General Issues September, 2011

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your opinions.

If you are confused about how to post on the blog or feel more comfortable e-mailing me your opinion comments and concerns, please do so and we will post it for you.

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*In general, an opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts.


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Bud said...

After 27 years of trash service Commerce City is seriously looking at getting rid of it? I would love to hear the history of how this all come about. How did we really get where we are today?

BOR said...

Mayor of CC made some pretty nasty allegations. I took away the message from the mayor that the water board in corrupt, any one else get that message? How will the water board address this? I would assume the approach would to try and work with the water board, not attack them with unfounded allegations.

Estelle Remington said...

Adams 14, Superintendent, Susan Chandler, in her State of the District presentation for August 2011 talks about pre-kindergarten and first graders "starving." I am looking forward to CC Forum guided by Janet Union on Channel 8. To whom do, we send our questions?

David said...


I say email your questions to CCBPA

They are the ones putting it on.

Wes, Northern Range said...

Too bad the ccbpa (Commerce City business and professional association) does not have an email link on their very basic website. Contact us is only a mailing address. I guess they must still get hand written letters. Not very Business savvy or Professional.

Also, they only have 19 members and 4 of them are municipalities. Maybe they are still updating their website?

Gateway News said...

Adams County School District 14 add 2 Candidates for Board Director after disqualified signatures were found to be good...

The following 2011 candidates include:

Larry Quintana (Incumbent)
William J. Klocker (Incumbent)
Anita Mercado*
Mary Morton*
Michael Dale Bryant
Angel Anderson
David J. Rolla

*Added after disqualified signatures were found to be good.

Anonymous said...

Today is D day to get our money back from Flannery!! It will pay for a prk up noth, 25% of the amount needed to coninute trash....

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the mayor still has his in with channel 4 to get King Soopers ground breaking coverage. Natale and Brian Moss go way back-and some people believe Natale used Brian Moss to break stories when he didn't like what was going on, instead of bringing issues to council and through the appropriate channels.

Anonymous said...

BOR, I listened to the mayors comments on Mon night ref the water board. I heard him comment on the SACW board meeting, if this was factual, then so be it.
You are making an assumption that the city has not approached the board.
How do you know this?
I understand they have regular meetings between them monthly.
It is obvious you don't like the mayor & he doesn't like the water district.
Apparently he has met with them, have you met with him?

King of Olive Street said...

Adams County School District 14 add 2 Candidates for Board Director after disqualified signatures were found to be good?

What the hell? Is this honest mistake or is ACSD14 up to its typical CORRUPTION AGAIN!?

Archer said...


It was said that the money we get today from City Mangers House will go into a fund that will be only used for hamburgers for Commerce City outreach! That would mean no more hot dogs! Back to the great hamburger outreach days! Is this TRUE?

BOR said...

Just want to get this straight, I believe now it has become actually something important.

Your saying:

The mayor met with SACWSD board and they said they went into an executive session and then magically a second to a failed motion that was prior to that executive session appeared?

All of this has to do with the temple in north on 120th?

Gateway News, are you getting all of this?

Sounds to me like there was at least a couple of rules broken?

Mayor Natalie made some pretty bad accusations in a public meeting about the water district. I think everyone wants to know exactly what really happened.

Remember the water board is also a government, even if they do act like a private business.

Marcus, Commerce City said...

Great Stuff,
Drama in Commerce City is better then a lot of movies, and its FREE!

Anonymous said...

Jeanete Lewis is supporting Klocker and Bryant for school board. Please vote for anyone else. Our children deserve better.

Wes, Northern Range said...

Dustie, GN,
Again this election cycle I am afraid that the candidate forum is just going to be a flimsy, issue skirting, "what's your favorite color" waste of time.

I don't want to watch a "get to know the candidates" I want to have someone ask the hard questions like trash service and recent URA Dog Track and $72K given away to CM.

Maybe if this forum is a bust, which I think it will be, maybe you can hold a real debate?

Anonymous said...

An oldy but a goody in the Denver Post today

Anonymous said...

the $72,000 is nothing compared to the house loan for our bearded, short yet very wide city manager. Of course that describes one of the deputy's too!

Sharkey, Brighton said...

gov. can't meet their budget?

Usually they just CUT their spending.

Only in Commerce City they would think of fee f@#$%ing the residents.

pro city 2.0 said...

Kudos to Atlas Copco and Schlumberger (great company) on making Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies.
That is 2 out of 100 companies from Commerce City! Not bad!

Anonymous said...

My opinion: Mayor Natale is always accusing or disrespecting someone or some other political group. (Case in point, Brighton this past week as well as the water district). He also takes credit for good things other people did. He has done this so many times that I no longer believe a word he says.

pro city 3.0 said...

Mayor Natale is done in a matter of weeks. Why does everyone feel the urge to bash on him?

Anonymous said...

Because Natale is disrespectful, accusatory and starts his own rumors- that's why Pro City 3/city employee

Anonymous said...

Any word on the Boys and Girls Club and the loan for the city manager's house?

King of Olive Street said...

Good Questions,
I thought there was suppose to be an announcement about boys and girls club in August? What happened?

Anonymous said...

If City Manager paid back his loan from the 6th or 7th house amendment, Commerce City should be $450,000 richer today.
That is 1/4 of the needed budget gap.

Gateway News said...

Inquires have been made on both questions. No answers as of yet.

pro city 3.0 said...

It is my opinion that Mayor Natale is unfairly attacked on many occasions.

Just one example would be the last recall attempt.

I am just happy he didn't thrown in the towel and walk away!

Anonymous said...

Pro City 3 needs the mayor for their job - things are soon to be changing.

dkeys said...

Tonight is the Phish concert and camping starts:
Phish People,
Please don't go potty in our fountain or try to take a bath in it or dump your drugs in it. Pretty Please!

Commerce City Resident,

Candidate Forum said...

The CCBPA is hosting a Candidate Forum for Commerce City Municipal Candidates on Thursday, October 13 from 6:30-9:00pm in City Council Chambers. It will be live-broadcast on Channel 8 and re-broadcast in the week following.

Questions from the public are encouraged. Please submit questions to

All qualified candidates for mayor, at-large, Ward II and Ward IV have been invited.

The League of Women Voters of Adams County will be moderating and keeping time.

Anonymous said...

BOR, I said that the mayor meets monthly with SACWD. The meeting in question, I believe was a regular meeting.
The mayor stated during city council on Mon, that got a call about the water district meeting. Mr Ford made a motion ref: giving the temple water, he couldn't get a second on his motion, he then asked for an executive session. The board left, when they returned they voted unanimously for Mr Fords motion.
Should be easy to check.

Anonymous said...

Comments on this blog are the example of why people do not run for office.
Why should anyone put up with the crap??

Anonymous said...

STOP PRINTING IN SPANISH for the illegals!!!!!!!!!!!!
Legal immigrants speak and read English...It's a requirement.
Keep trash pick up free

BOR said...

Adams County commissioners, who will make the final decision on the Medical Waste Facility is Sept. 12!
Come show your support.

Cheo, Commerce City said...

KEEP Printing in Spanish as it is half of the city!
Communication is key to a good city!

But I do agree, Keep the Trash Service too.

Vikki, Commerce City said...

RE: The CCBPA is hosting a Candidate Forum for Commerce City Municipal Candidates on Thursday, October 13 from 6:30-9:00pm in City Council Chambers.

Are they going to do it for the D#14 School Board too? Or just the City Council Candidates?

dkeys said...

I don't know much about the CCBPA? Are they politically charged? What do they do anyway?

I know many of the groups, including elected ones have very strong agendas and strong political views.

Anonymous said...

For those people who want to see more of the documentation about the Temple water issue, here it is

Anonymous said...

More about the water district and the Temple water situation, it was discussed on July 13 with a special meeting called on July 20.

Core Comments said...

I heard that Brighton said "point blank" that Commerce City can have this temple. Lets get it and then they can have water.

Everyone is happy and Commerce City will not be setting up a slippery slope.

In the Know said...

Jadie Carson said that she was worried that annexing the temple on 120th was not cost effective because of city services. Which brings up a good question, what do you get when you annex into Commerce City?

As a business, there is no trash service (residents will have to pay soon to if council gets their way). I am sure they are not an emergency route so no snow removal.

They would get Police Service. But the Police are already have that area anyhow.

What other "cost" is there?

Commerce City should annex this in the city and then, like everyone else can get water.

Archer said...

have a heart!
Give them temporary water and the rest will come together.
Too bad they have to suffer because of the ego of those who love the limelight.

BOR said...

I still do not understand how water district can force you to annex to get water.

Hold water hostage until you annex? Sounds like this should be challenged in the courts.

Wes, Northern Range said...

CC Mayor made suggestion of corruption in SACWSD. If so corrupt, why doesn't Commerce City get a petition together to take it over?

King of Olive Street said...

water is a big cash cow. I would be afraid that the money collected would not be spent on water if Commerce City took over the water district.

I like them being separate.

Ollie said...

Thanks to whoever posted this Great Link:

Learned a bunch.

Looks like Eagle Creek may never get built out.

I see the lack of a second for the temple agreement but don't see them going into closed session and then coming out and getting an approval.

Maybe Mayor was wrong.

King of Olive Street said...

how come Commerce City does not ticket the School District for illegal 6 inch weeds at the high school?
Are they special?
Are they better then the residents who have to play by the rules?

Anonymous said...

Is it normal to have 20 to 30 limousines at a Phish Concert? I thought these were hippies?

Anonymous said...

Ollie, I wondered too, but talked to someone who attended. Yes they did go into an executive session, and yes they did vote for Ford's motion right after.

Anonymous said...

BOR, the city and water district made an agreement to protect the water usage. It could if building ever booms again protect the city so that the water is not giving away.
Brighton has their own water district, so they should provide water to theirs in the same way.
It will set up a slippery slope. Once a change is made others can claim hardships as well. I think Jady is right. The church should have used some of their money to make sure the land deal was good.
If I was them I would go after their land broker.

dkeys said...

Heard your doing something on trash pickup and "De-Brucing"
Email me if you want more information. I talked to a candidate who had a lot of information about it.

Anonymous said...

Each school district should have their own forum, seperate from the city council. There would be way to many candidates if you put them all together. I am sure that the north has no interest in the school board candidates for Adams 14 and visa versa. We need to hear from the council candidates.

Hyde said...

I agree. I have no interest in Adams 14 school board. I am VERY interested in the 27J mill levy and the city candidates.

Dustin, Gateway News said...

Thank you Derrick.

Vikki, Commerce City said...

But I would like to hear from the school board director candidates too.
It is not fair that we use the channel 8 equipment for just the city candidates. It is ALL tax payer money being used for all of this.
CCBPA should do one for the school board too. This do everyone in Thornton.

Belle Creek Obsever said...

I was told that it was- Tracks for Trash. We get trash service because we got the taxes from the dog track.

When that all went away in 2008, I assumed we would eventually have to pay trash.

What is de-brucing have to do with anything with trash service in Commerce City. I have never heard this before.

BOR said...

too bad about the guy dying at concert. that is a bummer way to end weekend.

Irene, CC said...

I would like to know more about debrucing and trash service in CC

Monica Quinn, CC said...

I dont even know what de-brucung even is? I would also like to know what the hell people are talking about.

BOR said...

RE: Concerns over procedure in CC:

City says: did not change the general purpose of the overall ordinance?

Did it not go from no term limits to term limits? That is not a change?

dkeys said...

I can explain the de-brucing and trash pickup in a nut shell.

It was told to me that past mayor said that if residents go along with de-brucing (measure that attempts to bypass TABOR restrictions) then they would get trash service forever.

They did and the residents got trash service for 27 years. All was fine until now.

All this happened a long time ago.

A lot of residents were taking the trash matter into their own hands by burning it. It made the city smell.

The money the city kept from the de-brucing was used to do some great city projects.

pro city 3.0 said...

2 things:

First: About the so-called concern over the ballot ordinance. I see it as it did not change the overall charter of the ordinance, so yes all is okay.

Second: About the de-Brucing and trash service. NO Commerce City council including any of the past council can make a promise and tie the hands of the future or present councils. That is just the way it is. SORRY!

Archer said...


"Commerce City lacks hotels near the venue and limited dinning option unless you want to eat at Denny’s for 3 days straight."



BOR said...

why is commerce city mayor always hiding behind the PIO? Can't he have his own thoughts?

Nancy, Commerce City said...

I'm no lawyer, but I do think the mayor being a separate seat ballot question did change drastically.

Anonymous said...

Last November, a crackdown by Atlantic City police at a Phish concert netted 64 drug-related arrests and more than $250,000 worth of drugs, including 70 tanks of nitrous oxide, more than 550 grams of marijuana, about 135 grams of mushrooms, more than 100 pills of various narcotics, 21 cookies containing LSD, as well as marijuana-laced brownies, cookies and other edible treats, authorities said.

Is this why the mayor was worried about the phish people putting "something" in the water at the fountains?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to opt out receiving city communications? For me, the dual language format is unreadable so they go straight to the recycle bin. That may save some tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

BOR you are a perfect example of why NO one worth a plum nickle would run for mayor.
If he speaks, you say he shouldn't. If he doesn't, you say he should.
If he says yes, you say it should have been no. If he says no, you say it should have been yes.
Man you are impossible.
You really should have run for mayor...oh, maybe you are!?

Estelle Remington said...

Bubonic Plague

The news is reporting that prairie dogs in Westminster between 120th and ?? and 112th and Sheridan have fleas with bubonic plague. They cautioned everyone to make sure their animals are protected from these fleas. This is the black death that killed millions of people during the middle ages.

Anonymous said...

Any repsonse from the city about the repayment of the city manager's house loan? Boys and Girls Club?

Anonymous said...

got a orange post card in the mail about trash service in Commerce City.
I am suppose to go to the Sept. 12th meeting with pitch fork and torch.

BOR said...

Looks like to me trash service in Commerce City has never been free.
Looks like to me that we made a deal to relax TABOR rules and we would get trash service.

We kept our end of the deal, not it is time for Commerce City to keep their end.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City Trash Service and Commerce City de-Brucing.

Find out all the facts before you make a snap judgement on this.

Just because you hear something from a candidate, realize they are in campaign mode and will most likely say anything to get your vote.

I do encourage all to come to the Commerce City council meeting to hear the discussion.

I don't know if there were promises that were made years ago.

I do not understand how if Colorado TABOR was in 1992 how we had trash service for free before that 27 years ago, making that 1984?

There is much more to this then people know.

Rachael said...

Thank you for posting the Metro N. candidate forum. We hope you can attend.

King of Olive Street said...

Is this thing in Commerce City tomorrow something to do with a Boys and Girls Club on the old dog track site?

Anonymous said...

The city was looking for a project to fund when they asked the voters to 'debruce' the taxes from the dog track. Council told the citizens who were all in the southern portion than they the city would provide 'free' trash service if the citizens allowed the city to keep the tax revenues. Good deal in the early days when the dog track taxes covered the cost of trash service. The taxes have not covered the trash service for years but councils considered the issue too political to bring up. Now with the dog track closed and the budget tighter, it is time to look at the issue and make an informed decision.Should Commerce City keep the free residentail trash service when a large percentage of the citizens can afford trash service on their own? Is trash collection an essential government service that should be maintained?

Erin NW said...

GREAT NEWS! Congratulations Commerce City! Way to GO!

pro city 3.0 said...

Boys & Girls Club in Commerce City?
A Long Time Coming!

Vikki, Commerce City said...

Out of all the Denver Metro places. Commerce City seems like a perfect fit for a boys and girls club.
I am very happy this is finally going to happen.

Thank you SUNCOR!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News.
Amazing what can happen when a public/private partnership work together.

In the Know said...

Commerce City Council Jim Benson:
“We brag a lot about our financial condition and yet here we’re saying we’re in such bad financial condition that we have to start charging you for the trash pickup we’ve given to you for the last 27 years”

Lionel, Commerce City said...

happy about Boys & Girls Club.
But what about this trash service problem?

Are we laughing to the bank or not?

Why was it okay for 27years and now not.

Fee US? I think you need to cut spending!

Common Sense Dictates said...

Boys & Girls Club location in Commerce City is great place for it.

About trash in Commerce City, you can't promise things that will tie the hand of people in the future.

Again, I am sorry some of you think this is a legit deal, but it can't be.

The program can not support itself. That is the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about the Boys and Girls Club!

Anonymous said...

Do we also have good news about the city manager paying back the citizens of this city for his house?

Irene, CC said...

do you have any facts about ACSD14?
Like demographics?
Free Lunch eligibility?

Gateway News said...

Here is some statistics of Adams County School District 14:

Approximate Enrollment 7,000:
-81 percent Hispanic
-14 percent Anglo
-3 percent African American
-1.5 percent American Indian
-0.5 percent Asian American

Student Statistics:
-Mobility rate – 32.60 percent
-Qualify for free and reduced-rate lunch – 83.60 percent
-Primary language is not English – 55.09 percent
-Homeless students – approximately 1,000

I have more general facts if you want.

Cheo, Commerce City said...

81% Hispanic.
that is why city news is printed in Spanish.

Any questions?

Monica Quinn, CC said...

“In an effort to encourage our residents to help support the construction of the Commerce City Boys & Girls Club, City Council is planning to budget these operating funds in 2012,” added Natale. “We will use those dollars as a community challenge grant for the capital campaign, matching resident contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000.”

fee us for trash and also ask for money for boys & girls club?

city council is out of touch with residents in commerce city proper!

PRO CITY said...

You need to think of the Boys and Girls Club at the dog track as a investment. A investment in our children.

It is proven that a Boys and Girls club make the entire community a more positive place for ALL of us.

A great first partner for the area.

Buffalo Proud said...

From a post card I got in the mail:

Commerce City is discussing changes to our city’s trash and recycling program. THE COSTS TO BE PAID BY RESIDENTS.

Become informed. Watch the August 29 city council meeting at and click on the Video Center.

Be at the city council meeting on September 12 (7887 E. 60th Avenue). If you would like to speak be there and sign up by 6:00 pm.

Call email your council person.

Anonymous said...

yeah...more for the illegal immigrant community of south commerce city and nothing but the possibility of increased taxation for citizens.

Anonymous said...

Monica, I think the money match is not just for CC "proper".The concept is great and certainly doesn't hurt. I believe the challenge is for everyone who belives in Boys and Girls club.
I'd rather help now than pay for troubled uneducated kids later.
Many can skip a burger, pack of smokes, coffee etc. every dollar adds up.

Anonymous said...

I understood that they council's directive was to continue the trash pick up as it is now. The staff is supposed to review options for the following year.
Did I hear wrong?

Anonymous said...

I want to thank Guillermo Serna for all of his tireless work to get a Boys and Girls Club for Commerce City. He worked with Rep. Perlmutter for the initial funding, kept the project in front of city council and even when he was discouraged, he never gave up hope! This club is due in no small part to your efforts, Guillermo. Thank you on behalf of the children!

pro city 2.0 said...

Serna was an advocate for a boys and girls club years and years ago. Really fun to see this come to life.
True milestone for us.
All under the watch of mayor Paul Natale.

via email said...

I know Suncor will just write this boys&girls million off as a tax deduction.
Besides a million dollars is most likely what Suncor got away with for settlement with Commerce City.

Curious in Reunion said...

Directive is to put off fee to citizens until next year?
So does that mean that CC staff have to deal with a 2 million dollar short fall for 2012?

Anonymous said...

I hope the matching funds for Boys and Girls Club will come from our lucrative industrial businesses.

I am sure they all want to be good community partners.

Ginger, My 2 cents said...

I don't understand why they don't blight the dog park. I thought that opened it up for some optional funding options.

Anonymous said...

If you live in this country you should learn to read and write in English. If I move to any other country it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to learn the languae not an entire country's responsibility to learn my language. I am not asking anyone to give up their customs or traditions, we all have those. By printing papers in spanish we are enabling people to not learn the language, and this impacts the kids. What about all of the student's who come from other countries, why are we not prinitng papers for them in their native language. Is that not a form of discrimination?

Really IN THE KNOW! said...

I love what COMMERCE CITY has done with the URA. Talk about being PRO-ACTIVE!
This is really a good move. They have secured the final destiny of this area.
I stand behind CC Council purchasing this ALL DAY LONG!

via email said...

whoever mailed out all those post cards to sign up at the next council meeting to complain to Commerce City council about free trash service- There is NO citizen communication.
Too bad, so sad!
Looks like your just going to have to suck it up and stop relying on the gov. to pay for EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

September 1- city manager house loan?

Anonymous said...

City Council of Commerce City
Special Meeting

Council Chambers, 7887 East 60th Avenue

Monday, September 12, 2011 3:00 p.m.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, I believe that the area has been listed as "Blighted"
It was mentioned at the 1st citizen imput meeting the other day.

via email said...

From: Commerce City Citizens for Recycling

Recycling Advocate,

This week you should have received a postcard for Commerce City Residents for Recycling (CCCR) outlining steps to take action.

Step #1 is incorrect. The City News indicated a City Council meeting at 6:30 on September 12th, however, the meeting time has been changed for budget purposes and will not include citizen communication.

We encourage residents to listen to the Aug. 29th Council meeting regarding potential changes to the trash contract and call and/or email council members with your thoughts. To listen to the City Council meeting visit and click on the Video Center and select the August 29th meeting.

In the coming months CCCR's leadership will meet to determine our approach. Our intention is to keep residents aware of action City Council may take to impact FREE curbside recycling and let you know how you can participate in the public process.

Commerce City Citizens for Recycling's mission is to increase and ease recycling in the Commerce City area. The group meets quarterly to discuss club business and hear from featured speakers. The next meeting is scheduled for November 29, 2011 at the 6:00pm at the Derby Resource Center (7270 Monaco Street).

If you would like to be involved in developing a position for City Council to consider for the 2013 trash contract (which includes recycling) come to the November 29th meeting or contact Trudy Smith at 303.286.3644.

We apologize if the postcard caused you an inconvenience and we will keep you informed of recycling in our community or proposed changes to the current program.

Wes, Northern Range said...

any news on if the top CC manager (there are 3) paid us back for his house?

Anonymous said...

All is fine with Mr. Flannery. Drop it.

Anonymous said...

Its paid, you'll have to move on and find something else to whine about. Oh boy some new topics!

Anonymous said...

All is not fine with Mr Flannery if he still owes us money. It is a contract.

Anonymous said...

why is the only way to reach Ford's website is through the gateway? this is the person you want to run our city?
Regarding Anonymous' comment about physical characteristics of city manager. Have you seen the photo of the candidate and his wife?
Quit being so hateful.

Wes, Northern Range said...

house is paid? okay now what about the 72K for the loss in the house in AZ that was in reality a gain? That would be the next topic.

And no I will not just drop it.

It is the tax payers money.

dkeys said...

I kinda thought Jerry would pay for the house, he would have been nuts to ask council for a 6th amendment.

Archer said...

Commerce City council gave Jerry the money he says he "lost" on the house in Arizona because he moved here to Commerce City as a "moving expense".

We protected him from the housing crash. Why would we not do this again for are wonderful manager.

I say we get the house in Reunion appraised, God knows it is not worth $450,000 and give Jerry the difference again! Who's with me?!

In the Know said...

I was at the URA meeting. Yes I do think the Dog Track is blighted.
Meeting was a little chaotic.

Don't think it was Commerce City running the meeting. I think it was an outside consultant.

I did hear all of the ideas already mention on this blog, including the hospital idea.

I do not think a hospital would ever come. It is just an idea and will always stay that way.

Vikki, Commerce City said...

I would like to know more about trash and de-Brucing.

Lots of rumors out there.

dkeys said...

I think de-Bruce and CC Trash Service is taboo for council to talk about.

Yuri said...

Natalie looks so serious in 9-11 picture.

jax, cc said...

Popular Hotels in
Commerce City, Colorado

(not one chain? C'mon C3ED! Get your act together, how long have you been here? You have a MAJOR sport stadium and you can't get ONE, just ONE hotel chain?)

Cream of the Crop?

Gateway News Twitter said...

Tomorrow - 9/11 Freedom Rally at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City... 9:00am to 6:00pm Admission is Free...

Anonymous said...

OH! we print in spanish for the illegal immigrant population of SD14.

American citizens and legal residents read and speak English. That's a requirement to come to the US "legally".
Unless you sneak in and burden a nation. STOP printing in spanish or this will always be 2 cities or split from disgust.

Cheo, Commerce City said...

Legal residents read and speak English? I don't think so. What about legal resident aliens? No requirement at all, just a sponsor.

Besides, NO WHERE does it say that English is the 'official' language of Commerce City.

Curious in Reunion said...

What happened to the Mile High Marketplace? They use to have great events like the family circus and a Blues Festival. This year there is nothing except for the City of the Dead.

Irene, CC said...

I heard there were many Hispanics in the New Lands too.

Marcus, Commerce City said...

Mayor Paul does look very serious in the Gateway Pic for 9/11.
Must have been a serious speech.

Monica Quinn, CC said...

HEY! don't like Hispanics? Move from CC!

Anonymous said...

I was taken back a bit by the 81% of hispanics in ACSD14. That seems really high.

King of Olive Street said...

Gateway Reported - D-14 Students: - Primary language is not English is 55.09 percent!

Makes perfect sense that we print in Spanish and should continue.

Gateway News Twitter said...

Run for Remembrance at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge...

PRO CITY said...

9/11 moment of silence tomorrow at 11am in Colorado.
Please take time and reflect.

Erin NW said...

I Really Love Your Photography Work!
Commerce City should really hire you!

Estelle Remington said...

Boys and Girls Club

The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development donated $166,000 towards a Boys and Girls Club. Suncor had donated a million dollars towards a Boys and Girls Club, years ago. This is just a drop in the bucket in real time costs for a Boys and Girls club that will serve only 13% (1,800) of our children in CC and cost millions of dollars to build and maintain. When, the combined school districts of Adams 14 and 27J probably add up to about 13 to 14,000 children are taken into consideration. 27J School District is struggling as financially as Adams 14. Moreover, one can not disagree with the fact that Adams 14 needs a Boys and Girls Club, but, is their need greater than 27J? Which has twice the student enrollment. Let's not act like this program will benefit 27J children who number thousands more than Adams 14. Because, just by location and costs it will not! Thousands of 27J children will have to be bused or driven down to the Core City after school when most parents are at work. One can not expect 27J parents to pay for a program their children will not benefit from and I doubt that the Core City can support this program by themselves even with Suncor. The solution is two Boys and Girls Clubs, North and South. Stuart Middle School had offered their facility and would benefit thousands of 27J children. I know, I will get a lot of hate e-mail on my opinion.

Estelle Remington said...

Lost the War

Before everyone starts to attack me as a racist, I would like to point out a few things. Adams 14 SD has 83.60 percent free and reduced lunches with only 10% of them reduced lunch. Or about 5,267 children of which Superintendent Chandler said the Elementary students are slowly "starving" in her State of the District report, August, 2011. The Gateway News Blog said that about 1,000 students in Adams 14 are homeless and that 55.09 percent of Student's primary language is Spanish (3,850). Mr. Serna may think he has won the battle for a Boys and Girls Club but he has lost the war on poverty. At this time, CC does not need a Boys and Girls Club to teach them leadership. According to Maslow's Hierarchy children need food and safety/housing to survive, first. It is time for these members of city council to take responsibility for the Adams 14 SD children's welfare in CC or "Quality Living" is just a bunch of empty words.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development donated $166,000 towards a Boys and Girls Club for Commerce City? At least $80,000 of that should go back to the Commerce City URA for the land they were just given.

Wes, Northern Range said...

I don't think your a racist. I disagree with a lot you say. But you have a right to your opinion and I rather like hearing yours.

Here is my take. First, the 27J part that is in Commerce City is the North Range. Those kids are nothing like the Core kids (D-14). Second, 27J already has a Boys and Girls Club in Brighton.

But, you do make a very good point. Commerce City has now given the Core kids a Rec Center (1980s) and a Boys and Girls Club (2014-15) and there is nothing in the Northern Range for those kids.

Commerce City seems to be concentrating mostly on the South. They really are not doing anything in the North.

We got a King Soopers (thanks to Shea).

Anonymous said...

Wish I could rat this person out.

Over heard someone significant say commerce city north residents are only good for speeding ticket revenue on 104th.

Anonymous said...

So whats next. A big push for a Rec Center in the North?! IS that the next big thing to bitch about?!

All these things take money!

People forget that!

Anonymous said...

I think the donated $166,000 for Boys & Girls Club in Commerce City was suppose to go towards the Design of it.

dkeys said...

Estelle said: "It is time for these members of city council to take responsibility for the Adams 14 SD children's welfare in CC or "Quality Living" is just a bunch of empty words."

This is NOT the responsibility of Commerce City Council! This is the Responsibility of Adams County Social Services!

Anonymous said...

sponsored immigrants are required to return to country of origin. If they stay past the allowed "VISIT" they are in the country illegally and therefore "illegal immigrants" commerce city is the US and not mexico and English is a requirement for the United States.
Want to protest? Contact mexicans running mexico and tell them to take care of it's people.

Too many families on every continent have learned English and have something to offer waiting to get into the US. What self serving people.

Anonymous said...

Estelle, not hate mail just facts.
1) Boys and Girls Club is not a city function.
2) Brighton has a Boys and Girls Club.
3) Since it took years to get funding for the one in the core, maybe you can successfully get funding support for one half way between the two, you go girl.

pro city 3.0 said...

9/11 Freedom Rally in Commerce City was an outstanding event.

Just another feather in Commerce City's hat.

Will be even better next year.

Anonymous said...

Boys and Girls Club is not a city function?

It is now, Commerce City just dropped 80 to 100K of free land to them!

RD said...

WOW, love the photos.
You have a great talent of capturing the moment.

Archer said...

We got the 450,000 plus interest back from city manager? If we can get back the 72,000 we would have 25% of what we need for trash service for 2012.

Then maybe C3ED can actually do something and develop old HS, Victory Crossing, Derby (for real), Dog Track, or the North.

A target revenue of 2 million should not be that hard to reach.

Remember this is a "cream of the crop" staff - per City Manager.

Wes, Northern Range said...

Why are expenditures going up in a down economy in Commerce City?

Why are we not acting appropriate for the current economic situation?

How can the city's spending be more then when we were in the Boom?!

Anonymous said...

9/11 Freedom Rally was a great event!
Rapids field was a sight to see!

dkeys said...

Lets see if CC staff can pull the wool over CC council once again.
Really going to have to take money out of CIP to pay for trash?
That Black and White?
Why not look at the staff?
All those positions really necessary?
If CC staff told CC council the end of the world was next week, the council would hold an emergency meeting and make a proclamation for the end of time.

I really can't tell if CC staff is brilliant or CC council is just that stupid.

Marcus, Commerce City said...

why do you all care so much?
It's just tax payer money, you make it sound like it is your money.

pro city 2.0 said...


Zeek said...

On a more positive note,
The Rally in Commerce City was the best 9-11 event in the entire Denver Metro area.
Truly a Great thing for Commerce City.

I hope this turns into a tradition!

Maybe a video next year?

x said...

Commerce City Color Guard are some bad ass cops!

River Run Resident said...

how come I didn't get an orange post card in the mail about free trash service ending in Commerce City? I live in River Run?
Are we not as good as some of the other subdivisions?

Archer said...

The orange post cards were sent to those who participate in the recycling program. I think only 1,300 were sent.
I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME pictures and coverage of the 9/11 Freedom Rally Event! This is great exposure for our City! Great job Gateway!

Anonymous said...

SACFD Spaghetti Dinner. Great event, as always! However, I must say a little disappointed: I witnessed one member from Cty Council. It's understandable not all can attend all events but this was a milestone event for the Fire Department. I feel an effort could have been made to show support.

RRR in CCC said...

A cooler head.

Some things people need to realize.
FACT: Commerce City is in a much better place then it was.

We are moving positively forward, we are actually recognized in the Denver Metro area as real player. And most important, we have a plan of action in place that has never been before.

The city has great financial stability, knowing that we are in a very tough time. Maybe the worse since the 1930s.

And the reason why?

A good city council? Yes, but a better city staff. City manager Jerry Flannery has brought us to a new level that has been nothing but positive and truly good for the entire city.

No one is perfect. But when you put out all the FACTS and look at the real proof of what the city is and where the city was... Jerry Flannery and his city staff have done a very nice job.

The naysayers will say what they will. But when your being honest with yourself alone, ask yourself this... Is Commerce City not a better place to live work and play then before? The answer is an astounding YES!

Thank you to City Manager Jerry Flannery for all of your hard work.

After November, when this new council is seated, Lets dig in, keep our heads high and move this city on the positive path it is already on...

Let's kick some ass.

Estelle Remington said...


Brighton's Boys and Girls Club is very successful with over 1,000 students enrolled. But, CC's 27J children do not have close access to this facility. If, the Boys and Girls Club agreed they could have a program in the North tomorrow at one of our 27J schools! The last figures I had was that it cost about $140,000 a year to run the Core City one and they had 145 students attend daily. They are now quoting 600 students attend daily which means that the program must have at least doubled and tripled in costs. My last information was that the city will own? and/or manage the land and new building and costs through CC taxpayers and other non-profits,Community Enterprise, would share the building plus get CC taxpayers to donate money for operations. Will someone that knows the facts on this please come forth with the real facts!

Evidently, Adams Co Social Services are not involved in the food program for Adams 14 SD and not involved with the 1,000 homeless students there. If, Suncor has a million dollars to donate to CC children lets build some student dorms for the homeless to live in, or, if, we are talking about entire families some low cost housing.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Happy to live in Commerce City with this staff in place, under the watch of Jerry Flannery. One word to describe them is PROFESSIONAL.

PRO CITY said...

Metro North Chamber of Commerce candidates' forum.

Forum will take place Wednesday, Sept. 14, at the Thornton Council Chambers, 9500 Civic Center Drive.

The forum begins at 5 p.m. with Commerce City council candidates scheduled to be heard from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Wes, Northern Range said...

You bring up some good points.
I would be surprised if Community Enterprise would have anything to do with boys and girls club.

I am understanding it as boys and girls club will run it all with the financial support from Suncor and Commerce City.

I don't like the idea of 'dorms'. Sounds too temporary for me. We need to concentrate on creating jobs and getting economy moving again. ALL of US need to concentrate on this, the city, the schools, the non-profits, everyone!

In the Know said...

looks like "one time money" is going to be all gone in CC.

Next year is going to be a very tough year!

Just so you all know, especially if economy doesn't rebound.

Gateway News Twitter said...

Commerce City Budget Retreat... Commerce City residents will continue to get free trash service in 2012...

Anonymous said...

Trash service was never free? We paid for it many times over by de-Brucing.

Thanks Commerce City Staff and Council for realizing the facts and doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

For Future Commerce City Council and Candidates:

PROMISE: You Keep Trash Service in Commerce City or a Effort to De-De-Bruce will happen.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that it finally come out that this Kronke Deal is a Past city manager deal. It is a Perry deal. NOT a Jerry deal.
With that being said, Jerry has done an excellent job on what has been dumped in his lap.

Anonymous said...

I think this is just as simple as land going to the Boys & Girls Club and has nothing to do with the city or any non-profit running it.
It will be just like the new High School. Just land set aside for a new Boys and Girls club. They will have control of it and run it as they see fit.

Gateway News Twitter said...

Adams County Commissioners Unanimously Approve Medical Waste Facility on Brighton Road. Earlier Planning Board Recommended it in 4 to 3 vote.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Vandeventer (old city manager). I heard he was arrested here in CC for some type of fraud case in Wyoming.

Guess he can't stay out of trouble.

He set us up in many ways with phoney budget numbers, phoney award videos, and other bad deals.
They took awhile but they caught up and the city got hurt.

Wes, Northern Range said...

Would LOVE to hear more about Vandeventer (old city manager) story!

Shameful (voter in Adams County) said...

Re: Medical Waste on Brighton,
I find it very disturbing that the Gateway News predicted the outcome of this in a article published weeks ago on August 26th:

Despite what should have been a slam dunk against this turns out to be a approval! I am seriously thinking that we need more then 5 commissioners, maybe more like 7 or even 9! Then maybe we can get past the Adams County corruption.

At the end, we learned that Adams County does not have Commerce City's back. We had the Mayor, the Mayor protem and the City staff all come out strongly against this and they slap us in the face with a 3-0 vote!

Thanks Adco!

Also In the Know said...

Adams County Corruption on Medical Waste Sterilization Facility on Brighton Blvd?

Wonder who owns it?

Wonder who they are connected too?

Wonder if they contributed to any county campaigns?

Wonder if there is any Adams Family connections?

Wonder what the network web really looks like?

So many questions.

Tale of 2 Cities said...

A Tale of 2 Cities:

Each city has 5 million dollars of tax payer money, lets see what they do with it.

Brighton: Buy and re-purpose a very large building (new city hall) with land and a park. Able to upgrade it with energy efficiency and redo the entire inside of it.

Commerce City: Gets into some quirky deal with Kronke where they have first dibs on empty un-used soccer fields at a discounted rate that no one can afford anyway. Best part, at the end Commerce City owns nothing.

Core Comments said...

Hope you all get the chance to see the Commerce City Budget meeting on Channel 8.

Anonymous said...

Yuri, I was checking some of the posts in the last few days.
I noticed the mayor's serious look as well, guess Dustie couldn't "find" a less serious picture, or chose not to.

Anonymous said...

I will be very Pleased with Jeanette Lewis out of ACSD 14. Venom running thru her veins.

Dustin, Gateway News said...

Due to the gravity of the event is why the mayor was serious. There were no "less serious" photos.

pro city 2.0 said...

I am so glad to see that the business community is behind the URA dog track project. Some really helpful ideas on how to move it positively forward.

Gateway News Twitter said...

2011 METRO NORTH CANDIDATE FORUM September 14th 5:00 – 10:00 p.m. at the City of Thornton Council Chambers (9500 Civic Center Dr., Thornton)

Anonymous said...

I would just like to thank Mayor Pro Tem Snyder, for once again, standing firm against Council taking away free trash from citizens! I heard her say more than once that she would fight that issue to the bitter end! I also saw her testify at the Adams County Commissioners Meeting against putting in that Medical Waste Facility. She did a great job!
She is still the best candidate to take us to the next level! Keep going Tracey!

Team Tracey said...

I hear that Tracey Snyder did an excellent job representing our City and our State at the Public Safety Crime Prevention Steering Committee meeting she just returned from! I also heard that she was on a conference call while she was out there, with President Obama! Way to go Tracey! Our girl from Commerce City is going places!!

JL Commerce City and Activist said...

Adams County Commissioners 3 to 0 decision on Medical Waste Facility was down right reckless, mean and have NO thought of the people in that area.

L&L, commerce city said...

Why would anyone want to be a corporate neighbor to a BUNCH of people that don't want you there?

One would have to wonder if the residents are mad enough to vandalism the building.

I know I would be very upset if this was coming in next to where I live.

Anonymous said...

RE: Medical Processing Plant in Growth Area of Commerce City.

If not mistaken I think the next step would be to try and get Water for this project.

If they want SACSW don't they have to annex into Commerce City?

Or did they some how by pass this too?

Vikki, Commerce City said...

Is Commerce City going to play the MetroNorth forum on Ch. 8?

I heard some of the candidates didn't even bother to show up.

Estelle Remington said...

One of the worst financial messes to come out of the previous Sean Ford Administration was their failure to sign an admissions tax agreement with Kronke for the then new soccer stadium. Also, the $5 million dollars for those soccer fields; we don't use. Add to that meals purchased for $100 dollars each, children and significant others on business trips, airport limos, Basketball tickets and that is only a part of the money story of Sean Ford's administration. If elected, Mr. Ford needs tight controls and supervision from city council and citizens.

The fact that CM Flannery has now paid for the people's house does not take away from the fact that he lived in said house for four years for free which would have cost about $192 thousand and was not timely about the circumstances of the sale of his house, etc. It appears as though writers on the blog are trying to put white wash on his history here to make him appear to have benefited CC instead of the thousands he has not paid to citizens. We are in worse shape than ever with Adams 14's Elementary children starving and 1,000 homeless students. Yes, we have the Dog Track but putting a hospital there would only cost Medical Insurance holders millions of dollars in free hospital services for thousands of indigent immigrants who have already cost area hospitals over $17 million dollars in free hospital services a year!

Archer said...

In our Budget situation why are we traveling all over the nation and world? We are a city of only 45,000, right?

Are we really paying the salary of a top shelf employee to sit in Boston and get a lesson of the "big Dig" for Denver's agenda?

CommerceCityED Commerce City ED
Our director heads to Boston tomorrow am w/ Gov Hick & 150 local business leaders for a leadership/business exchange. View live tweets here!

RRR in CCC said...

You got one thing right. The KSE deal is a big mess and it was nothing to do with CC CM Jerry Flannery.

This is one of the many reasons why Mr. Flannery has positively brought this city forward by leaps and bounds.

He was able to take on a city and steer it through one of the toughest economic times in US history. He did this along with outrageous deals that are legally binding that he inherited from the past city manager.

Mr. Flannery and all of the CC staff are to be recognized for their excellent work.

The Mull, Commerce City said...

Commerce City Neighborhood Services cost more then a million dollars to run. But they only generate a revenue stream for the city that is well below that.

Lets cut out the whole department.

Anonymous said...

Estelle, is that the reason Mr S Ford wants to return to the past? Maybe he is concerned the new council WILL keep a close watch over him.

Anonymous said...

Plus the city manager is different. I think the days of funny business is gone. City manager Flannery will also be watching.

Irene, CC said...

From Denver Post article: Gaylord would like for the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo to build a new complex on an adjacent site, but the project is not contingent on that happening.

Commerce City should push for the stock show to stay near where Commerce City can take advantage.

Anonymous said...

Obviously from the video interviews Robert Toeves doesn't know the first thing about the URA or the GID. Gateway, what was the issue that made him upset years ago?

Anonymous said...

If Robert Toeves wanted to get involved, what community service, boards or commisions does or has he served on? How many council meetings has he been to? Also, the same questions for Sean Ford since he left office. Gateway can you get the answers to these questions?

Anonymous said... it just me or do the two mayoral candidates on the youtube vids lack in presentation? Toavs looks like he should be the front man for Megadeth. What's with the mullet? Business in the front, party in the back, baby. Get a haircut.

And Sean, dude, one word...treadmill.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!one of them will represent our city???? Embarrassing

malloy, commerce city said...

That is Funny as Hell! Completely Agree!

In the Know said...

I also think Robert Toavs would work with the Commerce City staff to move this city forward on the positive path it is on.

Lets all remember we are a WEAK MAYOR FORMAT CITY!

The city staff runs the city.

I would prefer to have a mayor that works with the staff then a mayor that goes rogue.

Estelle Remington said...

Record Straight

Just to set the record straight, I think, we have one of the best city staff's; we have ever had. I have nothing but respect for our city staff and all their hard work. I don't always agree with everything but that's what running a city is all about. I make comments on CM Flannery because others praise his office service but what he has done with his personal finances doesn't match up. How can a person deal so underhandedly with personal finances and then be so good according to others with the city's finances or is it city staff that just makes him look good?

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