I-70 East Corridor and Commerce City

The purpose of the I-70 East Corridor EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) is to improve transportation along the I-70 highway corridor from I-25 to Tower Road and to explore potential rapid transit options from Downtown Denver to Denver International Airport.

An EIS is typically a three to five-year decision-making process required before any major federally-funded transportation project can be built. The EIS ensures that issues affecting the community and the environment are identified and considered before making a final decision. The process is conducted by local, state, and federal agencies and is a requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

To make a complicated situation easier to understand, part of the project could have a major impact on the city of Commerce City. There are two “BASIC” situations, one of the alternatives is to bring I-70 north blocks into Commerce City. The other keeps the alignment on its current path. To learn much more detail about the matter at hand please visit http://www.i-70east.com/. Also, read the comments Commerce City's on the I-70 East Draft Environmental Impact Statement (pdf to the left of this article).

What do you think?


Dalton said...

To keep straight = 1 billion
To curve into Commerce City = 1.4 to 1.5 billion

And the are still considering curving into Commerce City.

go figure.


Anonymous said...

Denver will do what Denver wants

Ryland said...

Commerce City's 17 pages of comments to Bemelen sound like City is getting ready to fight this in court.

Ryland, Commerce City

Cheo said...

This one is not as interesting as the pay raise for council, but, I think we all have the same opinion here, keep it straight.

Anonymous said...

When I heard the mayor first comment on this at one of the streaming sessions (council meetings) his opinion makes more sense than ever to me.
He said, something like..."I wonder who or what investor has bought out a lot of the land where the highway sits now, I think someone is standing to make a lot of money".
When the dollars don't make sense you need to see who's benefiting.

Anonymous said...

The more you learn the more the mayor's statement becomes clear.

All I can say is...wow...

Beth1972 said...

It is the official statement by CDOT that they have not made a decision on this yet and they have no bias. I just wish I could trust them. I do think this will have a negative effect on Commerce City.

Beth S., Commerce City

Anonymous said...

With everything the way it is these days, how are we going to pay for this?