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The topic of fracking has been a hot issue recently. It was requested to the Gateway News to start a new section just for views on fracking. So here it is.

All views are welcome...


Pro-Safe Fracking said...

FINALLY! a place Where I can voice my opinion!

This so called "up raising" in the north is nothing more then the bored house wives of the old NASCAR group (the BIGGEST mistake in Commerce City History, but that is a different story)!

If the people in Reunion are stupid enough to buy a cookie cutter house and not check out everything about the area before doing so then you have no right to whinnnnn about it later.

Fracking IS safe and IS highly regulated!

So acting like a bunch of babies and let the safety procedure that has been put into place take its process!

CC Council: Again VOTE NO NO NO on the second to the moratorium! It is stupid, do not step on the toes of the process already put in place.

Commerce City wants residents were asked what is the most important priority for them and it was the economy. Yet when something comes up that is highly regulated and can create jobs, they band together act like a bunch of whinning 2 year olds!

Just like they did when NASCAR was interested.

Reunion always wants to circumvent the process by banding together and pushing others to feel the same way they do.

And YES by the way I DO LIVE in the North and YES others do have the same feelings as me!

I am sick of Uppity Farms aks REUNION!

Anonymous because it is not a popular view, but it is still MY view so deal with it!

Wes said...

I dont think the people are against fracking, they are against fracking that close to peoples homes.

A time and a place for everything.

That close to peoples homes can not be that safe.

Karen, Commerce City said...

I agree some of what Pro-Frack says.

We as a society do not trust gov. and therefore do not trust that they have are best interests in mind.

History tells us this. The almighty dollar trumps personal lives.

There is a lot of money in oil and gas and unfortunately that will win out every time.

DH, Brighton said...

Commerce City complains about oil and gas jobs.

That does to seem have a sense of oxymoron.

Brian H. said...

too close to people and the arsenal.

mix the chemicals that are already in the ground now with new fracking chemicals and what do you get?

unknown, so lets not find out.

Yuri said...

to pro-safe,

uppity farms?

are you sure you live in the north?

Because Safe Fracking is all about what the group is about.

I hope that you are coming to all of the meetings

Anonymous said...

Some did want to come on tv and say that fracking is okay in that area but did not want the backlash.

Archer said...

My question, is why is it such a rush to frack.

Commerce City is only asking for a 6 month time out, then they can frack.

Seems to me the oil and gas down there is not going anywhere.

Why not let us have the 6 month to make sure that all of our duck are in a row.

Take our time, do it right. Avoid any potential mistakes.

Some of the these that we can look at during that 6 months include: earthquakes and there effects on things like Suncor and the Rocky Mt. Arsenal.

The mysterious plume of mysterious chemicals, how big is it, is there any chance that it could be hit?

All of these issues can be addressed and then frack all you want.

Right now, it is all just in the category of I Don't Know.

Cold Truth said...

Commerce City Council will vote yes on the 2nd to the 6 mo. ban and they will get sued.

Not something anyone wants to get into.

That money can be spent on more police for the n. range.

or saved for a rec center or the boys and girls club.

I agree with Pro- Safe fracking.

Stop your whinning and let the safety measures play out.

You are NOT going to stop fracking by any means.

This 6 mo. ban is only going to be an expensive temporary headache.

Anonymous said...

Fracking that close house is ridiculous. I would never consider buying a house in Reunion now.

How many building permits have been pulled in the north (reunion) since all of this has been in the news?

Jasmine (N Range) said...

They already fracked it. It is over for that particular well.

I know there is some planned activity for the Crusty Well. But the first well is already done.

TT said...

I would like to THANK Tracey Snyder for all of her hard work on this issue.

A true Commerce City voice who wants the best for us and NOT just use us as a stepping stone to get to Washington DC!

Anonymous said...

have to say a little surprised! I knew there had to be some out there that were against this so called anti fracking group in reunion.

dont think many, maybe 10 or so.

but good to have their voice come into the light.

I get that their point is it is safe, highly regulated, does not have anything to do with places like those in gasland the movie and this can create jobs.

Well now it is all out in the public. WOW

Kyle said...

Great forum!

All who want what is right, visit this and sign on!

Ollie said...

Ohio has suspended operations at five deep-well hazardous fluid disposal sites after a series of 11 earthquakes in the Youngstown, Ohio, in the past year, including one with a magnitude of 4.0.

Lets be smart about this. Can not be doing this close to Basin F.

Too many unknown factors.

Jessis, S. Lawn said...

when they did frack and yes they can come back and frack again, up to 18 times.

It made the entire area smell awful.

That smell is coming from what and more importantly what is that doing for my family.

Wes said...

Commerce City will let all this happen. Think they need the money to get the revenues to outweigh the expenses.

Marcus said...

Good point,

What is the rush. Six months is nothing for safety and putting people who live right on top of these wells literally at ease.

Anonymous said...

It is safe and it can bring money here and jobs!

Too much complaining and too much driving away things that can bring us money and jobs.

Stop it, and realize that you are hurting the entire city with the northern cry babies.

Anonymous said...

There would be more then plenty of interest in economic development from safe, responsible gas drilling if such a thing existed.

Problem is that no one seems to have managed to pull off a safe method of drilling yet, and the gas companies have shown a clear track record of constantly doing everything they can to avoid taking or accepting responsibility for when they screw up.

Jasmine (N Range) said...

I thought Commerce City was heading towards a whole GREEN Theme. Why not concentrate on wind and solar?

Chad Askins said...

Frack in North, Med Waste in South, Leaking Suncor. Gas Pipline coming in.

Yeah, its Commerce City.

Erin NW said...

hate to see what a earthquake would do to a 24 in natural gas pipeline, like the one excel is proposing with Cherokee Project.

Anonymous said...

too bad we have a couple of commerce city council members who are currently on that are still bitter over the nascar thing in the north and are now taking it out on the residents with this whole oil and gas thing.

too bad, too bad indeed.

Estelle Remington said...


When, one buys a house, you sign away all mineral and water rights under your property unless it is a farm. Companies have only been fracking in the U.S. since about 1949 and we have little knowledge about the effects on the brittle earth's crust. They have drilled about 600 wells in Weld County and perhaps thousands in Colorado. Just pumping water down thousands of feet weakens surrounding crust that's how they extract the gas,etc. let alone added toxic chemicals. Many or most of these wells the waste products are still there, creating fractures with millions of gallons of contaminated water over time. When, the super volcano goes off, it could follow these newly created fractures and these millions of gallons of contaminated water could come to the surface along with the ancient Inland Sea. We don't know the timing of these events but we do know that future generations may have to pay the price for the drilling we are now doing. If, you truthfully believe that any oil company has the earth's crust and a super volcano under control you have your head in the sand!

Jim said...

Fracking will be coming. All we can do is make it hard for them.

Brian H. said...

how can jason mceldowney talk for so long and yet say nothing at all.

unfair meeting for oil and gas

Wes said...

Commerce City Council can not vote on moratorium because of litigation.

Too scared too stand up for residents.

What a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Heard a council member told everyone at a meeting that Commerce City council is planning on take off 2nd on 6 mo. ban because of fear of lawsuits from oil and gas.

Yuri said...

Fracking meetings with citizens are turning into a Mexican Stand off.

Nothing really getting accomplished.

dkeys said...

Summary of oil and gas meetings

Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Okay we are going to go ahead and frack now.

Anonymous said...

heard these oil and gas meeting are pretty hot.

Marcus said...

TOO many fracking meetings were citizens can't talk.

So stupid.

Summit questions and NEVER get answers.

Lionel Mullen said...

Oil and Gas MEETINGS are a Joke.

What a waste!


I will voice my opinions!

This is NOT China no matter how bad Commerce City wants it to be.

Anonymous said...

Goal of the oil and gas meetings was to educate us on the safety of fracking and put all of us at ease.

Not to ask questions and argue about safety.

They are there to educate us. Thats it!

Gateway News said...

From the Commerce City Oil and Gas Land Use Review Committee (Draft)

Committee meetings will be open to the public. However, they are working sessions where interested members of the public and the press can observe. Members of the public interested in providing public comments will be provided a brief 10 minute public comment session at the end of each committee meeting, where interested individuals will be asked to sign up to speak at each meeting. Speakers will be given 1-5 minutes depending on how many have signed up to speak.

The committee recognizes there are other venues for addressing concerns, including the formal comment periods associated with state and local processes. Participation in or attendance at this committee does not preempt participation in any other venue; however, participants in the committee will be mindful of the impact of their comments in other venues, should refrain from undermining the collaborative effort and will not speak for other parties of the full committee without explicit instructions from the group’s members.

Anonymous said...

Wes said...

can you put on here the "purpose" of the land review committee?

Gateway News said...

Created by city council on Dec. 19, 2011, the purpose of the oil& gas land use review committee is to:
• Promote dialogue among interested parties
• Study the impacts of and assess the risks of oil and gas development within the city
• Determine if and what changes to the city’s land use development code are needed
• Provide a written consensus recommendation to city council for consideration in their deliberations on Ordinance 1880.

Anonymous said...

I found that the meetings were very helpful and I feel a lot better about the whole fracking process. It is safe and highly regulated. I say lets let they state do its job and the people in Reunion need to take a chill pill.

Wes said...

love how everyone thinks this is a "reunion thing"

Gateway News said...

"Recommended Commerce City Council Action:

If COGCC and Hilcorp agree to a voluntary moratorium, it is recommended that second reading of the ordinance be continued to a future meeting."

Anonymous said...

of course it will be moved forward. they said this in a meeting!

dkeys said...

If they "volunteer" on a moratorium. Why not just let us do one?

Petey said...

Stop the Track


Dont Frack w/CC

Lets just put a ban on any word that has the letters "ack" in it.

Steph said...


Andrew said...

Congrats to CC for working with oil and gas.

Volunteer Moratorium is best for all.

Dan said...

CC council stall.

saw this coming a mile away.

Ryland said...

since when did a lawsuit ever scare Commerce City?

Lets put this to a test.

We dont want a total ban, just 6 mo to see if it will be safe this close to the arsenal, thats all

I think what we have here is a miscommunication.

Anonymous said...

last night was a victory for Jobs.

TRUST YOUR STATE to look out for you!

dkeys said...

Apparent to me that oil and gas are NOT taking these meeting with Commerce City seriously.

Their lawyer says. fracking is safe and will always be safe.

They are there only to "teach" us.

NOT AT ALL what the meetings are for.

We are suppose to ask questions, like how is this going to impact the chemicals already in the ground from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal?

As of today, no answer yet.


Pro-Safe Fracking said...

Last night was nothing more then a continuation on the right path for Commerce City and jobs and the american way!

Team Tracey said...

thank you to Tracey Snyder for all her hard work on this complicated issue.

Wes said...

for a city that is willing to spend that much money on double paying for communication.

over 430,000.00 dollars (PR and graphics)

a lawsuit to protect us should be nothing!

Jessis, S. Lawn said...

one has to wonder if this was the plan of the Commerce City council all along.

All agree in the beginning to support the 6 mos. ban then get a "education" from oil and gas. Then vote no on the second.

So sad. I live in So Lawn and will fight this all the way!

Archer said...

EPA is coming out with final report on fracking later this year. Why not ban it until then. Makes sense to me.

Wes said...

So Commerce City will risk a lawsuit with the Pit Bull ban and Medical Marijuana Ban but are to WUSSY to take on oil and gas?

What a joke. Not real leaders in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if anyone is moving out of the area because of this.

Also, GN, check out the building permits pulled since this has happened.

REAL building permits, not spec houses!

Anonymous said...

Commerce City:

Do whatever you can to get whatever you can from this oil and gas fracking.

It is not going anywhere.

Just fee the hell out of them. Get all the money you can from them and just let it happen.

Truth Hurts said...

fracking is way too big of a deal for little Commerce City.

Council needs to just know their place and back off from this temp. ban!

Gateway News said...

After writing your comments, make sure that when you hit "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT" your comment disappears. Other wise, we did not receive it.

Any questions let us know.

Marcus said...

difficult to regulate how far fracking can reach. so can it go under the houses?

Vikki said...

meetings are too messy. too many 'expertise' who think they know everything.

Boulder had the right idea. Ban for 6 mo to real study and it is all over.

CC is just being bullied by oil and gas.

dkeys said...

PSI at arsenal is a lot less then fracking?


Anonymous said...

oil and gas want this to be over. All they want is to draft some regulations and move forward with the fracking process. Crusty Well is ready to go and we need to get started.

Time is running out. Time is money and oil industry is not used to this.

Jasmine (N Range) said...

FINE go ahead and frack. Just tell me what the WORST CASE scenario could be. Then I can make a informed decision on what I should do as a resident of Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jason did a good job! It is a very difficult subject.

Lionel Mullen said...

Thanks for posting the video here. Great to hear this. I can not attend because I work. I am really concerned about what the hell is going on.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to buy a house this close to fracking. There is a time and a place for everything and this is really too close to the houses.

FDR commerce city said...

Can't believe that Boulder County Commishes have more balls then Adams County!


Archer said...

I would like to know if any of council present or past took any money that can be linked to any oil and gas.


Archer said...

if a bunch of hippie Boulder commissioners can enact a 6 month ban without fear of the wrath of oil and gas.

It makes no sense to me that a tough blue collar place like Commerce City is afraid.

Take Notice said...

Thursday February 9th at 7PM there will be another Commerce City Land Use Committee meeting. This meeting will be just the city council and the citizens group—no state agencies or oil and gas industry representatives this time.

Commerce City Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022

We have attached three brief articles regarding the effects of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and its potential impact on you and your family. If you aren’t familiar with hydraulic fracturing, PLEASE read our attached articles and take 5-10 minutes, Google it and BE informed about what is going to be taking place in your backyard (literally).

Quick Facts
· There are 20 wells that could pop up in our local neighborhoods

· All signs indicate that there will only be more drilling in Colorado . Adams County could have as many as 3,000 wells over the next several years, and some anticipate as many as 100,000 oil and gas wells planned across the state over the next few decades. It is anticipated that oil companies will earn as much as $2 billion per section drilled

· Regulations state that wells need only be set back 150 feet from homes, schools or playgrounds. Yes, it is true

· A few fracking chemicals worth mentioning are ethylbenzene, ethylene glycol, glutaraldehyde, isopropanol, and methanol. According to the Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), many of the chemicals have been linked to cancer or other health problems (respiratory, reproductive, brain and nervous system, kidneys, immune system, gastrointestinal and liver, endocrine, developmental, cardiovascular, and blood).

· The water demand associated with fracking is huge, anywhere from 15-30-acre-feet per frack — enough water for the annual domestic needs of 300 people

· Boulder County commissioners on Thursday imposed a temporary moratorium on accepting and processing new applications for oil and gas drilling operations in any unincorporated areas of the county. The six-month moratorium, which took effect immediately and is to remain in place until Aug. 2, is intended to give the county staff time to study the adequacy of Boulder County's current land use regulations as they apply to oil and gas development, and to propose possible amendments to those existing local rules.

ANNA DARKO said...

I am the person who owns the mineral rights under Reunion. Can we talk? I know I don't live in Reunion, but my money is tied up there. What do you want from me? Let me know.

Pro-Safe Fracking said...

letter to CC oil & gas committee from Brian McBroom to all Committee Members

Looks like we are finally giving in. FINALLY!

Dear Committee Members:
At the City Council meeting on February 6, 2012, Council discussed the status and
progress of the C3 Oil and Gas Land Use Review Committee.
As a result of their discussion, City Council passed a motion providing clarification of
the committee, as well as direction to the committee to begin identifying potential
amendments to Commerce City Land Development Code (LDC) and recommend principles that could be included in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Colorado and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). The actions identified by Council are the third and fourth items in the committee's charter, and need to be accomplished to allow for continued progress on the oil and
operation/hydraulic fracturing issue. The potential amendments to the LDC and principles for an MOU will be considered for action by City Council. A copy of the committee charter is attached for your reference.
Brian McBroom
Interim City Manager
cc: Mayor

Anonymous said...

Reunionites are so paranoid. Watch and learn.

Steph said...

What route will the fracking fluid go thru our community in Commerce City?

Yuri said...

Not too worried about the water table getting contaminated. I am more worried about the Air. Did you all smell the air the last frack at the well next to star bucks.

Anonymous said...

where is fracking operations in Commerce City getting all of its water from. South Adams County selling it to them. but is that even legal?

Anonymous said...

Bottom-line: this is about jobs, freedom from foreign oil and stimulating our hurting economy. It is SAFE and it is HIGHLY REGULATED!

Stop bitchin!

Let the commerce city council put some regs in place and lets move on.

NOT pro-city said...

At this point in time I would have to recommend to CANCEL the Commerce City Oil and Gas Committee meeting that is scheduled for Feb. 23.

Who is with me on this one?

Estelle Remington said...

I want to personally thank the citizens group for speaking out at this last city council meeting. You all did a wonderful service to your fellow citizens that live in the Northern Range showing how much you care about your neighbor's quality of life. On Jim Benson's comment about only the lawyers win in any court process. I disagree! For 236 years, it is this same court process that has made America what we are today. Even, the lawyer CC hired could not say that a MOU or going to court would make a difference with the Hilcorp. Jadie Carson's comment that a few of her constituents have said that we should allow drilling was typical of someone who has been sitting on the sidelines on city council. John Locke said that in society we need to have the"greatest good for the greatest number of people." We have 23,748 men, women and children that live in the Northern range, one or two people that would like to see drilling happen because it is not in their back yards is so wrong. Equally as wrong, is the thought that Ms. Carson would actually consider one or two people to speak for her entire Ward of several thousands. GN would you do a poll to see how many in CC want drilling? You could do it by Ward and see what the results are.