Steve Douglas announces his desire to run for Commerce City at-large council position in November 2009

To the Citizens of the Great City of Commerce City:

There are few times in a person’s life that stand out as true watershed moments; a course of action or an idea that changes the course of one’s life and family. Such a time came for me when we moved to Commerce City. Our family just didn’t end up here by chance. We studied every aspect of this city and came to the conclusion that we wanted this to be our “Home Town”. We loved the diversity, both in the people and in the very nature of the city itself. With the beauty of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, to the magnificence of the views of Long’s Peak and the incredible potential of restoring historic Derby coupled with the promise (which is now fulfilled) of a very contemporary new Civic Center next door to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, we were excited to move here.

Right from the beginning, both Kristi and I were interested in how the Commerce City government functioned. Over the years, we attended many events throughout the city and learned that, indeed, the most outstanding quality of this city is the people. I have met so many of you and feel that I have an honest and educated view of not only the history of the city and its people but also what is going on currently. This is important because our history and current governmental direction will affect the future of our city for generations to come.

Keeping the future of this city in mind, I have been involved in city boards and commissions as well as became the Chair, and now the Co-Chair of the Reunion Metro District. I wanted to do everything that I could do to insure the quality of the new growth in our city as well as safeguarding the investments we have already made in our homes. In addition, by keeping a listening ear, I discovered that people all over the city want to make sure that their voices are heard loud and clear by those in elected office. Every neighborhood in Commerce City is equally significant. All are inhabited by families and all of those families deserve the best that this city and it’s officials have to offer.

Because I believe in this city; its people, past and present and all those that will come in the future, I have decided to announce my intent to run for Council-At Large in November’s election. I feel that I have the heartbeat of the citizens and the qualifications and energy to fulfill my commitment to all of the citizens of Commerce City. I do not take this lightly and in the coming months will define my qualifications, my ideas, opinions and my vision for the future. I will work hard to earn your trust and your vote in November. Please call me at 720-205-2621, I would love to talk to you about your concerns and would love to hear your opinions.

Steve Douglas


Erin NW said...

Good Luck Mr. Douglas, thanks for running.

Erin NW

Michelle said...

Both of the Douglas's have been great active citizens in the city for awhile. I would love to see Steve elected.

Michelle, Reunion

ccSpeaks said...

I know that you were vocal during the decision of making a second parking lot on tower road.

Could you exand on your thoughts here?


Anonymous said...

cc speaks, you are a ringer!

Donna said...

Steve is right for the position on the council for numerous reasons. However, it is important to know what skills are necessary to be a productive council member.

I believe it is important that the individual be chosen based on their ability to lead and a genuine heart for its citizens. Additionally, communication skills are imperative to achieving objectives and project goals for the city. It is also important for the person chosen to have a personal interest in their community and an eye to the future to make gains to further strengthen the community and its citizens. Steve has these fine qualities and Commerce City would greatly benefit by electing this fine citizen to serve this community.

I have met Steve personally on a several occasions and I am inspired by his sincere concern for the community and the people who live here. Steve has a heart for the people and the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to continue advance the community in a positive direction.

Elect Steve Douglas


Sybian said...

Thank you for going to the forum and participating.

Sybian, Commerce City