Commerce City’s Chinese Economic Development Initiative...What do you think???

The city of Commerce City is thinking outside the box when it comes to getting business here. The city has started a relationship building campaign with the country of China.

We have heard opinions and received emails that were pro and con about this notion. So, click on comments below and tell us what you think...

The Commerce City’s Chinese Economic Development Initiative...What do you think???


PRO CITY said...

for CHINA it is great! COMMERCE CITY is right by the airport. It is a win-win for both involved.


A friend of the city said...

I am glad this has finally come up for comments. We have spent so much on this, both time and money and we have not seen anything but a tree planted.

I hope for the city's sake that something does come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

I don't see them manufacturing here, but storage is a perfect fit.

Besides we put to much in to to look back now.

Hard Truth said...

Has anyone ever asked what China means by "Chinese delegation chooses Commerce City for visit regarding potential for development"?

Does that mean Warehouses? Office Space? What does this actually mean?

My understanding, we have sent a delegation over there, a couple of times.

Without the right people and questions being asked, this will not go far.

Smart City Move via email said...

With brands like Haier, Lenovo, and TLC. This is one of the smartest things Commerce City has done.

Hyde said...


Anonymous said...

Since China owns a big part of the US now in the form of loans, it seems like a good idea to get some of the money returned to the US.
We are in a good location for business, why not theres?

Reese said...

I think you already know the answer to this by your China picture.

Money, we have a great opportunity here and we should take advantage.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the city with its foresight on this particular venture.
YES YES YES, the China "initiative" as you call it is a good thing. Scratch that, it is a great thing.

City is capable of doing some good things.

Special Incentive for this said...

all of the land north of the northern housing range would be perfect for a Chinese Development Area.

I would even go as far as to direct staff to come up with a special incentive program just for this. But f course I am not on council. Just a idea that I think is important.

Zeek said...

lots of space in the city for storage warehouses for great Chinese stuff that stupid American LOVE!

Might as well cash in!

Anonymous said...

"A friend of the city said."

You say that we have spent "so much money and time on this"
I have asked, and we have spent very little dollar wise and little staff time.
In comparison, the city has sent nearly all 9 councelors to DC once a year at the cost of thousands of dollars, for nearly ten years!
So far having nothing to show for it.
My understanding is this past year they may have finally gotten some backing for transportaion money.
The council visits the congress members that represent Colorado,the same ones they can see when they are back in Colorado.
Some council members take a few classes (others don't even go) that mostly benefit themselves.
So please, lets look at this realistically.
China came here after two trips there. To look at us Commerce City!!
I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

I talked to the mayor and was told that he spent more money out of his own pocket than the city has spent to send anyone over there.
He believes it to be that important
Sadly not all of the council realizes this vision as a true possibility.
He said that CC will probably lose this since there is little support.

Anonymous said...

As far as I understand, WE paid for the Chinese delegation to come here, they did not pay for their own trip and WE paid for the Commerce City people to go to China. So WE have paid for everyting up to this point. Did they pay for the tree they planted? We probably paid for that too.

Anonymous said...

We DID not pay for the Chinese to come here!!
We paid for their hotel for one night and a couple of meals.
Their airfare and other costs were theirs.
The mayors first trip was not paid for by the city either.
Get the facts right!!
I asked, I didn't assume.

Anonymous said...

then what is this for?

$16,000 for China Travel/Visitors in Legislative

Northern Review said...

I don't care if we need 16,000 for Chinese Project. Still a good thing.

It can be epic financially if Commerce City can land a Chinese development deal.

I say staff and council need to stay focused on getting the Chinese to come here to Commerce City.

the facts are said...

first trip to china was paid for by an outside group. Denver mayor was suppose to go but did not because of the hot issue at the time called Human Rights!

So our mayor went.

Anonymous said...

I heard the mayor is turning this over to another group in the metro area, because too many on council were fighting the city involvement.
Too bad we will lose a good thing.

CHINA+CC=GOOD! said...

too bad if this is true. Commerce City with its location to the airport really is a win-win for all involved.

A friend of the city said...

We need to encourage that city to push forward with this relationship building effort with China. Of course we all understand that nothing will come out of this over night.

But, continue the relationship building and yes, someday it will be worth it

Demetrie, also a friend of Commerce City said...

I would hope the mayor would not listen to s couple of council members over common sense.

Commerce City needs to continue to the great relationship they got going with the Chinese.

Ollie North Guy said...

i am pleasantly surprised people and embracing the chinese coming. also glad to read that people are open to walmart coming to the newlands.

i had a hunch, it would have gone the other way.

Common Sense for the Common Good said...

I would think the Mayor would have to get a consensus of the entire council before just scrapping the entire China Project.

Common Sense for the Common Good.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I don't think the council ever sent a directive to work with the Chinese.
I understood this evolved because of the mayors trip a couple years ago with another group and he saw the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested, check out this website about Nanning China. Not coming to America, they are looking for American companies to bring investments to China. Something really big lost in translation between Natale and Chinese he is talking too. Also no mention of Commerce City on their website at all, not even as a sister city. And Chinese government officials have no authority, remember it is not a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone from Commerce City have a document from the Chinese stating that they are interested in coming to Commerce City? If you do could you post it on this blog? Preferably in English if possible.

Anonymous said...

City council just VOTED YES on Monday night to spend $16,000 for Chinese trips back and forth. So GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. And it was stated that all the RECEIPTS WERE NOT IN YET TOO. Gateway can you get the documents for the total amount spent and allocated so far for Chinese trips, everything. Cause they also said $6,000 in a meeting before was spent by Natale and Neelan.

Anonymous said...

City council just VOTED YES on Monday night to spend $16,000 for Chinese trips back and forth. So GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. And it was stated that all the RECEIPTS WERE NOT IN YET TOO. Gateway can you get the documents for the total amount spent and allocated so far for Chinese trips, everything. Cause they also said $6,000 in a meeting before was spent by Natale and Neelan.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, GET YOUR facts straight.
I listened to the Chinese expense factor during the meeting Monday night.
You have your numbers all wrong.
$8000.00 was set aside for the Chinese. Less than $4000. was spent (even with the apprx costs not yet in) The other $4000. was earmarked for future use.

Anonymous said...

so the Commerce City council is voting on approving money (4,000) that has already been spent?

What would have happened if it did not pass?

Why do we even have a council if staff already spent the money and then need council to approve it after the fact for just show?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much an approval, but an accounting to what was spent and what was left.
Also what to do with the monies left.

Just Nonsense said...

This is pure nonsense. What a waste of money. There are plenty of businesses in Commerce City that the city needs to be taking care of instead of paying for officials from China to have a a free U.S. tour and our mayor to have free trips to China. By the way has he declared all of his many trips on his income tax? Just nonsense and just asking.

Anonymous said...

Just nonsense, if you want to be critical, at least get your facts straight.
The trip for the Chinese WAS NOT paid for by CC.
The city paid for one night hotel, and a couple of meals as well as a tour around......yes CC.
No airfare to or from here.
Get the facts straight.
If you don't want to bring new business here, just say so!

David Pocs said...

My blue=collar hometown of Rockford, IL made a big initiative to lure Chinese companies. It has been extremely successful. This town with high unemployment rates got Wanxiang Group to build a solar power manufacturing plant with 60 jobs. They opened doors this August 2010.

They started this process with them before 2002. If you want results overnight, you are dreaming. The success of this has lead to an annual delegation going to China and is gaining traction each year.

The other draw to Rockford is the airport that has excess capacity.