Commerce City Full Time Council, Full Time Pay???

Commerce City Derby resident Robert Romine has brought forth the idea that the Commerce City council should receive more money for the service they do. Romine states that they are “Now that you are a full time deserve full time money.”

The council currently receives $817.05 per month and the mayor receives $933.75 per month.

Citizen Romine purposed to increase the pay to $1400-$1500 for council per month.

What do you think?


Gateway News said...

It was the direction from council to city staff to look at this situation for more detail, such as what other cities are doing and come back with a report.

zipper said...

Since when do we have a full time counsel.Maybe Romine should get his facts right. Also he might like to see a pay raise for counsel as it is a sure bet that he will run for counsl seat in the next election with the dim hope that he could win.


Tim Dalton said...

Why bring this up now, unless you have some idea of running!!!!!!!

Tim Dalton

Patty C. said...

It should be looked at, I would be interesting in seeing what other cities do.

Gateway, as soon as you get the info. from other cities can you post here?

Patty C.

Gateway News said...

Yes, I do think the city staff has already gathered this information. As soon as I can get it I will post here.

Thank you for your comment

Gateway News

Cheo Larcombe said...

I dont think council has had a raise in many, many years ago. Does anyone even know when they ever did?

Either way it should be looked at.

Cheo, Commerce City

Core Comments said...

Romine wants this for his buddy Gene to have a nice salary when he runs.

Core Comments

Erin NW said...

This is a good question, but would like more information on it. Can't wait to hear what city staff reports.

Erin NW

Citizen of the North said...

This can't be done at this time, we all need to be smarter then this! Besides Council is NOT full time!

Citizen of the North

Ben C. said...

If I am not mistaken, I am pretty sure this was brought up before, We need to look at this carefully, all of the council members should be interviewed on how many hours they spend doing city business and the need to really be brutally honest about it! Then we need to see what the hourly breakdown is and evaluate what it should be.

We can not really compare this to Denver. It is a completely different situation. All things need to be considered and then it needs to go to the people.

But bottom line, YES, it does need to be looked at. We need to be fair to our elected officials.

Ben C.

Red Barn Rebel said...

Jim Benson supports this, that alone make me nervous.

Red Barn Rebel

Dee Dee said...

gateway cartoon hits it right on,


Make it worth someones time and you will see all kinds of qualified people coming out of the wood work.

DeeDee, Commerce City

Against this said...

weak mayor format, council and mayor are nothing but figureheads, no salary increase at this time.

Against this

Jasmine said...

How much time does the mayor and council spend on this, and why does the mayor make more then the council. I thought it was the sam position?

And why is it currently such a weird amount?

I have more questions, but will ask later.

Jasmine, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Council's pay increases every May by CPI which is why it is a weird amount. And the pay should be looked at as part of the package. CC council members get more benefits than other councils, $1 computers, fax machines, phone lines, file cabinets, travel allowances, higer number of trips and conferences, options for city health insurance, retirement, milage, reimbursement for expenses, office space, staff that does scheduling and logoed shirts. The entire package should be looked at, not just salaries and some evaluation of what council and mayor HAVE to do vs, what is optional and what they want to do. Yes, it is a lot of work and time to be on council, like every other worthy public service. Commerce City should either have a city manager, weak mayor form of council like we currently do, or vote in a strong mayor form and eliminate the city manager position.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the hours put in by the mayor and council members vary. Since many of the places they go to represent the city varies.
I too would be interested in the hours put in. It should be easy to figure by their calendars how much they really do.
I disagree that they are just figureheads. They vote on, and direct the city manager/staff in the direction of what they want to acomplish. Of course all are limited by finances and laws.

Tim Dalton said...

WOW! interesting subject matter!

We could be in for some really big changes here!

Mostly positive in my view!

Tim Dalton said...

I forgot to add, I would be in favor and would campaign for a strong mayor format or a semi srong mayor format.

It could move our city into a more respected one. I will write about the reasons why when I have more time.

very happy this has come to light.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

full time council? maybe for the group in the back onthe room who follow mayor around like a puppy dog.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt there are any city council members in this metro area that are not supplied with needed equipment for their jobs.
I can not believe anyone can be so stupid as to think that these people should pay for their mileage, trips & other city expenses out of their pockets.
The person who wrote this must have never had a real job. Being in public service doesn't equate with being a slave. A city servant is giving of their time and talents. The city has to cover their expenses for city beneficial meetings etc.
I understood that our council's "benefits" were studied a few years back and compare to other cities in the area, so there again I doubt they above the norm as implied.

Anonymous said...

It is appropriate to pay for costs for city council. What should be evaluated is the total package, not just looking at pay in isolation. Very few other jurisdictions provide the full range of equipment and cost reimbursement for council members per the evalution done several years ago. It means that Commerce City can provide a better package for members of council, as a decision. But the entire package should be viewed and understood, especially when looking for qualified individuals to run in the upcoming election.

Cooper C. said...

True, but we have to make it worth someone's while. You will do a better job if you are paid what you are worth or what the job should be worth.

Council needs to do this, the tricky part is getting the correct message to the citizens.

Cooper C.

via email, Ryland, Commerce City said...

Needs to be reviewed and look at seriously, lets not all create a opinion without even knowing the complete subject manner.

Ryland, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

There is no way council can do a pay raise. It would appear to be self serving.
People not involved in the city,have no idea the amount of work and time that council members "can" spend if they are dedicated.

Cooper,CC said...

Not true, the charter says it will not take efeect until the next term. Am I right?

They just need to portray the right message to the people. Communication is KEY!

They need to be paid more. 800 bucks is ridiculous.

Cooper, Commerce City

AKA, via email said...

Surprised the main message here is to learn more about the subject, I thought for sure everyone would be saying HELL NO!

Have to say I am proud of you all.

Dusty, post any new information you get on this as soon as you can.


Gateway News said...

Any information I get will be posted as soon as possible.

Dustie, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Agree with all comments that ask when did the council become full time?


Anonymous said...

As someone who has great knowledge with Council and the time they need to spend to do the job right. They are currently getting about $3 to $4 per hour. It needs to be raised.

Republican in the Northern Range said...

Bring it to the people, so we can vote it down and move on!

A Republican in the Northern Range

Anonymous said...

I am also a Republican in the northern range.
I can't say I agree with you.
Personally I need more information about time spent.
I do believe you will often attract more qualified people when the pay is reasonable for the time spent.

Dick, Commerce City said...

It will be very eye opening to everyone when the numbers come out. I for one am looking forward to it.

I agree with comment, that I am too surprised that people are wanting more information about this and not just shooting it down from the get go.

Dick, Commerce City, Colorado

Anonymous said...

no more pay for council, this is a part time service position and was never meant to be a job

Anonymous said...

And you get what you pay for, much too often!

Dalton said...

I am concerned that the individual that brought this idea to council maybe running for council in the future.

We all know for a fact that everyone on council today is obviously not in it for the money. That is pretty crystal clear.

What I am afraid of is that we may have some citizens that only want this because it will be there main source of income and that is not a reason to run for city council in Commerce City.

Tim Dalton, Reunion

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I must say I agree!!
There are some that have actually said "wow that's a lot of money!"
So what would they know about million dollar budgets?
Contracts in the thousands and more?
Very frightening!
We must keep people in our communites advised and ready to vote!

EM said...

I really hope people come forward to run for office.

Just my 2 cents, I am against the 2 reps per ward. I think it should continue 4 at large. It gives a chance for all citizens to have a chance. It is not fair is one area over another may have more citizens in it that are willing and more importantly able to take on such responsibility.

Ellen Marcy

Anonymous said...

Someone blogged that among the benefits that council has is health coverage at the same rate as employees.
I checked this out and that isn't exactly true.
They can purchase health coverage through the city, but must
pay all portions.
They pay city's part and employee's part. The city pays nothing in for council.

Tim said...

Thank you for that clarification. I didn't think they got the same deal.

Tim Dalton

Just curious said...

I have a question,

are council members considered to be city employees?

Or are they more like a consultant?

Just curious

Gateway News said...

They are employees, but they are no benefits. They can get the city's health insurance cost.

Gateway News

Lee said...

If it is true that it is because some citizens wanting to make this a living, then I think we should not put this on the ballot in November.

Lee, Commerce City

Andrew, Commerce City said...

I want to say “Thank You” to reporter McIntyre and Commerce City Mayor Natale for helping me with a question I had regarding city council, you were very professional and prompt.

Andrew, Commerce City

ccSpeaks said...

NO! to council pay raise if it is just from the interests of a couple of citizens that want it for personal reasons.


Anonymous said...

A pay raise for them should be voted by the people in an election. And I for one would NOT vote for a council pay raise. They get also get other benefits through the Recreation Center and Golf course. That should also be taken into consideration.