Guillermo Serna, Ward 3 Candidate for City Council

I am Guillermo Serna, candidate for city of Commerce City Ward III seat on the Commerce City, City Council. Commerce City has been my home since 1972, where my wife of 45 years, Raquel, and I raised our three children, all of whom attended school in Adams 14. My family includes my son Javier, daughter Melinda, and my oldest son Ernest, who died while serving in the military in 1985. Raquel and I have four beautiful grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

During the last 35 years, I have served the community in a number of capacities. I am particularly passionate about education but throughout the years of my volunteerism, I have participated in all aspects of governmental entities. The breadth of my community participation includes the following activities:

• Attending Commerce City City Council meetings for the past 5 years to educate myself on the process of city government
• Adams 14 Board of Education, Director for 11 years
• Community Enterprise, Board of Directors – 2002-2008
• C.A.R.Z Club, member –numerous senior citizen clean up projects and installation of handicap access to many household

• Youth Zone Center for Self Development, Founder – committee dedicated to building a youth center for Commerce City youths in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of America
• 17th Judiciary Youth Initiative, community representative – Keeping Kids in School
• Adams County Youth Initiative/Safe School Healthy Students, community representative - promoting positive efforts in Adams County schools for the advancement of high school graduation rates

• 17th Judiciary Committee, community representative - addressing the over representation of children caught up in the judicial system

• Commerce City Immigration Integration (One Community), board member

• Commerce City Citizens, Co-chair - supporting the passage of a bond issue for the New Adams City High School

• Monaco Neighborhood Improvement Committee, task force advisor - which resulted in installation of curb and gutter in the unincorporated Monaco neighborhood

In my life long service to the public I have humbly received a number of awards at the district, city and county levels. Most recently I received the Mary Ciancio Memorial Distinguished Service Award for my efforts as a volunteer in Adams County.

As I close, the skills I have learned throughout the years giving back to my home have prepared me to serve on City Council. I, Guillermo Serna, hope to be elected as the new City Councilmember for Ward III, It is my intention to continue in the efforts of Ms. Drotar and incorporate my vision. With my leadership, Commerce City will grow to new heights and create a great future for all citizens of Commerce City. I know it will not be easy and there will be challenges. It is my goal to ensure positive growth and maintain a quality community for a lifetime in Commerce City.

Cast your mail in ballot and vote for GUILLERMO SERNA. I will represent you the voters and taxpayers of Commerce City Ward III.



If you have any question or concerns: You may contact me at 303-289-7101 or 720-301-2532 my email is


Erin NW said...

Thank you for running Mr. Serna

Irene said...

I am glad Guillermo is running, a good guy with a good deal of knowledge of the history of the area.


Congressman Ed Perlmutter via letter said...

Dear Voter,

You will soon be voting in Commerce City to elect your City Council members for the next term, and I wanted to express my enthusiastic support for Guillermo Serna in Ward III.

In my experience, no one knows Commerce City better than Guillermo, and no one is more committed to improving lives of his neighbors. I have known, admired, and worked with Guillermo for many years, and I have learned a great deal from his personality. He is one of the first people I turn to with questions about what's happening in Adams County.

I was thrilled to see Guillermo honored recently with the Mary Ciancio Memorial Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his years of volunteerism and community service on behalf of children in Commerce City and Adams County. Luckily for all of us, Guillermo's desire to serve his community continues, and I hope you will elect him to the city council.


Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Cheo Larcombe said...

Congratulations on your endorsement from the Congressman

Josh said...


Marcus said...

GUILLERMO SERNA gets Perlmutter Support! DAMN!! I Love ED!

Edward Casso via email said...

Dear Editor:

I would like to offer my endorsement for two candidates who are running for the Commerce City Council Municipal 2009 Election.

I fully support and endorse Jason McEldowney for the At-Large Council position. I have literally met hundreds of locally elected officials since I was elected to the statehouse in 2006. Mayors, school board members, council members from across this state and country. I can say with utmost confidence and seriousness that Jason McEldowney is among the brightest, most knowledgeable, and capable elected officials that now serve locally anywhere in this state. Jason has a tremendous feel on how the north range should grow, and how the core city can and should be revitalized. Councilman McEldowney has the right energy and temperament to bring positive and permanent change to all parts of Commerce City. It would not surprise me if Jason is our next Mayor, and if Jason so chooses, an Adams County Commissioner sooner rather than later. I strongly encourage the voters of Commerce City to consider sending Jason McEldowney back to the city council.

I also fully support Gulliermo Serna for the Ward III open seat where I live. Mr. Serna has been a foundation and pillar of the Commerce City community for decades. Mr. Serna cares about the future of our children, and was a key player in getting the Kids First ballot initiative passed. Mr. Serna would be a strongly needed voice on the council for the residents of Ward III, and he has a truly unique perspective having lived in the core city for so many years. Experience like Mr. Serna is rarely seen, and the council would be much better with him on it. I strongly encourage a vote for Mr. Serna.

Respectfully, State Representative Edward Casso