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*In general, an opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts.


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Jim--Long time resident said...

This is an exciting time for Commerce City with very qualified candidates. Sean Ford took this city further as mayor than any other. We need his strong leadership to guide our city. Rick Teter has dedicated himself to public service for this community for years and will be a great addition to City Council. Crystal Elliot is a hometown girl and would be an excellent addition. Joe Sandoval dedicated himself as a police officer for many years to Commerce City and has the education and experience to back him up. Jim Benson, while he can be a grumpy old man, adds character to the City Council. Those are my endorsements for November 2011.

Erin NW said...

I am happy to hear that Commerce City Council gave direction to Staff to draft a letter of support for the 27J mill levy override in 2011.

Facts are blatantly obvious that this is a desperate time for 27J and we need to pass this in 2011.

Let's pull together and do what is right for our children.

Anonymous said...

Re-post from General Issues August

WE are supporting Angel Anderson and Dave Rolla all the way in the Adams 14 race! They just might be able to breathe life back into the district! People are really excited that they are running.

Archer said...

I am supporting Sean Ford for mayor.

I will be honest, Robert Toavs being mayor is down right dangerous. If for some reason this does happen. It will be nothing more then Commerce City council and staff doing nothing else but "handling" him.

Everything else will go to the wayside. NOT at all what Commerce City needs at this time.

Remember the mayor will also be the chair of the GID and the URA. It is much more then just Commerce City Council.

Think about it. Seriously.

Core Comments said...

My picks for the 2 at large seats in Commerce City are Crystal Elliott and Gene Leffel.

Why? Because I want the Commerce City council to have at large representation from both the North and the South.

As of now we only have Rene. I am pretty sure Sean Ford will be the mayor. I am considering the Mayor position as a at large position, that really what it is. That being said, we have limited at large core Commerce City representation.

There is a lot going on in the south area, the dog track redevelopment, and the stadium area new development, the old ACHS redevelopment. I feel it is important to have a strong contingency of core Commerce City voices.

Vikki, Commerce City said...

I am voting for Sean Ford for Commerce City Mayor.

I don't care about the "current" mayor's opinion.

I want Commerce City to go back to the days of the Parade of Homes and exciting development (Stadium).

Del, New ward 4 Commerce City said...

I like Jim Benson because he is unafraid of anyone or any issue.

Unfortunately I do not live in Jim's ward.

But I would like to encourage those who are in Jim's ward to give him a second run at this. Things are going to get done no matter what. But with Jim on the council you have a sort of watch dog.

But I do live in NEW ward 4! And I am supporting Ricky A. Teter! A good guy. He will not get hot headed and emotional as some currently do on council. A guy with the best interest of the city at heart. He is not in it for the money or limelight. Just a good person all around.

Vote Crystal & Paolo said...

About time Gateway! I have been asking for this for a long time.

I am supporting Paolo Diaz and Crystal Elliott! I have seen enough of Paolo to know that he has the ability to ask the right questions.

I personally know Crystal and she will be great, especially for issues that surround the old Adams City High School area. That desperately needs attention.

I know it is hard because there is no water, but with the cities help via Crystal, maybe we can move forward on this.

Curious in Reunion said...

I don't really know any of the candidates, except for Jim Benson, only because he came to my house. I will wait until I see the candidate forum on Oct 13th.

Jasmine B. Commerce City said...

27J ballot measure! I support this. Everyone please tell you neighbors how important this is.

Tell your friends, tell everyone on facebook!

Anonymous said...

I endorse Gene Leffel. Only one, THE ONLY ONE who has been at every council meeting and stays until the end.
His time is due.

Monica O, Voter and Parent said...

Sorry to say, but I am Not Supporting either if the incumbent for ACSD#14. Instead I want new faces and new blood. I am supporting Angel Anderson and David J. Rolla.

The time of personal agendas and petty bickering is over in ACSD#14 and the only way to do this is to start all over.

Incumbents have WAY TOO MUCH BAGGAGE!

For ACSD#14, the time has come to concentrate on the kids, period.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ward 2 and I only talked to Jim Benson. So I will wait until the debate on channel 8 next month.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what educational background/level all the candidates have attained before making a decision. Gateway, can you find out?

Anonymous said...

I believe Sean Ford will prove again to be an excellent Mayor! As for the City Council Candidates, it's nice to see so many Citizen's interested in serving our City. My picks:

Kristine Sumner
Ricky Teter
Crystal Elliott
Joe Sandoval

Mike T-registered voter said...

Sean will be our next mayor hands down. He is exactly what the City needs. I don't know too much about the other candidates, but did run across Joe Sandoval's website and I must say, I am quite impressed. He grew up in CC (in the south) and did a lot for the police department in the 16 years he was a police officer. He still works in law enforcement and has a Master's degree in Public Administration. This is exactly what the City needs. Someone who grew up here, worked for the City and has a Master's degree in this area. I endorse Sean and Joe. I will wait to hear what the other candidates have to say before deciding on the rest.

Anonymous said...

Just because you go to every council meeting, doesn't mean you are a qualified councilmember. As the saying goes, just because you stand in a garage, it doesn't make you a car.

via email said...

I am not big on education level. I know a bunch of people who are highly educated in the traditional sense, but are as dumb as door nails.

It is all about character for me. I will wait to hear the candidates in action during the forum.

Sean (not the mayor candidate, only share the same name)

blessed in cc said...

I don't care who people vote for as long as we have No More Lawyers on CC Council!

Marcus, Commerce City said...

Steven Douglas would make a good choice for an at-large position for the Commerce City Council. He knows what is right and not afraid to take a stance when something is wrong.

BOR said...

The exact same thing can be said for Gene Leffel too.
So why not endorse him too?

Lionel, Commerce City said...

My picks:

Sean Ford-Mayor
YES on 27J mill
Paolo Diaz-at large
Joe Sandoval-at large

Take that to the BANK!

Dusty, you picture of the Japanese planes is very good. I am impressed.

Buffalo Proud said...

Like a lot of you, I am going to wait until the candidate debate on channel 8 in October.

Except for the Commerce City Mayor. I am out right supporting Sean Ford.

I remember Robert Tovas from the election years ago. I prefer Sean Ford.

Madison, Reunion said...

I am the one who must be blessed.
I have talked personally to all of the people running for ward 2.

Jim Benson, Kim Madson, Ellen Haug, Kristine Sumner, and Jolene Vialpando-Nielsen

For me, I am tied between Jim and Kristine. I am reading as much as I can about the 2. Also talking to my neighbors, many of which still need to register to vote.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Toavs 'cause I can't vote for someone who took a Hummer Limo from the airport in Vegas to his hotel.
Yes Ford did this and proudly told me about it, as well as using the city credit card constantly for his families meals ( saw him do it and his son bragged about it to me).
Toavs isn't my choice but the only "other" one.

Anonymous said...

Too bad one of the many women of ward 2 didn't go for mayor. That would have been good.

Core Comments said...

Hummer Limo? Really? Any photos? Or is it just made up because you have an axe to grind. After the performance from a certain mayor last night, I think we all know who this is.

Unitas said...

Ward 4 should be Ricky Teter.
Honest man. I would trust him with my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Kristine Sumner was the second place candidate behind Paolo Diaz during the appointment. If this has any weight with any of you. I know it does for me.

Charles, Commerce City Proper said...

why I am supporting Gene Leffel:


Anonymous said...

Core comments.
I have nothing to do with council, but know the Fords, therefore my vote goes to Toavs. I know he cant win but I cannot in good concience vote for Sean.
If someone wanted to really dig, I imagine the records are there as to which limo company was hired by Vandeventer for pick ups in Vegas, they could be contacted as to what was used.
We all know this is a waste of time as we know Sean will win, but he bugs me knowing him and his dad's history of personal tax spending.

Core Comments said...

you just said limo company was hired by Vandeventer? The last city manager, right?

So with that, how does this have anything to do with Sean Ford?

As far as I know Perry is not running for Mayor.

Brent Keesley said...

Because of the Police Protection part of the Medical Marijuana ballot question in Commerce City I am Voting YES on it!
I really like the idea of knowing exactly where my tax dollars are going.

Steven the voter said...

It is NOT "medical" marijuana it is ALL marijuana and that is why I think everyone should vote no.

It is sending the message that Commerce City gives its blessing to the use of all marijuana.

It is illegal, but yet we are going to give it the legitimacy of taxing it?

Anonymous said...

Steven that is a very petty thing to pick on for CC marijuana initiative.
Come on. You have to see the big picture. At the end we are going to get Police Protection. It is a good thing. YES on marijuana TAX!

Jasmine B. Commerce City said...

All need to vote Yes on Proposition 103! you will not even think twice on this small small small increase.

Anonymous said...

Dave Rolla and Angel Anderson will make do a great job for the people and kids and bring back trust.

Anonymous said...

Sean Ford knew how to move the city forward. He does love the people of Commerce City. We definately need a mayor who cares about what happens to the people and children in the community.

Anonymous said...

Steve Douglas has a lot of common sense and took the time these past many years to become a good friend and advocate for people in every ward of Commerce City. He also has followed the happenings at city hall and the boards and commissions and will not need a learning curve. He knows the time and energy commitment needed for a councilperson if they are to do a good job and is ready and willing to give it his all. My picks are Sean Ford and Steve Douglas.

Anonymous said...

Lived in Ward 4 for decades and Rick Teter is our man.

Anonymous said...

Core Comments, I am fully aware that Vandeventer hired the limo, but Sean saw NO problem taking it.
He bragged to me about it.
Sorry he is not royal and doesn't deserve that type of treatment.
I just hope the people that get elected will keep and eye on how he charges on his city credit card this time and other perks he thinks he deserves.
His dad also admitted to me that he did similar things, "cause it was no big deal then".

Anonymous said...

Voting for Steve Douglas, Sean Ford and Rick Teter.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kristine Sumner is qualified and has made a real impact. She studies the issues and makes good decisions. She is a visionary leader and builds cooperation, good will and would be an asset to Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

Happy days are here again! Sean Ford for Mayor!

Core Comments said...

RE: I am fully aware that Vandeventer hired the limo, but Sean saw NO problem taking it.

Your point is that Sean was suppose to walk from the airport? Please.

I suppose you can say the same thing about Paul Natalie who saw NO problem taking $72K of tax payer money and giving it to CM Flannery for a loss on a house in AZ.

W. Kerls, Commerce City, CO said...

I understand that Sean Ford is not perfect. But I do think he will go at this from the heart.

Nothing in life is perfect, but this is what we are faced with and I will be supporting Sean Ford.

Monica (via email) said...

I think it is going to take a lot of convincing to get this 27J thing passed.

Don't assume that just because there is a hand full of grass roots people on facebook this will automatically pass.

I have actually talked to people in real life and there is opposition against it. Not because people don't care. Simply because the times are tough and people need to watch their wallets like a hawk. For some, every dollar needs to go to something. Attempting to pass a mill-levy at this point in time is less then ideal.

You all want this to pass, you need to really get out there and convince people to step up.

They might say YES in front of you, and completely change their minds when they are by themselves all alone with a ballot.

Best of Luck to 27J.

Monica D14 parent.

*D14 parents, rumor is that we will be seeing something like this next year. Keep your ears open

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the stuff about Adams county elected officials has come out.
It will no doubt make those joining our city council be more careful.
We will be watching!

Anonymous said...

Core Comments
No one would expect Sean to walk. The two ideas are extreme. Limo vs walk, really rediculous.
I don't remember Natele having more votes than the other council members, so cant put this on him (is he running again?)
Also heard the whole Fannery plan was one council member who is gone and one who is still on the council.
My vote will not go to Ford, I will write in.

S.J. said...

Can we write it?!?!?
GN, can you find out if we have an option to write-in a candidate for Commerce City mayor?

That could really be a game changer!

I know 2 people who said they would have gotten into the mayors race if they knew it was only going to be 2 people running.

Also, I know that some of the ward 2 women would make great mayors too. What happens if I write one of their names in?

Zeek said...

I think there is a procedure you need to do to become a write in candidate for Commerce City. I would like to know more about it.

Core Comments said...


Who are you going to write in? Or is it a secret?

Vikki, Commerce City said...

can you find out what is involved in a write in candidate for Mayor in CC?

Dustin, Gateway News said...

Yes, I can asked the question. As soon as I get a response I will post.

jax, cc said...

Because of the small number of people who vote in Commerce City a WRITE IN candidate could really win.
People in Commerce City just don't vote. Maybe they don't care or maybe the can't, either way they just don't vote.

Allen, Commerce City Voter said...

I personally know Ricky Teter (Ward 4 candidate for Commerce City)
He is a cool headed guy that will do right by the citizens.

Yuri said...

Got to LOVE Steve Douglas slogan on his signs:
something like: a new voice, the clear choice. Really fun to say!

Steve gets my vote for BEST campaign slogan!


I am waiting for the forum. I want to see who is going to support the Trash Issue. Get rid of free trash, you are NOT getting my vote.

Good Advice for all the candidates who are running. Don't believe me? Ask around when your going door to door, at least in the historic part of Commerce City.

Cheo, Commerce City said...

This sums up perfectly why I am supporting Crystal Elliott for Commerce City Council:

Crystal Elliott: "I may not be an avid, hardcore Politician, nor do I have degrees following my last name. However, my intentions and true desire to lead, has brought me to this place of becoming a voice for the people. Lastly, as a proud Latina, I truly appreciate your support in bringing me up to that goal! ~Si se Puede~!"

I will also be supporting the appointed incumbent Paolo Diaz. He has shown me enough to get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Jeanete Lewis is supporting Klocker and Bryant for school board. Please vote for anyone else. Our children deserve better.

Anonymous said...

I Endorse Crystal Elliott and the reasons are :1) Crystal wants to LISTEN to your opinion and find an awnser for you. 2)Crystal wants to be a voice for the people. 3) Yes , we have a lot of big businesses in Commerce City. But , Crystal wants to see the Beauty come back to Comerce City.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I hate that we have to mention our nationality in this, PLEASE don't make this about race.
People on council need to not be devisive by race but represent "the people" meaning all citizens.

Dustin, Gateway News said...

Regarding the write-in candidate procedure for Commerce City:

If someone wanted to be a write-in candidate, they would have needed to file an affidavit of intent to run as a write-in candidate by Aug. 29. The city clerk verified that no one had met that deadline.

Names that written in on the November ballot will not be counted.

jax, cc said...

So people can still write in a candidate, it just would be a waste of time.

Wes, Northern Range said...

represent "the people" meaning all citizens? who is going to represent "the residents" those who are NOT citizens. The many that Estelle talks about all of the time?

Hyde said...

too bad about the write-in candidate. I was seriously going to write-in Estelle Remington or Jerry Flannery as Mayor, making us a strong mayor city.

Cheo, Commerce City said...

It is not about race. It is about cultural pride, representing a culture that makes up 47% of the entire city.

BOR said...

I heard Gene Leffel speak at the Adams County Planning Meeting on the Medical Waste Facility.
He is does have the good of the community as his priority. I will be voting for him.

Archer said...

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that ALL the candidates have the "good of the community as their priority".

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I will vote for any one who is on the school board now, If I would it would be Klocker, I have yet to hear him talk about kids the way Quintana does. I want someone on the board who is for all kids and not talking about how bad certain students have it so bad. They are all ACSD#14 kids it should not matter what their race is, and I am not sure Quintana can do that. My kids had Rolla in school and I have always found him to be a fair man and willing to listen to parents when they came to him with concerns about their student.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that Paolo
Diaz is not hispanic, doesn't matter to me either way, he seems really good and has my vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm for Steve Douglas. I will wait to see the forum before I make other decisions. I know Steve and he has always been upfront about what he thinks but always is ready to listen to me. He also cares what happens to the people of Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

Sean Ford for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

You cant go wrong with Rolla and Angel for school board in 14!

It will be a fresh start.

Bottomline, WE NEED a Fresh Start.

Archer said...

I am voting for Robert Toavs For Commerce City Mayor.

He says- "I belive in the people... and the people"s rights"

Words of wisdom and passion!

Anonymous said...

What does belive mean?

Archer said...

you caught that?!
Good for you.

Cherry Street, Commerce City said...

I am voting for the candidates that have the best facebook page!

Ryland, Keepin it REAL said...

Lets keep it real in ole Commerce City. Vote for the mayor candidate with the mullet.


Marcus, Commerce City said...

Who has a mullet?

GOP in CC said...

I want candidates that are not afraid to stand up and do the right thing. We need to get back to a business friendly city. Currently we are not that. Don't let the spin cycle coming out of city hall fool you. The business community in Commerce City are not happy. Don't take my word for it. Try talking to any of them for yourself.

Sure some will be happy, just wait until they need to actually deal with them. Then ask them how they feel.

W. Kerls, Commerce City, CO said...

Mayor Natalie said that we only vote based off of name recognition. I don't recognize any of the people running except Sean Ford.

I will listen to the forum and then make my decision.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Dr Chandler tried to get two candidates crossed off the ballot? I heard they had enough signature when they turned them in. But someone at Adams 14 said they didn't? But when they got caught they added them on the ballot? The question of the day is witch of the 7 candidates are buddy's with the Superintendent? Please vote for someone that will watch out for the kids first!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dusty. What is the real news story behind the Adams 14 candidates?

Skyler, Commerce City said...

I am voting for Gene Leffel. He is dedicated to progress.

Anonymous said...

Also can you find out if any f the Commerce City candidates have been arrest in Commerce City lately?

Anne S. Commerce City, CO said...

I see your cartoon is "He's the golden candidate"

I am hear to say that SHE is the golden candidate and that is Crystal Elliott!

She is honest, will not get caught up in all the drama and will move this city forward.

She will be a great "face of Commerce City".

Anne S. (ward 3 voter)

Anonymous said...

Voting for Sean Ford and Steve Douglas!

Gregg, Reunion said...

Any of these four is better then Jim Benson

· Ellen Haug
· Kim Madson
· Kristine Sumner
· Jolene Vialpando-Nielsen

Anonymous said...

Gregg, I entirely agree. Problem could be that the four great candidates, will split up the vote and leave the recognizable name of Benson to win.
We will have to get together and support one candidate or we will be back with Benson in the drivers seat (driving in circles around his focus of south part of the city).

Anonymous said...

you really want to support your at-large candidate.
Vote for only one. Mathematically, if you vote for 2 you are giving a vote to another.
Vote for only one and your candidate will not lose a vote to someone else.

Play fair! JL (voter) said...

I get it, but think it is WRONG!
Let it be fair, not a sneaky way to win just to win!

I am still voting for 2!
Paolo Diaz & Steven Douglas

Shirley said...

I don't know Ricky Teter or Harvest Thomas politics. I know who they are.
I hope to learn more about them at the metro n. forum.

pro city 3.0 said...

I agree! PLAY FAIR! All need to vote for 2 candidates. Looks like the old way of doing business in Commerce City is already coming back!

So Sad! Waste of time to move forward, when we will all just take giant leaps backwards.

Anonymous said...

I heard someone say you can't move forward by returning to the past.
Please, lets not return to the old and put CC on the radar like Adams County for crappy deals!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited to finally get a mayor who will understand the position of many.
Someone who has been unemployed a number of times & supported his family on welfare.
He truely understands how the government needs to take care of its citizens.

Mel, Reunion said...

I had the absolute Pleasure talking to 3 of the at large candidates.
I am happy to live in a city that has such informed candidates.

I see Brighton does not have that many.

I really think Commerce City citizens are more informed then most cities.

dkeys said...

It will be nice to have a mayor who does not run the city on emotions and ego.

Anonymous said...

No matter who wins mayor, I hope they have thick skin. NOT an easy job.
Will NEVER make everyone happy.

Yuri said...

With the candidate forums coming up. I would suggest that the candidates practice public speaking.
Metro North will be a good first look of how these guys will sound.
Speaking well will be the key to getting into office.

Anonymous said...

dkeys, is there someone else running for mayor?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the queen of the old council was strutting her candidates at the FD dinner. She was the one who pushed the loan conditions for the city manager. Now she is trying to set her place in the new council. Makes me want to vote against everyone she supports

Archer said...

I heard at least one of the candidates was campaigning at the Fire Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday.

That is a big NO NO!

No campaigning at certain events.

Message to all candidates: Know the rules and do not break them.

Anonymous said...

Not hard to figure who the queen was from the old council. Also not hard to imagine who she is supporting.
I too will not vote for anyone she pushes to the forefront.

Anonymous said...

I asked around and have a list of those that the "queen" was "supporting".
They have lost my votes.

Anonymous said...

I have a really good idea of who the Queen is. Please let me know the list.
I will not vote for them either.

Anonymous said...

I will only vote for the Commerce City candidates that will keep the current city staff.
It will be nice to have no in-fighting and concentrate on increasing revenue with new business.
We do not need to make a bunch of waves by shaking up the city staff.
Not only bad for city employee moral, but bad for our business image.
Need to at least portray the image that we are a stable place to do business.
The economy is a very emotional driven. Lets not be stupid by making snap decisions. Keep the current staff.
Be smart and lets get some work done!

Anonymous said...

I agree. In this business climit, we need stability.
We are just getting a new start with KS in the north, we want other business to domino off of that.
Big shake ups will crush it.

Mike said...

So here I am checking out the Gateway News and looking at the Candidate endorsements and I notice that there are two candidates for dist. 14 that were added after disqualified signatures were found to be good. What is that all about? These two candidates may be the ones that need our vote! For some reason the school district or outgoing president doesn't want them around which leads me to believe that they are feared. Could it be that these two are planning on making the changes that could make the ones running the dist. in to the ground, go away?

In the Know said...

Hard to get anything on the D14 mystery. I think there is something here. It all depends on who you talk to. Some cry foul! Some say it is nothing.
I know one thing for sure. I think both of the incumbents have their work cut out for them if they really want back in. People are tired of the D14 games. Enough is enough. District is in really bad shape.
Look for a D14 mill levy push next year.
Really sad because this is about children.

Meet 27J Candidates said...

Meet the School Board Candidates
School District 27J invites the community to a “Meet the School Board Candidate Night” on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. This event will be held at the Educational Service Center at 18551 E. 160th Avenue, Brighton. Board Candidates will answer questions related to their interest in serving on the Board. This portion of the meeting will start at 6:45 p.m. Please contact Lynn Ann Sheats at 303-655-2952 or lsheats@sd27j.org should you have any questions.

Yuri said...

For those of us who don't understand the secret code. Who is the Queen? Who are her candidates? And why are they bad?

Maria said...

You don't have to look far to see who one of the best candidates for ACSD 14 is. I believe that Larry Quintana is who we need. Two of my children have graduated from Adams City and I have one child at Adams City and one at Kearney M.S. If I ever had a problem I know Larry is just a ph. call away to answer questions or help with a problem. He takes his position on the board very seriously and we need him.

Jenny said...

Larry Quintana gets my vote. He has such a sincerity and commitment to the students of our dist. We can't go wrong with Larry!

Anonymous said...

I don't want the government taking care of me or my neighbors, if this is the direction that our new mayor will go, I will fight it.
Guess it is time to get involved.

dkeys said...

I don't want the government taking care of me or my neighbors?

Move to the Northern Range.

Ollie said...

Since all the Commerce City at-large candidates agree on everything, can we elect them all and just have them rotate?

Yuri said...

my first look at the Commerce City mayor candidates.
One word: WOW HOLY Sh*T!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sean Ford (experienced), Ward 2 Jim Benson (experienced and educated), Ward 4 Rick Teter (experienced), At Large Joe Sandoval (from north and south and educated), Crystal Elliot (south and knows govt). If they don't win, I MOVE OUT.

Anonymous said...

If you live in District 27J and you care about your property values and your community and the children of our community you will vote a resounding YES on the mill levy overide 3D.

Anonymous said...

I watched the board meeting this morning on channel 8 and again, Janette was on a rampage. She made an issue out of one of the candidates because Robert Vashaw sent her an email that the other BOE members seemed to think was not an issue that needed to be handled that way. I wonder what was so unethical that would cause her to act that way. Of course, it takes very little to get her to the point of having a meltdown. I bet the rest of the board will be elated to see her bitter derrière gone!

Estelle Remington said...

"2011 Candidate Endorsements

Thank you, Gateway for the videos for Mayoral candidates. I don't think that Robert Toavs presented himself that badly. He does not have the knowledge base that Mr. Ford has but he has not been a previous Mayor. Both men have been or are truck drivers by occupation. Robert has a down to earth philosophy and manner. He does not like the way the city has been previously run. I don't think he would expect limos and $100 plate meals and special treatments for family members. I believe he would consult others in the know before making any decisions instead of presuming to speak for all CC taxpayers as Sean does. (Such as the soccer field deal which cost this city millions and millions of dollars, forever.) I believe he would willingly work closely with the City Manager because he knows he does not have all the answers. Mr. Ford thinks that he does have all the answers and that he knows what CC needs more than it's voters do. Once in office, he becomes a one man show!

In the Know said...

I also think Robert Toavs would work with the Commerce City staff to move this city forward on the positive path it is on.

Lets all remember we are a WEAK MAYOR FORMAT CITY!

The city staff runs the city.

I would prefer to have a mayor that works with the staff then a mayor that goes rogue.

Anonymous said...

I sure don't want bargain beer drinkers who only know bargain beer choosing fine wine for me. Thought this city was moving forward.

What's next? trailer parks and truck stops on 104th and 120th? Make the northern area identical south Commerce city?
This city can't accept an upscale community within it's boundaries. I moved here thinking the northern citizens wanted to make this a desirable place to live.
I'm finding that too many don't care because we don't associate ourselves with commerce city. Like it or not, every time a news source trash CC the mayor or whomever is speaking on behalf of the city quickly mention the north and or Reunion to quell the story. The builders and HOA's are making the provisions for the north residents not commerce city. IMO, the north councilmen/women have been weak in representation but we can't get voters to the booths.

Harsh but not Haught

Anonymous said...

To Monica O

How would you know about to much bickering or baggage, or THE NEED OF NEW BLOOD FOR CHANGE. DO YOU WANT JUST TO HAVE TO PEOPLE TO SAY YESSUM what ever you say. Or do you want people who have the children at heart so they shall excel academically. How would you know about personal agendas are you there or who are you listening to certain agendas, not all incumbants have baggage some adminstration create baggage. You should stop look and listen. Know your candidates.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said on September 2: They would not vote for anyone that is on the board now except Klocker, I guess you haven't heard him say how he should resign about 6 times when he and partner in crime start all the confusion. But possibly Rolla but not Quintana. Quintana and Vashaw are about the few who supported the students and the employees. Where has your head been stuck, Quite frankly not with the the few that have fought for your childrens academics, so that they will be able to go into the world and function, get a job or become a doctor. while certain ones want to pass off our children with out having any skills such as reading math they would to make it easier to graduate your children. THINK THINK ABOUT IT. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenni and Maria: Larry Quintana is the candidate for Adams School District 14 he goes above and beyond his call. He is definately there for our children and your concerns. If he doesn't have the answer he get you in touch with the proper sources.
It doesn't matter whether you are anglo, mexican, african american or asian he is there to serve the voters needs and not just rubber stamp the administrations desires. A VOTE LARRY IS A VOTE FOR YOUR CHILDRENS FUTURE. Support those who support you.

olive st, cc said...

Also agree,
Larry Quintana is and will be good. Don't take our words. If you have not already, go talk to Larry. Ask him the hard questions. He will be honest and tell you what is the best interest of ACSD #14.
This is our future. We need to STOP everything and stop the fear.
Larry has the experience and is not afraid.

Erin NW said...

great stuff!

I also worry about getting voters to respond. I know everyone is saying that we will have a big turnout because of the 27J mill for the north. But I dont know if this is really true.

Also know many assume that all are for 27 mill levy and I know this is not true.

Many just don't want to see it hit their pocket books. It is a very hard time.

Heard one person say that we all need to change our lifestyle, including the schools. If that means cutting the shoe string in half for the shoe string budget. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone said to be afraid of Robert Toavs for Mayor. If he gets elected the world will come to an end.
I say, he is the better candidate.
One word, he is "coachable".
No more going back to the big scandals and shady deals.
Just a mayor that will come in, run the meeting, and let the city staff run the show. That is what the tax payers are paying the Commerce City staff for. That is why they are there. Lets let them do their job.

Anonymous said...

I thought Robert sounded very put together on the video.
I say he gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Sean Ford is the man. Vote for Sean. He has lived and worked in our city his entire life. He is knowledgeable about how to make things happen.

Anonymous said...

Why is this Guy Robert running for Mayor? Someone anyone tell me one thing he has ever done for our city? It is not about the children you idiot. It is about gaining and retaining tax paying businesses.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Paul natale supports Robert toavs. So Sean Ford has MY vote.

Anonymous said...

Who do _I want in Washington DC to represent my city and our needs? Sean Ford.

Anonymous said...

Jim Benson for Ward 2. None of the four women have shown up at my door. Jim has and he stands up for what is right. We have King Soopers. And we do not have a NASCAR track so keep Jim Benson.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Larry, Anita and David. You see them in the community and in our schools. I was talking with Anita and she was classy and said she would vote for 5 of the candidates if there were 5 open seats. It's so good to see a big groop of qualified candidates. To bad the other 2 have wifes that work for Dr Chandler because we could of had 7 good candidates. Please just fill out your ballot and vote.

Anonymous said...

When Sean Ford was mayor and there was a problem with the city managerSean Ford got rid of him so the city could move forward. Mayor Natalie kept a bad city manager for 4 years because Natale cannot admit a mistake.VOTE for Sean Ford. Then we can get the city staff this city needs.,

MQ (d14 voter) said...

Only one of the incumbents will make it in d14 race.
major split. very divided.
If any of the incumbents make it, it will be one or the other, not both.
that is if any of the 2 even make it.
out of the 2, larry is the better choice.

Trust the system, Vote Toavs said...

Citizens in CC who are on the world wide web,
Trust that system is setup in a way that will ensure that the mayor will only be a figure head. The staff will run the show. It will be okay if Robert Toavs is voted in.
Lets let someone new with new ideas have a stable at it.
Sean is the same old some old.

Chaz, Commerce City VOTER said...

I have not talked to all the candidates, but I really like Joe Sandoval and Paolo Diaz. These 2 are what I am looking for in a city rep.

Anonymous said...

Watch chanel 8 for Adams County School District 14. You will see where Jeannette Lewis does a bit of throwing her support for incumbant Klocker, by giving him such praise for his service in the community. Mrs. Lewis is always repremanding all candidates to not campaign on district property. It seems to me this is a sly way to throw her support behind Mr. Klocker. Why is it she can throw her weight behind Klocker by giving him praises, but everyone else gets roasted if they make a mistake and do the same. At this point it is not wise to be connected to Mrs. Lewis. Please watch the chanel 8 and you will see Mrs. Lewis have another melt down on camera doing what she says is her duty as president of the board. We need to keep our children first.

Anonymous said...

VOTE for Larry Quintana, Mary Morten, Anita Mercado they are very active in the community. These people will listen to what you have to say to them.

Anonymous said...

Larry Quintana has shown me that he is a man of his word. It would have been easy for him to cave in when he stood alone on a 4 to 1 board. He is willing to stand by his convictions and I think his convictions are with the students of ACSD #14. He supports the kids, their parents and the teachers and workers in the district. He is also honest on what he expects of the administration and holds them accountable for their actions. I am casting my vote for Larry and I think if he is re-elected he will need the support of any one of the three ladies who are also candidates or Dave Rolla.

ACSD 14 Parent of 2 Students

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I want a current thinker, sadly none are available.
p.s. Natalie is running!

Anonymous said...

Three reasons I'm endorsing Robert Toavs.
1) he has a job
2) he owns his home
3) he hasn't made any deals he'll have to pay back when he's mayor

Anonymous said...

I like the way Larry works for the community. Larry and Robert work there asses off for the kids. Larry works for everyone not just the superintendent like Bill and Jeannette do. They think that Adams 14 is perfict now that we have Chandler. WTF it's the same school district. Nothing has changed. We still have lots of work to do. Please help every student in Adams 14. Vote for Larry and let's make some things happen.
Jim proud parent.

Cindy S. said...

Anita Mercado
Mary Morton
Larry Quintana


Brian, ACSD14 voter said...

I have personally talked to Larry Quintana and he is the best man for the job in Adams 14. He has the kids best interest in mind.

Party in the back. said...

From the Toavs Website. Never mind the spelling, still my choice for mayor. Keepin Commerce City Real!

"Working to Create a Quality Community for Everyone

Robert Toavs is dedicated to improving our community by creating an environment of hope and unity. He promises to work tirelessly to improve conditions in our community and affect positive change in these dificult ecconomic times. Robert Toavs affirms the importance of working together to find solutions and vows to operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters. He believes in fairness for all and does not discount the opinions of any of his constituants regarding matters important to Commerce City. Robert has been consistent in his conviction to create a better community for all but is steadfast in his belief that, while one person can make a difference, it takes the lifelong efforts of a community to to create a Quality Community for a Lifetime."

Kyle said...

vote for someone for mayor because we can control him?
NOT really what I have in mind for my city. SORRY! I am voting for Sean Ford.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that Ford, is the one they want to go to DC to represent CC.
I imagine it IS time for the Ford family vacation there again.
History says the family goes and all expenses are charged to the room (therefore the city)

Anita Voice said...

Monica O.

I’m a little curious as to why you seem to know so much. Is it because you work in D14? More specifically maybe you are the admin. assistant to the Superintendant?

You say “For ACSD#14, the time has come to concentrate on the kids, The time of personal agendas and petty bickering is over in ACSD#14 and the only way to do this is to start all over. Incumbents have WAY TOO MUCH BAGGAGE!
period.” I think the only way to “Start Over” is to first get a NEW Superintendant. Then get NEW Principles for our schools, not just move them from school to school. Don’t you think that they are the ones with TOO MUCH BAGGAGE?

Kids First said...

Think if what is best for District 14


Anita Mercado
Mary Morton
Larry Quintana

Anonymous said...

you are so confused. You elect Sean and there will be no controlling him. Does everyone forget the scandals?

Anonymous said...

Why are we controlling anyone? This isn't China. Besides, over and over we are told that council does nothing, it is all the city staff. Staff runs the show in Commerce City.

How can we control somebody that is only one of nine?

dkeys said...

I thought the "scandals" were mostly about the city manager Perry Nandeveter? Maybe I am wrong? If not, isn't that fault of the entire council?

Anonymous said...

Lets just all start over.
Lets elect Toavs and see were that take us.
No baggage, No scandals.
With a strong council around him and a even stronger staffers, it will be fine.

Jasmine B. Commerce City said...

I almost hesitate putting this on.
I am looking for the candidates that have God in their lives.

This is a standard that tell me a lot.

Anonymous said...


Erin NW said...

I also agree Jasmine.

Belle Creek Obsever (OPINION) said...

I have no dog in this race and I am voting for Sean Ford. I don't want my city to go backwards.

I want my new council to build on the wonderful things the current council is doing.

Sean is the far better choice. The polls will tell. The voters are not stupid.

Anonymous for a good reason said...

The incumbents in School District Adams 14 are going to have a tough time.
Some of them more then others. Since they think the solution to everything is to just fire everyone and start over.
This creates very low morale, resulting in nothing getting done.
Firing everyone and threatening to fire everyone is not what this community needs.

Vote for Klocker!

Anonymous said...

for anonymous good reason:

You say you want change and you want KLOCKER. Well that is not change. You will continue to have firings. Because he is part of the clan of Lewis And Chandler for firing all the staff teachers and classified. Finding every excuse there is to get rid of people. So of course morale is low. There needs to be voters who can recognize that this administration are not serving the kids first.

Anonymous said...

Im voting for Larry. He is very smart. He does his research and knows what he is talking about. Mr. Bill Klocker wants to fire 25% of our teachers and he can't even read a Resolution at every Board meeting. I about puke watching him on Ch 8. Watch Chandlers staff cringe as he messes up every resolution he reads. Adrian had to help him with simple words last week. Why would lewis put us though this year after year. Adams 14 voters please vote for anyone but Klocker or Chandlers new Boy Toy Briant.

Anonoumus for a reason too!!!!

Wake up said...

Klocker is not the right choice!!! He is strictly for the Admin. Not the workers(except his wife) or the kids. Why would anyone want this district to remain where it is? The kids of this district deserve better!!! Morale in this district has been low for a long time because of the way they hire. They need more help in the schools that serve the kids not in the ad building where they don't even see kids. So vote for Klocker if you want to continue to hire NEW people with NEW positions in the ESS Building (ad building). Go and visit the high school with 40 kids in a class because they don't have enough teachers. That's what we get with Klocker. Him and Lewis have ran this district into the ground!!

John said...

Klocker????!!!! Really????!!!!
Why would anyone want to vote for him??? He had his chance and because of the wicked witch of the East, West, North,& South, he blew it. A vote for Klocker is totally losing focus on what the board is there for, THE STUDENTS!!!! He is more worried about the paid administration of the district then the kids. While sitting on the board, he should have observed his co board members (Vashaw, Schimpf, & Quintana) and made an effort to do what was right instead of what he was told to do.

Anonymous said...

Please help. I'm a student at Adams City High.
I'm sitting in a class today with about 38 students in it.
I'm finely graduating this year and I have seen some of the best teachers that have impacted my education fired for making small mistakes and arguing with the admin. All they are doing is fighting for our education. So fire them? I wish I could of fallowed Mr. Mayville to his new school. He was the best teacher ever and now every student at ACHS will louse out on a quality education because of the bad administration of Adams 14. I asked my mom and dad who they were voting for and of course they both said Larry, Mary and Anita.
Please help all the students in our schools and vote for the best.

Lynn said...

I believe that the best candidates for the job are Anita Mercado, and Mary Morton. They are involved in a lot of school functions. Larry is a no brainer. He is such a strong advocate for the students and will do everything in his power to do what’s right. As for Angel Anderson & Michael Bryant I don’t know anything about them or have never seen them around. They must have one day decided to run for the school board just because. I know Rolla has worked in the school district for a long time, but seems to be unapproachable and I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to him if I had questions or concerns. Klocker just needs to be released from his responsibilities and obligations on the school board. It’s time for him to cut his losses and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Things are okay in Adams 14, we need to stay on the path we are on. Sue has brought us with another CSAP gain.
We have a unique situation in our district. Please vote Klocker in so we can continue to make progress.

Are you serious? said...

In response to Anonymous and your comment about Sue bringing us another CSAP gain.
First of all the CSAP scores have been flat for the last 3 years. Then last year there was a 1% gain. Spin the numbers how you want but really it’s easy arithmetic. If this is progress then I think we need Klocker out! I think the kids of the district deserve better.

You say we have a unique situation in our district what makes you say that? I think the kids of this district are just as good as kids in Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek or any other district.

A vote for Klocker is a vote for Flat Test Scores.

If you are going to vote please vote for anyone OTHER then Klocker or Bryant both of them will be a vote for Admin. We will continue to lose good valuable teachers and staff.

Anonymous said...

Please please please help me support Larry Quintana, Marry Morton and Anita Mercado. They will support all the students of Adams 14. They will support all of our teachers. We need to free our district of the horrible things Lewis and Klocker have done. I over heard Jeannette Lewis telling sweet Sally Mcintosh At the spaghetti dinner (how dare you support Larry I'll get you for not supporting my candidates) My god Lewis. Why don't you just go away and leave the good people of Commerce City alon. Leave it to the voters to pick the best of the best.

B Martinez proud adams 14 parent.

Anonymous said...

Belle Creek Observer, I bet to differ, the wool is over the eyes, you are a prime example.

Vote KLOCKER said...

I think I see what is going on here with the Adams 14 candidates.

I will put this as delicate as I can.


That is why we all need to get behind Klocker as one of your choices for Adams 14 board member.

Anonymous said...

The word around ACSD#14 is that the teachers have endorced Angel Anderson, Mary Morton and Larry Quintana. Can anyone confirm this if it is true. If Klocker is for the school district why did he not get endorced by the teachers or are the people supporting Klocker saying the teachers in ACSD#14 are not for the kids in the district.

Anonymous said...

Listen vote for Klocker:
a vote for Klocker is for a school district!!!! I guess the the people are right we do have some uneducated people. We are a district of schools, not administrators. They are in there to teach and educate the children.
We need people in the office to make sure we don't forget. What's the purpose they are elected. FOR THE CHILDREN NOT THERE OWN PAID JOBS. THEY KEEP CREATING MORE POSITIONS FOR THEIR OWN SELF ESTEEM.
To the VOTING PUBLIC remember who is and has been there for you and your children. Mr. Larry Quintana. He always listen to you. a vote for Klocker is a vote for the same.

Vote KLOCKER said...

At least Klocker is willing to work hard with what he is presented.
Nobody wants to see big swings in csaps. No flash in the pans. Csaps are not the end all be all, but slow creeps are exactly what the state wants to see.
Klocker has the ability, along with Lewis to see what is the best way for ALL. Not just taking sides. Not just listening to just the parents or just the admin or just the teacher. Rather Klocker listens at all and then doesn't make a snap emotional judgement.
It was all Quintanna that got the Denver Post article about how Adams 14 wanted to can their superintendent.
Lets be real about what this is all about. The 80% Hispanic stat of students. The old issue with Judy.
All of this is in the past. We need to concentrate on the future with a leader that will listen to ALL sides and make the appropriate action. Klocker is that leader.

2 best at-large for CC said...

My vote is going to Paolo Diaz and Joe Sandoval, and yes I have talked to all of the candidates except for James B. Romito. So unless he is some super candidate, which I will find out on Oct. 13th. Those are the 2 best for Commerce City at-large.

Estelle Remington said...

2011 Candidate Endorsements

I wish there were some way that Jeannette Lewis could be held responsible for all the pain and suffering she has caused Adams 14 SD over the years. Perhaps, to never be able to serve on any Board or public position again? Students are writing in to this blog and I trust that they know who has their interests at heart. I have known Larry Quintana for years and I do trust his judgment and service to the school district. I don't know Anita Mercado and Mary Morton but the kids say they have their interests at heart! We need a new District Superintendent.

Anonymous said...


You said: "I wish there were some way that Jeannette Lewis could be held responsible for all the pain and suffering she has caused Adams 14 SD over the years."

How can ONE person be held responsible when there are 5 on the school board. Lewis has weathered may storms over her service with this school district.

She is loved my the community and would have no problem running for ANY office in the future if she wanted too.

I applaud the effort she made with Adams School District #14. There is no 'Pain or Suffering' only a leader that was professional, supportive of those running the show and most of all she truly cares for the kids. Maybe you should have seen her in action at the Medical Waste Facility project that was at the Adams County building. She really has the kids of Adams School District #14 at heart.

She should and will be Thanked for her service.

Reese, Reunion sub-division said...

After hearing the Commerce City At Large Candidates for 2011 talk. They all sound the same and have the same ideas. I see no difference in any of them. The all seem to think Commerce City is in a good place. They all seem to think we need to stay on the same positive track that we are already on. They all seem to love the Commerce City staff. They all seem to think that we have no problems.

So I am voting for one long term local guy Joe Sandoval and one new comer Steven J. Douglas.

There I have covered all the bases.

Oh, and Sean for Mayor. I would have to be absolutely nuts to vote for Toavs. Council does a lot more then just be ribbon cutters and an informational kiosk. They do are at least are suppose to set the direction and give direction to CM which is suppose to run the city, based on that direction.

Maybe if we can all grow up and realize our roles we will stop being the laughing stock of the Denver Metro area.

John said...

Looks like Lewis and Klocker have been reading and responding to some of the negative opinions people have been posting about them. Give it up guys. People aren't blind. They have seen you in action and have formed an opinion about you that you can't put a bandaide over and make it go away. The damage is done! Now make life easy for the people in the community and back off.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have to respond to the Lewis and Klocker/Quintana debate. I may not and have not agreed with all the decisions and actions taken by Klocker and Lewis but I agree - they have all the children's interest in mind - not just one group of the kids. They see the big picture and are trying to move the district forward. Quintana only votes and talks about the Hispanic kids as if they are the only ones living in poverty or need help. I have been around and seen Quintana in action in several different forums and he is very prejudice for “his people”. Sorry, all the kids in the district deserve a good education. Mercado and Morton are just as bad. I will not and can not support Mercado or Morton. And yes, the administration and schools need to change but working to teach all the kids in ENGLISH and holding parents/students and teachers accountable for the education would be a great place to start. Thank God I don’t have any children left in this district. I’d be looking for alternatives and if Mercado and Morton get in it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Why I won't vote for Steve Douglas.
He is a nice enough guy, but he is claiming responsiblity for bringing Kings here ( he works for Kings @ night).
Sorry Steve this deal is way bigger than your little input, don't take claim.
This deal was Shea's and Kings, with some cooperation from the city.
Tell me what you've really done, not what you'd wanted done. We all wanted the store, wrote letters made calls.
This sounds like Al Gore and the internet.

BOR said...

If all the Commerce City at-large candidates are all the same with the same ideas. Why not vote for one that can hit the ground running. No "ramping up" needed. That person is Mr. Gene Leffel.
Been to Every Council meeting. Knows all the issues the city is facing inside and out.
Knows the system and who is who.
You really think all the Commerce City at-large candidates are the same, then Gene Leffel is an excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

ACSD14 - Turning into an Incumbent War. Lets end it by voting Rolla, Anderson and Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on Sept.22,2011
You say your not for anyone, maybe Rolla Klocker and Anderson and not the other three well it sure sounds like your for someone to me.
Maybe you are the racist one here because of your comments you just now made. You say you don't know the others so why the negativity. You act like you have an inside from the partners in crime, you are talking just like them. What is the stage of your mentallity it can't be with all the students. Remember all the students are at stake here. You say the three of them can only bring the worst. I should have known that you didn't have kids, you talk like you be don't hsve any. Maybe you wouldn't so quick to jump to judgement if you had kids. Stop being a racist and open your mind to what is happening.

Anonymous said...

It is sad for our city and the district that race has to become an issue and not the needs of all of the students of the district.

If I am right Larry Quintana is the only member of the Board of Education and probably the only candidate that served in the Armed Forces protecting the rights of Americans so that they can call him a racist.

Shame on your for shaming the district with your comments. I cannot vote for Quintana because I do not live in 14 but if I did he would get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Sumner is an adjunct professor at Metro State _ whoopie - what is her real life experience? Adjunct professor means peon!

Anonymous said...

Please all - remember the Mayor has no more power or perks than all the other council - they just get to have the gavel at the meeting that's it - sorry!

Gateway News Twitter said...

Commerce City Fraternal Order of Police Endorse Commerce City Candidates Sean Ford (Mayor), Crystal Elliott (At-Large), Ricky Teter (Ward 4)

M.M. said...

My name is Mary Morton and I am running for Adams County School district 14 as a director. I would be happy to answer any questions or talk to anyone regarding yours or my ideas about the district.
Feel free to call. My phone number is (303) 288-7107 or you can also drop me an email, Nwdlsgrma@comcast.net. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I think we deserve Leffell to the him see what it really means to be "on" council, not an attendie.
Just wish he'd be honest and not live for free on his "girlfriends" section 8. If the state knew he lived there they couldn't get the section 8 status.
Maybe thats what he thinks is okay?

Close to the Situation in D14 said...

Mary Morton,
Best of Luck to you!
If you get in it looks like you are going to have you hands full.
My advice, don't let anyone sway your true feeling. Vote your heart and what you think is right.

RRR in CCC said...

Surprised the CCPD would endorse corruption.

Charoltte said...

I admire Dom and would love to hear what his ideas are for us. I was going to vote Tracey but now it looks like I will have a choice.

M.M. said...

Dear Close to the Situation in
Thank you so much for the kind words. I know running for the board will keep me busy but if I am elected I look forward to helping my fellow BOE members make decisions to help every student in our community suceed with their education. Mary

Anonymous said...

well, it is back to the old CC. The plan from the past group is if Robert Tavos wins, they will wait 6 months and recall him, then put Ford back in. I had such great hopes for our city. How do we get out of this mind set?

A friend of ADAMS 14 said...

Nothing wrong with WORKING with the admin in ADAMS 14!
We are all in it for the same reason. The best for the Kids. Lets not all forget this!
ADAMS 14 has made some tough decisions that needed to be made.
We are on the right track, lets NOT get off of it.
Next year will even be harder. Already talk about a Mill Levy Over-Ride for ADAMS 14.
In order for us to go forward in these trying times we will need a GOOD LEADER.
That LEADER is BILL KLOCKER (incumbent)
And YES a big community Thank You is in order for President Lewis!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with a friend of adams 14 and cast my vote for klocker. The voters in adams 14 know that a vote for klocker is a vote for 4 more years of lewis and everyone knows that her 8 years on the board have been 8 years of chaos and madness on the board of education for adams 14. The only board members who stood by Lewis’s sided were the ones she had so terrified that they had to agree with her, yes even klocker. So yes vote for klocker so you can enjoy 4 more years of lewis, it will be what you deserve, but what about your kids?

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