We want to know what you think after listening to the Thornton Forum Video

Some really good Commerce City subjects were covered in the Thornton Forum brought to you by the Great City of Thornton, the Metro North Chamber of Commerce, the Metro North Newspapers and The League of Women Voters.

After watching the videos, both the at-large and ward candidates, we want to hear from you. What do you think, what are your thoughts, have listening to any of the candidates speak change your mind or enlighten you in some way.

Let the world know!!!

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Joe Sandoval, Candidate Ward III City Council said...

This is Joe Sandoval, candidate for Ward III. In one of the other blogs a citizen asked why all candidates were not at the forum. I would like to answer that on this blog since it seems more appropriate. I am currently finishing my Master's Degree in Public Administration at CU Denver. I am at the end of the program and have class Wednesday nights. As important as the election is to me, finishing my degree is extremely important and any missed classes can have negative consequences. I would liek to answer the questions here though that were posed to the candidates at the forum and I will keep it brief:

First, my experience/background is as follows: I grew up in CC and graduated from ACHS in 1989. I have lived in River Run for the last ten years. I hold a BS in Criminal Justice Admin and as stated above I am completing my Master's in Public Admin with an emphasis in Local Gov't. I have 16 years experience with the Commerce City Police Department as an officer then a sergeant. I held multiple assignments in that capacity, most were involved in Community Relations.

I am running because I believe in public service and want to continue serving the community that has done so much for me in my childhood through my police years. Commerce City has always been home and I am dedicated and committed to this community with the education and experience behind me.

I would give the current City Council a 3.5 due to the inner fighting and conflicts that occur within Council. In approaching the next tern, Council needs to be united. This does not mean they have to agree on everything, but they do need to find a way to work more effectively together.

I would support a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Commerce City.

I would support an RTD tax due to the benefits FasTracks would provide to Commerce City.

The way to promote the feeling of one city is to make the best decisions possible that benefit the city as a whole. Every city has distinct areas within their boundaries. Commerce City is no different.

I believe the City overuses consultants. I have seen several reports from consultants throughout my 16 years with the City--either for the entire City or specific departments like the police department. We do not need to pay consultants to tell us what we already know. If there is an area that we need more outside expertise, I can understand the need for consultants. But to point out issues in departments or the City as whole, staff usually has all the answers--consultants just put it in a nice report.

Thanks for your support,

Joe Sandoval
Candidate Ward III City Council

Dutch said...

I saw the video, I am glad that my first impression was right.

I am still is support of Jason and Colby, two well spoken gentlemen that will be a perfect fit for public life.

Dutch, Commerce City Voter

Anonymous said...

Questions I have include why certain candidates rated the current council so high when they are clearly unhappy with them in private.

Ryland said...

I love the question of consultants!
very interesting

Tim Dalton said...

why cant gene leffel answer the question about medical marijuana? I thought he was well educated on all the issues, even attending over 250 council meetings.
he is smart to run for ward1!

Anonymous said...

All the cand. did well, good questions were asked.

Yuri said...

Thanks for answering the questions Mr. Sandoval.
Yuri, ward III voter

Marcus said...

Mr. Leffel,

Can you expand on your family theory of Commerce City, I think I missed your point. To give you some background, I am a citizen and voter who lives in the northern range.

I do not think of myself as a rebellious teenager by any means.


Fred A. said...

After viewing the video, I didn't realize that we have some highly educated candidates running. Some even have masters degrees.
A good thing
Fred A., fred303@mail.com

Erin NW said...

Mr. Sandoval,

Thank you for your explanation.

Erin NW

Anonymous said...

The video gave me some good information.
Mr Leffel is way off target with his anaolgy of the core being a father figure. Or we have a disfunctional family!
Some of the candidates implied we got passed over for things in Brighton.
My understanding is areas like Praire Center are set up many years in advance, like 10 or more.
Therefore that blame goes to past adminstration.
Candidates,tell me what YOUR ability is to bring in business.
Shopping at stores doesn't count anymore than sitting in council chambers.

Anonymous said...

For attending so many council meetings Mr Romine does not have a grasp of many of the city situations.
He mentioned it was wrong that
50+% of CC students attend Brighton Schools.
The school district is not Brighton's (it is district 27J nickname Brighton).
It was set up long before the city boundaries. It is just as much ours as is dist 14.

collette said...

I would tell all the candidates to watch their body language. You can come off as cocky if your not careful, it can be a real turn off.
collette, commerce city CO
ps, as a current student too, I understand your situation Joe Sandoval.

Nancy said...

Real eye opener!

Some candidates had a hard tome with just the first question of introductions.

Kimberly said...

City staff has done nothing wrong. I expect them to use consultants. I completely disagree with Mr. Leffel. Of course we already knew the information, but it is in a bigger scope that we are looking at. It was only the first meeting with the consultants, which lays the groundwork!

Jessup said...

I find the candidates drifting off subject. I would like to see them be more focused.

Anonymous said...

didn't like the candidates bashing on city staff. consultants are not bad and everyone uses them.

Marcus said...

BOY! that sure was a loooooong pause for Bullock to answer the medical marijuana question.

Darren said...

I wished they would have asked the candidates if they supported or opposed the issue 2A

Walter said...

I say some of the candidates should practice speaking before they attend a forum. You guys should expect the question of your qualifications and why you want to run for council.
Some of you are a little shakey.

Verna said...

Love it Gateway! First time ever this city has been this informed about the candidates. You are true pioneers.

Unitas said...

Robert I think your being a little hard what you call the "engineers"

Thad said...

MAN OH MAN! some of you are pretty good and some sound like Kadafi.

Xaivier said...

VOTE FOR ANDY "Honest" Hahn!

Supporter of the true four coners said...

Minute 10:46, Colby the fire is not part of Commerce City. Know the issues!
Supporter on Rene, Robert, Gene, Guillermo

Tim Dalton said...


What kind of IGAs do you want with other cities?

Tim Dalton

Shocked Citizen said...

Robert & Gene rate current council as a 4? really? Am I hearing right?
wow, love video? If someone would have told me this, I would not have believed it.


Anonymous said...

Come on candidates, stay on target! Some of you need to just answer the questions asked, don't wander off subject

Marcus said...

Rene waits 6 seconds to answer the medical marijuana question. interesting.

Wes said...

Minute 19:53, Rene talks about how he does not believe in 2 cities. Maybe he should look at the last elections results, then discuss the 2 cities idea.

Colby said...

To Supporter of the True Four Corners -
I'm fairly sure you won't be voting for me but I do want to set the record straight. I am well aware that fire services are delivered by the South Adams County Fire District, a separate local government as defined by State law. I believe what I said was I love local government because of the direct impact it has on citizens, like fire. Many other local governments provide fire service, especially those I've worked at in the past. Also, although Commerce City does not directly control fire, I think council members need to be aware of the services our constituents receive, including fire/ems. I'd be more than happy to speak with you directly about my knowledge of the issues. You can contact me at 303-949-5217.

Tim Dalton said...


You are being too nice! You are a very well spoken candidate that this city should be proud to have as one of their choices. All you need to do is stay the course and you will be fine.

Tim Dalton, Supporter of moving this city in a positive direction

Erin NW said...

Mr. Trull,
I got what you meant. Don't let stupid people get you down.
Erin NW

Ryland said...

Colby, thanks for setting the record straight. I knew what you were talking about. Ryland

King of Olive Street said...

Four Corners? Nice to steal that from the gateway! I guess that campaign really had some effect on you!

ps, gateway, you guys ever get tired of people copying you?

Irene said...

I wish all the candidates the best of luck at the CCBPA forum on Wed.

yuri said...

you guys want a real forum, let mcintyre loose with some of his questions.

yuri said...

you guys want a real forum, let mcintyre loose with some of his questions.

Josh said...

leffel, you want 1 city, yet you call us teenagers? R U serious?

Brian Knox said...

WHOLE CITY SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR ALL OF THE CANDIDATES! I do not want some candidates representing me in certain wards! But they will most likely get in because some wards are going to vote for their friends and not the qualities of the candidate.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bullock wants to unite the city as well, representing all of us as an at large candidate.
After he lost the last election, he and his wife cursed the northern range and specifically cursed Reunion.
Now how can he represent the whole city??

Anonymous said...

Is Romine serious? Outside of saying he lived here since 196x what the hell was he talking about? I think he would have a difficult time communicating with businesses interested in our city.

I think Bullock is stuck in the past. He's alienated himself from too many voters because of his jealousy resultant from the last mayoral election. His responses lacked substance and I think he’s one of the main reasons for the rift in the city..

Trull, I believe would be a great asset for the city given his attitude, education and experiences, even though he was in the Navy (Go USAF).

Douglas is a very nice guy but didn’t appear to be self confident so I’m not convinced of his leadership skills. A few more years on various boards may help.

Hahn appears to have a good background that may be helpful to our city and if not elected should jump on some of the boards.

McEldowney has done a good job during his short time on the council. His attitude, decisions are unbiased and he appears to work well in a team environment.

C_City Voter