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by Kathy McIntyre

We are still working on the Deal Breaker story and we still are not getting answers to our questions. Last week we thought we would concentrate on the offer letter for City Manager Flannery since that is where the whole story starts. We asked for the letter and the city clerk said that it did not exist. Then Councilman Jim Benson asked for the offer letter in an open city council meeting and the City Attorney Gehler told Benson he would get the letter for him. So we made a second request for the offer letter, again the city clerk told us that it did not exist. So we tried the firm in Texas that was hired by the city to provide candidates for the open city manager position. They don’t seem to have an offer letter either for Flannery.

Why would Flannery pick up his family and belongings and leave his house and job behind in Arizona with no offer of a job here given to him in a formal letter? And supposedly a $450,000 house was offered to him too before he arrived? I know that verbal contracts are binding, but wow, all that money and all those benefits and Flannery just had to rely on someone’s word or maybe a text message or possibly a cocktail napkin? What do you think?

Today we sent an email to the city council and staff with various requests for information about things like the new incentive plan, and the state of the city, and another attempt at getting an answer to what the $72,000 cash payment to Flannery was for. The reason we are still asking for an answer about the $72,000 is due to the fact that the infamous email from City Attorney Gehler just makes no sense at all when you have the cold hard facts staring you in the face in the form of valid real estate documents.

We also once again asked who we should be requesting information from since the former PIO Kim McCarl quit her position last week. Other issues we had questions about include the Bison Grill and Commerce City Cable Channel 8.

One of the assistant city managers promptly replied to our email which was very thoughtful. Her reply “Jerry/Karen Not quiet anymore!” Obviously this is a huge lesson in taking a moment before we just hit that awkward send button. “Jerry” is of course the city manager and “Karen” is a PR agent out of Evergreen, maybe taking Kim McCarl’s place, the former PIO who quit. Oh and city council and staff, have you missed your citizens coming week after week to city council demanding answers and getting none? Guess they aren’t quiet either and won’t be until they get some answers.

Please reply to all.

for actual email CLICK HERE


Wes, Northern Range, Commerce City said...

oops, I hate it when I respond to the wrong people!

especially when it is the MEDIA!

So Stupid!

Cale said...


ANYONE KNOW?????????

Anonymous said...

Why didn't she just walk down the hall and tell jerry this? Why email and why email to the media?

Anonymous said...

Here we go with another witch hunt!

Archer said...

Too Funny! so Commerce City
oops is right!

voltage, cc said...

OMG! I GIVE UP! Commerce City staff you are a JOKE!

Anonymous for many reasons said...

maybe someone else will quit.

Core Comments said...

That is a BIG mistake for someone making 115 grand a year!

Sans said...

I guess I will ask, what is not quite anymore?

Hard Truth said...

unreal. no words for this. it is like straight out of a book.

Anonymous said...

so what is quiet? channel 8 or Bison grill or what?

Anonymous said...

So what it the city trying to keep quiet now???

Anonymous said...

sorry she is making $135,000 a year and why does the one person always make a comment about every story being a witch hunt, uncovering the truth and trying to rid the city of corruption is not a witch hunt, its the right thing to do

Anonymous said...

Personally I wish everyone from directors on up would quit, then the rest of us could have peace at work. Did I say that out loud? Oh well, probably won't have my job long anyway.


Definition of "witch hunt":
In modern terminology 'witch-hunt' has acquired usage referring to the act of seeking and persecuting any perceived enemy, particularly when the search is conducted using extreme measures and with little regard to actual guilt or innocence. It is used whether or not it is sanctioned by the government, or merely occurs within the "court of public opinion". SO THERE IS ACTUAL GUILT SO THIS CANNOT BE A WITCH HUNT. THERE YOU GO. EMAIL WAS ACTUALLY SENT IN ERROR, WE HOPE IT WAS IN ERROR

Anonymous said...

In the words of a famous Commerce City watch dog, "you cannot make this stuff up!".

Anonymous said...

so email is suppose to go to Jerry Flannery and someone named Karen

Irene, Commerce City said...

thanks for posting the actual email. It helps to see the PROOF, like in deal breaker.

Please continue you great efforts, the citizens do appreciate it.

Let us know if you ever find out what is suppose to be quiet.

Paul Floth said...

the words "Not quiet anymore!" should NEVER COME OUT OF A DEPUTY CITY MANAGERS MOUTH


Derrick Keys said...

I tried to analyze the email, and I can't figure it out. Why is there an explanation point at the end of it, and why is it to only new pr person Karen and Jerry?

I would try and ask the council, but they can't answer. I hope this is something little.

DeeDee said...

a very odd response. why is city working with Public Relations firm, I thought we had a team, even without director, they should still be able to function without a outside firm. It is not like they are actually doing anything.

Out_and_About said...

From Commerce City's NEW PR people in Evergreen:

"Now, more than ever, communication is vital to achieving and maintaining success in the highly competitive fields of construction, engineering and infrastructure development, education, and local government."

Maybe this is a good thing for Commerce City.

Ollie North Guy said...

oh my god! commerce city pr firm had ritter as a client.

we are screeeeewed!

Question for CC said...

how much did city spend on Communication Infrastructure Group, LLC?

Bud said...

maybe Neelan, Nanette thought kathy mcintyre was the city manager?

strangest thing I have seen from the city since, forever.

can't wait to hear the explanation. Should be good.

Fox Fun said...

a smell a truth test coming up!

Ryland, North Range said...

did jerry ever get this email? looks like it only went to mcintyre and Karen?

Cherry St. Commerce City said...

Gateway News - I have lived in the city for a long time and I do not remember being this informed about every issues in the city.
thank you.

Lavetto, CC said...

Can someone get a response from the city? I am baffled! I do not understand this at all!

Mad as Hell said...

why would she do this?

Anonymous said...

I am SURE! there is a easy explanation to this. Not a big deal!

Anonymous for many reasons said...

city was talking about press being quite, not about anything in the list gateway presented.

Gateway News said...

Yes, but Gateway News did have questions out there and so did citizens.

So it was never "quiet"

Sans said...

city policy for media is to ignore. the not quite anymore comment was just letting them know internally.

of course we are talking about a municipality here, you know, the one that is only there because of TAX DOLLARS!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Gateway had stopped pestering the city for more than 24hrs with their pointless questions... all the staff was probably suprised, hense the response (most likely sent in error to the Gateway "my bad" )

Sans said...

good comment, I guess everything is okay.

PRO CITY said...

The citizens had to trust that the staff and council will look out for them. Their actions are all for the best for the city.

We have the best representatives up on the council stage.

Estelle Remington said...

The piece that does not fit ...

If, we take the 8/5/2005, house appraisal on Mr. Flannery's Sandstone residence in Flagstaff, Arizona of $480,000 and subtract the $300,000 appraisal on 8/7/2009, one gets a difference of $180,000.

In a letter to The Gateway News, City Attorney, Bob Gehler explains the process of discussion by City Council in which they discounted the losses on both the Flagstaff house and the new Commerce City house on August 31, 2009. Mr. Gehler said, " Every extension and addendum to the contract was executed with the singular purpose of protecting the interests of the city while providing Mr. Flannery with compensation that is consistent with industry standards." Even though, the Commerce City house loan had never actually been repaid to the taxpayer and no money had ever been exchanged on said property, Mr. Flannery was still claiming a loss on house(s) value to the city. On August 31, 2009, the Flagstaff house was in the process of going under contract to sell and was sold October 5, 2009 just one month after City Council discounted both residents to Mr. Flannery and awarded a $72,000 bonus for monies lost in the Real Estate Market fall. Mr. Flannery purchased his Flagstaff house on Jan.18, 2002 for $216,600 and sold the house for $305,000 for an $89,000 profit. The Commerce City house was never actually sold to Mr. Flannery and yet the city claimed a loss for him on the sale of that home which is currently recovering in value and may actually be down only $32,000 in value at this time. When, Mr. Flannery pays his house loan in 2011, the taxpayers need another appraisal completed. So, Mr. Flannery used City Council and Commerce City taxpayers to bail him out of the Real Estate Market fall even though his house in Flagstaff was selling at the time and he has never really purchased the home in Commerce City. We have no idea how that missing piece of the 8/5/2005 Flagstaff appraisal fits in.

If, we use our house as an example in 2005 our market value was $233,000. We paid $191,000 in 2001, when the market fell, we lost $42,000 and the house went back down to the original price of $191,000. But, we can not expect any kind of a "Bail Out."

Derrick Keys said...

Check out the city’s new Web site,, coming May 21!

Well, today is May 24th and no new website, maybe the new website template got lost like the flannery offer letter.

What the hell are they doing down at city hall, What a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Give them a break, KIM JUST QUIT!

Dustin McIntyre, Gateway News said...

I can clear this up. You have to use the NOT the

Anonymous said...

Estelle this is getting OLD.
You are repeating the same stuff that we have heard over and over.
Is this the new thorn in your side.
Have you finally gotten off the "getting rid of the illegals" mantra??

Anonymous said...

Could you do a story/investigation on why the city will not purchase land in what’s considered prime location in the north for parks and recreation. It appears that the city is very out of touch with the northern residents and not willing to make the investment. Are they afraid that the city will split once businesses move in? A very good example of wasted money is the dog park on 104th. It’s in a horrible location surrounded by tractor trailer traffic, and industrial plants. It’s covered with small pebbles that humans can’t comfortably walk on. Unless you have a guard dog I wouldn’t feel safe there. Someone should have visited a dog park in one of the surrounding cities before making that choice. The city should only be taking opinions of the people living in the north for anything planned in the north. How do they expect us to accept design, location decisions made by someone who has lived in an a home that hasn’t been maintained for years living in the midst of industrial businesses? I didn’t buy into the “it’s been good enough for my family over the years “approach.. If we have the money to invest in a person lets’ invest in the people.
Also, the city won’t respond to this either: If the city wants to promote the one city idea why do they insist on spending money to print spanish ? That only reinforces division: “as seen by most’” the illegal mexican part (core city) and the American part (north). How much money is spent on the extra printing and whose relative owns the printing company?

C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

C_City think the city can just buy up land that belong to developers?? You are talking about prime dollars that are not cheap.
The dog park was built with land the city DOES already own. It was done with gravel for ease of water drainage, limiting the weed growth problem, as well as ease of Poddy removal.
It was planned with much research.
It is NOT in a dangerous area for traffic or dangerous people (where on earth have you been?) you must jump at your own shadow.
The city cannot just demand that land owners sell or give their land over to them at a price that is reasonable.
There have been numerous committees for planning of the north. One such committee just finished its long term plan and a large number of well qualified people from the north were on that committee.
Don't just assume....educate your self!!

Estelle Remington said...

80022 Zip Code

In the May 23rd, Denver Post, there was a two page article about unemployment in the State of Colorado by zip codes. Commerce City has the highest number of unemployed by the thousands of any Colorado zip code. All of this unemployment is intertwined in our current financial crisis with having one of the highest paid City Managers in Colorado who the old City Council, except for Council members Benson and Teter, has voted to offer over $522,000 in additional financial perks in the form of a $72,000 relocation allowance that "follows industry standards" and taxpayer loan.

Furthermore, we are beginning a "Build Out" of the E-470 Corridor to 2035. Somehow, in all of this, we seem to have lost our sense of rightness and vision in our rush for "Quality of Life." Currently, we have a BAT team made up of local business owners and leaders who are developing a plan of action to attract any industry that will and does hire the unemployed at below minimum wages with no benefits of any kind by offering Rebates and Interest off incentives. But, the biggest incentive Commerce City and City Council has to offer Industry is the thousands of unemployed immigrants that live in the 80022 zip code and will work for any wage just to stay in our area. This really is one step removed from Serfdom.

Commerce City is dangling these thousands of unemployed immigrant workers like so much bait on a hook to see if we can catch any industry ready to invest in Commerce City. Which in turn, will result in keeping thousands of workers in a cycle of poverty for generations to come. Is this the Quality of Life that City Council wants to build for the future? Is this the plan that our City Manager is bringing to our city? Other cities such as Brighton have managed to attract good paying industries, why can't we do the same?

Derrick Keys said...

I have a question, if city council have not even done the city managers evaluation for 2009, how do they know he is worth everything they threw at him?

PRO CITY said...

You have to view the city manager's entire deal through the council's point of view.

You have to be able to put yourself in their position and ask yourself, what would you have done?

Remember what we came from, we just got off a city manager drinking and driving PR nightmare and we needed someone fresh that would stick with us and move us forward.

Everyone, including the media says this was a "sweetheart" deal, well I do not think so in the context on the city manager history.

We should be glad that we have our current city manager. I don't know how long he will be here, I am sure he has his eye on getting out of town.

But we should be lucky to get someone of this caliber.

Proof Needed said...

Obviously you are "pro-city" and I can appreciate your complete optimism in all of this.

But I am NOT going to Drink the Kool Aid. Just because someone says they are better then sliced bread, doesn't not automatically make them.

I am a person who is result driven and I need to see the results.

I would like you to see the city budget the day before we hired the new city manager and the budget today.

I already know that many are going to say that it is not anyone fault that the recession happened, but it is the type of thinking that council who voted for this unreal deal for the city manager that gets all of us into messes like the recession. It is that wall street, too big to fail, gamble now and throw caution to the wind that is shocking to me. We are talking about the tax payers money.

It is a deal that should have never happened.

When I hear someone say that our city manager is worth it, I say, WHY? SHOW ME WHY?

Anonymous said...

city is day and night from even 5 to 6 years ago, I am with pro city!

Proof Needed said...

REALLY! because we got the stadium about 5 to 6 years ago! We got the Parade of Homes 5 to 6 years ago, We got the Parade of Homes 5 to 6 years ago, WE HAD TALK OF WALMART in the North 5 to 6 years ago. Oh Yes People, Walmart in the North is by NO MEANS a NEW thing!

We had Rancho Liborio 5 to 6 years ago. We got the FED EX Location 5 to 6 years ago!

That is the kind of Proof I am looking for!

Anonymous said...

Estelle, If you look at the zip codes by SIZE area, you'll see that the 80022 is extremely large.
Hense the paper did not include it in the numbers of those considered high unemployement.
You have to consider the total area that zip includes, not just the numbers!!

Anonymous said...

"Proof needed"
we may not have continued to "blossem" as we would have preferred, but our city has done well.
A number of businesses have come here,(several expanded) more new ones, on the near horizon.
We have not have lay offs.
Even Louisville is cancelling their fireworks for the 4th (they are supposed to be the city to go to)
Anyone can manage a city in the good times, we must look at how it is run in the difficult times!!
We are in good shape, I heard Shea is building again ( more permits so far in one month than all of last year).
Other builders have finished their projects and new builders are buying out unfinished projects, so as to start building again!!
We are sound and moving forward. If some would STOP only accentuating the bad we might get to move forward faster!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the 104th Avenue build, the Derby redevelopment, the silver level LEEDS municipal center, the Mile Hi Music Festival discussion, the intersection of 104th and Tower rebuild, the agreement with the government on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge visitor's center, medical services for the nothern Commerce City, first comprehensive satisfaction survey for citizens,routine mailings of the city newsletter, the first citizen internet access for city inforamtion, the citizen comittee that provided the planning for Pioneer Park, the initial build of Pioneer Park, the start of the rewrite for the comprehensive plan, municipal code rewrite, zoning code rewrite- all of these projects were started 5 to 6 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow…your response is personal, says either you or a close relative was involved in the decision. You’re repeating my point, “It was done with gravel for ease of water drainage, limiting the weed growth problem, as well as ease of Poddy removal.” How does this aid in the enjoyment of the citizens? Dog parks are a place for both human and pet interaction. Why couldn’t the city mow grass and weeds every few weeks? Most dog owners pick up their dogs poop. Have you noticed that not many people are using it? Compare the use with the park further west on 104th or adjacent to the Brighton Justice center. More northern residents are using them and I thought the idea was to help us stay in and play in and enjoy the city in which we live.
Not to beat a dead house: If the city has money to mortgage a home, as in buy a house with cash for someone, as in not expect any payments…list goes on.
We can surely purchase prime real estate. The city doesn’t have to force anyone to sell to them it’s an open market: see and others.
It’s just takes a willingness to invest in the people. The worst that can happen is the city owns more land vs. a house with a rapidly declining value.
I don’t want to assume please educate me, which is the better investment???

C_City Voter

Anonymous said...

I say the dog park should have a free groomer, bartender and an on hand grounds keeper. It is our "dog park".
Also, we should spend the money on buying land, no matter what the cost. Then landscape or build a rec center, that is free too.
My taxes aren't nearly high enough and the manager's "deal" should at least pay for one piece of land say 1 acre!
Just think of what we could do with that!!

Anonymous said...

C_City voter, why don't you volunter your time.
Join one of the groups that give up their personal time to help with city plans.
Then you could have a say, instead of a bi--ch.

Anonymous said...

I think grass/weeds in a dog park is silly. The burrs would take over & be terrible (or they'd have to spray poisons )
I think you demand or expect too much.
I appreciate what we have.

Christol, Commerce City said...

all this rain and hail is going to make it so a lot of people are violating the 6 inch weed rule!
Oh No! Neighborhood Services better get ready!

Sans said...

I agree with a lot of what you say! Don't let them discourage your RIGHT to use your voice!

Back_2_Basics said...

Can the City write itself a ticket for being in violation of their own weed ordinance. If so, I have pictures to turn into the authorities.

Anonymous said...

9 news comment:
hail causes $500,000 worth of improvement to commerce city!

looks like we have a bit more ways to go on that whole image thing.

Anonymous said...

Which taxpayer would like to volunteer to pay the deductible for hail damage on flannery's house.

any takers?

voltage, cc said...

I am sure they will pass the city managers hail damage deductible onto us the taxpayers in the next council meeting.

thanks council!

Bud said...

we are already paying the insurance on it, why not pay the deductible?

actually, all joking aside who would pay it? Don't we the taxpayers still technically own that house?

Anonymous said...

That is the sound of beating a dead horse!

CCPD via email said...

Commerce City Police: Regarding Hail Damage Solicitors in the Northern Range

Yesterday’s storm caused quite a mess throughout the City, and many of you are dealing with the repairs and clean-up today. I had noticed there were numerous roofing companies already soliciting in the neighborhoods last night and wanted to pass on some crime prevention tips when it comes to working with roofing contractors and other companies.

1. Never pay a contractor in full or sign a completion certificate until the work is completed.

2. Read over all documents they request you to sign, and never sign a contract with blank pages or spaces. Unethical contractors may add information in those spaces after you sign.

3. Have the contractor document everything in writing; this includes cost, how long it will take to fix the damage, guarantees, and any other promises or arrangements that were discussed.

4. Get more than one estimate and do not feel pressured into signing a contract right away.

5. Also ask the company who specifically will be fixing your damage, many companies will hire third-company subcontractors.

6. Check to see the companies record with the Better Business Bureau

Please pass this information on to your neighbors so we can prevent unscrupulous companies from victimizing our great community.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kayla Fender
Crime Prevention Officer
Commerce City Police Department
7887 E 60th Avenue
Commerce City, CO 80022
(303) 727-3925 office
(720) 837-7709 cell

Erin NW said...

thank god those two truck were not closer to the high school!

Estelle Remington said...

Lost the Vision

For eighteen months, the Citizens Advisory Committee came together and made recommendations for the E-470 Corridor build out. Commerce City has paid thousands of dollars for three economic studies and comprehensive plans to build out our city "for mixed development." "Many in the city see it as the chance for leading-edge development appropriate and unique to the city." The plan was for a "high tech on campus-like setting, mixed retail with residential emphasis, small commercial centers, computer industries, vocational, university and teachers training and lighter new green industry." With a "home for a major corporation with a totally green community that recycles, conserves and uses renewable resources." We wanted "life-long learning and quality of life aspects" for our city. (C3 Vision Plan.)

However, we seemed to have lost that first vision of our newly adopted plan with our new BAT Team which seems more profit motivated than for quality of life for our residents and workers. As they have "decided to incentivize any new jobs created regardless of wage." It is common knowledge that grocery stores, restaurants and hotel industries "tend to pay wages below the average county wage." Moreover, these jobs do not require a High School graduation nor technical training of any kind. Currently, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Commerce City has one of the highest unemployed populations in the State of Colorado. The majority of these unemployed workers did not graduate from High School and have little or no technical training. Therefore, only qualify to work these lower wage jobs. (Brittany Morris.)

Furthermore, there are thousands and thousands of CC unemployed currently looking for any kind of work that would overwhelm any jobs available in this area. This was not the first vision of the CAC committee and was not the first choice for the build out of our E-470 Corridor and one wonders what caused such a drastic change in our vision for the future of Commerce City? And, as City Council approved our first plan how do they now change direction and go for a profit only plan?

Anonymous said...

Wow Estelle you must not have a life!!
Also, people including you complain about the lack of jobs. Not everyone will have the ability or time to get the education you'd suggest.
So, should they not have a job?

PRO CITY said...

Things don't always turn out the way you think. It is not a perfect world and we need to do our best and adapt.

I disagree when you say that we lost our vision, we did not, we all lost when the economy got bad.

The staff of Commerce City being able to see this and adapt to it just shows you that we have great people in place.

We all need to start trusting that our staff will lead us on the right positive path.

Anonymous said...

Show an overhead video of our single recreation center and the congested traffic maze to get to it. Also an overhead view of our prized Pioneer Park that is too far for children to get to. How about an overhead view of the northern enclave highlighting the 7-11 for convenient shopping. Until our official stop their infighting and get things done the unfavorable video is “Commerce City”.
Unless you show only Belle Creek and Reunion who build and maintain their own little cities inside of Commerce City

Not going away said...

take a look at the end of the article. I don't think this will ever end.

Commerce City Parade via website said...

If you’re a Commerce City resident, most likely you know what happens on Memorial Day. If you’re new to the area, Memorial Day is something you don’t want to miss.

Commerce City’s 46th annual Memorial Day Parade, one of the largest in the country, will start along its nearly 2-mile route around 10 a.m. The last parade entry, the last of nearly 115 entries, will be put on display in front of the grand stands some time after noon.

This year’s them, Home of the free, because of the brave, is a tribute to the many men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend America’s freedoms.

This year’s grand marshals are Gary Drotar and Robert Otis. The parade will be emceed by Aristea Brady from Channel 9 News.

Don’t miss the fun, and help honor United States military veterans.

Christol, Commerce City said...

post cant even cover the walmart without getting in the manager house.

Gateway News Twitter said...

E-470 NEWS: $70 civil penalty for each unpaid toll transaction waived if toll violators pay their tolls and administrative fees by June 2!!!