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Cheo Larcombe said...

I would like to endorse Guillermo Serna and Dominick Moreno for Commerce Council positions.

We have to have a Hispanic voice in our city. Both of these fine men will make perfect Council Members.

Cheo Larcombe, Citizen and Voter in Commerce City, CO

Anonymous said...

I would like to support Richard Morales for Director of 27J School Board. Richard is an amazing professional who truly cares about his community and all the children who live here. He is pure of heart and will be the best choice.

Jordan said...

I live in Ward 2. I only get to vote for At-Large.

I want to endorse incumbent Jason McEldowney and Colby Trull. Both of these guys are SWELL! They are professional, organized and make sound decisions. All what I am looking for in a local elected official.

I wish all citizen voters could vote for all of the ward positions. It only makes sense because all of the council members make decisions that will impact the entire city.

Jordan, Ward 2 Commerce City

Hyde said...

Incumbent McEldowney will make a good elected official. Has the "look", comes off professional, has a good heart.

All in all the complete package

Hyde, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Ward 2 Citizen:

Trull and Jason for at large. Need to point this city into professional MODE.

Ivy Street Speaks said...

City needs Young Fresh ideas. Tired of all the "candidates" that have tons of luggage!

Colby Trull for at large, Dominick Moreno for Ward 1.

Ivy Street Speaks

Wes said...

I would also like to give my public support to Jason. I strongly believe he is in it for all the right reasons. Has the city in his heart and has a young daughter's future to think about.

Would never do anything to hurt the city.

Wes, Commerce City

Aaron, Reunion said...

For one of the AT-LARGE seats, I want to support Colby Trull. Not simply because he is from the north, or he is professional.

What sold me was the LemonAID idea. A idea that is positive for the entire community. A real way to bring this city together as a ONE. 27J kids and d14 kids working together for the common good.

Ques_Blogg said...

Just a quick bit of information on bringing dialog between Brighton 27J and Adams 14. Peter Montoya brought this idea to me almost 2 years ago and as a part of the Immigration Intregration Board I placed this idea as an item to be funded in the interest of One Community. I mentioned this in brief to Colby at our MNIC BBQ a few days ago. I just want to make sure credit for this concept goes to the individuals it is due and that being the Kids Helping Kids, Inc. A review of the minutes for "One Community will note this".

Larry Quintana
Communications Director, MNIC

Donna said...

Steve is right for the position on the council for numerous reasons. However, it is important to know what skills are necessary to be a productive council member.

I believe it is important that the individual be chosen based on their ability to lead and a genuine heart for its citizens. Additionally, communication skills are imperative to achieving objectives and project goals for the city. It is also important for the person chosen to have a personal interest in their community and an eye to the future to make gains to further strengthen the community and its citizens. Steve has these fine qualities and Commerce City would greatly benefit by electing this fine citizen to serve this community.

I have met Steve personally on a several occasions and I am inspired by his sincere concern for the community and the people who live here. Steve has a heart for the people and the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to continue advance the community in a positive direction.

Elect Steve Douglas


ccSpeaks said...

I think we are jumping the gun a little, just a little, we really dont know who is even running yet.


Tim Dalton said...

YEAH gateway! who are you letting us endorse candidates so damn early!!!!

Sounds like a conspiracy!!!

Tim Dalton

Monica said...

I am supporting Robert Romine and Rene Bullock for the at-large positions.

We already have 2 from the north and we need to have 2 from the south.

I am also supporting Serna and Moreno for the ward 1 and 3 positions.

This combination will make a fair and balanced city.

Monica, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

After reading some of these I have to repost:

There is not much growth in south Commerce City of citizens that are eligible to vote in this country. The north is growing and expanding and as it grows will get more representation. With the anticipated increased population growth the existing northern wards will split again creating more “north” representatives. What then? Too many people here are saying “vote for my friend candidate U! vote for candidate X, he lives in our ward! Vote for candidate Y, he lived in the city longer and one of us! Vote for candidate Z, he’s black, white or Hispanic. Some want to vote for someone that was there in the past. I have to ask: What did he do for the south when there? Did property values increase? Has your neighborhood become more desirable? What have you gained?
We need to make sure the candidates are not self serving and can benefit the community.

This election is very important for the development of our city as a “city of one” We need to vote in candidates that are qualified by education, character, integrity and ability to work with the current members of the council because things need to get done, deals need to be made. If your council person don't get the others to vote on his/her projects guess who loses.
The economy is starting to pickup and we need to get as much business as we can. Council persons are the face to face with the fortune X companies looking for a home. I say again we need candidates that are qualified by education, character, integrity to ensure them that we as a city can handle their needs.

Let’s all get rid of the drama and the drama queens and make Commerce City one of the most desired cities in Colorado. Together it can be done; one city just different neighborhoods.

My presumptuous opinion

Anonymous said...

Candidates had to have their petitions turned in today at 5 pm, Monday, August 24. So if all signatures are valid, I think we know who is running. Watch this website and the Gateway News for final names.

Gateway News said...

The following is a list of Commerce City 2009 Candidates who have submitted sufficient petitions and whose names will be on the ballot in November.

Commerce City Ward 1 Candidates Include: Gene Leffel, Mac McFarlin, Dominick Moreno.

Commerce City Ward 3 Candidates Include: Kerstin Berlinski, Jadie Carson, David Pocs, Joseph Sandoval, Guillermo Serna.

Commerce City At-Large Candidates Include: Jason McEldowney, Rene Bullock, Steve Douglas, Andrew Hahn, Robert Romine, Colby Trull.

Good Luck to all the Candidates.

Anonymous said...

The election is important for the city and as a voter I would like to know the financial stability of the candidates. How a candidate manages their finances relates to character and will carry over into decisions made for the benefit of the city. We definitely don’t want someone who has financial difficulties and just in need of the money. Those are the people we read about after they are busted for taking bribes to push a cause and or they stole a bunch of money from the city. Can you publish this info Gateway news? I would think since they are running for public office the info can be published??
C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea.
I have heard some talk about the dollars being great, others I know have lost homes and some don't have steady income.
All of these things could influence how they "vote", what they support and if they get involved in "under table deals".

Jackie said...

I would like to endorse Rene Bullock. It would give good balance to the current council.

Jackie, Commerce City

Andrew Hahn said...

I’m not sure if this is directed at me or someone else who may be running for city council but in the recent past I have had an issue with my financial situation and I will offer my explanation now, to allow all the voters to make their decision if they feel that this has tainted my character and would alter my decisions for personal gain. On July, 18th 2007 by no fault of mine I was in an automobile accident. Because of this accident I received medical treatment for over 8 months. Thru my treatment I was unable to dedicate much time to my job. After 9 months I did get behind on my house payment and nearly lost my home. For nearly 2 years I was in the fight of my life I was not going to lose everything I worked for. I am not a quitter, I worked harder and my family sacrificed and we came back. This chapter in my life has made me a better person; it has made my resolve stronger. It has taught me to not be judgmental of people but to lend a helping hand and not to put a person down but to help him up. I have been humbled and have a greater sense of compassion for people faced with adversity. That’s why I say I am a candidate that can help turn adversity into opportunity. I feel it is how a person works through adversity that makes up his or her character and in turn helps a person make decisions in a more thoughtful and thorough way. I would not assume that a person who has had financial difficulties is a bad person. Bad and unfortunate things happen to good people. I hear the stories of the people that have survived tough financial times and have come back and have the resolve to help others. I prefer to look at the positive in people and not try to drag people down with the negativisms that surround a few people. I know most of the candidates they are all good people wanting to throw their hat into the ring to help make Commerce City a better place for all. It’s not about the money, it’s because we care. Good luck to my fellow candidates. Please before you judge me, meet me; ask me your questions and learn who I am and then make a judgment where my heart is.
Andrew Hahn 303-331-8040 or my email ha101@comcast.net
Dusty please publish this right under the post that address’s this matter

Anonymous said...

All, my financial information blog is NOT directed any anyone in particular. I don’t personally know any of the candidates. The request is to help formulate an intelligent decision about who can best represent our city. To Andrew: Your post is what I'm looking for and it shows real character, thank you. Hell, I had huge student loan payments years ago with no job to make them and I’m sure most of had some issue in life. It’s called living.
There are people out there (hopefully not running) that avoid their responsibilities. I want to make sure that type of person (if running) doesn't get my vote.
I don’t want is some financially irresponsible persons or persons sitting on our council making decisions on taxes, business deals…etc that will affect our growth.

C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hahn,
Many of us have, or will live through situations like yours.
Personally that does not concern me at all.
What does, are the candidates who have said to me " $700 per month! man that would be great, I can live on that." That sounds like a reason to be on council. Not to serve, but have a guarenteed income.
The other concern is those who have an attitude of entitlement and what they personally can "get" from the city.
Candidates that have lived life, it's ups and downs are nothing I fear, but give better understanding to our citizenry.
Good luck

Keaton said...

why does the name Joseph Sandoval sound familiar?


Sylvia, Core City said...

I want to give my support the the REAL candidates, the ones who actually have there Hearts In It,

Gene Leffel for ward 1
Robert Romine for at-large
Rene Bullock for at-large
Guillermo Serna for Ward 3

Sylvia, Core City

Anonymous said...

Joe Sandoval used to work for the Commerce City PD.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia, we will have to agree to disagree.
At least 2 if not more of your candidates have their "hands out" not the "heart in"
Neither Mr Romine or Bullock have ANY interest is representing the ENTIRE city, which an at large council member is suppose to do.
They have both made it clear they dislike if not hate the northern range.
The others also have MAJOR agenda's that are not positive for the whole of this city.
Please fellow citizens, know the candidates, bring this city to a whole, vote people that want the best for ALL!

Bethany said...

I am endorsing Jason McEldowney and Colby Trull for the at large positions.

Nothing against the other candidates. I just want the city to go in the right direction

Bethany, Reunion

Supporter of Gene Leffel said...

I like the FACT that Mr. Gene Leffel has attended ALL of the council meetings for years and years. He does show his heart is in it and will be a great council member.

Supporter of Gene Leffel

voter in ward one said...

Gene Leffel cares a lot about the Commerce City and has lived in the City for years and years and years. He will make a great council member to represent the city both north and south.

voter in ward one.

Stacey and Tom said...

I am supporting Kerstin for Ward 3. Not because she is a women, Not because of the color of her skin, Not because she lives in the North.

I am supporting her because after talking to her, she is level headed, a good listener and will do the right thing for the city.

VOTE Kerstin for Ward 3!

Stacey and Tom, Commerce City Ward 3 voters

Lori and Hillary, Northern Range said...

I live in ward 2 (Jim Benson)

I would like to see the council be Jason, Colby, Kerstin & Dominick.

and I will try my hardest to make it this way.

Lori and Hillary, Northern Range.

You always hear that this election is the most important one, well, folks, this one really is.

The Timms Family said...

Vote of Steve Douglas, A good Man with the city's best interest in mind.

Not in it for the Money! or Not in it for the Fame!

A vote for Steve Douglas is a Good Sound Vote.

The Timms Family, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

A word of caution to the many voters of Commerce City. Included in the list of canidates are 2 maybe 3 who have nothing positive or good to say about any city officials, elected or members of city staff. They are more interested in distroying the present Mayor then the good of the city. Make them prove me wrong by asking about their real motives and the motives of their buddy, Jim Benson. I have the skinny on Gene and Robert.

supporter in Commerce City said...

I endorse Mister R. Romine for city council.

He has a good heart and saved this city from major embarassment.

He has my full support.

supporter in Commerce City, hitorical part.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion: romine is part of our image problem and incapable of representing the city as a whole. I think he’s very inarticulate and would be incapable of attracting high tech, heath care, and financial type businesses to our city. I would be embarrassed to have him represent the city in any manner.

Supporter,Commerce City (Entire city)

Nancy said...

Robert Romine is the man for one of the position for at-large.

He is the only one in the whole city who stepped up and saw that the city football video had major concerns.

You got my Vote Robert Romine.

Nancy Hogan, Commerce City, Colorado

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Robert Romine, a good man with the city's interests at heart.

Vote Robert Romine.

Anonymous said...

I support Dominick Moreno for Ward 1. Dominick is young, has fresh ideas and the education for this position. He is a native of Commerce City and will lead the city in the right direction.

Jerrad said...

I am voting for At Large candidate Robert Romine. I remember the hat and glove tree that he started and I am happy with him.

You got my vote Robert!

Jerrad, Commerce City, CO

Gary said...

Robert and Rene for atlarge.

Gary H.

Treavor said...

We need to stay on a good path.

I will be endorsing, Kerstin, Jason and Colby.

Treavor, Buffalo Mesa

Anonymous said...

Talk about a major embarassment for our city??
The video was nothing but drive by Mr Romine's house!!
That is an embarassment and exactly what some perceive all of our city to be.

Chuck Wolfersberger said...

I am glad to see David running for City Council. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to get to know David and his family. David is a man with integrity who has already volunteered a substantial amount of time serving in our city and local community. Consequently, I believe David would be a great asset to our City as a Councilman.

First of all, as I have stated already, I know David to be a man of integrity—an important quality for everyone serving in a public capacity.

Second, David’s past service in our community has provided him with the experience needed to hit the ground running on our City Council. How productive our City Council will be in 2010 and beyond will depend on how well council members are prepared to manage and address the issues facing Commerce City.

Third, David’s background and experience in finance will be an asset to the City Council as they address the numerous financial issues this City continues to face. Nearly every decision the City Council makes has a financial impact. As a CPA myself, I am amazed at how many people who serve in a public office spend so little time evaluating and understanding the financial impact their decisions and proposals will have on the people they were elected to represent.

Finally, I know David to be a fair and reasonable person. I believe this comes from his already significant public service experience. He is aware numerous opinions exist on every issue this City faces, and I know he is willing to listen and evaluate those views that are different from his own.

David has my vote, and I am confident that if you take the time to meet him you will agree Commerce City will greatly benefit from his experience, knowledge and service on our city council.

C. Trujillo said...

I am writing to endorse Andy Hahn for the Commerce City Council At-Large seat. Andy has worked diligently with the 27J School District and in our community as a member of the Rotary Club of Commerce City. I am confident that Andy will demonstrate this same dedication as our council member. Andy has always worked hard for what is best for all of us and will continue to do so.

kcat_1 said...

We are so fortunate to have some really great people running for the at large position. We need to learn from our past mistakes as well as look to our vision for the future. We need someone who will represent the entire city equally and fairly with the city's best interests at heart. I will be voting for Andy Hahn.

Anonymous said...

I am VOTING for the candidate with the BIGGEST SIGNS, hmmmmmm. I wonder who that is?

David said...

With the way things are today. I still think it is too early for anyone to be campaigning. We can now get any information we want with a touch of a button.

The real campaigning will start in October.

Watch and see.

David, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

The election is a mail ballot election. Adams County will start mailing ballots out around
Oct. 9th. Most ballots will be filled out and returned by
Oct.23rd. That's why what goes on now, in public and on the blogs is so important for people to see and hear.

justdiz@msn.com said...

I am voting for Andy Hahn for the Commerce City Council At Large Seat. I have met and spoken to Andy many times and was impressed with his concern, enthusiasm, and ideas for moving Commerce City forward. He is well informed and eager to work hard for a better future for the entire city, promoting community, children, schools, and the city's economical future.

justdiz@msn.com said...

I am voting for Andy Hahn for the Commerce City Council At Large Seat. I have met and spoken with Andy many times and was impressed with his dedication, enthusiasm, and ideas for moving Commerce City forward. He is eager to work hard for the entire community, children, schools, and economical future of Commerce City.

SirenCC@gmail.com said...

I am too voting for ANDY the CAN DO MAN!

Not a lot of baggage as some of the others.


Anonymous said...

My whole life I have been told by teachers, guidance counselors and administrators that I could go to college, but what no one ever tells you the amount of work a student has to put in just to be accepted. David Pocs never gave up, never looked at the odds I faced and never looked at my circumstances as things that would hold me back. He just rolled up his sleeves and made it possible for me to be here today. Thanks David! Best of campaigning for Commerce City Council ward three would be lucky to be represented by you!

Anne said...

Romine, Leffel, Serna, Bullock.

the four corners of our city that will bring us to the next level of greatness in our great city!

Anne said...

Romine, Leffel, Serna, Bullock.

the four corners of our city that will bring us to the next level of greatness in our great city!

Anonymous said...

Anne, how much were you paid or promised??

Voter said...

The right path is Jason, Andy, David, and Dominick!

And you know thats TRUE!

Zack said...

Change David to Kerstin and I think you got a good combination

Zack, Belle Creek

Jean, Commerce City said...

Vote Robert Romine!

Robert is the recipient of the 2008-2009 Recycler of the Year. He also was the catalyst behind Derby and Commerce City winning the 2009 Neighborhood of the Year - Physical Revitalization Award. Robert dedicates his time by volunteering for several different boards including The CARZ Club, Commerce City Citizens for Recycling, RTD Station Planning Committee Board Member, Derby Neighborhood Outreach, Commerce City Board of Adjustments, just to name a few.

A Good Man for Commerce City Council

Anonymous said...

Jean, I am sorry but I do not agree.
Volunteering is great, but doesn't make you capable to lead, know budgets, follow laws (that is a big one!) & legislate new laws.
Being on council is not just filling free time and "doing good".
Mr Romine's property's are shameful. How will he make others in our city follow the laws we have when he doesn't.
OR does he plan to do away with them?
As a city we have tried to improve our image, he has not!

Liz said...

Vote Robert Romine!

For Commerce City at Large Position

Robert Romine has been "green" long before most folks even heard of "green."

This is just the forward type thinking we need on Commerce City Council.

Liz, CO

Jarred said...

I have known Andy Hahn for 6 years. He is willing to listen to the problems at hand and offer solutions. He is honest and hard working. His property is not is disarray and he does not want to be on city council for the glory or the pay.

He wants to be on city council because he cares about the community.

I urge you all to vote for Andy Hahn for COMMERCE CITY COUNCIL

Yuri said...

just because you have been to all the classes, does not mean you are the best student in the class!


Irene said...

This race is so weird. No signs out, except Robert Romine, can't miss those ones.
Multiple candidates have websites.
First time we had a place to go to get up to the minute news.
Has a much different feel. I don't know if I like it.
I might like the old way better.

Anonymous said...

Jason and Colby for Commerce City At Large Positions.

Positive People in a Positive Direction

Anonymous said...

i Support Gene Leffel.

He is good and good heart.

vote gene today!

Barbara said...

I am endorsing Gene Leffel and Robert Romine.

Great guys!

Anonymous said...

People, People, People!
This is not high school!
We are not voting for our friends.
We need people competant to make BIG decisions.
Help write new ordinances ( they,need to follow the ones we have).
Understand huge budgets...
This is not a nice, great, friendly guy election!! We need more than that!!

Skyler said...

I am supporting Willie the Weed for Ward 1.

Anonymous said...

We all need to look at the recent numbers released. 60% Hispanic.

I am supporting Guillermo and Dominick!

Core City Voter

Anonymous said...

I heard the numbers were a "guesstamate" on what they thought had taken place since the last census.
I also heard that the numbers will updated.
In anycase.....why vote by race???
I don't get this type of thinking!!
That's what racism is about!!

Jean said...

I agree!, I happen to be voting for the best quality candidate. I really want to see this video that is coming out.

I have an idea of who I want to vote for, but will wait.


Dave said...

250 straight council meetings!
I am voting for Gene and Robert!

Samson, Reunion said...

just because you attend all the classes, doesn't make you the best candidate.

I am supporting, Jason, Colby, Dominick and Guillermo.

Anonymous said...

Neither Gene nor Robert appear to have themselves in order, why would I ask them to help direct our city.....just because they have no lives and can attend council meetings all the time???

Anonymous said...

OVER 250 MEETNGS, You got my vote!

VOTE GENE LEFFEL for WARD 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Leffel, Romine, Guillermo, and Rene.
The true commerce city 4some that will bring this city to the next level.
voter and citizen of commerce city

Unitas said...

Gateway News,
Are you endorsing any of the candidates?

I would really like to hear your take on things in the city.


Dustie McIntyre said...

Yes...we are endorsing all of the candidates. It take a lot to throw yourself out there for all to judge and for that I commend them.

Personally, I really do love the process. I find it fascinating how candidates behave and act during a campaign and how citizens respond during election time.

Dustie, Gateway News

Best of Luck to all the candidates, may the best person win.

A VOTER said...

VOTE Rene and Steve, only candidates that were honest for answer about rating current council.

I will take a honest person over someone who says one thing and tells another because they are in a forum.

Bring Back Honesty to Commerce City

Annie said...

I am voting for Jason, Colby, David.

I am supporting Dominick.

If my choices don't win, I know that the city is not ready to move forward. BOTTOM LINE.

Annie, River Run Resident

Gateway News Twitter said...

CCBPA reports they will be hosting Candidates' Forum for Commerce City Council candidates. Wednesday - 6/30 Werth Manor Event Center 6:00 pm

Anonymous said...

Annie, I'm with you.
The 4some spoken about will bring us to a different level, but nothing to be proud of!!

Juris said...

After watching the video, I personally feel that Colby and Andy are the two at-large candidates that really shine.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

What does this mean?
"Annie, I'm with you.
The 4some spoken about will bring us to a different level, but nothing to be proud of!!"

Anonymous said...

To make sense of some of the responses, you may need to go back a few blogs... then put it all together.
Like always you can't take ONE statement and go from there!

Anonymous said...

Off-duty officer injured in accident
written by Colleen Locke 10 months ago Toolbox: Read Comments Print ArticleEmail ArticleSmallerLarger
COMMERCE CITY - The Colorado State Patrol is investigating a single-car accident involving an off-duty Commerce City police sergeant. Troopers are investigating alcohol as a possible factor.

The Colorado State Patrol says the accident happened about 1 a.m. Sunday around the 7500 block of Quebec Street in Commerce City.

Commerce City Police confirmed to 9NEWS Sunday night that Sgt. Joe Sandoval, a spokesperson for the department, was the one involved. They say he was taken to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment of what's described as serious injuries. Sgt. Sandoval was in his personal vehicle.

(Copyright KUSA*TV, All Rights Reserved)

In your voice
Read reactions to this story

Joseph A. Samson via email said...

Endorsement of mayoral candidate Dick McLean

During the course of one’s life you have to examine your calling. You ask yourself about the people who you should befriend because of common beliefs and goals or if they are just in general a person of great character. I found this in Mr. Dick McLean, who is running for mayor of Brighton.

My formal introduction to Mr. McLean came fifteen years ago at a 9 News health fair. Even though I had heard of Mr. McLean in many different avenues before, this particular introduction from my mother was one that I recall with great remembrance. Mr. McLean was one who just did not say “nice to meet you” and walk away. He took vast interest to know me. We spoke for a long period of time. When I walked away from him, I felt that this man took the time to know me. Even though at the time I was living and working in New York, I made several trips to Colorado to visit with family and friends. I would see Mr. McLean at church and he would go out of his way to say hello to me and ask how things were. Now that I have been back in Brighton for the past eight years, our relationship has grown even stronger, and I have even much more respect for him.

When asked to endorse Mr. McLean for mayor, I felt I had to ask him where he stood on many different points of view. The questions were tough and controversial. What amazes me is how well informed and educated he is on the direction for Brighton. He knows what lies ahead for our community. He understands the trials and tribulations of these difficult economic times. He has many plans on how to handle the next four years. He has the leadership ability to lead this city and work with the members of the city council to move our community forward.

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Mr. Dick McLean for Mayor of Brighton.

Joseph A. Samson
Resident of Brighton

Bob Sakata via email said...

I have witnessed Joan Kniss for the past 30 years dedicated to excellence in education.

She is certainly qualified to serve on the Board of Education by her vast experience as a classroom teacher, plus her genuine love and care for students. This was proven by being recognized as the Teacher of the Year in 2001.

Another valuable criteria in judging Joan’s qualification is the success of all of her children, who are all very successful in their own professions, as great contributors to our community and to our society.

Do all of us and our children a great favor by re-electing Joan Kniss back to our Board of Education.

Thank you,
Bob Sakata

Anonymous said...

So the candidate for Ward 3, is the cop let go from our city for a DUI??

Congressman Ed Perlmutter via letter said...

Letter to Commerce City Voters from Congressman Ed Perlmutter,

October 1, 2009

Dear Voter,

You will soon be voting in Commerce City to elect your City Council members for the next term, and I wanted to express my enthusiastic support for Guillermo Serna in Ward III.

In my experience, no one knows Commerce City better than Guillermo, and no one is more committed to improving lives of his neighbors. I have known, admired, and worked with Guillermo for many years, and I have learned a great deal from his personality. He is one of the first people I turn to with questions about what's happening in Adams County.

I was thrilled to see Guillermo honored recently with the Mary Ciancio Memorial Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his years of volunteerism and community service on behalf of children in Commerce City and Adams County. Luckily for all of us, Guillermo's desire to serve his community continues, and I hope you will elect him to the city council.


Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that our state rep, would get involved at a local level, when this is the last vestige of non-partism politics.
I believe that he has not taken the time to look at all of the people running, but instead has just supported someone in his party.
Shame on him.

Edward Casso via email said...

Dear Editor:

I would like to offer my endorsement for two candidates who are running for the Commerce City Council Municipal 2009 Election.

I fully support and endorse Jason McEldowney for the At-Large Council position. I have literally met hundreds of locally elected officials since I was elected to the statehouse in 2006. Mayors, school board members, council members from across this state and country. I can say with utmost confidence and seriousness that Jason McEldowney is among the brightest, most knowledgeable, and capable elected officials that now serve locally anywhere in this state. Jason has a tremendous feel on how the north range should grow, and how the core city can and should be revitalized. Councilman McEldowney has the right energy and temperament to bring positive and permanent change to all parts of Commerce City. It would not surprise me if Jason is our next Mayor, and if Jason so chooses, an Adams County Commissioner sooner rather than later. I strongly encourage the voters of Commerce City to consider sending Jason McEldowney back to the city council.

I also fully support Gulliermo Serna for the Ward III open seat where I live. Mr. Serna has been a foundation and pillar of the Commerce City community for decades. Mr. Serna cares about the future of our children, and was a key player in getting the Kids First ballot initiative passed. Mr. Serna would be a strongly needed voice on the council for the residents of Ward III, and he has a truly unique perspective having lived in the core city for so many years. Experience like Mr. Serna is rarely seen, and the council would be much better with him on it. I strongly encourage a vote for Mr. Serna.

Respectfully, State Representative Edward Casso

Anonymous said...

Mr. Casso needs to stay out of local politics. Has he met other candidates? Doubtful.