General Issues July, 2010

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your comments.

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PRO CITY said...

In case you missed it, Commerce City Council Meetings replays on Channel 8

Thursdays, 7 p.m.
Fridays, 10 a.m.
Saturdays, 10 a.m.

PRO CITY 2.0! said...

Thanks PRO CITY!
Also, the Spray ground is open at Pioneer Park!!!

Perfect timing for the recent WARM WARM Climate!

Pioneer Park is at 5950 Holly Street. Commerce City, COLORADO

Gateway News Twitter said...

Increase Noise from recent DIA aircraft was only a temporary situation due to runway maintenance. All is back to normal.

Estelle Remington said...

Honeymoon Is Over

On May 29, 2007, Gerald Flannery had his job interview with Commerce City Council. One of the questions in this interview was: Q #13 Describe your expertise and outcomes working with diverse racial and ethnic groups. Flannery's answer: "I have worked with these cultures much the same way I work with employees with respect. .....working with the Navajo Nation on a myriad of issues that we share in common."

Recently, Commerce City has settled, out of court, with two former employees and made payments of $102, 563.14 to Patricia Greer and $77,500.00 to Leonard Lucero. An Attorney representing Economic Development Director, Stephanie Salazar in this law suit against the city which involves her hiring a Navajo city employee and comments that City Manager, Jerry Flannery made about said employee. "Flannery expressed surprise that Salazar had employed a Navajo female. Flannery indicated that Navajos are lazy and that keeping up clean appearances was not a priority for Navajo people. Flannery expressed surprise that the Navajo female took the initiative to apply for the position." This would bring the cost to taxpayers under the City Manager to $702,063.14 which includes: Relocation payment, Reunion house and two settlement payments.

The honeymoon is indeed over with City Manager, Flannery.

Anonymous said...

is commerce city shooting the fireworks this year?

Anonymous said...

Estelle.....ALLEGED comments!!
Right now this is a she said, doesn't mean its true.
Have you ever had lies told about you??
Lets wait and see rather than jump the gun to convict, unless you are totally pure??
I know only one that is!

Lionel, Commerce City said...

I hear the people saying alleged, but the allegations are so specific. I also wonder if we will ever see the real truth about this, as I think the city will more likely settle this out of court.

Anonymous said...

So I got my city news in the mail and also read here that the Commerce City Council meetings would be replayed on Channel 8 at Thurs. 7pm. I was surprised to see only a rerun of the schedule and piano music.

Why would the city put something like this out and then not follow up with it?

PRO CITY said...

Yes, the city council meeting was NOT on yesterday. It should be going on starting next Thurs for the Thurs time slots.

Anonymous said...

to comment about commerce city shooting fireworks this year:

Yes there is a bunch of family events planned. I would suggest that you copy and paste this link into your browser.

Anonymous said...

Lionel, if you are gonna sue someone, don't you think you'd make up specific allegations. How else are you gonna sue. "I think he said stuff"...?
Come on.
Liars plan.

Ask for Prayers said...

I have heard that a number of long time Commerce City residents are have various medical conditions.

I would ask that we all keep them in our prayers.

PRO CITY said...

Great Article in Post about law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

I heard the firework theme this year at the soccer stadium is mexico and the mexican flag and it was paid for in part by mexico. way to sell out cc

Pretty good idea? said...

I have a great idea: It would be good, if all the surrounding cities would stop doing their own firework shows and give their firework funds to Commerce City and we just have ONE BIG fireworks show at dicks sporting goods park!

Pretty good idea?

PRO CITY 2.0! said...

so you want the surrounding cities to give their firework funds to the City of Commerce City and just have one big display?

Interesting. Where did you hear this idea? or did you come up with it yourself?

Anonymous said...

I attended the fireworks show at Dicks, NO WHERE was the Mexican flag. It was 150% USA and no mexican funds or support was involved.
WHERE in the world do you come up with these types of rumors, or do you just make these up yourself?

Lavetto, CC said...

I would not be too quick to shoot down the fireworks idea at DICKS.

The are can hold the numbers, that is proven from the Mile High Music Festival.

If all the surrounding cities did pull together, it could be a very impressive 4th show.

Something to at least think about.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Estelle Remington said...


On July 24th Arizona Law SB 1070 will go into effect. One of the loudest complaints about this new law is about police profiling. Which has nothing to do with the actual language in SB 1070, itself.

After 9/11, American airline services used profiling as a means to identify potential terrorists for years. Airline Profiling: Purchase on-way ticket with cash; no luggage; purchase ticket within twenty-four hours of departure. It takes about ten minutes to go through security checks at an airport. Security personnel needed some kind of guideline to identify security risks. Moreover, it takes about ten minutes to purchase airline tickets and about twenty minutes for passengers to board a plane. This gives security personnel about twenty minutes to identify a shoe or underwear bomber. Over the years, profiling has been an inconvenience to passengers but if you have nothing to hide, it is just that an inconvenience.

Recently, T.V. commentators made a big deal over the fact that Arizona police have been given a profile check list for illegal immigrants. Check: For dress; speak English: groups of ten or more with backpacks in a van, etc. The worst that can happen to those that meet this check list criteria is that the officer will ask for some kind of personal identification. If, the person(s) have a valid Arizona Driver License, a non operating identification license, a tribal enrollment card or form of tribal identification or any valid United States Federal, State or local government issued identification, they are free to go. This form of profiling means that a person will be asked to show proper identification nothing more. If, one has the proper ID it is at the most an inconvenience. There are about 164,000 illegal immigrants crossing an open border each year.

SB 1070 says, "for any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official" the police officer can ask for proper ID, which, all law officers across the United States already do. The difference in this law is that if the officer stops you and you do not have proper ID they will return you to Mexico. Many immigrants have been returned to Mexico several times and always come back.

Now, there are those that say Profiling goes against American Citizen's Equal Rights, but, these are not American citizens and therefore have no rights under our Constitution. If, a policeman stops you because you have broken the law, they already ask for your ID there is no difference.

Anonymous said...

If you repeat lies often enough the people will believe you!!

Back_2_Basics said...

what lies, that the city manager is worth the cities entire budget?

Yeah, keep telling your self that, forget the house and cars and covering his lawsuits or the fact that nothing really has come to the city since Perry was the city manager.

Keep tell the citizens that this city staff is the best in the world, keep telling them that and maybe someday they will believe it.

Ryland, North Range said...

Commerce City Ordinance 1823:

Council will be voting on changing the "TBD" to "DIA Technology", does this mean that no residential will be allowed on that 250 acres?

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the drunk?
good things often happen inspite of people not because. The economy was good the north was going crazy good things would have happened regardless of the car crashing boozing mngr.

Anonymous said...

FIRE THE COMMERCE CITY MANAGER NOW finally i had the courage to say it now city council have the courage to do it

Anonymous said...

How come Commerce City lies to its citizens? Second Thursday night in a row that NO city council on Channel 8. Just piano music and the schedule of all the other programs that no one watches. Quit saying you are going to do things city that you never do, it gets real old. Oh and don't announce Walmart is coming unless you KNOW Walmart is coming.

Anonymous said...

Yes thats right fire someone for doing their job (just not the way you like it) Accepting a contract offered (not written by him like the old city manager) to him.
Abet a very very good contract.
That should make him horrible.
All of you "moral" people out there no doubt would not have accepted such an offer.

Anonymous said...

I think accepting a contract on the basis that you will have a loss on real estate, knowing in 5 days you will sell the property and make a profit is unethical and speaks to the character of Flannery- or lack there of. Not everything that is legal is right. In this case, yes a legal contract but unethical and takes advantage of council plus costs the city money. Why did he not disclose the upcoming sale?

Anonymous said...

hey gateway go to city hall and ask to see the city managers expenses and the mayors expenses, another story for you

Anonymous said...

Commerce City Council passes with a vote of 6 for, 1 against (McEldowney), and 2 absent (Natale and Johnson) on first reading Ordinance 1831. True Chicago style politics as you see the money behind the voice really buying votes on this one. Shea Homes representative also spoke against this, on more than one occasion. But the guy who paid for city council members campaigns wins this one. And no process is followed. What a joke this council is.

Anonymous said...

Did Councilmember Jason McEldowney just say that he thinks this council is a joke? Did I hear that right? Maybe he is starting to see the truth. Can anyone verify what he actually said at council tonight?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is doing the video camera at commerce city meeting, can you hold the camera still please? I feel dizzy watching and also let us see who is voting for and against issues. Don't take the camera away, focus the camera in. It is our tax dollars and our city and we care what these clowns are doing.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??? The city of Commerce City has had liens on properties for unpaid monies owed to the City of Commerce City and the city attorney says with the new aggressive city manager they are going to collect and threaten foreclosure??? REALLY FLANNERY, FORECLOSURE, MAYBE THE CITIZENS SHOULD HIRE THEIR OWN LAWYER AND TAKE OUR HOUSE BACK AND THROW YOU IN THE GUTTER WHERE YOU BELONG.

Anonymous said...

the city attorney says if the city threatens foreclosure it will be a "pr nightmare", really gehler, your city manager is this city's worst NIGHTMARE!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

These amounts that are owed the City of Commerce City are from the years 1976, 1977, 1978. Are you kidding me? Even the Bible, that's God in case this city council is not aware, says that debts every SEVEN years should be forgiven. What the heck is going on? Does anyone see any common sense anywhere?

Anonymous said...


Belle Creek Observer said...

I honestly think that council wants the citizens to get mad at them.

Very strange behavior.

Cherry St. Commerce City said...

There should be a statue of limitations on the past dues from over 30 years ago. Have a heart.

Council Drama said...

a sad day for commerce city.

i can not wait until this manager is gone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Commerce City - one big joke.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my there is a new way to throw mud, poop, and anything else you want. It's kinda like the KKK. Hiding behind their robes of white!
You must be so proud!

Back_2_Basics said...

bob, Accentuate the positive ...?

bob says these are headlines:

1. You, as City Council, being responsible for the overall operations of the city;

2. The city manager, Jerry Flannery, and his staff being responsible for the day-to-day operations; and

3. The city attorney’s office, which is responsible for the legal issues in this city.


Bob's "headlines" need to be challenged, clearly Bob can understand this. I will start with the on-going question, which hits the word in bob's headline "responsible"



you can't have the ying without the yang.

But I can respect what you are trying to do.

Gateway News Twitter said...

City Manager Flannery one of 11 city managers nominated at City Management Association as city manager of the year in the State of Colorado.

PRO CITY said...

Bob can say whatever he wants.
Bob is basically the "Father of Commerce City"

Curious in Reunion said...

just curious why Comm. City council have not yet turned in their reviews for the city manager.

Are they really busy?

Bud said...

Bob has his heart in it, too bad he is surrounded by bad people.

Is Bob the new director of marketing.

Is the city ever going to replace Kim McCarl?

Or are we just going to go without?

Anonymous said...

Picture comment referring to the sign and weeds.
I believe the city gave a moritorium on the housing signage for now to allow the builders extra ability to stimulate building sales.
Yes I agree the weeds are ugly, but how much tax dollars should be devoted to keeping them cut?
I for one would like to see things kept trimmed, but do not want my taxes increased to get that acomplished.

Anonymous said...

OK- what is the objective criteria for City Manager of the year? And who nominated him?

Anonymous said...

Gateway, can you check on the water situation in Brighton.
I heard they increased their water rights, but have been told that the water taps and usage will increase greatly.
Have you heard anything, or can you find out?
Someone will have to pay for the "new" water and all of the piping, right?

Anonymous said...

The City Manager Association has a code of ethics for City Managers. Here it is:

The mission of ICMA is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management worldwide. To further this mission, certain principles, as enforced by the Rules of Procedure, shall govern the conduct of every member of ICMA, who shall:

Tenet 1
Be dedicated to the concepts of effective and democratic local government by responsible elected officials and believe that professional general management is essential to the achievement of this objective.

Tenet 2
Affirm the dignity and worth of the services rendered by government and maintain a constructive, creative, and practical attitude toward local government affairs and a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant

Tenet 3
Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships in order that the member may merit the respect and confidence of the elected officials, of other officials and employees, and of the public.

Tenet 4
Recognize that the chief function of local government at all times is to serve the best interests of all people.

Tenet 5
Submit policy proposals to elected officials; provide them with facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for making decisions and setting community goals; and uphold and implement local government policies adopted by elected officials.

Tenet 6
Recognize that elected representatives of the people are entitled to the credit for the establishment of local government policies; responsibility for policy execution rests with the members.

Tenet 7
Refrain from all political activities which undermine public confidence in professional administrators. Refrain from participation in the election of the members of the employing legislative body.

Tenet 8
Make it a duty continually to improve the member's professional ability and to develop the competence of associates in the use of management techniques.

Tenet 9
Keep the community informed on local government affairs; encourage communication between the citizens and all local government officers; emphasize friendly and courteous service to the public; and seek to improve the quality and image of public service.

Tenet 10
Resist any encroachment on professional responsibilities, believing the member should be free to carry out official policies without interference, and handle each problem without discrimination on the basis of principle and justice.

Tenet 11
Handle all matters of personnel on the basis of merit so that fairness and impartiality govern a member's decisions, pertaining to appointments, pay adjustments, promotions, and discipline.

Tenet 12
Seek no favor; believe that personal aggrandizement or profit secured by confidential information or by misuse of public time is dishonest.

Ethics Advice & Enforcement

Anonymous said...

Bud you just don't get it do you?
The "it" is Bob G's direction.
He doesn't feel "surrounded by bad people" and he is obviously tired of attitudes like yours.
Go to the city web site and "listen" to his speech.
Watch his face. See the eyes water, I have.
He is tired of the negative attitude that is being given wings.
He is probably MORE aware of the REAL workings in this city than anyone, and he sees and focuses on the positive.
Its like a legal case, so much isn't told to the jury that is the total truth and facts!!

Kathy McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Email to Commerce City "PIO" Ross Hilker from Gateway News

Good morning Ross,

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Colorado morning.

I was wondering if you could help with an answer to this question - When a company "pulls" a building permit, how long is it good for? Is it indefinite or is there an expiration date? The reason I am asking is because since the city announced that Walmart got their permits and that they were coming to the northern range, we get about two dozen or so phone calls and inquires a week as to when its coming.

I asked Shea but they don't know anything about it since they sold the land to Walmart except what it will look like. People are just so frustrated after seven years of no grocery store up here.

Thank you,
Gateway News

voltage, cc said...

that is a good point! What is the dead date on a permit and if they don't have one, I think commerce city council should address this as some kind of a rule.

Permits to build should be 30 days.

Just my 2 cents.

Erin NW said...

I am so sorry to the family of the Commerce City employee who lost his life on the job.

I can not imagine what could have happened.


Commerce City via email said...

Clarification From Commerce City about Walmart and Timeline.

In response to your e-mail regarding the Walmart permit application, I hope this will clarify/answer your question.

According to our building/permitting division, there is an expiration date on the building permit after it has been issued. Once the permit has been granted, the permit requires that work begin within 180 days.

Walmart applied for a building permit on May 5 2010, as was stated in the State of the City address, but a building permit has not been issued. (This step in the process may take up to 180 days, and an extension may be allowed if needed).

The city has reviewed the Walmart application and sent its comment letter to them on May 15. The city has not received anything from Walmart since then.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

Sans said...

From City: "Walmart applied for a building permit on May 5 2010, as was stated in the State of the City address, but a building permit has not been issued."

So I gather that we are waiting for walmart and not the city.

I wonder what is keep this for happening.

Back_2_Basics said...

This is not at all what I was told. I was told like everyone else that the permits were pulled. This is bad news.

Very Concern Citizen and Homeowner X 2 said...

So no Wal Mart now, but it will come someday.

Yuri, From CC said...

and the wait continues for a store in the North!

Anonymous said...

So the Mustard Seed can still win the race for first grocery store STILL!


Estelle Remington said...

Other Cities

Other cities around Commerce City have had the same kind of problems that CC has had through the years and they took responsibility and made their city's stronger. Yes, they had travel expense abuse, bad City Managers, meals and drinks on city credit cards abuse, all at the taxpayer's expense. These cities took responsibility for their cities problems and changed things that needed to be changed. For the past forty years, CC has remained the same, it has not kept pace with the cities around us. As a city, we do not want to hear the negative truths that are as much a part of who we are along with the things that are positive to be discussed in open council or the media. When, we spend years enabling and covering up the same corruption that all cities share, we take no responsibility for our actions as a city. To say that other cities have corruption but our corruption is not as bad is a cover up; a P&R spin around the park. We all share the same degree of corruption in our cities. Like any adult, we need to face the hard truths about the good ole boy history and character of our city and do something about it. That is not to say that we can not celebrate the positive accomplishments of our city as well. When, we make a mistake as a city, we need to admit it, correct it and move on.

Our City Council has made a big mistake in the legal paper aspects of hiring our City Manager. We hired, Gerald Flannery to put a face on our community of a sober family man and he filled that profile perfectly but the city lavished money and gifts on this one person that few people would have the strength to refuse. And, gave him the paper opportunity to refrain from taking financial responsibilty for himself and his family for years. Our City Manager is responsible for every dollar spent in this city and where it is spent and therein lies the moral and ethical responsibility of our problem. Can the taxpayers trust a person who has taken about three-quarters of a million dollars in advantage of a paperwork sitiuation because, "I don't want to!" (Pay the taxpayer back sooner rather than later.) All of this money has been lavished on our City Manager, because, "we didn't want to lose him." The truth is that there are at least another dozen good people out there who would be willingly to accept the salary and living conditions that have been lavished on our current City Manager. Also, let's not forget that a women could fill this position as well! We have a few good women right here in our area that would not need the relocation expense and home loan.

Seed will be first! said...

I got 20 bucks on lil' mustard seed!

Close to the situation said...

A BOB HEADLINE: "Building permits in Commerce City are up 32% in 2010 over the same time period in 2009."


Anonymous said...

"Close to the situation."
It's never good enough is it?

Hyde said...

damn p dogs! they strike again!

Yuri, From CC said...

you thought Northern NASCAR was big, there are thousands of Prairie Dogs.

We will never get a walmart

PRO CITY 2.0! said...


I think the City Staff would know if they had hired a prairie dog.

But I appreciate the FEEBLE attempt at humor.

Anonymous said...

Comment to PRO CITY 2.0, keep your comments to yourself. The Prairie Dogs are hilarious. And if you cannot understand the frustration of the people who have lived in Reunion for seven years now with no grocery store, you need get some human feelings. Obviously you have none. Good job Gateway, you made me laugh and we all need to laugh. This was NOT feeble, it is the funniest ever and the Praire Dogs are precious. Good job Gateway!

Close to the situation said...

P. Dogs was funny. Good to see Gateway News bring back some humor. Tells me they are not taking things so serious.

Good to know.

FYI - I do not think the city would employee a P. Dog either. Then again, no one is ever there, so maybe they would and not even know it.

Chris B said...

City says Cummins Rocky Mountain, a Fortune 500 Company moves to Commerce City.

Who is Cummins Rocky Mountain LLC on 8211 E 96th Ave. Henderson, CO

Is this not in Commerce City?

Paul Floth said...

Prairie Dogs are funny. I laughed. Laughed even harder after looking at it again.

I guess what is funny to some is not for others.

Anonymous said...

So what is going with walmart?

Gateway News Twitter said...

Commerce City Dog Track (Mile High Greyhound Park) for sale $5,500,000. The Event Center known in past as "Club Malibu" for sale $1,500,000.

voltage, cc said...

CLUUUUUB MALIBU!!! Those were the golden days in C TOWN!

gina, commerce city said...

i miss thee Malibu

Spectator in CC said...

event center also the haaaaunted mansion too!

Kathy McIntyre, Gateway News said...

In "report" given by City Attorney Bob Gehler last Monday evening, July 12, 2010 the following was said:

"15. Commerce City and Xcel Energy will initiate discussions regarding a new franchise for service of electricity by Xcel Energy in Commerce City."

What about United Power? Will citizens be given a choice?

Archer said...

I think that BOB has his own newspaper to peddle his rainbows, twists and slants on the events in commerce city called "city news".

Leave the real both sided news to the real news outlets: Post, Sentential, Gateway, Ch 9, Ch 7.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mayor and City Manager
Unions are formed when employees feel a complete lack of trust, communication and respect for their contributions. Mayor Natale and Manager Flannery- you are the reason why employees want a union to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Union members show up in force at Commerce City council meeting. You cannot unionize happy well taken care of employees. They want the union because they are not being treated well by the new city manager. One more feather in your cap Flannery, never had talk of a union before. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Chris B.
mailing addresses are set into place by the Federal Government Postal service.
The post office that delivers to the area is the one who has to be listed.

Anonymous said...

Archer OMG!!
both sides of the information, from any of the named media...NOW that is funny!

Anonymous said...

If the union guy has so much support than let him bring it forward as a vote.
He doesn't need the city to bring it forward.
Our city and it's employees will be hurt if this happens as demands will go up and positions will be lost because of it.
What a shame and sham.

Anonymous said...

How can Jadie Carson who is a union rep have any input in the union situation.
It is obvious she has already a mindset to support the employees being union.
She shouldn't get to vote on any part of this, she is totally biased!!
She could be called on her vote!

Anonymous said...

Classic moment at Commerce City council, when talking about taking union issue to vote of the people, it was pointed out that the city manager's contract was not taken to a vote of the people. Now that's a good idea, wonder what would happen Flannery if the people who are paying for your contract actually got a chance to decide. Maybe pack your bags and leave please.

Archer said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous,

What media is LEFT! Maybe you should get a clue! oh by the way I forgot to add the Westword.

So the entire media list includes: Denver Post, Gateway News, Sentential Express, the Westword, Ch 7 (ABC) and Ch 9 (NBC).

You need to stop drinking the Flannery Kool Aid and look around.

NO UNIONS said...

I am still against Unions for Commerce city. NOT a good idea at all.

If anything it should have gone to the people.

Close to the situation said...

I agree with Jadie Carson should have not voted as she works for one.


Fox Fun said...

If it went to the people, we would have said no to the push for collective bargaining!

Clauissas said...

not a big fan of unions, I am not even a fan of the FOP. But I guess we have them now.

I hope Commerce City has some money left for Unions Issues.

Your going need it!

Just something to think about said...

Lots of anti-union comments.

But maybe a union presence would have kept the city out of settlement agreements. We have 2 so far and one is either pending or going to court.

Just something to think about

Jesse, C City said...

collective bargaining will make it so the city will have no more money for our outside consultants.

I am for it!

Spectator in CC said...

what is council scared about? let the union idea go to the vote of the people. It is OUR city, let us decide.

Also, GREAT idea about letting the city manager contract to go to the vote of the people too.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the idea of unions. especially for a city. I think the city employees are treated pretty fairly.

Hard Truth said...

Council did the right thing. Voters don't care. The last coordinated election in 2009 involved 19,824 registered voters and only 3,516 people voted for a 17.7% voter turnout.

Nate R. said...

Channel 8 Equipment ($238,000)
Granicus Implementation, Hosting, and Maintenance ($5,000), this is the crappy web sound videos



I would think the city staff would expect the Commerce City Council to question a couple of these figures. Or did they think they could just pull a fast one?

$10,000 for Meetings & Conferences, $4,500 for additional Operating Expenses, and $16,000 for China Travel/Visitors in Legislative; $20,000 for Sustainability Project, $9,000 for Meetings & Conferences in the City Manager’s Office; $3,600 for Consultant Services, and $23,000 for Communications Strategic Planning in Communications

Anonymous said...

the union would have no say in the workings of the staff, only in their pay/benefits.
Outside consultatants would still be involved in specialized issues.

Anonymous said...

Show me the money, my understanding these numbers were the budgeted amount.
Not necessarily the spent amount.
Those numbers are to come.

Anonymous said...

The staff is being told silly dreams by the union reps.
Anyone looking at the groceries etc can see that the unions can't make money appear.
The city has great salaries and benies, the kind I wish I had.
If employees fall for this, it will cost them in dues, what will they gain??
I have worked in a union shop. It protects the lazy employees. The CSI guy said he does an exemplary job....well when everyone is "union" protected, doing your best will go out the window & mediocure will win out.
So very sad!

Anonymous said...

Show Me the Money has the right idea- accountability to the citizens is an essential role of Mayor and Council. I see none.

Anonymous said...

Council is very arrogant not taking the collective bargaining question to the voters. The FOP did take the question to the voters, who approved it the second time it was on the ballot. Why should the rest of the employees be treated differently? And why should the voters not have the voice and the decision since they will live with the results- not city council?

Anonymous said...

Whether voters care or not,or how many people voted in the last election it is up to the citizens to make the decision on the union. Please don't take that away!!!!!!


I was under the impression that the money has already been spent. Why would the staff ask for money if the things it was meant for has already happened.

Are the Chinese trips already done? As well as entertaining them while they were here?

further explanation in needed!

PISSED in Reunion! said...

Comment about taking this to the voters;;;YOU ARE RIGHT! This should have gone to the voters! And to clarify! The city has a LONG LONG LOOOOOONG history of low voter turn out. That fact has nothing to do with what is right! AND to be crystal clear, the right thing that SHOULD have been done, this that his should have been brought to the vote of the people!

Anonymous said...

What was with Jason?
First he says he wants to take it to the voters, then he votes to not let the citizens decide.
Wow man, he flipped quickly.
Did Rene make an offer he couldn't refuse?
I watched Benson show Dominic five fingers, guess he knew they had the votes!

Belle Creek Observer said...

Sorry, this is a bit off topic of the current comments but i have not been on the blog for a while and while catching up i saw a comment directed to my last post inquiring about a million dollar mistake made by a deputy city manager that put the city on probation with a major funding source...

Pro City 2.0 was was quick to point out and clarify for me that this is an old issue and happened some time before flannery arived...

Well that makes me feel much better... no disputing that a million dollar mismanagment incident occured but clarify it happened before he was promoted to Deputy City Manager and given more responsibilities and areas to mismanage

Apperantly Jerry didnt take the time to get the facts on this employees management/performance history prior to creating a new position to promote him to

Vikki said...

Bob: Negative efforts against any part of the big picture in this city are, in reality, damaging to the entire city.

Vikki, Commerce City Citizen: Any effort to just sweep under the rug is damaging to our rights as Americans.

Anonymous said...

Belle Creek Observer you have some of the information wrong about the Assistant City Manager. You said that Jerry did not bother with checking their management history before promoting them. This would be very hard for Jerry to do because the FACT is that this person had none, that is right, zero management experience at all. this person was an errand boy for the old City Manager and has a long history of documented (maybe hidden now) below average work performance and he is the laughing stock of the whole City staff. Don't believe me - just ask any supervisor, manager or director.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right about what caused the interest by employees in the union and if you are confused why then lets go over it together.

Newly elected Mayor Natale who thinks he has the knowledge to run a City (but does not) wants to run the City except the City charter by design makes his position very watered down to the point the Mayor is only a "figure head" to run the City Council Meetings and read proclamations and the City manager is paid to run the City. So Mayor convinces other council members to hire Flannery who was barely qualified for the job (look at other applicants at the time). This makes it easy for Mayor to tell Flannery what to do.

Mayor tells Flannery to Fire past higher up employees that got settlements and one of those was always having to remind mayor of what his role was and was not on Council. The other firing points to the mayor as well in the federal law suit filed against Flannery.

Next Flannery promotes an unqualified and badly performing employee to a high position and then that employee soon after makes life miserable for employees they supervise with much more experience and knowledge in management and running a City.

Next Flannery spends over $50,000 to remodel his office when other employees in the building can't get the heat or air conditioning to work right in the BRAND NEW building.

Next Flannery hires one more highly paid Assistant manager when the need does not exist for the one that was promoted both costing $300,000 or more.

next Flannery hires Eco Devo Manager with very little experience at higher salary than employees in similar position or for many years.

Next Flannery hires another high paid assistant in his office to do legislative work and this person has very limited experience and is paid highly also.

Next Flannery takes advantage of the City Council and gets $72,000 on the home issue for nothing and is not honest about it.

Next Flannery for 3 years does not approve adding line employees for departments that need them to actually provide a service to citizens when the 3-5 highly paid and unneeded staff hired in his office suck hundreds of thousands of dollars from the City.

Next Flannery does not approve raises for many employees and reduces by alot the raises to those few employees who got them but still has money to burn on his high paid staff that has even less experience than he does and burn money on office remodels and "bonuses" for him self and relocation fees for himself.

Next Flannery is named in an alleged federal law suit for discriminatory behavior in firing an employee and the mayor, and assistant manager is also named.

it is clear the employees have no respect or trust in the City manager or the mayor and want some protection.

I hope you are no longer confused why employees want a union.

Anonymous said...

Wow for a mayor who is only a figure head, he sure was able to make a lot of people do a lot of things!!
You weave a great tale of stories. Yes lies told often enough may be belived by some, but not by smart people.
Blogs filled with these types of accusations are done by those who will never stand up in person.

Anonymous said...

Next, next, next you sound like a pissed off past employee!
Your rambling doesn't even make sense.
Was that why you were let go?

so unhappy - quit said...

I would like the commerce city employees to check around, with unemployment at the highest in years. Why are they not just happy with having a job?

Much less a job with at good pay and excellent benefits.

If your so damn unhappy - quit, I guarantee that their are others to take your place.

Anonymous said...

Sadly my personal experience with unions, was that the people who didn't want to really work still had their jobs protected. They would get by with the least and always found a way around hard work.
The workers who always did their best got no benefit and got to stand by and watch others abuse their protected status.
It isn't free, the dues add up and what I got was nothing but frustration.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor has been clear that he is in charge and is the smartest person in Commerce City. Does not respect the information, the education and the committment by any employee who does not do exactly what he says. Lucky more people haven't filed suits; many just found other jobs.

Thanks for the Laugh said...

I love the prairie dogs.

Yes I think know who the "insider" is!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you must be doing medicinal product.
Listen to the votes, see if all follow the mayor.
Staff doesn't answer to the mayor and the only council person I have ever heard talk down to the citizens is Mr. Benson. "I can't help it if people can't read and understand what I have written"
Guess you've never had a new boss. I have several and changes happen and people leave.
I may not agree with all the mayor has done, but REALLY you can't try and pin everything you don't like on him.

Erin NW said...

gateway, I enjoy the new websites.

insider said...

hey gatewat,
if cummins was going to come anyway and thet got incentive, would that not then just be a gift?

the insider and no i am not a p. dog

Zeek said...

Love the new webites

Michael Bennet is the right choice said...

Michael Bennet has only been in the Senate a short amount of time but he's already shown himself to be a leader on health care reform, stopping credit card abuses, standing up to the big Wall Street banks and taking on the broken system in Washington.

Just as important to me is the fact that Michael listens. He's been to every county in Colorado to have conversations with his fellow Coloradans and learn about our concerns and ideas -- and what he can do to make a difference.

I think President Obama was right when he said Michael Bennet is a different kind of leader.

Michael isn't a career politician. He doesn't have a political machine. But he does have us.

Michael has been standing up for us in the Senate, now we need to stand up for him in the Democratic primary.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the informal power the mayor has until you see it first hand.

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested, check out this website about Nanning China. Not coming to America, they are looking for American companies to bring investments to China. Something really big lost in translation between Natale and Chinese he is talking too. Also no mention of Commerce City on their website at all, not even as a sister city. And Chinese government officials have no authority, remember it is not a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I heard the Chinese speak and they are interested, so what their website says has only a little to do with their goals!!
Plus they are a city of nearly 3 million, they probably have bigger things to do than list all of their sister cities.
Why always try and spoil good things??????

Anonymous said...

Can you verify something I heard happened today.
Lots of witnesses so it shouldn't be difficult.
At a lunch meeting for area boards, Mr. Benson left all in the room gasping, by saying " Someone should assassinate Douglas Bruce"

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Regarding the possible comment by Jim Benson about Douglas Bruce:

Email was sent to Council Member Jim Benson to verify and for explanation.

Thank you for the information and comments.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are coming to Commerce City like Walmart store is coming to 104th Avenue and Tower Road. It will be the same day that City Manager Flannery starts paying for his own housing, real estate taxes, house insurance, and car and shows up at city hall to work. Pigs will be flying that day! By the way if Flannery is paid $172,000 a year and the taxpayers pay for 100% of all his living expenses, what does he spend the money on groceries and vacations?Gee whiz how does he sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone from Commerce City have a document from the Chinese stating that they are interested in coming to Commerce City? If you do could you post it on this blog? Preferably in English if possible.

Anonymous said...

Gateway, any word back from Benson about the comment?

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

Yes, I have received a response back from Council Member Jim Benson regarding statement about Douglas Bruce.

Email back from Mr. Benson as follows:


What I said was that

"If Doug Bruce were killed, would it be called an assassination or an extermination."

No one was gasping.

Of course, anyone who thinks rationally will be against his latest endeavors, 60-61-101, AKA "Voter Authorized Recession."

Jim Benson
Commerce City
City Council
Ward II

Once again I would like to thank the person who brought this to our attention and would encourage to continue bringing issues like this to light.

Estelle Remington said...

Not Alone

Commerce City taxpayers are not alone in our current City Manager's bonus and loan situation. In Bell, California, 40,000 pop., taxpayers became outraged when they learned that City Council voted to give their City Manager nearly $800,000 in salary. Also, the Police Chief earned about $450,000+ and the Asst. City Manager was paid $300,000 per year. All of this was voted on behind closed doors and without a voice by City taxpayers. (The President of the United States earns around $400,000 per year.) Furthermore, city council members who are part-time voted themselves a six figure salary. Bell taxpayers formed a Citizens Advisory Committee and demanded to be heard. One member said they tried to hire a lawyer but could not afford the $20,000 needed. These administrators offered to cut their salaries by $100,000 but the taxpayers were in no mood to listen to any deal making. The taxpayers want these officials out of office and demanded a Recall of City Council members.

This all sounds so familiar as more and more city councils are voting away from taxpayer's control and knowledge because they can. What is the most out of control is that the City Manager controls how all city money is spent and where it is spent. In CC, 53% of our population does not vote and therefore has no direct say in how city government is run, but, they do have a few outspoken citizens that demand equal access to city finances for them. However, they pay millions of dollars to the city in Use and consumer taxes. They do have city council members that represent them by giving millions of dollars back to them in the form of city services, jobs, Parks and commercial city development. Commerce City Council says it follows the same industry standards that other cities across this nation follow. It is time for the 43% of CC taxpayers that can vote to demand equal representation on this city council and demand transparency and responsibility on how the taxpayer's money is being spent.

Anonymous said...

Dustin, nice spin on Benson's part.
I have asked two people that were there, both said he suggested an assassination.

Anonymous said...

Benson says a lot of crazy things. Remember when he was after the mayor's emails for no apparent reason

PRO CITY said...

The Bell, California situation is night and day compared to what the deal is in Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what is going on with Channel 8 and commerce city council meetings that are supposed to be aired?

Not happening so far and it was announced weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Benson is funny. He probably didn't hear what he said, or the gasps that followed.
If you ever watch him at council meetings, its apparent he doesn't hear half what is being said.
He often asks a question that was already answered.
Its not funny that he has hearing problems, but that he is oblivious to how much he doesnt hear.
I've heard about the board meeting and was also told he caused "gasps".

Anonymous said...

My, my, my Estelle,
take a deep breath & re-read what you wrote.
How can you really believe these cities compare.

Anonymous said...

Suprise, suprise! Commerce City is facing another lawsuit. It was on Channel 9 tonight at 6pm. check out their website for the story. Oh, and guess what? Commerce City had no response. It seems like that is always the case now with everything- keep quiet and maybe no one will notice. Well I am here to say- that people are noticing and they are not happy!

Estelle Remington said...

Pro city, how many days and nights do you think it will take for Commerce City taxpayers/voters to wake up to the fact that they are not being equally represented by city council?

Yuri, From CC said...

my heart and sadness goes out to the family who had their dog murdered by the commerce city police department.

Sans said...

Can you find out more about the Dog Incident that happened in Commerce City.

Don't the Police have other means to deal with situations besides pulling their pistols and firing?

Anonymous said...

Commerce City cops shoot and kill more dogs than DPD, Brighton, Westminster- you get the idea. The cops will say we have more vicious dogs in CC- how can that be true? The cops need to be trained in alternative ways to deal with 4 legged members of families.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of bloggers stating things as facts, without facts.
If I was in fear for my life ie: being attacked by a dog I would do what ever it took to protect myself.
There are many factors involved, not only the loss of a pet.
and yes I LOVE animals, of all kinds!!

Estelle Remington said...

The comparison between Bell, California's population which is about the same as ours and perhaps with fewer financial resources than we have. The similarities between their city council members and ours are not the amounts that are paid to city officials but the ability of city councils to legally manipulate in closed session city finances for their own advantage/use without taxpayers knowledge and to empower certain city officials over the rights of the taxpayers.

gina, commerce city said...

it was a family pet! not a stray killer!

Anonymous said...

I do not think officer Chris Dickey was correct when he said the Commerce City police officer did not make a mistake.

She shot a dog that belonged to a family.

Sans said...

dont the ccpd have mace, or night sticks?

PRO CITY 2.0! said...

Police spokesman Officer Chris Dickey said in February that the dogs ran at the officer while barking. Dickey said that behavior, while consistent with a dog protecting its territory, qualified it as "vicious."

Dickey said in February that the officer had pepper spray, but opted to use her firearm because she felt her life was in danger.

"People want to jump to conclusions and say that the officer was trigger-happy or that they were eager to kill a dog. That's not the case" Dickey told 9Wants to Know at the time. "We do not enjoy doing something like that. However, our safety is paramount in these situations."

Anonymous said...

Estelle, you consistanly "assume" a lot of things.
You assume that the city in CA, doesn't have the resources we have.
You assume that the council makes decisions that are not above board.
You assume that you know all the facts as to the councils decisions.
You assume that all those not speaking English are here illegally.
You assume that those who don't speak English, don't want to asimilate.
You show yourself consistantly spreading "rumors", which I find contray to the faith you profess.
Until you walk in the many shoes you critize, you may want to think!!

Anonymous said...

Estelle, You have done more research than just about everyone. You are well read, educated and you continue to learn about Commerce City and the people all the time. You have more courage and integrity than all who are anonymous (including this writer) or those that have chosen not to reveal who they are by using false names or those who choose not to speak or get involved at all and especially those who use their positions to bully others. You are amazing and very respected. Many hope that you run for office next year. You have more support than you know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use part of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a link back to your site?


Dustin, Gateway News said...

Yes feel free