What are your Thoughts about Commerce City Employees Going Union???

Taxpayers..... we want to hear your thoughts on the notion of the employees of Commerce City becoming a union.

One of the recent topics of discussion in the last couple of Commerce City council meetings, brought forth by a union representative has been the idea of the city employees unionizing.

This would be for the regular city employees, the Commerce City Police Department are already part of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 19 .

So, let us and everyone hear your comments and reasons for the pros and cons of going union for the Commerce City Employees.


PRO CITY said...

city workers have never had a union in 40 years!

We have been running the city just fine!

If it isn't broke, DON'T fix it!

No on unions for Commerce City Workers.

Anonymous said...

I say a big no, but I would like to hear what the city staff has to say.

Kyle said...

love the picture gateway, too funny!
by the way, I say no to unions, no need for a city this size, too small, maybe some day, not the time and not even feasible with this city budget.

Curious in Reunion said...

why does the council have to make an ordinance if employees are union or not, can't the workers just decide themselves if they want to be a union or not?

Reality of it said...

This is nothing to be scared of.

Union conditions set the norm and established practices for the general working environment which has great impact on non-union workers.

It is just a voice for the workers of Commerce City, that is all. nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous for many reasons said...

Great question.

To be honest I have a lot of concerns about unions in this economic state of the city of Commerce City.

We do not have the wiggle room for union negotiations and we can not afford a potential constant threat of a strike when demands are not met.

Sorry, but this is not the city to do this in.

Maybe in 20 years or so.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reality of it, the REAL reality is the city employees have some of the very best benifits of any city.
Including help with home mortgages if they stay for a number of years( don't know how many)
Very good health, vacation benifits.
Raises (although small) when other cities cut back or froze salaries.
So all this can direct is demands that are out of line.
The budgets of any city have limits..... (it is not like a business who can up their prices, taxes yes) if pushed the employees will just lose positions, so a FEW get EXTRA.
I say its a downer in the long run
That does not sound like a good plan.

Anonymous said...

The statement about the city of Commerce City not having unions ever is false. Unions are organized labor and the Commerce City Police Department does have organized labor. It was the topic of discussion in last Monday night's city council executive session. Try the truth people. So much easier.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!!! I just figured something out. Flannery must be a union, cause someone said that unions have high demands. There you go. Finally it all makes sense, I am so smart. It is the city manager union and the two assistants who formed their own union and just took everything they wanted, but they did not even have to demand. It was just take take take. I think unions will be a great idea for the employees.

Anonymous said...

Cons: Additional legal costs, no ability to increase or decrease wages and benefits without the agreement of the union, hard feelings on both sides and no real increase in effective communication.
Pros: All employees have relatively the same great benefits (no one group gets more, like the city manager and deputy CM), employees have a bigger voice and the ability to sue, consistent treatment during all processes, hiring, discipline,promotion, job postings and terminations.

Anonymous said...

Cons...people who work in a less than productive manner receive the same salary as those who work hard.
Often times those willing to really work are treated poorly by those who want to do the minimal work.
p.s. Management is separate and not under unions in most all cases.

Out_and_About said...

I thought union only came if the employees were unhappy. Are the Commerce City employees unhappy?

Anonymous said...

Turnover high, morale is low! I think yes

Anonymous said...

Not so, Unions go where ever they HOPE to convience people they need them.
Unions were good at a time when businesses took advantage.
Now they are just another form of BIG business. They have to have members to exist and pay their big salaries!!
Wonder if the city employees are realizing the dues they will pay, to "get better benifits".

Anonymous said...

As with any other C. City issues, I'd prefer you tell us how to feel about this. Saves time, brainpower.

Anonymous said...

Unions are nothing to be afraid of, if you are doing everything right.
I say council should embrace this and move forward with giving the employees a voice.

What are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is look how much damage unions do to the business community and the community as a whole. What car companies are struggling (GM, Crystler), and which ones are flourishing (Honda)? What Grocery stores are opening new stores (Wal-Mart), and which ones can't keep their doors open (Albertsons, Safeway)? The teachers union is doing a great job of teaching our kids as well (sarcasm).Maybe we shouldn't be looking at the City council for union answers, but maybe we should look at our State Rep. Casso. He seems to be in the union pockets. Unions worked in the 20's, they do nothing but damage now.

Anonymous for many reasons said...

I don't see the proposed city employee union ordinance on this week agenda, so I guess it is a no go? or are they going to put it on later?

Anonymous said...

Why should the council get involved in this at all?
If the employees are so for this, then they would promote this.
Council should stay out of employee business!!

Anonymous said...

So, what would be the purpose of a union in Commerce City? To protect and or keep the city from terminating anyone found to be working with fake/stolen identification? To protect someone’s friends or relatives that are not qualified to have the job? OR is it to protect city workers from working overtime without overtime pay? Working a holiday without holiday pay? Accumulating vacation, retirement pay: Medical benefits: What then? They’re already protected at the Fed and state level. This is an at-will state so if a union is decided upon we should demand that all hourly wage employee must reapply and qualify for each position.
We need to clean up the city and if a person is not able or qualified to do the job they shouldn’t have the job.

C_City Voter

Cale said...

good point c_voter!

Anonymous said...

if a union is started by the staff, who gets to be part of it? Only hourly people or is it all the staff, like the directors too?

And who do we negotiate with? the council directly?

Anonymous said...

Managers would not be included. The final contract with the employees would be negotiated with the council.
The budget is what it is, you can't force more out of it, potential:
lost jobs.

Jake, Commerce City said...

just reported gov employees get many times more money then private sector. city workers should be happy they have a gov job.

still say if they want to unionize, go for it!

Tom Bradley, N. Range said...


Anonymous said...

Tom, this blog is about the unions.....read the bold print!

Close to the situation said...

NO on the unions, if unions want this, they need to do the leg work.

Council should have nothing to do with this.

Also, side note, unions are outdated. City workers are very well taken care of.

Going union is a mistake, BOTTOM LINE!

Anonymous said...

Okay good stuff, THANK YOU
so no managers, what about the Police, they are already part of FOP. Would they be included? Would they be part of 2 unions?

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Fraternal Order of Police would represent the rest of the employees.
The needs of the police is a bit specific.
I agree that the employees will lose if they go union.

Lester, comm city said...

no no no unions

Tom Bradley, N. Range said...

sorry, I did post in the wrong area