General Issues February, 2012

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your opinions.

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Core Comments said...

I like to remind everyone that the proposed 6 month break/nab was the idea of the Commerce City Council.

Not the people, the COUNCIL!

GOP in CC said...

This might be the first time Ed Perlmutter had some REAL competition. Coors has the money to really get this done.

A good day for the GOP?

Anonymous said...

Actually the citizens have repeatedly asked for a six month moratorium and the commerce city council who represent them have refused to do the right thing. So what the frack?

Anonymous said...

Commerce city staff has their hands all over the hilcorp attorney. Disturbing to citizens on so many levels. Unprofessional at the least. And since citizens pay your wages it would be disgusting that you would be paid for that.

Hyde said...

financial situation of Commerce City government is really an eye opener.

We NEED to get more business here and rather quickly.

JL Activist said...

One way Commerce City can get some money is stop doing stupid things like BAILING out the Dog Track People!

Have to be the biggest waste in the city's history!

Wes said...

Oil and Gas meeting was a big waste. No questions were answered.

Jason M. lost complete control.

dkeys said...

boulder cty just banned fracking 6 mo.

Commerce City does not have the stones Boulder does?


Estelle Remington said...

Dog Track

The Dog Track may be the best deal that CC has made in years, in that, I believe there are about 64 water taps on the property or one water tap per acre. Which, individually, would cost more than the $3 million paid for property. However, we wasted $54,000 on six Dog Track meetings that processed about 24 people comments per meeting at the cost of $9,467 per meeting. All of the expense invoices were signed and paid for by Michelle Halstead. Did any city staff even investigate and/or question the extravagance of these charges?

Core Comments said...

Estelle I think you are way off on the Water Taps!


Can you verify!

Gateway News said...

Water Taps Verification on the Dog Track Property...

The URA received an allocation of approximately 6.44 ERUs of SACWSD water credits associated with the taps currently in use at the Dog Track.

Wes said...

GOP really want natalie as their HD 30 rep.?

Is the Salazar lawsuit over?

Yuri said...

I agree Commerce City Can't be scared of this is BOULDER isn't!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the NEW Adams 14 is not at all concerned with nepotism at all!

It has been important enough for Commerce City to deal with it. They passed a policy that if your spouse is on Council then you can not be a on a board like the housing.

I really think this should be looked into.

Archer said...

Again, the residents don't want to completely BAN fracking! Just not this close to our homes!


Ryland said...

I respect Boulder. They didn't do all this song and dance. Just ban for 6 months to get the real facts.

Anonymous said...

No Fracking in CC. Too close to the arsenal. Right in the back yard.

Wes said...

WOW! McElowdowney had NO CONTROL over this meeting. And he wants to be the mayor?

CC do the right thing! YES on the 6 mo. ban to gather all the info we can.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jason did a good job! It is a very difficult subject.

Jenny said...

Colorado has statewide rules for oil and natural gas development, but as drilling has moved closer to homes, and considering rules to address impacts is the real and only question here.

Wes said...

your right jenny, but the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has been trying to prevent communities from adopting local rules that would conflict with state regulations, and if you ask me, it is simply because of Money! Otherwise tell me another reason why!

Charles and Heidi said...

just so I am clear here. I am getting mixed reports in the media.

Commerce City does NOT have any "ban" on fracking now.

They passed a first reading, then coped out of the second reading, because oil and gas said they would do a volunteer ban until 'talks' could occur.

Turns out is was oil and gas thinking they were just going to 'educate' us on the safety of fracking.

I really did not sign up to live in a community that has fracking a stone throw away from my front door.

I am so disappointed in the County and the City.

I for one would like to see them get more aggressive. If it means going to court, so be it!

Looks like the city has lots of money to waste on all kinds of stupid stuff, why not spend the money on something that is real, like fighting for the citizens safety!

I would move if I could!

Adrian Schimpf said...

In response to anonymous and the concern of nepotism in Adams 14:

I appreciate your concern and the expression of it as others may have the same question. Again, I would point out that the voting public elected Mary Morton and that decision is a reflection of the desires of the community. Second, the difference between City Council and Board of Education is that one (Council) is a paid postion, the other (BOE) is an un-paid, volunteer position. Third, there is board policy in place specifically to prevent any economic gain based on not just familail relations, but any relationship in which a board member could trade upon for their benefit. In fact this issue has arisen previously in which said BOE members have "abstained" from vote.
I hope this addresses your concerns. If not I would invite you to contact any of the BOE directly, or attend a meeting at which we can converse and come to a better understanding of each others' perspective.

Estelle Remington said...

Core Comments

Sorry, I missed a decimal in my notes on water taps, but does anyone know the value of 6.44 ERU's of SACWD water credits in today's market?

Core Comments said...

good question Estelle,

Is the value of those ERUs worth more then the tax lein that was on the property?

Anonymous said...

The only way the north range will grow is by cutting ties with commerce city. That's right! bite the bullet! may suffer for a few years then grow like crazy. Home owners will see positive movement in property values. Businesses will come. No more association with SD14, spanish language and the illegal immigrant label. Most of the businesses that were forcibly annexed into commerce city will gladly come. Can you imagine a government where people are actually qualified by education and experience vs nepotism, cronyism and or ability to speak spanish.

Core Comments said...

how do you know that we have illegals in Commerce City and how many?

Who is monitoring this or enforcing this?

A legit question?

Archer said...

I would like to know if any of council present or past took any money that can be linked to any oil and gas.


Archer said...

if a bunch of hippie Boulder commissioners can enact a 6 month ban without fear of the wrath of oil and gas.

It makes no sense to me that a tough blue collar place like Commerce City is afraid.

Pro Frack said...

so it looks like we are all good to go to frack. Lets get this on!

GOP in CC said...

Good news about Jerry Rhea being convicted. I wont be happy until Commissioners Alice Nichol and Skip Fischer and Assessor Gil Reyes are all gone!

Team Tracey said...

Tracey had a really great event over the weekend! Despite terrible weather, some of our cities finest came out to support her! Way to go Tracey! So nice that so many of our past and present leaders support you for House District 32!!

Pro Moreno said...

I have some real issues with Snyder and this oil and gas thing. I will explain later when I have some real proof. Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

Commerce City needs to pass this heavy vehicle feev before all the fracking starts!

Get on the ball!

Lets at least get what we can.

Allen, Reunion Resident said...

Am I clear on this?

CC Council vote all Yes on the first reading for the 6 mo. ban. Then go thru "Training" on the safety of Fracking. Then will all vote NO on the ban for the second reading?

Meanwhile the EPA study on fracking will not be done for another 6 months.

Looks like Boulder had the right idea.

Commerce City will get sued if they do not give it, because they entered into an agreement with oil and gas that they would come to a conclusion that will be good for all.

Basically means that they will frack eventually. But instead of the 6 mos. it only took 2 mos.

Nice CC Council. They pulled the wool over your eyes and you fell for it HOOK LINE AND SINKER!

Anonymous said...

The commerce city council needs to vote on this temporary frack ban as a unit.

They need to at least give the impression that they are a whole council.

I don't care if it is a yes or a no.

But please let it be unanimous.

Anonymous said...

an email went out that was recalled for whatever reason by CM Tom Acre.

It had an attachment called

Summary of REUNION Surface Use Agreements
Prepared by Shea Homes

For use by the city of Commerce City.

Can you ask for that. Is it public record? Why was it recalled by CM Tom Acre after sent out?

Wes said...

not against fracking. not against jobs.

I am for Keeping drilling operations a half mile from homes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pro Moreno, please do come forward with your "real problem" with Tracey Snyder being involved with the people of the City and fracking! Tracey has been there from the beginning, trying to help the people work to keep our City safe. She has major concerns about fracking "close to schools, homes and especially the Refuge" (that is a direct quote from Tracey).

Perhaps instead of looking yet again for something to use against her, maybe you could get Dominick up and out there to do something besides vote against the best interest of the people, or stand up and pretend he is working on fracking for the people. Please! Its shameful!

Take Notice said...

Thursday February 9th at 7PM there will be another Commerce City Land Use Committee meeting. This meeting will be just the city council and the citizens group—no state agencies or oil and gas industry representatives this time.

Commerce City Civic Center, 7887 E. 60th Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022

We have attached three brief articles regarding the effects of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and its potential impact on you and your family. If you aren’t familiar with hydraulic fracturing, PLEASE read our attached articles and take 5-10 minutes, Google it and BE informed about what is going to be taking place in your backyard (literally).

Quick Facts
· There are 20 wells that could pop up in our local neighborhoods

· All signs indicate that there will only be more drilling in Colorado . Adams County could have as many as 3,000 wells over the next several years, and some anticipate as many as 100,000 oil and gas wells planned across the state over the next few decades. It is anticipated that oil companies will earn as much as $2 billion per section drilled

· Regulations state that wells need only be set back 150 feet from homes, schools or playgrounds. Yes, it is true

· A few fracking chemicals worth mentioning are ethylbenzene, ethylene glycol, glutaraldehyde, isopropanol, and methanol. According to the Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), many of the chemicals have been linked to cancer or other health problems (respiratory, reproductive, brain and nervous system, kidneys, immune system, gastrointestinal and liver, endocrine, developmental, cardiovascular, and blood).

· The water demand associated with fracking is huge, anywhere from 15-30-acre-feet per frack — enough water for the annual domestic needs of 300 people

· Boulder County commissioners on Thursday imposed a temporary moratorium on accepting and processing new applications for oil and gas drilling operations in any unincorporated areas of the county. The six-month moratorium, which took effect immediately and is to remain in place until Aug. 2, is intended to give the county staff time to study the adequacy of Boulder County's current land use regulations as they apply to oil and gas development, and to propose possible amendments to those existing local rules.

Anonymous said...

Since when does the city council have to vote as a "unit"? That is stunning. That had better be voting on behalf of the people they represent. And that may mean some vote no and some vote yes. The majority wins. NOT City Atty Bob Gehler and city staff that way, city staff that does NOT even live in Commerce City

ANNA DARKO said...

I am the person who owns the mineral rights under Reunion. Can we talk? I know I don't live in Reunion, but my money is tied up there. What do you want from me? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see if the news was true on the coming of new homes being build in the area of 56th and Quebec? If this is indeed true, what was the time frame given?

Pro-Safe Fracking said...

letter to CC oil & gas committee from Brian McBroom to all Committee Members

Looks like we are finally giving in. FINALLY!

Dear Committee Members:
At the City Council meeting on February 6, 2012, Council discussed the status and
progress of the C3 Oil and Gas Land Use Review Committee.
As a result of their discussion, City Council passed a motion providing clarification of
the committee, as well as direction to the committee to begin identifying potential
amendments to Commerce City Land Development Code (LDC) and recommend principles that could be included in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Colorado and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). The actions identified by Council are the third and fourth items in the committee's charter, and need to be accomplished to allow for continued progress on the oil and
operation/hydraulic fracturing issue. The potential amendments to the LDC and principles for an MOU will be considered for action by City Council. A copy of the committee charter is attached for your reference.
Brian McBroom
Interim City Manager
cc: Mayor

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dominick Moreno on receiving the Rising Star Award!! You deserve it!! We are so lucky to have you as mayor pro tem for Commerce City! You will make a great house rep for HD32!!

Pro Moreno! said...

thanks Gateway News for the tweet:

Commerce City Mayor Pro Tem Dominick Moreno Honored by the Colorado Democratic Party receives the "Rising Star" award

Great News for our new future HD rep!

dkeys said...

we are just being grinned down by oil & gas.

We will not even get the chance to see the EPA report coming out in 5 to 6 months to make a good informed decision if fracking this close to our homes will be safe or not.

Oil & gas just want to get the fracking over so these wells will start producing. Nothing more then a money based decision.

And our council member have completely failed us by not enforcing the emergency ban in the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Rising star? We will soon see about that. I am one of his southern constituants, and there are many of us quite unhappy with Dominick Moreno. He is just stepping on Commerce City to get where he wants to go. And he and some others on this Council know a whole lot of things they dont share with the people. We will soon see where his so called star ends up!!

Anonymous said...

Want to thank Tracey Snyder for her continued work on the Fracking situation! Just a few months ago none of us even knew what "fracking" even was, and now the team working on this knows a whole lot! Tracey said she would continue the fight to protect the people and the Refuge at the State House! She will make us all proud as the next Rep for HD 32!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! Our Councilmembers let us down! With the exception of Steve Douglas, it seems that they do not care about us at all! So much for the new Council supposedly being so good-all I see is them failing to take care of us, and letting the Oil and Gas Committee citizens group do all the work for them!

GOP in CC said...

Moreno getting "raising star"?!

What, are we in kindergarten?

Wes said...

Shea not happy about frack issue?
Wonder why

dkeys said...

Hey, Bulluck, oil committee does NOT have any voting members on it.

Wes said...

Who needs capital improvement projects Commerce City anyway. As long as we keep our highly paid staff! God they are so great!

Anonymous said...

Please Post on your blog!

Reunion residents are the most whining bunch of people ever!

We are trying our best to work with the fracking people to make sure that we are BOTH happy.

The people in Reunion all want to fight and cause problems because they think they are so smart.

They ruined NASCAR and now are causing huge problems with this oil & gas relationship.

Steph said...

What route will the fracking fluid go thru our community in Commerce City?

Bill Randson said...

way too many unanswered question.

no rush to do this. this is NOT the flea market with a foster push.

this is a real thing.

grow some balls and put in a 6 month ban to really study this.

EPA will be coming out with a report later this year.

What the hell is the rush? money?

Ryland said...

Wonder how many building permits have been pulled since all of this Frack talk in Commerce City.

Maybe no need to build if there are so many houses that are up for sale in the north.

Yuri said...

Not too worried about the water table getting contaminated. I am more worried about the Air. Did you all smell the air the last frack at the well next to star bucks.

jollie said...

thanks for the video.
God, Jason really likes to hear himself talk.

this is obvious to me that this needs at least SIX months!

Commerce City Council PLEASE enforce the ban on the second reading.

It should have been an emergency ordinance in the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

where is fracking operations in Commerce City getting all of its water from. South Adams County selling it to them. but is that even legal?

Lionel said...

Commerce City needs the information about how many fracking operations are they talking about. With the kind of information, then they can determine the air and traffic impacts. Only then, can they make a real decision.

Should it rushed? Hell No. A 6 month ban needs to be put in place to get all of this information together and a correct decision can be made.

Dont tell me Boulder County has more guts then CC.

I heard Rene in the video say that we are not going to do a complete ban because it would lead the council to the road of hell. I do not EVER remember anyone asking for a complete ban. Rather, we are asking for a six month ban to really understand what we are up against.

Anonymous said...

Bottom-line: this is about jobs, freedom from foreign oil and stimulating our hurting economy. It is SAFE and it is HIGHLY REGULATED!

Stop bitchin!

Let the commerce city council put some regs in place and lets move on.

you will never ban it completely.

sorry! this is not NASCAR!

Anonymous said...

GOP in CC,

I guess we are in kindergarten because you can't spell!!

FYI: It's the "Rising Star" award

Steph said...

Dustin, Great photo. You make Commerce City look beautiful!

Core Comments said...

frack thing is shaping up to be a north vs. south thing.

South think North deserve this because they are so uppity an ruined nascar from coming.

King of Olive Street said...

Why cant Commerce City get a big foundation to fund the boys and girls club like the Anschutz Foundation?

Are we missing something?

Anonymous said...

RE: king of olive,

better yet what about suncor?

I think they are making some profit.

Anonymous said...

We had an opportunity for an $8M grant for a Boys and Girls club that the former council did not take advanage of.

Estelle Remington said...

Dustin, great picture, almost like a painting, perhaps some day you will have prints to purchase and frame? I would like this one to hang on the wall.

To Core Comments about North and South and Fracking. We are bound together by our water table which flows downhill from North to South and out from Suncor into the South Platte. CC has deep water wells that are currently capped for future emergencies. Any or all of these wells can become contaminated by toxic waste from the arsenal or by Fracking activities in the North not to mention numerous earthquakes which could just wash these wells away. Like it or not, we are all in this together.

Brian H. said...

Alice Nichol’s decision to seek a third term as Adams County commissioner is absurd!

Her and Bruce should share a moving truck and get out of Colorado. Maybe California is more for them.

The TRUE Core Comments said...

There is no excuse for residents to not trust their officials at both the city and state level.

I am sick of this attempt of direct democracy.

Let the process play out. The Commerce City staff and council are ONLY looking out the the residents best interests.

They will make sure it will be safe and keep the city out of very expensive legal issues!

Anonymous said...

About time!
TRUST your REPS at the city level. They are good people with good hearts.

Wes said...

interesting meeting last night.

Cant wait to see how this will play out.

Kyle said...

Commerce City is better off because we do NOT have a big box store.


GOP in CC said...

I would like to see this Commerce City council get the city back to a lean mean gov. No more of this inflated highly paid under performing staff.

Staff has increased dramatically.

They say it is because of population boom. Yet we have not had a boom since 4 to 5 years ago.

Makes no sense. Just more spin to try and pull the wool over the council eyes. So far it looks like it is working.

Anonymous said...

facts for the reunion people who think you run the city. You dont!

You ruined our chance with NASCAR and you think you are so smart over this oil and gas issue and you are not!

I would support a break off from Commerce City. No one wants you part of Commerce City anyway!

Wes said...

Commerce City council wants this oil and gas thing to just get done with.

They need the revenue, right?

King of Olive Street said...

Fracking thing is a North vs. South thing in Commerce City?

I don't have a dog in this race, but I think doing this too soon is stupid. Oil and gas basically fooled Commerce City into not doing a six month ban

dkeys said...

Commerce City Council or Commerce City Kings ruling over the peasants.

Brian H. said...

Writing Regulations for oil and gas already?

What about the facts of the health effects on the residents?

What is the rush?

Is it money?

Archer said...

I think Commerce City needs money.

Money coming in is low money goring out is high.

Need Oil and Gas Money to help us out.

Anonymous said...


Cheo said...

to the land and oil committee in Commerce City,

Do not let the council force you into a quick decision.

Take as much time as you need.

And YES I am from the south.


Wes said...

Tom Acre is out of his league. He is use to getting Jerry Flannery Coffee not running a meeting of this magnitude. Watch the video is hilarious.

dkeys said...

If there are so many people in the south that are upset with the North. Let them be heard. Let them come to a meeting and tell us what we are doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

What a mess! Commerce City is never going to get people to move up north.

Anonymous said...

Tom Acre as acting City amanger when McBroom is gone on a short trip -- very VERY scary! His idea of job performance is to suck up to the mayor, manager or memebers of council.

Anonymous said...

what is Commerce City's credit rating these days?

Anonymous said...

Commerce City going to try and pass a bond to help with the city?

Yuri said...

The story of the little boy in Commerce City make my stomach sick. I hate such people such a sad case!

Anonymous said...

Old Commerce City Chief Baca:
Wow, still no investigation into the theft and misuse of govt funds by this guy. He was forced to "retire" and now is with Jeffco in charge of funds for the academy. Please ASK some questions. The FOP agreed not to release info from their investigation which lead to his "retirement". Where are the watchdogs for public corruption?

Anonymous said...

funny how you south residents want to bad mouth residents of what's thought to be Reunion(everything north of 96th). I bet you will be some of the first people shopping in our King Soopers even though there's one a block or few from your house. I'd love to see the look on your faces when we become our own city and you are back to the old image of stinky town full of corruption and dilapidated homes.

Maybe you all can turn the dog track into a nascar track and be happy.

Anonymous said...

I was dismayed that someone would write that the citizens should just trust the city reps. The very heart of democracy calls for the people themselves to be interactive and completely involved in all local, State and Federal government issues. Indeed, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of citizenship to study, engage in dialogue and question everything that happens. That's why we have hearings, citizen activist groups, citizen communication, citizen boards and the like. One of the hallmarks of a good and trustworthy elected body is their pursuit of citizen input for healthy decision making. For Heaven's sake, to just follow along like lemmings is not only foolish it is reprehensible. Especially in a place like America.

Gateway News said...

Past Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale has decided not to run for Colorado House District 30...

GOP in CC said...

too bad about natale.

Pro Moreno! said...

Congratulation to Mr. Moreno on his successful path to HD32!

Gina said...

Looks like CCPD needs that PR firm in Evergreen.

What a sad situation.

Archer said...

I really hope that someone is going to held responsible for this and is fired.

Maybe instead of the Commerce City Police fighting each other they should be out in the public protecting people like Gabriel!

Estelle Remington said...

If, you get a chance look at this last Oil and Gas Committee tape, Feb. 16th on GN Opinions. Rene' Bullock just wanted to get home by 9 O'Clock. I would suggest when Rene is ready to go home; he needs to go! Rene was very vocal in the 5 minute group meeting at the end of Committee meeting. His fear is that if we have to go to court with Hilcorp that it "will bankrupt the city." The city has paid out about $404,000 to CIG to do the real work of the Communications Dept. and wants to double their budget to $800,000 next year and Michelle Halstead signed off on over $54,000 to CIG for six dog track meetings with about 23.8 forms signed at each meeting. And, Rene' is worried that going to court might bankrupt the city! If, Jerry Flannery's sweetheart deal that was about three-quarters of a million dollars did not bankrupt the city, I don't think a court case will. Rene' yelled that we have 45,000 people (45,965) in the city and it's not just Reunion. In the 2010 census, we have 23,748 people in the North and 22,217 people in the South, pretty evenly divided. Moreover, the North pays double the taxes. In truth, these oil companies have the capability to drill horizontally anywhere they want to from anyone of the five windows per section of permitted areas. They don't really need our permission. The only thing we can do is set some conditions through our Land Development Code and we could limit them to Zoned Industrial areas, only. All of the cities that offered any resistance to these oil companies have had to go to court and if we care about our residents, we will go to court, too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tracey Snyder for being appointed to the Board of Directors, Commerce City Historical Society! They are a great group who's mission is to preserve the Cities history!
You made a great choice, and she will do a good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pro Moreno,

You might not count Tracey Snyder out just yet! From what we hear she is still very much on target and doing well in her campaign for the House District!

Why is it that everyone in the Casso/Moreno camp is so eager to count her out all the time??

Estelle Remington said...

Bankrupt City?

Just a PS on Rene' Bullock's concern that if CC goes to court on drilling it could bankrupt the city. On CC's 2011 Revenue & Expenditure Summary, there was a total $50,944,880 for CC budget. Not covered by Revenue was $6,032,140. However, we transferred to Debt Service $3,195,407 from General Fund, Operations and General Fund, CIPP the monies necessary to cover this 3 million dollars transferred. It was my understanding when this info was presented that this 3 million was set aside to pay off Kronke for those two soccer fields, we have never used in that 5 million dollar deal for the soccer suite and fields at Dick's Sporting Stadium. If, there is such a fear of going bankrupt, why are we still going forward with this 5 million dollar deal with Kronke? We don't need a million dollar, plus, soccer suite to do business in CC and we don't need to pay 3 million for soccer fields, we don't use! Fellow residents, we do have the money to go to court on drilling, it is just being spent on frivolous whims from previous city council members and city manager.

Anonymous said...

Can the Gateway please explain how they knew the 4-year-old died before he died? I know you guys are omnipresent but that kind of knowledge seems to transcend human understanding.

Gateway News said...

On Feb. 16th. we were given information about a child who was killed in Commerce City.

We are looking into how this could be.

Team Tracey said...

Moreno is very confident that he will be beating Tracey Snyder.

My advice is that you should not count your chickens just yet!

Vikki said...

For me, I really do not understand why CC does not pull the Home Rule Card in this fracking mess.

6 months will tell us everything we need to know to make a informed decision on this topic.

Boils down to a health issue for us or not.

The TRUE Core Comments said...


That is NOT at all a good idea. It will cost Commerce City a lot of money in legal fees!

Anonymous said...

Adams 14 will be accepting formal wear for both men and women between February 21st through March 2nd. Times are from 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.. They are located at 5291 E. 60th Avenue, Commerce City, CO.

Cheo said...

CCPD really should be looked at!

9Wants to Know reviewed police records and assembled a timeline of all calls relating to Doris Becky Trujillo's home:

April 3, 2006 - 10:55 a.m. - Police called to Doris Becky Trujillo's home for a "civil matter."
Nov. 24, 2006 - 9:55 p.m. - Call to check the well being, no answer at the door.
March 28, 2009 - 8:55 p.m. - Vehicle repossession.
March, 2 2011 - Doris Becky Trujillo gets custody of Krista Trujillo, Monique Trujillo and Gabriel Trujillo. The father of the children, Jose Serna, received parenting time.
Sept. 23, 2011 - 7:27 p.m. - Check well being. Woman who lives down the street called to have the three children who lived with their grandmother checked.
Jan. 5, 2012 - 3:16 p.m. - Report of a 4-year-old boy having a broken arm and bruising on his face and lip.
Feb. 7, 2012 - 3:28 p.m. - Grandmother called wanting her grandson checked on but doesn't want the other grandmother to know she is calling. Said the grandmother with custody took the child out of Head Start and was keeping him at home. Says the boy is getting hurt at home and had bruising. At the end of this call it says "per ACSS (Adams County Social Services), child was taken to Children's Hospital yesterday and had no broken bones."
Feb. 14, 2012 - 2 p.m. - Ambulance called to house. Becky Trujillo told dispatchers her grandson "fell from a chair and fell backwards." She said, "He is breathing but he won't wake up." She is "crying."
Feb. 16, 2012 - 11:25 a.m. - Went to home to pick up belongings of the kids that were taken out of the home. "Negative contact at the door, will return another day. Decided social services were needed to collect the kids' things."
Feb. 17, 2012 - 1 p.m. - Gabriel Trujillo dies as Children's Hospital Colorado.
Feb. 17, 2012 - State of Colorado Human Services Department announces they are conducting a fatality review on his death. They do this when they have proof a death is the result of child abuse and that a local social services agency was involved.
Feb. 21, 2012 - Commerce City Police Department and Adams County District Attorney's Office to present formal charges against Doris Becky Trujillo.
Feb. 21, 2012 - Adams and Broomfield coroners determined the cause of Gabriel's death was blunt force injuries to the head and neck.
Feb. 21, 2012 - Doris Becky Trujillo is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

NOT pro-city said...

At this point in time I would have to recommend to CANCEL the Commerce City Oil and Gas Committee meeting that is scheduled for Feb. 23.

Who is with me on this one?

Erin NW said...

too bad they oil and gas meeting got cancelled. it was entertaining.

Gateway News said...

Commerce City Council to hold Executive session regarding legal advice regarding oil & gas hydraulic fracturing on Feb. 27th.

Wes said...

What so bob can tell them to not do the second!

Pro-Safe Fracking said...

to wes,
Commerce City Council SHOULD NOT do a second!

We need jobs and we need oil and gas. Sorry that is the BOTTOM LINE!

Anonymous said...

Commerce City council needs to be recalled. They are not truthful to the public and are being allowed to waste millions of dollars of your tax money. Don't wait til the city is bankrupt. Too many incompetent staff members. Cities around Commerce City are laughing at us. Citizens need to take their city back.

Anonymous said...

I hear some in CC are saying there was another illegal meeting held recently. anything on this GN?

Wes said...

wow that is really interesting about the three lawsuits. I was told that the Salazar suit was already past history. Apparently it is not.

Anonymous said...

Gateway Just because you have the ability to report bad news about Commerce City does not mean you should!

Shame on you!

You are doing nothing but once again putting the city in a bad light!

Wes said...

thanks for posting GN, I disagree with all of these ideas! Not going to pay city to keep overpaid over stocked staff.

Increase Impact Fee
*Sales Tax Increase
*Property Tax Increase
*Sales Tax on Food
*Head Tax
Form a New GID (General Improvement District)
Form Recreation District
Toll on Tower Road
*Admission or Seat Tax
*Carbon Base Fuel Tax
Park – Road Improvement Fee
Parking Fee Dedicated to Tower Road
Advertising on City Vehicles
Graffitti Removal Fee
Additional Cell Tower
*Increase Motel Tax
Increase Road Impact Fee
Additional Redlight Cameras
Refuse Collection Fee
Stormwater – Sewer Fee

Anonymous said...

Great JOB CITY COUNCIL! thank for listening to the citizens!

Pro Moreno! said...

Mr. Moreno did a great job last night. Very nicely done, a natural leader.

James S. Brighton said...

oil and gas is going to sue Commerce City because of a six month ban? Really? Would it not be a hell of a lot longer then six months in Court/Appeals? Could take up to a year or two.

I say call their bluff. They are NOT going to sue over six months.

And if they walk away from the table it would look very bad.

Commerce City needs to be more tough. You pride yourself on being a blue collar town.

Maybe you should start acting like it.

Anonymous said...

The document of understanding that Commerce City is working on, will that be for only new wells? Or, is that only for existing wells to?

Petey said...

Some of the proposed items to increase the commerce city’s revenue includes Advertising on City Vehicles?

Someone should tell Brighton this. They could start an advertising campaign about it is "Better in Brighton"

Anonymous said...

This story on channel 7 is misleading. There is no ban. There is a first reading, but no second. not legally binding at all.

King of Olive Street said...

So I see why Commerce City is so afraid of lawsuit against oil and gas. They are already in multiple lawsuits as it is.

Andre Kusous said...

Fracking has many chemicals that can cause cancer. Please do the right thing and protect the citizens!

Team Tracey said...

The Democratic Caucus is Tuesday, March 6th at 6:30pm. Find your local caucus location below:

Adams City High School
7200 Quebec Parkway Commerce City, CO 80022
Commerce City, Dupont, Eagle Creek, Fronterra, Monaco, Southlawn and Wikiup

Valley View Elementary School
660 West 70th Ave Denver, CO 80221
Coronado Hills, Sherrelwood and Welby

Tennyson Knolls Elementary
6330 Tennyson St Arvada, CO 80003
Arvada, Berkeley, Goat Hill, Hidden Lake, North Washington, PerlMack, Skyline Vista and Twin Lakes

Gateway News said...

City of Commerce City owes Adams County Sheriff $765 for the month of January ($45 per night) for "Jail Invoice"...

Anonymous said...

Look at Commerce City folks- David Foster gives money to council candidates and he gets approval on everything. Check out Adams 14

Estelle Remington said...

I want to personally thank the citizens group for speaking out at this last city council meeting. You all did a wonderful service to your fellow citizens that live in the Northern Range showing how much you care about your neighbor's quality of life. On Jim Benson's comment about only the lawyers win in any court process. I disagree! For 236 years, it is this same court process that has made America what we are today. Even, the lawyer CC hired could not say that a MOU or going to court would make a difference with the Hilcorp. Jadie Carson's comment that a few of her constituents have said that we should allow drilling was typical of someone who has been sitting on the sidelines on city council. John Locke said that in society we need to have the"greatest good for the greatest number of people." We have 23,748 men, women and children that live in the Northern range, one or two people that would like to see drilling happen because it is not in their back yards is so wrong. Equally as wrong, is the thought that Ms. Carson would actually consider one or two people to speak for her entire Ward of several thousands. GN would you do a poll to see how many in CC want drilling? You could do it by Ward and see what the results are.

dkeys said...

Didn't foster get the flea market passed in one night!

Maybe oil and gas should hire him.