Commerce City General Issues June 2009

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and


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REPOST said...

Anonymous said...
Yes Tim we do still face an image problem.
Therefore all the more reason to not encourage demeaning "spoofs". It wasn't funny, just that, demeaning.
It is no more correct to lump everyone in a race or ethinic group as "one type" of people, than it is to say everyone in CC is this type.

Monday, June 01, 2009

REPOST said...

Anonymous said...
The development in Brighton has been planned about 10 years ago.
Thornton is a 2 to 3 times larger in population.
We have a new ED dept head with lots of goals and direction from a different administration. The old deals got us nowhere, turning the direction takes time.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Robert said...

I would like to know more about council spending if you ever get any information, any of it please post here.

Robert, Commerce City

AKA said...

Think, but not sure, crimes against quality of life are crimes like being too loud (parties).


Core Comments said...

I guess this is my cue, so you say Brighton has been planned 10 years ago, what does that even mean?, the fact is Commerce City has been planning the northern range a lot longer then that.

Get your facts straight!

Core Comments

Hyde said...

I like the Commerce City Crimereports site. Is there any way a HTML script could be put on the city's website for the real time crimes?

Hyde, Commerce City

Northern Comments said...

I think you are wrong, but we need verification, how long has it been since Commerce City has been planning the Northern Range as far as Business Development?

Get it right the first time.

Yuri said...

HTML question is a brilliant one!


Gateway News said...

Clarifiction: First housing in Northern Range was 2000. Plans for Development would have been after this.

Shea Homes may have been planning before this time.

Gateway News

Anonymous said...

If the first home planning was in 2000, then I imagine that the business planning did not start until after the homes began to build out.
Hopes for business, but planning for business??
Core Comments is alway negative, must be their middle name.

Anonymous said...

We do have an image problem! The problem's not in the north however it's the same zip code.
The country's economy went into the crapper just as the development in the north was about to take off. Doesn't everyone remember? According to recall committee the national economy crisis was caused by Paul Natale.

Core Comments said...

Did I hear right that the city has hired a another consultant?

What for?

Core Comments

Northern Comments said...

Dunk tank gets old after the 5th time.

Seen that done that.

Northern Comments

Hyde said...

If the car parking guy can't come to council and ask a question if he can have an extension, why do we have citizen communication.


Gateway News said...

Because he is asking for a extension, that is handled administratively.

No Council action is needed.

Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? I did not see the full time grant writer position posted in the jobs. And was the strategic planning firm request for proposals posted on the website?

Anonymous said...

On the council spending, if you look at the budget information for council, you can see the amount spent last year and the amount proposed for this year.

Anonymous said...

CARZ club doesn't know any other "songs" just more versus.
But think, Dunk tank....into what?
Would you want to follow any of the people that fall into that tank? Yuck!
No wonder people don't want to volunteer!

Anonymous said...

could councilman lewis sound any more stupid? yes we should have an ordinance that you cannot serve papers to anyone attending a memorial day parade in commerce city! we need an ordinance like that because councilman lewis's wife is too stupid and disrespectful and uneducated enough to not know better!!!

Rhonda said...

So I guess I will be the first to ask. What was mayor talking about the parade and the apology sent to the city?


Core Comments said...

hey gateway,

I heard some names from the past like ghosts in the night, Perry, Hebbard, whats the story?

Core Comments

Yuri said...

I have a problem with council members who are terming out going to a trip like CML to take more classes to be a better representive, the question would be WHY?


Tim Dalton said...

What if that "termed out" wants to run again in the future?

I have NO problem with any elected official going to a conference to learn more about how to be a better leader. I would actually encourage them to go.

Tim Dalton

store_in_the_north_please said...

Just to put the "leakage" in perspective.

$300,000,000 is costing the city with a 3.5% tax rate an astonishing $10,500,000 a year!

Rhonda said...

two points

1. Why doesn't Commerce City start a campaign to "Shop Local" for this summer?

2. When are we going to hear a report about the Coach Report "Leakage" and what maybe coming out og the Las Vegas Trip?


Gateway News said...

A report is slated for sometime in June.

Anonymous said...

Dear Store-in-the-north,
What in the world makes you believe the council and administration doesn't want retail in the north.
I believe they all do.
If you listened to, or attended council meetings you would better understand all of the efforts that have been made to get businesses.
The developers have basically offered their first born, to get us a store.
THEY ARE NOT READY, they will build when they are fearful that they will lose our dollars to a competitor.
I too am tired of driving for basic food items, but I believe the city understands what monies could be made if retail was here.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you Mr Dalton.
Why should our city spend dollars to educate someone who is term limited from being re-elected,for at least 4 yrs?
If they have been on council for 2 terms (8yrs) I think they have had enough training at the cities dime (dollars)!
I know one of these term limited people is planing to move after their term is over, to a different city.
Keep our dollars here to help our city and educated those in it.

Erin said...

Such a frustrating issue! I like many others was told by a stupid sales person that we would have a store out here years ago.

I understand that I should have never listened to promises from someone trying to sell me something, but I did.

Now, due to the current market, a lot of us in the Northern Range have completely given up on anything coming! With that you are going to get large amounts of Frustration!

Erin, Northern Range of Commerce City

Yuri said...


Can you make the crime report be just the live reports only, not a link to the site?


Dustin McIntyre said...

Thanks for the comment Yuri,

I am researching this very question now. If you have any ideas, could you email me?

Anonymous said...

I don’t think the council who does attend CML in Vail are even in classes, but rather fishing and vacationing on your dime!

Robert said...

Gateway News,

Why are you not jumping on this story about the apology letter from the Parade. Usually, newspapers live for these kinds of juicy stories.

Mayor makes a comment like he did last night and that is your cue to jump, people love scandals and dramas, don't you watch the TV news? All about Shootings, Crime, Scandals.

Robert, Commerce City

RunAmok said...

I am glad that mayor Paul set the record straight about the required Benson meetings. It does NOT have to be a lunch, which more likely would have been expensed out to the citizens of Commerce City!

It only has to be a meeting with Jim on a one-to-one basis.

I wish McIntyre could be there to video for any of those one-to-one meetings.

Northern Comments said...

I would LOVE to see a video of Benson and Counicl during there "required" "couples therapy"

But that would defeat the purpose. It is supposed to be a private discussion where they can "hug it out"

Northern Comments

Jasmine B. said...

On a Happy Note,

7-11, 1st Bank and McDonalds will all be up and going real soon.

Jasmine B.

Anonymous said...

Some really good comments and concerns posted. I would hope that everyone would attend the neighborhood outreaches and voice their concerns to the city council in person also.

There is also a feature on the city's website called AskC3 where concerns and comments (including praise)can also be posted.

JDogg, C-Town said...

Not my idea, the person I got idea from was too shy to post herself,

We really like the idea of the $9.00 gas charge for guilty citizens the Police Department charge.

So, why not charge the guilty citizens that spend a night in the Commerce City jail a nightly charge. I think $39.95 would be a good start.

Good idea?

Anonymous said...

I agree we need a new zip code in the north for the city to grow. I'm not a native and found out a lot about the bad reputation of the city from this blog and co-workers. I never went to what's called the core city until my co-workers came to my home and were so surprised that they were in Commerce City. That area is really different and honestly I don't think I would have a reason to go back there. I seemed like english is a second language in that part of town and the people were so rude when I walked around Walmart in an attempt to spend money in my own city. I'm not trying to offend anyone but I understand why so many people complain of illegal immigration in the city. Yes, I'm assuming illegal because for so many Hispanics in the core city there are not many Hispanic registered voters. Unless there is a zip code change I don't see my property values going back up anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the US Postal dept has control over the zip codes, city has no voice.
I have shopped at a number of the Walmart's. Thornton, Stapleton and Brighton. People in all of them tend to be pushy and rude..cultural??
Brighton seems to be the best as far as least pushy, but time of week and day also makes a hugh difference.
Our attitude also makes a difference in everything we do, including speak about our city. We should never lump all areas or all peoples together.
I know loads of people in the core that are wonderful.
They have some excellent restaurants as well.
Just as I have met some snobs and rude people in the north. I personally will not put them all in one box for either parts of the city!
Our image is also up to us!

Sage said...

Other cities have done the jail bed charge. I think it is a great idea. I would maybe start it a litle lower, around $20, but still a very good idea.

I think as far as ZIP codes, the north will eventually get big enought o have its own zip code and they will rename it, most likely it will be called "Reunion"

Sage, Comm. City

Gregory said...

It might be human nature to lump people together, I see 2 very different cities, the north and the south. Everyone is trying so hard to create the grand idea of one city and I think that is a big mistake! We are not one city, we are a city that expanded into the north that marketed to a different type of person that is not the general idea of what the typical person from past Commerce City is. Why can't we just realize this and move on. We need to keep this reality in our minds with everything we do. Take business, we need to know that it does not make a lot of sense to make the E470 corridor all heavy industry when we can diversify and make it a office (possibly green type) campus. I say a big no to "one community" and celebrate that fact that we are different and go from there.

Gregory, A Commerce City Northern Resident

Jack Tull said...

I wish I could see 3 issues on the 2009 election ballot

Council Pay Raise
Council Term Limits
Council and Mayor as Separate Positions said...


Can you get the new maps of the new wards in the city. Or tell me where to go and find it on the city website. I looked for about 5 mins and can't find it.

I don't think it changed too much, more for curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Gregory, I agree with many of your thoughts.
Every city I have seen in this metro area, including Denver, has numerous neighborhoods with individual personalities.
Not a bad thing, just different.
The specific issue here was the core being afraid they would be forgotten.
Many of those still residing there worked hard and have added much to the city over the years. This includes the annexation and ability for the north to become an extention of the city.
It is obvious the needs of the north will be different in some ways.
Listening to the current council/administrations directions, they want the DIA/Tower area to be something benefical and to be proud of.
So yes, I too see we are different, but also alike.
We need to be treated with respect as individuals, not pre-judge by where we live.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever find out who from the counil is going to Vail?
.just wondering

Ryland said...

80 GRAND to clean "Grimey" Image!!!!!!!


Ryland, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Where did you get "80 grand" from?

ccSpeaks said...

NO MORE CONSULTANTS! What is this the third one in the last 6 months!


Core Comments said...

What are they going to do for $80,000?

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

$80,000 is not that big of a deal for an entire city.

We are a big city.

Tim Dalton said...

This kind of a contract is nothing out of the ordinary for cities typically.

Tim Dalton

Dee Dee said...

Gateway News,

I would like to see the New Ward Maps too.

Dee Dee, Commerce City

Sandman said...

How is spending $80,000 for a consultant going to help us. All this $80,000 is for is to once again educate some group of people about how far behind we are and then they can tell us, "you are far behind"

Northern Comments said...

I will do it for 40

Northern Comments

Morgan said...

What are we paying the marketing and economic people we have in-house for?

Not a smart move.

Gateway, do all of us a favor and really track exactly what this new "firm" is doing and what exactly is produced in the end.


Any Questions:

Anonymous said...


Theorde said...

This consulting groups is actually, very good at what they do. Will be worth it at the end. Check them out before jumping on the bashing band wagon.

Jaydon said...

I don't understand the image part? I thought after reading the City's Press Release it was just a Economic thing?

Anyone else get this idea?


Cecil said...

Why didn't Commerce City include the dollar amount with official press release.

My city is just fine the way it is!

Anonymous said...

AngelouEconomics is all about economics, not about city image!

Media is misleading story, period.

Robert A., Commerce City said...

Don't think 80 grand will even begin to touch our image issue. I will be watching real close on what they actually come up with.

By, the way Image and Attracting Business go hand and hand

Need to act Smarter

Trekkie said...

City is out of control, who ever made comment of what are we paying the in house marketing and ED team is right on.


Venice said...

New Business, what about looking inward, new development subject to excessive taxation and what about permit fees? I dare them to compare with surrounding cities.

Venice, Business Owner in Commerce City

Anonymous said...

I say take that $80,000 and buy a Safeway in the North.

Best money city will ever spend.

Anonymous said...

I always get such a good laugh coming back and reading the posts.
Theorde and a couple others are right.
The Post story was just that, something to catch people's eye.
The real story (press release) wasn't exciting, so the Post made it another "image" issue.
Angeloueconomics does not work on imaging. They work to bring in businesses.
They were the ones that brought Louisville the Conoco/Phillips company.
Forget the imaging slant it is not what they are about.
Forget the imaging slant it is not what they are about.
Repeat it a few more times and then maybe you'll realize our city manager is doing what needs to be done!!
p.s. you can't buy a grocery for $80,000, much less offers of a free building, free land etc (those were real offers)!!

Anonymous said...

Good question; why are we spending money trying to come up with ways to integrate the core city to the people in the north. The people in the south and north are very different and have differing needs and life experiences. Why can’t we just be a city understanding that we will have unique neighborhoods. Do we not have people in office willing to make tough decisions? They won’t concentrate on building the new area because the older citizens in the south will complain that for years nothing has been done for them. The consequence is, they half ass do both area simultaneously and make stupid decisions like trying to put anything city owned equal distance between the two areas instead of thinking of the best location for the new people moving into the north. In my opinion it seems unfortunate we don’t have a person that represents ward 2 interests fully.

Paul Natale said...

Good evening all
I have been following the comments on the Denver Post article
I am including a copy of an e-mail that we received from our staff that explains the true direction of the consultants hired.
I hope this helps explaining the reasons.
Please refer additional questions to the city manager or a council representative.

Subject: Denver Post article

Mayor and Council,

In case you have not seen it, below is a copy of the story that ran in this morning’s Denver Post.

Staff wants to make it clear that the city did not hire AngelouEconomics for an image makeover. As you know, their role is to work with us and the community at-large on an economic assessment of the city, targeted industry identification, and business recruitment and retention strategies. This effort is part of a comprehensive planning process that will result in the city’s first ever Economic Development Strategic Plan.

It is unfortunate that the story has been presented as an effort to make over our image. In reality the focus is to build upon our foundational strengths in order to allow the city and its residents to achieve a higher quality of life and sustained economic opportunities. Staff will be working throughout the day on how best to address this misperception. We want to make certain that our community understands how important economic development is to the future of our city.

Paul Natale

Gateway News said...

Gateway News reported shooting at "Derby" when actually at 5763 East 63rd Place, area not in Derby.

We regret the error.

Gateway News

Northern Comments said...

Not all business is good for a city. Some business give little, sometimes no tax money to the city at all. I assume someone is watching this to maximize the benefit to the city as a whole. No need to waste time going after business that will bring no tax money in. Right?

Evrett said...

Okay so it now scares me that the Mayor and City Staff can not figure out that City Image and Business Attraction go Hand in Hand.


Anonymous said...

We do not need $80,000 to have someone tell us to de-annex and annex into Brighton.

Hyland said...

Everyone thinks getting a grocery store is as easy as picking up the phone and telling them to come on down and pull a permit, you are SADLY mistaken!

If you think it is truly that easy, I encourage YOU to call corporate King Soopers or Safeway and give it your best shot!


Seth Tulls said...

I would like to tell Mayor Natale that I am very impressed that when this "grimy" article came out in the media, you had a swift response.

I applaud you, I can remember back when the city had some issues with a past City Manager (vehicle related), the Mayor back then, Sean Ford, did nothing. Matter fact, I think they actually tried to avoid the media.

Thank you for once again setting the record straight.

Seth Tulls, Commerce City CO

Estelle Remington via email said...

International Flag Display

From time to time neighbors fly flags from their country of origin over their American homes. It seemed to disrespect America by flying another flag by itself over American soil. Thus, I was curious as to what the law was concerning display of other International flags. "No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other National or International flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to , or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any territory or possession thereof." (Flag Code added in 1954, Mc Carthy Era.) On one flag pole, one can fly a larger American Flag and then a smaller International flag below it, or one can raise two separate flag poles and fly each flag equally at the same height and size. The United States Flag can come down in bad weather and/or have a light to illuminate it day and night. When taking the American Flag down it should never touch the ground nor should one leave a damaged flag on display. For more information:

Estelle Remington 303-227-9053

Saira Arballo via email said...

Dog Walks

Hello My name is Saira Arballo. I live here in Reunion. My friend Joceline was thinking of something to do over the summer instead of slacking off, eating chips while watching TV.

Joceline and I are offering dog walks over the summer because this is the age we think we should start working. We are giving this offer to all dog owners here in Reunion. So if you are interested in this offer read VERY carefully!!!!

*Dogs will be walked for at least 1 hr
*Joceline and I will be playing with the dogs for at least 30 min to get them all cheered up!!
*We will be taking 15-20min at least to get all dogs home safely

So as we are taking care of your dogs, you sit back, relax, and have some time off.

So please call if you are interested in this offer

Saira Arballo:303-289-4978


email at

Commerce City Release said...

Let’s not leave our future to chance: what economic development really means

Commerce City is a community with a rich history and an exciting future. When it incorporated in 1952, there were about 1,200 residents and the city covered 3 square miles. Today, Commerce City covers nearly 41 square miles and has a population of about 54,000 residents. By 2014, it will cover 52 square miles (with available land to grow to 64 square miles) and be home to nearly 68,000 residents.

A recent Denver Post article carried the headline: Commerce City enlists firm to help cast off grimy image. This is an unfortunate misrepresentation of the article, which reported on the city’s contract with AngelouEconomics and what they will actually do for the community and its citizens.

Look up the phrase “economic development” in the dictionary, or in today’s world on, and you will find it is “the development of economic wealth of countries or regions for the well-being of their inhabitants … From a policy perspective, economic development can be defined as efforts that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting or growing incomes and the tax base.”

Commerce City has been able to create a stable base for smart, sustainable economic development while preserving its entrepreneurial past. For more than 20 years, the city’s balance of residential, commercial and industrial areas has allowed it to maintain its quality of life without raising property taxes. In addition, capital improvement projects, such as roads, are funded without sacrificing community needs. The city certainly wants to see that trend continue.

While city staff does not take lightly the expenditure of $80,000 of tax-payer money, we are certain it is a very good investment in something as important as the economic well-being and quality of life for our community. AngelouEconomics is one of the most respected consultants in this arena in the country. Simply said, AngelouEconomics makes communities more competitive.

We are proud of what our city has been, what it is today, and where it is headed tomorrow, but we will not leave our future to chance. We will work with AngelouEconomics in the coming months to build on the foundational strengths so the city and its residents can achieve a higher quality of life and sustained economic opportunities. As leaders in this community, that is our obligation and our opportunity.

Submitted by Kim McCarl, marketing and public relations manager, City of Commerce City. Please call 303-289-3719 for further information.

Anonymous said...

International Flag Display

From my understanding there is no LAW governing flag display. These are rules of etiquette. It is not against the law to fly a flag of another country. This is protected under our 1st Amendment rights.

"Flag Code" also states: "The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard. "

I think we all see plenty of people wearing flag clothing, use napkins with flags on it at Independence Day BBQ's, used in advertising, etc. Flag clothing may even be worn by people who complain about flags of other countries being flown. Again, these are rights protected by the 1st Amendment.

The flag code also states that the proper way to dispose of a tattered/worn flag is to burn and bury it. So what's the difference if a person burns it in protest? Again, I feel that is a 1st Amendment protected right.

Is the flag code LAW... Not that I know of...

Via Fax said...

Thought of an 8th Grade student

First of all, I would like to say that CLA (Community Leadership Academy) was doing well until we moved into the new building. I remember Mr. Jajdelski saying to all of us students, "This is yours and we need to take care of it." But now it seems like they did for their selves. I feel like they are doing everything that they think is right for us but is not. They do not care if we like it or not. We have no freedom. They said that of we don't have a fever then we can't call home even if we don't feel good. Still the nurse told me that it is not fair to them that we go home if we don't have a fever when they have to come to school sick. They didn't hand out a student handbook for us to sign. They decided to change all the rules how they want. We can't have food or drink in our classroom over a little bug. I feel that they care more about the school building than us the students.

Erin NW said...

to the marketing of Commerce City

Why was this letter you created not included with the original press release. It is well written and gets right to the point.

Anyway, Thank you for clearing it up.

Erin NW, Commerce City

Common Sense said...

City puts out letter saying "AngelouEconomics makes communities more competitive"!

ANd how does it do that! Maybe by giving advice, like, you better shed your grimey image?

Still can't beleive how you all think this 2 issues are not hand-in-hand!

Robert said...

I am glad the city has taken the lead on this and responded quickly, city was not always like this. The comment about how the city handled Perry was dead on.

Long time resident and support of Commerce City.


Morgan said...

I heard someone ask yesterday, "What is wrong with our Blue Collar image?"

The response back was "Nothing"

I strongly think that is the WRONG answer and I will tell you why.

People today are so afraid of hurting others feelings they will go over board to be politically correct. But, we can not and must not be afraid to say to someone when ask any question. The following is HOW the conversation should have went:

what is wrong with our blue collar image?

As a city, we can not have just all blue collar jobs. We need and must diversify our economy. We need both white collar and blue collar in order to compete and more importantly survive as a city.

If I am thinking correctly, the E470 area may have a chance to be a business like campus. This is a diverse business concept that we desperately need in Commerce City.

I applaud the city in all of its efforts but ask them to stay on course of bringing in the golden 30/30/30 blue/white/residential.

Any questions can be directed to


kyle said...

I read both the city's original press release here on the Gateway News website on Monday and then read the Post and 9 News Grimy article.

I am sorry to say, but I got the same idea that the Post and 9 News did, I understand they are business development consulting firm, but looking at the companies and cities they work with, the logical conclusion is that YES, Commerce City has to remove or correct its grimy image.

kyle, norhtern range

ccSpeaks said...

Hey Gateway,

Who is going to Vail for CML and can you shed some light in the Weed (real weed) agenda item for next city council meeting?

Know your busy, but a lot of people need their news

JoAnne said...

Gateway News,

I love the little announcement of the dog walker on the side bar, too cute!

also, just FYI, your twitter has helped me greatly as I use it to update my personal calendar. I love all the updates, not too much information, just the simple facts.

Last thing, I would like to know more about the agenda on Monday regarding the Marajuana.

JoAnne, Commerce City

Fred A. said...

Mac and Pocs, picture is a little too goofy for me.

Take the position seriously.

Fred A.,

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Council Agenda Item of the "Discussion regarding proposed ordinance concerning marijuana sales for medical care" will be this Monday.

The Gateway News does not have currently have any confirmed details, attend city council meeting on Monday or watch via the web for the full story.

Dustin McIntyre said...

To Fred A.

Here is a great site of the history of the idea of "Throw your hat in the ring" saying.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem at all with the city spending money on consultants, especially economic development. I understand that part.

Timing is what I have a problem with, why did the city not wait until the comp plan study is completed?

ccSpeaks said...

Image is everything,

you dont sell your car, until you wash it.


Dalton said...

Regarding comment by ccSpeaks,

That had to be the WORST analogy I have ever heard. Selling a car and the city's future are not even close, they are not even in the same ballpark! I hope you never run for any elected or appointed position.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

Mr Dalton,
cc speaks goes a long side of the statesments made by an ex-mayor and an ex council member.
One said "you can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig" reference to our city ie:name change!
The other said, "you can dress up an ugly girlfriend, she is still ugly", again if reference to our city name change.
I agree I hope cc speaks never represents us in a leader capacity, we've had enough of that type.

wes said...

Real hard for the city to make the comment that this is not a image thing when from the article it says:

Angelos Angelou, principal executive officer for AngelouEconomics, said his firm will soon start assessing the economic vitality of Commerce City.

"Our team will work closely with the leadership of Commerce City, as well as the community at large, as we assess the city's competitive advantages, challenges to economic growth, appropriate industry targets and effective marketing initiatives."

Tim Dalton said...

great tornado shot, McIntyre

GIna said...

Once again you did a superb job on video story.

Well Done Gatewy

Gina, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB EAGLES! Perfect season, not a lot of teams of any sport can say that!

ccSpeaks said...


I will listen to council tonight for the story on the medical drugs in Commerce City. Thanks for trying to get information before hand.


Dee Dee said...

I Love the video of the Commerce City Eagles.

Dee Dee

Josh said...

Eagles photo-vid ROCKS!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey Gateway,

ever find out the story of the apology from the parade?

Carla said...

I would like to Thank the Mayor of Commerce City Paul Natale for coming out and supporting the Commerce City Eagles.

Carla, Commerce City

Jen said...


Can you load the Commerce City Eagles video on You Tube?



nicolas said...

Little Eagle guy, number 34 in the slow motion vide moves just like Terell Davis.

He's going to make a great Adam City HS Eagle someday.


Fred A. said...

The City has still not uploaded the new ward maps.

can you ask them?

Fred A.

gatewaynews said...

I will ask. Also, you should have received information in the mail recently regarding ward changes and a ward map.

Gateway News

Harold K. said...

Everytime I visit, you guys have something interesting. You really know how to get the attention of the people.

Harlod K. Commerce City

Sarah, Commerce City said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new theme videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to seeing many more!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Benson really suggest that if a medicinal marijuana facility opens in our city, that he wants the city to make sure it is best marijana in the state??
Didn't believe it when I was told!
Was this a joke?

via discussion with Hyde said...

For the weed place in Commerce City. It is NOT a place that is set to come in. Let's just start right off the bat with the correct information. A place showed some interest and the city is being PROACTIVE. As a "home rule" city it is our right to regulate.

Just want everyone to know that facts before it starts to get twisted into a bunch of rumors.

Erin NW said...

Marijuana is something every town and city in Colorado has to deal with, due to the fact it is legal at the state level.

They do not have a choice.

I am Happy Commerce City is dealing with this now

Erin NW

ccSpeaks said...

wonder what the new consultants are going to say about mary jane coming to core part of the city?


Anonymous said...

hey gateway,

ever find out about the parade apology?

you Know Who!

Mark S. said...

Can the city gain any kind of a tax revenue on a Medical Marijuana establishment?

Mark S, Curious in Reunion

Cheo said...

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL Video of Photos and Videos of the Commerce City Eagles


Anonymous said...

Hyde is right there is NO business currently planning to legally sell maijuana in CC.
One did ask questions in regards to locating here, but NO ccspeaks they are no plans for one to come to the core!
Again, you go for the negative!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if they'll have recession prices? nickel or dime bags maybe??
It should be legal. what's the difference between weed and alcohol. both will kill you and or others if abused. Let's collect some tax dollars

Ryland said...

One thing council Orval Lewis didn't get is that Commerce City was being proactive. Also interesting, Dusty zoomed in Mayor Natale's area for the voice vote and Lewis didn't vote either way! Doesn't matter, just wished we had 4 real at large voices up there.


Morgan said...

Gateway News, can you do one of those photo videos for the ACHS Eagles, maybe wrestling team or football. I have bragged about the 2 you have done to everyone I know. You did a Great Job on both.

Questions please email me

Robbie, Commerce City said...

So it looks like we have a real race in Nov. Gene v. Mac, Pocs v. Berlinski, just waiting for some at larges to turn up.


Irene, Commerce City said...


Video made me cry,


Josh said...

I never got anything in the mail about ward changes or ward maps of any sort. City has still not updated their website, the still have the old ward maps up.

Josh, Newlands

Anonymous said...

I got the new wards mailer yesterday.

Yuri said...

Gateway News,

Your web design is neat and clean! very Creative! Love the 2 announcements on the mast head.

Commerce City,

You need a website overhaul!


Darren said...

follow me for a second, lots of rain lately equals lots of weed growth. Derby area has lots of property owners who dont give a damn about what their property looks like equals lots of overgrown, extremely out of compliance violations.


Time of being nice is over. Get out the ticket book and start a DERBY SWEEP!

And we are bragging about some national award!?

Whatever happened to common sense?

Anonymous said...

gateway: Do one of your videos on the city as a whole, it be nice to see positive video on net of c-town

just a thought


ccSpeaks said...

hey gatewaynews,

would you be willing to share your videos with the Commerce City Beacon?


Gateway News said...

I am sorry, I do not understand the question. The Gateway News videos are already on the internet for the entire world to view.

Gateway News

Yuri said...

Just an FYI for everyone,

The new Ward Map was mailed to all of us, it is the Commerce City Backyard.

I was looking for something that was just a specifically for Wards, so if I was confused, I am sure others were too.

So, Look for the Commerce City Backyard JUNE 2009

Anonymous said...

cc speaks- let Beacon take their own photos! Their website is the worst (and no I don't work for the Gateway)
Gateway is right, it's on the web why would they share them with the Beacon, they have shared them with the world.

Anonymous said...

Darren, you should go to the city's website, then go to "askc3"
You can post a complaint there and the city will follow up. You will need specific locations,you can't just say "the derby area".
If you sign up (rather than file anonymously) you will get a reponse.
This is a great way to notify the city of problems/violations. I have used it several times with great turn around/response times.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to find out how many registered voters are in each ward? Gateway News, if you have that information would you post. TY

Anonymous said...

sounds like people like ccspeaks, kook comments, the huge guys that are always eating and others who not long ago despised the gateway news and editors now want the Gateway to put its content on that site so they won't have to come to this site.

Dalton said...

Why would the gatewaynews share their videos when they are already on the internet?

One of the dumbest questions I have heard to date!

Tim Dalton

trina b., via text message said...

something the city should look at, maybe shuffle the outreaches around. is it possible to have in reunion (maybe south park) and then the next year have it at river run?

just a thought,

trina b., via text message

Jason_Mc said...

Trina - regarding a rotation of the outreach locations, I love the idea and will bring that back to staff.

The first outreach I attended prior to joining Council was actually here in Reunion at Southlawn Park. Since that outreach, they have as you know been held at River Run as the northern location.

Jason McEldowney

Jason_Mc said...


Regarding your suggestion that the City website needs a face lift... I can't agree with you more. Fortunately, our new Dir of Marketing & PR is on it.

Internal discovery sessions have already begun, and community input is absolutely part of the plan. If you would be interested in participating in that process, please send me your contact information and I will put you in touch with Kim.

Councilman Jason McEldowney
or 303-808-9105

Tim Dalton said...

Commerce City Backyard:

I am confused, do I live in Ward 4 or Ward 2?

I know my council representative acts like he represents Ward 4, but I do think I live in Ward 2.

Confused? me too.

Tim Dalton

run_amok said...


I would also be interested in the number of registered voters per ward. VERY INTERESTED!

ps, I did not receive the ward map in the mail.


Gateway News said...

I have asked this question (registered voters per ward) this morning.

Regarding you not receiving the Ward Map (Commerce City publication "The Backyard") in the mail, please also utilize the AskC3 feature on the city's official website to notify Commerce City directly.

URL is:

Gateway News

Sarah said...

I did get the city's publication in the mail, days ago, only thing wrong is the 2 wards are mixed up, no biggie.

Sarah, Commerce City

Commerce City Press release said...

City corrects information in Backyard newsletter regarding redistricting

COMMERCE CITY – On June 1, City Council approved a new realignment of the city’s four wards to comply with state and federal requirements. The new realignment keeps the wards compact and evenly populated.

The need for realignment came about after the city’s annexation of the northern enclave, located between the Union Pacific Railroad on the west, the Burlington Northern Railroad on the east, East 88th Avenue on the south and East 112th Avenue on the North. Since the annexation, the city clerk’s office has been working with the city’s GIS Division of the Information Technology Department to incorporate the annexed areas into the city’s wards to meet federal and state requirements.

Other than the northern enclave annexation, those areas that were unincorporated prior to the ward realignment are still outside city boundaries and considered a part of Adams County.

“The reapportionment is necessary in order for Commerce City to meet state and federal requirements,” City Clerk Laura Bauer said. “The main reason to realign the wards is to make sure the city’s population is evenly distributed between all the wards.”

The new realignment keeps each ward’s population within 10 percent of each other, Bauer added. The following lists the city’s wards and their new populations:

Ward I, Jaquith, 8,612
Ward II, Benson, 9,240
Ward III, Drotar, 8,925
Ward IV, Snyder, 9,475

The realignment of the wards is based on Colorado and Supreme Court laws:

• Wards have a standard deviation of population of no more than 10 percent between the smallest and largest districts;
• No part of one district can be completely separated from another part of the same district; and,
• Each ward must consist of one or more whole general election precincts.

The city last realigned its wards in 2006, and by state law, cities can realign their districts every six years. The city’s recent annexation and de-annexation, however, compelled the city to realign the wards in 2009 to be in compliance with state law.

*URL of new map of Commerce City Ward:

Estelle Remington via email said...

True Character

Our true character forms throughout a lifetime and is made up of words, deeds and overt behaviors. We are what we do and say, but, mostly what we do. What a person does is a deliberate choice. A person can say something but if they do not act on it; it may not directly affect others. Unless, one is a Judge or an administrator of some kind. Then, their word can become a rule of law or ordinance to follow for years to come.

At the end of one's lifetime on earth our words, deeds, deliberate choices and overt behaviors are what is left of our true character for the world to see and judge. Therefore, through our actions, we tell the world just what our true character is. Reba Drotar's Memorial Day Opinion Article, June 5, 2009, about the manner in which the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education served the Gateway News shows Reba is a women of character. The choice of moment and actions of the School Board clearly gives us a snapshot of their true character. One wonders how long the public is going to let this kind of behavior continue with the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education?

Estelle Remington

ccSpeaks said...

Sarah it was more then just mixing up the ward numbers. The popultions are off too.


Anonymous said...

Heard a rumor, Is it true that Denver is trying to purchase ward 2from the city as part of its expansion of DIA?

Jim said...

Great turn out at outreach. Had a great time, nice to see the weather was nice.


Anonymous said...

stop making videos that me cry.

Gateway News said...

Requested information,

Registered voters by ward

This information is from January 2009.

Ward I: 2,194
Ward II: 7,673
Ward III: 8,162
Ward IV: 4,708

Thank you to the staff of Commerce City for very quick response.

Gateway News

Ryland said...

Outreach was wonderful, I would also like it rotated thru the northern range.

Lots of people, nice to see.


Anonymous said...


Any chance of a forum?

Curious in Reunion

Anonymous said...

Also, heard a rumor that a Commerce City council member is wasting time and money by make ridiculous requests.

Stop it!

Yuri said...

GREAT INFO ON THE reg. voters per wards!!!!

Thank you to the person who requested this.


Wes said...


why not start forum question section?

Wes, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Love to get a public response on this site from those running for city council. What will you do to:
Enforce the cities laws for homes with too many vehicles parked everywhere? Drug houses? Drop houses? Unlicensed and uninsured drivers. Forcing valid ID checks to get into public places to prevent child rapists from coming into the rec center and other public facilities? Help fix our image?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Benson's ward should be switched. All he does is represent the core and the carz group. That and cause wasted time and trouble!

Anonymous said...

I too would love to see the outreach rotated.
I was told the block to that probably happening is, the city doesn't own the parks in Reunion/Southlawn.
When they held a picnic there (southlawn) a few years ago,a few of the neighbors complained about the band noise (it finished around 8 pm).

Anonymous said...

When is Jim Benson's term up? I won't be voting for him again and sounds like a lot of people are disappointed that he appears to only represent the interests of those in south Commerce City. Everyone I know has been complaining about him and won't support him the next election. Does his business represent any members of the carz club or recall comitee?

Ryland said...

Commerce City would never give up Ward 2 to Denver. Why would they?


Anonymous said...

Council needs to stop trying to "get each other" and start focusing on city business.

Erin NW said...

Outreach was great, Thank you Commerce City

Curious in Reunion said...

Denver doesn't have the money to take over ward 2, don't get me wrong, I would entertain the idea, but I think is it bog NO!

Curious in Reunion

Yuri said...

NO WAY Commerce City would sell off ward 2, unless is the last resort of getting rid of Benson. Then maybe we should talk.


outreach was great. Bring back the Hamburgers!

Diane said...

Thank to the city for the outreach, very fun, loved the music, a more quite acuostic way to go. A big PLUS when trying to visit with friends and neighbors.

Great information!

Diane, Commerce City

JdoGG said...

What!? you think just because you are part of Denver you will get a grocery store! Try again, aint happening.


Julian said...

Gateway News,
Thank you so much for the video of the Commerce City Eagles during the super bowl.

Jenna said...

lets all just assume that we will be having a tornado warning everyday this summer.

Jenna, Reunion

Hyde said...

K9 video is cool, do you know the CCPD K9 units name?


Gateway News said...

Yes, the K9 is named Cario, officer Douglas is his partner.

Gateway News

Larry Quintana via email said...

You be the Judge

This past week an attempt was made by either the Adams 14 administration and/or by some of the Adams 14 Board of Education to prevent me a member of the Adams 14 Board of Education from representing the District at Derby Daze. Monday evening after a special meeting of the BOE, I found out for the first time in 10 years the District would not participate in Derby Daze, an event that involves the Commerce City community and in particular the core community or Adams 14.

The following evening in a conversation with the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Susan Chandler I express my willingness to sit at the table designated to the district and pass out literature. My reasons for this were straight forth and simple.

First I wish to thank the voters and taxpayers of Adams 14 for the passage of the Bond Issue that brought us a New High School on behalf of the district.

Second I desired to encourage student in the Commerce City community and neighboring communities to think about attending the New Adams City High School in the fall.

Third I also wanted to encourage individuals to participate in the college courses and the adult educations classes being offered in the evening at the new high school.

In an e-mail sent out to the members of the Board of Education the following was one of two questions asked.

2. As a board member do you feel comfortable having Mr. Quintana managing a table for the Board of Education and distributing Adams 14 materials at Derby Daze?

My reply to this question was as follows.

I find not problem with this arrangement, I believe it is fair to all given the circumstances.

On point 2, please let me know how my fellow Board members vote by name, yes or no.

I received an e-mail with the following information.

I was unable to get a majority vote from the board on question number 2. I’m unable to divulge everyone’s individual vote. If you are interested in knowing this information you are welcome to bring this up to the board.

Three of the four members of the BOE opted to support the Administration in the attempt to allow me to perform my duties as an elected official of the Adams 14 BOE.

Three of the four members of the BOE opted to support the Administration in the attempt to keep me what is my right as a citizen of Commerce City and a citizen of this Nation to exercise my right to free speech.

Three of the four members of the BOE opted to violate what I see are my civil rights as a person of color in this district.

Board member Robert Vashaw informed me he sided with me.

After consultation with other individuals on the question of this action I asked that the district Legal agency review this matter and after reviewing the State Statute it was evident the District (Administration and BOE) were in violation of the Law.

Saturday I was participating in Derby Daze executing the functions I had requested to perform.

This matter will be addressed in the June 23rd Board of Education where the matter in hand will be corrected and I will be seeking an apology from the parties that attempted to keep me from performing my duties as an elected official of the district. This matter I believe could have been addressed in private between myself and the Administration, however I have to ask myself if this was an attempt of certain parties to keep me in what they believe to be my place, and for that reason I am making this matter public. You be the judge.

Larry Quintana
Adams 14 BOE, Director
Off 303-288-2249
Cell 720-308-8720

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, 2 unsophisticated sloths represententing our city...yee haw

Anonymous said...

Listened to the council meeting.
Mr Bullock's question was interesting, because as he stated he used to be on council.
During that time the city manager wasted funds on his pen collection, his puchased "city award" to tune of $40,000, lavish dinners and flowers.
Did he as a council member okay those expenditures??
He stated something about always voting on the monies spent....hmmmm that is interesting.

Anonymous said...

To the question a few back..."does Mr Benson's business represent any of the recall committee or carz club."
I found that interesting too, and did some snooping of an "insider".
The answer is.....apparently not in a formal way, ie: paid, but yes in an advisory capacity, to both groups. No surprise. Go figure!

Anonymous said...


Dalton said...

I was excepting this to be on fire after last night. Eerily calm, the mayor did swear last night, last time he did this, everyone was all up in arms. Are we all getting jaded?

OR…..Maybe city is like me, giving the mayor some slack because of the situation he is in.

All I learned last night is that the mayor is a human being, he has the same emotions as anyone else in this situation.

Tim Dalton

Savannah said...

Gateway News (Dusty),

Thank you for the video presentation of the Commerce City Eagles.

It was really special, I look forward to other videos you do in the city.

Savannah, Commerce City

Fred A. said...

I would like to know more about the Benson comment about FasTraks, are we going to get a stop in Commerce City.

Fred A.

Anonymous said...

Mayor had the audacity to crumple up a letter from a concerned citizen and throw it on the ground during the meeting!

I do not understand why we as a citizenry are letting Mayor Natale get away with this.

Letter was about the consultants

Yuri said...

Hold on, lets get the whole story out there for those who didn't see it.

The "Concerned Citizen" was Past Vice Mayor Rene Bullock, a long time foe of Current Mayor Paul Natale.

Not saying the action was right in anyway, but all the information needs to be told.


AKA said...

I am disappointed that the council of Commerce City felt the need to pray for one citizen from a local towing place who past away recently, but DID NOT include the victim and family of Mr. Dung Le who was recently murdered.


Anonymous said...

As previously mentioned, maybe missed, the "concerned citizen" past council member Bullock, rival for the mayor's seat, was questioning city consultates being hired.
He infered that it was not approved by council. I imagine (not positive) it was in the ED budget, to bring in business. If so, that would have been voted on by council and the rest would be up to staff to firm up.
That is why we have staff to run our city, is it not? I don't think council should miro-manage our staff, they are the experts.
Mr Bullock was on council during many miss-spending by the past staff/manager. Am I to assume he allowed/voted on all of those expensive pens etc?
Probably not, according to Mayor Ford, "if the city manager can afford to do it out of his budget, there is no problem".
Interestingly enough, this "concerned citizen" is spending more time watching what the city does than when he was on council.

Jasmine B. said...

majority of citizens don’t care how much city spends to get the job done correctly.

majority of citizens TRUST in current council and staff

majority of citizens are against the recall, otherwise we would be having a recall election

majority of citizens want to move forward

majority of citizens are tired of the council backstabbing and legal antics of Jim Benson.

majority of citizens are smart enough to ignore the handful of negative citizens that try so hard to make life impossible

majority of the citizens will vote for the right person for the right positions

majority of the citizens applaud the city staff and city police department on the fine job they do everyday in their capacity

majority of citizens know that Denver Post and 9 news need to sell papers and to do so they have to create "catchy titles" like grimy image article

that is all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

I say AMEN Jasmine!

Irene said...

I got some rumors that have been out there for YEARS that I would LOVE to see the City SQUASH!

1. City has a goal to annex the mile high flea market

2. City wants casino (may go back to the perry days, or earlier)


Anonymous said...

has anyone seen this video?

Cheo Larcombe said...

OH YES the Yummies of Commerce City! This video was for a long time the ONLY video on the net about Commerce City.

Now of course there are lots of videos of Commerce City, both good and bad.

Cheo Larcombe

Fred A. said...


You leave a complaint about the city on AskC3 the city will give you a ticket for something like weeds, or anything.

Heard this from a more established elder citizen in Commerce City.

Fred A.

Dazed and Confused in Reunion said...

any truth to what Rene is saying on the video? Council has to vote on money spent by staff?

I thought if it was in the budget it was okay for them to act onit without a vote.

Dazed and Confused in Reunion

Not a "rumor" but should a "set the record Straight" deal.

Anna said...

Listen to the video of Rene, he says over and over it is consultants for city image. This is NOT true, consultants are for one thing and one thing only.......ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Anna, Commerce City


Curious in Reunion said...

Denver Post did article called "Colorado taxpayers contributing to municipal fun"

very interesting,

hey gateway, how much did Commerce City Spend on CML?

Curious in Reunion

Yuri said...

Denver Post Article in todays paper about CML?

Posting on Gateway News Blog:

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
"I don’t think the council who does attend CML in Vail are even in classes, but rather fishing and vacationing on your dime!"

Old News!

Tim Dalton said...

I would like to thank the city of Commerce City both staff and council members for staying OUT of the post/channel 9 story about CML in Vail.

Tim Dalton

Tim Dalton said...

I hear the video of Natale swearing, I say SO WHAT?! Anyone who knows what's going on know what this poor guy has been up against.

Ridiculous recall, harassed by current council members.

Give the guy a break, its not like he killed a common house fly!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Dalton

ccSpeaks said...

Gateway News,

you need to start covering some of the bad things going on in our city.

Things going on that you dont know about.


Gateway News said...

Thank you for your comment about concerns you have.

Please let me know what I "don't know".

Harold K. said...

CML has been going on for numerous years and it is just now coming to light! Where was reports on this back when Frod was the mayor. May actually have a story then.

Harold K., Commerce City

Turk R said...

just becasue Glendale City Council members are goofing off, doesn't mean Commerce City Council members were!

I have no problem with them going to become better leaders

Turk R, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

cc speaks,
You seem to ALWAYS focus on the bad things, the negative you never see good?
Do you never see the progress?
I actually feel sorry for you!

Liz said...

Denver Post has to come up with stories like this to sell papers, wasn't it just the story the day before about how much trouble they are in with Money? They need to run stories that are EYE CATCHING!

Looks like they caught a lot of eyes!

Liz, CC

Joe, AC class of 1969 said...

Just a short note, thanks CC Parks and Rec. and Reunion. Inaugural Over 50 After 5 event, Wine & Cheese Party. A very nice way to spend a few hours meeting some great folks, learning about Wine and seeing a beautiful Commerce City sunset! Thanks again, Joe, AC class of 69, RULES!!!

AKA said...

I would like to thank the city of Commerce City for keeping the parking FREE for the fourth of July even at Dicks sporting Goods.

AKA, Commerce City

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