General Issues September 2009

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments and concerns.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News and


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Bob Zeiler said...

Good shot Orval.
Just what is a Philadelphia Lawyer? The West Encyeopedia of America discribes it as a shrewd attorney adept at the discovery and manipulation of legal technicalities.
If I had the time I would ask Jim Benson to explain it to me in more detail

Bob Z said...

Robert Romine
It might be a good time for you to get some advice from a Philadelphia Lawyer about the Bronco video. Maybe you both could sue the City for presenting it.

Anonymous said...

I find Romine boring.
He gets up every week to talk about his life and his personal opinions.
Robert the city council isn't your personal twitter.
I didn't find the video the least bit offensive. Those few that found it so are LOOKING to find problems.
People need to get all of their chips off the shoulders. Life can be fun.

AKA said...

I caught this late, last night, but I heard Jim Benson talking about the story about Robert Romine. What happened?


Rhonda said...

people saying shame on the city? I say shame on you Robert.

trying to make something out of nothing!


Anonymous said...

I agree, those saying shame on the city, should be ASHAMED of themselves.
Here was something recognized as good by an organization as big as the Broncos, and a few try to make it something it WAS NOT.

ccSpeaks said...

Mister Robert Romine has saved this city from many lawsuits. He should be praised and the city needs to apoligize.


Marcus & Yuri said...


I say SHAME on you Robert.

Making a Mountain out of an Ant Hill!

City did nothing wrong

Marcus & Yuri

Anonymous said...

city water deal is just the type of forward thinking we need in this city.

Way to go staff!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know romine's level of education and what he does for a living? Statements I’ve heard him make and his many tangents are just bizarre. He’s not getting my vote.

Happy in November

Smitty said...

nothing wrong with city bronco

Smitty. Commerce City

Anonymous said...

You owe it to yourself to drive by Romine's house.
It tells you everything you need to know about him.
He gets elected...there goes the way of the city.

Anonymous said...

somehow I believe the Bronco's organization would have looked at the video carefully, for any problems.
I trust they are a bit smarter than Mr Romine.....or YOU!

Via Email said...

{Gateway News contacted Mr. Morgan for permission to post}

Letter to councilmember Jason McEldowney and Mayor Paul Natale

Good Afternoon Sirs,

I am formally writing to you because simply I am not sure exactly how to get my message across.

My thoughts are in reference to the Commerce City manager Jerry Flannery.

I watched the video interview of Mr. Flannery and have to admit that in the early days of his employment, I was not happy with some of the decisions he made. One shining example is the remodel of the new city hall.

My attitude quickly changed after viewing the video interview. Once again, being honest, I did have the idea that the City Manager was spending too much on consultants.

Mr. Flannery's explanation of his use of consultants was perfectly stated and most importantly very understandable.

I viewed the consultant segment first. After being impressed I watch the main full interview. I am formally expressing my pleasure that city council hired this individual. He is the right man for the job and should be treated with respect. Further, I urge the council to do whatever they can to keep this guy here in Commerce City.

We need to move this city in a positive direction, with the idea that we are good enough and significant enough to be part of the decisions being made at the regional level. It truly is a different city then even 5 years ago. Mr. Flannery is the reason why and this needs to be recognized and celebrated. I would also like to encourage the city to increase communication via the internet with its citizens.

Thank your time and letting me express my opinion.

Gus Morgan, Commerce City, CO

Bob Z. said...

To ccspeaks:
Just what law suits has Romine saved the city from.
Might be the ones filed by the Philadelphia Lawyer.
I believe all Robert wants is to get his name out in the public sector to make people think he is really inportant and they may vote for him.
From now on I will not sent anything to any blog with his name mentioned. I will however tell anyone willing to listen what my personal thoughts are about him and if I feel he would make a good counsel person.

Anonymous said...

What is with some of these candidates?
Serna gets an award for the successful referendum for a youth center. This held up the city for five years from completing pioneer park.
He should be ashamed for acceting the award. No wonder he is teamed up with Romine and Buluck

Robert Romine via email said...

Thank you, all of you who are watching the blog these days. I am working hard on the campaign like 8-10 hours a day; you may have noticed a sign or two around town. And, any of you who know me know I'm not afraid to speak my mind! If I'm right I'll put it right out there. If anyone wants to meet me... I at The City Council Meeting every week; and, have been for the last 240+ meetings. We all go out after and eat. Everyone in welcome. And, please check out my web site. it was a lot of work too. Robert Romine At Large Candidate.

Anonymous said...


You are pretty up to speed on city issue, maybe you should have run for city council.

Anonymous said...

I just found out that the work on 120th near the H.S. and Middle School, is not CC's but Brighton.
Guess they waited until CC widened the road and added the sidewalks, to decide that they needed a "lift" station for their waste water.
So now they are tearing up all of the work our city paid for.
All I have to say is cooperation with us would have been nice, as well as saved both cities some money.
Brighton wouldn't pony up in the first place to fix 120th, which by the schools is boardered on both sides by Brighton,so our city fixed it!
They sure better fix the road to it's right condition when they are through.

Anonymous said...

Robert, speaking your mind may not be recommended, as often it doesn't come across with much anyone wants to hear.

Larry Quintana said...

To Anonymous:

It is sad to think that within our community there are individuals like perhaps yourself that have nothing better to do then to put down the efforts of caring citizens within our community. I am speaking to the individual who commented on my dear friend Guillermo Serna.

Guillermo Serna, if you would take time to read the articles not only in the Gateway News but also in the Denver Post Your Hub has invested over 30 years working not only for the good of Commerce City, but also Adams County and always with the interest of its children in mind.

He has made numerous attempts to make things better for all kids in Commerce City; most have resulted in the betterment of our community and its children. Few have not been as successful as perhaps he may have desired but this did not keep him from moving forward in attempting other endeavors.

It was not Guillermo’s desire to be acknowledged for his efforts recognized by many community, county and state officials but it was individuals like me that believed he should be recognized for the sacrifice he has made for our city. Mr. Serna stood next to 6 other great individuals or couples who have made an equal sacrifice and it was he that was selected as the individuals that stood above his other piers.

So I ask what have you done to diminish the efforts of Guillermo or for that fact any other of the wonderful volunteers that our community has to make Commerce City a better place to live.

Please feel free to contact me and I promote your efforts with the same energies that I have promoted the efforts of not only Guillermo, but the members of the Monaco Neighborhood Improvement Committee, Peter Montoya and his Kids Helping Kids project, the Adams 14 Student Board of Education and a few others. Please identify yourself and I will share your efforts to not only our community but to the entire county.

Larry Quintana
I am not anonymous

Anonymous said...

So, the plan looks like this.

bullock & romine will get the vote in the south with the platform
" We live in the south"

The north, which has the majority voters, will split their vote between the 4 candidates running from up there guaranteeing the bullock/romine win. :’(

They have been plotting this for a while…. :-D

After the election 2 maybe 3 recall petitions are pulled and we redo the elections…(Jerry Springer’s gonna love it)

The north continues to grow and people grow tired of the anti-north sentiment, file a lawsuit to become it’s own entity.

Businesses are begging to come to the “NEW CITY”: property values go through the roof. The villagers are happy. The tax man's happier.

Commerce City returns to the very desirable way it was 6 years ago. The good ole boys are happiest.

And they all lived their lives different and yet the same

Mr. Mordant , Voter

Colby via email said...

Hello all -

I wanted to take a moment and update you on the upcoming election. The following will be the ballot order for the two at-large seats (you can select two candidates):

* Steve Douglas
* Colby Trull
* Andrew Hahn
* Rene Bullock
* Jason McEldowney
* Robert Romine

This will be a mail out ballot only. You should plan on receiving your ballot the 1st part of October.

Many events are coming up to help you best choose the candidate to represent you. The Gateway News will be publishing a candidate edition in mid-September. This edition will be a great source of information on all candidates. Also, the North Metro Chamber of Commerce will be holding an event to meet the candidates on Sept. 10 and a candidate debate/discussion on Sept. 16. The debate will be aired on Channel 8.

Please let me know if you're interested in any of these events and I can get you more details.

If you haven't yet visited my website, I suggest that you do so to learn more about me and my proposed projects if elected.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Colby (303-949-5217)

Ace said...

Amen Larry!

Serna has been doing good things for this city for decades.

Ace, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mordant,

very interesting!

Marc said...

Have you seen some of the Commerce City Candidates!

Commerce City Council, So Easy a Caveman can do it!

Marc, New in Town

Anonymous said...

Mr Mordant, I see your point and agree with the concerns.
As far as the north separating from the "ain't gonna happen". It would cost the citizens in the north millions to pay back at once the costs the city has in place.
Others have looked in to it.
I say lets focus ourselves into educating our friends and neighbors to REALLY study the candidates. To determine who is there to "break" up the vote (I agree it is Romine and Rene's plan).
Get smart, vote smart...VOTE!
Or yes we will be set back 6yrs.

Anonymous said...

Mr Quintana, You have some great information, but in following that, I see Mr Serna as a representative of the southern part of the city. Where his efforts have been and are.
The ward he is running for generally is very different. Different demographics and needs.

Gina said...

Agreed, Serna should have run at large.


Fred A. said...

I have a question,
I thought the video of the mayor protem says that he is not going to stay out of the talks with the city managers contract. So, was he in the executive session talking about it after he said that?

clarification needed. I think he voted too, can he do that?

can you abstain and then just not abstain?

Don't we follow any rules when it comes to council meetings in this town?

Fred A.

Scott, Ryland, Hyde said...

To candidate Serna,

You do a lot of things for the south part of the city, and that is a good thing. But, if you are elected ward 3 council member, are you going to fight for us, or continue only doing things for the south.

Ward 3 needs more parks, a city rec center, something for the children to do, more development and most important, a grocery store.

Scott, Ryland, Hyde
Three ward 3 voters, Commerce City

Tom Schelther said...

Hilarious Marc!!!!!!!!!!

City Council, so easy a caveman can do it!!!!!!!!!!

I can picture a commercial with some of the candidates in it!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!!

Tom Schelther

Erin NW said...

CUTE! circus video!

Erin NW

Prescott said...

Commerce City needs more things to do. We should have some good events for families to do over the labor day weekend.

Prescott, Reunion

ccSpeaks said...

Orval Lewis is RIGHT ON! Council Norms are nothing but a piece of paper. Council can't even civilly discuss the norms. Council was violating norms while voting on them. Not treating each other with respect!

Citizen are taking notice of council behavior.


Rhonda said...

Why do we have two school districts on our city that are so different?

Look at CSAPs for 27J and District #14.


Marcus said...


If you are referring to council getting annoyed by Jim Benson's shall and shalt or minor grammar complaints then I have to disagree with you. Those little details can be discussed in a private meeting, not in a open public one.

I would have had attitude too.


Irene said...

I saw what you were talking about, it was Tony and some others on the council attacking Jim during the council norms.
Plus, they didn't allow Rene to speak either.


Wes said...

The Elections of 2009

It is not the mind of the candidate, but rather how big his sign is!

Commerce City Council, so easy a caveman can do it!



Anonymous said...

Irene, ccspeaks is one of the
"old" group that has sour grapes about the positive changes in the city. Rene is also one of those with sour grapes. All of us are tired listening to him on the stream or in person.
Our city has gained new respect. We no long have the self appointed "royalty".
I proudly say I live in Commerce City (Mr. Benson wanted our name changed, so yes he annoyes me to)

Anonymous said...

our name was already changed once, why not a second time, we were DERBY and proud of it, then our name was changed to Commerce City and everybody hated it, now they love it, gee make up your mind and have some fortitude, and why do we call it DERBY DAZE and the DERBY WINTER FESTIVAL why not commerce city daze or commerce city festival

Anonymous said...

i guess maybe the bison out at the wildlife refuge are glad they are here, and they want to thank the us army for the pot plants. and by the way, how come no one out there noticed they were growing pot plants????? heard the army might burn it, hope for a northerly wind and a live band, wow woodstock in reunion!!!!!

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Council Candidates in Order as it will be on the 2009 Ballot

(Vote for one)
Dominick Moreno
Mac McFarlin
Gene Leffel

(Vote for one)
Guillermo Serna
David Pocs
Jadie Carson
Joe Sandoval
Kerstin Berlinski

(Vote for two)
Steve Douglas
Colby Troll
Andrew Hahn
Rene Bullock
Jason McEldowney
Robert H. Romine

Please Follow the Rules said...

Political Signs – Section 21-8240 of the Commerce City Land Development Code provides for any number of political signs, whether freestanding or wall to be placed on private property. They may not create a hazard for automobiles or pedestrian traffic and may not be a public nuisance. Campaign signs may be erected no more than 90 days (August 5, 2009) before the election and must be removed no later than 14 days after the election (November 17, 2009).


Having Fun in Reunion said...

Buffalo? more like Puffalo!

Having Fun in Reunion

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Steve Douglas is one of the bullock recall members? Noticed he's part of the south cc preservation group along with bullock's wife, and other anti north persons.

I've met him, think he's a nice guy but I will have a trust issue if he is, especially since he's on the hoa board in my community.

Bob Z said...

There are a good number of people running for City Counsel positions this election which is great. However like always there are some of these who really want to work for the citizens and others who are for what ever reason just running.
One of these people who is running to become a Counsel Person at large conserns me more than the others. This person was a previous counsel member.
While he was in this position he made public statements that hardly any of the citizens knew or appreciated any of the things he accomplished for the city.
When he would go out of town for city meetings he would charge hundred of dollars for meals and entertainment.
One time while out of town for City funtion he went to a basketball game and took guests with him. He spent a large amount for tickets and ask the City to reinburse him. He said this was for diplomatic reasons for those he was meeting with.
Afew years ago a committee was formed at the city counsel's request to study the spending policy of City Counsel. At that time it seemed that Counsel spending was getting out of control. One of the things this committee recommended was not to pay for spousel travel on these trips.
His responce to this was We give We give We give But we never recieve enough in return. (I thought counsel persons main objective was to do for the citizens and not for there own pleasure).
At the last election he ran for Mayor and was unsuccessful. At that time he made public statements that the election was rigged so he would lose. Since that time he has tried several times to have the present Mayor recalled and has been unsuccessful each time .
I wonder if by some small chance he were elected whether he would spent most of his time trying to recall the mayor. Or trying to make himself look good to the citizens and not really trying to be a good Counsel person.
There are many more things I could say here and I do back up what I have written here. The person I am writting about is Rene Bullock and I dare him to prove what is stated he to be untrue.

Tim Dalton said...

Hey Dustie,

Beacon has your picture of Mac on their website as their "photo on file"!

Tim Dalton

Darrin said...

to the person who wrote about 120th and the cities Brighton and Commerce City, Good Stuff. I had no idea. I will be watching that one closely.

Seriously, very interesting.

Darrin, Norther Range

Anonymous said...

WOW Bob,

Are you a Paul Fan or what!

Yuri said...

follow the rules!



mac said...

Yo, Tim, The photo of me on the Beacon site is one I sent Dustie with my announcement in June. He did however put the caption on it. No foul, the file photo reference just means it was generic. You'll also see the same photo in the Denver Post Hub.


Bob Z. said...



Unitas said...

Gateway News,

Will the city have to pay any tax on the water they are buying from the builders in the north?

No agenda, just really curious


Dustie, Gateway News said...


That is a great question. I asked the question to Mayor Natale and he quickly got the answer.

The answer is no. No sales tax, no other kind of tax, nothing. A one-time ownership change fee, but that is it.

Great Question!

Dustie, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

Reference S. Douglas,
He hangs with the CARZ group I don't have the answer, but "birds of a feather" you can ususal tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep.
You can't help but wonder?
It certainly has a lot of us wondering.

Commerce City Concerned Citizen said...

council norms are such a joke. Tony went after Jim before it was even voted on!

Isn't treating each other with respect one of the norms?

Commerce City Concerned Citizen

Zoe said...


Beautiful sunset picture, where is Commerce City where you with Ed Perlmuter?


Dustie, Gateway News said...

It was a small gathering of people at the Aberdeen Amber Homes Development, in their club house.

It was actually Mr. Perlmutter who pointed out the amazing sunset.

I am glad he did, picture turned out very well.

Dustie McIntyre

Steven McCleary said...

Congratulations to Douglass Roofing Company. I have direct experience with this company. Good people and a Good business.

Steven McCleary, Brighton

Irene said...

Picture of Tracy up and about is such a good thing. Thank God!

Irene, Commerce City

Rhonda said...

I am concerned that one of the options to deal with the illegal weeds on the refuge is to burn them. Will that not effect the city?


Hyde said...

If the bison eat all the pot, won't they just get more hungry?


Hyde said...

ps, love the fun in reunion comment.

Puffalo! FUNNY

Anonymous said...

I am a Paul fan too! He is keep us in the right path!

Anonymous said...

To the citizens of Commerce City:
Hi, I “accidentally” grew some hemp and unfortunately due to local laws I am prohibited from burning it. I have however come up with a plan that will help generate sales tax dollars to assist in building a rec center in the north and a boys and girls club in the south. What I need from you: Please contact your council person, the mayor and Chief Baca and DEMAND that they authorize me a special “medical marijuana” sales permit. I will donate two dollars for every nickel bag sold …(Yes, been out of the loop for a while)…lol

Thank You,

Mary Jane

Tim Dalton said...

I am so glad the Broncos fan event at Pioneer Park went well. This is such a good thing for the city.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...


Irene said...

Love the Broncos coverage


Anonymous said...

How dare some of you label all of us living in the historic city as not having a brain? We will not vote for someone only because of where they live. Most of us have lived in Commerce City for years and own property either passed down or purchased from other family. We also want what’s best for our city. We were here when we had to force one of the candidates to reimburse the city for his questionable spending. We live everyday with some neighbors and candidates that inexplicably won’t maintain and doesn’t seem to care about the esthetics of their property which I agree correlates to the perception of the city. Some of us are still trying to figure out why neighborhoods weren’t improved years ago when we had so much revenue from industry and not as many residents.
Although I didn’t vote for Paul Natale I think he is doing a good job. I really don’t know why a hand full congregate at our functions and knock every accomplishment. I guess they’re just circling the wagons, from what I don’t know.
It has been good to finally have our city increase in popularity and mentioned so positively in the media throughout the state.
I am not going to give my name because I don’t want to be harassed or have my home damaged.

Ace said...

Well, I live in the South and I am voting for at large candidates that live in the south. I am voting for Robert Romine and Rene Bullock. Not because I don't have a brain, but because I do not think the current city council system is fair. It is a possibility that we could have 7 of the 9 council members that live in the north. That is not fair. I personally would like to see the wards having two representatives per ward.

What is FAIR is FAIR!

And yes I do have a brain and it is all for being what is FAIR.

Ace, Core Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Ace if it only matters where someone lives..then you'll get what you deserve.
One of your candidates home is an embarrasment to our good city.
The other thinks he is entitled to a position on council and is the king of perks. obviously want the metro area's negative image of us to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Ace, this is American so you do have the right to vote for whomever you'd like. It sounds like you would vote for a garbage can instead of someone that will help increase your property values or help bring good jobs for you offspring only because the garbage can lives in your neighborhood. I just hope that is inferiority complex talking.

Voter from the south

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Dont vote for the best. Vote for dumb & dumber.
Show people how much brains you do have.

Anne said...

Rene, Romine, Leffel will balance out the death grip the current council has on it!

Your Right on Ace,

Supporter of Robert Romine!

Anonymous said...

Re-read your statement, it makes no sense.
But your support of Romine follows that guess in your case, it does make sense, and you have a right to your opinion.
I'm voting for the best for our city as a whole, not according to where they reside.
It certainly will not be Bullock, Leffel and Romine. That will be a death grip, to our city's future!

Ace said...

Where's all the love for Romine! He saved this city from embarrassment and also lawsuits!


I will also be voting for Robert and Rene.

Wes said...

Does the council members get to keep their computers?

Dustie, Gateway News said...

Yes. After four years of service, the Commerce City council members do get to keep their laptops.

But, of course after four years, the laptops are significantly worth much less.

Dustie, Gateway News

Jasmine said...

I have been taking a interest in local issues and politics. This website makes it pretty easy. I have lots of questions.

First and most important,

Why doesn't Commerce City have a Chamber of Commerce like everyone else?

Jasmine B., Reunion

Irene said...

Good Question jasimin!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "Chamber of Commerce"?

Anonymous said...

There are several reasons why Commerce City does not have its own Chamber of Commerce. Several years ago the Metro North Chamber of Commerce attempted to start a chapter in Commerce City by holding a leads group every Monday. It failed due to lack of interest. Commerce City has the Derby Business Assoc and the Commerce City Business and Professionals Assoc. Brighton has the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce that several Commerce City businesses belong to as well.

Anonymous said...

OK Gateway come clean! Why the Sunflower market story??? Do I smell food??? Will it be in Commerce City or at the Prairie Center in Brighton??? And can we take the free shuttle from Reunion to the Sunflower Market??? What is the time frame??? Tell us what you know. HUNGRY IN THE NORTH

Hungry said...

Gateway News!

Why pr for Sunflower Markets!? are we getting one in the north?!

Ryland said...


Is sunflower markets coming?

Why else would do an article on them?


Yuri said...

CCPBA is not really a Chamber of Commerce, are they?

Matter of fact what is the CCPBA really?


Anonymous said...

Sunflower Markets?Anyone?

Tim Dalton said...

some read the Gateway and some read into the Gateway.

But if Sunflower really is coming. Please let me know!

Tim Dalton

Gateway News Twitter said...

South Adams Fire Depart. Spaghetti Dinner, Sat Sept 12th at NEW HS, 72 & Quebec 4:30 - 8pm, Take Out starts at 2:30pm $5 Adult $3 Children

Marcus said...

What does the CCPBA do?


Do they consider themselves a traditional "Chamber of Commerce"

Erin NW said...

Thank You Mildred Stites!

Great Achievement!

Erin NW

Fred A. said...

Sunflower Market coming to Commerce City story has been around for awhile. Dont think it really will, but you are all behind.

Marcus said...

That is awful! Why would they try to take the land back from the school district?

What did they want Retail?

Curious in Reunion said...

Orval was saying something a while ago about some art that belongs to the city, but the city doesn't have it.

Any clue what he was talking about?

Curious in Reunion

Dave said...

Fire Depart. Dinner was great! Good deal for 5 bucks!


Anonymous said...

ccbpa or the Commerce City Business and Professionals Association has a informational website at:

Jennie said...

Jason looks good in his picture holding Bronco Flag.

Jennie, Belle Creek

Brian, Reunion said...

Due to the recent burglaries in the Reunion area, an informational meeting has been planned for Thursday, September 17th at 6:30pm.

This meeting will be held at the Reunion Recreation Center .

Commerce City Police Department will be there to inform you on the recent incidents and offer suggestions for making your residence less of a target.

Chuck said...

Brighton population is more then 31,000!!!

Get your reporting right, aren't we paying you 80 grand?

Chuck, Commerce City

Listening in Reunion said...

watching council,

where did they get there numbers from?

Listening in Reunion

Unitas said...

I am not learning anything NEW!

How much did we pay them?


Hyde said...

What are these consultants telling us that we already don't know?

how do you spell w-a-s-t-e

Hyde, Reunion

Yuri said...


Can you report on some of the stats Agelou is reporting?


Gateway News said...

Yes I will.

Dustie, Gateway News

ccSpeaks said...

I am so confused, what is the purpose of bring in this consultant?

Erin NW said...

Yeah! I took that survey!

Erin NW

Marcus said...


Anonymous said...

They are So Wrong!

ccSpeaks said...

That a Boy! Orval Lewis

Irene said...

what a flop! city should have just flushed the 70-80 grand down the toilet


Art said...

Hey Mayor of Commerce City!

There are people in Brighton Listening. And I will make sure that Brighton knows that you find it acceptable to bash Brighton!

Prairie Center is a Wonderful Place and I think there are tons of people that utilize it.

Art, Brighton Citizen

ccSpeaks said...

Angelou Economics:So your Projections are off by 10,000????


DeeDee said...

makes no sense!

Mayor says no one at Praire Center? Yet we have 300 million in leakage.

Where are they going?


Jim said...

So whites are the minority in Commerce City?


ccSpeaks said...

poor clarion consultant!

she just heard the last consultants.

Orval is right on!

Anonymous said...

the graduation rate in 27j is almost DOUBLE the graduation rate in Adams County District 14. let me say this it all flows right from the top. 27j school board president college educated. d14 board president maybe has a GED. 27j superintendent is a phd with decades of experience. d14 superintendent maybe has a GED. 27j school board all college educated. d14 board maybe they have GED, one is a convicted drug felon. ok maybe now we all understand.

Anonymous said...

gotta love the people that say they dont read the blogs at gateway news but know everything that is on here when you talk to them. that would be called HONESTY. we could use more HONESTY with our candidates in this election.

Anonymous said...

A serious note to the voters in Ward One. Please Ward One, do not become the weakest link in our city. Please vote for either Mac McFarlin or Domnick Moreno. They present themselves as professional. Taking a shower should be a minimum requirement along with clean clothes to be a city council member. I dont need to say anymore OK?

Repost said...

Gateway News just twittered the Grad rates of 27J and D14.



*Re-posted from different section

Tim Dalton said...

60% Hispanic, are these numbers right?

Are they taking in account of the northern range?

Tim Dalton

Gateway News said...

Due to the recent burglaries in the Reunion area, an informational meeting has been planned for Thursday, September 17th at 6:30pm.

This meeting will be held at the Reunion Recreation Center .

Commerce City Police Department will be there to inform you on the recent incidents and offer suggestions for making your residence less of a target.

Tim Dalton said...

I understand the need for the second consultant.

Comp. Plan is important.

The said not updated since the 80s

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

cc speaks, you're statement that you are soooo confused says it all!

Tim Dalton said...

Commerce City needs to continue on the relationship with China.

Tim Dalton

Rhonda said...

Council Women Reba Drotar,

You are right on!

China needs to come here and see what we have.

Yuri said...

Commerce City does need to go to China and we need to embrace it.


Anonymous said...

Right Rhonda,
China will come find our little city out of ALL the places in the US without us getting out there and selling it!
This thinking is why we don't get ahead.

King of Olive Street said...

Ordinance 1775 should have been enacted a long time ago!

This would have made the e470 mess a lot easier to deal with.

King of Olive Street

Anonymous said...


this ordinance is not a very nice "welcome" mat for new business.

I say no on 1775, it will be interesting how council votes on this.

Marcus said...

It maybe costly, but it is valuable protection for the City

Yes on 1775

Anonymous said...

Regarding 1775

100% agreement with David Foster.

Drop article 2. No need to add fuel to fire

Opus said...

Ordinance 1775,

Not a warm fuzzy feeling for developers.

Not open for business!

Anonymous said...

Foster changes council minds?

Good for him

Anonymous said...

Betcha Council pushes this off

Marcus said...

Still provides protection for the city. Council needs to look out for the city

Friend of Commerce City said...

I70 and E470 needs this Ordinance 1775

Tim Dalton said...

Bob showing his colors. This is something new.

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

No question in my mind that Mr. Gehler has the city at heart!

Bob has always had the city at heart!

Good Guy

Anonymous said...

Comes down to Business Friendly or some degree of City Protection?

Everyone needs to be pay attention said...

In the wrong hands, 1041 reg. can be devastating!

Everyone needs to be pay attention said...

Commerce City need the protection for the future and for current issues.

Yes on 1775

Wes said...

did Romine just say blighted derby?

Why was that even needed to be said?

Anonymous said...

looks like Foster WINS!

Yuri said...

Good meeting tonight. Thank you Gateway for streaming!

Wes said...

Why can`t AskC3 have the capability to upload pictures of of the issues at hand

Anonymous said...

Wes, maybe you should ask them on askc3?

Lou & Charlene Jaramillo via email said...

I am trying to put this in the right words, so as to not hurt any ones feelings. But sometimes, it is impossible to be so discrete. Election campaigns are interesting, exasperating, difficult, overbearing, expensive and many other adjectives…but in the long run, the political campaign generally tells each voter what he needs to determine the best person to elect. The voter needs to know the true views of the candidate. To flood an area with political signs is one way to educate the public as to one’s name. It does not, however, give the pertinent information needed to cast one’s vote. I recommend talking with each individual candidate, asking questions, and attending a forum to compare the candidate’s views, and intelligence. Hopefully, people realize we are one city, not the north or the south. We have wonderful, good people running for the available seats on the city council, from both ends of town. Please do not make the mistake of voting for people just because they live in the north or the south. We have lived in Commerce City since 1955. We have voted in every election, including, water board, fire department board, school board, and all city elections. We have met people from all walks of life, from all ends of town. People vote for the person who most closely represents their views and needs. Please know your candidate. Do not vote because you have seen signs all over the community. Vote because you are informed.

Lou & Charlene Jaramillo

Carolyn Priola via email said...

Dear Editor:

The Board of Education is a vital part of any community. In Brighton, we have the opportunity to re-elect Joan Kniss, an outstanding educator, leader, and community member, to this important position on the School District 27J Board of Education. As an educator, they do not come any better than Joan. In her thirty-three year teaching career in Brighton, she has taught everything from high risk and special needs students to Advanced Placement seniors. In her classroom, she not only provided her students with a solid educational foundation, but she also helped them recognize their own potential and strive for their dreams. In 2001, Joan’s dedication and excellence as an educator were recognized when she was named Colorado Teacher of the Year, the highest honor bestowed upon a classroom teacher. In the Brighton community, she has also been honored with numerous awards including being recognized by the Brighton Breakfast Lions Club as their “Person of Vision.” As a current school board member, she continues to work hard for all our students, and that is why re-electing Joan to the board is so important to our school district.

Joan’s dedication as a school board member is clearly evident. Not only does Joan never miss a school board meeting, but she can be counted on to effectively communicate the board’s proceedings by sharing her board notes with the public after each meeting. When considering an issue, Joan thoughtfully researches all sides of the topic. Joan also faithfully attends PTO meetings and important school events to better understand issues facing individual schools, as well as to celebrate a school’s successes. At regular community engagement meetings, Joan makes herself available to listen to the concerns of everyone.

In addition to all these responsibilities, Joan still finds time to share her talents in the community through her church and civic organizations. She is also a CASA volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate) where she is a trusted voice for children in need. She does all of this simply because it is the right thing to do. Our school district is fortunate to have someone like Joan working on behalf of our children. I strongly urge voters to re-elect Joan Kniss to the 27J Board of Education.

Carolyn Priola

Dale said...

It is concerning to me that the City of Commerce City would go over board and over react to just a couple of situation, one of them being the I70 re-alignment.

There is no need for Ordinance 1775.

I do not want to make assumptions, but this is along the lines of something Mr. Jim Benson would do.

I commend the council of not giving into the city attorney and taking time to step back and really look at this issue.

Dale, Friend of Commerce City

Marcus said...


I hope gene and his lovely girlfriend joyful allowed the Police Chief to eat a Birthday cupcake in the council chambers.


Brian said...

This is what is wrong with Commerce City:

A recent comment was left that started out with this: "I am trying to put this in the right words, so as to not hurt any ones feelings. But sometimes, it is impossible to be so discrete."

Who cares! if you hurt someones feeling who is running for city council feelings. They are a candidate for a very important position.

If they can't take the Heat, they need to drop out!

I will say what is on everyone's mind, Robert Romine, your signs are ridiculous. They are a distraction a nuisance and just plain ridiculous!

There I said it, now we can pass a much needed ordinance that can pt some controls on campaign signs.

And yes I am one of the ones who contacted city and Robert Romine to complain about Robert's signs.

Brian, Commerce City

Anonymous said...


Tim Dalton said...



Happy Birthday Candidate 1 Gene Lefel

Tim, Ward 2.

Darren said...


(Political Sign Pollution)

Commerce City Resident said...

I am all for a Commerce City ordinance that can put some limits on political campaign signage.

You only need to create a ordinance when some issue that you could not predict, and the Romine signs is one of these times.

Anonymous said...

Gateway, do you have the numbers and staistics from last night?
Curious in the Core City

Gateway News said...

The city will have the reports posted on their websites.

I will post the URLs as they become available.

Gateway News

Aaron said...

I see that people can report some crimes on the Commerce City home web page. I think that is great.

I would like to know if it would be possible to text in some of those minor crimes, like weed violations and graffiti?

Irene said...

We (Commerce City) need to be a little more appreciative of our city situation.

Denver is looking at over a 100 city layoffs.

Things are not that bad in Commerce City.


Friend of Commerce City said...

About Ordinance 1775 and Article 2 Designation of Matters of State Interest.

Isn't this the whole reason why you are a HOME RULE city.

protect yourselves.

Friend of Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Water and Sewer Projects. The site selection and construction of major new domestic water and wastewater treatment systems, major extensions of existing domestic water and wastewater treatment systems, and efficient utilization of municipal and industrial water projects, including any proposed land development directly related to such project if such development is to be located wholly or partially within the City and if such development specifically generates the need for the project.

What, Commerce City doesn't trust the South Adams IGA signed by Sean Ford?

Hyde said...

I guess I will be the first to ask.

What the hell is ordinance 1775?

It seems like some people are leaving comments on here that are really clued in. I HAVE NO CLUE!

I don't mind admitting this.

Gateway can you post on the main page so everyone know what this is?


Dave said...

gateway news,

I like what you are doing, but I think you should start a city government from the beginning type of series.

A lot of people in the city are really in the dark about even the basic information about city government.

Just my 2 cents

David Pocs said...

METRO NORTH REGION, COLO --- The Metro North Chamber of Commerce in partnership with
the MetroNorth Newspapers is hosting a local candidate forum on Wednesday, September 16th from
4:30 – 10:00 p.m. at the City of Thornton Council Chambers (9500 Civic Center Dr., Thornton).
This forum will be taped for rebroadcast on, Cable Channel 8 broadcast. Filmed live, the forum will
be moderated by Scott Perriman and Mikkel Kelly from the MetroNorth Newspapers.
Please find the city and time schedule below. The forum is open to the public.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009:
Broomfield: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Brighton: 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.
Northglenn: 6:45 – 7:15 p.m.
Thornton: 7:15 – 8:15 p.m.
Commerce City: 8:15 – 9:30 p.m.

Anonymous said...


I see why you wrote the 1775 piece as you did. But I have to strongly disagree with you.

This is directed at the developers, it may not have the intention of this, today, but someday it could in the wrong hands or even the wrong setting.

I respect you and I know that you are very in touch with the issues, I just think you are off on this one.

Ryland said...

Just for everyone's information, Commerce City attorney says the say thing. Not for the developers.

Curious in River Run said...

Reba's question?

Where was she going with this?

Curious in River Run

Erin NW said...

I was just going over some of the videos you guys have done in the past. GREAT STUFF!

keep up the good work.

Erin NW

Tim Dalton said...

Council, stay the course on the Chinese relationship.

You are doing the right thing.

Tim Dalton

Irene said...


There is nothing wrong with Commerce City. Why would you even ask that question?


Roger said...

Hope to see all of the Candidates tonight.

Good luck to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Annonymous: reference not supporting 1775.
Future councils COULD support anything that council's now don't support.
Hense the biggest reason to know the candidates and where they are directed.
This council does not want to hurt develpers, but protect our city from possible harm directed by others not in our city.

Aaron said...

Council stick to the Chinese relationship and we will make sure that when Commerce City lands some really huge deal with China, which eventually we will, the credit will go to the RIGHT people.

Andrew Hahn said...

Regarding the question of Medical Marijuana we were asked to give a Support or Oppose answer.
I would like to follow up with this statement. My first thought would be to oppose a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in city limits of Commerce City, before I would make any judgment on any issue I would look at all the facts to be able to render a fair decision on this or any issue, and as a representative of the people I would listen to what my constituents would have to say so that I would be representing the opinion of the people. In this process I would bring their questions and concerns to the table so they could be addressed as well. In turn the people who are presenting this request would need to show to the people and the city how and why this should be allowed. Some concerns regarding this request would include; security, location and verifications would certainly need to be addressed. With that said please contact me educate me on your proposal so that I may better make a determination on this issue.
303-331-8040 or

Jasmine Bernard said...

good stuff, gateway. I cant wait to see the videos.

Jasmine Bernard, Commerce City

Core Resident said...

I would like the city council to also look at a political sign law that would put limitations on it.

Political Sign around town, One word, RIDICULOUS!

VOTER IN WARD 1 said...



Ryland said...

Dusty, how did the candidates do, honestly.

Dustin, Gateway News said...

Honestly, I was a bit surprise by some of the answers by some of the candidates.

It was the first time to hear some of the candidates speak, which was very interesting.

All in all, a pretty good group of candidates. They all did fine.

I give them a 4 to 4.5 out of 5

Dustin, Gateway News

Anonymous said...

hey gateway news,
the word on the street is that the ward candidates were actually asked how do you rate the candidates from a scale from 1 to 10, not 1 to 5. And you reported a scale from 1 to 5 for all of the candidates, have you heard this?

Dustin, Gateway News said...

News travels fast, but yes I have been made aware of this.


Anonymous said...

That rumor about the rating being 1 to 10 is wrong.
I was there and it was 1 to 5.
Someone must want to skew the answers.

Mac said...

The question was, How do you rate the "Current" City Council, on a scale of 1 to 5?

Mac McFarlin

Estelle Remington said...

All Subdivisions are not created equal

For about ten years now, the Northern Range of Commerce City has been the place to purchase beautiful new homes with the promises of new progressive schools, open spaces with miles of new trails and City Parks and Recreation. But, Buyers needed to shop wisely. Because, different Builders offered as many different packages of the American Dream for owning one's home.

First of all, in 1998-99, Builders offered bigger, beautiful homes on much smaller reduced lots than any generation of houses that came before them. Many cities around Commerce City had already begun to build new homes around the concept of community. Where, small parks with playgrounds, ponds, walking trails and areas, recreation centers and community pools were offered as amenities to help residents live healthy lives closer to home. However, only one Builder in the Northern Range actually provided this kind of community environment. And, the rest of the Builders just sort of attached their subdivisions to the promise of future like minded amenities supplied by the City of Commerce City in the form of parks and recreation and new trail development. A few of the larger subdivisions did receive some city parks connected to the building of new schools. But, other smaller subdivisions will not share in the promise of a place for their children to toss a ball around a safe green area close to home.

Buyers beware, not all subdivisions come with a guarantee of a place for children to play in. As a family, before you commit to just any subdivision look at the amenities offered by that Builder to see if that is a setting your family can live and play in. Also, look at the School District you will be living in which is most important. Because, in the Northern Range for the next 10 to 15 years that is all that you will have. The promise goes to the next generation of children.

Estelle Remington

Tim Dalton said...

So the conclusion is 4 out of 5 or 8 out of 10.

80% approval rate.

Still Good Job current council.

Tim Dalton

Yuri said...


Who is challenging your report of council rate?

Marcus said...

Everyone thinks they can be a reporter!
Dustie, you are doing a fine job. Of course it is scale of 5.
keep up good work.

Confused said...

Why would it be different scales?
1 to 5 and 1 to 10, makes no sense.

DeeDee said...

Why was the marijuana question asked?

Are we getting a marijuana business?

Fred A. said...

This issue has been in the news lately. City are dealing with it, that's all.

Fred A.

Irene said...

There was an inquiry to the city about a place in Derby?

josh said...

great stuff mcintyre

Anonymous said...

From my understanding, state law mandates that you CANNOT, keep medicinal marijuana businesses out of the city, any more than you can keep a strip club out.
You CAN legislate where, via zoning, they can go. Therefore limiting the areas.
I think our city has already done that.
Wheather anyone "supports or agrees with" that type of business is irrelavant, they have a "lawful" right to do business.

Ryland said...

you are correct.

Yuri said...

I think it is funny that cand. Leffel brags about attending all the council meetings, and he is ready to go, but cant even take a stance on marijuana issue.

Wasn't this issue already discussed on a council meeting?


Hyde said...

so it looks like Douglas and Bullock are the ones who really don't like present council.

Rhonda said...

I would like the city to enforce the laws that they have created. If their are illegal pit bulls in the area, then they need to follow the law.

Or if council can not enforce the law, then the law needs to be changed to a general vicious dag law.


Carter said...

I think Council jumped the gun a little on the Pit Bull ban.
They need to make it a more broad base, not breed specific.

Dalton said...

Hey gateway,
Orval should have some great video for you tomorrow! Be prepared.
Tim Dalton

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