Live from Mile High Music Festival in Commerce City

Commerce City - Reporter Dustin McIntyre (me) will be reporting live from the Mile High Music Festival. Reports will be broken down into three areas. Security, Experience (talent, weather, crowd response, and lastly the wonderful Dick's Sporting Goods Park Venue (shade, food, water, bathrooms)

Starting off on the right foot with a message from the Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale: "Welcome all, we hope everyone has a wonderful, but safe time in Commerce City." "Looks like we are in for great weather for the weekend."


Gateway News said...

First Report... 1:20pm Sat.

Lots to do, including batting cages, pitching area, Sony PlayStation area and of course lots of music to listen too.

Weather is almost perfect, lots of shaded areas are provided.

Commerce City Police officers report "So far, so good", still very early.

Gateway News said...

Second Report 3:20pm Sat.

Great turn out. Talked to Commerce City Council Jason who says festival is great for the city.

Some crowd interviews:

Erin and Wiley, California: had a great time, noticed the improvements from last year

Josh and Mic, Colorado: Thank God it is not that hot out. LOVE Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Miley, Jennifer 1 and Jennifer 2, Colorado: Wonderful time. We didn't know we were in Commerce City, but that we do HELLO COMMERCE CITY Thank You for a great event.

Syrius and friends, Colorado: Great Music Great Friends, Great Time. Commerce City is Great!

Ryan and Shelley, Colorado: Want to see TOOL NOW! Can't wait. Grew up in Colorado, never thought Commerce City would have such a festival.

Gateway News said...

Incubus playing at the moment. South Adams Fire Department report everything is going well. Crowd very into the experience.

Some crowd interviews:

Todd, Colorado: Great Music, Beautiful Women, what more could you ask for.

Drew, Colorado: Nice to be able to go from stage to stage and experience a completely different genre of music. Great Idea.

Kyle, Amy, Reese, Andy, Michelle, Colorado: Perfect day, great way to unwind from all the stress of our crazy office and work week. Much better then last year

Holly and Hillary, Colorado: We are sisters that do not like the same music, so this is perfect for us. I put up with her tool and she puts up with my Big Head Todd

Julliane and Marcus, Wyoming: Parking was he a bit of a challenge, but well worth it. Did not know we were in Commerce City, but here we are.

Gateway News said...

Tool is about to take the stage in about 20 mins.

Some crowd interviews:

Julie, Karen, Jolitte, Colorado: India Arie was beautiful, sorry to hear she had trouble with tickets for family

Chad, Mike, Jamie, Colorado: Incubus rocked! Yes we knew that we are in Commerce City, we can't believe it, but yes we know.

Erine Aaron, Colorado: I am hear for one reason, to see TOOL (Aaron). Incubus was very good. I never heard of Gomez, but really liked them, surprisingly good.

Ned, Colorado: I am too old for some of these bands, but love Rob Drabkin and India Arie. I did not know this was Commerce City, I thought it was Denver, good FYI.

Vicky, Connie, Jen, Clarie , Colorado: Food is much better then last year. Big Head Todd was great, can't wait for Tool. Really want to see 3oh!3 on Sunday. Colorado has come a long way music wise.

Gateway News said...

Tool just finished, crowd was very happy. Very nice light show. Good to see local restaurant Bison Grill serving food at the venue.

Gateway News said...

Second day well on its way.

You can feel the electricity of the festival in the air. Even the guy begging for money at Quebec and I-70 is into the moment displaying a sign with a smiling saying "I get by, with a little help from my friends."

I told him it was very creative and he responded that has appealing to the festival crowd.

From the Venue: weather is great so far, music is going great.

heading out for interviews and photos.

Gateway News said...

Conscious alliance a non-profit group holding a food drive at the festival have reported over 10 50 gallon barrels of food has been collected. That is over roughly 1095 pounds of food!

Crowd interviews:

Monica, Alicia, Colorado: Most impressive part of the was India Arie, heard a song never released! So sad what happened to her family before her set. Ripped off the hair, you go girl!

Toby, Brandon, Marcus, California: TOOL Rocked Dicks!!! Much better then last year!!!

Chris (boy), Chris (girl), California: I like this year better then last year. Great Music, Whole butt load of cute girls.

Joey, Aaron: Concert is Great, but fighting over couple stuff. (Both said it was okay to post)

Wanted to be left anonymous: Yes I know that we are in Commerce City and I even know would Jim Benson and Rene Bullock! by the way, love the festival!

Gateway News said...

Weather is Still Great, Great atmosphere, Some issues with arrest, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Crowd interviews

Ashley and about 20 of her Friends, Colorado: 3oh!3 is the best ever. We Love them! Colorado Sunrise is the BEST!

Kayle and Jean, Colorado: I Love festivals, great way to unwind, Hang out with friends, play hacky sack. Love it!

Smitty and Friend (could not understand his name), California: So many Beautiful women. Love the scene, diversity of the groups at the festival is best thing. good food.

Gateway News said...

Weather was GREAT, maybe four raindrops and that was it.

Crowd interviews:

Hailey and Miranda, Colorado: Fray is Great! can't wait to see them again!

Dusty (not me), Heidi, Colorado: Fray was Great, I love it when the band engages the audience!

Lionel and Friends, Colorado: Lovely weekend of fun, Thank you AEG live and everyone else would made this possible.