier will stick around. Unless she comes to her senses like the other five did. Maybe when he slaps her around she will still be in the state when he withdraws his plea. Inspire the troops, stand in front of them and explain that the way he use to cope with the stress of the job was found in the bottom of a bottle.
It has been seven months and the only accomplishment that Interim Chief Saunier has to his credit is allowing officers to wear goatees. That is the way to solve the problems, let the fellas grow some hair on their face and they will forget all about the buffoon that is supposed to be leading the department.
Budget time came and Saunier had no clue what to do. So he assigned to the only competent person in his Command with proven skill and ability to lead the department to complete the budget. Maybe Saunier should spend some time reading some books on budgeting rather than golfing all the time. Just swing by Buffalo Run and I am sure you will find Saunier’s brand new Tahoe parked in the lot right next to his old one that is being driven by McBroom. That is the way you fool the fools in the community, make a big deal about how you will be taking a vehicle from the fleet, but not tell them you bought a brand new car to replace the car you are driving. Way to go McBroom, you fooled them all.
How about checking into Saunier’s background? It would be done for any other Chief that came in to the department. Rather than just handing him over $10,000,000 and trusting he can manage it, look at his personal finances and see how well he has managed them. If Saunier’s past performance is examined, you will see a future that is doomed. When Saunier was arrested for Domestic Violence he plead no contest to the charge. When the law changed and he would not have been able to be a police officer with a Domestic Violence conviction, Saunier ran down and withdrew his plea. The victim no longer lived in Colorado and would not come back to testify, so the charge went away. Saunier should not even be a police officer, let alone the Chief. All the community has riding on this choice is their safety and security. I am sure they are willing to gamble that. (CONT. next blog)

Anonymous said...

(CONT. prev. blog)Saunier is getting his Command Staff in order. His first choice is a police officer (Not a sergeant or lieutenant) that has experience as a “Commander” in Mountainview. I am sure supervising the five officers and few square blocks prepared him for the challenges faced at CCPD. His next choice for his command was also unveiled. Mayor Ford’s nephew-in-law will be the next member of his Command Staff. Saunier and nephew-in-law Ford have a lot in common (look into his background and you will find it shocking). Guess you have to keep the Mayor on your side if you don’t have the ability to actually lead the department.
The post about the abusive sergeant being gone, guess they got one. Let’s wait and see what happens at the trial, if there is one. Bet all of the “witnesses” are dreading the day they have to raise their hand and swear to tell the truth. How about asking Saunier about the Lieutenant that has been on administrative leave for over six months, at a cost of over $50,000? How about asking why the Lieutenant has remained on administrative leave for two months after he has been cleared of any wrong doing? Guess they could not come up with anything on him, so they have to bring him back.
Seven months have passed since the infamous FOP letter. Not a single thing has come out of it. Wonder why, wait maybe it is because it was fabricated to put Saunier in the Chief’s chair. It is time to start asking questions. If Saunier is the best man for the job, let him prove it by competing for the job. The only place Saunier could ever be Chief is Commerce City because he has not had to pass a background check. He has applied for many Chief jobs in the past. They always passed, and so should Commerce City.
Under Saunier’s leadership officers have stopped doing anything beyond responding to calls. A simple public information request about officer productivity for the last three years will show that nicely. The new “Message from the Chief” on C3 that does not appear to be plagiarized, boasts a reduction in crime. Is it really? Saunier does have one accomplishment that he can claim as his own, 6 murders in less than seven months. No other CCPD chief can claim that. Yes, it is six – there is one that Saunier is not telling you about.
Come on Gateway News – Ask the questions. Saunier claims to expect candor. Let’s see how he feels about candor when it will reveal his true character.

Close to the Situation said...

I have to say. I am wondering why CC manager McBroom is dragging his feet on making a decision on who actually will be the CCPD chief. Wonder if any of the council have anything to do with this?

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff. Learn a bunch reading this. I like knowing exactly what should be in the open!

No more corruption in Commerce City!!!!!!!!!

Alex. CC resident for 8 years said...

A couple of things. First, There is NO WAY Commerce City should have even considered buying the Denver Black house. Second, Commerce City HAS to hire a new chief OUTSIDE of the current pool. It needs to be a new fresh guy that has NO BAGGAGE! And it needs to be done soon.

This is ONLY common sense! We need to get all of this behind us so we can move on.

Enough is Enough! said...

WOW! look at that! the hand full, yes only a hand full of disgruntled officers are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill!

Give it up you look and sound STUPID!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a little bigger then a mole hill. It has been an ongoing issue for awhile now.

It is a employee thing and it should be addressed ASAP!

Estelle Remington said...

We send out prayers for all those involved in the senseless killing of 12 victims and the shooting of 58 others. I could only sit with tears in my eyes and lift them up to God and their families. We all need to treasure our families as never before as we move into the harsh times ahead for America. May the Lord keep them in the palm of His hand.

Anonymous said...

I have to say...if there really is a problem in the Commerce City Police Department, I wonder why the union is not stepping forward? If it is as bad as this person is saying why does the union not get involved? If there really was a problem don't you think the union would be stepping forward and bringing some kind of action to the city? You have to ask these questions. If it is as bad as this person says, where is the local union, what about the state union or for that matter the national union? Maybe this is all about a few who have lost the gravy train with Chief Baca leaving and they now have to actually do something to earn their pay.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out letters sent to CC City Council for the past few months, if they are still available. You might also wonder why no action has been taken. Is it possible that some of the officers involved in the "new regime" may also be members of the organization that is supposed to represent all of it's members. Has it ever been disclosed fully why Chief Baca left? Did he leave voluntarily or was he asked to leave. It is time for the citizens of Commerce City to show interest in their police dept. After all, you, as citizens, are the ones that depend on this organization to protect you and your families. Is it really just a "handful" that are disgruntled, or are there just a few that are willing to speak out!

Anonymous said...

The police union's purpose is basically two things
1)salary and benefits
2)protecting jobs (regardless of quality of work)
same as most unions in todays world

Anonymous said...

Dear Officer Anonymous and the Citizens of Commerce City,

"Enough is Enough" is absolutely correct. A very small group of officers and civilian employees are attempting to disrupt the wave of accountability and change that is pouring over the ranks of CCPD. It is evident when you consider their allegiances; a supervisor who assaulted a subordinate, a counsel candidate who, unfortunately, could not stay sober during the last election (lost his job at CCPD due to a DUI accident) and used his position to try to escape prosecution, and another employee who has been on administrative separation for issues of mismanagement, at minimum, along with using his position to create entitlements in officers like Officer Anonymous, and the former chief who's ethics became clear during the recent 7news investigation.

Officer Anonymous, you should be considering why you are using unethical mediums with which to air falsities about your co-workers and management. What kind of person(s) are you? You sound like a spoiled child that is accustom to getting their way, only to find out that your new teacher isn't going to let you get away with things you shouldn't. I'm sure that if the saying is true, "birds of a feather, flock together," you have plenty of personal struggles or moral wrongs that could be exploited in a public forum to secure a personal agenda. Your classless rant is not a very wise investment in your Karmic future.

The City, as a whole, has been working through some very dark issues, both inside the City government and externally. As we have all experienced this week, preventing loss of life, carried out by disturbingly evil prople, is not a formula based problem. And, to blame it on anyone other than those responsible is not reasonable. Our new Counsel and City Administration were handed a large bag of challenges in October, but they are good people with the best intentions for our community. A large majority of the City employees love the community that they serve and make personal sacrifices to build a brighter future. Don't be misled by those who have lost their moral compass.

Thank you,

Not an employee, but in the know

Estelle Remington said...

In almost every police department across the U.S. there are good cops and bad cops. If, an officer is on any kind of drugs and/or alcohol his life will reflect those choices. When, one has committed his career to law enforcement or to become a doctor for example when they go to work they must leave private and personal lives behind and step into the public service they have taken an oath to do! I have worked with and around law enforcement my entire career and at each setting there were good people and bad people and it didn't take long to find out which side of the fence they operated on. I would like to believe that no matter what their personal lives represent that when they put on that uniform and badge they do their utmost to serve CC in good faith. I would like to see our police force have to take some good conduct and ethics workshops to remind them why they chose to become public servants in the first place. By the time, they reach CC they may have served on several different police forces with many different styles of policing. We all need to get on the same page. Also, step up alcohol and drug testing that includes prescription drugs. Perhaps, create a review committee of private citizens to look at currant practices and ethical, behavior.

RRR in CCC said...

I think the city of Commerce City was in much better shape when Paul Natale was in charge.

Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on CIG's twitter post on July 27.


Just heard that our work on the @CommerceCityED Redefining Commerce brochure is a finalist for a @3CMA Savvy Award! Very exciting!

What happened to the city not paying mega bucks for the PR firm CIG when we have a full communications staff? Nothing has changed. Shame on you City of Commerce City!