Commerce City Council Third Term??? Ballot Issue 2A

Currently, the Commerce City Charter stipulates that a citizen can run for a council position for only 2 consecutive terms, that would be a total of 8 years straight. The citizen would then have to sit out for one term before being able to run again.

Council women Kathy Teter brought up the idea to increase the term limits from 2 consecutive terms to 3 consecutive terms. Thus, giving citizens a possible total of 12 years on city council positions, if voted in by the people of course.

This issue is not officially part of the 2009 ballot, but with a council consensus in the majority for support, more likely we will see it in November.

So, with all that being said. Should Commerce City Citizens have the option to run for city council for 3 consecutive terms, a total of 12 years? Or should we continue with the current 2 consecutive terms, a total of 8 years?

The power is in the people's hands. Let us know what you think!!!


Unitas said...

It failed before and it will fail again.

8 years is plenty for these guys!


AKA said...

Term limits is and always has been a bad idea. The reason it's a bad idea is because it limits the choices of people the public has to vote for. If you have a really good public servant and you want to keep him, you can't. You have to get rid of the good candidate and replace him with someone who's inexperienced. By having term limits, we are eliminating the people who have wisdom and experience from political life. Like any job, it takes years to be good at what you do. About the time our elected officials have become good public servants, we're required to throw them out.


Ryland said...

I support the current council, but I do want the current 2 term limit to stay in place.

No to the 3rd term limit proposal.


Anonymous said...

No to the career politician!

Anonymous said...

I think we have a natural term limit- it is called an election. I do not support term limits because the experience with how to work as a team for long term vision and views does not continue from administration to administration. People tend to let term limits get elected officials out of office instead running, voting or supporting alternate candidates. The other issue with term limits is the short term vision for the city. We need a long term view, not short term (and often single issue) agendas!

Aaron said...

No on 3rd term! We need a continued fresh look at the direction of the city. No more good ole boys club.

Aaron, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

3 terms? bad idea, I do not want career council members.

Erin NW said...

I agree with the opinion of "Natural Term Limits"

They still have to get elected.

Not a bad idea!

I say Yes on the 3rd term option.

Erin NW

voter said...

While term limits do oust lazy politicians, they also eliminate
good politicians who use their offices to advance the cause of their

voter in Commerce City

Joe said...

I was very surprised when I heard this.

Gateway News, can you post any video footage you have of the city council talking about this!

Joseph E. Commerce City, CO

Gateway News said...

I don't mind putting up video of them discussing term limits.

Video will be about 10 minutes long.

Gateway News

Joseph said...


I see it thank you!


Jodie said...

12 years is a person whole entire public schooling. I say no to the 3rd term option.

Need new ideas, no more spinning our wheels.

Jodie, Commerce City

Jay said...

No on 3rd term. I want people in there who are for the people NOT for themselves.


Reunion voter said...

I would like to see the terms stay the same, 2 terms is plenty.

Reunion Voter

Alice said...

I would like to voice my opinion.

I am against a third term for city council and I am also against any term extensions for the Adams County Commissioners.

Alice, Commerce City, CO

Terrance said...

No for commerce city 3rd term.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the come council were against the last election issue of the Mayor and Council as separate positions, but are all for the third term ballot issue by Kathy.

Doesn't make a lot a sense.

DeeDee said...

no term extensions, period.

Keaton said...

3rd term will give the city council the ability to take the next step into the Mayor position.

Vote on the issue, not because of who or who isn't for it.

Issues over Supporters.

Vote your own mind.

Buckey, North Range Village said...

I am the opposite of most of you. I support a 3rd term. I want all the training and experience that these citizens go thru to be able to be put to good use for the betterment of the city.

I whole heartedly agree with voting for the issue, not who is supporting it.

This is NOT a Kathy Teter issue, but our issue. Our city issue. Let's all take a moment and really study the pros and cons of it and make a good educated vote.

Yes for the 3rd term.

Yuri said...

I urge all of you to really take the time to really understand what is being asked of us all.

PROS: It does allow the good politicians to continue on. (What if Elway stayed for one more year!) Think about it. We the citizens do pay, one way or another to train these individuals to do their job. It is an investment. Why not squeeze four more years out of them. It has been proven time and time again. With good leaders at the helm, the sky truly is the limit.

CONS: 3 years may discourage some from running, because statistically the incumbent usually wins. Only having two terms in may force citizens to get more involved in their local government.

Yuri, (after talking to a certain local news reporter over coffee)

NO 3rd TERM said...

NO 3rd Term. Can you imagine 12 years of someone with a skewed point of view of where the city should be going!

Anonymous said...

I think the voters should decide.

Yes we could potential get "stuck" with a bad council person, but isn't it the responsiblity of US the voters to really know the candidates!!
There are limited "good" candidates available, that have the time they can devote, understanding of big budgets, the ability to work with other business and governmental offices.
It is a shame to lose people that really have earned a position of repect and have the knowledge to run our city well.
Let's vote on it, and vote on the candidates using knowledge. It's not a popularity contest!!

Shirely, Commerce City said...


Shirely, Commerce City

David Pocs said...

RE: Term Limits
I am of the opinion that the proposed increase in term limits is an issue that should go to the people of Commerce City. Limitations of two terms has been an accepted practice, and I feel it has worked successfully. It has allowed for fresh approaches and new ideas as more individuals get involved in the political process.

The argument against a two term limit is that many resources, including time, are spent in an effort to get council members up to speed and knowledgeable on the issues that affect the people of Commerce City. This is all the more reason to elect individuals who already know the issues that affect our great city, and have the experience and resources available to propose viable solutions to these very issues. This is what it takes to be an effective council member from the start.

I am a candidate who will not require a significant amount of time and resources to get up to speed on the issues that affect the people of Commerce City. I have a variety of experiences including, but not limited to, working on a bond re-issuance as a board member of our Dunes Metro Tax District, and years of experience on the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

I have several years of experience working in economic development and in affordable housing, having built a clear understanding of tax credit financing and working with federal, state and local housing agencies. I have worked for a retail developer and have attended the ICSC Las Vegas conference.

Whether you, as a voter, decide that term limits should be limited to two or increased to three, rest assured that you will not have to wait for me to become an effective representative for Commerce City. I will be ready from day one.


Loni said...

No No No to third term

Loni N.

Wes said...

I agree with Cand. David. People should at least have the option to decide.

For me, real shocker, I am against it. Like most others on here.

But we will see, maybe someone in the community will have some different view that will change all of our minds.


Doug, Commerce City said...

Don't just breeze by this one, take the time to really think it out. Try to look at this at a different vantage point.

Please, this is a important issue.

Anonymous said...

We have a hard time getting people to run for boards and commissions. I say a big YES YES YES on the Third Term Options

Aaron said...

No to the third term option, we need to get more residents involved in local politics.

Aaron K.

Ace said...

I am voting against three terms. Two is plenty in my book.

Ace, Commerce City

Anonymous said...

Aaron I agree, but how do you GET more people to get involved. People are apathetic until something goes very wrong, then we all complain and point fingers.
It is soooo easy to stand on the side lines and coach.
That is why some of those running are running...they think it is easy.
I am concerned about the qualifications of some of the candidates.
Listening to, or attending meetings shows interest, but little more!

Julie said...

I say No to third terms for city council


Sarah J. said...

Looks like the majority of people are against the third term.

I urge once again to approach this one with a open mind and just entertain the idea. Make you decision in the context of the city of Commerce City. We are in a unique situation.

This ballot question could make it so we move forward faster.

Supporter of the Third Term in Commerce City, CO

Sarah J., Commerce City, Ward 2

Foster said...

It will force people to get involve in there local politics if we put a cap on the time they can be in control. I am all for two terms only.

Foster Voter and Citizen

Deter said...

To the Third Term Supporters,

I admire your passion on pushing the third term. At this point in time too many people will vote against it.

You really want the third term extension, you are going to have to start a campaign much earlier.

City Council should have voted on this at least 4 months ago and start a real education campaign.

Deter, Commerce City

Chase C. said...

It can still be done, it just is going to need a lot of convincing.

Not really a bad idea.

Everyone has to remember that us the voters will have the final say, so why not let them run for a third term.

Chase C.

Unitas said...

still say no.

Gateway News said...

2009 Commerce City Ballot Question 1. Wording goes as follows:

Shall Section 4.3(a) of the City of Commerce City be amended to provide that council members may be elected to serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms of office of four (4) years each as council members?

Yes_____ No_____

Via Email said...

We must do this...

Limit all U.S. politicians to two terms:

One in office and one in prison!

Illinois Already Does This!!!

Andrew, North Range Village said...

Get educated on the issue before you just say NO!

I did and I am now voting YES for the third term in Commerce City.

KEY is the term (in Commerce City) it makes sense here in this city. at this point in time. We only have 40,000 people in the city!


Dutch, Commerce City said...

I would also like to have everyone get to really know the issue before they vote on it!

I would like them to not just vote no on this because someone else tells you to. Think for yourself, do some real hard thinking and then decide.

For me, I am voting Yes on this. It has to be thought about in the context of uniqueness of Commerce City as our City.

Erin NW said...

Think it Thru!

No more voting because your friends are!

It is a secret ballot they will never know if you vote your true feelings.

Erin NW

Unitas said...

I thought it over and I am still voting know!


Anonymous said... you Know it is spelled NO, not Know??

Aaron said...

Read everything, still say no, no, no.

Cindy said...

Learn the issue, don't vote just because someone tells you how to vote.

Cindy, Commerce City

Steve said...

Commerce City needs this to pass.

Yes on 2A

Justin said...

The people who are going to run for the third term, still have to be elected. So, you still have a natural term limit.


Carolyn Jaydeen, Commrce City said...

term limits are undemocratic. I will be voting yes on allowing council to run for a third term.

Jodie said...

Beautiful Ad, but I am still voting NO NO NO

Jay said...

I would like to put an ad on for NO to 2A,
how do I do that?

Gateway News said...


Please call us 720-221-7352


Dustie, Gateway News

Gateway News Twitter said...

CCBPA reports they will be hosting Candidates' Forum for Commerce City Council candidates. Wednesday - 6/30 Werth Manor Event Center 6:00 pm

Juris said...

yes on the third term, we don't have enough good quality citizens to just have 2 terms.


Anonymous said...

Allowing a 3rd term is a good idea. If you really think about it, we have invested in the Council members over the years they have been on. Councilmembers go to conferences and spend hours in training to be better, more knowledgeable members. We have an investment in these people, and they could only serve another term if elected. So we keep the good ones and allow them to use their training and knowledge to better serve our community. A brand new Councilmember who has never served will take a long time to get trained. Why not keep the senior members on Council who have served us well, and allow them to work with the new members? This could only work to the benefit of our city and her people.
Vote YES on 2A!