This online forum is going to allow you, THE VOTERS, to ask all the questions you would like to ask of ALL THE CANDIDATES. This November in 2009 and next November in 2010, we have some very important seats to fill and issues to decide. We have a mayor in Brighton, city council seats in Brighton and Commerce City and director seats in school districts 27J and ACSD14, and county, state, and federal seats next fall. Also, there could be bonds to pass (or fail) and issues to be decided.

When you post your question, please let us know which candidate the question is for, or if it is for all candidates in a certain race, or for all candidates in general. Candidates we encourage you to visit often, you can pick and choose which questions to respond to or just use the forum to understand your future constituents concerns. If you have a problem blogging, please call us at 720-221-7352 or fax to 720-221-8317 or email to dustie@coloradobusinessalliance.com or just come up to us at any city event and tell us directly.

Periodically, we will print questions and answers in the print version of the Gateway News.


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Jason_Mc said...

Thanks for starting this thread Dusty, I look forward to the discussion.

Jason McEldowney

Yuri said...

Thank you for this section gateway, it will make things a lot easier.


To all the candidates:

Your thoughts and platform on the following issue:

Commerce City currently has Nothing for Young Northern Residents to do (parks/rec center/city events). We all know what happens when kids don’t have anything to do, what is the plan to remedy this.

Ryland said...

question for everyone who is running,

Should we have 2 completely different comprehensive plans? south is a Re-development, north is a New-development?

Instead of just the one we are currently working on now?

Ryland w/ help from others in the Northern Range

Tim Dalton said...

For Robert Romine mostly, but would like to hear from all candidates.

Robert Romine, you made the comment on the gateway video that city council should get more money for their duties they perform? Why did you make this statement? How is council "full time" now? What has changed from the meeting before you made this statement?

Tim Dalton

RUn_Amok said...


Why do you think Brighton and Denver are getting all the business?

How can we address this issue?!


Joe the man said...

Should city have control of the water district?

If so, when should this take place, within the next four years?

If not, explain why.

Joe the man from C TOWN

Gary Samms said...

Hello Jason,

I am asking you this question because you have seemed to be the guy that floats to the top.

Can you explain a bit about the exact relationship with the new ED consultant?

At the end are we just getting a report, information only? Or are they going to be proactively working on bringing business in?

Gary Samms, River Run

Anonymous said...

QuestionS for all candidates.
Are you independant thinkers? Willing to delve into the truth or accept others and the stories and rumors they tell.
Will you make your decisions upon what is best for the city, or best for your political position with your friends and those on council. Will you stand for what is right or popular??
Do you have ethics or do you sell out?
I want someone who will stand up, even if alone, for the best for our city, not for yourself interest!!
I have seen enough of that already.

Mac said...

Dusty, I also thank you.

Yuri, until there are new monies available for more facilities, I would suggest forming a coalition of the Parks & Rec. Dept., BOTH school districts and citizen volunteers, to make use of the existing Facilities that we the taxpayers have already paid for, but get little use out of after school hours. It's not a perfect or permanent answer, but it would help.

Ryland, the answer is NO! We have been working for years with a 3 part plan. The Comp plan, 1985-2010; the Irondale Comp plan, a little later; and the Newlands Comp plan, 1992. If we step back just a few short years ago, we realize the North is redeveloping from farm and industrial uses to the residential and commercial uses of today. A Comprehensive Plan is really a 20-30 year Dreamscape of what and where we wish our 1 City to be. 1 plan to guide us in building 1 Quality City.

Tim, as I see it, this is a Voluntary, Part Time (5-25 hrs per week?) position! That being said, depending on the Individual and their Comitment and Dedication to the Citizens, it can become almost a 24/7, 365 day a year Job. The tools of the trade; a willingness to listen, a phone, a fax, a computer and a fuel efficient car.
I feel an honest Council can and will determine what's proper pay.

In April 2001, Council passed Ord. #1380, which increased the Pay and Retirement benefits for Council.
I and four others filed a letter of Intent to file an Initiative Petition to repeal Ord. # 1380, or at least amend it to repeal the change in Retirement benefits. We felt it was simply unreasonable.
If I recall correctly, they doubled the existing amount per month.
As a result, in June 2001, Council passed Ord. #1391, amending Ord. #1380, by #1 setting the methodology for subsequent pay increases, and #2 amending section 2, reverting the retirement benefit back to the amount established in 1986, Ord. #764.
Basically stated; $20.00 per Month per year served. You must serve at least 5 years. This is payable from 60th birthday until death.
We currently pay 5 previous members (ones I know are alive), a total of $2040.00, per month. We have 4 more previous members eligible at age 60, for a total of $880.00 per month. After Nov. 2009 we'll have 3 more members eligible at age 60, for a total of $480.00 per month. Grand total for all as they turn 60, $3400.00 per month.

This would have been, $6800.00 per month, $40,800.00 per year. Nuff said!!

Run Amok, Their plans and supporting #s of housetops were simply in place before ours. The current "Reality Check" period that we are in and our current efforts in E/D should help us get caught up as the economy rebounds.

Joe the man from C Town, Not knowing the legalities involved in Merging Tax Subsidized Entities, I would say NO, at this time.
The City (Citizens) could have more control right now, as Voting Citizens of the District (mostly CC Citizens), if they would just choose to get involved by, attending Wtr. Board meetings Enmasse and Voting for Board Members in Wtr. Board elections.

And last but not least, Anonymous, I've already been answering your questions, for a lot of years.

Common Sense for the Common Good!

Thanks, Mac


Cheo Larcombe said...

I am calling out to the Hispanic population of Commerce City.....

City has a huge Hispanic population, yet no one on Commerce City Council in Hispanic, I don't even think anyone on the Commerce City Council speaks Spanish.

We need, and it is very important that we have Hispanic representation on the Commerce City Council. I ask that the Hispanic leaders to step up and run for any of the open positions coming up in November of this year. This is more important then you know.

Our time for our voices to be heard is now.

Cheo Larcambe, Commerce City, CO

Red Barn Rebel said...

free trash and recycling? How long can city keep this up?

whose going to break the bad news the day the city can't afford anymore?

Red Barn Rebel

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about these reg. voter per ward numbers the Gateway News reported.

Why such a vast difference?

Can we have all at-large council positions?

AKA, Commerce City said...

NO! I don't even think that it is legal, you have to have city wards.

I would ask the candidates what they think of actually changing the ward election format to 2 representatives per ward and eliminate the at large positions all together.

candidates, thoughts?

Dylan said...


GREAT information about the council retirement benefits!

Question to all the candidates:

What are you thoughts of a bogus retirement benefit for council?

I think to gain a retirement you need to actually work, not a 8 year part time job!


Anonymous said...

I have worked part time for many years and have a small retirement due me.
Why should it be differenet, bet you would never consider devoting the time council members do, for the small stipin they get.
Funny, in the sceme of things how little that dollar amount is. Why not focus on where real dollars are wasted.
Comparing this city manager to the past ones, it appears to me to be much leaner, directed and focused on improving our city.
I remember Vandeventer "buying" us recognition for thousands of dollars.

Mac said...

The first question is regarding Council positions, all at large or 2 per ward with at large Mayor.

City Charter Section 4.1;
The City Council shall consist of
(9) members, one(1)of whom shall serve as Mayor. One (1) Councilman shall be elected from each of the four (4) Wards and four (4) Councilmen shall be elected at large from the entire City. The Mayor shall be elected, as hereinafter provided, from the City at large.

City Charter Section 4.2, specifies that the City will have four (4) Wards.

So any change in Council makeup would require a Charter amendment.

If you have all at large, it's possible to have all 9 councilpersons come from 1 Ward.
Conversely, if you have 2 per Ward, you have 4 Wards contending for all they can get, with only the Mayor, to look out for the City as a whole.

The present system wisely gives each Ward it's 1 guardian, and the City as a whole 5 guardians. This in effect gives each Ward 6 guardians. So I would say leave Council makeup as is.

Now I'll throw out a bone to chew on.

I'm a firm believer in Citizen's taking their share of Government. I would like to see Citizens be the only members of City Boards and Commissions. Limit, 2 terms, 1 as an alternate and 1 as a Regular.
Council would still select the members, but I would recommend that Regular members be selected from the Alternate positions, and new appointees come on as an alternate.
This will allow a new member to gain insight and experiance in the duties and functioning of the specific Board or Commission.

This would allow Council members the opportunity to spend more time collaborating and working with all the other Entities and Agencys to help further the City's interests.

Anonymous had questions regarding the disparity in registered voters.
I'll direct you to
go to the right side, under common documents, click on 2006 Citywide Census, go to pages 46 and 47. These demographics are still relatively accurate, you'll have to draw your own conclusions. You'll be looking at Blue Ward 1 and Green Ward 4.
You can compare these to the New Ward maps, click on;
City corrects information in Backyard newsletter regarding redistricting.

I hope this helps, Thanks, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Dee Dee of Commerce City said...

I guess I should be the one to ask the obvious question.

It was brought up last night at Commerce City Council, what do you all think about the city hiring all these different consultants?

More specially the recent one that had a price tag of $80,000

Recently, I Believe city hired one for Derby (50s) theme, and Comp Plan (C3Vision)

Clarification: I am not making a statement for or against consultants, I just want to hear your opinion.

Dee Dee

Sarah said...

Do we get rid of term limits, just let the voters decide?

Good idea for quality people to run again and again?

Voters still have ultimate power?

Sarah, sjessup@paris.com

Wes said...


I have a question for all the CANTdidates! On a scale from 1 to 10 how big of a waste was the Derby 1950 theme consultants the city paid for !!!!!!?

Frustrated Citizen of Commerce City

Gateway News said...

In order to reduce miscommunications, the Gateway News encourages anyone who “hears” something about a candidate to please verify and have a open discussion with the candidate in question before posting your comments.

Mac said...


Term limits in the State of Colorado, for elected Civic Officials, are part of our Constitution. On a National level, Only the President is Termed, 2 terms.

In reference to local Appointed positions, term limits are almost necessary to enable more Citizens the opportunity to participate in City Government. This would also help to keep a consistant flow of fresh energy and inititive on the Boards, Commissions and Committees.

"Quality People" in Civic endeavors, just as in business, realize the need for the Breaks in Service, and will change venues and keep right on working.

On to Consultants, they are an integral part of our lives. We consult with our friends, spouses, kids and sometimes even our enemies. (we have to keep them closer,you see)
We consult with all manor of Business people for everything.
Lets face it, as smart, good looking and wealthy as we all are, we just don't know everything about everything!!!!

Consultants are needed for major endeavors, but not for everything.

Perspective; $80,000.00 will not even buy a Pickup & Fifthwheel or Boat. Try buying a computer system and support for a moderate size business, it's not gonna happen.

By the way the Derby 50's theme was a product of a lot of stakeholders that were involved in the Derby PUD. So I guess you'll have to ask all those folks, as Derby progresses, whether or not it was worth it.

Thanks, Mac


Anonymous said...

Hi Mac, I don't live your ward but wanted to tell you after reading your responses and support statements from citizens from ward 1 and throughout the city I'm excited that you're running. Since I've moved to Commerce City (CC) heard nothing but invidious negative statements and unsubstantiated accusations from people who have declared themselves representatives of south CC. A couple of those individuals are running in this election, one lost in the last mayoral race. They have done nothing but cause a divisive rift in the city and are still pushing that agenda. This “is” one city and like all others we have many neighborhoods with dissimilar needs. When people hear CC they think ward 1 and ward 4. There are areas that are very appalling and the people don’t seem to care what their homes like or how they live.
As a member of council what will you do to have the laws on the books enforced and help repair the negative image of the city?

Oliver via email said...

A simple one but a hard one

Why no Business around Dicks?

What can we do to get some?


Mac said...

Anonymouse (sic), I'm guessing that you're refering to Code enforcement issues. Anyone that knows me, knows this is a long standing concern of mine!!! I think that Neighborhood Service's Officers do an outstanding job with the few people they have (5).
But let's face it, they need our help, whether by offering to help our neighbors, or by calling in a report or complaint.
As I have gotton older, I find that I can complain real well and probably really long at times. As a Councilman, I think I will ask for a cheat sheet of sorts;
A May I Help You note form.
Actually 3 forms, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.
Each will have check boxes for the most obvious things relative to the Zoning, and would say, Are You Aware? and May I Help? Signed, Your Councilman ________.tele #___
I'm out and about my city all the time, and if there is a problem, perhaps Old Age (like me), or I can't afford to fix, or I DON"T CARE. Then I could steer them towards the proper help channel.
As a last resort, then I Call and Complain!!!
I'm not in favor of passing new laws, unless really needed. In fact I'm trying to figure out how to see on line what laws we have on the books. I'm probably guilty of breaking some I'm not aware of, and we all know Ignorance Is No Excuse.

OK, Oliver, your turn. This could get nasty.
How did we accomplish the minor miracle of the Prairie Gateway? (Dick's Stadium, New City Hall, Quebec Parkway)
1. Find a Partner, Kroenke Sports.
2. Get funding; City, $67 million bond issue; Kroenke, build stadium, approx same amount, and lease from City for 25 years.
3. Carrot for Kroenke, they buy 200 acres to develop and has 1st rights of development on the rest of PG. Stick for City, time limit of 10 years to accomplish.

The timing of the build out on the stadium and city hall and Quebec Parkway, was approx 3 yrs, planning to completion.
Why so fast you ask? Use the same contractors that are already building Stapleton and Prairie Center. Also use the same Real Estate Development firm, to develope the rest of Prairie Gateway. It's incumbent for them, to finish the first 2 projects first.

I believe that's a fairly close account of things, but again I am getting older.

I know that CC E/D has and is doing all they can to help the process along, and Kroenke still has time to complete, their part of the deal.

I really would like a purveyor of THICK CUT MAPLE CURED BACON, doubleoversized O/E eggs, cheezy hashbrowns and gravy, and of course WHOLE WHEAT TOAST (dripping butter), to setup shop on the Gateway! Gawd I'm hungry!!!

Thanks for the ?s, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Jason_Mc said...

Mr. Samms,

Thanks for your question about AngelouEconomics, let me first say that contrary to what the Denver Post reported, AngelouEconomics is NOT an image consultant. AngelouEconomics is an Austin-based site selection and economic development consulting firm specializing in developing economic development strategic plans for government entities across the country, and across the world. They are top in their field and the city is very excited to have them on board.

That said, the city hired Angelou to do the following:
* Conduct an economic assessment of the city through a comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Analysis
* Develop a list of targeted industries and business prospects
* Prepare the city's first ever Economic Development Strategic Plan document

Angelou will use a number of qualitative and quantitative data sources to prepare the economic assessment and SWOT analysis documents, including:
* One-on-one interviews with City Council and staff
* Focus groups with business and community leaders
* Technical Advisory Group "visioning workshops"
* Business and community surveys
* City and business demographic and population statistics
* Studying city's existing industries and development opportunities
* Measuring/benchmarking the city in relation to its competitors (i.e. competing cities, etc.)

The target industry study will identify 4-6 industries, and specific companies within those industries, that the city will then use to recruit new businesses to the city.

Ultimately, the Economic Development Strategic Plan will incorporate the city's strategies for business recruitment, provide benchmarks for measuring results, explore development opportunities throughout the city, and include information related to the city's business retention and expansion program and the city's retail attraction strategies. Portions of this plan will be noted in the upcoming Comprehensive Plan amendment.

Long story short, the city will not just be receiving "reports". The economic assessment, identification of targeted industries, and the strategic plan are tools that the city needs in order to retain our existing industries and businesses, and to strategically attract new ones.

I encourage you to google 'ecomonic development strategic plan' and take a look at examples available online.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.


Jason_Mc said...


In regards to your question about the Comprehensive Plan, the name says everything. The very purpose of the comp plan is to take a comprehensive look at the whole city, while also taking into account our neighboring communities and the airport.

Within the comp plan we will also have specific focus areas that include the e-470 corridor and northern range, the corridor between I-76 and HWY 2, the Prairie Gateway/Stadium area, etc. These are known as sub-area plans.

The comp plan will be one of the key tools we'll use to help guide the development of the transportation strategic plan and the economic development strategic plan. In effect each of these efforts build on and compliment the other. Both transportation and economic development need to be viewed/planned at a community wide level.

The critical factor to the success of the comp plan is the input from the community, and frankly participation from the North and South has been thin at best thus far. I would love to see that pick up...

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss further: 303-928-8113


Jason_Mc said...

To Anonymous re: Question about independent thinking & ethics:

Great question, and one I think goes to the heart of what gets in the way of good government. This job is not personal and when we take things personally, we are quite simply not doing our job.

When I took the oath of office, I promised to put 'me' in my back pocket, and instead look at the matters before me through the eyes of the community.

Ultimately, I approach every decision through that community filter, and try to think not about how it impacts me but rather how it will impact the community. I believe that I have consistently demonstrated that approach by listening to the various perspectives on any given issue, trying to understand past/related decisions, to do my homework and to consistently ask the tough questions to ensure I understand and in turn that the community understands the factors involved in a particular decision.

Let me also say that I did not get into this position for the popularity or the power – I pursued this opportunity to help ensure that our City was moving forward in a smart and balanced manner. I take time away from my family and career every day to focus on this City, so what I do better be right for the community - the price of failure is too high.

Bottom line, I work for you and the rest of the City and I view it as my duty to delve into the truth, and to look past the stories and rumors in order to make decisions based upon what is best for the city. If that means that I’m not liked by some, so be it. I know that rarely will we make decisions that please everyone, but I do know that I can look myself in the mirror, or look my neighbors in the eyes and without hesitation stand behind every decision I’ve made. I can honestly think of maybe two decisions that in hindsight I might have taken a slightly different stand on had I had different information at that time to consider.

Lastly, regarding ethics, I believe that my moral and ethical compass is fundamental to doing this job. I have been personally impacted by those that ignored the role of ethics in their role as leaders while at WorldCom, where I lost a majority of my retirement as a result of that bankruptcy. All because a few at the top chose greed over ethics in their decision making. That first hand lesson is something that I think about daily. Again, the price of a decision that ignores the ethical considerations is too high - they effect us all.

Best, Jason
303 928 8113

Dalton said...

great answers guys. I am telling everyone I know to see these answers posted here.

Tim Dalton

Cheo Larcombe said...

to all the people running,

thoughts on city materials printed in Spanish and English?

Cheo Larcombe

Run_Amok said...

North needs an ancor?, what should this be?


Kerstin said...

To Yuri: to answer your comment about having nothing on the North side of town for the youth. I would love to have a recreational facility on our side. I agree when the kids have nothing else to do, we know what happens. Recently in Belle Creek our Neighbor to Neighbor program asked the kids what they would like to do. We received a great response from them and their interest to have activities. We are currently planning our first Kids Night In for the high school aged kids. We are going to have the adults in the community volunteer, so the family center does not have to have a paid staff member there. We will have full access to the Family Center where the kids can play basketball, volleyball and giant bowling, chat with each other and we might even have an XBOX 360 set up for them to play. We figure if we can occupy their time, we can keep them out of trouble. I think if more communities in the Northern area have this ability to host something like this, it would be great.
To Ryland: To answer your question about if we should have 2 separate comprehensive plans. I do not think we should. I think we need to improve our city overall. Yes the 2 areas might need different things, but I think it will continue to separate the city instead of working together to improve our overall image of what Commerce City has to offer.
To Tim Dalton: to answer your question about compensation for City Council members. I think what is offered now is a pretty nice deal. I want to be part of City Council to be part of the larger picture of my hometown. I currently participate by volunteering within the Belle Creek, not to have a title, but to be part of something and be proud of it. I want what is best for our community and would like to be part of its future.
To Anonymous:
Are you independent thinkers? I believe I am an independent thinker, but I also would like to hear the ideas from my neighbors and community on what they would like to see.
Willing to delve into the truth or accept others and the stories and rumors they tell? I search for the truth.

Will you make your decisions upon what is best for the city, or best for your political position with your friends and those on council? I will make decisions based on what is best for the city. I would like to continue living in Commerce City and leave a legacy for my children to be proud of.
Will you stand for what is right or popular? I will stand for what is right.

Do you have ethics or do you sell out? I believe I have pretty strong morals and ethics. I believe if I do not follow through with what my mind is telling me is correct vs. changing my mind to fit in, it will come back to bite me.
To Cheo Larcombe: in reference to your comment about the Hispanic population of Commerce City.....
I believe the Hispanic Population is a very big part of our Commerce City community and cannot be left out. I speak a little Spanish, but try my hardest to speak it and understand it. I used to work in the hotel industry and spoke with my Hispanic employees in Spanish. I currently have a dear friend who also lives in our community that is helping me translate and speak to the Spanish speaking Citizens.
To Oliver: in reference to your question about businesses around Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. I think the City did a great job jump starting that development area. I believe unfortunately it was bad timing with the economy and developers willing to take the risk on us. I think it is a great location and when the economy changes for the better we will see a great boom in the development out there.

Vicky said...

to everyone running,

What do you think of Commerce City Council members who are going out in November going to CML in Vail?

Waste of time and more importantly money?

Oliver said...


Thank you for the answers. I am getting to know you more and that is a great thing.

I may disagree with you about the development around the Dicks Park, but will maybe talk to you in person about it.

Thank you so much for stepping up and running for these important positions.


Cindy said...

The city of Denver is having their Pit Bull ban challenged in court, your thoughts on currnet pit bull ban of Commerce City?

Resident of Commerce City

Yuri said...


the youth activities that are at Belle Creek, are they open to other youth, like Buffalo Mesa area?


Tim Dalton said...

GREAT QUOTE from Candidate Jason D. McEldowney

"When I took the oath of office, I promised to put 'me' in my back pocket, and instead look at the matters before me through the eyes of the community."

Exactly what I am looking for as my city representative.

Tim Dalton

Tina and Joseph said...

I would like to praise Cindy for bringing up the current Pit Bull Ban. I would also like to know where the candidates stand on if they would consider a more broader vicious dog law instead of Breed Specific Legislation?

Tina and Joseph
southern Commerce City

Jennifer Q. said...

love the questions and dicuss topics. Great idea, also feel like I am getting to know the candidates too.

Jennifer Q., Commerce City

Kerstin said...

At this time our Kids Night In, in Belle Creek, would be for Belle Creek Residents only. If you would like to duplicate our idea, please let me know and I can confirm our details with you and you can come check it out one night.

If anyone has any particular questions for me I also have a blog on my website, vote4kerstin.org.

thank you

Sherri said...

What do you all think about what is going on with Team Natale v. Team Benson?

Sherri, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to post, publish AND live by the council norms?
What do you see as the city role with the school districts and the water district?
What steps would you take to develop a spirit of 'team' amongst all the council members?
Have you read the charter and what do you understand to be the role of council?
What is the role of industry in the city?

Lyle said...

you sure you guys still want this job?

David Pocs said...

We just got back from a family camping trip to Gunnison and were able to visit the Black Canyon. What a spectacular sight. One of the many reasons why people move to Colorado.

The Colorado lifestyle, beauty, cost of living, and educated workforce are some of the reasons companies move to Colorado. The recent announcement that the DaVita Corporation is moving it's headquarters from California to Colorado.

In Commerce City we have an area along E-470 that is ripe for development to lure headquarters, high tech, green collar, or other types of companies that a consultant will help guide us in finding. In most major cities, these corridors near airports tend to be centers for development. We already have an excellent industrial base, and have an opportunity along this corridor that has easy access to the airport, downtown Denver, Boulder and the front range to diversify our economic base.

Development along this corridor is also key to creating other retail and restaurant development in the northern range. Creating high paying jobs in this area will create more demand for housing as well as lunch time traffic. Just ask Gala Gardens or El Jardin how their business would be doing without lunch time traffic that primarily comes from area businesses.

Restaurants, retailers, and grocery stores are in business for a profit. If these companies felt there is profit potential in the area, they would be coming in. When I worked for a shopping center developer, we modeled sales projections based on many factors, and I know that retailers and restaurants do plenty of research and sales forecasting based on past experience, demographics, traffic counts, etc.

This is all part of the comprehensive planning process. Having two comprehensive plans does not make any sense to me. We need to make sure our whole body works together as one. It's diffult to run with our legs if our arms are not moving in synch.

David Pocs

David Pocs said...

RE: CML (Colorado Municipal League) Conference

I serve on on the board my local Dunes Special tax district. There is a Special District Association (SDA) Conference annually as well. I used to think as do many that these were just useless junkets for board members, council people, staff, etc.

I changed my mind 170 degrees after attending the SDA. I was able to learn more about board member duties, bond issuance (and various factors involved), etc.

If you look at this year's CML conference (www.cml.org), you'll see valuable workshops throughout: The Colorado Lottery/GOCO; Making Municipal Facilities Energy Efficient; Tools for Home Rules: Adopting and Amending Charters; and Council and Staff Relations and Communications. I think you can see by this small sampling of workshops there are definately some that current council people should be attending.

These conferences are also an unparalleled opportunity to network with other communities to gather some best practices as well as opportunities to build regional cooperation. It is also an opportunity for staff to look for new talent as well. If a position in the city becomes open, these are the places where relationships are built in which to create a talent pool for the future.

If you're wonding on the 170 degrees, there is a 10 degree wiggle room. There are fun functions for people as well. I don't think there's anything wrong with this, as long as people are not taking extreme advantage of these conferences and actually attend some workshops. I remember growing up, we would take vacations around my father's engineering conferences. I think it is smart planning to do so, as his employer paid for his portion of travel, and he paid for ours. We would do fun activities while he was learning. We would then go off on our own after for a few days.

David Pocs said...

RE: Northern Range Rec Center

I would absolutely LOVE to have a rec center in the northern range that all residents could use. The problem is finding a funding solution for such an expensive venture. How many times can we go to the Northern GID to ask for another bond issue / mill levy? If a northern range rec center is built using the Northern GID, will it be open to all residents? I don't know if this is fair.

If something is to be built in the northern range for all city residents to use, than I feel that this is a bond issue / mill levy to be spread to all city residents. Ultimately it comes down to funding and getting something to the voters that makes sense for the entire city.

Belle Creek and Reunion do have some a central location available for young residents to have something to do. There are other neighborhoods that do not have this luxury. Again, this is part of a comprehensive planning process for residents to have their input, staff to compile and present, and city leaders and citizens to make decisions on which directions to take the city.

This is why it is important for residents to get out to these meetings, get involved and make your voice and opinions heard.

David Pocs

David Pocs said...

RE: Materials printed in Spanish

The reality is that we have a large portion of our residents that speak Spanish.

My parents immigrated to this country from Latvia speaking no English. They wanted nothing more than to be integrated into American society and learn English. I feel that our immigrant neighbors whether they be Mexican, Peruvian, Polish, or Russian want to learn english and become Americans.

Having materials printed in Spanish will only help them in integrating into our community. We need to relish our diversity, not be afraid of it.

And to Cheo's point about hispanics getting involved in the community, I agree that it must be done. Get on board and commissions, run for city council, and run for the school board.

Hablo un poco espanol cuando nesicito. Es mas facil comprende cuando hablas mas despacio por favor.

I hope I didn't butcher that too badly.

David Pocs

Wes said...


I love the term "green collar" I have never heard until now.

I was not aware that the Dunes had a special tax district, is this the same thing as the GID?

Thank you for shedding light on the CML issue, I saw that you wrote that there was a council/city staff workshop that I think should be mandatory.

Wes, Commerce City

Dylan and Chasity, River Run said...


I would like to personally thank you for stepping up to Jim Benson. Your comments hit perfectly on point and were well spoken. It brought everything back into perspective.

I will support you and verbal campaign for you.

Dylan and Chasity, River Run

jennifer q. said...


Golf course as been a hot topic lately, should city keep it running, or let it fold?

I personally would like to see it stay around, but within reason, I don't want to see a GM type deal.

But I am very interested in your opinion.

jennifer q. (yes, I am a golfer)

David Pocs said...

RE: Golf Course

I'm not too familiar how golf courses are run, whether they are private, public, joint venture etc.

I would have to familiarize myself more with the best practices concerning municipal golf courses. I think it would be a major mistake to close the course. In order to attract the types of employers along the 470 corridor, a golf course is an amenity that many execs will ask about. Having a high quality course in the area is a must in my opinion.

David Pocs

p.s. - Yes Wes, the Dunes has their own tax district similar to GID. I believe Reunion has their own, I imagine Belle Creek does as well, and likely other neighborhoods.

David Pocs said...

RE: Water District

Having the Water District run by the City is a complicated issue. As you know, water is a challenge in the west. I just picked up a book "Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water" and look forward to learning more about water issues.

I think a "summit" or "symposium" (or whatever you want to call it) for the community would be a good idea. I think we all would like to learn more about the history of the water district, the development agreement between the city and water district, how other communities deal with their water districts, and the costs/benefits of having the city run the water district.

This is not an easy issue. It's one that we all need to be fully informed about to make any decisions.

Now that there is stability at the SACWSD this "summit" may be something that could be done.

David Pocs

Anonymous said...

Greetings Candidates,
Enjoy reading your responses, In reference to a response to a rec center in the north. I think one of the biggest issues we have in the city is the attitude that things should be built for everyone and centrally located between the north & south. I would like to see a rec center in every neighborhood open to all but know we can’t afford it. I’m sure Denver built them one at a time and now abundant. My question, would you support the city contracting with 27 J to use their school gymnasiums as part of CC parks and rec program?
I think something like that would save the city lots of money until we have cash & need to build. There’s a school just built in Second Creek with a huge campus that’s an idea location along with Prairie View. They are perfect locations to split the north area.
Since Belle Creek and Reunion have their own rec centers, pools and parks we won’t have to really worry about over use. Then we can use the money saved to build out the “future” park adjacent to Second Creek.

Cheo Larcombe said...

gateway twitter said vashaw is running for school board?

That brings me to my question, what do you, the candidates think about felons running for elected boards, personally I think if you do the time, I have no problem, everyone deserves a second chances
(even superintendents?)

Cheo Larcombe

Tim Dalton said...

More Important Question:

Do any of the Candidates have any criminal history they would like to open up to the public about at this point in time?

Tim Dalton

Anonymous said...

good question, should have thought of this one earlier

David said...

RE: Criminal History

I know Robert Vashaw, and he made a stupid mistake early in his life. I learned from this, has served his punishment, and is better for it. Isn't the system supposed to be rehabilitative and get people back to being productive citizens?

As far as my criminal background, it consists of some moving violations.

David Pocs

david said...


slight typo above...
should be "He learned from this..."

Erin NW said...

looks like we have a real race, all positions have at least one other to make it interesting.

I'm betting we will see a couple more come out of the woodwork.

Word of advice, Please talk to one if not all the current council and see what you are getting yourself into. Also, city is having a gov 101 class on July 15th at civic center, I am sure it will be well advertised soon.

Good Luck to you all!

now, for my question,
name one thing that you will PROMISE you will do as a counicl and actually stick to it? I will be calling you on it after you get elected.

Erin NW

Anonymous said...

all candidates:

do you agree with 100% of the current council budget decisions thus so far?

If, Not, Which item in detail do you disagree about and why.

I understand this is a difficult one, just want to see who will face the tough questions

Mac said...

Cheo, In a perfect world everyone would receive the gift? of the English language as they stepped foot upon American soil! I know and deal with people from many different countries where English is not the native language. They for the most part have adapted to the point of being able to communicate to some degree in English. I don't disagree to printing in English and Spanish, but when do we start printing in Russian, Chinese, French, German, Swahili, Urdu, or any number of languages present on the streets of the metro area on any given day???
I think the money would be better spent helping them to learn to speak and write in English, no matter what their native languages.
If I go to Mexico I take a Spanish/English dictionary, I don't expect Mexicans in Mexico to learn English in order to take care of me.

Vicky, I don't see a City Councilperson as being a Lame Duck, unless they personally choose to be one. If they do, then they should not go to CML or any thing else to represent the City. Most of the Councilpersons I've worked with, work for the benefit of the City right up till the new Person is sworn in, and they normally stay active in Civic service in some way, even after they're out of Office. So it's usually still money well spent.

Cindy, Tina and Joseph, I'm not a Lawyer. As I recall and understand, our Pit Bull Ordinance; Chapter 4, Article 1, Section 4.8 of the Code Of Ordinances, was a clarification and amendment of the Ordinance regarding Vicious Animals. This occured during a period of Pit Bull incidents in CC and other Cities in the metro area. This was a reactive change to an existing law, until necessitated by further incidents by other breeds, I would not change it.

Jenn Q., We need to keep the Golf Course in operation, even though they don't have a hole to accomodate my style of play.(I use a 16# ball with 3 holes)
It's an asset, we already own it, it's just a matter of how long to take to pay ourselves back for it's initial cost.

Anon, 6-24 RE: northern rec ctr, eventually we'll need to build 1 in NW, NC, and in NE. But until we have funding to build them, see my earlier reply to Yuri on June 15th.

Sherry, after two years there should not be a Team B or Team N, it needs to be a Team CC for CC. We don't any JCs on our team.

Thanks for all the ?s, keep them coming, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


almost confused said...

Anonymouse, 6-23 and 6-25 Please use a name, even a nickname. It would help all the candidates and the other bloggers to keep track of the questions. Thank you.

Mac said...

Anon, I've not seen Council Norms, yet. So no answer.
I do have a copy of the 2005 Boards and Commisions Packet, which includes:
Council Conduct Card,
Council Policies and Procedures,
and all the pertinent guidlines for Conducting Council, Boards and Commision meetings and business.
I also keep a copy of the City Charter with it.
Yes, I have read them all, and
periodically reread them all.

The role of Council is simple,
1: uphold the Constitution and the Laws of the USA, the state of Colorado and the Charter and Ordinances of Commerce City.
2: Make provision for the public Health, Safety and Welfare.

This is done by listening to your constituents and using the above mentioned reference materials, and did I say, listening to your constituents?

By Industry, I take it you mean, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Higher Education and Cultural endeavors. I would say if Industry is balanced, diverse, sustainable, and all inclusive, it's relatively important. After all, Industry is what pays the bills for most, if not all of what Residential needs.

City, Water Dist., Fire Dist., SD14, SD27J, Library Dist. and any other tax subsidized entity, all share the moral imperative to work as closely together as legally possible to provide their respective products and services to their contituents.

Tim and Cheo, no criminal history.
However, as a way younger man, there was some DUMB and Here's Your Sign(STUPID)history. And yes I did inhale a time or two.

Thanks again for the ?s, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Darren said...


Thank you for your honesty. I do not agree with one of the issues (pit bull). But even with that said, I happen to live in your ward and will be voting for you, purely because I find you an honest, decent man, who is not afraid of the hard questions and issues.

Darren, Commerce City Ward 1

Patrick O. said...

I have to say I am very impressed with questions and issues asked here.

I am going to lighten things up a bit. I have a feeling the hardest questions are yet to come.

TO ALL CANDIDATES: (please take your time answering, no rush, we are still a ways away from November)

Favorite Food, Color, Book, Movie, Person who inspired you the most and why.

I do have other questions, but will present them at a later date (much harder nature). I am asking these "soft questions" now because I personally feel it is imperative to know a elected official "totally" before someone votes. Doing this in the last election may have diverted some of the current drama we are experiencing as a city now.

Patrick O., (Yes, also Irish, don’t hold it against me)

Erin NW said...

great question Patrick, I never thought of it that way and you are so right.

I would like to expand it to any hobbies and anything else the candidates would like to share personally, also yes take your time. Nov. is a ways away.

Erin NW

David Pocs said...

RE: Soft Questions

Patrick O and Erin NW... Love the questions.

Hobbies: Reading, attending sports or all sorts, my three kids, my three kids, and my three kids. I also play soccer every thursday (i've been playing for over 30 years), and I referee soccer too (last 12 years).

Favorite Movie: "Star Wars" has a special place in my heart. May be the first movie I went to. I also love "Bridge on the River Kwai".

Favorite Color: Orange & Blue

Favorite Food: I like to experiment and try new things. I like things seasonal. But I love sushi.

Favorite Book: I read non-ficition. Historical, Presidential, sports (soccer & horse racing mostly), biographies. My favorite fiction: "Hearts of Darkness" Current favorite non-fiction: "How Soccer Explains the World"

Inspirational Person: I really admire George Washington. A leader who was strong, yet willing to listen to his advisors and change is mind on decisions.
My ultimate heros are my grandparents. They showed incredible strength and perseverence in leaving (chased out) of Latvia to avoid Soviet occupation and persecution. They escaped to Germany to displacement camps, and then on to the United States. Both sets with young children (my parents) in tow. They made a life in the USA from scratch. In Latvia, my Grandfather Pocs was an esteemed important community leader as headmaster of the regional school. In the United States he was a laborer in the factories of Chicago, but raised his family proudly, provided for them, bought a home, and watched his children graduate college. This is the true American story.

David Pocs

Gina said...

I Love the Erin and Patrick Questions. I would like the Gateway to also print at least those answers in the print edition too!

Gina, Commerce City

Mac said...

Patrick O. and Erin NW, thanks for the fun ?s. I've asked these of many Candidates over the years, while moderating Forums, now I get to answer them.


Food; He, He, He, I've got to many favorites, but my favorite meal is breakfast. I mentioned it in one of my earlier answers.

Color; RED, WHITE and BLUE !!!

Book; Bible (KJV)

Movie; #1 Braveheart
#2 Jazz Singer, Neil Diamond

Hobbies; Fishing, Camping, Bowling, Cooking (OH YEAH), Reading, (currently, a history of the Templars, How the States got their Shapes, Harry Truman bio., and I'm doing a reread of our 3 part Comp Plan.)

Inspirational People; there are many among family, friends and collegues, but my choice would be Mr. Jim McNew assisted by Jenny, his wife.
Through Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and being Youth Group sponsors at First Christian Church, hundreds of kids over the years (including their own), were touched by Mr. MAC and Mrs. MAC.
It seems we'd listen to them, even though our own parents were helping to lead these groups with them.
Mr. MAC was a Leader among leaders, Mr. George Goto, Mr. Galen Smith, Mr. A.M. Patrick, Mr. Ed McFarlin (my dad), Mr. Lutter, Mr. Meinenger, Mr. Marston, Mr. Lambrecht, Mr. Fox and others.
As a WW II Pacific theater Marine veteran, Mr. MAC taught us how to cook for large groups of people by relating how he did it, while fighting in the middle of a war. Among other things we were taught to be; Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent. Yes, if you're a Boy Scout you know!!!
One of my greatest Honors was being one of his Pall Bearers, helping him on his final Hike Home.

Like I said there were many, but his Legacy lives on.

Thanks again for the ?s, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Irene said...

Love the soft questions!

Mac: inhale? you mean tobacco, right?

all candidates: I have concerns with the issue of ALL the at large positions will be taken up by people in the Northern Range.

I also see the voting numbers by gateway news and that is even MORE concerning with Ward 1 having significantly less!

What are your thoughts of how to get complete and fair representation of the whole city?

Irene, Historic Part of Commerce City

Robert Romine via email said...

Thank you to the readers of the Gateway for submitting questions online. I am pleased by your enthusiasm and I invite you to join me every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Commerce City Council Meeting where we can discuss your questions and have the opportunity to meet up to six candidates running for elected positions in the city. After every meeting a group of us including at least one city representative go out to dinner to continue our conversations. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please email me if you need directions or more information - voterobertromine@yahoo.com.

Robert Romine

Tim Dalton said...

Candidate Robert Romine,

Thanks for the invite. But I do not see how we are going to discuss questions with you at City Council Meetings. I do believe there is NO CAMPAIGNING on City property. Am I wrong?

Tim Dalton

Mac said...

Irene, as Bill Cosby used to say, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Fair Representation, a little history;

2001 Election,
Ward 1, Mr. Jaquith, lifetime South
Ward 3, Ms. Drotar, moved North from South.
At Large, Mr. Lewis, lifetime South
At Large, Ms. Mitchell, South

2003 Election,
Ward 2, Mr. Johnson, South
Ward 4, Ms. Synder, South
At Large, Ms. Teter, South
At Large, Mr. Bullock, South
Mayor, Mr. Ford, South

2005 Election,
Ward 1, Mr. Jaquith, South unnopposed
Ward 3, Ms. Drotar, North
At Large, Mr. Lewis, South
At Large, Mr. Natale, North

2006 Wards reapportioned, Ward 2 moves North

2007 Election,
Ward 2, Mr. Benson, North
Ward 4, Ms. Synder, South
At Large, Ms. Teter, moved North from South
At Large, Mr. Johnson, moved North from South
Mayor, Mr. Natale, North
At Large, Mr McEldowney, North appointed

2009 Election, so far;
Ward 1, Mr. Leffel or
Mr. McFarlin, South
Ward 3, Ms. Berlinski or Mr. Pocs, North
At Large, Mr. Douglas,
Mr. McEldowney, Mr. Trull, North
Mr. Romine, South

The point I'm making is prior to 2006, we had 3 Wards in the South, 1 in the North. With At Large Individuals moving from South to the North to live, I don't believe
that they have changed their perspective. Our representation has remained well balanced. Looking in the Crystal Ball, at some time in the future, we'll have 3 Wards North and 1 Ward South, and by that time We all will have figured out, Wow we really are just 1 City!!!

I really do know your concerns, the only way to address it, is to convince some more of our neighbors to shut off the TV, or whatever, and Throw Their Hats In The Ring.

Thanks again Irene, Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Shelley said...


What is the difference between ethics and morals?

Shelley Moore, Commerce City

Mac said...

Shelly, tis a good ?.

principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct.

a system of moral principles.

So says Webster's Dictionary.

The words are pretty much synonymous.

For me, morals are my core values, while ethics, is my system of practical application of my

IE; Morally, it's wrong to beat the crap out of someone. Ethically, that might only mean physically, I can still verbally nail him to the wall. Which is worse the physical or the verbal beating?

In applying a Moral and Ethical borometer to elected Officials or Candidates, to see if they match yours, we need to look beyond what they say and look to what they do or have done. We humans are much like leopards, we don't very often change our spots.

This is a good time to go back to Erin NW's ? regarding a promise.
One of the thing's I've learned in public service is, Don't Promise what you can't deliver!!!
I Promise; I will keep my Eyes, Ears and Mind Open, to learn as much I can, before I make a decision on a matter.

Thank you Ladies for the good ?s.


Common Sense for the Common Good


Kerstin said...

Favorite Food- I love Italian food. I think this came from growing up just outside New York City. Lots of great food back east, I think I gain 10 lbs everytime I go back to visit family.

Color- blue

Book- most of the books I read right now are bedtime stories to my children. Our favorite is "8 little monkeys jumping on the bed".

Movie- I am a hopeless romantic. But I love comedy and action as well.

Person who inspired you the most and why- I would say my father inspires me the most. He worked very hard during my childhood so that we always had what we needed. He runs his own very successful business and taught me some very great lessons about business, ethics and people. Our relationship has changed over the years from my father who I always looked up to, to a friend who I go to for advice and talk things through. He raised me to be a very strong woman in standing up for what I believe in. Thanks Dad. I love you!

Leah, Ward 2 said...

Kerstin, as a fellow east coaster, I MISS real Italian food!

I love you message to your father.

Mac, I really like that quote you use at the end of your responses (Common Sense for the Common Good) Where did you hear that or is it an original?

Mac said...


Common Sense for the Common Good, I would love to lay claim to it, but I'm sure someone much wiser than me coined it. Where I heard it or read it, I don't remember, but the principle has been passed on by many whom I consider as my mentors.
I also like; My Rights End, Where Your Nose Begins!

I find if I keep simple principles in mind, the hard problems are not easy, but easier, to solve.

By the way, I found the easy way to get Real Italian Food, I married a Good Chicago Italian Girl. Best thing I've ever done!!


Common Sense for the Common Good


Tim Dalton said...

I would be very interested in what the candidates think about the comments being left about our city on the channel 9 News website?

Tim Dalton

Tim Dalton said...

9 news link,


Tim Dalton

Mac said...


After checking all of the Denver TV websites, I found that ALL OF THEM, had an almost identical news story regarding the DUD Fireworks display. They were pretty accurate in their reports, per say, disappointed people, Mr. Mendes was so unhappy, he called two of the stations. And they did all report the correct date of the make up game and fireworks show.

Sadly they didn't report about the rest of the day's activities, and how much people enjoyed them.

Am I disappointed in the coverage of 9News? No, 4, 7, and 31 all reported the same thing, the news!

I am disappointed, that they didn't show any of the rest of the activties and people having fun.

Now let's see how they report the show on July 25th.


Common Sense for the Common Good


Derrick Keys said...

According to the gateway twitter, Now the Mayor Protem has brought up the issue of Pit Bulls, I would like to know what the current candidates thoughts are on the issue.

Derrick Keys, Commrerce City.

Yuri said...

Rumor is that once again a recall effort of the Mayor is on its way for a November 2009 election.

Candidates: What are your thoughts of this as far as image, hurting the city as a whole, or do you think it is a good idea?

Yuri, Commerce City

Kerstin said...

To Tim Dalton in reference to your question: “I would be very interested in what the candidates think about the comments being left about our city on the channel 9 News website?” I think people have a right to be disappointed, but mistakes do happen and there is nothing we can do to control them. My kids as well were disappointed, but by the time we got to our car and saw the traffic heading out I decided we would stick around and watch the fireworks from the surrounding cities that we could see. I would agree exiting the parking lot was not the most pleasant experience I had that day. We did have a great time with the free events for the kids and the music before the fireworks. Overall great event and I look forward to 4th Fests.

To Erin NW:
Hobbies: we do a lot with our family and friends during our free time. We take the kids along with us on bike rides; my son plays soccer, so if we are not at a game or practice we are kicking a ball around in the backyard. We like to have dinners and BBQs with our neighbors.
Anything else the candidates would like to share personally: I am pretty active in the Belle Creek community, I volunteer as the Community Liaison with our Neighbor to Neighbor program (N2N) and I volunteer by helping the Belle Creek Family Center with their events.
“Name one thing that you will PROMISE you will do as a council and actually stick to it? I will be calling you on it after you get elected.” I like Mac’s answer about not making promises I know I can’t keep. I am here to listen to what the members of our community want and need. If you elect me I will be an advocate for US. Like my campaign slogan says, “This is not my campaign, it’s our campaign!”
To Tim Dalton in reference to your question: “Do any of the Candidates have any criminal history they would like to open up to the public about at this point in time?” I do not have a criminal history. I am married to a local deputy, which would not look very good.
To Yuri in reference to you questions about the recall of the Mayor: I think it does not look very good to our neighboring cities that the residents who live here are not satisfied with the way our election process works. We campaign for months, tell members of our community we are here to serve them as an active person in our city and then you have people who go out and bash what the members of our community obviously thought was a good idea when they voted. I think it is hurting our image and hurting what the Council represents! How will all this chaos help our city move forward? I have seen great improvements in our city in the last few years. Why take steps back instead of taking advantage of what we currently have and move forward?

To Jennifer Q. in reference to your question regarding the golf course: I think the city should continue to run it. My parents are pretty regular golfers and live in the Vista Ridge community in Erie. They tell me that Buffalo Run is one of the better courses in the Northern area. I think it is a nice amenity that the city has to offer.

I really appreciate all these questions. If you have anything you would like to ask me specifically you can email me at vote4kerstin@gmail.com or go to my website where I have a blog www.vote4kerstin.org.

Erin NW said...

Great answers Kerstin, I amglad that the recent behavior of the current council has not drove you away.

Erin NW

Mac said...

Derrick, look to my answer of June 25th. Our pit bull ordinance also controls vicious animals, of any stripe, but the Pit Bull breed was singled out. I believe what Mr. Jaquith was refering to on Monday night, was the fact that we apparently have gained some new Pit Bull residents. the owners of these new Pit's have either, not been told of the ordinance, didn't ask if CC had an ordinance, or possibly they don't care.
This is one of those laws that relies on the public to help enforce it. By education or by complaint, when education doesn't
work. I think Mr. Jaquith would like this problem to have a friendly solution, rather than simply put dogs and people in jail for noncompliance. I would not be in favor of changing the law at this point. But a better solution, needs to be found, regarding new residents not being told of the ordinance before they buy a home here.

Yuri, If we were blessed with a Rod Blagoyavic, as mayor, then I'd
be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th to sign a recall petition. But we're not in that position, thank God!!!

To do a Recall is a Right to be used to remove a Dastardly Villian.
I don't believe it's to be used lightly or in a frivolous manner.
We've had enough recalls in the recent past to last anyone a lifetime. If they're frivolous, they do no one or the City any good. In my humble opinion none of the recalls of the last few years, have had much if any merit.

Thanks again for the ?s. Mac

Common Sense for the Common Good


Tim Dalton said...

I always found this funny and strange, but the candidates political affiliation has always seemed to be a secret at the city level in the past. I never understood this phenomena . I think your political affiliation says a lot about what kind of a leader you will be and how your decisions will be made.

If I had to guess today starting with Jim Benson at the end I would say D D D R R R R D D.

I would be very interested if the current candidates would share with us all their political affiliation and why they are.

I would also like anyone who thinks political affiliation is not important at the city level explain why and how they came to their conclusion.

Tim Dalton

Yuri said...

It is a interesting point, but still I think being a republican or democrat have no place at that level of government.


Dave S. said...


Okay, but why is it a factor for the county sheriff and county commissioners?

DeeDee said...

There has to be a logical reason why there is no need for reps to be defined by political parties.
I see where you are coming from, and would also like to know what party, if any the candidates call themselves.
I am a Democrat (no need to kick someone while they are down)


Cheo Larcombe said...

Thank you to all the candidates how are participating. It has been very enlightening.

Cheo Larcombe

Mac said...

Tim D., Yuri, Dave S., Dee Dee, and Cheo, hi again.

CC Charter, Chapter 3, Section 3.4:
All muninciple elections shall be nonpartisan.

Party affiliation mainly helps those looking to make a career in politics. At the local level Party Politics is not supposed to be present, that being said, if one is looking to go farther and higher up in Politics, being affiliated can help. Money and extra support on the ground, from Party faithful can really help.
You start earning your bones in local races, and the more help you are to the Party, the more help you will receive, when you move into County, State and finally National Offices.

On a Local level, Elective positions are part-time, low-paying Jobs.

On a County level, the positions are full-time, higher paying Jobs.

On State and National positions, the pay and perks are much higher.

The problem with Party Politics, is the price you may have to pay, in order to play. You may have to wait your turn in line, according to how much you have helped, and/ or payed the Party. One is also required to Tow the Party Line, in other words the Party does your independent thinking for you.

Tim, you're about half right in guessing the current Council affiliations. Their affiliations are no secret, if you ask them they'll tell you. But as stated in the City Charter, nonpartisan is how we play, on the local scene.

I'm personally an unaffiliated conservative idealist.(40 years) I believe in Common Sense for the Common Good; and that, My Rights End Where Your Nose Begins.
I'm either a Republicrat or a Democan! That's right a centrist.
On a local level, we're down in the dirt polititions. In other words we still get our hands dirty, working alongside regular citizens to get the job done. We're actually doing politics, without worrying about being political.

The cliche is probably old, I've got good friends, both Red and Blue, I guess I'm Purple!!!

Thanks again for the good ?s.


Common Sense for the Common Good


Anonymous said...

Knowing most of the council, Starting with the opposite end from Benson (Benson last)
I believe it is currently:
....my semi-educated guess, which I feel has no bearing on politics at the city level.
my 2 cents

Fred A. said...

It has come to my attention that Commerce City may have at least some extent a issue with illegal aliens. I am wondering what the thoughts of the candidates are?

Should we work closer with the county Sheriff (ICE) or maybe it is all just rumors and we really do not have a local issue?

Fred A. fred303@mail.com

Collette said...

I think a farmers market in the Northern Range would be a cool idea.

How do we start one?

Yuri said...


Great IDEA! I agree 100%

Yuri, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Jason, why don't you think about the fact that just maybe Jim Benson is correct and that maybe the citizens should see the emails of the mayors? Why are you helping to hide the facts from the citizens? Do we need to collect $600 to see the mayor's emails? And just advice, if you want to be elected, be a facilitator not a divider and a yes man to the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Question for all the candidates: What do you think about the Mayor's emails being withheld from fellow council members? Do you believe in transperancy in government?

Anonymous said...

Where is Gene Leffel on this blog? Is he running for Ward One or not? Or is it just Mr. McFarlin?

Anonymous said...

To all the candidates: Why do you think that Brighton as a city has gotten all the economic development and all the great jobs and how do they do it without all the high priced employees and consultants that Commerce City has? And they have a smaller population and less rooftops? Does this make sense to you?

Cheo Larcombe said...

Thank you Mr. Serna for running for city council.


Anonymous said...

This is to all the anonymous I know all the answers, to all the questions, writers!!! Are you next going to check out the mayors underwear, just because you think you have a right know everything???Grow up, get a life, and realize that you don't have a right to know everything about everybody!!!!

If you still think you do, then I'll assert my right to know everything about you and yours!!!

Please bring your email, telelphone records, your med records and your bank records to the next City Council meeting. Then we'll see if you are better or worse than the mayor!!!!

Better yet start putting your name on your blog entries. What have you got to be afraid of?????

Stan said...

just heard we have another candidate for ward 3! Looks like we have a real race now.


Anonymous said...

Some of the questions being placed on this blog seem to be more likely statements to put down our current leaders.
I think these are a set up and not real, but a couple of peole trying to influence others??
I agree with the person who said, if you want transparency bring all of your personal e-mails etc down for all to see.

Dalton said...

I talked to the Gateway News, they said the candidate 101 meeting at city hall last night was a "great thing"

I would like to know how the candidates felt about it, what was your take?


Rachel said...

how do we get people to shop local and want to come back and shop again locally?

Rachel, Commerce City

Tim Dalton said...

now that the Mile High Music is in full swing. I am interested in what the candidates feel about the Jim Benson seat tax or any kind of a seat tax?

Tim Dalton, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

To all the candidates, there are several very important questions that have been recently posted on this blog. Is there a reason why you are not answering them?

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who made the comment about the interest in the mayor's underwear. The citizens want to see the emails and they want transperency in their government and how issues and policies are handled. I have not ever heard anyone ask about any elected official's personal life. As private citizens our personal life is private, when you become an elected official what you do in office is not private, but an elected officials personal life still is private.

Anonymous said...

Hey all candidates. Maybe you should make a written statement of your platform and maybe the Gateway would be willing to print it in the paper and on this blog. Then after you get elected the voters can refer back to it. If you are doing what you said you were, then there would be no reason to recall you. So in the future there would be no more recall attempts.

Yuri said...

you guys take a look at the proposed council norms or (abnorms). what is your take?


Mac said...

Hi, Anonymous, I thought I would give the other eight candidates a chance to say something.

Also it would be nice if Anon,s would use a moniker at least. The Candidates are using their names, wht don't you all sdo the same.


Common Sense for the Common Good


Anonymous said...

No more recall attempts?? Bullock has been trying to recall the mayor since he lost to him in the last election. Did anyone read what was stated by him about losing. When a couple of these candidates lose they will try to recall the person that beat them. Unfortunately it appears that’s how things were done in our city for years. The good news is that there are more legal voters living in the city now so the bogus recalls will stop sooner than later. Candidates, what is your take on the last recall attempt and the one in the works currently?

Homeowner and voter

Pocs said...

RE: Recalls

I think recalls are a last resort tactic to be used on something egregious, illegal, or highly unethical, etc.

I really don't understand what the last recall effort of Mayor Natale was for...

I really don't see any grounds for any recalls now.

That being said, the electorate does have the right to petition for a recall, and the grounds for such a recall don't appear to be laid out. A petition could say that the grounds for a recall is wearing a tuxedo shirt. If the electorate decides to do so, that right is theirs.

That also being said, I think these recall attempts make our community more divided than ever. I think people should take a big step back and look from the outside looking in. How do these efforts look in the eyes of others.

Like it or not, we do have an image concern around the metro area. I don't think these things are doing us any good.

David Pocs

Pocs said...

RE: Candidate 101

It was very helpful. Thanks to the city staff, and council members present.

David Pocs

Gateway News said...

Hello candidates,

Hope all is going well.

The city has posted the videos played at the informational forum on July 15th. http://www.ci.commerce-city.co.us/

Gateway News

Paul said...

good morning all
I want everyone to know that my
e-mails are available to anyone who wants them. the only prerequisite is that someone has to pay for the time expended to retrieve them. I am telling you that you will find them to be very boring
This is going into my 5fth recall attempt by the same people. they wish to take the city back to where they had all the free trips for them and their spouses, the free events and the royalty status. Hopefully this will never happen again. I am so disappointed that a council member has been extremely busy with this in hopes that they can be the next mayor. I wish them well.
I have 27 month until I am term limited. At that point, it is my hope that a candidate will come forward who will continue to lead our city to the future we all deserve.
As you look at the candidates hoping to be elected, please look at their platforms. Are they running to help the city or do they have their own agenda?
Are they someone who you can be proud of?
Are they someone who you feel will represent our city's best interest in both a public and private arena?
Just a few questions you may want to ask yourself.
I would also look at who is willing to answer your questions that you have raised. What are the others afraid to answer?
As always, I sign my comments and do not hide behind the anonymous title

Vikki said...

Mayor Natale,

I do not know how you keep going? I hate that a very small assembly of citizens keeps doing this to you year after year. It really is getting old.

I have the same viewpoint as candidate Pocs, "recall attempts make our community more divided than ever."

Mr. Natale, rest assured that if for some reason a recall is ever put to the vote of the people, the voters will do the right thing and shoot it down once and for all.

Vikki, Commerce City (n. range)

Paul said...

Thank you Vikki
It is people like you who keep me going.

Mac said...

Hi, all, it's getting close to the time to get Candidate Petitions signed. With that in mind, several of you in Ward 1, have said you would support my run. If you would kindly send me your name and address, etc. I'll contact you in person, so you can sign my petition. You must be registered to vote and be a resident of
Ward 1.

Thanks, ever so much, Mac.

Common Sense for the Common Good


Anonymous said...

My question is for candidates Gene Leffel and Robert Romine. I have lived near Mr. Leffel for several years and have found him to be a pleasant man. I am very concerned however with the condition of both candidates properties.

My first concern and question is to Mr. Leffel. Mr Leffel, Until very recently your property near Rocky Mountain Recycling has been unkept and probably has several Commerce City Muni Code violations? What are your plans with this property in regards to getting it cleaned up? I would also like to know if you think it is important to obey the law even if you disagree with it? The citizens of Commerce City must help preserve the integrity of Commerce City and I believe that our future council persons should as well. The same question applies to Mr. Romine.

This is not a personal attack, my mind is not made up on this election but we the people should elect the best candidate based on integrity and the ability to comply with current Commerce City laws as well as making our wonderful City the best it can be.

Please take the time to openly address why your properties are so filthy. It is important for all of us to understand. Lets elect officials with good intentions, not with agendas.

Thank you both for your time.

Core Comments said...

I would like to know where the cand. stand on holding meeting outside the city, like this council repeatedly does!

Why cant they meet at the werth event center?

Core Comments

Tim Dalton said...

I can appreciate the city putting out the videos. But I hope that if the candidates want to know what they are really in for, they would watch the executive session on the internet. Now, that is a slap of reality that you all have put your hat in.

Tim Dalton

David Pocs said...

RE: Retreats Outside of the City
From on online dictionary
1 a (1): an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable (2): the process of receding from a position or state attained (the retreat of a glacier) (1): the usually forced withdrawal of troops from an enemy or from an advanced position (2): a signal for retreating c (1): a signal given by bugle at the beginning of a military flag-lowering ceremony (2): a military flag-lowering ceremony
2: a place of privacy or safety : refuge
3: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director"

David Pocs said...

RE: Retreats

With the definition I posted in mind, there something to be said about leaving an area that is familiar (or hostile) to an area that is safe and quiet for group study.

I serve on my church council and we have an annual retreat. It does put us in a frame of mind that we are there to work without distraction. We know nobody will interrupt our thoughts and discussions. We don't have any fear of anyone intruding and we are able to speak freely.

Can that be done by meeting somewhere in Commerce City like Werth Manor or Bison Grille. I don't think so.

David Pocs

Anonymous said...

Core Comments, you use this candidtes site, for your agenda rather than questions.
See regular city posts for a response to you.

Anonymous said...

Following the lead of the person asking Mr. Leffel and Mr. Romine about code violations and following
laws, even those you might disagree with.
Integrity and compliance.
One of the candidates for at large who lives in the north also needs to answer.
Mr Douglas is in violation of the HOA rules for his yard (not being done) third summer he has lived there.
Also his limo, being parked across the sidewalk (city violation).
Is it okay for some to break the rules that the others of us most follow?
As the previous writer said, not a personal attack but a valid question.

Anonymous said...

What does an HOA rule have to do with following the laws of the city? We are concerned with candidates not following the law and contributing to our image problem. I don't personally know Mr Douglas and not defending him but he sits on the HOA board so I can't imagine that he's in violation. Image is everything now that we are trying to move away from the negative monikers of the past.

Anonymous said...

He sits on the reunion metro district board, not the HOA board, big difference.
Breaking rules that have to do with image of your neigborhood, or city rules, does deserve an a valid response.

Yuri said...


Thoughts on putting Jim Benson back onto his old positions of DRCOG and E-470?


Anonymous said...

Reunion Metro District board enforces the rules of reunion and the requirement for putting in your yard in the allotted time. I take it you’ve climbed his fence and seen his RMD file?..lol Are you saying that his home looks trashy and violates the laws of Commerce City? Do you acknowledge we have an image problem with unappealing homes? Do you agree principally, persons endeavoring to represent our city to have pride in themselves? All I’m saying is let’s fix our image problem and not add to it. I know none of the 3 candidates and found no correlation in your post in reference to equity.

Anonymous said...

I see the other person view.
If he is violating HOA rules (which we all sign acknowledgment of at closing) for yard finishing & city rules for parking over the sidewalk, then he needs to answer.
Does he feel he doesn't need to follow rules he doesn't agree with?
I think that is the origin of the first question?

Mindy said...

Boy if you dont beleive that your life will be changed after taking office you all need to see the scott (mayor prtem) video.

You all sure you still want to do this?

Mindy, Reunion

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9SZrRv1ZPY

Gateway News twitter said...

Commerce City Native Dominick Moreno a Georgetown Univ. Grad in American Govt. announces his bid for Ward One council seat of Commerce City

gatewaynews twitter


A Message from CO Gov. Candidate Josh Penry

Dear Friends and Fellow Coloradans,

Bill Ritter and the Democrats have moved Colorado in the wrong direction. Republicans must have a message to win in 2010 - a case for our values, our vision, our version of how government should work and where it has no business. A "business as usual" campaign will get Republicans more of the same.

My candidacy is about something different- leading the GOP to a New Day, and moving Colorado forward. Our campaign has a compelling message - a strong message of conservative government reform, and we are sharing it with voters all across this state.

To learn more visit:

Amy, Commerce City said...

Just an FYI for the Commerce City Candidates

Political Signs – Section 21-8240 of the Commerce City Land Development Code provides for any number of political signs, whether freestanding or wall to be placed on private property. They may not create a hazard for automobiles or pedestrian traffic and may not be a public nuisance. Campaign signs may be erected no more than 90 days
(August 5, 2009) before the election and must be removed no later than 14 days after
the election (November 17, 2009).

Yuri said...


Is it you strategy to win with just big signs?


Marcus said...

REMEMBER candidates, your actions in you private lives reflect on you as candidates. We are all watching.

You are in the position of taking a job to represent us as a whole city. Something that should not be taken lightly.


Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea!!!! Let's issue a challenge to all the candidates, to limit campaign signs to, window signs. They can be taped to the inside of windows and storm doors.

We won't have all the campaign polution, to be picked up by the community at large, after the election. It might even cause some
candidates to respond to the voters on the blog sheets, or heaven forbid, they might even get out and meet some of the voters at home or in public places.

How about it candidates, what do you say????

Marcus said...

I would say that is a great idea. But I think a lot of the candidates have already dropped some serious coin on signs already. So I would say that this challenge be brought to the candidates at the next election.

I do agree, that the candidates get out and about and meet the public they are planning to represent.

Hope to see you all at the outreach,

Marcus, Northern Range Commerce City

AKA said...

You want Robert to put his signs in a window? You tell me, what window is big enough to display such a huge ass sign, CITY HALL?


Ryland said...

Love the sign in the window comment, I happen to agree. I hate politcal signage POLLUTION!

What I hate more is the idea that "some" candidates think that signs are the only things that are going to get them elected into council.

Maybe in the good ole days that worked, but it is a different world now.

More importantly, it is a different city.

Ryland, Commerce City

Daniel M. said...

Unless a candidate can tell me how they are going to bring a grocery store to the north onto a sign, I do not want to see them!!!!!!!!!


Daniel, Commerce City

ps, also like the picture video of casso health care event.

Wes said...




Make my point clear!

Wes, and yes I am a VOTER (at large for this time around)

Sarah Jessup said...

Great IDEA!

I agree, no signs.

Candidates, do you really want people taking their eyes off the road looking at you sign!


kyle said...

you may all be against pol. signs, but stats show that they really do work in some capacity.

All that matters in politics at any level is the BIG WIN!

Kyle, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Signs are a necessary to win any election!

Core Comments said...



You all need to GROW UP!

Core Comments

Anonymous said...

no psp, you guys have no hearts!

chris said...

you know what I LOVE, the candidates that have the campaign stickers on their cash for clunker cars.

Nothing SCREAMS vote for me more then a gas guzzler for the 70s and 80s

classic c-town

chris, commerce city

Anonymous said...

CHRIS! that is FUNNY!!!!!

no PSP no PSP no PSP!

Anonymous said...

Please name recognition should be only a trigger to find out about the REAL person.
I would pray that people show more intelligence and go deeper that the pretty platitudes:
"I want world peace" or in our case "I will get you a grocery store and free health care".
Vote, but vote with knowledge!

Irene said...

good discussion. voters finally have a way to express their opinions. I have heard for years that everyone is tired of looking at the political signage junking up the city, now we can finally voice our opinions about it.

it really is a different world.

Irene, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

WOW, looks like the Dominick Crew has found the Internet

Tim Dalton said...

Rene announces, let the games begin!

Gina, Commerce City said...

Rene in the Race? Really?

Gateway News said...

Reported to the Gateway News: Former Mayor protem Rene Bullock gets petition to run for Commerce City at-large position in the 2009 election

Gateway News Twitter

Marcus said...

OHHHHHH! RENE! Now we got our city a real race!

Rene, Robert, Brian, Steve, Jason, all at large!

Irene said...

Okay lets count how many times people bring up nascar!


Yuri said...

So I guess there is no Rene Driven Recall effort for the mayor?

Or will there be recall effort and a race for at-large?


Josh said...

Rene for at large?

at least it will make city council meeting exciting again.


Trina said...

Rene Bullock will not be good for this city. He tried to recall the mayor not too long ago.

Trina, I support Jason for at-large

Wes said...

Think of it,

Romine, Leffel, Bullock, all with Benson.

If this happens, Dusty, you need to create a reality show.


Anonymous said...

Marcus, I think Colby is also in the running for at-large.
I don't know him, but let's give him his fair due.

Anonymous said...

Great the good ole boys attitude is well and alive!!
Well, guess we'll see if the majority wants to go back 20 yrs in it's image.
Guess we'll see if the tax payers want to pay for Rene's "extras" again!

Anonymous said...

Trina, I'm with you, but we have two at large positions to fill and I don't see anyone I like except Jason, some I REALLY don't like!

AKA said...

rene is running, what about sean ford?


Connie said...

Rene, what are you thoughts of the whole NASCAR situation that happened in Reunion 2 years ago?

Connie, Voter in Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to throw in Mr. Serna in the mix. Between him, Mr Leffel, Mr. Romine, Mr. Bullock- they are one vote away from allowing NASCAR back into the city! With Mr Benson's vote, they will control the majority of council votes and actions!- Do we really want this?

Anonymous said...

Any truth that bullock lost his home and business and now just trying to get some extra pay? If true, I couldn't trust him with our cities finances or him voting as a member of council on any city business matters. He would do more harm than good in our city.

Concerned voter

Anonymous said...

i would like to know where the candidates stand on the two options proposed by the Fast Tracks meeting.

72 avenue versus the 68 avenue stations.

Salty Dog said...

This city NEEDS Robert Romine and Rene Bullock as the 2 at large council members to balance out the Northern TAKE OVER!

Vote Robert Romine and Rene Bullock

King of Olive Street said...

just an FYI for all of you.

Just because someone picks up a packet does not mean they are going to run for council.

King of Olive Street

Joanne said...

NO ONE can hold a candidate accountable for what happened with nascar and reunion 2 years ago.

It is a whole different ball game.

Joanne, Reunion Commerce City

Anonymous said...

All I can say is if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....then it is a duck.
Salty Dog, most of the council that "lives" in the north grew up in the core and have core hearts (not a bad thing).
Mr Bullock took as much monies as he could when on council before, he felt "entitled" why would things be different.
As far as NASCAR, he still supports it and believes it should have been.

Unitas said...

your nothing but a paul suppporter! Rene never did anything that bad for this city, he is a good guy that will represent the core city as a at large council member.


monica said...

Robert & Rene for comm. city council

Monica, core city

Anonymous said...

Note to all. NASCAR will never come to Commerce City because, they said it would cost $400 million to build the track and they wanted the taxpayers to pony up $250 million in tax dollars to pay for it with no assuarance a race would ever even be held. Our city does not have that much money, we don't even have that much bonding capacity. Also an ordinance was passed agains a track being within nine miles of residential. Sorry NO NASCAR ever.

From email I got from Robert Romine Campaign said...

Event: Help baby Scotty in his brave fight against cancer

"Help baby Scotty in his brave fight against cancer"

What: Fundraiser
Host: Robert Romine for Commerce City - City Council At Large
Start Time: Today, August 15 at 12:25pm
End Time: Today, August 15 at 3:25pm
Where: see description for locations

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Robert Romine for taking credit to the Baby Scotty fundraiser in Reunion. You don't even live in Reunion and you had nothing to do with this fundraiser, let alone being the host. The Moms of Reunion put this fundraiser together. Shame, shame, shame.

Tim Dalton said...

are you really the host Robert?

Tim Dalton

Silvia said...

VOTE ROBERT AND RENE, our voices from the core city!

at large race is important this November for core city!

Silvia, Proud Long Time Commerce City Resident

Anonymous said...

Guess some on this blog confuse me.
I thought an at large candidate should represent the city, not the core or north.
Why are some putting out such a strong push for certain candidates for the "core".
That alone would make me NOT vote for them, only representing one section of the city.

Anonymous said...

Arent at-large council members supposed to represent the entire city? If so, why is every one saying that the core city needs more representation? Isnt that what Wards 1 and 4 are for specifically? I think Jason and Orval have done a good job of representing all areas of the city.

Brian Knox said...

I think there will always be a rivalry between the North and South. It will only get worse when 27J builds High School #4 in North Range.

It is just what it is. Maybe instead of everyone trying to fight it, we just accept it.

Just my thoughts, what do you think oh thou candidates?

Brian Knox, North Range the Newlands,

Ryland said...

Commerce City N & S is like the CU/CSU rivalry. Snooty Boulder (north)against (blue collar) State.


Morgan said...

OF Course you can hold a candidate to their actions in the PAST! YOU guys do it to Paul all of the time!


The Real Core Comments said...

At-Large council members are suppose to represent the city as a whole. But they are all going to be from the "we think were better then you NORTH"

vote Robert Romine and Rene Bullock for the at large positions.

The Real Core Comments

Anonymous said...

I am from the North, and I know I'm not better than you.
Still I do deserve, fair, honest representation, therefore Bullock is not my man.
I don't know Romine, but will try to before I vote.

Anonymous said...

hey core comments. real core and whatever core. it is time to realize that our city is getting bigger and smarter. It has nothing to do with where you live, it has to do with where your brains and ethics are. I want someone on council I can TRUST!
I want the best person to represent me, no matter where they live. Why would I vote for someone just because they are from the north or south?

Collette said...

I do not agree with Core Comments. I don't think I am better then anyone else. But I can understand the situation of citizens in the core area wanting to have more at-large representation.

Collete, Commerce City

Monica said...

I would ask the candidates because of the current outlook of all the council member potentially coming from the Northern Range, how do they feel about changing to a 2 reps per ward format?

Monica, Core Commerce City Resident

Lionel, River Run said...

I am the complete opposite I would think that we make all 9 positions at large. So we get the best quality no matter where they are from.

Lionel, River Run

Anonymous said...

this issue has already been talked about.

Monica said...

yes it has, but we never got an answer from all the candidates. I still think it is a very important issue.


David Pocs said...

RE: At Large Seats or 2 per Ward

Like many things, the answer is probably in the middle somewhere. It is not realistic to have ALL 9 seats at large. Just think of an extreme ridiculous example of a coalition of people promising new roads, a rec center, and a new lawnmower, and a chicken in every pot for every citizen in one neighborhood. They can get all the votes from that neighborhood and others get split, etc. etc. I know it's ridiculous, but this is an extreme example.

What might work better than two seats per ward is creating 6 wards with one per and 2 at-large seats. The problem there again, is those at-large seats may become too 'powerful' as there likely would be only one of those every two years.

The issue has been looked at. I wouldn't mind taking another look and seeing how some of our neighbors are comprised, and what works or doesn't work. Nothing too elaborate (we don't need a consultant to work on it).

David Pocs

Hyde said...

Mr Pocs, I can appreciative your answer.

I like the 6 wards idea, also like the comment on the end, NO CONSULTANTS!

Hyde, Northern Range

Irene said...

I agree David, not an easy answer, but having 9 at large is definitely not the answer.
Irene, Core City

Anonymous said...

Nine at-large would only mean, we would have to have more meetings at second creek, because all the council members would be living up there.

Anonymous said...

Why do you all think if we had 9 at-large they would all be from the North?

Just Curious in Core Part of Commerce City

Tim Dalton said...

I don't think we assume they would all be from the North, it is just how this particular election is taking place.

Tim Dalton

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