The Money Behind the Voice

Campaign Financial Contributions Reports for Currently Seated Commerce City Council Members, Non-Individual Donations...

“Friends of Dominick” (Ward 1 Dominick Moreno) 2009 total: $200.00
2009 Realtor Candidate Political Action Committee: $200.00

“Committee to Elect Jim Benson” (Ward 2 Jim Benson) 2009 total: $0.00
2009 Accepted $500.00 and then returned to Shea Homes ($500.00): $0.00

“Committee to Elect Jadie Carson” (Ward 3 Jadie Carson) 2009 total: $2,500
2009 SEIU Local 105 Small Donor Committee: $250.00
2009 AFT Colorado (American Federation of Teachers): $250.00
2009 AFSCME (American Federation of State Municipal Employees): $1,000.00
2009 CSCEW Small Donor Committee: $500.00
2009 AFL - CIO nonpartisan Small Donor Committee: $500.00

“Citizens to Elect Tracey Snyder” (Ward 4, Mayor Pro tem Tracey Snyder) 2003 total: $1,588.40 / 2007 total: $11,600.00
2003 Melody Homes: $200.00
2003 Shea Homes: $500.00
2003 Phil Foster & Company Complete Real Estate Services: $100.00
2003 Quick Porch: $100.00
2003 High Plains A & M, LLC: $688.40
2007 JAL Excavation LLC: $500.00
2007 Centre Custy Investors LLC: $500.00
2007 Sweetwater LLC: $1,000.00
2007 H Street LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Gateway America Properties LLC: $1,000.00
2007 GAP Riverdale LLC/LLP: $1,000.00
2007 Falcon Park Three Holdings LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Town Square at Gateway Village LLC: $1,000.00
2007 SW Peoria, LLC: $250.00
2007 SWINK, LLC: $250.00
2007 Cutler JV, LLC: $250.00
2007 SW Chambers, LLC: $250.00
2007 Cowley Management & LLC: $500.00
2007 Home Builders Association: $1.000.00
2007 Parkway Liquors: $500.00
2007 AGS, LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Shea Homes Colorado Inc., LLC: $500.00
2007 Marty Farms, LLP: $100.00

“Committee to Elect Rene Bullock” (At-Large Rene Bullock) 2009 total: $599.12 transfer
2009 Transfer of Funds from “Committee to Elect Rene Bullock Mayor”: $599.12

“Committee to Elect Jason McEldowney” (At-Large Jason McEldowney) 2009 total: $11,450.00
2009 Cowley Management, LLC: $1,000.00
2009 The Hanson Group: $7,500.00
2009 Foster, Graham, Milstein & Callisher, LLP: $250.00
2009 The Pachner Company, LLC: $750.00
2009 Realtor Candidate Political Committee: $200.00
2009 Strategic Capital Management: $500.00
2009 Martin J. Flaum/Flaum & Associates, LLC: $100.00
2009 SMT Investors Partnership, AZ: $1,000.00
2009 Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti PC: $150.00

“Committee to Elect Tony Johnson” (At-Large Tony Johnson) 2003 total: $2,281.50 / 2007 total: $10,000
2003 High Plains A & M: $731.50
2003 Shea Homes: $500.00
2003 Melody Homes: $250.00
2003 Metro Housing Coalition: $500.00
2003 Quick Porch: $100.00
2003 Derby Service: $100.00
2003 D M & H Cattle Co.: $100.00
2007 Metro Housing Coalition: $2,000.00
2007 Centre Custy Investors LLC: $500.00
2007 Shea Homes Colorado Inc., LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Newcastle Properties: $500.00
2007 Gateway America Properties LLC: $1,000.00
2007 GAP Riverdale LLC/LLP: $1,000.00
2007 Falcon Park Three Holdings LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Town Square at Gateway Village LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Sweetwater LLC: $1,000.00
2007 H Street LLC: $1,000.00

“Committee to Elect Kathy Teter” (At-Large Kathy Teter) 2003 total: $7,960.51 / 2007 total: $14,950.00
2003 Sandhu Inc., Parkway Liquors: $1,500.00
2003 Metro Housing Coalition: $3,835.51
2003 Melody Homes: $250.00
2003 JAL Excavation LLC: $500.00
2003 Coventry Homes: $100.00
2003 Waste Management Services: $200.00
2003 Excello Comm. Inc.: $200.00
2003 Southwest Investments: $775.00
2003 Albert Frei & Sons, Inc.: $500.00
2003 Quick Porch Mitchell & Sons: $100.00
2007 Accepted $500.00 and then returned to Comcast ($500.00): $0.00
2007 Accepted $500.00 and then returned to Cowley Management, LLC ($500.00): $0.00
2007 Accepted $250.00 and then returned to David Cole & Associates ($250.00): $0.00
2007 Sandhu Inc., Parkway Liquors: $1,000.00
2007 SW Chambers, LLC: $500.00
2007 JAL Excavation LLC: $500.00
2007 SW Investments Peoria, LLC: $500.00
2007 SW Investments Begald, LLC: $500.00
2007 Swink, LLC: $500.00
2007 Spanos: $1,000.00
2007 Kroenke Sports Stadium Services: $250.00
2007 Waste Management: $200.00
2007 GAP Riverdale LLC/LLP: $1,000.00
2007 Falcon Park Three Holdings LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Town Square at Gateway Village LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Centre Custy Investors LLC: $500.00
2007 Shea Homes Colorado Inc., LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Gateway America Properties LLC: $1,000.00
2007 H Street LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Sweetwater LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Metro Housing Coalition: $2,500.00

“Committee to Elect Paul Natale” (2005 At-Large, 2007 Mayor Paul Natale) 2005 total: $17,950 / 2007 total: $12,300.00
2005 The Mark David Campbell Trust: $500.00
2005 Lamplighter Mobile Home Park, LLC: $50.00
2005 Phill Foster & Company: $100.00
2005 Sandhu Inc. Parkway Liquors: $500.00
2005 The Deck Superstore: $100.00
2005 MJ Flaum and Associates: $150.00
2005 Concord Partners, LLC: $500.00
2005 SW Chambers, LLC: $1,000.00
2005 Shea Homes, L.P. Colorado Division: $500.00
2005 Colorado Gaming Association: $500.00
2005 S.A. Micro, Inc.: $500.00
2005 Belle Creek, LLC: $500.00
2005 BCX Development: $250.00
2005 MGI Investments: $250.00
2005 Goldberg Properties: $400.00
2005 Gateway America Properties, LLC: $2,000.00
2005 M.A. Mortenson Company: $1,000.00
2005 Southwestern Investment Group, Inc.: $2,900.00
2005 Metro Housing Coalition II: $3,500.00
2005 Amber Homes: $250.00
2005 JAL Excavation, LLC: $250.00
2005 Shea Homes Colorado Inc., LLC: $1,000.00
2005 Standard Pacific of Colorado, Inc.: $1,000.00
2005 Kroenke Sports Enterprises: $250.00
2007 Town Square at Gateway Village LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Gateway America Properties LLC: $1,000.00
2007 SW Weld 80, LLC: $500.00
2007 H Street LLC: $1,000.00
2007 GAP Riverdale LLC/LLP: $1,000.00
2007 SW Milliken, LLC: $500.00
2007 SW Chambers, LLC: $500.00
2007 Sweetwater LLC: $1,000.00
2007 SW Flatiron Meadows, LLC: $500.00
2007 DOO Boselli & Sons McDonalds Restaurants: $800.00
2007 Falcon Park Three Holdings LLC: $1,000.00
2007 Metro Housing Coalition (MHII): $1,000.00
2007 Centre Custy Investors LLC: $500.00
2007 Shea Homes Colorado Inc., LLC: $1,000.00
2007 A.G. Spanos: $1,000.00


Anonymous said...

nothing more then another gateway news witch hunt, I am so sad.

Yuri said...



thank you Gateway News. about time!

PRO CITY said...

who cares who they got money from? They are still the best out of the group that was running.

Hyde said...

DAMN! Hanson Group has a big heart for Jason!!!!!!

Paul Floth, Reunion Resident, Brighton Sales Tax Payer said...

Hanson group, who are they?

Paul Floth, Reunion Resident, Brighton Sales Tax Payer said...

that is what I like to see from the gateway news. they report and we decide and comment. perfect situation.

Curious in Reunion said...

how can council vote on something that they take money from?

Curious in the Core. said...

hey, snyder took money from parkway liquors, what about her being on liquor board. Curious in the Core.

BCK_2_Basics said...

got to love the unions.

Anonymous said...

People, how do you think people run for elections, it takes money. It has been that way forever.

Erin NW said...

thank you, a glimpse into the dark dirty world of politics.

Xaiver, Commrece City said...


KD, Reunion said...

COWLWY, there it is! tracy snyder and Jason McElowdonwnwy.

James, Monaco St. said...

after reading anything from a news source, I always see if it was worth my time and if I have learned anything from it. After reading this simple, but factually report from the gateway news. I am going on record as saying this was one of the most impressive piece of information I have read for as long as I can remember.

Casper said...

No wonder Jason gave Jerry 72 grand, according to his campaign fund raising, big numbers is no big deal.

LOOK HERE said...

ok, so carson is union, GOT IT!

Ryland, Reunion Resident said...


Belle Creek in the house said...

that is a lot of money, most of it is from Denver!

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of Bullocks report from mayor run?

Casper said...

makes me want to take a shower, so dirty

Wes, N. Range said...

Nice timing gateway, right before council?

The way I see it said...

Good Question
snyder and teter took money from parkway liquors, what about both of them being on liquor board.

Unitas said...

so let me get this straight. take money from someone for campaign, then when it comes up to vote on something about them, you give them what they want?

like cowley/david foster?

thanks Gateway News

Bud said...

you should also publish the individuals, you would be surprised on who gave to who.

Example: Bullock gave to Natale back in 2005!

Who is Hanson Group? said...

why does the hanson group give so much to Jason, who are they and when are we going to see them popping in?

rick towns, resident said...

A lot of the contributions that were individuals should also be reported

Ollie, Northern Guy said...

Hanson Group and Jason McEldowney, what the real story?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of the Gateway News and their gotcha reporting.

Not Impreseed, River Run said...

great title "the money behind the voice" all that is missing is the scary intense music.

Tanner, Commerce City said...

I have a feeling that some of the individual donations not reported are more likely people with hidden agendas

Open my Eyes said...

so id that why the little piece of land was determined "to be determined" and not what the citizens advisory committee and the planning department first proposed?

Is it because they group that owns the land gave money to some of the council members.

promote discussions said...

$7,500 as a contribution always scares me

vickey, commerce city said...

so what, nothing new, it is like this in every city.

Anonymous said...

this whole thing just SCREAMS jim benson!

I get it! said...

cool gateway, I can't wait to read the rip off article in the Commerce City Sentinel next week!

Anonymous said...

who is the hanson group?

Gina, cc said...

I dont think there are any laws that say you cant take money from a liquor store and then serve on a liquor board.

PRO CITY said...

stupid!, nothing more then once again a Gateway Witch hunt

Richard Connley said...

so this is what Jim Benson was all upset about last week.

Comp plan and Cowley Foster Group.

some of them took money and then voted for whatever they wanted.

Andria, Commerce City said...

hey this is not very positive!

Zach said...

Jason's Hanson Group -

have they ever worked with the city in the past?

Anonymous said...

"gotcha reporting" comment must be from a Sarah Palin fan, so you must be a Republican. This is not anything more than the truth, which is something that the "leaders" in Commerce City do not want the taxpayers to have. Please Gateway keep giving us the truth. It took you long enough but we all love it now. How else can we move forward unless we know what the truth is about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I am getting tired of the gotcha reporting too.
If you've ever helped in a campaign it is terrible costly.
What has happened??
Now that the Beacon is gone, the Gateway has to dig up old stuff to keep people interested.
I am so disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Beacon never did anything like this. This is just the Gateway News being mean!

Zach said...

blame the media, good plan

open to all said...

well i guess it is all out there.

Who is the Hanson Group?

Jadie Carson in all union.

SW and other dev gave a bunch of money and what will they want in return?

Melleek, 27J resident, in CC said...

i love what gateway is doing, FIRST time this city actually had a real report on what the hell is going on.

gateway rocks!

Archer said...

attack the Gateway News, because they published a public record that any one of you citizens can go and get yourself? Sorry, that doesn't make sense.

Like said before, the Gateway News reported and we will decide.

I know a lot of people who are happy this site exists.

Fred Askins said...

how is the Gateway News being mean? What council didn't want anyone to know where their money came from?

Anonymous said...

gatewaynews more like gotchanews

grow up gateway!

Anonymous said...

the TBCC group has been really quite about this

Robert, core city said...

great! I smell another "citizen group" coming on


"Citizens Against Hanson Group and Cowley Management"

Sans said...

Did Hanson really like Jason that much, OR, did they really not like the other at large candidates?

Anonymous said...

I know for a FACT that the city has given `perks` to a business in the North. This was a while ago and it was under the direction of the last city manager. But Folks, yes indeed in has happened. It was only done because of who the guy was and the support he gave.

If the city ever tries to deny this I will reveal the name of the business so the Gateway News can do a side by side comparison of wha the fees were and what this certain business received.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t this more a Jim Benson witch hunt with Gateway News giving us the facts? Who is it that keep making posts that the G_News is just trying to start problems by reporting the news in our city. It we don’t know what problems exist they’ll never get fixed. Kind of what got us into some of our questionable decisions?
If candidates didn’t get donations we would have nothing but the super rich who are so out of touch with the community getting into office.
What I find to be outrageous; why is it that most council persons appear to care more for ward 2 than Jim Benson?
C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sad about the gateway reporting this. I think it is valid to ask council what they are being asked to do by taking developer's money.

Bud said...

Gateway, THANK YOU! finally, someone in this city to hold our politicians accountable.

C. Archer via email said...

We would like to thank the Gateway News website for reporting report. It is fact based and has no real bias.

A true leader in our community.

Theodore, The Dunes said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't like campaign donations, should really be worrying about the state and national scene.
It was announced today that Bennett has raised well over a million dollars in this past quarter alone, for his campaign.
Who do you think he will owe??

PRO CITY said...

that is a good point. what nobody seems to understand, is that it takes money to run a campaign. Sorry! that is the way it is!

Anonymous said...

HEY Gateway!
So what if they take a lot of money from whoever!
How else are they going to pay for your ads and postcards and postage!

neleen said...

just a FYI - a "contribution" does not always mean money, it can be services or direct vendor contribution.

services rendered is a good example.

Yuri said...

so the question that needs to be asked to Jadie Carson is does she think she is going to be able to handle the PD union talks without spilling the beans?

Derrick Keys, Commerce City Resident, Brighton Tax Payer said...

yes Jadie and the unions, but what does the Hanson Group want with Jason?

Maybe they are just really good friends.

Anonymous said...

WHAT R U ALL TALKING ABOUT! the developers have NEVER gotten anything special from the city!

Love it!

Salty Dog said...

good stuff,
talk about transparency!
Clear as a bell!

Anonymous said...

My feeling is Jadie wants to involve the unions in every aspect of the city.
She criticle of the fire dept (wants them to be unionized city employees)
She wants the city staff to be union too.
She works for unions (the other BIG CORPORATION). Without unionized employees she and her friends have NO JOB!
I believe her whole purpose on coucil is just that unionization!!

Casper said...

I don't know about Carson making the entire city union. but Gateway should ask her why taking so much money from unions.

Anonymous said...

fire department will never be Union!

Anonymous said...

after looking at the same report the Gateway News got, Hanson Group is all services, not actual cash!

Sans said...

I don't care if Jason took real cash or "service" from the Hanson Group I still want to know who they are and why they would help him out to the tune of over 7 grand!

Art Hunt said...

FYI - city politics are a bit different then federal politics!

Still takes money and then has to deliver. example Obama and clean coal

Sans said...

Too bad the council in on this, NO COMMUNICATION kick, otherwise we could ask them who is who in their campaign contribution lists!

Erin NW said...

I really don't have a issue with politicians taking money. That is what is takes to run a campaign. It may look bad, but it is one of those necessary evils.

Anonymous said...

Ward 3 race~

surprised union contributions can out do a endorsement form perlmutter!
oh well!

Kathy McIntyre, Gateway News said...

In the last Commerce City Council election in November of 2009, the Gateway News gave each candidate a half page in the newspaper for $200 each, which does not even begin to cover costs. One candidate did not have any money so we found a donor for their $200. So all city council candidates were afforded the opportunity to tell the citizens about themselves. Only one sitting council member who was a candidate, McEldowney, paid the Gateway News for an ad of $150 which was well below the actual cost of the ad because we were told there was no money available. The Gateway News subsidized and paid out of our own funds to publish a section about the candidates as a service to our readers.

Anonymous said...

just because Jim Benson didn't take any money does not by anyway mean that he is a good council member.

Curious in Reunion said...

Has the Hanson Group ever done any work for the city of Commerce City?

Nancy said...

too much money being spent on local elections. it should only cost about $1,000 total.

Wes, N. Range said...

I would like to see the other candidates who ran, like Robert Romine. I think he had at least a couple grand tied up in huge signage!

Derrick Keys said...

from post today

"It's pretty unholy, this system we've created," said Romanoff, who is campaigning without taking money from political action committees or special interests. That self-imposed restriction makes his phone appeals to individuals even more important, and time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

just so you all know, jim benson tried to change the name of the city a while ago!

Anonymous said...

if Benson was not going to take any money for whatever reasons, why would he take it and then give it back, all for a PR stunt?

Xaiver, Commrece City said...

has the Hanson Group ever done any work for the city of Commerce city?

BCK_2_Basics said...

mo money mo problems

Andrew Rane, PC said...

Why make the city unions?
I will tell you why!
If the city was Unionized, none of this BS that is going on now would be taking place.
Unions demand accountability.

thats why!

CHRIS, Commerce City said...

why didn't the candidates diversify there contributions a little bit. I didn't know Jadie Carson was all Union Supported. I wish I would have before I voted.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who the Hanson Group is

Anonymous said...

That's a big problem with the election setting in this city. The citizens were not allowed to ask any questions at the candidate’s forums only enjoy the rhetoric. We need to know more about the candidates to make smarter choices. If a person is very involved with unions they will tend to lean their vote that way, A person who is having financial difficulties; can you trust them? Something like will prevent them from even walking into the door of some companies. The members of council should be making decisions based on the voters in constituency not their personal choices. A big reason I won’t be voting again for my current ward 2 person

C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

Rane... who are you kidding?
Unions are another big corporation. They are in business to support themselves, and keep those believing they are needed.
They once were, but now are a joke.
They protect everyone including those who don't do a good job, and keep others who work hard from being promoted.
I will never work for one again.

Gateway News said...

Hanson Group is not a vendor of Commerce City

Anonymous said...

If you would like to see what unsuccessful candidates spent, you can go to the city clerk and they will show you the reports.

From my understanding, Robert Romine did not file a report because he did not accept a single penny from anyone.