General Issues December, 2012

Another month has passed and once again it has been a very interesting education of your thoughts and concerns. Thank you to all that have posted and we look forward to hearing more of your opinions.

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Anonymous said...

When I was 11 years old I was attacked by my friends dog for no good reason. I had played with this dog many times before the incident with no problems.
On the evening he attacted me I came through the gate of the property and the dog came running towards me I thought he was comeing to play. Instead he jumped up on me and knocked me to the ground and started to bite me. I started to holler at him but he wouldnt stop biteing me. I crawled to the house door and began knocking and hollering for help. Someone soon came to the door and hollered for him to stop. he than ran to a differant part of the yard. I had several bites on my face,arms and back. After this insedent I could never get near the dog for fear he might attact me again and also he would growl at me when I approached him. My friend said that they would have him put to death if I wanted but I said no he is your pet. About six months later he again attacked another boy and bit him.Now tell me that dogs will not attack for no reason. The dog the police shot may or may not have a record of being vicious. Why were the police there Who Knows think about it. I might add the dog that bit me was a Huskey

RRR in CCC said...

funny how all you Paul Natale haters all of a sudden want him back.
I think of the things Natale accomplished like the boys and girls club, the purchase of the dog track, the king soopers. Then I look at what current mayor has done. thats right nothing, nothing new fracking and a dead dog.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the new mayor promise us new business ( we've lost lots in the core)
transparency (ask staff!)
a council that works together (what a joke)
Like all politions, many promises, little truth!!

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile in CC-nothing!

Anonymous said...

The person who reported the dog did tell the police the dog was aggressive and even chased his neighbors into their house. this is on the 911 tape which he now denies saying. None of his nieghbors knew this dog or had ever seen this dog before, and did not know it was being watched (did not live) at a neighbors house. I also learned that he gave the police a sworn statement in writing where he writes that the dog was aggressive and that he even saw the dog try to bite the Animal control officer, and that the officers did what they were forced to do. These are his own written words sworn to the police long before he changed his story and tried to sell his video to the news stations. Why the police did not release this information to the public is beyond me, but the caller lied to the news plain and simple so he could sell his unmentioned video to the news and get his fifteen minutes of fame. Well it worked, He created a False firestorm with the help of the media who simply love controversy. I hear he even got paid by Fox news for the video before he would let anyone see it, and because it really does not clearly show what happened in the garage he Was able to make up a different story to create hype and get paid some more. It seems Nine news is the only station who Actually pointed out that he totally changed his story to the news from what he said on the 911 tape. Boy people love controversy and the mob mentality.

If the officers believing the dog to be dangerous based on what the 911 caller told them , when calling 911 not once but twice, if they had left the dog in that garage, which by the way they were not even aware he was supposed to be at, and this dog attacked and injured or killed someone especially a child at that home or in the area would you all be good with what they did or would you all be screaming they should have done something to prevent it? Think about it, if a dog thought to be dangerous runs Into your garage and it is not yours, and the police just assume it is so they lock it in there and leave, your not home and nobody else knows the dog, would that be ok with you? Especially if they believed it to be dangerous and left it for you to find and deal with? What if they let what they were told and believed was an aggressive dog run into a neighborhood where people and even worse children live, would you say that was fine because at least they did not shoot the dog, and would you say that if a child or any person got hurt by the dog? of course not! If the officer said well i know what wa reported to 911 but i did not want to shoot the dog so i let it go into the neighborhood, would all of you say hey that was a great decision, we support you? NO, you would be screaming and rightfully so. So why do you make them out to be incompetent for doing what you know was right at the time, and would have demanded they do if they had not? I do not get it!!!

Everyone jumped on the Monday morning quarterback wagon based on false and misleading information because a greedy moron decided to create controversy for money. That is the disgrace here not the officer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not only did the mayor "promise" new business, he said he would help us those who are constantly harassed by City.


Wes said...

"sell his video to the news stations"


Lionel, CC said...

why would fox news buy a video that is already all over youtube before the news got it?
Makes no sense.
PS I do not think news stations pay for stories.

Cheo said...

If that guy who did the video really did this for money I would be surprised.

BUT, even if it was called in by a resident as 'dangerous', the video shows that Chloe was not in FIGHT mode, rather in FLIGHT mode.
For me the comments by the dog trainer who was hired by Commerce City after they killed the first family pet made the biggest impact on me.

Just my 3 Cents.

Anonymous said...

Response to "Everyone jumped on the Monday morning quarterback wagon based on false and misleading information because a greedy moron decided to create controversy for money. That is the disgrace here not the officer!!!!!!"

You made me really think about this in a different light. There are always a different side to any story.

PS: You for sure got one thing right, the media simply love controversy. You sir, nailed that point!

Sarah Segris, Commerce City said...

dont care if he got paid for video. Good for him. video is clear evidence that officer was way out of line.
PD better be very careful. EVERYONE has a cell phone video these days.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone jumped on the Monday morning quarterback wagon based on false and misleading information because a greedy moron decided to create controversy for money."

Archer said...

To the Monday morning quarterback wagon guy:

You watch way too much FOX news.

No matter how you try to twist this, the facts are the facts and this guy needs to be charged and lose his job.

True Blue said...

too bad charlie 1 could not be a man and handle this dog shooting in house.
a real leader commerce city? I think NOT!

Curious in the Core said...

Hey GN,
is that a "Christmas" tree or a "Holiday" tree on the gen. dec. issues section?

Anonymous said...

I understand nothing has really happened under this new ford era. But I do not agree that the purchase of the dog track was a smart move.
It was something that the private sector should have worked out. Not the tax payers money as a bail out for the mile high racing.

Gina said...

FYI for all of you, Fox News was not the first one with this story!
Pay for stories is NOT a thing local stations do. SORRY those are the facts.

RRR in CCC said...

I personally stop believing anything the local media puts out.

Erin NW said...

Love the Football reference with "Monday Quarterback", The only problem is that after the football game is over usually there is no loss of life.

GOP in CC said...

interesting. What else would you expect from a public that was duped by the obama campaign. local media can easily fool the public.

True Blue said...

I know for a fact that the officers should of had 2 poles instead of just one. Especially if it was called in as a dangerous behavior animal.

It was very unprofessional and the video should some real major concerns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Commerce City- Why do people blame the chief and city manager for the problems in CCPD? We are the people that voted in a city council that is being controlled by the union. Just ask which city council sold out to the union in exchange for political endorsement. Now the union is able to pull their strings and they expect city council to respond. If they don't get what they want the union applies pressure. If you think that's not true, stick around after a council meeting to see who is meeting with them or ask them how the union leaders can call them anytime. The council chose the city manager because they wanted someone they can control. A strong city manager would never allow city council to be so involved. The chief was hand picked by the union because they knew he was the only one who was dishonest enough to give them what they want. This is our city and its time to take it back.

Estelle Remington said...

Dog Shooting

Some of you came up with some very good points concerning the shooting of the CC dog. I was very interested in the report that the dog was acting aggressive. I grew up on the hot East coast. The Police were called out constantly for aggressive dog behaviors especially during the summer months. Most of these dogs were put down on the spot because of the fear of rabies. I hope they are having this dog tested even if he was not foaming at the mouth. I lived in a house with a mean Short-haired Pointer all my life. One day, he bit off a child's finger that reached out to pet him. We had no warning signs in the yard and he was on a running line. God forbid, if, this dog would have bitten a child in the face or the hand. The balance here is a human life vs. loss of limbs, rabies shots which are very expensive and painful to get or the shooting of an aggressive pet. Now, that we live somewhere else, I see a different point of view; how CC looks to the rest of Colorado. Some of the comments just sound foolish. Blaming the police for doing their jobs. I am very sorry for the loss of that dog but how about the loss of a finger, nose, or lip? Channel 9 News. Thank God, you can call the police! We know for a fact that the Prairie Dog population (45,000.) is now infested with rabies. That rats in the area are carrying Black Plague with fleas. That we have Deer Mouse disease, in CC. This officer was protecting you. Yes, it may have been painful to watch but much of what they do is painful to watch, yet they are sworn to their duty to you in CC.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happened before the dog video was shot, the cops were unprofessional and that point endangered far more people with gunfire that a shot dog on the end of a control stick.

Anonymous said...

I double dare you to get the number of dogs shot by CCPD for the last 5 years and then get the same information from other police departments.

Anonymous said...

Wow....a double dare!
Is that, especially in this case, a double dog dare, as in the "Christmas Story movie"

I am pretty sure there was only one other, Zoe, and she was in mid air going after the officer.

Anonymous said...

Zoe is the only other dog that hit the news

Anonymous said...

this is a employee issue. The Commerce City council has NOTHING to do with this. if you all want a council to be involved, you need to move to a city that is a strong mayor format. Commerce City is a WEAK mayor format.

so good luck to you all who think that you are going to speak and have it do something then fall on deaf ears.

But go ahead, go tonight and speak. some people love to hear themselves talk!

Gateway News said...

Applications accepted for Ward I City Council vacancy on Jan. 7, 2013

Mayor pro tem Moreno to be Recognized for his service

COMMERCE CITY, COLO. – With Mayor Pro Tem Dominick Moreno’s recent election to the Colorado General Assembly, city council tonight approved a schedule to fill the anticipated Ward I vacancy.

Moreno is expected to take his seat as the representative of Colorado House District 32 January 9, 2013. He will resign from city council following the January 7th regular meeting and be recognized for his service that evening.

According to the City Charter, Section 4.5(b), “In not less than ten (10) days or more than thirty (30) days after a vacancy in an elected office occurs, the remaining council members shall appoint an eligible person to fill such vacancy to serve to the next organization meeting of the city council.”

The Ward I council appointment will serve from Feb. 4, 2013 until the next organization meeting of the City Council, which will be held following the November 5, 2013 general election. The appointee will receive monthly compensation of approximately $843.82, a $5,000 life insurance policy and $5 annual recreation center membership.

Residents interested in applying for the vacant Ward I seat must meet the requirements as outline in the City Charter of Commerce City:

• Be a citizen of the United States;

• Be at least 18 years of age;

• Be a resident of Commerce City for 12 months immediately preceding the appointment;

• Be a resident of Commerce City Ward I for 25 days immediately preceding the appointment;

• Be a registered a voter of the city; and

• Not be currently on probation or parole for a felony or an offense comparable to a felony in the military.

Applications will be available online and at the city clerk’s office beginning Jan. 2, 2013. Interested residents can submit their information beginning Jan. 7 and must be submitted no later than noon on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. These items can be submitted through a variety of means, including hand delivery, U.S. Mail, email or fax to:

City Clerk Laura Bauer

c/o City of Commerce City

7887 E. 60th Avenue

Commerce City, CO 80022

Fax: 303-227-8798


Applicants will be notified no later than Jan. 24 and interviews will be publicly held during the Jan. 28th city council study session. During the interview process, candidates will be sequestered until their interview time, which will be broadcast live online and Channel 8. The successful applicant will be selected and seated Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 consistent with council policy 21, which outlines the process for filling a council vacancy.

Anonymous said...

any candidates yet that you guys know about?

Gregg, Commerce City n. range said...

Help support a gay conversion therapy ban in Colorado!

Margret, Cody, Unitas, CC said...

from 2005 Commerce City Considers Pit Bull Ban

"I don't want to see these dogs piling in here and getting to stay here," said Mayor Sean Ford. "They've been shown to be malicious, bad-type animals."

Commerce City Council, do the right thing and REVERSE THE Pit Bull BAN

Wes said...

This is a great Commerce City Business?...

From Commerce City Spin cycle: "As an existing retail business, McDonald's franchisee Boselli Investments applied and was recently approved for the incentive program to help expand its marketing efforts for its Commerce City location at 104th Avenue and Highway 85.

"We want to be a member of the Commerce City community," said Rhonda Sebock, Vice President of Operations for Boselli Investments, adding that the company takes pride in being active in the community.

Boselli Investments continues to create jobs and employ local residents, and plans to use the rebate from their incentive package toward a direct mail campaign to market new products that will be offered at the Commerce City McDonald's location early next year."

Now that brings us to today:
"The agency also said Boselli Investments violated child labor provisions by employing a 15-year-old to work past 9 p.m. during the summer, and as late as 8 p.m. on school nights."

Anonymous said...

From Channel 9 News
"Obviously, this kind of force is a last resort for our officers. It truly is a tragedy any time a member of our department has to use their weapon to ensure community safety. Our initial review of this incident indicates that the officers responded appropriately to the 911 call and used the force necessary to protect the public," Chief of Police Chuck Saunier said in a statement.

Branson's attorney and founder of the Animal Law Center, Jennifer Edwards, released the following statement regarding Chloe's death:

"Speaking to the culture of the department, just to be fair, I fully support all police officers. They do a job that I certainly could not do. I have a lot of respect for officers, but there is a problem with the culture of the Commerce City Police Department. We have sued a number of different police departments over the years, one of them being the Brighton Police Department. I can tell you that the same trainer who trained Brighton, also trained Commerce City. Brighton, really, they took it seriously. They learned from it, and you can tell by the case earlier this summer involving the dog Dre. He was captured by snare poles. All of the officers carry snare poles in Brighton and they know how to use them. They know how to read dogs. And they really embraced that training. Whereby, Commerce City received the same training and made jokes throughout the entire training process, when we had them in deposition, the officers thought it was nothing more than a joke. We have them on video depositions saying they got 'absolutely nothing' from the training. How two different departments can have the exact same training but react so differently - I think Chloe's murder has absolutely manifested itself as a result of how much of a joke they thought that training was."

Anonymous said...

The Commerce City police chief said an initial review indicated an officer responded with appropriate force when he repeatedly shot the dog. However, a more complete investigation is underway.

So when this comes back from DA Quick as animal cruelty can we finally get rid of Charlie One?

Megan Ellis, Denver said...

boycott commerce city until justice for CHLOE is served.

Real TRUE BLUE in CC said...

bye bye chuckie! no more chief position for you.

as far as the new guy troy, get ready for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE!

welcome to Commerce City

Anonymous said...

So I guess Charlie One will go down in history as losing the Police of Chief position because of the Chloe shooting mess?

Anonymous said...

cc chief position
good job CC manager. Hire a guy no one likes. I SAY SUPPORT THE VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE!

Anonymous said...

FOP will start the process for a motion of no confidence.

Anonymous said...

A motion of no confidence is primarily a statement or vote which states that a person in a superior position - be it government, managerial, etc. - is no longer deemed fit to hold that position.

This poor guy has not even started yet.

Maybe quit acting like such a child and let this guy at least have a chance!

Anonymous said...

CC Chief Smith - "I was very impressed with the caliber and talent of the men and women in the department. I am excited to engage with them to grow the organization’s performance, accountability, professionalism and relationships.”

Do you know about Chloe?
Do you know about the FOP complaint given to City Council?

Anonymous said...

Troy Smith is a great choice and brings a fresh approach to professional policing. For those cops who don't want to be professionals- bye!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Troy cleans house. A RESET IS NEEDED!
I support him and hope he will finally get this dept. back on the right track.


Anonymous said...

good now we can get rid of chuck's stupid "systems" and little "Programs"?

Anonymous said...

We all need to let Mr. Smith do his job and give him a chance.
Let the guy get settled and put his policies and people in place before you start making snap judgements like a vote of no confidence.

Anonymous said...

First the do nothing Council eliminates half of their meetings from the public eye by going into a small cramped room and now the $800,000 com department can't or won't post the meetings on their website.

Anonymous said...

Any reports of who applied for the vacating ward 2 city council position

Anonymous said...

Adjacent cities have no respect for the current mayor and council so good luck with development and attracting new business.

Gotta love the police, will kill people and or pets for minimum can we mitigate bullying in our schools if we can prevent it within our city employees??

Go commerce city.......

Estelle Remington said...

I haven't been able to bring up the "New Blog" and can not find any comments by CC residents on the Sandy Hook School shooting. They may be there but I haven't been able to read them. As residents were up in arms over the dog shooting, one would think that there would be many comments on the killing of 20 beautiful children and 6 adults at a school. Many of these children were shot as much as 11 times. The loss of these precious lives must stir some kind of response from those that mourn the loss of a family pet. Evil is indeed alive and well in this United States. Along with millions of Americans, we have guns in our house but we have a large standing gun safe that even I do not know the combination to. The time has come that we need police protection at every school, theater and mall in the United States. We could hire trained military and thus create millions of jobs as well as protect innocent citizens. If, we had armed guards at the doors, we would be able to defend ourselves against these angry attackers. reducing the numbers of killings.

Anonymous said...

Estelle, you are SO right.
People on this blog were up in arms upset over the dog shooting (which was uncalled for, the shooting that is), yet no one shows an ounce of concern for the horrific shooting in Conn.
This blog and it's writers are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Who says the other cities around Commerce City have no repect for the Mayor? I just the other day saw the Mayors of Brighton and Thorton sitting down with Mayor Ford talking about some projects that are in the works. I really would like to know where these people are that keep saying there is no respect for Commerce City.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I suppose the commerce city council cant say anything about the shot dog in commerce city because gehler threaten them with personally being sued?

Anonymous said...

So much said condemning an officer shooting a dog but not one peep for an innocent 14 year old girl (human being) who was brutally murdered. What class Commerce City. What class.

Estelle Remington said...

Brutal murder!
Boy! Do I agree with the comment on the murder of that 14 year old girl. What has happened to CC? Have, we lost all sense of our humanity? When, one is high on drugs and alcohol does that give one the excuse to kill another person? Not one RIP or contributions for funeral expense.

Wes said...

I dont think anyone knows this family, they are not from Commerce City. Still very sad.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if the victim was from Commerce City? No! She was murdered here and the "great" citizens of this city utter nothing! Disgusting.
Where is the outrage for all of the people killed in our city in the past year? There is none.
A dog (not from our city either) gets more outrage.
The people of this city have lost their dang minds when a dead human being means nothing to them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what hypocrites , that dog was not from commerce city either, And was illegal but that did not stop the witch hunt of that officer. This girl (a child) was MURDED in commerce city and not illegal, but not one scream for justice for her, no Facebook pages, or protests at the suspects house. If a person had been stabbed to death by a cop would you be screaming? No doubt the answer is yes, even if you had no facts or incorrect facts. Which begs the question is it that you value dogs over people or just hate police? Perhaps if you supported your police and not criminals like the owner of an illegal dog, and the murderer of a child whom you support by ignoring what he did, and how well the police did to get him off your streets, your crime would be lower, and your reputation better, but hey why use logic? You commerce city people are pathetic and seem to deserve the reputation you have created throughout the metro area. No class, and ignorant from south to North, yes even you morons in reunion who think that if You say you live in Reunion nobody will know you actually live in commerce city. Just an FYI, everyone knows, deal with it you chose to live there.


Tired in the north metro area of commerce city Ignorance.